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I made myself a Derp Villain!Deku (or Yandere!Deku?) for my profile pic on IG, in a similar vein to my Derp YYS pic on here lolol.

Boi finally snapped from Bakugo’s shit 8D


Random clip with Deaky, Brian and Roger, talking about Made In Heaven. I love Deaky so much - hell, I AM John Deacon, I feel his embarrassment. ‘I’ll just dry up now’. Poor baby. Also, this makes me sad, but for what they all lost when Freddie died, not because Deaky retired. I hope he’s doing well, and not being pestered by too many mercenary autograph-flogging twats.

Blindspot Meet and Greet

Side note… I never do this kind of stuff…. But, I thought, “Might as well.”

Name/Nickname: Daniela (I have too many nicknames to place here.)

Age: 24

Where are you from: Utah

When did you jump aboard the Blindspot train: When I saw the promo for the pilot I was instantly hooked. The rest is history.

Other fandoms you’re in/TV shows you watch: I like watching tv a lot, and have seen too many tv shows to write down. Fandoms, however….Chuck and Bones.

Favorite Blindspot characters: I like them all. Some of the arcs in season 2 made me mad at a couple of them. But, I love them all. 

Favorite ships: Jeller…and I kind of want to see Roman and Patterson together…. Maybe even Roman and Tasha. 

Favorite episodes: Too many. But the season 2 finale has a special place in my heart

Favorite whatever you want: Food is my favorite :) 

If you were a Blindspot character, who would you be: I don’t know. I am not like any of the characters. I am probably a weird mix of Patterson, Rich DotCom, and Reade.

One dead character you would bring back: Mayfair.

One guest star (who has appeared only once) you want to come back: Kiva Garen

One recurring character you’d love to have promoted to regular: Rich DotCom, no doubt or hesitation.  

Share a little bit about yourself (don’t be shy): I like a little of everything….I like to write music, I like to draw, I like to sculpt, I like to write, I like to edit movies. My days usually consist of me daydreaming. 


What do you get when you merge Giant Pants Guy and Dan’s Instagram outfit? You get a bad idea. A very bad idea.

I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.

Louis’ Platonic Quotes
  • “Good lad. Nice little body.”
  • “You tried babe.”
  • “I think he’s always wonderful. And always curly.”
  • “He’s on a whole other level of charming.”
  • #welivetogetherdealwithit
  • “Everything about him.”
  • “Cause I can’t compete with my boyfriend. He’s got 27 tattoos.”
  • “Cause you’ve got that big dick.”
  • “Always in my heart Harry Styles. Yours sincerely, Louis.” 
  • “Really good.” 
  • “Trying to walk.” 
  • “Marriage. Sex. Kissing. The lot.”
  • “I’d marry you, Harry.”