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Colored result of my lineart, soft and eyestrain version

Jimin stuffing 15 candies into Jin’s mouth.

And so a month after they built the fifth Wal-Mart in our county, a little coffee shop opened just a few yards away.  

My coworker Rick said it looked like a giant amoeba just waiting to absorb any surrounding properties.

“The coffee shop?” I asked.

“No, Wal-Mart is the amoeba.”


When I got back to my desk, I typed ‘amoeba’ into Google and realized that I had incorrectly pictured a centipede.

“Fuck Rick,” I thought. “I don’t need any more friends, anyway. I’m on friend overload.”

At dinner that night, the Wal-Mart came up again when my wife Diane mentioned how ugly it was to see another gigantic shopping center taking up space in our town.

“It looks like a giant amoeba just waiting to absorb that little coffee shop,” I said. “And then the coffee shop is like a centipede.”

“I don’t think amoebas eat centipedes. And besides, that’s the point.”

Diane went on to explain that the coffee shop, though legitimate and functioning by all measures, was really an art piece constructed by a group of private donors in response to the new Wal-Mart.

“The idea is that we’re intentionally not supposed to go to the coffee shop. That way, Wal-Mart customers will be forced to observe the gradual decay of a local business every time they enter the store.”

“Well, I’ve been going there all week,” I said. “I think the coffee is top-notch stuff. Plus, it’s on my way to work.”

“The coffee is supposed to be mediocre,” said Diane. “Keeping within the budget of most struggling businesses. It’s supposed to be virtually undrinkable.”

“Hmm…well I really like it.”

“Well, you can’t keep going or else you’ll ruin the project.”

“This is America,” I said. “And if I want a cup of mediocre, overpriced coffee, by god I will have it!”

Over the next several months, I kept drinking the coffee. Some days I even went twice. The quality of the coffee, I was told, gradually worsened as a result of my unwavering interest, but I never noticed and so I had no choice but to doubt the rumors.

My doubt remained intact even after overhearing a private conversation between the coffee shop’s manager and the cashier. I was standing by a tree and watching a teenager back his car into another car and I guess they didn’t see me.

“I know,” said the cashier. “I’ve tried that, but it’s like he doesn’t have taste buds.”

“Well, he’s single-handedly fucking up this entire thing.”

“So what then, poison? Would he even drink poison?”

“Now, that’s an interesting idea.”

“Stupid teenage drivers,” I thought.

In the end, they poisoned the coffee. I made it a month after that, but my failing eyesight and ravaged kidneys eventually left me bed-ridden.

“Well, they just opened another location,” said Diane. “Business is booming. I hope you’re happy.”

And I wasn’t happy, but I was somehow content and I thought about everything: Wal-Mart, art projects, even little amoebas crawling through the forest, one-hundred legs working beautifully in tandem.

“Nobody ever wins in these kinds of things,” said Diane.

“But if you had to pick a winner, you’d probably pick me because the coffee shop was on my way to work.”

Diane sighed and left the room. I dozed off and in my dream, they did pick a winner. They picked me and I was led over to a small stage to choose my prize: A brand new recliner or two new kidneys!

“The recliner,” I inquired. “How far back are we talking?”


i was betrayed by my own kin today

Things Change~Wonho Angst

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Word Count: 1.6k

You and Hoseok have been friends since your freshman year of college. Both of you are now out of college chasing your dreams.

Hoseok was in a group called Monsta X. You’ve met all of the members, and they were all sweethearts. They all treated you like you were apart of the team, and you were grateful that Hoseok had such amazing people by his side.

The two of you hardly saw each other now a days, but both of you weren’t particularly worried about it. When you guys did meet up, it was like the two of you were never apart.

It had been about two months since the two of you had saw each other. Now this hadn’t been the longest since you’ve saw each other, but you hadn’t heard anything from him in the two months. Not even a text message, and you were getting kind of worried.

You texted Hoseok a couple times throughout the two months, but he hasn’t answered any of those messages. Plus you didn’t have any of the other members numbers, so you couldn’t text them to ask how Hoseok was doing.

You decided that you would pay Starship a visit to see how he was doing. You walked out of your apartment, and down to your car. It would take you about half an hour to drive there, so you wanted to leave as soon as possible.

After about half and hour you arrived at Starship entertainment. You didn’t really know your way around the building, or if they would even let you in to see Hoseok.

Walking up to the front door, you noticed a familiar silhouette in the distance. It was Shownu. You picked up your pace, and ran over to him. “Shownu!” You called out.

Shownu turned his head at the call of his name. He smiled when he saw that it was you. “Oh y/n, what brings you here?” He asked you.

You took a minute to catch your breathe. ‘Man I should really start working out.’ You thought to yourself. After about a minute you looked up at Shownu. “I was wondering if I could get in, so I can see Hoseok. He hasn’t been answering my messages, and we haven’t talked or saw each other for two months. So I was worried.” You explained. “So could you help me get in?” You asked Shownu.

Shownu seemed to think about your request for a couple minutes. You stood there hopeful that Shownu would agree. Shownu looked at you, and then nodded his head. “Sure. Just follow me.” He told you as he started to walk into the building.

You quickly followed behind him. “Thank you so much Shownu, I swear I’ll be out as soon as I know Hoseok is okay.” You promised. 

Shownu nodded. “I’ll be honest, he hasn’t really been himself lately. Everyone is trying to figure out why, but he won’t tell anyone.” He said softly.

You bit your lip. ‘So I do have a reason to be worried. I’m not worrying over nothing. What could be wrong though?’ You thought as you followed Shownu to a room.

It appeared to be Monsta X’s dance practice studio. “Everyone should be in here, including Hoseok.” Shownu said as he opened the door.

As soon as the door was opened, everyone stopped moving and looked towards the door. You blushed at all of the sudden attention. You waved slightly. “Hey guys.” You mumbled out.

Everyone’s faces lit up, except one, the one you were here for. Hoseok didn’t look to happy to see you, which worried you even more. He was always happy to see you, whenever and wherever it was. So why was he acting like he didn’t want you here?

The rest of the boys all ran over to you, and hugged you. “It’s been awhile y/n. It’s good to see you.” Jooheon said as everyone pulled you into a group hug. You couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah, it has been a long time. It’s really nice to see you guys too.” You told them as you hugged them back.

As you hugged them, your eyes wondered over to Hoseok. He was staring in the direction of where you guys were, but he made no motion to move.

After about a minute, you broke away from the hug. “Sorry guys, but I actually came here to talk to Hoseok if that’s okay.” You told them as you looked at Hoseok. They all nodded. “It’s okay, we’ll leave, and give you guys some privacy.” Kihyun said as he pushed the others out the door.

You smiled in thanks. After they all left you looked towards Hoseok once again. “You want to tell me what’s going on?” You asked him, as you took a couple steps towards him.

Hoseok shook his head. “There’s nothing wrong y/n.” He told you, causing you to roll your eyes.

“We both know that’s a lie. You’ve been ignoring my messages for two months Hoseok. We haven’t even seen each other in two months. Please just tell me what’s wrong.” You said as you stared at him.

He looked lost, like he didn’t know what to do or say to you. Which made you worry a little bit more, but you weren’t giving up. You needed to know what was wrong with your best friend.

You walked the rest of the way towards him, and gently grabbed his cheeks, forcing him to look at you. “Hoseok, please just tell me. I’m really worried about you.” You whispered as you stared into his eyes.

You always knew that Hoseok was a handsome guy, but you never really noticed how attractive he was until you were standing there staring into his eyes. You would never admit to anyone, but you’ve always had a tiny crush on Hoseok, but you quickly buried that after you realized that nothing would ever happen between the two of you.

You always had a little hope that things would change though, but once again you would never admit that to anyone if they asked you.

Hoseok looked away from your gaze, and pulled away from you. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship y/n, and if I tell you it could ruin everything.” He said as he looked around nervously.

Your brow furrowed in confusion. “How would it ruin our friendship? Hoseok I’ll always be here for you, no matter what.” You told him softly as you grabbed his hands in reassurance.

Hoseok bit his lip before he sighed. “Okay, okay. I’ve just been trying to sort my mind out, about how I feel.” He started off. Your eyes widened. “How you feel?” You asked softly.

“Yeah, how I feel.” He said. “I like someone…” he trailed off. Your heart was beating so fast in your chest. Was he going to confess to you? Did he actually have feelings for you?

“And you know her really well, that’s why I was scared it could ruin things between us.” He mumbled. “Who is it?” You asked in anticipation. Hoseok avoided your gaze. “It’s your older sister.” He whispered out.

As he said those words, you could swear your heart fell into your stomach. “O-Oh I didn’t know you had feelings for her.” You said as you slowly let go of his hands.

“We’ve been talking for a couple months now, and I think I actually really like her. She’s such an amazing person.” He told you. You nodded along even though you weren’t really paying attention.

“Y/N? Are you okay? This doesn’t change anything between us right?” He asked you worriedly. You bit your lip to hold back some of your tears. You looked up at him and shook your head. “Of course not, I said I’d always be here for you right?” You tried to joke.

You needed to get out, and fast before you broke. You looked around. “I’m glad we cleared things up, but I have to go. I’m suppose to meet someone soon.” You lied.

Hoseok frowned slightly, not really believing you. He nodded anyway. “Okay. I’ll see you soon alright?” He asked. You nodded as you backed away from him. “Yeah sure. I really have to go though. It was nice talking to you. See you around.” You mumbled as you turned around and scurried to the door.

All you wanted to do was go home and never come out ever again. You rushed past everyone that was in the hallway, trying to get away as quickly as possible before you started to cry.

As you scurried down the hallways you kept your head down. You didn’t notice that you passed the boys. They gave each other worried glances to each other.

“That was y/n right? Like I’m not imagining thing, right that was her?” Hyungwon asked them. The rest nodded. “Yeah that was definitely her. I wonder what happened between the two of them. She looked really upset.” Changkyun said.

“Maybe we should ask Hoseok hyung.” Minhyuk suggested. They all nodded and headed towards Hoseok to try and get some answers.

You rushed out of the building and into your car. As you closed the door, you broke down crying.

“My sister? Out of everyone, he has to like my sister?” You mumbled as you wiped your eyes. You leaned your head back against your seat.

The tears just wouldn’t stop flowing down your cheeks. Why couldn’t he have developed feelings for you? Why did it have to be your sister?

You sighed and wiped your eyes once again. “I lied Hoseok. I’m pretty sure things are going to change between us.” You mumbled as you started your car and drove home.

“Things are going to change.” You sighed.

*Honestly this boy is everything. Monsta X is such an underrated group, I hope 2017 will be a great year for them. They deserve it, and so much more ♥ * 


Ai Mikaze Uta No Prince-Sama

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It was laughable how easily Glanni coerced Ithro into a complete and total makeover, and he had a feeling that it had something to do with how he was under the impression this was his attempt at establishing a stronger bond. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but at any superficial rate, it’d be fun to see the elf all done up.
That was, if he could actually keep still for more than a minute at a time.

“The better you cooperate, the faster it’ll be over,” Glanni scolded, squinting as he held the other man’s jaw in one hand, and a mascara brush in the other. Truthfully, he was a beautiful subject, like a model one might see designers practice on, or even be their final product, but that was besides the point.

“Sorry, but it’s not like I’ve ever done this before!” Despite having been chastised throughout the entire process by an easily frustrated Glanni Glæpur, Ithro’s grin never faltered. He wanted to believe that things were becoming more steady between them and that he would no longer be considered a tentative choice in Glanni’s times of emotional instability. Maybe Ithro could go so far as to hope to be a permanent asset, but,

 "Fucking hell, just let me finish this one eye, okay? That’s all there is left to do.“ Glanni’s hostility might have been more meaningful if it weren’t for what he was doing and how painstakingly so. Sometimes, Ithro began to wonder if some of the nasty things he said were habitual rather than intentional. The sudden, triumphant clap of Glanni’s hands burst into his thoughts, along with the sight of his brilliantly toothy smile. 

“Would you take a look at this!” And it most definitely wasn’t a request, because Glanni all but shoved a handheld mirror into Ithro’s lap, eagerly peering over his shoulder to check his reaction. He, personally, believed he’d done superbly, however, he also wanted outside confirmation. “So?” Glanni asked impatiently, tracing his fingers up and down Ithro’s arms. 

“You did great!” Was his chiming response, and Glanni couldn’t help but get excited over the enthusiasm in his voice. After all, it wasn’t every day he did something anybody approved of, or any day. 

“Let me look at you again,” he insisted as he took back the mirror. Ithro obliged peacefully even though Glanni was unnecessarily close now for the sake of proper inspection. He didn’t have much of a chance to take in his project as a whole whilst he had been working, choosing to focus on the details, the parts, the pieces. Now that Glanni was able to take Ithro’s face in its entirety, he understood just how well it had turned out. “Fuck,” Glanni muttered, still keeping his eyes on Ithro. He said it again, though it was almost a whisper. 

 Ithro’s lashes were elongated through the power of strenuous mascara use, and the lids of his eyes glowed a gentle golden yellow, as Glanni had figured it would suit his usual, albeit hideous pallette. There was also a light dusting of blush on the apples of his cheeks as well as on the tip of his nose, accompanied by the shadowy appearance of a contoured jawline. And lastly, he had delicately applied a muted, but opaque shade of pink on his lips. It truly brought it all together, though it completely undid Glanni. 

“Something off?” Ithro questioned, feeling a bit uncomfortable sitting in silence for as long as he had. Glanni seemed as if he was formulating an answer, yet the concentrated expression soon dissolved. Without warning, Glanni had taken ahold of Ithro’s shoulders, an anchoring tool to steady himself as he furiously pushed their lips together. The desperate overtones of his impulsive actions were not lost, and Ithro acted accordingly, allowing Glanni to climb onto his lap and grasping onto his waist. It was warm, what they were doing, burning even, and both parties dearly hoped for it to mean something. It felt like it did, what with Glanni’s hot breath on the elf’s skin and how Ithro couldn’t take his hands off of him. 

Glanni was the first to pull away, and he took in a sharp inhale after he did. So breathing was important after all? It just seemed so secondary. “Your makeup,” he said, a leering grin creeping up on his features. “I ruined it.“ 

“Did you?” Ithro’s tone was weary, unfocused. Glanni laughed at that, gesturing towards the paint smeared on his chin. 

“Really bad." 

"Well, I don’t feel ruined,” he mused lightly. “Do it again?" 


Ya know I’m not one to judge, but if you ship incest of any kind, you are nasty.

I don’t care if it’s adults, kids, or even elderly people. It’s gross and unnatural.

Did you know that humans, like many other species, have a certain instinct that is supposed to keep them from mating with their relatives? It’s in our sweat. The sweat of your relatives smells worse than people you’re not related to, and this is supposed to be a turn off.

Also, inbreeding is really gross. It ruins family lines, as well as that poor child will have to suffer for the rest of their life. So many birth defects and disorders that could’ve been prevented.

There actually are people who are victims of incest, as well as sexual abuse from relatives, so people romanticizing these kind of relationships is really hurting people like that. So no, it’s not “ship shaming”, or “ship hate”. It’s calling you out for shipping something that is disgusting.

Because when you ship incest and talk about how “cute” it is, you’re not hurting fictional characters, you’re hurting actual people. Keep that in mind.


Otomedia Stage & Musical Vol. 05 - Uno Yuuya x Kitagawa Naoya x Miura Hiroki x Yashiro Takuya

lielow-at-lupins  asked:

I know I just requested one but 21 for Jeddy would be amazing as well <3

Teddy didn’t understand. He and James had always been so close. They could tell each other everything. But lately James had been avoiding Teddy. Any time Teddy would try to approach him, he’d quickly turn and walk the other way like he didn’t see him. And in the rare event when Teddy was able to get some words in, James was always short with him, never giving more than a one or two word answer. Teddy was really hurt by this, especially because James was everything to him. He would never tell anyone this, but he was in love with James…had been for years

Teddy was at the Potter’s house for dinner. Teddy was enjoying himself as much as he could, but sitting right next to James without saying a word to each other was killing him. He felt like everyone else noticed the tension too, but thankfully they didn’t speak on it. James excused himself as soon as he finished the food on his plate. Teddy let out a quiet sigh and ran his fingers through his hair. It had changed from aqua to a very dark blue, almost black, ever since James had started acting like this. 

Teddy stayed at the table and chatted with everyone for a bit before he excused himself too. He was staying overnight, but instead of heading up to his room, he went outside to get some fresh air. He quietly closed the door behind him and took a deep breath. It wasn’t until he took a few more steps off the porch that he realized someone else was outside. He looked down and saw James sitting on the ground, looking up at the sky.

“Hey,” Teddy said.

James turned his eyes to look up at him and nodded.

“Can we talk?”

James sighed.



“Let’s walk,” Teddy said and stretched out a hand to James.

James looked at the hand hesitantly, but finally just took it and let Teddy pull him up.

“So…how’ve you been?”

“I’ve been…good,” James lied.

“I haven’t.”

James stopped walking and turned to look at Teddy.

“What’s up with you Jamie? Why won’t you talk to me? It’s killing me.”

“I-I…” James trailed off and just leaned in to smash his lips to Teddy’s.

Teddy was shocked at first but then responded to the kiss and slowly moved his hands to rest them on James’s hips. Teddy’s hair immediately started changing back to its signature shade of aqua.

Teddy’s touch must have shocked James out of his trance, because he roughly pulled himself away and frantically started trying to give an explanation.

“T-Teddy…I- that was an accident…I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…god I’m so fucking stupid…I just-” James turned away from Teddy and covered his face, groaning.

“James, you’re not stupid. Not at all.” Teddy tried turning James around but he wouldn’t budge. “James c’mon, don’t shut me out.”

Teddy sighed and moved around James so he was facing his front side again.

“James, hey, look at me, love.” Teddy pulled James’s hands away from his face.

James looked into Teddy’s eyes, scared.

“Please don’t be mad at me Teddy. I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting. I just, well, I really like you and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, so I guess I thought ignoring you would be the best way to make sure that didn’t happen. Looks like I still fucked it up anyway…I’m so stupid. Merlin, Teddy. I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry?” Teddy laughed. “I’m not. Jesus, James, I’ve been crazy about you for ages now, but I never said anything for, well, the same reason you didn’t. But god I love you so much and I’m so so happy you did that because I don’t think I ever would’ve worked up the courage to do it.”


“Have I ever lied to you before, Jamie?”

James smiled.


Teddy smirked and grabbed James around the waist and pulled him in for another kiss. Teddy kept their lips connected as he walked them backwards, back towards the house…they never got very far from it. Teddy pressed James up against the side of the house and pressed their bodies close together. James moaned and tried grinding his hips into Teddy’s.

Teddy pulled away smirking.

“We should probably stop now before your dad hears you moaning and comes out to check on us. I’m not sure how he would feel seeing his needy son, grinding up against his godson, trying to get some friction on his hard dick.”

James flushes and struggles to find words. Teddy laughs and winks at him.

“It’s alright, Jamie, I know you have needs. Let’s go up to your room and we can take care of those needs, yeah?”

James nods.

“You’ll have to be quiet, though. Think you can do that?”

James groans and grabs Teddy’s hand trying to tug him to the door.

“Yes, Teddy, now let’s go!”

Okay, so I’m finally going to express my personal thoughts on the whole debate over Lauren Zuke’s recent post.

 First off, I’d like to say that I understand where the defenders of Zuke’s actions are coming from. As a story boarder, they do have the right to add in their personal ideas to an episode as long as it is in-character and follows the plot. Personally, I see no problem with Lauren adding in occasional Lapidot to the episodes they board. In “Warp Tour” Pearl and Amethyst share a slightly romantic moment, and even though I don’t believe Pearlmethyst will be canon, the story boarder, who probably shipped it, had the right to add that in. The difference between Zuke and the scene in Warp Tour is that Zuke sacrificed good writing in order to write Lapidot.

It was made obvious that the other writers had no intention of making Lapidot canon, so Zuke relied on off-screen development of Peridot’s relationship with other characters. One episode, Lapis and Peridot have a very complicated relationship, but definitely platonic. The next episode, they’re unusually close. One episode, Peridot has a crush on Amethyst. The next episode, they’re just friends. In a show that revolves around Steven, not Peridot, it’s bad writing that confuses the audience. In the scene from “Warp Tour” the story boarder kept the scene in-character and did not rely on off-screen development to be realistic. I feel Zuke could’ve pulled that off if they wanted to, but they didn’t.

It’s extremely obvious that they wanted Lapidot to become canon, especially when you take into account the things they posted on their private blog, and that’s okay, but when you work on a show, you work in a team. If you don’t like what the team is doing, you can try and reason with them, but under know circumstances do you sacrifice good writing to do what you want.

“But Cosmos! Why would the Crewniverse approve the episodes they boarded if they didn’t like Lapidot?” You may ask.

Well, because Lauren Zuke stuck to the plot, despite making many mistakes. It’s obvious from Zuke’s private blog that they did try to make Lapidot canon, didn’t succeed, and probably left after that.

I know that Lauren Zuke is a good writer, they’ve story boarded amazing episodes such as Chille Tid, Catch and Release, Too Far, the list goes on. They just didn’t do their job.

I used to be a HUGE Lapis fan, and I was one of those Lapis fans, the kind that will defend her every action. Now, she’s one of my least favorite characters. There are episodes such as Same Old World, Hit the Diamond, and Alone at Sea (none of which Zuke boarded) that wrote Lapis really well. Unfortunately, Zuke ruined her character for me and many others so she could write Lapidot. What Lapis needed was a friend who would understand and help her recover from her time as Malachite, and that friend could’ve been Peridot. Maybe that friendship could evolve into a romance, who knows? But what Lapis didn’t beed was to be immediately forced into a relationship she’s not ready for with Peridot and lose what made her interesting.

Lauren Zuke was paid to story board to make the show better, not to force a ship, and certainly not to treat a real show like fanfiction. They didn’t do their job, and that’s it. I feel like a lot of people defending her (mostly Lapidot shippers) believe that being critical of them is bullying and that all Zuke did was try to write healthy gay couple. I love gay couples, and I actually ship Lapidot, believe it or not, but Zuke forgets that the show already has Ruby and Sapphire. Lapidot is not needed to have a proper gay couple in the show, and from what the post suggested, the crew was probably planning for Amedot to become canon. And being critical of someone and being frustrated about how the handled a situation is NOT bullying, I still enjoy most of their episodes and from what Zuke posted on their Twitter account when it was still around, they seem like a wonderful person, but a person who made some very real mistakes that are okay to be critical of.

If there was one thing in that post that they did right, it was saying that people can view character’s relationships any way they choose, which is important. No matter what ship does or doesn’t become canon, you should keep shipping whatever you want. If anyone wants to drop me an ask about this, I’d be more than happy to respond. Thanks!

lol on this forum i mention sometimes there’s a thread about other people with horses born in ‘12 and what you’re doing with them and everything

there’s this girl who’s been training her horse pretty intensely, already jumping a lot etc when he was 3.5/4 years old, he had some behavioural issues including rearing and now he’s lame

so she posted that he’s had injections in joint and tendon [?] for some reason or other [she didn’t mention a specific diagnosis] and people were wondering why this happened and she was all ‘it was just bad luck he probably did it when i let him loose in the arena and he was playing roughly’

and i’m like

guys, do you really not see the connection there

,,anyways I’ll just ignore the fandom and enjoy the spoiler for what it is. My man has screentime and hopefully Matt will be an interesting character,,at the moment i’m still indifferent towards him so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯