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Scenario please! Ravali has always made it a habit to braid his future s/o's hair (they are Hylian). One day, he adds his feathers to the braids and they are unaware that wearing them means the two are dating. Cue to them being confused when the other Rito in the village start congratulating them and asking how they got together. Revali is smug as ever but is also nervous because this is his way of confessing. I love your writing, it's amazing. And thank you for making it easy to read on mobile!

This is adorable, I love it!!

And it’s no problem at all! I hate when people get screwed over just because they’re on mobile. And thank you so much for the compliment aaaaaaaa–

This is super long and I’m not sorry because I love Revali so much??? I was honestly slayed when I saw him if I’m being honest.

The wind seemed to tear into the village in the light of the coming afternoon, turning simple errands into an annoying chore for the Rito.

Honestly, Revali could care less. Everything he needed to do was already done.

Well… Except for one thing.

But he couldn’t do that right now, because they still weren’t here, and they’re gonna be late.

Besides, the time wasn’t right yet.

Revali huffed, pacing around his little circular house as he fixed minor things that seemed to bother him, and deciding that his bed looked a bit wrong, he went to fix it.

He felt his throat go dry when he saw the perfect bouquet of blue feathers-his own feathers-lying there as if someone placed them under the blanket.

The time was right.

Revali swore under his breath in panic and hid the feathers right by the bed, feeling that they would be here soon, and he doesn’t know if they know about his people’s traditions or not.

The non-obscure ones anyway. None of the Rito talk about it.

 Turning, he made his way out of the village to wait for them, the wind decidedly unsupportive of his trek down, blowing straight at his face.

The bridge to the stable was as far as he needed to go to find them, and he immediately stalked over.

“There you are. You’re late.”

They turned to him with a jump, surprised by his sudden appearance.

“Revali? Jeez, you scared the hell out of me-wait. L-late?” they tilted their head, “What do you mean? We didn’t state a time for me to be over, did we?”

“Just come on. Look at you, your hair is an absolute mess. Why do you always come here with your hair all messy? Ugh, I have to braid it again, don’t I? Of course I do. You can’t resist the best, can’t you?” Revali snatches hold of their hand and tugs them to his side, leading them to the village, “Honestly, you could at least try to make it easy.”

They’re chuckling slightly, knowing the routine by now. They’ve admitted before that its their favorite thing to do with him, just relax while he braids their hair, acting all annoyed, but his attention to detail gave him away. He loves it just as much.

Once the two are in his little house, he sits them on the bed and straightens out their hair, expertly freeing the knots painlessly as he brushes through their hair. Their locks fall to his strokes perfectly, as if they knew what he was doing and knew exactly where to go.

Revali watches as their shoulders relax as they go along, comforted by his touch as he separates the locks of their smooth hair into three parts, and he lets his mind slip away into the normal routine, making small, grumbling remarks on the way.

It’s a good while before he nears the end of the session, and his heart is racing as he reaches for the last feathers he had, examining his work all the while. The feathers are incorporated expertly into the braid, noticeable and honestly quite intimidating. They clearly didn’t feel him adding something extra, as there was no question from them.

The last feathers were tied in with the end of the braid, and he makes sure that they’ll never fall out.

“There. Perfect as always.” Revali smirks as they finally move, stretching.

“Thanks, Revali..” they turn to him and smile, making his heart jump.

“Yeah. Sure. Now, everyone has to see how good I am at braiding. Come on.” he grins, and tugs them outside.

The winds have stopped, he noted, which was good, and now the Rito were all out and about.

It’s when they pass a group of little girls does the terrifying part start.

They’re staring at his crush’s hair, looking amazed, then the giggling begins. One of the girls gets up and runs over to them, tugging politely at his crush’s sleeve.

“C-congratulations, both of you! I’m glad it worked out.” the girl says, smiling, and they look confused.


Revali smirks again, but feels himself shudder at the feeling of being caught.

“Thank you, little one.”

The Rito girl giggles and goes back to her circle of friends, letting the two continue on.

“I wonder what that was all about..” he hears his, well, technically lover, mumble to no one in particular.

Revali doesn’t make a comment, and the both of them pass a couple of his friends.

“Whoa, what? No way! Revali, nice job!!”

Revali turns back to them and grins.

“Why thank you. I am the best, after all.”

“What-Revali, what is going on?” their voice is laced with confusion, “Am I missing something, here?”

“Not at all, but if I had to say something, you’re missing me.”

At their stumped look, he chuckles and says nothing more, but his heart is racing.

Just get up to the landing, he thinks,Get up to the landing, and you’ll say it there.

As they go on, they hear multiple “aww”s and “how cute”s, and another set of congratulations. He is beyond terrified by the time the two nears the landing, and his “lover” is just as confused.

Just as they’re about to make it onto the landing, they are met with a female Rito, the bard’s wife, Revali notes, and gives her grin in greeting.

“Oh!” she notices the feathers immediately and smiles, “Congratulations you two! If I might ask, how did you get together?”

“Wait, what? Together?” time seems to have frozen as Revali sees his crush look at him in questioning, and he sighs.

“Look-one moment please, ma’am-I have to talk to you.” he says, dragging them onto the landing, sighing once he reaches the top, “When I was braiding your hair, I put in some of my feathers in it, and, well, it kinda means you and I are dating in Rito culture.”

They blink at him, surprised by the stream of words that spilled out of him, and everything clicks together in their mind.

“So, you basically claimed me as yours?”

“Well, the best can’t have anything less than the best!” he grins, although there’s a nervous twitch that accompanies it.

Its then that the blush crosses their face, and he knows without words that he’s won.

“W-well, I’m flattered you think so. I suppose… no, I know I’ve got the best Rito as my partner.”

Revali felt as if his mind had detached from his body, as if this was just a dream, a silly one, for sure, but from the look of their eyes on his and their hands intertwining with his own, he knows with joy it isn’t.

The sound of an accordion snaps him right out of the scene, and the couple’s heads turn to the bard and his wife, who is giggling, and Revali flushes once he recognizes the song being played.

As soon as she’s supposed to, the bard’s wife begins singing her part, smiling at the flustered Rito-and-Hylian couple.

By the time they’re done, they’ve gathered the entire village in a crowd, and Revali’s back to his old smug act, with his s/o laughing along with it.

Clay comes out to his parents

Hey everyone, back with another clony fic. I got an anonymous request to write about Clay’s parents being homophobic so this is a warning. You may want to skip over this post if this kind of stuff makes you uncomfortable. I couldn’t bring myself to write Clay’s parents using homophobic slurs so I tried to make them come off as ignorant instead of malicious. If this isn’t your cup of tea, I suggest reading some of my other clony fics.

“I’m gonna do it, Tony. I’m gonna tell my parents we’re together.”

Clay had been contemplating all morning and the night before whether he should come out to his parents now or later. But now he had made up his mind.

It was a Saturday morning so his mom hadn’t left for work yet and his dad was most likely downstairs having his daily coffee. Before he could actually tell his parents, he had to call his boyfriend and give him a heads up.

“Shit, Clay. Are you sure? I mean just the other day you were saying you weren’t ready. What changed your mind?”

“Honestly, you. I love you, Tony and I don’t want to have to hide that. Not from anyone. Especially not my parents.”

“I really appreciate that, man.” Clay could hear the grin in Tony’s voice. “But I don’t want you to feel like you have to come out because of me. You should do it on your own time, whenever you feel most comfortable.”

“I know and I’m ready to do it right now. I mean how bad could it be? If your religious parents can handle it mine sure can. I bet my mom already knows since I can never leave my door closed when you come over.”

Tony laughed. “Yeah, you got a point there.”

A few moments of silence passed.

“Just know that I’m here for you, always.”

“Thanks…I’ll call you later?”

“Sure thing.”

“Clay!” All of a sudden Lainie called from downstairs.


Clay mistakenly locked his iPhone instead of ending the call as he shoved his phone in his jean pocket.

“Clay, you still there?” Tony asked.

Once Clay made it downstairs, his mom asked him if he wanted pancakes or waffles.

“Uh, pancakes. And mom? I need to talk to you and dad about something.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I don’t know how else to say this so I guess I’ll just come out and say it. I’m bisexual.”

Lainie stopped fumbling around in the kitchen and turned around to look at Clay while his dad lifted his head from the newspaper, with his glasses perched on his nose.

“And I’m with Tony.”

A few awkward seconds passed before his parents chimed in at the same time.

“You’re with Tony?”

“You’re bisexual?”

“Yes and yes.”

All the while this was going on, Tony remained on the line, listening to every word. He knew he should’ve hung up but he couldn’t resist listening to what Clay’s parents had to say.

“How long has this been going on?” Lainie asked.

“About a month. But I’ve been liking Tony way before we even got together.”

“So what you’re saying is you’re gay.” His dad commented.

“Well technically I’m half gay. I like girls too I just happen to like Tony way more.” Clay laughed nervously.

His parents didn’t find humor in the statement.

“Son…’ his dad sighed in disappointment, taking his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose.

“You do realize this lifestyle will make things hard for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think what your father is trying to say is being a gay person in this world, your bound to face a lot of hardships.” 

“I don’t care about that, mom. I just want to be free to love whoever I want.”

“We get that, honey. But if you’re going to be with a guy at least choose someone who’s worthy. I mean don’t get me wrong, Tony’s a nice kid and a great friend to you but let’s just say his family isn’t the kind of family I’d ever want you to marry into.”

“Yeah and we definitely don’t want his family to become our extended family.”

“Mom! Dad! I can’t believe you would say that. Tony and his family are wonderful people.”

The words “fuck you” ran through Tony’s brain as he heard Clay’s parents talk down about his family. He decided he couldn’t and wouldn’t hear anymore of this conversation so he hung up.

“And at least Tony’s parents support him unlike you two.”

“That’s not fair, Clay. We love you no matter what, this just isn’t the life we would’ve chosen for you.”

“You said you like girls, why don’t you find a nice young lady to settle down with instead?”

Clay was dumbfounded. He looked as his parents like they had each grown an extra head. He never suspected them to be the “I’m okay with gay people as long as it’s not my kid” type parents. 

Thinking about the conversation he had with Tony earlier almost made Clay embarrassed. The fact that he had expected his parents to be cool about the whole situation and then they act the complete opposite.

Not only did they insult Clay by saying he wouldn’t have a good life because of his sexuality, they also had the nerve to insult his relationship with Tony and Tony’s family on top of everything else!

Clay needed to see Tony.

“Wow. I finally open up to you guys and this is the reaction I get. Glad to know I can talk to you guys about anything.” Clay uttered sarcastically.

“Clay, wait we-”

“I’m spending the night at Tony’s so don’t wait up for me.”

Clay got out of the house as quickly as possible without even packing a bag or telling Tony he was on his way.

He hoped Tony wouldn’t mind him showing up unexpectedly.

Tony was still reeling over what he had heard over the phone from the Jensen’s house.

He always thought Clay’s parents were cool people, maybe a little uppity, but cool people nonetheless.

I guess I was wrong, Tony thought.

When Tony made his way to the kitchen he heard a familiar voice. He rounded the corner and surprisingly seen Clay and his mom talking.

“Clay? What are you doing here? Are you okay?”

Clay looked a little red in the face and seemed to be breathing heavily.

“I just needed to get out of the house. I petaled as fast as could over here.”

“It was that bad, huh?”

“Bad enough.” Clay sighed. “I hope it’s okay that I’m here.”

“Of course. Ma, is it okay if Clay spends the night?”

“Yes, mijo.”

“Thanks mom. Clay, come on, let’s go to my room.”

Tony shared a room with one of his older brothers but luckily his brother was rarely at home so the room basically belonged to Tony.

“Tell me what happened.”

“Ugh, it was awful, Tony. My mom was trying to sound all sweet and caring when really she just came across as a bitch. And my dad was no better. He looked so disappointed in me…I’ve never seen him look that way before.”

“I’m sorry, Clay. But you know my dad didn’t take it too well when I first told him I was gay. Eventually he got over it though, I’m sure yours will too.”

“I don’t know about that. Some of the things they said about us…” And by “us” Clay meant Tony. “were inexcusable.”

“You mean how they think my family and I aren’t good enough for you.”

Clay looked stunned. “How did you know-”

“I might’ve overheard the conversation on the phone. You never hung up.”

“Oh my god, Tony. I’m so sorry you heard that.”

“Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault, you can’t control what they say.”

“I know I just,” Clay held his face in his hands. “I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow.”

“Don’t think about tomorrow, let’s just enjoy each others company right now.”

Clay groaned.

Tony took Clay in his arms. “Hey, everything is gonna be alright.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Clay’s words came out muffled.

“You’d be just fine without me.”

“No I wouldn’t. I’d be a fucking teenage tragedy.”

“You already are.” Tony teased.

“Hey!” Clay pinched Tony’s side which made him jerk.

Tony laughed. “I’m kidding.”

They sat there silently embracing each other. Clay melted in the warmth and comfort of his boyfriends arms.

“Can we just stay like this forever?”

“We can stay like this as long as you’d like.”

“Thank you.”

Tony kissed the side of Clay’s head and prayed for a better day tomorrow.

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Hi, I've always enjoy reading ur post because you literally saves the figure skating world (by stating out the truth) ! I did feel Yuzu's LP in Worlds is so underscored while Shoma's one is so overscored. I cant wait for you to comment about this! and one more thing, i heard people saying that the commentators from Rai sports said many people felt that Shoma deserved to win gold and Yuzu is a cold performer during Gala.. if this is real, it really kind of piss me off.

Thank you! You are way too kind and I can only say I do state MY opinion, which is always up for debate :)

I scored Shoma using my judgement scale and I did score Yuzu’s SP and said what I thought about his FP scoring, so won’t say more on this (maybe :P)

Re RAI commies, I obviously didn’t hear them live since I was better occupied (and let’s be honest, RAI commentary is pretty low already in my list of commentary to listen: somewhere between “Figure Skating commentated by an ox” and “Figure Skating commentated by my cat”, with all respect to oxes and my cat). But it made quite a noise (mission accomplished, dears,  they got their two seconds of being talked about :D) so I asked a friend who recorded it if she could give me a sum up.

And this is what I got. Franca Bianconi (lovely woman who maybe should try to spend more time coaching her students. Oh, well, at least she is commentating and not using her ISU Technical Judge Badge, I guess) said:

“Many people thought that maybe [Shoma] deserved to win. And indeed his program was very rich, very rich choreographically speaking, very rich in interpretation*. With Hanyu that’s different, because Hanyu is very cold, he is quite frigid. I think that Hanyu has been perfect this time, he [Shoma Uno] made some tiny mistakes, plus he is young, not much known… so, it’s a climbing up for him”.

Her words made Max Ambesi write a simple post linking to this program:

and saying:

For those who have forgotten. Just to put things straight.”

And again, in comments:

”He had just turned 17 years old. And it must be noted that with such a program he got 83 in PCS, not 94, I don’t know if I’m being clear. Sure, they were other times, but it doesn’t hurt to remind it.”

*Bianconi’s comments may indeed explain a lot about her students’ choreography choices, tho.

**That aside, only appropriate reaction to RAI commentary is the following:

[Fic Series: Head Canon]   # 2 - Hell Is Other People; Heaven Is You

Author’s Note: Welcome to the Drabble Series: Head Canon. 

Shout out to @eternal-steroline-flame for giving me the idea to start a series. What would I do without you?? I realized the last fic i posted was a request to change the ending of 715 (by @amykinz13), so head canon in a way, and this is my idea of how Seaosn 7 should end, i.e. my personal head canon, so decided to club it together and start a drabble series named Head Canon !!  

Head Canon will basically have different scenarios (fics/drabbles) set in/after 715. If you have a head canon you want to see as a fic (set in/after 715), let me know, I will write it. 

You can check out Fic #1 here - I Would For you 

Special shout out to my lil stero-sisters Enisha - @enishaeuphony1996 and Sakshi for asking me to write it and for patiently waiting for it. Enisha thank you so so much for volunteering to make the edits ! You are super talented and super sweet !! You rock !!  

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Is it weird that I HATE writing on paper?? Is it weird that I find it hard to call myself a writer??? Is it weird that I want to write but I can't make my own OCs or make a good enough plot???? 😭 btw love ur blog ❤️❤️❤️

  1. No!  Absolutely not!  There’s lots of different ways to get your story across, pen and paper only being one of them.  If writing on paper is just not your cup of tea, that is a-okay.  Personally, I prefer an electronic notebook.
  2. Oh, dear.  No, that’s not weird either.  There can be a lot of reasons a person would hesitate to call themselves a writer.  Maybe they haven’t had the time, motivation, inspiration, etc. to write recently, and they feel pressured by the expectations that come when others hear the word “writer” in reference to them.  Maybe others in their life have made comments such as, “Well, technically, are you really a writer?  Maybe an amateur blah blah blah.”  It’s our belief that if you like writing– could be poetry, original fiction, fanfics, scripts, songs, journaling, whatever– bam, you’re a writer.  But if you have other reasons for being uncomfortable with the word, that’s okay too.  
  3. And once again, nope, that’s not weird at all.  It can be difficult to create OCs and plot.  Luckily, there are writing prompts, aus, and templates that can help ease the process (some of the time).

You just do you, and remember that we support you in doing what you love!