well now what am i supposed to do lol

Star Trek: Temporal

While peace has kept the Alpha Quadrant quiet over the 29th Century a new threat is emerging from the future; a race called the Knowun has started going back in time to erase events throughout the Federation’s history. In response Starfleet opens up a new division, the Temporal Division, whose job is to travel through time and find temporal anomalies and erosions where events should not have occurred or would have been catastrophic and find out as much as they can about the Knowun. Among the ships commissioned is the USS Deviation, lead by Kass Sisko and formed from the best and brightest of Starfleet. Their first mission may seem simple enough to investigate temporal signatures in the 26th Century but they’re about to become the most crucial piece in keeping the Federation from unraveling through time.

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Flops on the ground

“What are yeh doin love?”

“I’m dead.” Lols out glossa

“Okeh, now what am Ah supposed to do about it?”

“Revive me.” Lols glossa out again.

Chuckling. “How?”

“True love kisses are supposed to be magical.” Peeking through an optic.

“Oh? Is that all? Well maybe Ah should go find some prince?”



“My prince is here already.”

“Oh where?” Looking around.

Drift pouts and closes his eyes.

“Oh alrigh’ I guess Ah’ll have teh give it a shot.” Leaning down to kiss Drift lightly on the lips.

Of course Drift doesn’t stand for that! Pulling him in for a proper kiss.

“Oh look! I’m alive again! You saved me! My hero~”

“Are yeh ever gonna stop dis nonsense?”



                                     ShikaTema Hints

Yes, i’m taking just a little break from SasuSaku till i’m able to get the screenshots i want from the upcoming episodes so bare with me just a little longer i promise to finish that segment because well it is one of my favorite. If you want me to do another couple please send me a message and i will :)

So let’s start with what a drag team lol, Shikamaru and Temari. I’ll be honest even before they announced all the couples i always knew that these would end up together and that’d be since i was 11 year old lol i was such a hopeless romantic even then as i am now but anyways, lets go!

Naruto Episode 60

Please notice how Temari is suppose to be looking at the battle but she’s somehow glancing at Shikamaru in a very much girly way and even before that Shikamaru acknowledge Temari strength when she was fighting TenTen in the second rounds of the chunnin exams and knowing Shikamaru he never did such thing, women for him were troublesome like his mother. 

Naruto Episode 64: 

This fight is interesting to say the least. It serves more as a way of describing Shikomaru but it’s still a great fight.

Temari quivers a bit, that is until shikomaru says “I lose. I give up.” Everyone including (Temari especially) looks surprised to see this strange act. Chouji just laughs and says that no one knows shikomaru better than him. Temari asks shikomaru why he did this for her. He makes up some excuse about not having enough chakra yet, but everyone knows it’s because of his moral code.

Everyone knew that Shikamaru could win but he decided not too, his code: woman. 


I am back from my mission. I already said that. You already know. But it’s been so nice getting to take this time that I’ve never taken before because before I just had no idea what I was doing. “I’ll just make everybody happy even though everybody wants different things" and everyone was rushing me… just making all those higher-up people… trying to please them. But I realize, you know what? That’s not what I want to do, that’s never what I wanted to do but I just felt like I was supposed to. But now, I am back… | x