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Things I learned from Yoi, ep. 5

- Yuuri is probably the kind of gamer that yells “GIT GUD” at 12 year olds

- Yuuri has a fanboy that sees through all of his flaws (fricken adorable)

- Victor “accept yourself, love yourself” Nikiforov, scolds boyfriend for being a sourpuss

- Public Victuuri hugs are so casual now and that’s beautiful

- Victor keeps his bae’s lips healthy and full :3

- Yuuri takes it on the face really well

- Victor WILL ruin the moment if there’s blood

- No seriously, I bet that leaping hug was Yuuri’s fantasy realized

- Victor gave him another warm (from behind) hug though ^^

- Pretty much everyone ships them?

- Except for Russian Yuri; he’s smol, gay and angry af

- Yuuri is the kind of guy that confesses on live television

- Still no word on if Victor found the posters (please do)

Little Things of Great Importance

A short, platonic Terumob drabble that I mostly wrote while waiting for the bus.  I hope you enjoy it!

on ao3

“My hair’s getting too long.”

Mob must have been spacing out somewhat, since Teru felt the boy next to him jump slightly at the sound of his voice.  They’d been walking in leisurely silence thus far, and the sudden statement had likely taken him by surprise.  Teru meant to apologize, but Mob was quicker:  "…What do you mean?  I think it looks fine…“

Teru hesitated to explain himself.  Today was a nice day, uncharacteristically warm for this early in the year, and their friendship had been going especially well lately. Should he really risk ruining all this with his own problems?  Then again, if they were friends, he should be able to share his troubles with Mob, shouldn’t he?  Especially since the latter had been the one to ask, it would be rude if he simply shot him down with no explanation…

He kept pouting for a moment more, staring down the strands falling between his eyes, before he sighed:

"Look at it, it’s starting to look like…  The way it was back then.”

Mob blinked back owlishly, head tilted slightly in confusion.

“…You know, when we first met…” slowly added Teru: “…when I tried to kill you.”

“Oh right…  I almost forgot about that.”

“What do you mean you…  Never mind…” As it was, almost half the people Mob knew had tried to kill him at some point or another.  In fact it was almost reassuring to know that Mob didn’t seem to dwell on that too much.

The silence returned. Teru wondered how he should keep going, because he knew he had more to say, but he was unsure of how to continue, how to best voice these thoughts…

Life metaphorically threw him a life line in the form of Mob asking:  "You still think about that?”

Teru took a small moment to feel proud of his friend for having successfully read the atmosphere. Whether he’d gotten better at it in general, or had simply learned to read Teru specifically, it was still progress.

“Of course I do!” Exclaimed Teru, a little offended. “It was one of the most important days in my life!”

“Why?” Asked Mob.  It was blunt, but not dishonest.

Teru sputtered: “What do you mean why?? Because I met you, because it was the first time someone beat some sense into me, because you made me realize I wasn’t all that I thought I was, that everyone including me are just commoners trying to make things work, and that I had to change…  That’s important to me.”

Mob seemed to consider this for a moment, before he nodded:  "That does make sense.“

The rather plain reaction gave rise to more questions within Teru, and he wondered whether he should press or not.  He ends up doing so:  "Kageyama-kun, is it…  Not, important to you?”

Mob hummed, tilting his head thoughtfully:  "I wouldn’t say it’s unimportant.  Just that there are many more things that happened with you since then that are more important.“

"Like… What?”  Teru scrambled his brain to find anything of the like, but he had a hard time imagining it.

“Well.  Like the time you helped me save my brother.  The times we’ve studied together, or gone to watch movies.  That time when my house burned down and you wanted to help me find my parents.  Or that time we went shopping together, and you picked out that shirt for me…  Even if no one else thought it looked nice.”

Teru couldn’t help but grumble a little at that last part.  The shirt had been nice, damn it!

“But why?” He couldn’t help but ask:  "A lot of those are completely normal things, why would those be more important to you?“

Mob stopped, and Teru had gone a few steps ahead before noticing.  He turned back and, recognizing the look on Mob’s face, moved to stand closer as he waited.  He knew that expression well:  it was the one Mob took when he was thinking hard, his usual blank stare now unfocused, a small crease appearing on his forehead.

Once he’d gathered the thoughts and properly turned them into words, he looked up to Teru and slowly said:

"It’s because those are the moments where it’s most obvious that you’ve changed.  Because you’re being a good friend.  A good person.”

Those words hit him deep. …Did he really deserve to be called those things?  A friend?  A good person?  Then again, Mob certainly wouldn’t say it without reason…

Teru opened his mouth to answer, but Mob didn’t leave him the chance:  "So that’s why I don’t understand why you’re worried about your hair. It might look the same, but we both know that you aren’t.“

The other boy shrugged a little, now at a bit of a loss.  How should he put this…

”…I guess it is kind of ridiculous.  But I can’t help but associate that with the way I was back then, and I’m scared that… What if that’s still how others see me? What if it’s still how you see me? I’ve been horrible, so I wouldn’t blame them for that, but it still hurts…  So I’ve been keeping my hair short to separate myself from that, but it keeps growing back…“

"If people think that, then they’re wrong, or they haven’t been paying attention,” suddenly cut Mob:  "The fact that you’re worried about that proves it.“

Teru was…  Honestly left rather speechless.  He’d thought it had been just a little thing, something he could ignore and get over on his own, but now…  With Mob proving it wrong so bluntly, with so little hesitation… The weight was off Teru’s shoulders, and only now could he appreciate how heavy it had been.

Teru laughed:

”…You know what Kageyama-kun?  You’re absolutely right!  This is exactly why our friendship matters so much to me…"

Now it was Mob’s turn to be struck speechless.

“…Its not that great really…  It’s just something Shishou told me…”

“That doesn’t surprise me.  Your shishou’s so wise!”

Mob agreed with a nod, happy as always to see others agree with him about Reigen:  "He said that people are like trees.  They may look the same on the outside, but everyday they’re growing and changing and becoming slightly different.  Even if you can’t tell, it’s wrong to assume people will always be the same, and even if they wanted to, it’s impossible for them to go back to their previous states…  Or something like that.“

Teru’s eyes drifted to the row of alders lining the street:  "Like trees, huh?”  He murmured pensively.  It was a fair analogy.  Growing was normal, changing was normal…  Trees didn’t shrink, and neither did people…  Or well, not until they got really old they didn’t.

“Thank you, Kageyama-kun.”

“Ah…  For what?  I didn’t do much…”

“You gave me advice. That’s important to me.”  He inhaled deeply:  “You’re important to me.”

“O- oh.” There was a moment of quiet tension, before he answered:  “You’re important to me too.”

They shared a smile.  Until they simultaneously remembered they’d been heading somewhere, before having stopped in the middle of the sidewalk.

And so they kept on walking, with Mob glad he’d been able to successfully support his friend, and Teru thinking that if his hair wanted to change along with him, then why not let it.  That wasn’t what mattered most anyway.


Internet went out for like an hour the other day so I went through my doc of writing ideas and decided to retool one. I’m liking how it’s shaping up so far!

Ya know I’m not one to judge, but if you ship incest of any kind, you are nasty.

I don’t care if it’s adults, kids, or even elderly people. It’s gross and unnatural.

Did you know that humans, like many other species, have a certain instinct that is supposed to keep them from mating with their relatives? It’s in our sweat. The sweat of your relatives smells worse than people you’re not related to, and this is supposed to be a turn off.

Also, inbreeding is really gross. It ruins family lines, as well as that poor child will have to suffer for the rest of their life. So many birth defects and disorders that could’ve been prevented.

There actually are people who are victims of incest, as well as sexual abuse from relatives, so people romanticizing these kind of relationships is really hurting people like that. So no, it’s not “ship shaming”, or “ship hate”. It’s calling you out for shipping something that is disgusting.

Because when you ship incest and talk about how “cute” it is, you’re not hurting fictional characters, you’re hurting actual people. Keep that in mind.


All this bad blood here
Won’t you let it dry?
It’s been cold for years
Won’t you let it lie?


I would like to thank the camera people involved with the Perfect Boys 2015 Bangtan Bomb for some lovely views of Jin’s wonderful dancing

Surprise! I tricked you all, there were 129 pages, not 128!! (I’m lame ahahaha)

Well, this is the last page of the Ruins’ arc!! I REALLY FINISHED IT!! I am proud of myself c’: It’s the first time I make it so far in one of my projects, and it’s all thanks to you guys, that keep supporting me!!

In a short while I’ll update the cover of this arc, because yes I made it last, I am super smart. I need to put everything in order, and start preparing my blog for the next arc, Snowdin, and I dunno how to do it, so I guess it’ll take some time… but fear not! Next Saturday you will have more pages! I promise ^^

Again.. thank you, everyone! I hope you enjoyed it! ^^

First page / Page 128 / Page 129 / Snowdin awaits…


Ai Mikaze Uta No Prince-Sama

Requested by @wolfsflei ⋆

All jokes aside, you ruined my life. You shattered my heart and that is no lie. I could never forgive you for the way you hurt me. I will never forget how that felt. But again, all jokes aside, if I could, I would eternally thank you. I have a lot to thank you for, I really hope you know. Because you changed my life as well as you did ruin it, but I really need to thank you for the way you changed my life. Because I remember the happiest of us. I remember the way we laughed and the happiness that always went on between us. I thank you for that because within us was the best time of my life. I remember your words like you are saying them now. I remember the way it felt to be in your arms and I remember how you smelt. I remember the best of us. Now that I know we are forever over, no more bubbles of hope and no more shattered promises, I do not hate you for the way you broke me. I love you for all the happiness you have given me. I thank you for teaching me what true happiness is, because without the shattering of my heart, I don’t think I would know what true happiness is. So, thank you.
—  These are the words I will always want to say to you, but for the love of god I don’t think they will ever come out of my mouth. // m.l (via notyourbaby-baby)


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He’d trade his GUNS for LOVE
But he’s caught in the crossfire
And he keeps WAKING UP
But it’s NOT to the sound of birds
The TYRANNY, the VIOLENT streets
DEPRIVED of all that we’re blessed with
And we can’t get enough, no


Throw them devilish gang signs in the air
Start giving it up for little EVIL me
My fingers are GREEN cause I’m a mean dope fiend
I’m wicked like mad D.O.G
Fresh like a little DARK G.O.D
Yo-Landi Visser got the hypest flow
Start talking in TONGUES whenever I get stoned
Motherfucking minds get blown
Every time I rap into the microphone
My zef accent is very FOREIGN
When I speak overseas they go “I beg your pardon?”
You can’t get me like Eric Cartman
Naughty little KITTY go meow
Yes daddy, I’m a BIG GIRL now
Jas little DEVIL make your dick go wow
Yeah boy! Yo-Landi Visser is HOT STUFF!!!

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  • Bianchi: Hayato, have you perhaps considered never using that exact phrasing again
  • Gokudera: Look sis my hot pocket dumped its load onto me what the fuck else am I suppose to phrase it as you ignorant cockmunch
  • Bianchi: “well shoot, some of the sauce from my Hot Pocket™ spilled onto me. I suppose I’ll head over to the faucet and wash the sauce off my hands. perhaps a change of clothing is in order, as well. drat, this really ruined my day”
  • Gokudera: the day i ever talk like that is the day i hope you fucking shoot me.