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ABC Character Tag

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Obviously I gotta use Tobias the Flyest, the MC of The Savior’s Champion, for this tag ;)

a - age: 20.5 if you wanna get technical ;) 

b - biggest fear: Failing the people he loves; being unable to keep them safe, happy, and well.

c - current time: TSC begins in June.

d - drink he last had: booze. His life is hard, let the man get sauced.

e - every day starts with: A two mile trek from his cottage to town then up the hillside to the sugarcane fields where he gets to spend his entire day working. 

Fuck. That.

f - favorite song: I mean, his world doesn’t have the sorta music we have; they have double flutes, harps, trumpets, and dancing girls. It’s not like he can download a song and listen to it again and again.

g - ghosts, are they real: Are they real in this world? Sort of, yes. Does Tobias believe in them? No.

h- hometown: A small, common village in Thessen.

i - in love with: At the start of TSC? No one. Does it stay that way? …

j - jealous of: He’s not really a jealous kinda guy, but I imagine he’d feel some envy toward anyone who’s getting to live the life of an artist while he gets to hack away at sugarcane all day.

k - killed someone: At the start of TSC? No one. Does it stay that way? …

l - last time he cried: Probably when his father died. 

m - middle name: None. That’s not a Thessian thing. 

n - number of siblings: One. 

o - one wish: I’m sure he’d love to go back to his apprenticeship and be an artist again. But if he could only have one wish at all, it’d be for his sister to be well. 

p - person he last called/texted: They don’t have them new-fangled telephone devices, but the last person he got sauced with was probably Milo.

q - questions he’s always asked: “Why’s your face all sour?”

r - reasons to smile: Not many. Booze exists?

s - song last sang: Does grumbling under his breath count? ‘Cause he does that a lot. Mister Grumpy Pants

t - time he woke up: with the sunrise.

u - underwear color: Thessen is a nation sans underoos. Tobias goes commando. Can’t reign in that TobyDick - let the wang be free!

v - vacation destination: Homeboy can’t afford a vacation. He’d be happy just to get a visit to a watering hole (bar). 

w - worst habit: At the start of the book? Probably how much he burdens himself, the fact that he takes on every responsibility as his own. By the end? Talking too much.

HOW IS THERE NO X Y or Z??? Fuck that noise, Imma make ‘em up!

x - what eXcites him (I cheated, just roll with it): Art, epics, and the attention of a smart, pretty woman.

y - young or old soul: he’s a bit of a sweet summer child in the sense that he can be innocent and naive. But his opinions about the world and what’s truly important in life are of the old soul variety. So maybe a lil’ bit of column A, a lil’ bit of column B?

z - zoological pairing: A black horse.

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like, continuing on the soundtrack thing, malachite’s theme was perfect - it was big, loud, had gentle parts as well but most of all, it was powerful

it was very fitting for malachite as a character, however, i cannot think of one soundtrack recently that has been super fitting for a scene going on in an episode

the last OK soundtrack i remember personally was the rapid music in barn mates when the rubies’ ship was after them and stuff

i dont remember a really good soundtrack for jasper corrupting or fighting the rubies or ANYTHING

the last song we had was “what’s the use of feeling blue” and obviously that song was trash, because it was made to try to make us sympathize colonists. and, in my opinion, though the pearls are cute and all, their singing was. Bad

cute little songs like peace and love would be great to have sometimes - i know writing and composing songs aren’t easy necessarily, but at least have a decent soundtrack

the first season of su’s soundtrack was SO GOOD and very enjoyable to listen to

one of the things i used to praise steven universe for was its music, i’d like to see it brought back


Hey, I’m a singer-songwriter and just released my first ‘single’ on iTunes and Spotify and that!

This post is specifically about Spotify, because it’s a streaming service that most people use and is currently my best friend with my song.

I released “He Wishes He Never Grew Up,” (Kelvin Parker (me)) and would really like to get to 1000 streams on Spotify.

Obviously it’s free and nothing extra if you already use Spotify, just one listen helps me get there! You’ll be helping me get towards my goal of being a successful musician and if you like it you found new music! That’s cool!

I just really want to do well, I guess. Sorry for the #BegPost but I’m not sure how else to do this (I’m not very good at promo or advertising or anything…)

It’s also my birthday on Dec 21st so think of it as a present to me for being born and that.

He Wishes He Never Grew Up - Kelvin Parker

1 stream = 1 prayer

I just saw Beauty and the Beast and I loved it. Josh Gad as Le Fou and Luke Evans as Gaston stole the show, they blew me away. The rest of the casting is great as well, so happy to see Kevin Kline as Maurice. The costumes, the CGI were amazing to me.

I grew up with the 1991 version and I think it was nicely done. They’ve added songs, explained plot holes. The only thing I have to nitpick about is Emma Watson’s singing voice, too auto tuned.
Maybe there’s also the nostalgia factor, this is basically my childhood. I had chills during the songs and I could sing along (I didn’t obviously, haha). Even the score I knew by heart, I used to listen to it on my Walkman while doing my homework in 7th grade. Disney cartoons of that period are basically the reason why I love musicals today.

I really don’t get all the bad reviews (those that hated it and gave it less than a 5/10).

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Team's reactions to Nekobolo's works like Tawagoto Speaker, Jishou Mushoku and April Loop

Sen: Admittedly, none of us listen to Nekobolo often, though I think I’ve heard Tawagoto Speaker before? No current song obviously since I spent my time listening to all of this anyways. This stuff… is really deep but yeah, favourite songs listed as well.


He’s pretty taken aback by the themes within these songs, things he’s thought about on occasion but never really gave deep thoughts. He isn’t one to over-analyse a song but he does muse over the lyrics a bit. Though, he’d much rather just listen to the instrumentals so he doesn’t depress himself.

Song: Things I want you to hear (Off-vocal)


He doesn’t really listen to vocaloid due to it’s association with weebs, though it’s pretty much forced upon him with Tendou always begging him to listen. He does admit some songs are pretty good but he’d never hop onto youtube to find new songs. He listens to the covers more than the originals

Song: Limit/Suya -  Gripping in one hand a guitar which I can’t play


Given that a lot of these songs are pretty depressing, Reon would rather avoid Nekobolo’s works. He acknowledges that they’re all really amazing songs and he’s blown away by the sheer content in the lyrics but that’s what really puts him off; he’d rather listen to something more pleasant so you won’t be finding Nekobolo on his playlist.


With his varied song choice, he’ll still always go back to the old stuff he’d jam to. Obviously he listens to Nekobolo, given his deep history of vocaloid. Because of that, he sings along to most of the songs and will try to learn how to play along with them on the piano (though he only really plays chords since the accompaniment for vocaloid songs is pretty intense)

Song: REOL - Astronauts


He’s cried listening to this kind of stuff so he’ll only listen to it once. Honestly, he vehemently refuses to listen to it because “why would you put yourself through songs that make you sad?” But, he does admit that if it’s someone else’s type of music then he shouldn’t be one to judge.


Definitely not a fan. He absolutely despises vocaloid and despite how he tries to be open to music, he just won’t say that it’s good. He sort of gets this impression that vocaloid in general disrespects other artists who actually sing while all of this is just computer generated sounds. Don’t expect him to have a high opinion on anything like this.


Nekobolo’s works are perfect for Kawanishi. He loves things with deep stories and meaningful lyrics so it’s right up his alley. Sure, he gets questioned a lot when people ask him why he listens to such depressing stuff but it’s not like he really cares about people’s music choices anyways. It’s actually pretty funny to him when people think it’s 


He honestly doesn’t like listening to any of it. He admits that sometimes the beats are good and all, but it’s not catchy and it’s too pessimistic for him. He won’t outright say that the music is shit though; he respects artists enough to withhold his opinions.

Get to Know Me(me)

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name: Andrea

nickname: Ange, An, Wanniwa, Doc, Anjing (only my gramps calls me this tho), BB, totino ;o 

gender: female

star sign: libra #balance

height: kinda small like 5′2″

sexual orientation: ace/aro (?????)

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff binch! 

favorite color: aw hecky

favorite animal: elephants and manatees 

average hours of sleep:  5-6 hours is enough no?

number of blankets i sleep with: 1-2 (but last night was oddly warm and stuffy no ½ a blanket was used LOL)

cat or dog person: why not both? 

favorite fictional characters: Sivir (well, obviously), all of the ovw cast, all the characters in Kung Fury (10/10 best half hour of my life)

favorite bands/singers: uhh a lot…but im really diggin [this song] also [this one]

dream trip: i wanna go however long into the future where flying cars are hella legit. That or some place with mildly warm weather lol…OH WAIT road trip and we stop by the coolest food places around the country >:O LEGGO!!

dream job: professional bro, a brofressional. LOL nah idk maybe someone who works in the digital art/design field. 

when was your blog created?: like 2 years ago??? 

current number of followers:

!!!!!! and i love every single one of you ty ty for likin my arts and for putting up with my shitposts and shinanigans asldkfawheoiwhfadf’askdj

what made you decide to make a tumblr: i wanted to share my arts :D and be a total dingus on the interwebs (and have a separate tumblr that my irl friends did know about but y’know that didnt work out and idc XD)

It’s really, really hard not to think Kyungjeong isn’t real.

Because, quite often, BOTH would post pictures that in some ways suggest this ship, and I stress that this happens mutually to both of their Instagram accounts as if trying to suggest us something. Let it be a picture of them, a picture of two fictional characters resembling them, a video showing them obviously being together, or even Kyungil’s legendary #Kyungjeong post. It really, really bugs me that there is this blockade between “Kyungjeong” and “Song Kyungil and Jang Yijeong” and it is so thin one needs to focus his/her eyes real well to perceive, yet so strong everybody notices its existence. 

The tease Kyungil and Yijeong have been posting on their Instagram feels like they’re challenging that blockade, but at the end of the day, Kyungjeong remains a matter hanging perfectly between reality and imagination.

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  • Relationship status? Single lol #foreveralone
  • Lipstick or chapstick? I love both but I have a chapstick addiction and can’t live without. Gotta keep my lips moisturized. 
  • Last song I listened to? I had to check Spotify for this but it’s “Pay Us No Mind” by The Staves.
  • Last movie I watched? It was Finding Dory and it was great!
  • Top three characters? Wow lol I don’t wanna go all CtM on this so I’ll pick Phyllis Crane, Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) and Jane Eyre, because they’re all strong women!
  • Top three ships? Well, Turnadette, obviously (I’m trash lol), Jelen, and the Obamas lol

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dude, what if Trigger made an episode/OVA of LWA that's a musical. how rad would that be.

oMG well like I’ve been saying they obviously have a lot of good voices/singers on the cast so if they don’t give us character OST songs they gotta at least give us a musical episode right???

Alright, also as promised, here’s my write up of my reaction to the flash/supergirl musical crossover. Basically, the episode was all sorts of awesome. Pretty much my favorite part of course was Darren Criss since I’ve been a Darren Criss fangirl since May of 2009 when the original HP: The Musical videos got put on YouTube and went viral. The singing all around was excellent, they obviously have an advantage over most tv musical episodes because they actually have a ton of super talented singers. They were wise to use some pre-existing songs too, songs written for plot in a tv episode can be not great generally, but they managed to do an excellent job with their original songs as well. If you’ve watched any of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (and if you haven’t you should go do that immediately because its fantastic) you know Rachel Bloom is a fucking fantastic songwriter, and Super Friend definitely did not disappoint. I have to say though, Running Home to You was definitely my favorite song of the night. Such a perfect WestAllen moment and almost makes up for all the shittiness they got from the last few episodes with the fake proposal and Barry’s stupid break up. So I was very satisfied with that. As soon as Jeremy Jordan opened his mouth to sing I was like AHHHHHH YESSSS because he’s so amazing I can’t even get past it. He’s great. The highlight vocally though, I have to say, was More I Cannot Wish You because Jesse L. Martin, Victor Garber, and John Barrowman are fucking Broadway legends and the 3 of them together were simply perfection. All of their voices were absolutely perfect for the song, they did so great. Jesse L. Martin needs to sing more because his voice is simply amazing. Some guy replied to me on Twitter saying he saw Victor Garber on Broadway in Damn Yankees in 1993 as the devil and I was obviously 1 when that was happening but holy shit I would pay so much money to have seen him as the devil because I know he would be so fucking great. So basically I have almost all good things to say about the episode. One criticism I will say is that music meister’s plot outside the real world didn’t exactly make much sense. Like, he’s stealing their powers and going to rob a bank, but then that plot just completely disappears and he was just trying to teach them a lesson?? Lol, not very sensical but at least Darren played the part to perfection, even if he didn’t resemble the comic version pretty much at all. I also feel obligated to complain about Meh-El’s presence because he didn’t add really anything to the plot (although the fact that he was supposed to be Malcolm’s son and his name was Tommy made me scream a little) and the fact that Kara just forgives him at the end was like…..ugh. I mean I knew their break up wasn’t permanent, but I didn’t expect it to be resolved in like, 24 hours (though I have no complaints over WestAllen being resolved so quickly). And her reasoning was fucking stupid. Like the reason she broke up with him wasn’t because she couldn’t put herself in his situation, it was that he continued to lie to her for months on end for no explainable reason, like he had ample opportunity to tell her and he just didn’t. So that bugged me, but I’m still hoping Meh-El’s character gets written off in the season finale like I think he will (I don’t even care if he goes out like a hero, as long as he goes). But yeah, overall I was very pleased with it and I think they did an excellent job with it. Good job CW. I did feel bad for Danielle Panabaker though because if anyone’s been paying attention for long enough they know she can sing too, but got totally sidelined here- like she made it into the episode but didn’t get to sing, so that’s gotta suck. I mean I know they established in the karaoke episode Caitlin supposedly can’t sing but I mean, it was a dream world they could’ve gotten away with it if they wanted to. I hope they do more of these in the future though, and that we can get more of the Legends cast involved. I would pretty much kill to get Caity Lotz to sing on one of them since we KNOW she can sing, but I also know she does not want to at all haha as she said in one of her Facebook live’s a while back, she insists she’s not really that good but I mean, she was in a fucking girls group, even one of the weaker members as she claims to be can sing pretty damn good. Alright, I think I’m done now. Hope you enjoyed this lengthy reaction post of my thoughts.

Cluster Roadtrip!

•They take an RV because it’s the only way they can all travel comfortably.

•Will starts off driving, but Capheus takes over after he hits the third mailbox.

•Capheus doesn’t mind because he enjoys looking out of the window.

•Sun sits shot gun for the entire trip and no one has the guts to challenge her claim.

•Riley is in charge of the music at first (obviously)

•After a while they all start picking their own favorite songs and sharing them with the group (which results in huge jam sessions)

•Nomi is in charge of the gps

•Nomi of course made sure they have wifi, and they stream Lito’s movies and poke fun at him.

•Wolfgang and Kala crash on the couch because they aren’t used to the hours yet.

•Will tells cop stories that no one is really interested in.

• Lito Skypes Hernando for half the trip

• The others eventually start talking to Hernando as well and by the end know countless embarrassing Lito stories.

• Almost every where they stop Lito gets at least one person asking for a selfie

• When they stop for snack breaks Will and Nomi have to explain come up with explanations for why the majority of them don’t speak English

•When kala gets homesick everyone starts craving Indian food.

•This gets old after the third night of driving around looking for a decent Indian restaurant.

•Wolfgang, Lito, and Will get into a heated argument about what country makes the best alcohol. (It ends with the three of them hungover and everyone else pissed at them for making the cluster feel like crap.)

Zayn about Pillowtalk:

“It is about sex, there is obviously sex in a relationship. It’s not the intent of the song though. The actual intent of the song is that even though you have great times in a relationship, you have really bad times as well, but that’s what kinda makes it worthwhile, because you learn things and you got to experiences that bring you closer together. That’s the actual intent of the song, obviously you have sex and sometimes you fight during the relationship, so I did mention that on the song.”

The quote that was used for I Won’t Mind on Soundcloud:

I’m sensing a pattern.   

It was two years of solid depression. It was hard when you practice that hard and you sound that good and everybody tells you that you should be doing something else. You want to say, ‘Well obviously we’re not from the same planet, because I didn’t sit with this guy for five years and sing like this for you to tell me that nothing we do is commercial. You’re crazy.’ It was a terrible time. Because Lindsey and I just couldn’t understand how we could sit down and sing a beautiful song to you and nobody liked it — and it was so pretty it made me cry. It was like, we don’t belong here, nobody understands us.
—  Stevie Nicks. Creem, 1982.
  • Aoi: lots of new records are being released on wednesdays so that’s nice, isn’t it?
  • for us it’s also packed with quite a lot of dreams, you knowー🤘🌞
  • Aoi: obviously, the song UNDYING is great, too, but the MV is really fucking cool so please don’t miss it! on April uuuuumn, well, some wednesday around the end it’ll come out like boom!
  • Aoi: however, my song will not be included on the package that comes with the MV. that’s, how should I say, thanks to the sinful old men from the olden days that made this form a standard. but that might also have to do with the kindness of those old men who remembered the distress you guys would be in if we put all of it on one CD and it would have ended up getting more expensive. who knows. at this point, it’s a mystery.
  • Aoi: this is how this whole journey has come to an end so I can say that we casually just tweet about how sleepy we are or like "today again we’ve worked until the morning". and when you guys read that you’re always worried which I appreciate and I’m really happy about it but we love and chose this work and I think, the result will be a product that’ll be closest to the emotions of all 5 of us so I really want you guys to listen to it and to watch it, ok?
  • Aoi: so, the GazettE’s New Single [UNDYING], that we put all our souls into, will be
  • released
  • on
  • April
  • 27!!!!!!!
  • Ruki: yes !
  • Aoi: 4/27 is the day of "Shi Ni Na" which is kinda like "Shinanai", that’s so typical of Ruki-San.*
  • Aoi: (to tell you the truth, I only noticed that whole ShiNiNa and Shinanai thing from everyone’s responses here, my love for the GazettE is so not enough yet. while thinking to myself, I say good night.
  • *play on words: 'Shi' means 4, 'Ni' means 2 and 'Na' means 7 >> Shi Ni Na >> 4/27
  • and 'Shinanai' means "will not die" or "undying"

Lines, Vines and Trying Times is the fourth and final studio album by the Jonas Brothers. It was released June 16, 2009 in the U.S 

Rolling Stone Interview :

Lines are something that someone feeds you, whether it’s good or bad. Vines are the things that get in the way of the path that you’re on, and Trying times — well, obviously we’re younger guys, but we’re aware of what’s going on in the world and we’re trying to bring some light to it. This new album for us, I wouldn’t say it’s a big jump, but it definitely is a progression in our music and a growth for us. It has a lot more kinds of horns and a lot more strings.” - Nick

“There’s more to the music rather than just a typical kind of relationship song.“ - Joe

Problem - Pitch Perfect AU

Summary: Things get a little heated as Beca and Chloe share a joint and try to decide on the Bellas’ setlist for the World Championship. Scene contains drug use and a lap dance ;)

Pairing: Beca/Chloe

Words: 739

I hope you enjoy my late-night silliness. Also, the playing of ‘Problem’ by Natalia Kills is highly recommended while reading this fic (obviously).



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An AU where Ciel is showering while singing and Sebastian just walks in on him, cause they’re used to that obviously, but ends up staring at Ciel with an amused look on his face or just simply join him cause he’s such a dork;










“Well I sure do hope so.”

“Aaaaawwww, aren’t you the sweet talker?”

3. // Robbers //

I started really looking for themed comics that would really fit superficially with the song. Obviously this one works well because of the gun and the nature of the lyrics I decided to pair with this edit. For me as a beginner, this edit was a bit more challenging as I used layer masks more and started to redraw some things. As you can see I tried to keep the coloring similar to keep the authenticity of the original comic.

Total Time Spent: ~1.5 hours

So now that Season 3 is Done.

We’ve seen the entirety of Love Like You, from start to finish. Obviously we’ve heard this song as our ending credits for about 2 years almost, and now we’ve seen the full thing in the show as well with the ending to Bubbled. Back at SDCC Rebecca said that Love Like you pertains to ALL characters, and any connections or interpretations are legit.


With the end of Bubbled, we see Steven has been safely retrieved by the CG’s using the Ruby’s ship. While there’s no dialogue, we have Love like you in its entirety playing in the background. Now this is an interpretation of the song in terms of STEVEN.

Personally I think of the song in terms of Steven as a testament to his journey, both events that happened months or years ago and events that could’ve happened 20 minutes ago.

The beginning of Love Like You makes me think of the moments as Steven is flying out the airlock in Back to the Moon (when I see the way you act wondering when I’m coming back)

Then it moves on to Nothing Like You, which seems like Steven comparing himself to Rose. The lyrics for this part seem to be describing “bad” not necessarily as evil, but bad as inexperienced, at least compared to who Steven’s mother was.

From here we get Adore you, and this part to me says a lot about how much Steven looks up and looked up to the Gems, and how from the beginning he always wondered what made the Gems think he was so special if he couldn’t do the things his mom did.

Next up is Right By You, and this one admittedly was tricky. But to me, this feels like Steven looking back on his attempts and successes at befriending (some) of the Homeworld gems.

Then we have The Way you Look, which aired during Bismuth and I think it makes sense for that to be Steven’s reaction to what Bismuth said to him. Bismuth was legitimately surprised by the fact that Steven said he was going to tell the Gems everything, (when I see the way you look, shaken by how long it took)

And then finally we have “Love me like you”, ending off the season and the song. This one I haven’t had much time to think about, but from my thoughts I feel like it’s exactly what it says. Whether it’s Steven loving himself like the gems loved Rose, or the gems loving Steven like they loved rose, I don’t really know.

But like I said at the beginning, Rebecca said that no interpretation is wrong, so go nuts! Whether you agree or disagree, thats a ok.