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Why does everyone want Lana to be sad all the time? Let her be in a rap or an upbeat song. She's changed a lot since Born to Die and obviously her music is going to change as well. I hate how her fans always type her as only a melancholic singer and when she does anything slightly different everyone gets mad. I love the direction she is headed in and I'm very excited to hear summer bummer and lust for life!

I mean I know that some people want the sad stuff but like.. most of us don’t care if the music is sad or not? I’d say the main reasons that people dislike songs like Coachella & LFL have nothing to do with them not being sad.. considering Coachella is sort of sad? But 100% to do with the lyrics/ production / instruments (or lack thereof)   We just care about the quality of the song,

 I mean I’ll support Lana if she wants to write simple/ generic pop songs or have rappers. I’d support Lana if she wanted to even sing country. She’s already put out AMAZING and artistic work and if she just wants to have fun she can have fun. it’s not that serious ya know? I still love Lana if the quality of this era ends up being less than the last 3 albums. I mean I still like her corny unreleased demos that have cheesey lyrics & crappy instrumentals but they’re still fun Lana songs. Of course in getting new material lots of us wish/ hope for superior music but either way.. still supporting her.  Plus I have a feeling that this albums has much better to offer than the singles


From 2008- 2009, ABC aired a short lived show called Eli Stone, starring Jonny Lee Miller. Eli was a lawyer who started having hallucinations caused by an aneurysm, and realized those hallucinations might actually be visions.

Many of Eli’s visions revolved around George Michael (and all of the Season 1 episodes shared their titles with his songs). However, when he appeared in Episode 9, titled “I Want Your Sex”,  he wasn’t just a vision anymore. 

George hired Eli to represent a teen girl who played one of his songs, the titular I Want Your Sex, during an abstinence only rally at her school. During her trial, she used both facts and personal stories to explain why abstinence only education is more dangerous than safe sex education. When the lawyer for the high school claimed that the song she chose promoted sexual promiscuity, George Michael was called to explain the true meaning behind the song.

Wethersby: Mr. Michael, tell me, what inspired your song I Want Your Sex? A song, by the way, which rose to number one on the world charts, a song that helped you win a Grammy for Best Album of the Year.

George Michael: Well, it was inspired by a relationship. Like most of my work, it was autobiographical.

Wethersby: You heard Principal Ackerman describe the song as encouraging promiscuity.

George Michael: But it’s just the opposite. Ironically enough, I wrote the song about abstinence, and I was very much in love with someone at the time.

Wethersby: So how do you feel about your song being used to protest an abstinence only sex education program. 

George Michael: Well I applaud it, obviously. When I wrote it, we were in year six of the AIDS crisis, a crisis that Ronald Reagan did not even address publicly until there were over 21,000 people dead. And what the government is doing right now, funding federal programs that tell children that condoms don’t work, is killing people all over again. 

I have seen a lot of posts discussing how we lost such an important member of the LGBT community. This scene has always stuck with me, and I’m sure most people would not have had a chance to see it. Though it is through a fictional lens, George Michael is reminding us that there have been times where misinformation and government inaction made it seem wrong to have even monogamous sex with someone that you love, and that stigmatizing sex, and gay sex in particular, is dangerous. 

(Eli Stone is currently available on Hulu.)

Getting to write with people like Ed is one of the most amazing things a person can do. Steve Mac did the beat for us as well. He did Shape Of You which obviously was phenomenal. I mean, what he did to the chart most recently is crazy. I’m humbled that Ed even took a second of his time let alone spending hours with him to write the song, so it’s amazing.
—  Liam about writing Strip That Down with one of his modern musical influences, Ed Sheeran (x)
BTS Reaction: You fangirling over another group

This is first time I ever made a reaction omg. 

Remember that requests are open!! 

– Member A

Rap Monster: [EXO]

 “I’m creeping in your heart babe!”

You sang along out loud to one of your favourite EXO songs while washing dishes and watching the television. When Chan appeared on the screen, you couldn’t help but squeal at him. After all, he was was your bias. Namjoon was laying on the couch while reading and thought you had cut yourself while washing something, due to your screechy high note. With a startle he looked up, and the smile on your face had left him confused until he realized your were watching the music video. All you heard was a whine and then, “Babe! I’m still your favourite monster, right?”

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 V: [EXO] 

“Call me baby, call me baby”

Entering the house, he could easily hear you singing FIRE and chuckled. When you had gone silent he couldn’t help but creep toward the bedroom where you were sitting with headphones on. He watched as you clicked on to an EXO video and started singing to yourself. Taehyung smiled until he saw you giggle at Kai. You always had an innocent crush on him, and when he saw how your eyes stayed on him while they danced. He quickly closed your computer and mumbled, “I’m your baby. Not him.“ 

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Jimin: [Got7]

“Welcome to my world let’s do this~”

Jimin froze. You rarely sung around him, who would even try to? His voice was amazing, and you didn’t need to hear his angelic voice mix with your awful cat screech. So when Jimin came back home for his phone and heard you in the shower singing, he couldn’t help but listen. You sang GOT7’s latest song. However, being a fangirl, you couldn’t help but make comments while singing. The one that made Jimin barge into the bathroom was the one about how lovely Youngjae’s voice was. 

 "I thought I was the one with an angelic voice?" 



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 Jin: [Seventeen]

“Everyday boom boom!”

You watched the performance with such a twinkle in your eye. You couldn’t help it, they were amazing on stage. Being the fan that you were, you couldn’t help but sing along. Everyone’s eyes obviously focused on Joshua. You noticed Jin staring at you and gave him a questioning glance. "No, I see how it is. Obviously I’m old news, Joshua is the one you want. Well you can have him, but you can’t have my food anymore.” The other boys would be so confused omg 

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Suga: [EXID]

“Why don’t you know don’t you know don’t you know~”

This poor boy… He wouldn’t know if he should laugh or take a video of how hyper you were while watching EXID video. That was, until you made a comment about how you’d switch lanes so fast for a certain member ((they are all so pretty omg I can’t choose)) “As cool as that would be, I don’t want to share you… I’m still your favourite rapper, right?” “No that’s J-Hope.” “… Same.”

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Jungkook: [Got7]

 “Baby… You are just, just right~”

You were meant to be cleaning, but who could do that when their favourite song came on? Jungkook had just woken up, and walked into the living to see you watching the music video for ‘Just Right’, dancing along. However, when Yugyeom appeared on the screen, a dreamy sigh escaped your lips and you stopped just to stare at him. Before you realized what had happened, the television was quickly shut off. "I’m the only maknae worth looking at love.”

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J-Hope: [EXO]

 Don’t be afraid, love is the way 

((Yes I’m using this song again. I’m new to kpop don’t judge)) 

He kinda just froze. You were dancing to EXO’s monster and you were doing pretty well. He thought it was nothing but you just having fun. Until you stopped mid-step to watch them dance again. And then he heard you speaking to yourself quietly: “Who else looks as good as Kai when dancing?” Before you knew it, J-Hope was in front of you. “Obviously I do, and I’m meant to be your favourite dance. Remember that, babe!”

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Oh boy, why did I allow myself to do this?

I’d like to apologise for the horrible quality of this video. I do not have the right equipment for this (mostly because I never thought I would be doing this. Ever).

Okay! Well, a couple of days ago, @ask-sadisticdark posted a poem called Darkness Breathes. Since I’m a sucker for poems with a dark theme and the piano, I decided to put the two together and make a little song. I had originally planned for it to be a lot more eerie than this but for someone who has never done something like this before, I’m not going to complain.

I DID GET THEIR PERMISSION TO USE THE POEM. So, the lyrics I’m singing are essentially the poem - full credit to them for that. However, the piano and singing itself is me (obviously). I’m aware I’m not the best pianist or singer so please don’t criticise too harshly.

Also, I am insanely nervous to be posting this. It is a major step out of my comfort zone so I apologise if that can be heard in my voice (even if you can’t hear it that well - thanks video quality). I’m aware of the fact that I sound kinda breathy, that’s partially due to the poor quality of my phone and my nerves. Apologies.

Anyway, enjoy! (if you can)

The complexity of the relationship between Ramsay Bolton and Theon Greyjoy (Thramsay)

The relationship between Ramsay and Theon is dysfunctional and honestly pretty horrible in most ways, yet I find it very fascinating because of its complexity, meaning that I believe there is way more to it than just horror, torture and manipulation.

I have never written meta before, but I really enjoyed the process. I hope you like it!

Word count: 2,009

Ramsay and Theon quite clearly have many differences, but I also find that they have many similarities, which define their relationship. By similarities I mean the similarities in terms of what they both wish to achieve in life and how they cope with their issues. It is my opinion that they both to some extend have an identity crisis going on, which creates a very interesting dynamic between them. To get to the root of that, we have to take a look at their childhoods. Since we get much more detailed descriptions of both their childhoods (especially Ramsay’s childhood) in the ASoIaF books than in the show, that’s where I’ll gather my information from. So let’s start with Ramsay.

The start of Ramsay’s life wasn’t exactly merry and joyful as he was born of rape. Roose Bolton was out hunting one day when he discovered a peasant girl washing clothes in a river. He then decided to rape her and since her husband, the miller, wasn’t too content with the idea, Roose hung him and raped his widowed wife beneath the tree where he was swaying. A year later the peasant girl came to the gates of the Dreadfort with a baby in her arms seeking help from Roose, because her dead husband’s brother had stolen the mill from them and now her and her son had nothing to live of. At the time, Roose Bolton was married to Bethany Ryswell and had a trueborn son, Domeric, and he didn’t exactly want to deal with a bastard son and a useless peasant girl, so he let them into the castle with one single intent: to kill them both. But once he looked at the baby boy he couldn’t bring himself to do it because he saw that the baby had his pale eyes.

Roose let both mother and son depart unharmed and made sure they got the stolen mill back. Every year Roose would send a bag of stars to them, which Ramsay’s mother paid for with her silence; she was to never tell Ramsay or anyone else about who his father was. So Ramsay grew up in poverty with the ‘small folk’, he didn’t get an education, didn’t learn about honor, nobility or about courtesy, which explains his blunt and fearless nature.

But Ramsay was a difficult child and after a few years Ramsay’s mother went back to Roose to get help with raising him. Just wanting her gone, Roose gave her a servant, a terrible one, named Heke. Yet because he smelled so bad everyone instead called him Reek. Quickly, Ramsay and Reek became inseparable. Roose says that he isn’t sure if Ramsay corrupted Reek or if Reek corrupted Ramsay, but honestly I think they had pretty bad influences on each other. “No one could stand to be near him, so he slept with the pigs … until the day that Ramsay’s mother appeared at my gates to demand that I provide a servant for my bastard, who was growing up wild and unruly. I gave her Reek. It was meant to be amusing, but he and Ramsay became inseparable. I do wonder, though… was it Ramsay who corrupted Reek, or Reek Ramsay?” Roose Bolton tells Theon in ADWD (chapter 32). “The boy [Ramsay] is a sly creature by all accounts, and he has a servant who is almost as cruel as he is. Reek, they call the man. It’s said he never bathes. They hunt together, the bastard and this Reek, and not for deer. I’ve heard tales, things I can scarce believe, even of a Bolton.” Donella Hornwood says to Rodrik Cassell in ACOK (chapter 17).

Although Ramsay grew up lowborn he secretly always knew about his father and his right to live in a castle. “She disobeyed me, though.” Roose says, talking about Ramsay’s mother. “You see what Ramsay is. She made him, her and Reek, always whispering in his ear about his rights. He should have been content to grind corn”, he further says in ADWD (chapter 32). So Ramsay always knew he was worth more than everyone around him, he always knew that some day he would be granted the power he deserved. And somehow he eventually came to live with his father at the Dreadfort just like he wanted, where he made sure to kill Roose’s only trueborn son in order to become his only heir (at least that is what everyone including Roose believes, and personally I believe it too) 

Contrary to Ramsay’s upbringing in poverty, Theon grew up on Pyke as a prince until he was 9 years old. He was privileged, but his older brothers used to beat him up for being weak and his father Balon Greyjoy never really approved of him. Under those circumstances Theon became insecure already from boyhood. However, he always had to keep the insecurities concealed to not be perceived as weak. In order to contradict the picture of him being weak Theon had to constantly prove himself worthy to his family. After Greyjoy’s Rebellion Theon was taken away from his family to become Eddard Stark’s ward at Winterfell. With the Starks he wasn’t really accepted either; he was an outsider, not a true member of the family.

So both of them had messed up childhoods filled with disapproval and non-acceptance from the people around them, which obviously affected them and caused massive amounts of insecurities. Disapproval has a huge negative impact on a child’s life, causing their similar identity crisis.

The two of them have equal ways of dealing with their issues; the first one being that they simply deny the horrible facts. Ramsay knows that he was born of rape, yet he has convinced himself that his parents’ relationship was very romantic, that they fell in love with each other instantly when they met. In chapter 32 in ADWD Roose asks Theon, “Has my bastard ever told you how I got him?”, where to Theon replies, “Yes, my… m’lord. You met his mother whilst out riding and were smitten by her beauty”. “Smitten?”, Roose then says, laughing. “ Did he use that word? Why, the boy has a singer’s soul… Though if you believe that song, you may as well be dimmer than the first Reek.” Furthermore, Ramsay denies the fact that his father doesn’t love him. Reek has been with me since I was a boy. My lord father gave him to me as a token of his love”, Ramsay tells some Dreadfort men in ADWD (chapter 11). Obviously that is not true. As it was described earlier, Reek was given to Ramsay and his mother because Roose simply wanted to get rid of them. Also, Ramsay denies the death of his original Reek, which is why he simply replaces him with Theon.

Ramsay also desperately tries to compensate for the fact that he isn’t a trueborn Bolton. Exactly that is why I think he is so enthusiastic about flaying, as it is the Bolton custom. He overdoes it, desperately tries to show his father that he honors and upholds the family traditions in order to gain his accept and approval.

Similarly, Theon has convinced himself during his time at Winterfell that his family back at Pyke missed him utterly. During the years the image of his return to the Iron Islands has become more and more romanticized. When he actually returns to Pyke, he discovers that his father still disapproves of him and barely even sees him as his son. “It is as I feared. The green lands have you soft and the Starks have made you theirs”, Balon says to Theon in ACOK (chapter 11). So similarly to Ramsay, he compensates for the unapproval. Theon has to prove himself worthy to his father, and he attempts to do so by betraying Robb and taking Winterfell.

But Theon’s siege of Winterfell completely backfires on him and Ramsay’s attempt to prove himself a Bolton does not work, at least not for the first many years. They both fail their attempts at gaining their father’s approval. Roose eventually grants Ramsay the Bolton name and makes him his heir after Domeric’s death, but he still constantly reminds him that he is a bastard (meaning that he still disapproves of him) and that he is not entitled to the life he has at the castle. “All you have I gave you. You would do well to remember that, bastard”, Roose says to Ramsay in ADWD (chapter 32).

Another way both of them cope with their issues is through arrogance. It works as a shield, concealing what lies beneath. They both act coldly towards other people and they commit heinous crimes, however there is one BIG difference between the two: Ramsay completely lacks empathy for others and Theon does not. Deep down inside Theon cares for others, Ramsay really doesn’t. Personally I think Ramsay was born with a tendency to psychopathy, DNA has a say in those cases and Roose doesn’t exactly possess much empathy himself. It obviously damaged him even further throughout his life to never be approved of, respected or accepted by his parents. He was always last in line, always just the bastard. In addition to that, Ramsay is also clearly a sadist; he fully enjoys watching people suffer. Theon doesn’t enjoy inflicting pain on others. Those are the biggest differences between the two of them.

As I wrote just before, Ramsay can’t accept, doesn’t want to accept Reek’s death, so he needs a replacement and he specifically chose Theon. I have a theory why: Ramsay is pretty smart after all and he figures out that the reason Theon took Winterfell was to impress his father, so just like Ramsay, Theon does things in desperation to gain his father’s approval. Theon reminds Ramsay of himself and his issues, so Ramsay must change him. It is symbolic. Theon represents the sensitive aspects of Ramsay, the parts of himself that he is in denial about, so he breaks him down, ruins his identity by making him fully believe that he is a worm in human skin and by stealing his name. And he molds Reek into his own twisted version of a ‘friend’ so that Reek can give him the approval that Roose denies him.

I’ve thought about it and I think there is some symbolism in the aspect of flaying as well. Whenever Reek misbehaves Ramsay flays him, he removes parts of him. The skin Ramsay removes is symbolically the masks that Theon has been wearing all his life, he has never been true to himself, he has always pretended to be something he is not. And when he finally escapes from Ramsay he is a broken man, but he is honest. For the first time in his life he is true to himself. This is taking it far, I know, but I think that Ramsay in a twisted way helped Theon truly realize who he is because he brutally broke down his walls and removed his masks.

So Ramsay and Theon have had huge impacts on each other’s lives. Their relationship is based upon horrible deeds and manipulation, I’m not debating that. But it is my opinion that some positive things have come out of it, yet mostly when it comes to Theon. Theon will be able to recover from the terrible things that have happened, but I believe that Ramsay is damaged for good. His lack of empathy and his love for inflicting pain on others as well as his need and love for playing with people characterize who he is and I don’t believe that will ever change.

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For the soulmates, #18 for stoncy please!

may or may not have read the prompt slightly wrong so instead of getting the song stuck in in your head when they sing it it’s when they listen to it. apologies for my poor reading comprehension opps.

“This isn’t going to be another one of those pretentious songs that I’m going to have to pretend to like to keep the peace, is it?” Steve’s grinning lazily over at him, an arm wrapped around Nancy’s waist. 

He still has to swallow down jealousy at the sight of them, but it’s getting easier to deal with. It hurts knowing he never had a shot with her, because he was so sure that she was his soulmate, but she has Steve. Her friendship isn’t a consolation prize either, and he doesn’t want to act like it it, so he just holds back any misguided feelings and watches her with her actual soulmate. Steve’s not a bad guy, really, once Jonathan’s gotten a chance to know him, even if he does have shit taste in music. 

“You think anything that takes more than two brain cells to enjoy counts as pretentious. Besides, The Clash is incredible, even you wont be able to argue that.” Jonathan moves to join them sitting on the bed as the opening guitar riff starts, but the stricken look on both their faces stops him.

“Jonathan,” Nancy says, her voice strangled. They’re both still looking at him, and it’s like he’s done something wrong but he can’t figure out what it is. Nancy clears her throat and starts again. “Jonathan, how often do you listen to this song?”

“Pretty often, I guess. It’s Will’s favorite, so…” he trails off, because Steve looks like he might cry and Nancy’s standing now and stepping towards him. 

“Did you used to hear a lot of classical music when you were younger?” He swallows and nods because she’s in his space right now, and he hasn’t been this close to her face-to-face since that night and he still doesn’t know what to do. He can’t figure out why Steve hasn’t stopped any of this, and when he looks over at him, Steve just looks tense and anxious, like he’s waiting for something. 

“Jonathan,” Nancy’s voice is nearly a whisper this time, “Did you ever hear two song at once?” His breath catches in his throat at that question, because he gets it now. He looks between the two of them, and everything makes sense now. He’d never told anyone about hearing the different songs at the same time, thinking it was a fluke or maybe his soulmate just liked listening to two songs at once. And then he’d been so sure it was Nancy that night at the pool, when I Melt With You had been playing in his head before he’d come across the party, but Steve was there too. 

“Oh,” he says, and feels like an idiot. It doesn’t stop him from repeating it though. “Oh.”

Jonathan was never fully sure he would find his soulmate, and now he has two. They’re both looking at him with what he thinks is hope, and Jonathan feels…

He feels. 

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Merry Christmas, @stilesandderek!

Merry Christmas! I tried to fit in a few things you mentioned liking. Have a great day :)

“That’s fine, Andrew,” Derek lies through his teeth. “Just go get some rest.”

“You sure?” Andrew croaks down the phone.

“Certain. I’ll be fine,” Derek lies again.

Andrew coughs and then hangs up. Derek throws his phone down into his bag.

“Shit. Fuck.” He drops his head into his hand and curls his fingers through his hair.

“Dude? Derek?” Erica moves her swivel chair over to him. “What’s going on.”

His final grade just went up in smoke, is what is happening. “Andrew can’t do the recording.”



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yall i want to rant like holy shit i dont know why people are expecting nct 127 to ’calm down’ with the experimentation shit like i understand we all want the best for the boys and we want them to become successful but i want them to achieve that in their own way - using their own colour. we’ve had three title tracks and mini albums that have hinted at the distinct genre that nct 127 wants to explore, now people can argue “oh its just because of the company !! they’re forcing them !” can i remind yall that mark and taeyong has actively participated in the song-making as well as nct themselves showing clear excitement in their own music. im not saying sm doesnt have influence over nct’s music and concept bc they obviously do. all im arguing is that nct deserves the opportunity to simply do what they want without any of the “this is not going to propel them to popularity” “ we need a public friendly song” shit. i fully understand the context in where nct 127 is based in korea and it has to appeal to koreans blah blah sure whatever (although it’s doing fairly well in the teen demographic as despite their beats being ‘brave’, it’s trendy and lit) but tbh this fact doesnt justify shaming nct for their hardwork in owning a genre that fits and represents them.

Saudade: Ch9

Billows of smoke fell from your mouth as you sat on the edge of Brendon’s pool, joint in your hand, feet dangling into the water, listening to Brendon play acoustic guitar from his studio. It was warm out and so he had the door propped open, and you decided to sit outside, smoking a bit of weed, cooling off in the pool, wearing nothing but a sports bra and some jean shorts you had snatched from your house. Even though you had told yourself you would get rid of Brendon for good, it was obvious that you wouldn’t, or at least, not just yet. You decided to live with Brendon a little longer. You loved being with him, the way everything was so laid back and carefree, not a worry in the world, just going with the flow. It was nice, almost like a vacation and escape from all your worries and tribulations. It had been about two weeks since your visit with Josh, and although you called an texted several times, things had gone back to the same old voicemail and ignorance. Bogart and Penny were running around the far side of the yard, and you took a drag, listening to Brendon strum a couple chords of his new song. He had played it for you a couple days ago, and you liked it, a lot.

Brendon’s songs were usually about partying or love. They weren’t as dark and mysterious and meaningful as Josh’s. Brendon used diverse vocals and crazy synth beats and it was just different. Much different from the usual songs you heard when Josh showed you a demo. There wasn’t sporadic drums or long winded rap verses or strange melodies or random screaming. And while you did love Tyler and Josh’s music, Brendon’s was just easier to listen to for you. It didn’t take too much effort, you didn’t have to pay attention to tiny details or strain to catch every word. You took another puff, humming softly along to the song, and then heard Brendon heavy sigh, set his guitar down, and then go over to meet you, sitting down beside where you were. You held the marijuana towards him and watched as he brought the joint towards his lips and blew out softly. Even shirtless, you could see how sweaty and exhausted he was. “Long day?” you wondered.

“Yeah, you could say that,” he sighed.

“Need a little relaxing?” you raised an eyebrow, placing a soft kiss on his lips. When you pulled away he chuckled.

“Why? What did you have in mind, babygirl?” he asked curiously.

“I don’t know, daddy,” you shrugged, deciding to tease. “Maybe you’ll find out inside.”

“God, I love you,” he chuckled, kissing you again for a moment before pulling back and sighing, gazing off into the pool.

“Can I ask you something?” you wondered.

“Yeah, go for it,” he reassured, glancing towards you, brown eyes half worried but half curious.

“When you write songs,” you began. “Who are you writing them about?”

“You mean the love ones?” he raised an eyebrow.

“I mean yeah, those too. But I mean, all of them I guess,” you explained. “Some of them tell stories, but most of them are about love. Being heartbroken or being still in love, feeling that kind of addiction emotion towards someone, celebrating life and living it up, that sort of thing. I can only imagine they’re based off experience.”

“Well I do have a song based off of an amazing threesome I had,” he joked and you gave a soft chuckle, taking another puff of weed.

“No really,” you insisted. “Serious for a moment.”

“Well they’re mostly about one person,” he admitted. “Someone I used to love a lot. We had a lot of good times, but um, they did come to an end.” He turned away, eyes focused on the water, the usual energetic happiness drained and replaced with a nostalgic morose longing.

“Did you love anyone after that?” you frowned.

“I mean I had other relationships and sex obviously. It was a really long time ago when it happened after all,” he swallowed uncomfortably, trying to compose himself. “But no, not really. Well, not until I met you anyways.”

“You really do love me?” you inquired, tilting your head slightly. “Like, this isn’t just a sex thing?”

“No it’s not strictly friends with benefits, not at all,” he shook his head, taking a long drag. “I really do love you. More than just your body, y/n.”

You looked up at him, his eyes staring into yours, and you bit down on your lower lip, the silence passing over the two of you. You looked away, now taking it as your turn to stare off into the water, avoiding eye contact. “I think I do too,” you barely whispered, closing your eyes tight. “And it scares me.”

“Why does it scare you?” Brendon murmured.

“Because I can’t,” you breathed out slowly. “I’m not supposed to.”

“Says who?” he mumbled.

“Says the world,” you muttered, frustrated. “Look, I just don’t know what to do with myself.”

“What do you mean?” he asked, concerned, setting down the joint in his hand. You took a deep breath, trying to look for the right words to say.

“I keep telling myself that pretty soon, this is going to have to come to an end. You and me. That I better stop before Josh finds out, or someone else finds out, or this becomes some huge celebrity scandal. I’m playing dangerous, and you know that as well as I do. But, every time I try to break away, to clear my head, to tell myself I don’t need you…” your voice trailed off and you glanced back up at him, worried and nervous. “It’s like I can’t seem to figure out how to live without you.”

“You like me that much, huh?” Brendon smirked, cockiness coming back.

“Look, I love you,” you confessed. “I mean, we’ve said this before, we’ve been over this before, but I do. I really do. And it terrifies me because when it’s finally time for me to let go, I just, I don’t think that I’ll be able to.”

“Then don’t let go,” he whispered, reaching his hand out to cup your face. “This can be our secret. Josh doesn’t need to know, nobody needs to know, just us.”

“Brendon,” you protested, trying to move away but he held your head in place with his hand.

“Stop trying to deny it,” he narrowed his eyes. “You’re lying to yourself if you think you don’t need me.”

“Bren-” you insisted, now extremely terrified, but he only leaned in to kiss you and you backed away, pushing his chest from yours. “No.”

“No?” he looked at you, hurt, confused, almost as scared as you were.

“No,” you repeated, trying to be for certain. “Look, it’s wrong.”

“And you’re just now having a problem with this?” he sighed.

“I just, I don’t, I can’t-” you stammered, closing your eyes tight. “I don’t know what the fuck to do, Brendon. I’m so goddamn scared out of my mind that I’m going to get too attached to you, but I’m terrified I already am, and I just can’t seem to find a way to separate myself from you for good. Two weeks ago I told myself that I was only coming over to your house as a friend to check up on you and here I am, now, having had sex with you every single fucking day of the week since then, only repeating my mistakes-”

“Mistakes?” Brendon’s face fell as he whispered the word, looking half devastated half offended. “So being with me is a mistake?”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” you shook your head.

“It’s exactly what you meant,” he argued, jaw tightening, eyes narrowing, attitude adjusting two levels too stubborn for your liking. “It’s what you’ve been trying to get at this entire conversation.”

“It’s not,” you insisted, but he just stared at you.

“You’re trying to remove me from your life,” he explained. “Stop trying to step around it. You know it’s true.”

“T-that’s not w-what I’m saying,” you stammered but he just got up from where he was sitting.

“Whatever,” he huffed, starting to walk away.

“Brendon-” you tugged on his arm and pulled him back towards you, crashing your lips onto his, your tongue slipping into his mouth, his hands tangled in your hair, your body pressed up against his. “I don’t know what I was saying.” You kissed him again. “I can’t live without you.” Another time. “I need you.” You leaned in for his lips to touch yours once again when he pressed a finger to your mouth to stop you.

“Say it again,” he demanded, his menacing lust filled eyes intensely staring into yours. “Tell me who you belong to.”

“You,” you barely whispered, body pulsating with adrenaline. “I belong to you, Brendon.”

“That’s right,” he gave a sinister smile before pulling you towards him to kiss him again, tapping your thighs in order to make your legs wrap around his waist, carrying you into the house and kissing at your neck. “You. Belong. To. Daddy.” He said each word between kisses, passionately sucking at your neck, nipping your skin with his teeth, leaving hickeys all over.

“Holy shit,” you bit down on your lower lip as he kicked open the door to the bedroom, laying you on the bed and climbing on top of you. He placed his lips on yours again, kissing you roughly before sliding his hands underneath your bra and squeezing your tits.

“Tell Josh he can go fuck himself,” he muttered against your jaw. “You are all mine.” He brushed his fingers over your nipples and gave your breasts another squeeze before lifting your bra over your head and tossing it to the ground. “You know that I’m the only one who can fuck you this good, babygirl.” He trailed his mouth down to your tits, sucking at each one and making you moan. “I know exactly what you like.” He placed kisses in a row down your stomach then fumbled with the button of your shorts and tugged down the zipper, sliding the denim down your legs. “I know how to work your beautiful body in ways Josh can’t even imagine.“ He chuckled softly as he looped his fingers around the band of your panties and slid them down your legs before tossing them aside. “Oh, if only he could see you now.” He climbed back on top of you, your body tense and anxious for his touch, feeling vulnerable as you lay naked underneath him. “If only he knew how rough you really like it.” He placed a chaste kiss to your lips before pulling away and smirking. “If only he knew what a dirty, naughty, cheap little slut you really are.”

“Fuck daddy,” you whined, bucking your hips up and in attempts to cause friction between your bodies.

“No,” he instructed forcefully, pushing your hips back down towards the mattress. “Bad girl.”

“But daddy-” you whimpered but he just crawled off of you, stepping off the mattress and removing his jeans and boxers, revealing the erection you had caused, eyes studying you for a second before grabbing a condom from the drawer, tearing it open with his teeth and rolling it over his length before climbing on top of you again.

“Tell me who you belong to again,” he growled, one hand wrapping around your neck.

“I’m yours,” you choked out as he squeezed tighter. “I belong to you, daddy.”

“Don’t forget it,” he reminded with a slight smirk as he released his grip around you throat and entered you without warning, making you gasp, his hands gripping around your shoulders and fingernails digging into your skin, each inch of his cock sinking into you, making you moan.

“Oh holy shit,” you gasped as he began to fuck you hard. Brendon had never been this rough with you before, but goddammit, you loved it, craved it even. There was a mix of anger and rage and lust and desperateness in his eyes, something you had never seen in any man before, and it made your heart skip a beat. It was exhilarating and thrilling and breathtaking all at once. You couldn’t control it when you came only a minute later, and you were sputtering out incomprehensible words, him still fucking you relentlessly.

“God you feel so good when you orgasm around my dick, baby,” he hummed, still pounding into you. “Do it again.”

“Fuck,” you closed your eyes tight as he slammed his hips up to meet yours each time, his thrusts gaining more momentum, his fingernails drawing blood from your skin now, him leaving even more love bites all over your neck. He slid a hand down your stomach and slipped a finger between your legs, starting to rub at your clit in fast circles, making you whimper against him. You orgasmed again, moaning out his name, your body shoved into the mattress even harder as he pushed into you. When he came you could barely breathe you were so overstimulated, and he thrust into you several times before pulling out, taking a moment to catch his own breathe before placing a kiss to your lips.

“All mine,” he reminded, getting up and heading towards the bathroom you assumed, leaving you sprawled out on the mattress, naked, sweaty, his words echoing in your mind. He was right. There was no way you could escape him. You needed Brendon, whether you liked to admit it or not.

Belle and the Prince bond over Shakespeare and that’s nice, but I’m all for Gaston borrowing from the Bard (albeit unintentionally) in The Mob Song. 

“Screw your courage to the sticking place!” he yells, rallying the villagers, using the same expression that Lady Macbeth uses in Act 1, Scene 7 from the Scottish Play. 

My, what a guy. 

i am a ~*genius*~

after much deep analysis of the japanese version of ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ i have found the answer

notice how taehyung wears a lone wolf jacket

well guess who else wears a lone wolf jacket?? baekhyun in the cbx ka-ching mv

coincidence? i think NOT!! *cue illuminati song*

obviously sm and bighit are trying to tell us that there will soon be a bts x exo collab!!!

don’t believe me?

ok, look, xiumin is wearing a striped shirt and leather jacket and has purple hair (which looks great btw)


that’s right, a striped shirt and leather jacket and his hair is purple

the facts don’t lie, people. be ready for that collab

Watching 1x21, which unlike all the other seasons, is pt1 of the 2-parter and has Carry On Wayward Son at the beginning, and there’s some other song on the season finale… Kinda by the by to talk about what episode but anyway.

When they use it as the recap, they’re very careful to lay this line over the clips as the lead in to Sam’s visions and what they’re singing over the top of them:

I set a course for winds of fortune, but I hear the voices say

Obviously that line is pretty well-placed to remind us Sam is psychic, and though Dean teases him about hearing voices, Sam’s visions are actually prophecy, which means when it goes on to the chorus -

Carry on my wayward son
For there’ll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don’t you cry no more

this is a prophecy seemingly laid out for SAM.

I find it really interesting because in the context of season 1 these songs were chosen fresh for the purpose. Of course Carry On Wayward Son is an amazing song for the show in some ways and especially with the “peace when you are done” bit being used on season finales for the endless ironic dragging on and on of season renewals, I can feel future!Me watching what I know WILL be the ACTUAL end of the show and hearing that line and crying that they’re actually going to maybe get to lay their weary heads to rest :P

But yeah here it’s picked to tell the story of season 1, and specifically that it’s not for the last episode but the second last, even within season 1’s context it’s ironic that there’s still definitely an episode to go and this isn’t the end yet, and the last chorus is over John and them being like yeah wooo we’re gonna go kill the thing that killed Mom now we have the Colt, so it’s also warning them it’s not that easy.

I do like that it ties in the lyrics to Sam and prophecy though, because as much as some of the other lyrics seem to be custom made for Dean (and 10x05 especially with the very clearly sung version of it, after all the songs like “single man tear” where the entire play is telling us ABOUT Dean in Sam or Cas or Dean’s “own” words (seriously, for a Sam!girl, Marie really made that play all about Dean because season 10 theeemes and an answer to everything demon!Dean said in 10x03 :P)).

I think it’s probably best to compare the chorus, assuming it’s metaphorically telling us it’s a prophecy for Sam, with this speech of his which is also laden with irony about finishing the job and having peace:

SAM: No. No way. (They are silent for a few seconds.) God, could you imagine if we actually found that damn thing? That demon?
DEAN: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, all right?
SAM: I know. I’m just sayin’, what if we did? What if this whole thing was over tonight? Man, I’d sleep for a month. Go back to school—be a person again.

If you overlay it with the chorus it’s a pretty much perfect match, of course laden with irony, especially that they’re still at it and every year the repeat of this mantra seems more and more taunting :P I re-watched 12x22 and 12x23 with my friend last night (she had been in Bulgaria and we never got a chance to finish catching her up until now) and 12x22 seems to be such an emotional conclusion, 12x23 really does come on its heels like it’s just stomping in with all the left over plot threads to smash everything up again after it seemed like some sort of peace and resolution had been reached for the blood Winchester family. Heh. Should have waited until Cas was there to hug it out in safety and you know for sure you can make a Winchester sandwich and there’s no spare family member off in Dire Peril.

Anyway. Kinda beside the point :P Except that season 1 Sam seems to have foretold the entire grim march of the show per the dark irony of mixing the chorus of the song with his prophetic ability.

It does make it more of a promise to me, though. The idea that peace - real, non-creepy peace that isn’t in the horrifying “peace or freedom” catch 22 that the show has operated on for years - waits on the far end of it. The kind where you can have peace AND freedom. It was a sort of grim irony back in season 1, but the further we get from that the more it seems like something juuust out of reach.

like, continuing on the soundtrack thing, malachite’s theme was perfect - it was big, loud, had gentle parts as well but most of all, it was powerful

it was very fitting for malachite as a character, however, i cannot think of one soundtrack recently that has been super fitting for a scene going on in an episode

the last OK soundtrack i remember personally was the rapid music in barn mates when the rubies’ ship was after them and stuff

i dont remember a really good soundtrack for jasper corrupting or fighting the rubies or ANYTHING

the last song we had was “what’s the use of feeling blue” and obviously that song was trash, because it was made to try to make us sympathize colonists. and, in my opinion, though the pearls are cute and all, their singing was. Bad

cute little songs like peace and love would be great to have sometimes - i know writing and composing songs aren’t easy necessarily, but at least have a decent soundtrack

the first season of su’s soundtrack was SO GOOD and very enjoyable to listen to

one of the things i used to praise steven universe for was its music, i’d like to see it brought back

Don’t forget that music has vibrational energy to it as well and you don’t need to go and buy special instruments to do sound cleansing ( though that’s great too). You can totally just play music out loud in your space. I won’t tell you which music you can or cannot use however, be mindful of the energy of the person/ people who created the music and the intentions behind the song. Sometimes you don’t need to be THAT careful about this but obviously if you are playing a song about destroying the earth written by someone who is super hateful then that is the energy you are gonna get in your space and then some… Just be mindful and have fun with sound cleansing!! Experiment and find the most “spiritual” music you can find - this is going to be different for everyone.


I saw Hadestown last week and it blew my MIND and since it’s closed now I wanted to share some of the staging that you wouldn’t be able to get from the original album or the future cast recording!! I probably am not remembering everything so feel free to tack on

So characters-wise there are Eurydice, Orpheus, Persephone and Hades, as well as the three Fates and Hermes, who functions as sort of a chaotic neutral narrator?? 

The theater is set up in the round, with the entire band on stage in the back and the only set piece being a giant tree where the band is. The cast uses the whole space, including the aisles in the audience, and interacts with the audience at points!

The show begins with the Fates coming onstage, minimal lighting except for lanterns they each hold. They sing Any Way The Wind Blows as they slowly walk around the stage and aisles. Then Hermes enters, blowing a kiss at them like the winds from the song, and blows them away so he can start his introduction. He’s mic’d but holds a microphone as well. 

When Persephone arrives for summertime, a light shines out of one of the audience entrance corridors as if a train has just arrived in a tunnel. The same effect happens when Eurydice later takes the train the Hadestown. Hermes has a whistle he blows for the train noise (but I’m pretty sure it’s for show and that they played a sound effect bc it was Loud)

When Persephone arrives in Hadestown, she enters through a door above the band, above the audience, so that she’s looking down on the entire theater, and you realize, YOU are in Hadestown now too. It’s such a great and jarringly immersive way to create that setting. That door placement is one of my favorite things the show did tbh

Orpheus has an acoustic guitar with him At All Times and it is a credit to the actor that I wasn’t dreading an “anyway here’s wonderwall” the entire time

When Eurydice is in Hadestown the Fates wear long dark leather trenchcoats over their hella layered maxiskirt Regular Fates outfits 

Hades wears a business suit and those sunglasses that only movie villains and ambiguously amoral businessmen wear, the kind that are the same size and wire rims as regular glasses but tinted. you know the ones

His voice is SO DEEP lord

During Wait For Me Orpheus has to take “the long way round” and you guessed it, it’s through the audience, with the fates holding up different obstacles for him to get past very slow and stylized and trying to see his face so he keeps turning away. Eventually he makes it up to that door that Persephone used towards the beginning. 

During Why We Build The Wall everyone is on the audience risers all facing the middle, with Hades holding one of the large microphones directing them. Eurydice sings the beginning of the last verse (what do we have that they should want, we have a wall to work upon) and it is CHILLING. the whole song is chilling bc it’s coming from all around you and it’s so. wow

The second act opens with Our Lady of the Underground and it is such a good way to transition back from intermission!!!! It’s just Persephone on stage singing like a sad lounge singer to the audience, reminding us once again that WE are the citizens of Hadestown, and Hermes passes out cups to some members of the audience to drink with her. It’s great

How Long is….so great. so powerful. wow. Persephone and Hades share a microphone in the center of the stage and it’s so great

When Orpheus has to sing for Hades to get their chance to leave, he’s in the middle of the stage with Hades sitting on a stool in the audience judging him and everyone else ranging around in the audience as well

When Orpheus and Eurydice are on their journey out in Doubt Comes In, it’s very similar to when Orpheus was making his trek in. Orpheus is first of course, with Eurydice behind, facing the same obstacles in turn that the Fates in leather trench coats are putting in front of them. It takes them so long and it’s so hard fought that by the time Orpheus gets to the door above everything you really are so heartbroken when he turns around. There’s no dramatic music, nothing but the disappointed gasps from the audience. And the way it’s set up, instead of taking the same long looping way back, Hermes holds Eurydice’s hand and helps her jump down off the ledge as if she didn’t even get very far at all.

Finally in the finale, I raise my cup to him, they pass out cups to some audience members again and immerse everyone in the mourning. 


i can’t wait for a cast recording but here are a few of the songs on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/bassoonsandbroadway/sets/hadestown and obviously the original album is out there as well 

The show in the middle of nowhere

Hi everyone! Sister J here! Long time no blog - I guess that’s what happens when your band apparently hates your state and your travel options are limited. I did see the boys in Indianapolis last year, but moving and switching jobs kept me from the blog-o-sphere! Okay, excuses over. Let’s talk Burgettstown - or as I like to call it, the show in the middle of nowhere PA. Why there is a 23,000 seat amphitheater there, we will never know.

So, joining me for this adventure is Sister K, C and A - C and A making the trip all the way from the UK! Great fun to finally meet them. We also met up with two other lovely ladies that we shared the GA line with last year in Indy. Parking lot opens at 3:30pm - doesn’t stop us from driving up starting at 10 am and begging to start a car line. Doesn’t work. We start driving. McDonald’s, Cracker Barrel, back to the lot, back to McDonald’s, back to the lot, and back… and back… I think you can catch our drift. No lining up early. After hours of avoiding the cops (not joking), we finally time it right and get in the parking lot.

Security issues, credit card entry problems, other entrances getting in before us… the list of complications is endless. As Sister K and I have always said - GA is not hard, but these venues make it so much harder than it needs to be. Two of us get center rail. The rest of us are right behind them. Not rail. Bitterly disappointed, but shake it off for the show.

Marcus and Ben come out and help Kevin Garrett for his last three songs.

Then it’s showtime!

The new stage set up is outstanding! I feel like prepping to open for U2 may have inspired them a bit! Open with the new song Blind Leading the Blind - solid opener, always a risk to lead with a new song, but the crowd seemed into it and everyone around us had heard it already… LOL.

Jump to song three - Below My Feet. Security starts getting active. I look behind me and there is a girl obviously not doing well - swaying back and forth and looking about ready to pass out. Others around us heard threats of violence. Marcus stops singing - asks if everything is under control and then mutters under his breath about not drinking so much! Always something in the Pit, right? They get right back into the song. We were worried this would bring Marcus down, but our cheering and general enthusiasm seemed to get him back on track!

Ditmas was great as usual - we were ready for the climb through the Pit, but Marcus wisely avoided that area, probably based on the earlier incident. However, he did make a lengthy stop to hug a little boy who had a sign proclaiming it his first concert and his birthday. Lucky. He also got a half sung Happy Birthday into the mic. 

We did catch him on the way back however… each show I get a little closer… LOL.

Dust Bowl Dance + Fire = MAGIC!

Encore and then it’s time for the “b-stage” - aka even CLOSER to us!

Got to hear Cold Arms, which I love. Poor Marcus, quiet songs in amphitheaters filled with drunks just doesn’t work. Then, they bust out this gem!!

Our video stunk since the light was right in our faces and we couldn’t see them - but this was insane. Ted loved that we were singing along. Seemed like an audible since there was some discussion and Winston got his banjo after the song started. Never heard them do this without Old Crow Medicine Show (FYI, it’s THEIR song not Darius Ruckers… and technically it’s Bob Dylan’s, but I digress).

Encore included I’m On Fire, I Will Wait and the always amazing The Wolf. Best closing song going right now IMO. 

And then it was over…  Setlist and picks procured from the always helpful security guards working the front, who also fed us girl scout cookies!  

A few non-Marcus photos…

Had a nice chat post show with this lovely horn blower. 

And just like that is was over… until next time Mumford and Sons! How about we pick a date in Ohio, okay? All photos courtesy of Sisters K, C and A! 

The Last One

Reader x Yoongi

Summary: BigHit Entertainment was supposed to be the start of your producing career, and when Bang Si-Hyuk assigns you to work with the popular group BTS, things don’t go according to plan because of the hot-headed, perfectionist: Min Yoongi.

Rating: NC-17

Status: On-Going

Prologue Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Anyways, let’s work together and create some great songs for our album.” Namjoon smiled.

You nodded your head and smiled.

“Yes, let’s get started.” You replied


P-Dogg turned his chair, creating a squeaking noise that echoed throughout the room, causing Taehyung and Jungkook to giggle. In response, P-Dogg gave a straight face to them and the two boys attempted to constrain themselves. The other five members also sitting on the large couch motioned for the two to stop laughing. P-Dogg finally turned to Namjoon and folded his arms.

“So Namjoon you got something for us? I know you and Yoongi have been working on some songs, got a demo?”

“Yeah, I do. It’s not that good right now, I feel like it could use a little something.” He grinned while scratching his head.

“That’s what Y/N and I am here for. I’m sure it’s not too bad.”

Namjoon stood up from the sofa, fidgeting with his hands, as he made his way towards the equipment behind you and P-Dogg. He had that soft smile on his face making his dimples pop out as he sat in the chair in between the both of you. He plugged in his USB into the computer and clicked the mouse a few times before he gave a soft sigh.

“I don’t know why I’m feeling nervous.” He chuckled.

“Go on, just play it.” P-Dogg rushed him.

He clicked the play button and the demo track surrounded the room with it’s soft percussions.

“Going for a ballad this time?” P-Dogg asked.

“Kind of, I want the sound to be soft leading up to the chorus where the beat will become more intense.” Namjoon answered.

“Mm. What do you think of it so far, Y/N?” P-Dogg turned his head to look at you.

You bit your lower lip before responding.

“The rhythm is good, the harmony is good, so is the melody, but I do agree something is missing like–”

“Obviously, he just said that.” Yoongi sighed.

“Hyung.” Taehyung whispered while nudging Yoongi on his side with his elbow .

“What? I’m just stating the obvious.” He groaned.

“Well anyways, maybe what’s missing is some color? Don’t you think if we added another instrument like a piano, it would sound smoother?” P-Dogg suggested.

“Yeah I was thinking that it needed another instrument as well before I got cut off, but I was actually thinking of using some string instruments, like a violin instead. Since he said he’s going for a ballad-”leading up to an intense beat”-song. The violin could gradually increase its tempo.”

A small smirk grew on P-Dogg’s face, nodding in agreement.

“That actually sounds better than my idea. So Namjoon try adding that, and then send the new version to us later.”

“Okay, thanks for the advice.” He smiled, making his two dimples stand out again.

“So for this album, are you guys planning on have solos again or what?” P-Dogg said while breaking the silence in the room.

“Well we wanted to do something similar like our Wings album, but I was thinking instead of having a solo song each and individually perform it, we could just each individually write and produce a song, but sing it as a group.” Namjoon answered Yoongi spoke up to add something as well.

“Everyone’s already started writing song lyrics and producing some beats and other ideas they had in mind.”

P-Dogg placed his hand on his chin and nodded in agreement. He turned to you and noticed the confusion on your face.

“Do they produce their own music?” You asked.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, BTS usually composes and produces their music in their own studios. We usually just gather in the main studio only in the beginning to get some ideas, to work on the title track, get some ideas rolling and don’t meet up again until the actual recording, or if they request a meeting with us.”

Hoseok cleared his throat before adding to P-Dogg’s words.

“Yeah, after an incident with Yoongi-hyung and Bang PD, we were given some freedom to create and produce some of own tracks.”

“Was that really necessary to add?” Yoongi growled.

Jimin giggled and laughed while throwing himself over Yoongi’s lap.

“Come on, Hyung you know that’s how it went down.”

“Well anyways, you boys have another schedule right?” P-Dogg asked.

“Yeah, we have to leave pretty soon, but don’t feel like you’re not doing anything, this is a normal process for us, Yoongi and I will be back tomorrow to work on some demos with you.” Namjoon grinned.

After a couple minutes, a buff man opened the door and peeked his head in. He bowed to P-Dogg and greeted him.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I have to take BTS now to their next schedule.” He said in a low voice.

“Already, Sejin-hyung? We have to leave now?” Jin asked him.

The man nodded and checked his watch.

“We’ll be late if we don’t hurry.” He replied.

“Aw~ it feels like we just got here, and we didn’t even get to hang out with maknae PD.” Taehyung frowned.

“Well, we’ll just have to get to know her next time.” Jimin smiled at you with his crescent eyes. Jungkook and Taehyung nodded their heads enthusiastically in agreement.

The members excluding Namjoon stood up from the sofa, and waved goodbye to you and P-Dogg, all except Yoongi, of course. After they left first, Namjoon stood and turned to you.

“See you tomorrow then, Y/N.” Namjoon bowed out of courtesy before exiting the studio.

“Sorry about Yoongi’s attitude by the way, I’m sure Rin already caught you up  to speed about his reputation with new producers. He likes to put up a front but he’s a good kid. Anyways, did you get to touch the equipments around here?” He asked.

“Yeah, Rin let me explore some of the things. I’m still learning, it’s a little more advanced than the ones they have in the States.”

You both looked at the digital audio workstation, and you pointed out some unfamiliar keys. P-Dogg only nodded his head, adjusting his glasses before reaching for the computer mouse.

“Okay here, let me enlighten you a little more. We have a specific way placing the tracks in the computer. For example, the files are aligned from alphabetical order and each file within the files are numbered. Same method used everywhere, but I just wanted to emphasize the importance of it.”

He then moved to show you some components of the main studio, like the beat pads, stood up and opened the door near the exit, and showed you the inside of the the recording room. After getting comfortable with the main studio, you both walked into Studio #1, where they strictly recorded instruments, and then continued on until you both entered Studio #2 where Rin was working. When you two walked in, he turned around to greet you with a smile.

“Did the boys leave already?” He asked.

“Yeah, they left a while back, I just decided to give her a more thorough look at the studios, since you didn’t, punk.” P-Dogg teased.

“Well I’m sorry that I didn’t. I hope he didn’t bore you too much with his old people talk right?” Rin laughed while looking at you.

“No it was actually really good, I got a little insight on the studios and the recording rooms.” You smiled.

Rin smiled and showed you around Studio #2, where they recorded most of the vocal/rap/etc. You could see his eyes light up with glee when he touched and played with the D.A.W, this really was his forte. Even though you were hungry, the hunger was durable seeing Rin passionate about the studio. It was a reminder as to why you continued to be producer because you too loved working with music. Minutes later he looked at the clock behind you and P-Dogg, and realized he got too ahead of himself.

“Shit it’s already 4. You’re probably starving huh?” Rin sighed.

“Yeah, I could eat.” You laughed.

As you three were making your way out of the studio, Rin got a phone call and excused himself. While you were waiting, you texted mom letting her know about your day so far.

4:21 PM (Y/N)

Hey Mom! Just wanted to let you know how my day is going so far, I got to meet the people I’m working with and I was late today on first day! Sorry I didn’t text you yesterday, I got busy. But love and miss you!

You looked up from your phone and noticed Rin was done talking on the phone. He walked towards you and P-Dogg and smiled brightly.

“Well good news guys! We got jajjangmyung (black bean noodles) being delivered to us from none-other-than Mr. Slow Rabbit himself. He’s on his way down, but yeah he’s also a producer here.”

After a minute or so, you heard step coming down from the stairs and they become more noticeable until a tall man with sharp eyes and nose came down from the stairs, holding onto two large bags. He smiled and waved with one hand towards you guys.

“Is this n.RG? The producer Bang PD has been bragging and bragging and bragging about?”

“Oh I’m sorry.” You apologized while giving soft smile.

“I’m just joking! Are you hungry? I brought some food, these dudes never eat anything.”

You shyly nodded and you all followed him back to the main studio, where took out the bowls of black bean noodles. Slow-Rabbit handed you a bowl, chopstick. You took the bowl and noticed the thick black sauce over the pasta, you weren’t familiar with Korean food, so you hoped it tasted fine.

“Thank you.” You smiled.

He smiled as a response and began to eat as well. The taste was different, but it was good different. The sauce had a meaty and greasy taste, and the noodles were thick and soft; it tasted better than you expected.

“So Rin tells me that you’re from America right? Do they have this here?” Slow Rabbit says while pointing at the black bean noodles.

“No they don’t. This is my first time eating it, but it tastes really good.” You smiled.

“Sorry, I forgot you were from America. I’m glad you like it though.” Rin grinned while scratching his head.

After we finished eating, a strange tanned man barged into the studio and with a loud voice cursed Slow Rabbit for not inviting him.

“Ya! I see how it is, y'all are fake people!” He cried.

“Oh sorry, I forgot you were here this week.” Slow Rabbit responded.

The man turned over to look at you and he approached you with a creepy smile.

“Who’s this beautiful lady?” He asked.

“She’s the new producer: n.RG.” Rin answered.

He sat down in the chair across from you, in between P-Dogg and Rin. He began to intensely look at you with his eyes, and had no shame when you caught him, as he continued to stare. Slow Rabbit noticed his behavior and laughed.

“If you keep staring at her your eyes are going to fall out. Plus, they’re going to start working soon so let’s leave together.”

“Mm sure.” The man responded, he stood up and grinned at you, “By the way, the name is Ki-Woong. I hope to work with you soon.”

Slow Rabbit gave you a small pat on that back and headed out with Ki-Woong. Rin gave a small sigh and rolled his neck.

“Ki-Woong is always a pain in the fucking ass. I swear.”

“Is there something wrong, Rin?” You asked him.

Rin didn’t say anything for awhile and finally after a while looked up at you and smiled.

“He’s just an annoying guy who thinks he’s the shit and boss around here. You make one hit song and you suddenly think you have superiority over others, if he ever bothers you just let me know.” He finally said.

“You ready to start working again?” P-Dogg said while cutting the silence.

You got up from your chair and sat in the seat in between then and nodded your head.


That’s it for part 3! I know I said I was going to take a small break, but I was inspired to write part 3 (sorry it’s short though). I will still be writing some one-shots soon, so please look forward to that. Part 4 will have more interactions with Yoongi and Namjoon (a bit of Taehyung) Hoped you guys like part 3! Don’t be afraid to send me some love/requests/opinions! ❤ xoxo until next time