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no one is white; acotar
— tamlin, high lord of the spring court

misty-reeyus  asked:

rokurou/eleanor + 11, if you're down for it

mfw this is the first time i’ll have written anything for berseria SWEATS NERVOUSLY….. and especially because of that i hope you like it mist!! huff here’s hoping i did our ship justice

11. things you said when you were drunk

“You remem’er that time,” Eleanor slurs, and Rokurou grabs the wobbling glass out of her hand before it can crash into the floor. He doesn’t really care about paying for damaged property, but he knows she’d be upset about it in the morning. “When we were getting—y’know, blown away?”

He tries to recall what she’s talking about, he really does. It’s just, well. There are way too many times she could be talking about, both literally and figuratively.

“Not exactly. Remind me again?”

“You know! You were reaaaaaal close to me.” She shifts closer, out of her chair and practically into his lap with her back facing him. “And you had your arms all like this.” Lifting both his arms, she puts one across her chest to grab her shoulder and pulls the other to wrap around her by her waist. “And then you held me reaaaaaally tight to you, so I didn’t blow away!”

She leans back into him, her hair brushing against his cheek. They’re in a bar, Eleanor’s cheeks are about as red as her hair, and with her in his lap and his arms wrapped around her, he doesn’t even blink as he realizes.

“Oh, you mean back at the earthpulse, right?”

“Exactly!” She giggles, patting the arm holding her shoulder with both her hands. “See, I knew you’d remember.”

He leans forward, resting his chin in the crook between her neck and shoulder. When he presses his cheek against her neck, the collar of her shirt does nothing to hide the heat of her skin. “And what about that time?”

“You should do that more often,” she says, the drawl in her voice from alcohol but the warmth all her, all Eleanor. Turning slightly to face him better, she leans closer, and her lips find the corner of his mouth as she says, “Hold me like this.”

Rokurou smiles, holds her closer and laughs against her lips.

“I think I can make that happen.”

Pennsylvania is so cool you guys I just wanna like aggressively show you how beautiful it is. It’s so good. Mountains and lakes and the most exquisite stretches of forests that go red and orange and gold in the fall. Dark blue waters, torrential snow, heavy green grasses. Well-packed dirt paths and too many leaves to see the ground. A crystal clear smell of water.

All four seasons split neatly: it is sunny and hot but not too hot in the summer, gorgeous sweater weather in the fall, spectacularly cold and beautiful in the winter, and finally light and full of so much *joy* in spring. New year begins in spring in Pennsylvania; we hibernate until our magic groundhog tells us it’s time to wake up. A lot of Pennsylvanians are persnickety about the weather, but we have this pleasant little idyll where hurricanes and tornados are a rarity, the sunsets are genuinely off the charts, and it always feels like “let’s take a long walk” weather.

Pennsylvania is beautiful and it is absolutely *home* to me.

Well this is great. Too many negative things are happening in my life right now and I’m having a hard time coping. I’m just exhausted.


A short 5-page comic, “Constellation”, about homesickness and finding new homes.

I felt like I was kind of in a stylistic rut so I tried some new stuff with a limited color palette–it was a lot of fun!


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BABE! So I know this might be weird but I love the fonts you use for your edits and I'm looking for some good new fonts (cause I'm a font hoe) can you tell me some of your go to fonts please? Ily!

Hi Mia! I love collecting fonts as well & I have too many to choose from. But for clarity, I’ll list some of my favourites by their style and provide you a few links where to find quality fonts c:

Also I recently made a font pack on my sideblog so you should definitely check that out for more fonts <3

Handwritten / Calligraphy fonts:



Websites for high quality fonts:

Creative Market | Font Bundles | TheHungryJPEG | Behance

big boy ready to crush caesar


Running Man members trying to report the weather

anonymous asked:

Yes, Dee, you really should be working. Bet your horses and their owners miss you when you spend all day on here. Why don't you be a regular fan & stop spreading lies & conspiracy theories about Sam & Cait. Wonder what the uni would think of Professor McD's wife being such an obsessed out of touch with reality fanatic. And it would really be embarrassing for K to know that her mother is considered an Outlander tinhatter. Light shipping with no conspiracy theories spread is the way to go, Dee.

Awww, anon, am I spending too much time on Tumblr for your tastes? Debunking too many of your sacred, but not very well supported opinions? Sorry about that- but what I choose to do with the publicly available information that is available to me is my prerogative, as also is how I spend my free time. That’s the time when I am not working. My tag line is a bit of humour, anon, not to be taken seriously. All the work gets done and then some, anon, never worry about that!
And speaking of publicly available information, I see that you have also availed yourself of some and done some poking about as to me and my family. No problem as far as I am concerned, or my family either. It is, after all, publicly available information and you are quite welcome to it. But you leave me at something of a social disadvantage, anon, in that you presume to address me on a first name basis- but, as you have chosen to remain anonymous-I don’t yet have your name to reciprocate properly with our first name basis communications. Oh, well, I suppose there is nothing for it but to just go on addressing you as “anon” until you see fit to introduce yourself.
But I suppose I should now get down to answering your questions. Since you have troubled yourself to learn so much about me it’s the least I can do to reciprocate your interest!

First, my clients are all quite aware of my blog, and of its direction. In fact we often laugh about the absurdities of social media, and the proclivities of certain of its users to take it upon themselves to tell others how they should think. ( that’s a polite way to say “NSTer, anon)

And then there is my husband, who as you point out, anon, is indeed a professor. He was a little miffed to learn about your interest in him, anon, but only because your research seems to have failed to turn up, and refer to him by, his actual job title. He is actually a Distinguished Professor- which means he holds an endowed chair, anon, which means he is a very important part of his department, he teaches the advanced courses, sits on important committees, oh, and he also has tenure. Which means that it doesn’t really matter to him, or to his uni, what sort of things his wife might choose to do with her spare time. Even if that thing is to be an “obsessed out of touch with reality fanatic” lol! He is also well aware of my blog, and it’s content. In fact we both get a really good laugh together most mornings when he shares with me the latest political news a la Trump and friends, and I fill him in on the latest fandom happenings (that’s also a polite way to say “NSTer happenings, anon)

And then there is my lovely daughter, anon. I am so glad you didn’t leave her out of this as I am always happy to talk about her- that’s what parents love to do! She’s also well aware of my blog, and it’s content as well, anon. In fact she was the one who got me started in Tumblr. She ran a fandom blog in another fandom for several years and is also well aware of ships and shipping- and how the term "tinhatter” is applied to any ship that an individual disagrees with (which is a polite way of saying “NSTer”, anon)

So now that the pleasantries are sorted, anon, let’s get down to your real reason for writing. The conspiracy thing. You advocate “light shipping” for me, but there is no such thing. Not in the dictionary, not in the Urban Dictionary, and not even on Google. It doesn’t exist as a word, or a concept. It is only a “thing” in the minds of certain bloggers. The truth is, anon, you either ship it or you don’t. No heavy or light to it.
And as to any “conspiracies” that is also a thing that comes with the territory in this fandom. The position of both sides requires there to be a “conspiracy” for their position to exist. The Sam Cait ship requires the “official” narrative of Sam and other girls to be a put on. And the Samzie ship requires the whole of the matter between Sam and Cait, as displayed by them their own selves, to be a put on. Either way someone is doing a put on, anon, it’s just a difference of opinion as to who.

When I add it up I get sam and Cait, as do my family and friends. Others get a different answer. So be it. Live and let live, and it is all public information after all. It’s not illegal, or even immoral to form opinions about it. Or to print those opinions or discussions.

And that brings me to your last point, anon. The implication that I am putting my family at risk by looking at publicly available information, and printing my opinions about it. Or that I am doing something wrong that I, or they, would not want known about.
It’s obvious that is not the case. If I was doing wrong, and if you were actually someone with the power to do something about that, then we would be having this communication via letterhead, and not via an anonymous submission to my Tumblr blog.

And maybe you should ask yourself what it is that you are really saying when you resort to threats to try to silence the words what you claim to be nothing more than an “obsessed, out of touch with reality fanatic”. If I was truly just a “tinhatter” shouldn’t it be easy to simply ignore me the same way that everyone ignores the homeless guy who stands on the busy intersection preaching loudly, every day, about the end of he world which according to him is directly upon us?
Instead you take the time out of your life to research my family and compose implicit threats- and no one likes to waste time. That tells me that my words are not meaningless. That tells me that my words are believable- and that they are believable enough to cause a threat to your worldview. And that you had no facts at hand, or even a good argument to make to refute them. No reason to need me silenced otherwise that I can see. There really isn’t a higher compliment

So thanks, anon, for taking the time out of your day so send me such a gracious compliment. My family and I send you our regards. Sorry we can’t thank you personally at this time since you are still anonymous, but perhaps in time you will feel comfortable introducing yourself. Or maybe not, since your choice to remain anonymous rather confirms the view that revealing your true identity would also be a reveal that you are in fact nobody whose opinion actually matters- or you would be using your real name and revealing that your opinion DOES matter after all. But this all is making even my eyes roll, anon, so take care of yourself, anon, whoever you are!
Until then- Cheers!