well not so much as at work

I’m stuck on how to color this piece I keep coming back and doing a different style but nothing is lookin good to me!! this is the best I’ve gotten so far! but I’m just gunna set it on the back burner and let the inspiration come when it wants to… but i’m impatient and wanna finish it asap. oh well.

edit: here’s the palette I’ll be working with. If I were doing my normal style of coloring this would be easier, but I’m really trying to get better with texturing, so I want to preserve as much as I can, which is super difficult for me!

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Hi! If you don’t mind me asking what brushes do u use in medibang? Like in the Jack Frost drawing for example

Well, I’m still learning… 😵✏️

For the Jack Frost sketch I used the 🖋 pen brush! I’m working on tumblr dimensions ( 540x810 ) and I keep sizing the pen brush to around 10 pt!

( Medibang is so sleek!! My pen feels like a sniper rifle! )

I’ve also been liking the G Pen brush and the Pencil brush <:3c

•✏️ The Pencil brush feels a lot like one of the brushes I made in Drawpile that I use a LOT for shading and effects.
•✒️ And I just have a personal interest in the G Pen because it looks so much more rugged and I admittedly wanna find a way to utilize that!!

You think maybe it’ll be cool to use it for intense action scenes?? IDK! I have yet to try, but I have a good feeling it might look cool!

bts;; maknae line’s kinks

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jimin ☆

✿ sub

❀ face-sitting

since i canon jimin as submissive, i also canon that he likes when you sit on his face. he wants to give you the most pleasure possible, being used as your personal sex toy. using his tongue on you while your core rocks against his face is what he loves so much; it makes him feel good to give you what you deserve.

❀ praise

hearing how good he’s making you feel will make him melt inside. even if your praise is in the form of something small, such as calling him your good boy, he loves it so much. it drives him to work harder for you; it makes him feel nice to know he’s doing so well for you. all he wants is to please you just the way you want him to.

❀ overstim

in my opinion, this kink goes both ways for him. as much as he wants to make you cum time and time again, he wants the same for himself. push him over the edge over and over; he likes it. tell him he has to cum for you; watch his body shake at your touch. no matter how painful it becomes, he wants more, if that’s what you’re in the mood to give him. sex is certainly centered around you, even when the attention is on him.

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✿ dom

❀ dry humping

do i even need to explain this one? imagine the both of you dressed in silky fabrics, trying to desperately to get off through the restraints of your clothing. taehyung adores this for so many reasons. his patience and stamina are wonderful, meaning that he doesn’t mind how long the build up is. actually, i can see him enjoying it, using this as somewhat of a foreplay before even better things commence.

❀ biting

biting! he would surely do this most often, and would not be opposed to having you bite him as well. he likes to nip at your earlobe or leave little bites along your neck during foreplay. your reactions get him so hard. he likes the way your flesh reacts to such harshness.

❀ cowgirl

(i’m really not sure if this even counts, but i’m including it since this is my post.) he would be really into the cowgirl position for the aesthetics it offers. he can grip your hips and have full control over the pace of things, or he can reach up and roughly cup your breasts. it also allows him easy access to your neck, which enables his biting kink even more. it’s the perfect position for him, in my opinion.

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✿ switch

❀ risky/semi-public

submissive jungkook is my favorite concept. i think he’s into partaking in more risky/public activities with his girl, like being jerked off under the table at dinner or something of the sort. something about the possibility of getting caught is so thrilling, and hearing your rough voice in his ear demanding that he keeps a straight face drives him closer and closer to the edge.

❀ shower sex

shower sex is a favorite of his. the warm water hitting his back as he pushes you up against the tile wall gets him so riled up. he finds the entire scenario so hot, especially the way your noisy moans bounce off the shower walls, intensifying the sounds (thanks, bill nye). he likes to hold you up at the backs of your thighs, rather than take you from behind.

❀ praise

especially when he’s feeling submissive, he adores praise. he eats it up. hearing that he’s a good boy or that he’s pretty fuels him; boosts his ego and drives him to continue. immediately after receiving a bit of praise, he’ll begin to use his tongue on you with a renewed vigor. he wants to hear it again. he’ll make you cum so much, as long as it means you’ll be expressive about how good he can make you feel.

regarding the trixie and katya situation

i said this on twitter already but imma just reiterate.

i hope everything is okay between trixie and katya as much as the next stan but please don’t harass them about it. katya seems to really be going through a tough time and doesnt need this, plus friends get in fights or it could all be a joke.

katya & trixie are ADULTS. if they’re having issues they can solve them themselves. they legit work together so i doubt they’re ‘over’. friends fight. i really hope they’re okay but if they aren’t they’re adults and can solve the problem themselves.

most importantly, however,  i really hope that katya is healthy and happy because she seems to be in a rough spot rn. i hope their friendship is healthy as well, but most importantly i hope they’re both healthy as individuals first.


Jikook social media au; First times👀 (22/?

(previous, next) 

Park Jimin is known as his schools ‘slut’. He doesn’t pay much mind to the title. So what, he likes sex? Not a big deal, right? Well, everyone else at his school thinks it is. Especially when seemingly innocent, new student, Jeon Jeongguk joins the school. Jeongguk may choose to not listen to the rumours and whispers, but later he realizes that him and Jimin are on completely different spectrums on what they want out of a potential relationship. ~ Tumblr fucked up or something and didn’t post all the parts so hopefully this works 😭💙~

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hellio uh, if it doesnt hurt to ask, what started the jushi ship?-- im still honestly confused on how it started but i ship it 100% all the way asd-- oh, and i mcflecki n accidentally unliked one of your beautiful post two times after liking it and im slightly guilty- that was random but whatev, your art is beautiful and your beautiful too, keep up the hard and great work and make sure to take care of yourself! sorry this was too long haha

It started when I accidentally let out more of my trash and my Jared obsession(I loved him ever since he said KINKY when I first listened to the musical)- And well- I DON’T KNOW IT JUST SPIRALED FROM THERE AHAHA-

And thank you so much!! And it’s not too long at all, I find this really sweet!

Chance Encounter | 04

Character / Genre / words: Christian Yu ( DPR +IAN / Yu Barom ) x reader | Fluff, Slight Angst |  14,069 words

Warning: Drama. Slight mentions of violent behaviour (kinda, not much, you know me)

a/n: inspired by the infamous DM mishap which happened to me some time ago, so I decided to just write the whole thing down as a cute reminder. | I have no idea why the chapter just keeps getting longer, but this was technically chapter 4 and 5 combined because I have no idea how my brain works anymore. I’m so sorry for the long wait, I hope you enjoy this as well :)

➽ Chapters: Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03 | Part 04

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Jon: Now let’s get ou back to your body…

Edd: Ringo bad kitty! 

Edd: I’m so sorry guys! Because of this rascal here you lost what happened! Oh god I should keep this lil guy in my sights more often… Well at least you didn’t lose much…Matt got his heart back!


Edd: Well at least things are back to normal…We’re back on track!

(I’m back and ready to work on the blog again! The inbox has been cleaned, send new asks everyone!)

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Mmm look, it's past my bedtime but I'm listening to CR and on tumblr, so... Picture an up north cold boy Percy not being able to tolerate hot/humid weather well. Whining he can't breathe it's so hot he feels like he'll pass out. Now take it a step further and picture this WMT Percy (I know he works in hot furnaces, shhh) all slouched in a chair fanning himself with Vex's fan while she's up being social and exploring and having Fun

ok speakin as an up north cold girl there’s a difference between working a hot furnace and that kind of stupid sticky humid-hot that we get in Ontario and Quebec and stuff. It can get up to like…35 degrees here ok??? which is like 95 for you fahrenheiters AND I KNOW that’s hardly Phoenix Arizona but admit it you guys thought Canada just started to defrost in June.

AND THIS IS RELEVANT b/c Whitestone is Cold, yes, but also the geographical features suggest it would have a climate not too dissimilar to those places (it’s north enough to be cold, but south enough to still be forested. It’s also shielded from wind a bit b/c there are mountains, trees, and buncha junk in the way, and it’s close to a large body of water which can do all sorts of weird things but mostly it moderates the temperature) So, yeah, Whitestone might not be too far off from a climate like Chicago or Toronto or something, very loosely speaking.

And what this means is that Whitestone, in the summer, would be hot, sticky, still, humid, and awful, and Percy would have been Suffering through this every summer for his entire life, so he is probably face-down on the floor of the entry hall in shirtsleeves b/c the Stone Floor is the Only Cold Place, and trying to do anything else immediately douses him in a full coat of slimy sweat like he’s some kind of tropical frog, which is not only gross but very bad for holding slippery metal tools or book pages or even keeping his glasses steady on his nose, and opening the windows doesn’t help because there is no wind whatsoever to cool him down, so he’s not only too hot he’s BORED and he has been for YEARS, Lady Vex'ahlia.

Lady Vex'ahlia, who is busy spinning around outside in the sticky heat because everything in Whitestone gets so, so green, and lush, and the grass is thick and springy and the bushes are full of pink flowers and blackberries, and she probably enjoys it too until sunset, at which point she encounters stormclouds of mosquitos and blackflies and probably swallows at least 3 of each because it’s like the fucking plagues have descended and so in the end she’s like Fuck This and just. goes to join Percy on the nice cold stone floor b/c at least there are no bugs there.

I kinda miss summer in Ontario is what I’m saying :D

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okay i just wanna say that your comics are the most purest and beautiful things so far in my 2018! i showed your comics to my friends who aren’t even super into bts and they loved them! they said it was really cute and honestly it’s true so! i don’t really know, but your comics are super nice and they make my day a lot more light hearted, so thank you so much! you’re doing really great! -anon edp

AhhhHHH thank you sm ;o; it’s the sweetest when you guys show my stuff to other people who aren’t even into bts! And it makes me so happy that they like it as well 😭😭 you guys really are the sweetest :’-( I’ll work harder to bring you guys content that’ll hopefully brighten your day!

Story Time

Okay, guys here are three things from my day that I wanted to share with you because I thought you might enjoy them. 

1. First of I am apart of Team Canada for Taekwondo (something I thought I would never share on here) and because of that Team Canada sends me emails. These emails consist of if any Team Canada athlete wins a medal that and recently a lot on the athletes nominated for the Olympics. Today they sent us an email about the flag bearers and it was such a cute email guys it had Tessa and Scott’s story on. But, the story was not written how CBC or TSN would write it but it was more along the line of from one athlete to another. it takes about Tessa injuries are how much they had to work to even be able to skate once around the rink let alone be ice dancer again. It talks about there struggles to communicate again and what it was like leaving retirement and coming back as well as what it is like to represent Canada for so long, overall just proving even thought they didn’t need to why they where the best people because they are amazing role models and demonstrate everything Team Canada talks to us about being a Canadian athlete (there was so much I didn’t know, that they kept from people because it was personal). There was also like a message from them which was so cute and just makes me love them even more, it was so personal and from reading it you could really sense how much that this means to them. 

2. At 11:30 I have my Physics class but I need to know who it was going to be so while we were all working I was watching with headphones instead of doing my work. When I saw Tessa and Scott I squealed out of happiness and It was louder then I thought because I could not hear with the headphones and everyone in my class just stared at me. but I would take that embarrassment every day if good things like today keep happening. 

3.  I was talking to my boyfriend about them today because of the email (He is also a Canadian athlete). But he looked them up (aka he went through my Tumblr), and told me that we have to sep up our game because we are being beaten by two people who aren’t even an official couple. Which just cracked me up because he saw it too. 

okay that all sorry for how long this is.

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I really really like your balderich and Reinhardt pictures. You draw the beef so well! (Wish I could ask with my side blog... it would make more sense) but keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!!! I wish I drew more than Gabe jack shit but I’m in too deep but I trying to keep up above in my head instead of going undeerrrrrr (stop me pls)
I’ll try to draw others!

So recently I’ve been avoiding talking about Shinee and kpop (for obvious reasons) and in general I don’t really talk that much about it here because I don’t want to live up to that stereotype of “that foreigner how came to Korea to find their oppa” you know? 

Well anyway I’d been kind of avoiding telling my close friend here about the podcast because you know… but I told her today and she thought it was so amazing and was super supportive! She even mentioned she has a friend working at a radio station and maybe I should go into script writing or something and she gave me such a motivational speech about life and idk… it felt so good to have someone that’s totally outside of Tumblr and kpop  to objectively look at what I’m doing and tell me “wow that’s so amazing”

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Do you do commissions????? I’ve been following you for so long now and I absolutely love your art oml. I’m also in lowkey desperate need for a new pfp but I’m a writer who can’t draw to save my life unless you count poorly drawn stick figures. I would pay you a lot and give you as much time as you need as well as give you 100% credit for it. I 100% understand if you don’t do commissions though sorry for being weird/fangirlish?

Thank you very much! I recently solved my issues with PayPal so I’ll be able to take commissions, but not for now as I’m busy with school and work ^^

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hello mods❤️❤️! i hope you're doing well, i've been reading all of the posts on this blog and fawning over how much interpretation and work you all put into these imagines! when you have the time, could you do some headcanons for a very flirty future-s/o that gets really flustered and quiet when the other person reciprocates with the compliments/friendly jabs? with akechi, ryuji, yusuke, and ann, if you can! take your time, and i love you all and the work you put into this blog SO MUCH❤️❤️❤️!!!

yo my man, hope this is chill with u,, also I used S/O but as per request this is set before anybody gets together

-Mod J


  • it isn’t easy to get this boy flustered
  • because even thou he isn’t exactly familiar with dating and whatnot, he was a detective for a time
  • so he is used to keeping a cool head and dealing with things calmly
  • if S/O does in fact get him flustered, it would be by sounding genuine when speaking to him
  • he can deal with vulgar and excessively flirtatious comments, but if u start saying shit about how his eyes shine or how great it is that he’s moving forward from his past?
  • it’s guaranteed that he has a lil blush on his face
  • it wouldn’t take too long for him to get used to such a flirtatious person, as adaptability is a skill u gotta learn when being a detective
  • but it would take him a lil longer to actually retaliate with his own slick lines due to Traumatic Circumstances but when he did???
  • it wouldn’t be gross flirting
  • “You look quite ravishing today S/O”
  • S/O is shooketh
  • they are an overly flirty individual,, but often times they don’t actually get responses??? especially from handsome ex-detectives like Akechi??? whatta day
  • so they just kinda freeze up and go red in the face
  • S/O’s reaction would be cause for concern for Akechi,,, did he say something wrong? he had thought that this would be the appropriate way to interact with this person but,, maybe he was wrong
  • after he tries to apologise, S/O starts stuttering about how it’s fine, and how they just weren’t expecting someone like Akechi to say something like that
  • Akechi processes this new information, and finally smirks
  • “There’s quite a lot that you don’t know about me, S/O”
  • S/O is dead and smirky Pancake King killed them that’s a true fact
  • but on the inside Akechi’s like !!! oh ok unexpected result
  • according to Akechi a blushing and flustered S/O is A+ and I’m not saying that this would make him more curious to explore relations with S/O but yes it absolutely would


  • it really depends with this boy
  • cause he can be really easy to fluster, but he can also be really dense
  • so if you go in too soft with ur flirts it’ll just go right over his head,
  • so S/O has to be really in his face about it otherwise he won’t even realise that he’s being flirted with
  • for example…
  • A soft entrance would be like “Your arms are looking good! Have you been working out?”
  • the response would be
  • “Yeah I have! Now that I look, you’re lookin’ a little puny lately… I know! Let’s go and train sometime soon, yeah?!”
  • however, if S/O were to go in strong
  • “You are absolutely the most attractive person in this room”
  • he’d be like ‘oh’
  • ‘ok’
  • at this point he would finally get that he was being flirted with and get uber flustered
  • but after a while he would realise that that’s just how they are
  • they are just naturally flirty
  • so one day they’d both just be hanging out and S/O would throw out a line
  • and Ryuji would end up responding with something p innocent tbvh
  • “You’re lookin’ pretty good yourself S/O!”
  • like I said, it’s an innocent enough comment but as per request,,, S/O is lookin hella blushy
  • Ryuji probably wouldn’t even notice that they were getting all bothered and would go about his business
  • but S/O would be stammering and they could actually feel the heat coming off of their face and it wouldn’t be a good look tbh
  • but with that comment Ryuji has officially convinced S/O that 1) he is a cutie and 2) it wouldn’t be bad to continue to flirt with said cutie in the future


  • this poor boy
  • he wouldn’t understand that he was being flirted with unless someone said it outright
  • he isn’t the greatest with social cues and situations
  • but sometimes when he speaks people think he’s flirting just because he speaks his mind
  • like he’ll call people beautiful because he genuinely believes they are Aesthetic
  • and he’ll commend people on their work ethic and how well they’re doing
  • to a lot of people this is A1 flirting
  • for him he’s just saying how he feels
  • so when S/O goes up and flirts with him,, he doesn’t take it as flirting, he takes it as a person who acknowledges the good qualities in a person, which is quite admirable
  • so he would be quite confused that whenever he talks to them,, they just squeak and get all quiet?? this isn’t how conversations work??
  • “You are exquisite as usual, S/O.”
  • someone (probably Futaba) would have to tell him that he’s been flirting with S/O for months now
  • he’ll have to find them and tell them that omg he didn’t mean to make them uncomfortable or anything he just doesn’t understand some facets of social interaction?? talk to his dad he’ll tell u
  • but after talking it out with S/O and the both of them realising that ? they didn’t actually mind when the other flirted? they actually really like spending time together
  • they would eventually reach the conclusion that maybe hanging out some more wouldn’t hurt
  • “It seems that I didn’t have to worry at all, what a relief.”


  • she can tell when she’s being flirted with
  • she’s heard most of the lines before so she’ll probably be a bit annoyed with S/O for being so flirtatious
  • she wouldn’t really hang out with them too much because of that
  • and when confronted about it, she wouldn’t really feel the need to give much more explanation than…
  • “It’s just real irritating ya know?”
  • she would be able to get used to it, but she still wouldn’t feel too good about being with them alone
  • and one day, she would be with S/O at school or something, and S/O would start giving them ‘good’ lines
  • and Ann would finally decide that she’s had enough, and give them a taste of their own medicine
  • “You know, you’d actually be good looking if you could keep your mouth shut.”
  • S/O is shocked and scared and embarrassed and aHHH
  • because S/O ain’t dumb, they can tell that Ann doesn’t really like them
  • but they don’t like the idea of changing how they speak just because someone doesn’t like it
  • regardless, they’ve tried to stray from Ann and not hang out with her too much
  • because as much as they wouldn’t like to change themselves, they don’t like making people all uncomfy
  • so when Ann fired back and actually (sorta) called them good looking?? wow what a moment
  • they are a mess of sudden nerves and the snarky grin Ann has on her face isn’t helping
  • but with this reaction comes with consequences
  • because now Ann is looking at them with their head down and their cheeks rosy and she’s? a lil smitten not gonna lie
  • but best believe that she’s gonna deny that to her goddamn grave
  • cause there is no way she likes such an annoying playa
  • no way
  • (yes way)


well this first thing isn’t actually art, but it sure was a fun project to work on!

.. only half sarcastic there since all the sanding and shaving hurt my hands a lot but the end result works really really well so i’m very happy with it.

got me a proper second stick for nice smooth camera controller (makes timesplitters 2 feel sooo good to play)  and a nice new dpad, stolen from a Wii U pro controller.

the dpads not as clicky as i’d like since theres so much space between the plastic and the PCB so at some point, when i have an actual soldering iron, i’d like to move the PCB up but for now its still a big improvement over the old dpad. 

in taking the thing apart i also noticed how much empty space there is in the handles and have been thinking about splitting the rumble into two and having them there instead of the middle but thats a bit far off for now

its also pretty fascinating realising how much of a controllers feel comes down to minor changes in the actual mechanical parts. I spent a lot of time shaving down that dpad inside by tiny, tiny amounts to get it to feel just right.

John and Esther Pt 20 Just a little bit of Smut

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Elizabeth could well have taken to her confinement bed a month ago but she has no truck with that, she is a farmer’s wife and there is always work to be done besides she could not have endured being enclosed into the one room for so long. The short time she will spend in this stifling place will be more than enough, it is hot and fetid with the scent of sweat, wood smoke and pungent herbs cast into the flames.

Martha Carey emerges from the covers tented over Elizabeth’s raised knees. “I doubt she will be much longer.
Rebecca nods, “That would be my feeling Martha, the last two were birthed quickly enough, and so far this labour has been short so pray to God this one will be just as easy.

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I’m glad my school situation ended up how it did, because straight out of high school I never thought I would have wanted to work closely with people lmao but now I see that that’s the type of work where I feel most fulfilled/I’m not eyeing the clock constantly bc I get so much satisfaction from working one on one with someone and knowing that they’re being taken care of, which is what has always appealed to me about working with animals as well but more recently I’ve realized I kinda have a knack for it with people too and it’s rewarding..I’m still not sure exactly what I wanna pursue but something in the way of counseling/advocacy I think could be really nice for me