well obviously this song is used


From 2008- 2009, ABC aired a short lived show called Eli Stone, starring Jonny Lee Miller. Eli was a lawyer who started having hallucinations caused by an aneurysm, and realized those hallucinations might actually be visions.

Many of Eli’s visions revolved around George Michael (and all of the Season 1 episodes shared their titles with his songs). However, when he appeared in Episode 9, titled “I Want Your Sex”,  he wasn’t just a vision anymore. 

George hired Eli to represent a teen girl who played one of his songs, the titular I Want Your Sex, during an abstinence only rally at her school. During her trial, she used both facts and personal stories to explain why abstinence only education is more dangerous than safe sex education. When the lawyer for the high school claimed that the song she chose promoted sexual promiscuity, George Michael was called to explain the true meaning behind the song.

Wethersby: Mr. Michael, tell me, what inspired your song I Want Your Sex? A song, by the way, which rose to number one on the world charts, a song that helped you win a Grammy for Best Album of the Year.

George Michael: Well, it was inspired by a relationship. Like most of my work, it was autobiographical.

Wethersby: You heard Principal Ackerman describe the song as encouraging promiscuity.

George Michael: But it’s just the opposite. Ironically enough, I wrote the song about abstinence, and I was very much in love with someone at the time.

Wethersby: So how do you feel about your song being used to protest an abstinence only sex education program. 

George Michael: Well I applaud it, obviously. When I wrote it, we were in year six of the AIDS crisis, a crisis that Ronald Reagan did not even address publicly until there were over 21,000 people dead. And what the government is doing right now, funding federal programs that tell children that condoms don’t work, is killing people all over again. 

I have seen a lot of posts discussing how we lost such an important member of the LGBT community. This scene has always stuck with me, and I’m sure most people would not have had a chance to see it. Though it is through a fictional lens, George Michael is reminding us that there have been times where misinformation and government inaction made it seem wrong to have even monogamous sex with someone that you love, and that stigmatizing sex, and gay sex in particular, is dangerous. 

(Eli Stone is currently available on Hulu.)


Here’s the answer, because I know the media is gonna be digging Taylor and labeling every guy about the wrong guy, so, let’s break it down…



WHO IS IT ABOUT? We all know who this one is about…

Joe Alwyn

How? “Younger than my exes, but he act like such a man, so”
> Joe is younger than her last exes (Tom/Calvin.)

The song is also referring to the Met Gala when Taylor first saw Joe and what her first thoughts of him were.

2. Endgame


Joe Alwyn

Reputation precedes me, they told you I’m crazy
This is actually the original line of “Gorgeous” a song that is obviously about Joe. Taylor ended up not including the line in the song, but, it was put in Endgame instead. Just from this lyric, it’s very obviously telling it’s about Joe.

3. I Did Something Bad

Who is it about… Calvin Harris/Kim/Kanye

If a man talks shit, then I owe him nothing
I don’t regret it one bit, ‘cause he had it coming”

Calvin talked shit about Taylor, especially after she dropped the fact that she wrote the song; “This Is What You Came For." 

I never trust a playboy“ is also referring to Calvin. Calvin at the time when dating Taylor use to tweet; "Hunting Season”
while in clubs looking at/for girls. “I never trust a narcissist
But they love me” is also a dig at Calvin… “Better Man” showcases Calvin’s ego-inflated narcissist personality.

It also refers to receipts, so possibly leaning towards Kanye and Kim as well.

4. Don’t Blame Me

Who is it about… Obviously… Joe!

“Lord, save me, my drug is my baby
I’ll be usin’ for the rest of my life”

Taylor refers to Joe as her baby in the song “Gorgeous” so, this is obviously about Joe, just from that line alone. Taylor
also refers to Calvin again, by the “older line” comment.

5. Delicate

Who is it about? Again, obviously, Joe!

My reputation’s never been worse, so
You must like me for me…” This line is again a reference to the original “Gorgeous” line and Taylor referring to the fact that her Reputation precedes her. The song also references a bar, that’s where Taylor and Joe would be, bars… She also met him in a bar.

6. “So It Goes…”

Who is it about? Joe.

Met you in a bar
All eyes on me, your illusionist” Taylor and Joe love them bars, aye?

7. “Gorgeous”

Who is it about? JOE DAMN ALWYN…

“Whiskey on ice, Sunset and Vine
You’ve ruined my life by not being mine” - Sunset and Vine are streets, in-between those streets is the theater Taylor went to when she went to see Joe’s movie. 

Ocean blue eyes looking in mine
I feel like I might sink and drown and die” The blue eyes are obviously Joe’s, as Joe has very blue eyes while Tom, and Calvin
are very light and more green, same with Harry, bright vibrant green eyes.

8. “Getaway Car”

Who is it about? Tom Hiddleston.

Don’t pretend it’s such a mystery” This is actually a reference to Tom’s comments he did in an interview. “It was the great escape, the prison break
The light of freedom on my face” this is referring to when Taylor finally got rid of Calvin, and it was her and Tom against
everything, which is why there IS a Bonnie and Clyde reference in the song, they were running from everything, Calvin,
the media, etc, while she was FREE.

“I left you in a motel bar
Put the money in a bag and I stole the keys” - This could be a reference to when Tom bought Taylor take out food while she was
at the hotel… He was also spotted holding that paper bag. Put the money in the bag, is obviously referring to the take out food.

9. King of My Heart

Who is it about? Taylor’s angel boyfriend, Joe Alwyn..
I’m your American Queen” Taylor referring to herself, while Joe is the opposite, which is British.
“Cause all the boys and their expensive cars
With their Range Rovers and their Jaguars” - This is actually referring to Calvin’s Harris Range Rover, Harry Styles Rover,
Tom’s Rover and Jaguar ;)

Up on the roof with a school girl crush
Drinking beer out of plastic cups” In Taylor’s “Gorgeous” video, she’s on the roof, clearly drinking and Joe is recording her.

10. Dancing with Our Hands Tied

Who is it about? Once again, Joe!

I, I loved you in secret
First sight, yeah, we love without reason
Oh, twenty-five years old
Oh, how were you to know”

This lyric is actually bringing us back to the time that Taylor attended the Met Gala. She loved Joe in secret, obviously,
because she was stuck with Calvin.
Joe was twenty-five years old when he met Taylor at the Gala.
“So, baby, can we dance
Oh, through an avalanche?
And say, say that we got it
I’m a mess, but I’m the mess that you wanted” The avalanche is referring to everything around Taylor crumbling,
her reputation, her relationships, everything that she had, the mess, and her being in a bad position.

11. Dress

Who is it about? JOE!
“Our secret moments in your crowded room
They’ve got no idea about me and you” They were in a crowded room, which we all know, and nobody had no idea
about Taylor and Joe. 

“Now I wake up by your side
My one and only, my lifeline”
Again, referring to Joe, as he is now hers. Taylor also uses the word “gold” a lot in these
songs, more proof, Joe…

12. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Who is it about? Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

Friends don’t try to trick you
Get you on the phone and mind-twist you” This is referring to the very well-known phone call where Kanye stated multiple
times that him and Taylor are “friends”
yet, he tricked Taylor in the end, despite calling himself a “friend.”

12. Call It What You Want

Okay, this is obviously about Joe, I’m not even gonna bothering finding a lyric because we all know, lol…

13. Lastly, and finally, New Year’s Day.

Who is it about? Joe.

I don’t even have to explain ;)

There you have it, so if the media tries digging for clues and pin-pointing it
on random guys, they can’t, because it’s all dedicated to Joe.

Imagine Woozi and Wonwoo singing and harmonizing with each other.

wouldhaz  asked:

Harry and y/n are in a secret relationship. (She's a singer too, and write a song for him) she will release the song on TV, where he was invited too. So they just can say nothing to each other about your true feelings... but is really funny, cause the interviewer makes good questions about it, and makes them blush all the time (asking questions about how they make a nice couple). Love you xx

For the purposes of this request we’re going to pretend that Y/N sings Friends by Ed Sheeran which you can listen to here 

Drabble #8

Graham Norton: Please welcome tonight’s guests, Mr Harry Styles, Mr Michael McIntyre and Miss Y/N Y/L/N


Hello hello hello, it’s nice to have you all here

Michael: Yes, I’m glad you’ve got me in with these two, it makes me look very old and very fat

Harry: Oh please, you fit right in

Graham: Have you all met before?

Michael: Yes, backstage, 10 minutes ago

Graham: Well I believe Harry and Y/N know each other quite well

Y/N: We’re good friends yeah

Michael: Yes, I’m good friends with my wife too

Harry: *laughs*

Graham: Now Harry you’ve just finished your first tour, how was that?

Harry: Yeah, I got back last week, I had a lot of fun, it’s great to see the fans enjoying the music as much as I do

Graham: I’d like to ask about your outfits, they’re very interesting aren’t they

Harry: I mean, they’re just clothes

Graham: They’re not just clothes, let’s take at a look

This one is beautiful, but don’t you ever get worried that you’re going to ruin it?

Harry: I almost slipped over in that one

Michael: Is that something you do quite often? Because if I was up there running around like you do, I’d definitely fall over at least once per show

Harry: Well that night, someone had thrown some kiwi fruits on stage and they’re very slippery

Michael: Kiwi fruits? Why would anyone throw Kiwi fruits on stage?

Harry: Well, I have a song called Kiwi, available on itunes now check it out, and it’s a lot of fun to play live, the fans, I think, really enjoy it

Graham: Right well, I would hope no one would throw Kiwis at Y/N

Her last album went to number one in both the US and the UK and she’s here to debut her next single Friends, please give it up for Miss Y/N Y/L/N!!!


Y/N: Am I singing now?

Harry: *nods*

Graham: Yes dear, you go over there and sing us a lovely song

Y/N: *walks over to the stage*

“We’re not, no we’re not friends, nor have we ever been.
We just try to keep those secrets in a lie,
And if they find out, will it all go wrong?
And Heaven knows, no one wants it to.

So I could take the back road
But your eyes will lead me straight back home.
And if you know me like I know you
You should love me, you should know.

Friends just sleep in another bed,
And friends don’t treat me like you do.
Well I know that there’s a limit to everything,
But my friends won’t love me like you.
No, my friends won’t love me like you”


Graham: Y/N Y/L/N everyone! Come and join us on the couch

*Y/N walks over to the couch and hugs everyone before sitting down, awkwardly shaking Harry’s hand *

Graham: That’s a beautiful song, tell us what it’s about?

Y/N:  *looks at Harry* Well it’s about that thing where you keep telling each other that it’s fine you’re just friends, but there’s obviously more to it than that

Harry: *Nodding along*

Graham: And who is that person for you?

Y/N: It could be anyone

Harry: She’s in love with all her friends

Graham: Because I’ve heard some rumours that maybe there’s something going on between you two

Michael: There totally is, look at them, they’re looking at each other like they’re in love

Y/N: It’s not really about anyone in particular, it’s a situation that you hear about a lot and when I was writing this kinda just happened

Michael: You’re not fooling anyone, Harry said before that you’re good friends

Graham: Maybe they haven’t quite realised they’re in love yet

Harry: That’s it, you’ve solved the puzzle!  

Michael: You’d make a lovely couple, She’s lovely Harry, you’d do well to be dating her

Harry: I would be the luckiest guy in the world but *shrugs shoulders*

Y/N: *giggles* *gently pushes Harry’s shoulder*

Graham: Well, it’s a beautiful song that you’ve written about Harry there, is it available now or do fans have to wait?

Harry: *Puts face in hands*

Y/N: No, this one’s out now, and the album will be out in a couple of weeks

Graham: Well that’s all we’ve got time for today, let’s thank our guests Y/N Y/L/N, Harry Styles and Michael McIntyre

I love the idea of Harry and Y/N trying to keep their relationship secret! Thanks for this request, I had so much fun with it xx 

Keep sending requests in xx 

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The complexity of the relationship between Ramsay Bolton and Theon Greyjoy (Thramsay)

The relationship between Ramsay and Theon is dysfunctional and honestly pretty horrible in most ways, yet I find it very fascinating because of its complexity, meaning that I believe there is way more to it than just horror, torture and manipulation.

I have never written meta before, but I really enjoyed the process. I hope you like it!

Word count: 2,009

Ramsay and Theon quite clearly have many differences, but I also find that they have many similarities, which define their relationship. By similarities I mean the similarities in terms of what they both wish to achieve in life and how they cope with their issues. It is my opinion that they both to some extend have an identity crisis going on, which creates a very interesting dynamic between them. To get to the root of that, we have to take a look at their childhoods. Since we get much more detailed descriptions of both their childhoods (especially Ramsay’s childhood) in the ASoIaF books than in the show, that’s where I’ll gather my information from. So let’s start with Ramsay.

The start of Ramsay’s life wasn’t exactly merry and joyful as he was born of rape. Roose Bolton was out hunting one day when he discovered a peasant girl washing clothes in a river. He then decided to rape her and since her husband, the miller, wasn’t too content with the idea, Roose hung him and raped his widowed wife beneath the tree where he was swaying. A year later the peasant girl came to the gates of the Dreadfort with a baby in her arms seeking help from Roose, because her dead husband’s brother had stolen the mill from them and now her and her son had nothing to live of. At the time, Roose Bolton was married to Bethany Ryswell and had a trueborn son, Domeric, and he didn’t exactly want to deal with a bastard son and a useless peasant girl, so he let them into the castle with one single intent: to kill them both. But once he looked at the baby boy he couldn’t bring himself to do it because he saw that the baby had his pale eyes.

Roose let both mother and son depart unharmed and made sure they got the stolen mill back. Every year Roose would send a bag of stars to them, which Ramsay’s mother paid for with her silence; she was to never tell Ramsay or anyone else about who his father was. So Ramsay grew up in poverty with the ‘small folk’, he didn’t get an education, didn’t learn about honor, nobility or about courtesy, which explains his blunt and fearless nature.

But Ramsay was a difficult child and after a few years Ramsay’s mother went back to Roose to get help with raising him. Just wanting her gone, Roose gave her a servant, a terrible one, named Heke. Yet because he smelled so bad everyone instead called him Reek. Quickly, Ramsay and Reek became inseparable. Roose says that he isn’t sure if Ramsay corrupted Reek or if Reek corrupted Ramsay, but honestly I think they had pretty bad influences on each other. “No one could stand to be near him, so he slept with the pigs … until the day that Ramsay’s mother appeared at my gates to demand that I provide a servant for my bastard, who was growing up wild and unruly. I gave her Reek. It was meant to be amusing, but he and Ramsay became inseparable. I do wonder, though… was it Ramsay who corrupted Reek, or Reek Ramsay?” Roose Bolton tells Theon in ADWD (chapter 32). “The boy [Ramsay] is a sly creature by all accounts, and he has a servant who is almost as cruel as he is. Reek, they call the man. It’s said he never bathes. They hunt together, the bastard and this Reek, and not for deer. I’ve heard tales, things I can scarce believe, even of a Bolton.” Donella Hornwood says to Rodrik Cassell in ACOK (chapter 17).

Although Ramsay grew up lowborn he secretly always knew about his father and his right to live in a castle. “She disobeyed me, though.” Roose says, talking about Ramsay’s mother. “You see what Ramsay is. She made him, her and Reek, always whispering in his ear about his rights. He should have been content to grind corn”, he further says in ADWD (chapter 32). So Ramsay always knew he was worth more than everyone around him, he always knew that some day he would be granted the power he deserved. And somehow he eventually came to live with his father at the Dreadfort just like he wanted, where he made sure to kill Roose’s only trueborn son in order to become his only heir (at least that is what everyone including Roose believes, and personally I believe it too) 

Contrary to Ramsay’s upbringing in poverty, Theon grew up on Pyke as a prince until he was 9 years old. He was privileged, but his older brothers used to beat him up for being weak and his father Balon Greyjoy never really approved of him. Under those circumstances Theon became insecure already from boyhood. However, he always had to keep the insecurities concealed to not be perceived as weak. In order to contradict the picture of him being weak Theon had to constantly prove himself worthy to his family. After Greyjoy’s Rebellion Theon was taken away from his family to become Eddard Stark’s ward at Winterfell. With the Starks he wasn’t really accepted either; he was an outsider, not a true member of the family.

So both of them had messed up childhoods filled with disapproval and non-acceptance from the people around them, which obviously affected them and caused massive amounts of insecurities. Disapproval has a huge negative impact on a child’s life, causing their similar identity crisis.

The two of them have equal ways of dealing with their issues; the first one being that they simply deny the horrible facts. Ramsay knows that he was born of rape, yet he has convinced himself that his parents’ relationship was very romantic, that they fell in love with each other instantly when they met. In chapter 32 in ADWD Roose asks Theon, “Has my bastard ever told you how I got him?”, where to Theon replies, “Yes, my… m’lord. You met his mother whilst out riding and were smitten by her beauty”. “Smitten?”, Roose then says, laughing. “ Did he use that word? Why, the boy has a singer’s soul… Though if you believe that song, you may as well be dimmer than the first Reek.” Furthermore, Ramsay denies the fact that his father doesn’t love him. Reek has been with me since I was a boy. My lord father gave him to me as a token of his love”, Ramsay tells some Dreadfort men in ADWD (chapter 11). Obviously that is not true. As it was described earlier, Reek was given to Ramsay and his mother because Roose simply wanted to get rid of them. Also, Ramsay denies the death of his original Reek, which is why he simply replaces him with Theon.

Ramsay also desperately tries to compensate for the fact that he isn’t a trueborn Bolton. Exactly that is why I think he is so enthusiastic about flaying, as it is the Bolton custom. He overdoes it, desperately tries to show his father that he honors and upholds the family traditions in order to gain his accept and approval.

Similarly, Theon has convinced himself during his time at Winterfell that his family back at Pyke missed him utterly. During the years the image of his return to the Iron Islands has become more and more romanticized. When he actually returns to Pyke, he discovers that his father still disapproves of him and barely even sees him as his son. “It is as I feared. The green lands have you soft and the Starks have made you theirs”, Balon says to Theon in ACOK (chapter 11). So similarly to Ramsay, he compensates for the unapproval. Theon has to prove himself worthy to his father, and he attempts to do so by betraying Robb and taking Winterfell.

But Theon’s siege of Winterfell completely backfires on him and Ramsay’s attempt to prove himself a Bolton does not work, at least not for the first many years. They both fail their attempts at gaining their father’s approval. Roose eventually grants Ramsay the Bolton name and makes him his heir after Domeric’s death, but he still constantly reminds him that he is a bastard (meaning that he still disapproves of him) and that he is not entitled to the life he has at the castle. “All you have I gave you. You would do well to remember that, bastard”, Roose says to Ramsay in ADWD (chapter 32).

Another way both of them cope with their issues is through arrogance. It works as a shield, concealing what lies beneath. They both act coldly towards other people and they commit heinous crimes, however there is one BIG difference between the two: Ramsay completely lacks empathy for others and Theon does not. Deep down inside Theon cares for others, Ramsay really doesn’t. Personally I think Ramsay was born with a tendency to psychopathy, DNA has a say in those cases and Roose doesn’t exactly possess much empathy himself. It obviously damaged him even further throughout his life to never be approved of, respected or accepted by his parents. He was always last in line, always just the bastard. In addition to that, Ramsay is also clearly a sadist; he fully enjoys watching people suffer. Theon doesn’t enjoy inflicting pain on others. Those are the biggest differences between the two of them.

As I wrote just before, Ramsay can’t accept, doesn’t want to accept Reek’s death, so he needs a replacement and he specifically chose Theon. I have a theory why: Ramsay is pretty smart after all and he figures out that the reason Theon took Winterfell was to impress his father, so just like Ramsay, Theon does things in desperation to gain his father’s approval. Theon reminds Ramsay of himself and his issues, so Ramsay must change him. It is symbolic. Theon represents the sensitive aspects of Ramsay, the parts of himself that he is in denial about, so he breaks him down, ruins his identity by making him fully believe that he is a worm in human skin and by stealing his name. And he molds Reek into his own twisted version of a ‘friend’ so that Reek can give him the approval that Roose denies him.

I’ve thought about it and I think there is some symbolism in the aspect of flaying as well. Whenever Reek misbehaves Ramsay flays him, he removes parts of him. The skin Ramsay removes is symbolically the masks that Theon has been wearing all his life, he has never been true to himself, he has always pretended to be something he is not. And when he finally escapes from Ramsay he is a broken man, but he is honest. For the first time in his life he is true to himself. This is taking it far, I know, but I think that Ramsay in a twisted way helped Theon truly realize who he is because he brutally broke down his walls and removed his masks.

So Ramsay and Theon have had huge impacts on each other’s lives. Their relationship is based upon horrible deeds and manipulation, I’m not debating that. But it is my opinion that some positive things have come out of it, yet mostly when it comes to Theon. Theon will be able to recover from the terrible things that have happened, but I believe that Ramsay is damaged for good. His lack of empathy and his love for inflicting pain on others as well as his need and love for playing with people characterize who he is and I don’t believe that will ever change.

I am livid.  This is completely unacceptable.  I get that Yoojung is wildly popular because of Produce 101 and I.O.I, but giving her over a minute of the song while Rina and Elly got 4 and 6 seconds, respectively is ridiculous.  It doesn’t matter how popular a member is.  That shouldn’t dictate how many lines they get.  Fantagio, please.  You did well with ASTRO.  It’s not the best, it could be better, but it also isn’t terrible.  But with Weki Meki, you’ve completely failed.

Rina has only been a trainee for a year, but obviously someone is overlooking her voice.  She has a unique tone and her voice is unwavering.  Why wouldn’t you use that?  Giving any member 6 seconds in a song, regardless of their skill or experience, is not okay.

Elly has been a trainee since at least 2014.  We don’t know when she became a trainee.  She might’ve become a trainee just before the Rising Star stages, or she might’ve been a trainee for years already like Yoojung.  Either way, she did not stick with being a trainee for 3 years for this bullshit.

There were roughly 167 seconds of singing time in I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend.

Yoojung has 37% of the lines.

Rina only takes up 3.5%.

Elly sings 2.4% of the entire song.

BTS Reaction: You fangirling over another group

This is first time I ever made a reaction omg. 

Remember that requests are open!! 

– Member A

Rap Monster: [EXO]

 “I’m creeping in your heart babe!”

You sang along out loud to one of your favourite EXO songs while washing dishes and watching the television. When Chan appeared on the screen, you couldn’t help but squeal at him. After all, he was was your bias. Namjoon was laying on the couch while reading and thought you had cut yourself while washing something, due to your screechy high note. With a startle he looked up, and the smile on your face had left him confused until he realized your were watching the music video. All you heard was a whine and then, “Babe! I’m still your favourite monster, right?”

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 V: [EXO] 

“Call me baby, call me baby”

Entering the house, he could easily hear you singing FIRE and chuckled. When you had gone silent he couldn’t help but creep toward the bedroom where you were sitting with headphones on. He watched as you clicked on to an EXO video and started singing to yourself. Taehyung smiled until he saw you giggle at Kai. You always had an innocent crush on him, and when he saw how your eyes stayed on him while they danced. He quickly closed your computer and mumbled, “I’m your baby. Not him.“ 

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Jimin: [Got7]

“Welcome to my world let’s do this~”

Jimin froze. You rarely sung around him, who would even try to? His voice was amazing, and you didn’t need to hear his angelic voice mix with your awful cat screech. So when Jimin came back home for his phone and heard you in the shower singing, he couldn’t help but listen. You sang GOT7’s latest song. However, being a fangirl, you couldn’t help but make comments while singing. The one that made Jimin barge into the bathroom was the one about how lovely Youngjae’s voice was. 

 "I thought I was the one with an angelic voice?" 



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 Jin: [Seventeen]

“Everyday boom boom!”

You watched the performance with such a twinkle in your eye. You couldn’t help it, they were amazing on stage. Being the fan that you were, you couldn’t help but sing along. Everyone’s eyes obviously focused on Joshua. You noticed Jin staring at you and gave him a questioning glance. "No, I see how it is. Obviously I’m old news, Joshua is the one you want. Well you can have him, but you can’t have my food anymore.” The other boys would be so confused omg 

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Suga: [EXID]

“Why don’t you know don’t you know don’t you know~”

This poor boy… He wouldn’t know if he should laugh or take a video of how hyper you were while watching EXID video. That was, until you made a comment about how you’d switch lanes so fast for a certain member ((they are all so pretty omg I can’t choose)) “As cool as that would be, I don’t want to share you… I’m still your favourite rapper, right?” “No that’s J-Hope.” “… Same.”

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Jungkook: [Got7]

 “Baby… You are just, just right~”

You were meant to be cleaning, but who could do that when their favourite song came on? Jungkook had just woken up, and walked into the living to see you watching the music video for ‘Just Right’, dancing along. However, when Yugyeom appeared on the screen, a dreamy sigh escaped your lips and you stopped just to stare at him. Before you realized what had happened, the television was quickly shut off. "I’m the only maknae worth looking at love.”

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J-Hope: [EXO]

 Don’t be afraid, love is the way 

((Yes I’m using this song again. I’m new to kpop don’t judge)) 

He kinda just froze. You were dancing to EXO’s monster and you were doing pretty well. He thought it was nothing but you just having fun. Until you stopped mid-step to watch them dance again. And then he heard you speaking to yourself quietly: “Who else looks as good as Kai when dancing?” Before you knew it, J-Hope was in front of you. “Obviously I do, and I’m meant to be your favourite dance. Remember that, babe!”

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How Would Got7 React to Another Idol Flirting With Their S/O

Annonymous requested: HELLO! Can you pretty please do a GOT7 reaction to another famous idol flirting with their s/o despite their s/o making it clear they aren’t interested. Thanks a million!


Mark would be pissed, even though he tried to remain polite. Neither Got7 or Monsta X knew about your relationship. But seeing Changkyun shamelessly flirting with you after you told him no, made his blood boil. You got up from the clamped couch but your hair was stuck in Changkyun’s bracelet and you let out a surprised yelp as you were pulled back into the couch by the bracelet. Mark was in front of Changkyun in seconds, and he ripped his hand away from you ( of course he ripped a chunk of your hair out ) “What the hell are you doing?” He yelled while pulling Changkyun from the couch. Shownu and Jackson quickly pulled Mark off of him. After he finds out that your hair just got stuck he’d be very embarrassed and apologetic, but he lowkey thinks he deserves it after he kept flirting after you told him no. Of course, he exposed your relationship to both Got7 and Monsta X.

”Get your filthy hands off of her”

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Jaebum never had an issue with Jay Park but seeing him sitting beside you to j.y.p’s birthday with an arm around your shoulder and a confident smirk plastered on his face made him clench his fists. Apparently, Jay didn’t hear the news about the two of you dating. Jay leaned in and whispered something in your ear, your eyes got wide as you shot up from your seat. Jaebum could see that you were about to yell in his face, so before you could say anything, Jaebum got up from his seat and wrapped a comforting arm around your waist. “wanna switch seats?” he whispered into your ear and you nodded as you sat down between Jaebum and BamBam. Jaebum sat down and shot Jay Park a poisonous glare.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t even look at Y/N ever again.”

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You were excited to go to China with Jackson for the first time. You were going to meet some of the people Jackson trained with when he was a trainee in China. They were all very fun to be around and their Korean was really good so you could easily understand them. You guys decided to eat at a cafe and as soon as you got there you met some people that Jackson’s friend knew so you joined them. You sat down beside Jackson and when you looked to see the person beside you, you were shocked, it was Luhan! After he saw your surprised face he got really confident and he started flirting. You told him that you already had a boyfriend and you were just about to say that it was Jackson when Luhan cut you off “Well he doesn’t need to know if anything happens here? I bet he’s not with you” Jackson then shot up from his seat and started yelling at Luhan in Chinese, you actually thought that he was going to punch him. After a good 10 minutes of Jackson yelling and Luhan looking shook you decided to drag him out of there before his head exploded from all that yelling.

“He better not show his face around you again, I’ll make sure it’s the last thing he’ll do!”

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Jinyoung walked around the JYP building trying to find you. You had gotten lost trying to find the bathroom and now you weren’t answering your phone. He walked around the hallways trying to find you and then you answered your phone. He was about to talk to you when he heard a familiar voice. He recognized it as Jae from Day6. He was making small talk with you, and that’s when Jinyoung realized that you had no idea that you had answered his call. He listened to Jae talking about Day6 and his guitar, and his songwriting. You asked Jae for directions to the room that you last saw Jinyoung in, but he kept avoiding the question. “Probably trying to make her stay so he can keep flirting,” Jinyoung said and walked towards Day6′s studio. He kept listening and Jae insisted on showing you the studio and being the polite person you are you accepted. Jinyoung could hear that you were uncomfortable and just as you reached the studio, so did Jinyoung. He walked in and grabbed your hand, from Jae that was holding onto your sleeve. Jinyoung stopped in his tracks and gave Jae a long “imma kill you in your sleep” look before looking at you saying. “ I finally found you, babe” and dragged you out of there. You could see Jae’s face turn pale as he realized that Jinyoung probably was going to kill him in his sleep.

“Y/N, you’re too polite, you should’ve said that you’re my girlfriend.”

(Imagine Y/N instead of Mark)

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Youngjae was sitting beside a tipsy Namjoon in the middle of BTS’s dorm. Got7 had been over for dinner and now everyone was more or less tipsy. Youngjae wasn’t drunk be he definitely wasn’t sober either. He was talking with Namjoon about a new song he was writing but his eyes were focused on Taehyung and Jungkook running around the living room. Taehyung was obviously drunk and soon he landed on the couch beside you. He hugged you tightly and nuzzled his face into your neck. “Y/N always smell soooo goood” he said with a dazed look in his eyes. You tried to push him off of you, “Tae, I think you’ve had too much to drink.” you said, but he just threw his body on top of yours and rested his head on your chest. “Y/N’s so soft,” he said as he closed his eyes. Youngjae shot up from his seat and pulled Taehyung off you. “I think it’s time for bed now, hyung” Youngjae said as he dragged the now passed out Taehyung. He tried not to get mad at Taehyung, he knew he was just drunk. When he got back to the livingroom Youngjae got kind of clingy. He needed to kind of show the other drunk men that you weren’t up for grabs.

“He’s just drunk, right?..”

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BamBam was in a bad mood as Got7 just lost the 400 m sprint at the ISAC. To Johnny from NCT. BamBam was pouty. Especially since to was the first time you were here with your newly debuted girl group. BamBam was talking to the rest of Got7 when he noticed Johnny walking over to you with a confident smile. He started making small talk with you. BamBam slowly made his way over to your group and started talking with your band members. Your and BamBam’s relationship wasn’t public so BamBam tried not to look too much like a jealous boyfriend even though he very much was. BamBam tried to talk to you but Johnny kept sending BamBam dirty looks and butting into the conversation. Johnny put a hand on your shoulder, and you calmy brushed it away. Making Johnny blush from embarrassment. BamBam then put an arm around you and all you could do was smile. Johnny then walked away. Johnny tried talking to you all day and by the end, when all the paparazzi went home BamBam walked over to Johnny and with the most satisfied look said, “please stop flirting with my girlfriend.” As on cue, you walked over beside him and he put an arm around your shoulder before walking away. The story would be told countless times to everyone BamBam knows.

“Well, you could just learn to take a hint and see that she was obviously not interested.”

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Yugyeom was looking at you through the huge makeup mirror. You were talking to Ken from Vixx. Your co-host for the day at Music Bank. You were nervous and you had decided to go meet him. Ken had started talking to you right away. He started talking about how much he admired your group, and your songs. You couldn’t help but giggle and blush, as you were not used to these kinds of compliments. Yugyeom who was performing on Music Bank was clenching his jaw looking at you. When his makeup is done he walks over to the two of you, he hears the two of you talking about you already having a boyfriend. Yugyeom wished the two of you good luck before joining the rest of Got7. Yugyeom was horrified to see Ken keep saying flirtatious lines on air, and you looking really uncomfortable. When you had a break during a performance, Yugyeom walked over to Ken. “I thought she told you she had a boyfriend,” he said through clenched teeth, both you and Ken were horrified. Yugyeom didn’t even use formal language. “It’s in the script.” You said quietly and Yugyeom blushed really hard while apologizing over and over again to Ken.

“Well, how was I supposed to know! He enjoyed it way too much anyway…”

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I just want to say real quick: I don’t think any of the idols I wrote about would have kept flirting with a girl after she said she wasn’t interested! I tried to make all of them look like misunderstandings because I couldn’t think of any idol that’d actually do that… Other than that, I hope you enjoyed it!

-Admin Satansoo

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Nick asking Harry in an interview when him and y/n are going to start having kids. Maybe H says that she actually is pregnant with their first or if you want to have a different ending. (: Harry holding Ruby has got me all in the feels right now 😭😭😭😭

Me too anon! The way he was holding her just hit me right in the feels, my lord I cannot handle it, Harry with babies just kills me, I really need to write some Dad Harry soon 

Send in more requests for my TFLN/Blurb Night xxxx 


Nick: Good Morning Good Morning, it’s a Friday Morning just past 8 o’clock and I’m here with my guest, Harry Styles

Harry: Hiya!

Nick: How are you Harold?

Harry: I’m great Nicholas, no complaints

Nick: Big weekend ahead for you, tell the people what you’re doing

Harry: I’m getting married

Nick: And who’s your best man?

Harry: Some mediocre radio host

Nick: Gee thanks, maybe I won’t do it now

Harry: Nooo come on, I’m joking, I’m joking

Nick: Fine, I’ll do it, but only for Y/N

Harry: I’ll settle for that

Nick: I’m really looking forward to it, I think it’s going to be a really fun weekend

Harry: I hope so, Y/N’s been planning it for months

Nick: Is she a bit of a bridezilla?

Harry: D’you know what? She’s actually not, she’s been really calm about it all, come tomorrow morning though, that could be a different story  

Nick: She’s a pretty chilled person anyway, I don’t think much would phase her

Harry: No, I think we’re safe, we’re both more excited more than anything

Nick: That’s a good way to be, alright, should we go to song?

Harry: Yeah!

Nick: What should we go with? Have a look at those one’s on the screen there, tell me which one; to play

Harry: Oh I get to choose do I?

Nick: I trust your taste

Harry: Let’s go with Perfect, Ed Sheeran

Nick: No surprises there, he’s chosen a wedding song, here it is, Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Nick: Welcome back to the radio one breakfast show, I’m Nick Grimshaw and Harry Styles is here

Harry: Good Morning

Nick: Now Harry, you’re getting married tomorrow

Harry: I am

Nick: And we all know what comes after marriage

Harry: Do we?

Nick: Well, both you and Y/N are both a bit baby crazy, have you talked about it yet?

Harry: We have

Nick: And….

Harry: We both love kids, we obviously want to have our own someday

Nick: So not in the near future?

Harry: It might be happening sooner than you would expect

Nick: Hang on, are you trying to tell us that Y/N is pregnant?

Harry: Grimmers, I think it might be time for another song

Nick: Kiwi?

Harry: How about we go with Sign of the Times?

Nick: Introduce it then

Harry: I’m Harry Styles, and this is my song, Sign of the Times


I saw Hadestown last week and it blew my MIND and since it’s closed now I wanted to share some of the staging that you wouldn’t be able to get from the original album or the future cast recording!! I probably am not remembering everything so feel free to tack on

So characters-wise there are Eurydice, Orpheus, Persephone and Hades, as well as the three Fates and Hermes, who functions as sort of a chaotic neutral narrator?? 

The theater is set up in the round, with the entire band on stage in the back and the only set piece being a giant tree where the band is. The cast uses the whole space, including the aisles in the audience, and interacts with the audience at points!

The show begins with the Fates coming onstage, minimal lighting except for lanterns they each hold. They sing Any Way The Wind Blows as they slowly walk around the stage and aisles. Then Hermes enters, blowing a kiss at them like the winds from the song, and blows them away so he can start his introduction. He’s mic’d but holds a microphone as well. 

When Persephone arrives for summertime, a light shines out of one of the audience entrance corridors as if a train has just arrived in a tunnel. The same effect happens when Eurydice later takes the train the Hadestown. Hermes has a whistle he blows for the train noise (but I’m pretty sure it’s for show and that they played a sound effect bc it was Loud)

When Persephone arrives in Hadestown, she enters through a door above the band, above the audience, so that she’s looking down on the entire theater, and you realize, YOU are in Hadestown now too. It’s such a great and jarringly immersive way to create that setting. That door placement is one of my favorite things the show did tbh

Orpheus has an acoustic guitar with him At All Times and it is a credit to the actor that I wasn’t dreading an “anyway here’s wonderwall” the entire time

When Eurydice is in Hadestown the Fates wear long dark leather trenchcoats over their hella layered maxiskirt Regular Fates outfits 

Hades wears a business suit and those sunglasses that only movie villains and ambiguously amoral businessmen wear, the kind that are the same size and wire rims as regular glasses but tinted. you know the ones

His voice is SO DEEP lord

During Wait For Me Orpheus has to take “the long way round” and you guessed it, it’s through the audience, with the fates holding up different obstacles for him to get past very slow and stylized and trying to see his face so he keeps turning away. Eventually he makes it up to that door that Persephone used towards the beginning. 

During Why We Build The Wall everyone is on the audience risers all facing the middle, with Hades holding one of the large microphones directing them. Eurydice sings the beginning of the last verse (what do we have that they should want, we have a wall to work upon) and it is CHILLING. the whole song is chilling bc it’s coming from all around you and it’s so. wow

The second act opens with Our Lady of the Underground and it is such a good way to transition back from intermission!!!! It’s just Persephone on stage singing like a sad lounge singer to the audience, reminding us once again that WE are the citizens of Hadestown, and Hermes passes out cups to some members of the audience to drink with her. It’s great

How Long is….so great. so powerful. wow. Persephone and Hades share a microphone in the center of the stage and it’s so great

When Orpheus has to sing for Hades to get their chance to leave, he’s in the middle of the stage with Hades sitting on a stool in the audience judging him and everyone else ranging around in the audience as well

When Orpheus and Eurydice are on their journey out in Doubt Comes In, it’s very similar to when Orpheus was making his trek in. Orpheus is first of course, with Eurydice behind, facing the same obstacles in turn that the Fates in leather trench coats are putting in front of them. It takes them so long and it’s so hard fought that by the time Orpheus gets to the door above everything you really are so heartbroken when he turns around. There’s no dramatic music, nothing but the disappointed gasps from the audience. And the way it’s set up, instead of taking the same long looping way back, Hermes holds Eurydice’s hand and helps her jump down off the ledge as if she didn’t even get very far at all.

Finally in the finale, I raise my cup to him, they pass out cups to some audience members again and immerse everyone in the mourning. 


i can’t wait for a cast recording but here are a few of the songs on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/bassoonsandbroadway/sets/hadestown and obviously the original album is out there as well 

Sincerely Three (Requested)

“Can you hook me up with some sincerely three and significant other who plays the ukulele?” -Anonymous
{What a great first request, had so much fun writing this, thanks! -Fiona}

-Evan already listens to a lot of ukulele music
-So he’s so excited when you mention that you can play
-I feel like the first song you play for him is ‘Here Comes the Sun’??
-He always closes his eyes when you play
-He doesn’t listen to ukulele music online anymore, cos nothing beats you and the real thing
-He can play a couple of chords himself but he prefers listening rather than playing
-Sometimes he sings really quietly while you play and your heart melts

-So, like, obviously you expected him to think that the ukulele is lame but he says he really likes it??
-Well, actually, he secretly only likes the way that you play it, he’s not sure why
-He loves that you learn all his favorite songs just for him
-He tells Zoe so you two can do cute lil guitar/uke duets
-He jokingly uses your ukulele against you,
“Get those pineapples off that pizza or the uke gets it!”
-He really thinks you should put vids on YouTube or perform in classy cafes or something
-He once absent-mindedly sang along while you played and you’ve never let him hear the end of it

- ”Pfft, ukulele? That’s so gay!”
-BUT one day you leave Jared alone in your room for a minute to get snacks or something and when you come back he’s sitting cross legged on your bed strumming your uke
-And it’s the cutest darn thing you’ve ever seen
-Eventually he gives in and asks you to teach him how to play
-He sucks at it for a long time but goddammit he persists and ends up as good as you?!
-…You’ve already told everyone
-He definitely learns All Star on the ukulele, he finds a way.

So this may be an unpopular opinion (which honestly I doubt but whatever) but i’m kind of hoping that IDKHow gets big enough that Dallon doesn’t have to be with Panic! anymore (Also he has said that he is still going to be performing with them if they need him so). Do not get me wrong I love Panic! and I absolutely adore Brendon just as much as I adore Dallon, I just think that IDK is something that could do that for Dallon and he deserves it honestly. Him and Ryan deserve to have the opportunity to be as big as Panic! and I want more people to realize that. Plus this band is such a unique thing because there are still things that we don’t know despite them technically no longer being a secret. We don’t know when merch is gonna be released. We don’t know if they’ll put out studio versions of their songs. We don’t know if they’ll perform in other states besides California or Utah. All we have to do is be patient and I personally hope and pray that they become a big thing because like I said they deserve it.

Edit: Obviously they have not only released a studio version of a song but they have given us a music video so that certainly exceeded what I thought was gonna happen. So excited for more though.

Oh boy, why did I allow myself to do this?

I’d like to apologise for the horrible quality of this video. I do not have the right equipment for this (mostly because I never thought I would be doing this. Ever).

Okay! Well, a couple of days ago, @ask-sadisticdark posted a poem called Darkness Breathes. Since I’m a sucker for poems with a dark theme and the piano, I decided to put the two together and make a little song. I had originally planned for it to be a lot more eerie than this but for someone who has never done something like this before, I’m not going to complain.

I DID GET THEIR PERMISSION TO USE THE POEM. So, the lyrics I’m singing are essentially the poem - full credit to them for that. However, the piano and singing itself is me (obviously). I’m aware I’m not the best pianist or singer so please don’t criticise too harshly.

Also, I am insanely nervous to be posting this. It is a major step out of my comfort zone so I apologise if that can be heard in my voice (even if you can’t hear it that well - thanks video quality). I’m aware of the fact that I sound kinda breathy, that’s partially due to the poor quality of my phone and my nerves. Apologies.

Anyway, enjoy! (if you can)


Request:  Can you do a blurb where the reader is shy about any sort of musical talent because (he’s obviously ridiculously talented) and they ask her to play piano and she kinda holds out by playing something simple or cheesy, and then later Shawn walks in on her playing some complex overture or something and like like what You were holding out on us ?? xo

“Play, please?” He begs, staring up at you with this big brown eyes. He’s giving you his puppy dog look, and you can’t help it. You nod and sit on the bench. 

He doesn’t need to know that you play, well because he’s better and that’s embarrassing. So you play a beginners song. So that way he won’t know you’ve been playing your whole life. 

“So good Babe.” He grins when you finish. 

“Thanks, but I suck.” You giggle.

“Not true.” He shakes his head.

Geoff looks at you, like he knows you’re lying, but doesn’t say anything. 


He’s got Q and A, and you’ve got time to yourself and sitting on that bench earlier was amazing. It’d been a while. 

You’re playing one of his songs, ‘Act Like You Love Me’, it’s been stuck in your head all day. 

“Who’s playing?” Shawn asks as he walks past the practice room. You don’t hear him, too lost in the music. 

“Not sure.” Someone else says.

“Is that Y/n?” Someone else points out.

“No way.” Shawn says rushing in. 

You still don’t hear him as he walks up behind you. You finish the song, finally opening your eyes. 

“Holding out on me Babe?” He says sitting next to you.

“Holy shit.” You jump, him scaring you.

“What the hell? You said you only knew beginner songs, that is not a beginner song.” He says looking at you.

“Sorry, it’s just I am not good, you play better and I don’t like being compared to you.”

“First off, you play a hell of a lot better than I do, and Secondly, who is gonna compare us?” 

“I don’t know the team.”

“Babe,” He turns around and you see Geoff and Zubin standing behind him.

“Y/n you are so much better than Shawn. He sucks at piano.”

“Okay ouch.” He says giggling. “Maybe I’ll drag you on stage, make you play Stitches or something.” 

“God no.”

“Let’s do it, set it up with the team.” He ignores you.

Love Story // j.j

A/N: obviously based on the Taylor Swift song lol but I thought this idea was cute :)


Trouble seems to have a way of finding Y/N, trouble generally in the form the Southside Serpents. Well, more specifically, trouble with the name of Jughead Jones.

Y/N father is the leader of a gang rival to the Serpents, which usually meant that someone at some point in time is trying to use her to get to her dad.

Jughead Jones is not one of these people.

She had been raised on the idea that anyone affiliated with the Serpents is not to be trusted, that no one who is a part of them will do her any good.

But then she meets him.

It’s sophomore year by the time the two actually speak to each other, each knowing who the other is but being warned by their parents to never give them a second glance.

Jughead breaks the warning first.

“Y/N right?” He asks, standing next to her locker. “I’m J-”

“I know exactly who you are,” she hisses, slamming her locker shut and walking away from him.

“Hey!” Jughead calls, walking briskly down the hall to catch up with her. “Look, I can bet you’ve been told the same things I was as a kid about me and about my family but I don’t want to live like that anymore. I’m done with my dad and all of that. I think we could actually be really good friends.”

Y/N stops, spinning on her heel to face him.

“Friends?” She asks, titling her head slightly. “What makes you say that?”

“We’re similar, like really similar,” he shrugs, “just a feeling. I think we’d get along really well.”

“Well, I’m willing to test that theory, if you want,” she says, the words coming out of her mouth before she can even think them all the way through.

Jughead’s face brightens.

“Really?” He asks, shocked. “That would be awesome.”

She smiles finally, adjusting a strap on her bag.

“One thing though,” she says, “my dad can’t know.”

“Yeah well, neither can mine,” Jughead replies, “so I guess we’re in the same boat.”

“I guess we are.”

“Pops after school?” Jughead asks. “I’ve got a booth in the back room he’ll let us use. No one will be able to see us there.”

“I’ll see you there,” she smirks, walking into her class and leaving Jughead to walk to his own with a bright smile adorning his face.

Jughead’s right, the two of them become fast friends, talking like they’ve known each other their entire lives, and, in a sense, they have.

The secrecy and the sneaking around only makes it more enticing for them to be together, no matter the warnings running through each of their heads. It only takes about six weeks for it to happen.

Y/N breaks the warning first.

“Juggie I’m scared,” she whispers, her head resting on his lap as they sit on the roof of the drive in projection booth.

“What? Why?” Jughead asks, looking down at her. “Did someone say something to you?”

“No it’s not that it’s just…” she takes a deep breath, locking eyes with him, “I really like you, Juggie, I’ve never felt this way for someone before and it scares me.”

“Do you mean like me as i-”

“Yeah,” she cuts him off, even the thought of the words being spoken scaring her, “it’s scary enough that I’ve never felt this before but then you take into account everything with our dads and that just…adds about ten more levels of fear.”

“You don’t need to be scared,” he whispers, brushing some hair off of her forehead, “not about that, not about anything, I’ll protect you.”


“I like you too, Y/N,” he says casually, like there really isn’t anything to be afraid of, “and I don’t care what our parents have to say about it, it’s my life, not my dads. I don’t approve of what he does so why should he have a say in what I do?”

“Rebel with a cause,” Y/N murmurs, smiling.

“You’re the best cause,” Jughead replies, leaning down and brushing his lips across her forehead.

It takes another three weeks before Jughead asks Y/N if he can tell his friends about them, and another week of reassurance that they won’t tell anyone and that they don’t care about what her dad does, after all, they know about his dad and are still friends with him.

She finally agrees, and Jughead is correct once again. His friends don’t care in the slightest that her and Jughead’s dad hate each other, in fact, they seem to find it even more sweet that the two of them are together despite it.

“It’s like a real life Romeo and Juliet story!” Veronica sequels, clasping her hands together.

“You do know they both died in the end, right?” Y/N points out.

“Yeah, and so did like all of their closest friends,” Jughead adds.

Veronica rolls her eyes, shrugging.

“Still, you know what I mean.”

Six months after the first day they spoke, no one else has found out about the two, until-

The pebbles hitting Y/N’s window draws her attention away from her textbook. She pulls back the curtain, eyes widening at the image of her boyfriend standing below her window in the dimming sunlight.

“Jughead!” She calls quietly out of the window after she opens it. “What the hell are you doing? My dad will kill you if he sees that you’re here, and that’s not an exaggeration.”

“I need to talk to you,” Jughead replies, “like, now.”

She nods, telling him to wait. Fortunately for the pair, Y/N’s parents are out of the house. She practically runs down the stairs, opening the front door.

“My parents aren’t home, we can talk here,” she says, motioning him to come inside.

She leads him through the kitchen and into the living room, sitting on the couch as he does the same.

“What’s going on, Jug?”

“Joaquin knows,” Jughead replies vaguely, fiddling with his hands.

“Kevin’s boyfriend?” Y/N asks, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion. “Knows what?”

“Knows about us,” Jughead clarifies, “and he’s not just Kevin’s boyfriend.”

“What do you mean?”

“He works with my dad,” he whispers, “he’s a Serpent.”

Y/N breath catches in her throat, she swallows heavily.

“How’d he find out?” She asks.

“Kevin, I guess,” Jughead shrugs, “he told me that they were talking and it just slipped out. All he said was your name and Joaquin knows who you are. Honestly, I’m surprised Kevin kept it from him this long, usually he blabs about stuff minutes after they happen i-”

Jughead stops as he looks at Y/N, noticing how worried she looks.

“You don’t think he’s going to tell, do you?” She whispers.

Jughead pulls her into his side, gently kissing her temple.

“No, I don’t think he will,” he whispers, “I mean, he’s dating the Sheriff’s son, I think that might take precedence over us if that were to ever get out.”

“I’m scared Juggie,” she whispers.

“Hey, what did I tell you?” Jughead rubs her shoulder comfortingly. “I’m going to protect you, protect us, nothing’s going to happen.”

“Why do we have to be who we are?” She asks.

“What do you mean?”

“I want to hold your hand in the hallway Juggie I want…I want us to at least have to option to act like all those other couples you see but we don’t,” she mumbles, “I can barely even talk to you at school and it sucks.”

Jughead presses a soft kiss to her lips, effectively stopping her rambling.

“Look, I know that it can be hard,” he says quietly, “I know that it’s frustrating and that it’s unfair but this just makes us better. I also know that, at least for me, it means that we’re real, and that we both want this. That we aren’t just doing this to spite our parents or something like that, that we actually care about each other. Because if we didn’t we wouldn’t be putting ourselves through all of this.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” she says, nodding.

“I love you, Y/N,” he says, kissing her head, “these past six months with have made me happier than I have ever felt in my entire life, I’m not giving that up. I’m not giving you up.”

His words cause her heart to skip a beat, this being the first time they had been said out loud between the pair.

“I…” she swallows, happiness bubbling in her stomach, “I love you too, Jug.”

She pulls his lips down on top of hers, one hand holding the back of his neck while the other grips his shirt lightly.

Jughead cups her face in both his hands, feeling her pulse speed up slightly as his finger tips brushed across her neck.

“I love you Juggie,” she repeats in a whisper, a small smile on her face as the two of them pull away, “I don’t want us to be a secret anymore.”

“I’m afraid that cat is already out of the bag,” a voice from the other side of the room makes both the teenagers jump, heads wiping forward the sound.

“Dad!” Y/N exclaims, eye widening like saucers. “I um…I didn’t know you’d be back so soon.”

“Obviously,” her dad replies, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, “Jughead,” he nods once.

“M-Mr. Y/L/N,” Jughead says, swallowing a bit.

“Dad I-I can explain it’s j-” Y/N stutters, stopping when her father holds up a single hand.

“No need,” he says, “Mr. Jones here has already explained everything.”

“Wait, what?” She shakes her head. “I’m confused.”

“Jughead came to me not to long ago,” her father explains, “told me about himself and about his father, about what he’s gone through. Eventually we got around to the topic of you,” he purses his lips for a moment, Y/N’s heart practically beating out of her chest, “I’ve never heard someone talk about another human with as much adoration and…well, and as much love as he talked about you Y/N. And I decided that this feud between me and his father is just that, between me and his father. It should have no effect on the lives you two wish to live, as long as you’re happy. And along as you treat her right, Jones.”

Jughead nods vigorously, her dad cracks a half smile.

“I’ll see you tonight for dinner Y/N,” he says, turning to leave before pausing, “you can stay too if you’d like, Jughead.”

Without waiting for a reply, her dad leaves, the two of teens sitting in silence for a few moments before Y/N speaks.

“You talked to my dad?” She asks.

“Well I um…I ran into him outside Pops one night and it just…we just got to talking. I think he wanted to talk about my dad but uh…I dunno he brought you up and I couldn’t stop myself. I’m sorry.”

“No, no Jug don’t be sorry,” she shakes her head, “I’m glad you did, honestly. I just…I expected him to freak out, that’s all. He just surprised me,” she pushes her hair behind her ear, “did you really talk about me like that?”

Jughead blushes, ducking his head down as he rubs the back of his neck.

“I only have a few good things in my life Y/N,” he says, “and you’re probably the best, can’t blame me for how I feel.”

“Aw Juggie,” she whispers, placing a hand on his cheek, “I’m so glad I met you.”

Jughead smiles, pulling her in for a kiss.

“You know what this means, right?” He asks quietly, lips hovering above hers. “Now that your dad knows and is seemingly okay with it?”

“Care to enlighten me?” She asks, rubbing her thumb over his jaw line.

“We don’t have to be a secret anymore,” he says, kissing her softly again, “not if you don’t want us to be.”

“What about your dad?” Y/N asks, swallowing, “aren’t you scared that he’ll do something?”

“I don’t care about what my dad thinks,” Jughead replies, shaking his head, “he has no say in what I do, none. I’m living my life my way, and he knows that. We don’t have to be a secret anymore baby,” he smiles, “just say yes.”

“Yes, yes,” she smiles back, “oh my god yes.”

She presses her lips to his, hands cupping his face.

“I love you Juggie,” she whispers, “as much as I hate what my dad does, it lead me to you and for that I am eternally grateful.”

“You’re such a sap,” Jughead smiles, shaking his head, “I love you too.”

“Hold my hand in the hall tomorrow?”

“Nothing would bring me more joy,” Jughead replies, “might even kiss you too.”

“Oh really?” She smirks. “I might enjoy that.”

“Just say yes.”


Merry Christmas, @stilesandderek!

Merry Christmas! I tried to fit in a few things you mentioned liking. Have a great day :)

“That’s fine, Andrew,” Derek lies through his teeth. “Just go get some rest.”

“You sure?” Andrew croaks down the phone.

“Certain. I’ll be fine,” Derek lies again.

Andrew coughs and then hangs up. Derek throws his phone down into his bag.

“Shit. Fuck.” He drops his head into his hand and curls his fingers through his hair.

“Dude? Derek?” Erica moves her swivel chair over to him. “What’s going on.”

His final grade just went up in smoke, is what is happening. “Andrew can’t do the recording.”



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thoughts on netflix’s gypsy

spoilers ahead

it’s super fucked up that they used a slur as the title of a show. I know it was just from the creator overhearing the song by fleetwood mac, but that doesn’t excuse it

sidney x jean/diane is fucking HOT like holy shit

so many deeply complex women, all fucked up in their own right is my jam. WOMEN ANTIHEROES ARE EVERYTHING TO ME. obviously, since I’m obsessed with the women from UnREAL as well as this show (and nurse jackie right now tbh)

so much more below the cut

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TRAUMA - Lyrics + Meanings/Theories

I’m back. Apparently I cannot be stopped.

I made this post yesterday about the Trauma MV and its Symbolism. I’ve had the time to process the song now so I’m gonna break down the lyrics here. This post is mostly going to be for my personal interest and knowledge, but by all means, everyone is open to reading it and I’d love to hear what other Carats think.

Once again, these are my opinions. This is my translation of the song, based on my (somewhat mediocre) Korean skills, so there might be mistakes. I’ll edit this post in the future if this happens. 

To start off, let me put it out there that although I’m complete and utter Hoshi trash, HipHop Unit is my favourite unit. I find their lyrics to be the most raw and real, and they have this really unique sound plus the killer visuals are a sweet little bonus

I’ll go by each member and their verse and then talk about Mingyu last. Long post ahead beware


Trauma got me baby
I dropped out when I was in the 8th grade, basically had no friends
Boxed in boxed in my lonely world
Stuck in my fantasy like dreaming it to be real life
I waited without thoughts but now I realize
I’m just going to be alone like this, I don’t know anything except for this
So I plug in my earphones, increase the volume
I don’t wanna be alone
I don’t want to forget Imma sing this song is anybody listening

Alright, pretty self-explanatory verse. I agree with other theories that each member is talking about his trauma/greatest fear. Hansol dug up some shit from his past here, dropping out of school to become an idol is not an easy feat. Being half-Caucasian, he used to receive hate and bullying from his peers, and maybe this is what he’s alluding to when he says he had no friends. 

Then he talks about being in his own little world, with his headphones plugged in. This was a running gag on OFD Japan, where Vernon was always spaced out, and Seungkwan tells him in the end that if he actually unplugged his headphones and listened, that he wouldn’t be the last member to always find out stuff. But Vernon is telling us here that there’s a reason he always has headphones in? It’s his escape? This dream world that he’s created. He’s rapping “I don’t want to be alone, is anybody listening” while surrounded by fans in a boxed room. Pretty clear imagery here: Despite all the fans around him, he feels alone and distant and like he has no friends. 


I’ll include all his verses here (he repeats one twice and then there’s one at the end)

I barely spat out my breath, it’s like I’m forgetting how to do it
Missing you is the hardest thing for me
Now the thoughts barely come, this light that is given to me
Unlike the stage where I am in my mind, is only one 1 pyeong 
[~3 metres]”(this is repeated twice, after Vernon’s part and then after Wonwoo’s)

“Yeah I’m singing singing, even when the sound of music decreases
Said I want to sing, yeah
Anybody will do, just get me out of here, or else you come in
.” (this is right before the final chorus)”

Sigh, Cheol. 

He’s the only one who mentions somebody else in his verse. All other members are talking about themselves. This, coupled with the bed setting in the MV, can symbolize maybe an intimate relationship - either the loss of a lover or a friend?

Alternatively, his trauma can be losing those close to him? His lyrics are vague. “The light that is given to me, unlike the stage in my mind, is only 3 metres”. My heart breaks a little here. Is he saying that he doesn’t feel appreciated enough? That not enough light is shed on him? He is sitting in the darkness alone in one of the shots, so it makes sense. Cheol is a surprisingly underrated member. He’s a fantastic rapper, lyricist, and dancer but never quite gets to stand out (coming up behind to composer Jihoon and choreographer Hoshi). His job, as overall leader, is to monitor from the background, to show off SVT as a group, instead of standing out himself. Personally, (and not because im biased hush) he’s my favourite rapper in the unit, I love his style, and I wish he’d get the spotlight more often to showcase just how good he really is.

I don’t really have any theories for his last verse. He continues to sing even when the music dies down, indicating that he works relentlessly without break (the bed can also symbolize sleep! aka taking rest and we all know Cheol is against resting smh). The last line “Anybody will do, just get me out of here or you come in” can indicate that he is alone in his burden and wants someone to rely on idk. 

[EDIT] After basically having this song on repeat for the past 2 weeks or so, I think what Seungcheol was alluding to was his delayed debut. “Said I want to sing”, “Anybody will do, just get me out of here” probably means that he’s talking about his time spent locked away in the Pledis basement, never knowing when or if he’d be able to make it in the industry. I just want to hug him. 



Brr brr
Unforgettable things about my accustomed immaturity
The trauma that stemmed from my inner doubts
What is my reason for existing?
Even though I regret it, it bothers me like a loach
I’m going to sing, no I’m going to lock away my trauma even more yeah
The pit that I dug myself is getting even deeper
Yeah, deeper, deeper, and I can’t even find it myself
Even I don’t know the end of this trauma, I need a hand to hold

He is most certainly talking about his SNSD ‘scandal’ – his unforgettable memory of his immaturity. He regrets it, but it continues to eat at him so much that he questions himself daily. He talks about how he sings to lock away his feelings, but that just means he’s digging himself a hole that keeps getting deeper and he doesn’t know how to get out. 

Wonwoo’s trauma is mental, unlike the rest, its all in his head. But sometimes, the mind can be the hardest to run away from. 


“I’m in trauma it’s got me sick*
Stuck in trauma I’m just going to sing
Blah blah blah blah why can’t I forget?
That’s my trauma my trauma yeah
Now it’s got me sick, sick, sick*
Stuck in trauma I’m going to sing
That’s my trauma my trauma yeah

*Idk if it’s sick or sing we will have to wait and see

He literally says his trauma is that he cannot forget. Forget what? The Blah Blah Blah can represent noise inside his head that he can’t shut out, it can represent the hate he received when he debuted, it can represent things he reads about himself on news etc. 

Mingyu’s was the most general, obviously considering it was the chorus. I think his trauma was shown more clearly via imagery instead of lyrics. The room he was in was a mess (and we all know Mingyu is clean and likes to be organized) and it can mean his cluttered thoughts, as well as the high expectations laid out on him 

Alright, I’m done. This song is a masterpiece and I’m doing this post so that hopefully some people read it and appreciate the lyrics as well. The MV is a piece of art, no doubt, but Trauma goes deeper than that.

These boys willingly shared their feelings with us, something not a lot of idols do. This is raw, this is real. This shows that not everything is always rainbows and unicorns and that they are human too. I have never related to an idol more in my life than I have to SVT’s HipHop Unit, not just with Trauma, but with Can’t See The End, with Lean on Me, with If I. SVT in general has that effect (Still Lonely is another perfect example)

Maybe it’s just me, but i feel a burden. They’ve let us see how they really feel, and its our job as Carats to give back. They fully trust us, enough to tell us their personal fears and stories. I’m honoured to be a part of this fandom, this family, and to be trusted with something that comes from a really personal space. They are willing to show us their weaknesses and seriously, all we have to do is respect their space, their talent, and not abuse the trust that they have placed in our hands. 

I can’t wait for the other Unit MVs, and the album. Seventeen never fail to astound me with every new release.

TL;DR: Please appreciate my children, if you haven’t listened to SVT yet what are you doing with your life seriously.

Moments- (Rob Benedict x Reader) PART 1

Summary: An actress on Supernatural, You and Rob are in a relationship, and recently you had revealed to him that you had been sexually assaulted in the past; and it was why you were so afraid to be intimate. But as a songwriter, another secret gets let out.

Pairing: Rob x Reader              

Word Count: 1,236

Warning: Mentions of past sexual assault, Emotional Confrontation, Language, Fluff lots of fluff

A/N: It’s 6:15 AM and I haven’t slept yet. If there are any spelling or grammar mistakes, I’m not even sorry. 

Who could have ever known that one innocent fan question at a convention would open a door in your relationship that you just weren’t ready to have opened.

“Have you ever written a song about Rob?” asked a fan; as the fandom had just recently found out about you and Rob’s relationship, even though you had been dating for nearly 7 months.

Your face immediately turned red, the answer now obviously being yes. Rob, Rich, and Matt all turned to you with a smirk on their faces.

“Um, no?” You asked, not really comfortable with where this was going. The answer was obviously yes.

“Oh c’mon that is totally a lie!” said Rich, coming up and slinging his arm around you. He didn’t notice or feel you flinch, though. Rob did, though. After everything you two had been through, he knew.

“Yeah that’s a total lie, Y/N.” said Matt, laughing.

“Okay, okay fine. I have written a song for Rob, but before you even ask Rich, there’s no way you’re hearing it!” You said, turning mostly to get his arm off of you, but playing it off with a laugh.

Rob eyes widened at the answer, not even he knew about it.

“Awe why?” asked Rich.

“Cause not even Rob’s heard it for crying out loud!” you said.


“Wait, now I wanna hear it!” said Rob, joking around still.

All of a sudden, Billy, Stephen, and Mike walked out from behind the curtain, indicating the end of the panel.

“Ah, saved by the band. That’s our panel folks!” said Rich, as the four of us slowly navigated off stage. The three of Louden Swain remained to introduce Misha.

You tried to escape to the bathroom, knowing that R2M would hound you for an explanation.

“Oh, no you don’t.” said Matt, blocking your way into the bathroom. “I can somewhat understand why Rich and I haven’t heard this mysterious song written for Rob, but not even Rob has heard it?” asked Matt. You found yourself being pushed to the couch by the three men as they stood around you.

“Look, guys. It’s not that big of a deal! No one’s heard it! Rob, I’m sorry, but I’m asking you to respect that this I just one thing I need to keep to myself.” you said, standing up and pushing past them, leaning against a table with your back facing them.

“Hey, hey. It’s okay Y/N!” said Rob, walking up behind you, turning you to face him.

“Those two idiots will shut up, I swear. If you don’t want me to hear it, I’ll respect that.”

“Hey!” yelled Matt and Rich in defense. You just laughed at the two of them before turning back towards Rob, pulling him into a hug. “Thank you.” you whispered into his chest. He just kissed the top of your head.

“What’re you guys talking about?” asked Billy all of a sudden, entering the room with the other two guys.

“Oh we just found out that Y/N had written a song for Rob.” said Rich, casually.

“Oh, Moments? It’s a beautiful song, isn’t it!” said Billy with a smile, grabbing a water bottle and sitting down on the couch. Rob, Rich, and Matt immediately spun on their heels, facing you with wide eyes.


You turned to Billy.

“And thank you, for that.” you said, giving him a look. His face fell as he realized what he had done. “Sorry, forgot it was supposed to be secret.” said Billy as he slid into the sofa. You looked at the other 3 innocently.

“Billy may or may not have helped me with some chords…”

Matt and Rich turned to you, automatically bombarding you with protests of wanting to hear the mysterious song; that all of a sudden you had made into a big deal. You looked at Rob, a bit defeated. He looked sad, leaning against the wall. He thought you were past all this, he thought you were past the secrets, he thought he knew everything.

He thought you trusted him.

You sighed, holding up a hand to Matt and Rich.

“Guys, shut up.” you said, silencing them immediately. You turned to your boyfriend.

“Rob?” you asked. He looked up at you questionably.

“Remember that thing we did, that thing we talked about that we swore we would never bring up again?” Matt and Rich stepped back a bit, not realizing that an intimate line would be crossed in this conversation.

Rob tilted his head confused. Of course he knew what you were talking about, but by your request he promised never to bring up the conversation you two had ever again. He was surprised you did. Never the less, he nodded.

You reached into your pocket, pulling your phone out as well as pulling the song up on it.

“Well, it’s about that. If you want to hear it, fine. If not, well fine. But there’s no way those two are gonna be in the room when you hear it, and I don’t want to be either.”

“Oh c’mon, Billy, back us up. You’ve heard it and obviously know what it’s about!” said Matt.

Billy looked up from his phone, barely even paying attention to the conversation.

“Oh, I’m with her on this one.” Billy glanced at you and Rob, realizing that the two of you didn’t expect to be put in this position today, and the five of you others being in the room probably wasn’t helping.

“Um, fellas? Why don’t we go hang out outside for a while?” he asked as he faced Rich, Matt, Norton, and Mike. He didn’t even give RM a chance to respond before pulling them out of there, the other two trailing behind them.

You looked up at Rob, just waiting for the next word to come out of his mouth.

“I’m sorry Rob, I didn’t mean for this to come out today, let alone at all.” You slid your phone back into your pocket, sitting down.

“Hey, hey it’s okay. Really.” said Rob, coming up and kneeling in front of you. He wrapped his arms around you and just held you for a minute, stroking your back in an attempt to calm you. He knew the stakes. He let you go, facing you still.

“If it’s alright, I really would like to hear it still.” Rob reached up; wiping a tear off your face that you didn’t even realize had fallen.

You sighed, not seeing much of a point to keep this to yourself any longer. You pulled out your phone again, pulling up the song as well.

“I’m, I’m gonna go back to our room for now. I’m done for the day so, I’ll see you at the concert?” you asked, softly.

Rob smiled, leaning up to kiss you.

“I love you.” said Rob, as you walked out. He sighed, sitting on the couch and pulling his headphones out of his pocket. Knowing you, the next few minutes were definitely going to change your relationship.  

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