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Hey! This isn't exactly a question, but I wanted to say that no matter what decision you take, it's ok. It's your art, it's your work, it's your effort and your style. Don't feel bad, the people, the real people that supports you, will be here for you. We're here for you, Because you inspire us. You've inspired me. And well, may be I'm just an anon un this line, but you've touched a part of me, your drawings keep me on, looking forward to draw better. You're not a copy, I can assure that. -👑

Thanks! this makes me feel better  thank you so much.

Hello guys ! I just finished my tournament today [(75 - 73 = total +4) finished T23 from 107 players ] I know most people here dont know so much about how to count score in golf but I JUST WANNA SAY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT you gave to me last time ! 💕//// it’s mean a lots, really. 😭😭

Actually this time score is not as good as i want it to but since this is my first tournament in Japan so… maybe T23 is not so bad ? 😅

I will work hard and trying my best in next tournament as well. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for all your support💕 LOVE YOU ALL 🙈💋💕

Final Update on my dad

So this most likely will be the last update on my dad. We just got back from the doctor’s on his latest results and well, it’s hard to say this. The chemo treatments aren’t working, and so they are stopping the treatments all together and now it’s all about making him as comfortable as possible. I quite honestly don’t know how to process it all. All I can say to you my friends, is please don’t take time for granted. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones and live every second to the fullest.

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Your arc fanart is amazing! Are you ever going to do any for the lunar interludes?

Awww thank you very much! It’s been so much fun drawing these TAZ arcs and I’m working on the newest interlude already, so I’ll probably go back and do the older interludes as well for fun later! 

professor to class: you have to put the time and effort. you can’t get away with turning in first drafts like you did in high school! You will find yourself failing this class!

me: *turns in first/unrevised draft done the day before*

professor: good job. minor punctuation mistakes but well written. A/B

me: lmao ok yeah i worked so hard i deserve this

So today i was at the bakery wtf as a french person this is the worst text post intro i could make and i was wearing my Dipper’s cap and this woman working there asked me what i wanted and then she looked at me and her eyes widened and she screamed “OH MY GOD ?? IS THIS THE CAP FROM GRAVITY FALLS ??” and she stopped what she was doing to call her co-worker who was in the kitchen like “HEY C’MERE SOMEONE HAS DIPPER’S CAP” and the guy saw me and was like “hey boy plus you kinda look like a real-life version of him” and this just brightened my day my week my month my life

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well I'm gonna do the obvious and say skimmons here for it

I really wanted to write today but work was crazy so…this will probably be the only thing I actually “write” today so…Let’s do it! Thanks friend!

Who said “I love you” first:

Daisy had been thinking it pretty much since the very first time they kissed because hello how could you not want to say that to the beautiful Jemma Simmons? But she’s never really said those words before, not since she was little and thought it mattered. So the first time she says it it’s almost an accident, something that slips out while she’s laughing at something ridiculous that Jemma has done and she kinda tries to laugh it off with a roll of her eyes. But she means it, she definitely means it. And later she tells Jemma again without the eye rolling and the laughter because she wants Jemma to know she means it.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background:

Both of them but definitely Jemma for sure. I mean we all saw who fixated she was on pictures and videos during her time on Maveth so I absolutely believe she’d have the goofiest picture of Daisy possible. And Daisy pretends like it’s terrible but obviously she loves it.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror:

Daisy doodles absently because she has a tendency to let her mind wander while she’s in the bathroom. She does some good thinking while waiting for the shower to heat up, okay? So Jemma notices all her absent doodles: lopsided daises or comically large hearts. And then Jemma starts leaving messages for Daisy and mostly she loves the idea of the messages appearing little by little in the steam of the shower for Daisy to notice.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts:

I think they would both pick things up for each other throughout their various exploits and Daisy keeps a few of the gifts in a place of honor next to her hula girl. Jemma claims she’s never been one for knickknacks but her work space is a testament to all the places Daisy has been.

Who initiated the first kiss:

Jemma “No Chill” Simmons because hello they could be sucked into an alien rock at any time right? You just never know what might happen and Jemma isn’t apt to wait around for something she wants.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning:

Sometimes Daisy has to get up so early it’s still practically night because she’s got a mission or May has roped her into some absurd training. Sometimes Jemma has to get up to go to the lab or leave for a speaking engagement or meeting. Either way, they love the sleepy half-kisses that start their day.

Who starts tickle fights:

Neither. They both have a strict no tickling policy. Tickling is practically torture.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower:

Ask? Daisy doesn’t ask. She just hops right in because Jemma won’t mind, right? And she doesn’t, but that’s beside the point.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch:

Daisy is always laser-focused in whatever she’s doing, whether she’s working on her computer, studying reports of Inhuman activity or preparing for a mission and sometimes her mind gets so locked in place that she can’t remember anything else outside the task at hand. Jemma always gets a bad rep for forgetting to eat but she knows the importance of three square meals a day and she’s going to make sure that Daisy gets lunch too. Plus they get to eat together, which is always a plus.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date:

They don’t really have a “first date” in the strict sense of the word. They’ve had so many dates and firsts and once their first official meeting involved trying to stop a guy from exploding and then they had to keep their airplane from exploding…? Kinda hard to be nervous on a date. But even still, Daisy is more shy and quiet than usual because things like this don’t work out for her and she’s a little terrified of saying or doing the wrong thing that makes Jemma change her mind about moving from friends to something else and it manifests itself into quiet nervousness. 

Who kills/takes out the spiders:

Daisy. Ain’t nobody got time for all those legs.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk:

Jemma “No Chill” Simmons and Daisy loves it because her accent gets thicker and her cheeks get all rosy and she puts her arm around Daisy’s shoulder as she alternates between whispering sweet-nothings in her ear and loudly assuring the team that Daisy “rocks her world.” And also that she loves her. In case that wasn’t clear.

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Hello Mye! Hope you have or had a nice day! Just wanted to quickly inform you that I wanted to check out your website with the refs but no matter on who I click, the full pic won't show up. I dunno if it's just for me or if the side has a little problem but if the second option is true, then I just wanted to inform you so that you'll know! :) love ya♡~

Thank you so much love! <3 And I’ve received similar asks like yours, which really makes me sad because I thought it would work for most. D’:

Well, I’ll try to find a way to fix this, but in the meantime do you guys know a website that I can use to register references of my OCs and add descriptions to each? (and by the same occasion have different folders or something like that), aside from toyhouse ofc.

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this isn't to flower and frisk, but to the creator of the blog. Thank you for taking your time and putting so much effort into the work you've shown. I appreciate every bit of these and I hope you are doing well! Since the chara sideline is over do you plan to go back to the story, or do another magic anon thing

Sadly, that was the very last Magic anon I can do for this blog, but Don’t worry I have something planned for later~

I’m just finishing up adding my sounds on my game and making some tweaks before I start streaming in a bit

It's getting to that time of year again...

You know the time I’m talking about. When all your shows and and you’re left with a brain full of crazy speculation that needs an outlet that’s more than day dreaming to yourself while you hang out the Landry you’ve been neglecting for the past three weeks.

Well I have great news because the NCIS:LA hiatus fox exchange will hopefully be running again this year.

I’ll be looking to change the process for it a bit this year because although writing 15,000 words in the space of two weeks was an awesome time for me last year, my law degree and full time work probably won’t allow me to commit quite so much this year.

Fear not, the basic concept will still be the same just you might not be writing for a specific person. This will hopefully make it more broad so it’s easier to be inspired. There’ll still be a fix for everyone though!

Let me know if you’re keen to participate again this year by liking/replying to this post or messaging me here, or on my main blog @ncisabbylover. If there’s enough people to run this crazy thing again, I’ll start getting organised!

(Special thanks to @aprylynn & @raccoonsmate4life for letting me know you were keen for another round and your offers of assistance. Knowing that people are excited at the prospect of another exchange has really motivated me to get the ball rolling)

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Hey there Craftsman! I would just love to start off by saying how much I love your work. It is extraordinary! Nothing else turns me on more than your stories. I was wondering how ti would feel like to have Michael Phelps's body and especially his feet. He is so big yet so smooth. Do you think that is something your amazing skills could help me with?

Well thank you very much, glad to hear I can bring you pleasure. As for Michael Phelps, that can certainly be done.

The Caricatures is always the host to the best types of clothing and I can see you already found yourself stumbling in, checking out the multitude of people turned clothing and accessories, all of which was transformative, all of which was only in your mind as suddenly you found yourself staring at your naked body in the mirror.

How did you get here? What were you doing here?

You couldn’t remember, your memory hazy and before you can even take another step, with the click of the fingers, a tight pair of spandex shorts suddenly wrap themselves around your crotch. You don’t know what’s happening but you can’t help but moan as it feels as if a mouth is wrapped around your cock, a hand tightly gripping the base and slowly starting to jerk you off as it seems the spandex is almost contracting, rubbing up against your erect dick as it continues to feel like an invisible mouth is blowing you, the tongue lapping up any pre-cum that already starts to form and dribble out of your sensitive head.

What’s happening?

You couldn’t care, you don’t want to know, why should you care? All you need to do is play dumb, that’s right…just playing dumb, feel the pleasure invade your body as you start to stare into the mirror, dumbfounded at your new abs which almost seemed to be pumping up. Watching as dark brown hairs sprout out with every ab that fills out your shrinking stomach that grows leaner with every moan you give, with every moment you quiver at the tongue at your cock that laps at your sensitive head, every time you give into the pleasure you feel something hypnotic hitting your mind, almost causing it to shrink.

The pleasure racing through your body as you find your hands stretching, the fingers growing larger as your palms suddenly seem to have a mind of their own, shifting through the muscle, rubbing at your pecs and with every part of your body they touch, you watch it swell with muscle. Even a simple caress of your thickening biceps cause them to balloon out with the thick muscularity of an Olympic athlete, of Michael Phelps.

Memories of swimming, training, medals, and water flooding your mind as you feel both your hands grab at your growing pecs, hair starting to grow on them as a bronze tan spreads from your fingertips. Your neck grows slightly longer as you can feel your groans grow deeper, a British accent on your tongue as dialect replaces your everyday language. You can’t fight it, just letting the mouth, the tongue, the spandex just rub against your sensitive cock which throbs, knowing you’re just about to cum.

As your legs seem to stretch you feel your ass growing, both cheeks bouncing as you push against the spandex, feeling a ghostly finger of some kind start to finger you as it rubs against your prostate, sparking more pleasure, almost finding yourself cumming as you try to hold on, try to hold onto yourself and your memories which are quickly dashing away. After all, your name is Michael Phelps, isn’t that right?

Yes, sounds about right, doesn’t it? 

No. You had to get out.

As you found yourself start making your way towards the door, you couldn’t help but slow down, almost as if you were becoming a statue as your muscles hardened, and your thighs thicken to support your growing body. Your back stretches naturally for your new height, but that’s not the troubling part. Although you continue to moan and groan from the pleasure that invades your body, your own feet refuse to move. You glance down, trying to ignore the beautiful body you now have as you start to watch your own feet begin to crawl forward on the floor, transforming and flexing as the arch lengthens and the larger toes splay until you realise they’re now a size fourteen.

You don’t want to move, why would you? You’re just admiring your body, that’s right…just flex. You watch as you begin to pose and flex in the mirror, still moaning under your breath as you’re suddenly fascinated, amazed at your new body, with every pose, and every groan, your face fills out, your features shifting, your jawline becoming harder and stronger as your hair shrinks, becoming shorter. It’s only after a while as you find yourself backing against the wall and watch your spandex rub your sensitive cock one last time, that you cum, the spandex lapping it up as you close your eyes, unable to focus on anything else as the pleasure causes your body to shake.

You don’t know how long it’s been before you open your bright brown eyes, smirking at yourself as you stood there in your spandex, you were now Michael Phelps, big feet and all, and there was always a pool at Elysium, the gym in The Studio, maybe there’d be a Tom Daley to play around with as well.


TalesFromRetail: Broken towel.

Hello, guys! I loved reading your stories so much I thought I would share one of mine.

Me: Hello mam! How are you today?

Customer: Thanks

Me: How may I help you today?

Customer: I would like to return my towel because I think it’s broken.

Me: What do you mean it’s broken?

Customer: Well, It’s not getting the water off my body! I think the fabric might be faulty.

(At this point I’m trying to keep myself from laughing)

Customer: I bought 4 of them and 2 of them are working but the other 2 are broken.

Me: Ok I’ll just call over the supervisor.

(Supervisor walks over)

Me: This customer said that her towel is broken and it’s not getting the water off.

Supervisor: Broken? Uhh. Have you tried putting it through the washing machine?

Customer: No but it’s because the fabric is faulty and it wouldn’t matter if it went through the wash.

(Supervisor gives her a refund and she was on her way)

By: disasterbenz

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I need a full backstory and the drarry hurt/comfort and angst drawing😂. That one was stunning and I think by far my favorite one you've done😍. I love all the details you put into your work! Keep up the amazing work💪

thank you so much! 

well, this is very much from the auror!harry/unspeakable!draco au so really it’s meant to be an episode, but I’ll try to summarise under the cut basically:

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I studied the wrong chapter for my Chinese midterm, so it was previous chapters I hadn’t reviewed, but I think I did okay and at least now I’m prepared for the actual chapter test! My meeting went much better than expected - the guy is super nice and the woman (who I thought was friendlier) was not quite as friendly but I think she was just the type who’s a little reserved/awkward and it’s not personal. I was my usual charming agreeable self (lmao sort of) and it went well. So, two things down.

Now I have to wait at the library for my dad to pick me up, and then I have to study for sociology. I also discovered I have a social psych assignment due Thursday I was heretofore unaware of. On the bright side, my English essay has the green light so I don’t have to do much work for that on Thursday.

I have a lot of paperwork and a PTK social tomorrow however and I’m not sure how I’ll fit time in to get my social psych assignment done on Thursday, when I also have a psychiatrist appointment… but it will get done!! Positive vibes.

PriPara 140

I thought I might have a huge rant on this episode, but I don’t. So I think I can crank out this post before work. 

What a…. really really nice thing…..  Considering this season as a whole, it’s odd to have the finale be pretty much all about Falulu. But if you consider seasons 1-3 as a whole, it’s a nice thing to do.

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Fav Batfam ships for the boys and why?

Eh, not a huge shipper but there are ships I like

Dick/Babs, love me some DickBabs. I know a lot of people don’t like it and that’s fine. I respect DickKory but I just never could see it working longterm. I guess same with DickBabs because they’re both so alike and similar and have different goals. I see them more as star crossed, always loving each other very much and wanting to have that intimacy, but too many things (family, jobs, their goals) get in the way.

Jason/mental stability

Tim/Kon (betcha didn’t see that one coming) just because it’s very well developed and wow that’s some good chemistry and, beyond all that, Tim and Conner are very easily compatible. Love shouldn’t be a circus, a wild rollarcoaster, it should feel like home.

Damian is a baby, not even pretending to think in that regards (but besties with Jon, Maya and Colin with Maps and other GA kids as “normal” friends)


Relaxation yesterday.It was nice and sunny, if not a bit windy as well. Guessing you can’t tell what color I went with huh? Then there was my first attempt to climb Death Mountain in Zelda… it was a little hot.

 That’s about the gist of yesterday and today. I took a couple walks, met my friend for Bible Study, which went well like normal, then relaxed. There hasn’t been much to post about.

 Plenty of Zelda yesterday - finished the 4th temple and now I’m apparently ready to head off and face Ganon. WIsh me luck, I guess. In my journey I’ve found around 75 shrines and nearing 100 seed things, so unless I find the remaining shrines, I guess I’m as good as I’m going to get.

 I do hope you’ve all had a nice last couple days as always, and may the rest of the work pass by quickly for you!

 - Lana

A reminder to all my lovely RP partners.  This is a hobby, not an obligation.  If you’re not feeling a certain character or a threat, hey, that’s great.  Take your time.  Get back in that groove.  If you’re stuck on a reply, leave it for later or let me know and I’ll try to add to it to give you more to work from. 

I want my partners to have just as much fun as I am.  So if life happens and you can’t get to something immediately or you have to drop something, that’s okay.  Your health and well being comes first.