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Leak your recipes pls I live on my own and I'm pretty sure I'm dying of malnutrition because I survive on coffee and cliff bars



It’s funny that you say that because I’m actually in the process of compiling all of my recipes and pictures and uploading them to a blog on like blogspot or whatever. 

Not just recipes but tips on how to shop smart and budget-friendly. Ever since I had a kid I budget my food spending like crazy but we still need to eat well. I spend less than $100/week at the grocery store for 3 people, 3 meals a day plus the other household necessities. 

Almost everything I made is from scratch with fresh ingredients. It takes a bit more time to prepare but it’s so worth it and it tastes SO MUCH BETTER. 

BUT–I also have a shit ton of recipes for like…crock pots that use 3-4 ingredients and can feed you for 3 days. So if you’re busy a lot and have like…no money, these are AMAZING and TASTY. Just throw the stuff in the pot before going to school or work and you come home and eat. 

Just a few random recipes and pictures of what I have made recently are 

Tonkatsu with homemade Tonkatsu sauce (freshly ground roasted white sesame seeds added) and Gyoza

Pho (this is all from scratch, DELICIOUS. I MADE IT LIKE 3 DAYS IN A ROW BECAUSE IM OBSESSED) ((I had a way better pic but I cant find it boo)) 

Tofu and Wakame Miso Soup (I make this from scratch every morning for breakfast. It’s INSANELY HEALTHY for you. And it takes less than 30 minutes as long as you make your Dashi stock in bulk on like Sunday and use that–the stock lasts for a week in the fridge) 

R A M E N with Braised Pork Belly (okay this recipe is NOT EASY. It took me 19 hours to make. But it is my husbands favorite dish of all time that I make so I do it on special occasions or when I feel like not sleeping and watching the stove all damn night and day haha) 

Thai Meatballs in cabbage boats with Sriracha Mayo 

Mongolian Beef (bruhhh love this one) 

Roasted Lemon Chicken Thighs with Asparagus and Baby Red Potatoes


I also cook some….not so healthy but damn delicious food too such as

Copycat In-N-Out Burgers (the sauce is DIIVINE also sorry for the messy plate lol and if you don’t know what In-N-Out is…its sooo good im sorry you’ve never had it but now you can)

PIZZAAAA (okay but for real fuck Dominos and everything, it’s sooo expensive, and frozen pizzas tend to taste like garbage. With a homemade sauce and dough ((SHIT YOU CAN EVEN MAKE YOUR OWN MOZZARELLA USING JUST A GALLON OF MILK)) you can have delicious customized pizza for wayyy less money. Add whatever toppings you want! 

Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes! (I actually had Buzzfeed really like this recipe and post of mine online! These are seriously moist as HECK and you’ll probably eat them all in one sitting I swear) 


ANYWAY I LOVE TO COOK. I have soooo many more recipes than this. My husband pressures me like every day to open up a food truck or something lmao, but nah. I just like to cook for the people I love in my own home. 

If you guys are interested in good food recipes and ways to save a ton of money in the grocery store then I can post a link for my food blog once I have it up and running!!!! 

I’m really passionate about young people and really everyone in general finding ways to cook more. It’s taken me years to gain all of the knowledge I have on shopping smart and knowing how to spend what little money I have the RIGHT way so I’m not wasting food and eating garbage. I would love to share it with as many people as I can.  

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TBH everyone over reacted. He wasn't trying to be homophobic. He was saying they were just friends. Which everyone should know? (And I am LGBT as well before someone comes at me)

Man, I’m over the conversation about sdcc. I’ve said my piece, the entire internet has said their piece, somewhere in the chaos I think maybe some thoughtful dialogue happened, or at any rate jeremy jordan did a good job faking it on his twitter. I’m over it. I have no idea why I’m awake typing this, I have work tomorrow, and yet somehow I am STILL GETTING ANONYMOUS MESSAGES so here I am

it is bizarre to me that so much of the argument within fandom has gone:

Group 1: that comment was homophobic
Group 2: um, Jeremy does not hate the gays?? He was just stating a true fact?

I find it alarming as hell to see such a limited understanding of what homophobia is (especially given that most of this fandom is queer.)

So just to be clear:
Individual people being homophobic on an interpersonal level is NOT the main source of my concern. I don’t think Jeremy Jordan hates the queer community. I think he considers himself an ally.

But that’s not really how homophobia functions in our culture anymore. In most places in the United States, most people don’t hate the gays. I grew up in Kentucky, I know there are still lots of people running around beating us up, but like - overall, the common consensus in this country is that that’s uncool behavior. (Not everywhere all the time, I know. I don’t mean to belittle anyone’s suffering.)

But even if everyone around you considers themselves to be an ally, that doesn’t change the fact that the majority of sex education in this country only discusses heterosexual sex. Or that it is significantly harder for queer couples to adopt children than straight couples. Or that adult queer people who attempt to mentor youths are far more likely to be assumed pedophiles than straight adults doing the same.

It doesn’t change the fact that heterosexuality is seen as normal, and homosexuality is seen as other. It doesn’t change the disparity in resources, in social capital, in representation.

That’s what homophobia looks like. It doesn’t just look like someone screaming a slur at you when you hold hands with your SO. It also looks like, oh hey here’s a random example, people finding the idea of a lesbian ship for a television show to be absurd and laughable, even though there has practically never in the history of tv been an interaction between a man and a woman without everybody assuming it was romantic. To quote the great philosopher Avril Lavigne, “he was a boy, she was a girl. Can I make it anymore obvious.”

Lazy writers can write romances based on that line, ok? Literally all you have to do to get audiences to buy into a straight romance is put a man and woman onscreen at the same time. It literally never occurred to them that it was possible for Winn to be Kara’s bff without a moment where he asked her out and she rejected him. But when we go, “Lena filled Kara’s entire office with flowers one time, we’d like to interpret that as romantic,” the cast feels the need to perform a musical number about how absurd and impossible that is.

That’s homophobia. It is an enforcement of the idea that only heterosexuality is normal. And it can be homophobic WITHOUT Jeremy Jordan, on an interpersonal level, hating gay people.

That said, he’s made an effort to understand, and I appreciate it. As Emily andras said about the situation (because at this point the entire internet has weighed in, so why are you all still in my inbox), people make mistakes. If those people are willing to listen and engage fairly, then we can all learn from these moments, and they can have positive outcomes.

ok im going back to bed. Sorry for being deeply deeply grumpy. I’m answering your ask because it is one of the politest I’ve received in a whole flood of them, and you are receiving my grump toward the entire set.

  • Okay but Adam Parrish feeling guilty that he never got to know Noah better. 
  • Because Blue and Noah were practically instantly the best of friends. 
  • Gansey and Noah were connected way before any of them knew each other. 
  • And Ronan and Noah were clearly close, Ronan created Cabeswater and that’s what kept Noah alive. Ronan was the one with the most secrets out of all of them, he even had more than Noah and Noah never said anything about them. 
  • But while Adam loved Noah as much as the other’s did, he never really got to spend much time with him. 
  • After school ends and Adam practically moves into the Barns, he’s time to think, time to wish that maybe he hadn’t worked so much, he regrets how he was always so stuck inside his own head, too stubborn, too lost in learning to be a magician that he was never there for Noah who had been his friend before everything went to shit. 
  • He missed him too, he may not have known him as well or been as connected to Noah as the others but he still loved Noah in his own way. 
  • Ronan knows and wordlessly comforts him about it and while Adam appreciates it, it doesn’t make the thoughts go away so he tries to push it to the back of his mind. 
  • It works as he’s distracted by his ever growing relationship with Ronan and soon he’s heading off to college. 
  • It’s the first day of classes when Adam feels him. 
  • Adam’s standing outside old stone building, ready to walk into his first lecture and just as he takes a deep breath in and is about to step forward, he feels a hand take his and squeeze gently. 
  • When he looks down there’s nothing there and there’s nobody beside him when he turns around.
  • But Adam smiles because he knows even if Ronan’s back home at the Barns and Gansey, Blue and Henry are off in Venezuela, Noah’s with him today, Noah knows how important this step is for him. 
  • And Noah knows all of Adam’s wishes and regrets because Noah knows everything and he understands. 
  • So walking into that lecture hall that first day Adam may physically be alone but he knows his friend is with him in his heart and always will be. 

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Hola! I am extremely interested in learning Spanish. I study every day, working hard to learn more new phrases everyday, but I am very nervous to about my accent. I work at a fast food chain and a lot of guest that come in do not speak English very well, I've learned phrases but again, I do not want to mess up my pronunciation. Your blog has really helped eight my reading btw, thanks so much! If you have an advice, it'd be very much appreciated! Thank you!


Here are my recommendations to improve your pronunciation.

Listen to music

Don’t just play it on the background while doing other things, but really listen to it. And here’s a tip: Don’t try to understand the lyrics, listen to the voice just as another instrument. Don’t try to listen word by word, just listen to the collection of sounds.
This will improve your listening skills, and therefore your pronunciation.
Listen to the same song over and over again, and when you feel ready try to sing it and mimic the same sounds. Again, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the meanings.

Read out loud

Here are some webpages and apps with readings and audio.

Review difficult words

You can go to Forvo and search for a word. There you can find voice recordings from native people saying that word. If the word you are looking for is not there, you can add it and request a voice recording.

Ask people

On HiNative you can ask many kind of questions, but you can also record your voice and ask native speakers if it sounds natural. If your pronunciation wasn’t natural you can request a native speaker voice recording.

Talk to people

I have recommended many apps to find people before, but I will just put them again. People usually are kind, and if you can follow a conversation then your pronunciation is fine. If they don’t understand you well, they will let you know.

Spanish sounds

Remember Spanish has hard and strong sounds. Have you heard how Gloria (Sofía Vergara) from Modern Family speaks English? She has a very strong accent and her English is hard and she pronounces almost every syllable. That’s because that’s how we speak Spanish. Try to copy her accent when talking Spanish, remember to pronounce everything clear and loud. :)

Vowels will always sound the same. Not as in English where the letter A sounds differently depending on its place in a word. The A in Spanish will always be the same, no matter if it’s at the beginning, middle, or end of a word.
And this is the same for all vowels.
Also, remember the O sound doesn’t have that little U at the end.

The H is always silent, even if it’s in the middle of a word as almohada (pillow).

In English the letter P is pronounced with a little air, in Spanish it is without air.
Listen to the difference between the English P and the Spanish P.

piano vs. piano
paper vs. papel
vs. pino

R & RR
Many foreigners can’t roll their tongue. But don’t worry a lot, there are even native Spanish speakers who can’t pronounce very well the R. But it’s fine, people can still understand. 
You just have to be careful with some similar words, you just need to put a little extra effort on these.

pero (but) vs. perro (dog)
ahora (now) vs. ahorra (save money)
caro (expensive) vs. carro (car)

In English, this letter is pronounced with a little air, too. In Spanish this letter is without air and we pronounce it with the tip of the tongue between the teeth.
Also in English, when a word has a T in the middle sometimes it sounds like a soft R. But in Spanish the T is always pronounced the same.
Listen to the difference between the English T and the Spanish T.

time vs. tiempo
vs. tomate

Tongue Twisters (Trabalenguas)

This can be very challenging but it’s also fun and you will improve a lot.
I’m sharing with you some videos so you can listen and repeat. Some of them have timing, I think this will also help you. It will be difficult at the beginning, but take your time and start little by little.
Remember to warm up before you start. 

I hope this has helped :) Have fun! 

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Sorry! I sent the second half and Tumblr must have eaten it... I actually just wanted to say that I personally think that your stance on "_____ don't interact" is kind of harsh and might waste mod resources. People have the right to try to set boundaries, and if it doesn't work.. well.. that's a risk they take! I don't understand why it would be punishable or warning-warranted. Even though I disagree with the "_____ don't interact" notice I've never known these messages to spur flame wars.

Oh! I see!

For me, it isn’t so much the guarantee of a flame war, but the sort of culture that it takes part in!

Say that you’re in a public park, and there’s a bunch of tents setup for some kind of event. Some of the tents have signs like “knitting” or “cat pictures”, and some are pretty rowdy from people carrying on inside. All of the tents have some kind of general theme! But then as you’re walking by one, you pause.

“Neurotypicals not welcome.”

Now, sure, you can keep walking! And most will, with a few possibly making some jokes about it. Some might get rowdy and start demanding that they be let in.

But how does the environment feel after that? What if there were dozens of tents like that? What if some of them said “Muslims not welcome” or “Latinos not welcome”? 

We already have an inbuilt feature where you can curate a private, invite-only group. And you could set it up where you only invite in people with mental conditions! You can even choose to block someone for no reason whatsoever, effectively stopping them from ever interacting with you. But a banner is a very public way of saying “I don’t want anything to do with everyone in this broad group”, and it sets a precedent for openly discriminating (and, by extension, for us to have to make a call on what crosses a line into blatant bigotry).

For example, if we said “Okay, “Cis people don’t interact” is fine”, would we then have to allow “Trans people don’t interact”? If we allowed “White people don’t interact”, would we also have to allow “Black people don’t interact”? 

Instead, we should discourage that sort of behavior, and encourage a more active and present role in self-moderation of a space! 

For a much shorter response:

The “___ don’t interact” posts have a sort of in-built discrimination part of them, and we don’t want to encourage that as a “solution” on the site!

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How long have you been drawing? Like how did you become so good at drawing poses? Any tips for an amateur ^^ books? classes? videos?

I’ve been drawing for about 4 years now, but I didn’t take drawing seriously until about a year and a half ago! Oh, uh– well, I didn’t become good at poses until I started doing a lot of figure/gesture drawings! They really help define fluid movement in your figures and it helps you get a better understanding of anatomy! Because of doing so much practice, I’m able to put a character into any pose I want! It takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it if you want to come up with your own poses without using any references. So if anything, I would recommend doing figure drawings and observe from real life. I don’t really know any books, classes, or videos since I like to do most of my learning from observation in order to understand things my way– But if you’re still in school I would definitely try taking art classes just to get a basic foundation for drawing! One thing I remember from this art class I took was that my teacher would show us videos by Proko on youtube! So I guess you can go check him out? It’s been a while since I’ve seen his videos, but from what I remember I think he does a lot of the basic (and advanced) concepts that artists need to know. I think it’ll help you a lot! Other than that, the most important thing to remember is to not view drawing as a “task” because in the end it just makes it seem like work when it should be fun! But…yeah! Sorry if this doesn’t seem like much, but I hope that helps a little bit!

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Hi ! Just passing by to say that I really love your art, and I really enjoy all your work ! Just a question : do you have any inspiration, related to the drawing/paiting style you use today ?

Hi! Thank you so much for your kindness and for the question!

It’s taken me a bit to answer this because a) I’ve been really slammed with work and b) I wanted to REALLY think about this and give it a solid answer. 

This answer might be long and have lots of visuals… so I’ll keep it behind the cut.

Keep reading

Anyone Else

Feel like the whole “imposter syndrome” thing doesn’t come close to encompassing the entire breadth of the experience of having a disability that fucks with your cognition?

There are times when my pain is just too high, like an 11 or a 12 on the 1-10 scale and if I were in a hospital they’d probably be giving me IV pain meds of the rather strong variety….but I’ve been conditioned not to let myself rest if I have to work so then I’m standing there at work with a customer and manager within ear shot and I’ll try to do quick mental math like “sure if you wanna get 2 we will knock off 5 bucks so its actually….well it’s 12 each so for two it would be…”

And I literally need a fucking calculator cause my brain is just coughing and choking and grey smoke is leaking out my ears as it goes down for the count and as much as I feel the imposter syndrome especially when I was in academia and shit like that happened in class when I was surrounded by a bunch of young over achievers (fucking linguists they all got straight As in high school….then there’s fucking me who nearly dropped out but my mom was too violent at that time…) it just doesn’t feel like it covers how fucking awful it feels to be college educated, have PhD level research under my belt and sit there trying to put 5 + 4 in my head and it just WON’T.

I feel like we could use a new term to better describe that particular feeling.

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Omg you're working 4 12hour shifts in a row??? With just one day off?? I work 12 hour too but my job doesn't deal with human lives and I can barely manage 3 shifts...

I’d say “well, it’s a special situation, one person went on leave and another one got fired, so they just happened to be short just this week…” but let’s not kid ourselves, it’ll always be some kind of special situation or other.

But 12 hour days at New Job really aren’t that bad, generally. There isn’t much chaos or interpersonal drama, the manager is pretty laid-back and doesn’t breathe down my neck, I can sit down for significant amounts of time, and most days I even have some free time between patients.  And it’s 8-8, so it’s all decent hours for a person to be awake.

Old Job is 5:30 AM - 7:30 PM of being constantly on my feet in a swamp of chaos, so compared to that, New Job basically feels like free money right now.

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*hugs* I just read probably all ur Jumin HC/Fanfic (Bc I'm so obsessed with him I had to get his pillow, Oops) & I can't believe my eyes how well you portray him! It's so perfect that I shed so many tears with some of them <3 It shows so much emotion with so little words, which is why I love writers =^-^= they can always convey so many feelings in only one piece of their work. Keep up the wonderful work and take care! Love you!

Nonny Chan! 


I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it honey, I’m always nervous putting anything up but knowing that people like it- can see their favourite characters and actually truly seeing them in my work- it’s baffling! 

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, I hope that you continue to enjoy all my future work- especially the upcoming Jumin/MC week I’m going to be writing for!  You take care my darling and much love to you and yours!!!! 

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A/B/O Appreciation Day Lineup + tags

As you guys may know, I haven’t posted anything in a while because I’ve been working my ass off trying to get some fics ready for A/B/O Appreciation Day on the 31st July. 

As it stands, I have two Dean Oneshots completed, and am partway through a Sam series (which I am hoping to have finished, but I’m not sure whether it will be…), which is currently at around 7500 words and 8 parts (and I’ve not even gotten to the smut yet… calling it a slow burn might be an understatement). I am debating writing a third Dean Oneshot,but it really depends on how much time I have, as my Grandad’s 90th birthday is on the 30th… but rest assured, I am working my ass off still. 

Anyway, I’m writing this post to give you the low-down on what I’ve gotten so far, and let you decide what you want to be tagged in. I’m well aware that A/B/O is not for everyone, and so you guys can choose whether to ignore them or not. 

So shoot me an ask with which fics you’d like to be tagged in!

Now, on with the fics!

My Accidental Alpha
This oneshot is a continuation of the A/B/O Drabble that I wrote a while ago. 
You never expected to have an Alpha, it never really featured in your life plan. Yet here you are, with your best friend’s claim on your neck for all to see. Trying to figure out where to go from here, however, proves to be a bigger challenge than it should be. 
Pairing: Alpha!DeanxOmega!Reader
Word Count: 2358

As a teenager you’d been best friends with Sam Winchester, particularly since your mother and his father hunted together whenever they felt they needed backup. But then you’d moved country, and all interactions with the Winchesters were of the non-physical kind. So when they call on you for backup, you jump at the chance to see your best friend again, not to mention see his big brother, on who you’d had a mild crush on.
The hunt goes well, the rest of the evening, however, doesn’t exactly go your way. 
Pairing: Alpha!DeanxOmega!Reader
Word Count: 3950

Sam really messed up their last hunt. He’d had multiple chances to take out the werewolf they’d been hunting, the werewolf who’d been killing people for almost a month, and yet he never once pulled the trigger. 
Now, he’s left conflicted and desperate to try and work through whatever hold it is she has over him, while trying to keep her off of the radar and wean her off of human hearts. Why? Well… only time will tell. 
Pairing: Alpha!SamxOmega!Werewolf!Reader
Word Count: At present 7495, with currently 8 parts. 

There ya have it folks! All my A/B/O fics as it stands right now. Like I said, I would like to get another oneshot done… if that happens, I’ll make a post. 

For now, I’m tagging my Forever tags. 
Remember to let me know if you want to be tagged for these fics, and if so which ones!

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So I did Medusa!! I think at the end of these I might make a big post like the one that got me to start doing this!

Of course this is inspired by princekido’s style on the Disney Princesses, I loved it so much I wanted to do it for SMITE.

I’m going to start taking requests, so if you’d like me to do your God next let me know in my inbox! My messages aren’t working too well at the moment!

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Hey, I took a test to become a CNA today, and I was really nervous because I don't typically test well, but I brought my handheld chewable elephant and kept it in my pocket. I have had this elephant for two years and it has gotten me through thick and thin, and I am very happy to say that I passed the test! Thank you so much for selling awesome stim toys. They help calm me down so much when I'm scared or anxious! My lucky elephant helps me every time!! :)

That’s so great! Congratulations on passing your test and I hope you enjoy your new job!

When my dad was in hospice the CNAs who worked with him were all so amazing and really made his life a little brighter and easier at a very tough time. It seems like a challenging job but one that can make a big difference in people’s lives. Idk why that all came out but anyhow, go you! :D 

mini review of all glossier products i’ve tried

1. cloud paint - this is my fave product from them!! worth the money, little goes a very long way

2. milky jelly cleanser - gentle and smells like lychee jelly, won’t take off waterproof makeup so i use it as a cleanser on light makeup days

3. generation g - pretty colors, low pigment, kinda feels dry after a bit. spend your money on the colourpop blotted lips instead

4. concealer - good for winter bc it stays dewy and brightening but literally does not cover anything

5. boy brow - makes your brows real fluffy, but for it to work well you gotta already have a good amount of brow

6. priming moisturizer - people love this but i hate the way it smells and it didn’t do much for me

7. balm dot com - i also hate how this smells and it dried out my lips even more but everyone loves this

8. haloscope - natural dewy looking highlight thats super pretty, but doesn’t dry down because of this so it stays sticky which i hate

9. soothing face spray - it burned my eyes so nope

Guys I need help

So here I am again. I’m sorry this post isn’t very well formatted, I’m only on mobile for a little while.
As if there weren’t enough things going wrong, my stomach has been bothering me so much that I went back to the doctor (successfully missing more work.)
They ran multiple tests on me, and suspected kidney stones. Currently, I’m waiting on the results from a CT scan to determine if that’s the cause. If not, it’s potentially a lot more serious (like pancreatitis or appendicitis.)
Either way, I’m going to be out of work again.

I’d reblog my commission info but with how much pain I’m in, I can’t really do anything except lay on the couch.
I need help making sure my phone and car are paid. I’m about $150 short.
I’m honestly panicking, because I literally CAN’T do anything right now. I can’t get help from anyone. I can’t even do proper commissions.

I know I’ve asked a lot of you guys. It honestly pains me to continue to do so, and please know how grateful I am now for the help I’ve received to date.

Please, anything helps. Sharing, donating, anything.
I will lose EVERYTHING if I can’t make my bills.
If you want to help me, please PM me for my PayPal email, as I don’t want to broadcast it.

I don’t know what else to do.
Consider this post a mini hiatus until I figure out what’s wrong with me and start to get better.

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Hello, yes, pjo sskk anon,, your aus are so good I cry,,, how do chuuya and dazai do as mentors for the baby boys during their game? Does it change their yearly thing at all if they're both working to help a tribute win?

Thank you so much, hun! You’re so sweet!

  • Well,
  • Chuuya tries to get his tributes to win every year. It’s almost depressing to watch, because they never do. He slaves away all year trying to find the perfect strategy and by the time Akutagawa is Reaped, he’s basically given up.
  • Akutagawa, despite his seemingly indifferent attitude, is determined to win, especially if it means getting home to his little sister. (Ryuu and Gin having a loving relationship means a lot to me so it’s in every AU)
  • Chuuya is so ecstatic. Akutagawa is willing to do anything to survive, and that includes manipulating people’s feelings if he has to
  • He proves this in the Arena, showcasing his talents as an utterly ruthless killer
  • He makes sure Akutagawa plays the elusive and mysterious dark horse to the end
  • Dazai doesn’t have many hopes for Atsushi until something stands out - Atsushi can act. It appears on the first day of training, Dazai observing from a distance, and Atsushi puts on a brave face, and actually intimidates his competition.
  • He decides to strike during the interview, where he convinces Atsushi to play up his baby face and those pretty eyes he has
  • “Let them know you’re sweet, but you’re not weaker than anyone,” He explains, “Your personality plus your strength will win you a lot of Sponsors.”
  • Chuuya and Dazai, both doing their best to make Victors for their District, eventually decide upon using both their Tributes strengths
  • Thus begins the “love story” of Akutagawa and Atsushi, two Tributes who fell hard and fast at first sight
  • (Never mind that they tried to tear each other’s eyes out but)
  • Atsu and Aku don’t know, but it’s Soukoku’s plan to start a revolution. 
  • Besides, Chuuya doesn’t want Atsushi to die. He’s his sister’s favourite.

This is a long description, but I think it’s worth the read, so please bare with me.

I wanna start an important conversation.

About a week ago, I debuted this image that I had been working on for the last couple of days. Many responded well to it, some didn’t understand it and others didn’t really say anything. All of this was what I expected. I gave no context other than a couple of lines of lyrics from “Cold Water” by Major Lazer, Justin Bieber and MØ. I wasn’t planning on giving much more context than that unless someone asked until I had created more for this series, but given recent events with Chester Bennington and how much it has both affected the public and what people have been saying about him, I decided it was time I gave the real meaning to this piece and the future series.

While working on this I was in crisis. It’s probably no secret to anyone, but I have been struggling very heavily with my mental health, especially now that I have graduated college. I don’t talk about it because it’s hard.

It’s. SO. HARD.

I felt I was at my end. I was ready to call it quits because nothing felt like it was ever going to be okay. I felt like I wasn’t needed here. I didn’t know why I was here at all now. My sense of purpose was foggy. I was lost.

My medication stopped working, I was isolating. I stopped making art. I stopped eating as much and I lost weight because of it. Bathing was hard to do. Getting myself to get up and even brush my hair was difficult. I only cleaned up if I had somewhere to be. I didn’t want anyone to know this was going on. I was ashamed.

I’m -still- ashamed.

I’m ashamed of a lot of things about myself and I have been since I can remember. I can’t tell you why I feel this way, but it’s there. And even though I still struggle, I’m trying to change it.

I have been seeking therapy since October last year because things were just to heavy for me to deal with alone anymore, and it’s been great. I’ve really turned around some.

But there are still strong moments where that pain takes hold of me and I have no idea how to fight anymore.

I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, and now I’ve found out I also suffer from PMDD- Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. I can no longer be on birth control because of the blockage in my neck and the stroke I suffered back in 2013. I have to deal with this now in other ways.

When I started falling into the hole, I began to really question what my depression looked like. I wrote a poem about it. I began to slowly piece together his image, not realizing how much symbolism he really had, and thus Erebus was born. This black shadow demon with the deer skull and the red strings of fate were a manifestation of all the negative thoughts in me and the weights I carry on my chains every day.

If you suffer from depression, you know what I’m talking about. You want to escape, but sometimes, there’s comfort in the panic. It’s all you know and sometimes, you’re afraid it’s all you will ever know. You feel so alone from these thoughts and like no one will ever understand, so you cling to this demon. This demon that torments you on a daily basis; who manipulates you and makes you feel like you’re worthless. You’re in an abusive relationship with yourself. And you have no idea how to leave. How the HELL can you escape your own brain?

You can’t.

So you are forced to sit there and try to not let this demon bring you down. And it’s so hard.

Unfortunately, Chester lost to his demon.

And I wanted to lose to Erebus.

I wanted to lose so much because the pain hurt so fucking bad and I didn’t know how to make it stop. I know suicide is not the answer; every rational part left in my brain told me it wasn’t the answer but my God guys, the pain. The pain made it more reasonable. It made it make more sense as I began to fall deeper and deeper to Erebus’ grasps. He was suffocating me. And slowly suffocating is suffering.

This is all scary as hell for me to even talk about. It’s so hard to admit any of this has even went through my mind. I know how the world views mental health. I know how my family views mental health. I know how even some of my friends view mental health. But I’m here.

I’m still fucking here.

I will continue to be an advocate for this. I will continue to be an advocate for people who feel like I do. For people who don’t even have the resources I do. For people who feel alone and insignificant. For people who feel their own demon is swallowing them whole.

I know it’s hard. I know it’s harder than anything else, but please for the love of God, please reach out. REACH. OUT. I’m learning how to reach out. I’m slowly learning to try and tell my friends and family what’s bothering me. Because if it can help me prove Erebus is wrong, if it can help me prove I am worth this life and needed in this world, if it can help me find joy and comfort in the right ways, I’m going to fight him. I don’t want Erebus to win. He can be enticing. He can be manipulative. But I won’t let him win.

As time goes on, I will continue to illustrate our story, but don’t let your demons win. I want this project to help us bridge the gap between hiding our mental health and being able to talk about it freely.

I want to start an important conversation. Let’s talk.


Rating: T

Words: 16,076

Warnings: Mention of nausea/vomiting; a brief, somewhat graphic depiction of death; monster decapitation

Summary: Verterna is slowly dying and Pidge calls for Shiro’s help to investigate the source of the affliction ailing her forest. But the area they must navigate has become a dangerous, noxious swamp shrouded in a miasma of poison. The help of all the Guardian Spirits is going to be needed if they want to find out what’s happening. It’s just as well when it becomes apparent that there’s something malicious lurking in the mists beyond.

Notes: My contribution to @voltrongenminibang!

Thanks to my hardworking partner artist @alishajonesart! Link to her amazing work here!

Also much thanks to @commodorecliche for beta’ing! 

You can also read this at http://archiveofourown.org/works/11603793

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anonymous asked:

I feel like I'm doing pretty well because I'm eating very very little and working out. I am losing weight and getting so much happier with myself, but I am also losing energy and focus on real things :/ anybody relating? I mean it's just hard sometimes bc this shit gives you anxiety and a need of control

I totally get where you’re coming from, but eating very little is dangerous and will inhibit your ability to do basic things. Try upping your intake a little, it won’t hurt the progress, I promise. Eat healthy and continue to exercise and you’ll get to your goal! Stay safe.