well not really my cousin

my child: why is my cousins name autumn 

me: well your aunt just really liked that season

my child: what about me

me: enough questions Finn Using The Force In The Last Jedi (2017) dir. Rian Johnson 


Belatedly doing a little happy post, so that I will have produced something even if my writing mojo has currently… fucked completely off. (For real, if you see it, plz let me know where, because I would like to club it over the head and drag it back to my cave.)

So, here are a few pictures I took at the Tucson edition of the March for Science, yesterday. Because of prohibitive costs for barricades, insurance, etc., it was actually a rally rather than a march, but still, about 2500 people turned out to El Presidio in artistically decorated lab coats and homemade t-shirts, holding hand-drawn signs, little kids running around, dogs everywhere. It was 95 degrees in the middle of the day (that’s 35 C, for you non-Yankees), and people were still cheerily chatting and taking pictures of each other, going from booth to booth and learning about sustainable gardening, pledging to vote, meeting like-minded people. There were a few people out there primarily for the hate (not a few references to the Combover in Chief were present), but for the most part, people were just… nice. Maybe not the biggest event ever, but a nice one. Plus, a lady from the Sonoran Desert Museum gave me a free packet of seeds to plant to help sustain bees and butterflies. :)

okay so like, I have about 4,000 questions about Nicky and Andrew’s relationship (no really I have so. many. questions.) and they drive me crazy on a day to day basis but lately I can’t stop thinking about One Thing. And that thing is this: 

Nicky was the first male adult Andrew could trust. 

It is super easy to forget that Nicky is (at least?) 3 years older than the twins. Or something like that. Anyway the point stands that he was legally an adult when he came back from Germany to take care of them. And a good chunk of my questions are about that but mostly I get lost in the idea of how SAFE Nicky must have been for them? 

Like okay. He flies back on the day of the funeral and by some miracle Andrew doesn’t put up a fuss about it. (maybe he saw him as a better option then Luther idk) and Nicky buys a house. And he gets a full time job. and he puts the boys in school. And life just…… goes on??????

Like we all know Nicky. We know he’s bright and loud and happy and has a lot of heart. He said he tried to get the boys to talk to each other all the time. And I’m positive that when he realized he wasn’t going to get anywhere like that he just… kept talking. So please imagine our dear sweet Nicky talking about work, talking about whatever trash tv he’s watching, talking about Erik. 

Imagine Nicky making dinner and listening to music and humming. Him picking up the twins from school and asking how their day went, how practice was. Imagine Nicky suggesting they do things together, or complaining about laundry and dishes. Making a chore chart. 

Please think about Nicky talking openly and without shame about his favorite celebrity crush (who was popular back then??? Orlando Bloom??) and only ever getting silence or the occasional annoyed quip from Aaron. Him talking about Erik, about missing him or even him talking on the phone to him, laughing over skype. 

I want you to think about Andrew being around all that. Having his own room and for once getting restful sleep. Think about Aaron too, who always felt so alone and who was so angry with Andrew at that time but here was cousin Nicky. Loud, obnoxious cousin Nicky who wouldn’t stop checking in and wouldn’t stop trying to get him and his brother to get along. 

Think about the fact that Nicky got them jobs in the kitchens of Eden’s so they can earn some cash (and maybe so that he wouldn’t have to leave them alone at home so late without him) and how that job led to meeting Roland which lead to Andrew really getting to try and figure himself out in a slower pace. 

Just. Nicky gets such a hard time in the books and he isn’t perfect but he never stopped trying or hoping that his little family would work things out. That they would be okay. And maybe that’s why Aaron his so close to him. And maybe that’s why he has a spot in Andrew’s group while being the only one without a deal. 

And maybe he did help in some way. Maybe he was the first step. Maybe he was the first exhale after such a long held breathe. Maybe he was the locked door. The quite place. The safe spot. 

He didn’t get to put the pieces back together, but he kept them all in the same place and safe until someone came along to fix it. 

Thin Walls

Pairing: YoosungxMC


Hey I’m sorry it’s so short I just wanted to give you guys something to read until I finish my longer one that I am working on!

You sighed as you looked at your new apartment. Your friend had recommended the place as a starter as it had low pay, and the land lady was pretty nice. The only down part was that the heater was broken and the walls and the walls were unbelievably thin. Making the couple making out two rooms down completely audible.

Slowly you lifted your watch up to your eye and noted that it was pretty late, 11:30am. After dropping all the boxes and bags, you swayed over to the bed and fell face first into the springy mattress. Even though it should be uncomfortable, you felt like you were laying in heaven. There was a sudden bang coming from the side of the wall that your bed post was pressed up against, “Ah…I’m sorry new girl…” A voice said directed at you since you were indeed the new girl.

It was obviously a guy….though he seemed to be distracted with something. And whatever he was distracted from was the most likely reason for the loud sniffling that was heard through his words. You hesitantly got up and crawled over to the wall, pressing your ear against it to hear better. Yes, you felt like you were invading his privacy but the thought of a potential friend and maybe a long-term neighbor being sad didn’t really settle well in your mind. “Um…,” You hummed as you tried to think of something to say, “Are you ok?”

The guy was silent for a moment before actually responding to you, “What?”

“That bang…. did you hurt yourself?” You said, cursing silently under his breath as you probably sounded like a creep, “You just uh…sounded sad…or in pain. It’s hard to tell when I can’t see a face”

You heard a faint laugh from the mystery guy, which made a smile appear on your face, “Well thank you…” He said, his mouth seeming to be right where your ear was, “And I’m fine. In was just having a bad day with…. well I just really missed my cousin today. That big bang from earlier wasn’t connected ton that though. I just tripped on my rug” He snorted

“Oh I’m sorry about your cousin,” You said sitting up against the wall suddenly feeling eager and energetic about talking to the guy on the other side of the wall, “And Im also sorry about your rug problems.”

He snorted and knocked on the wall, “My name Is Yoosung by the way.”

“I’m MC”

It had been two months since you first moved into the apartment and you had never seen each other’s faces. But you had talked constantly, about your problems, about your day, cracking jokes, you guys told each other everything you two were best friends even though you had never seen each others faces you two felt so close, which in fact you were, being only kept apart by the walls.

Until one afternoon you were walking back from the store and you saw someone head towards Yoosung’s apartment. He was blonde and had a blue hoodie, when he pulled out the keys your mind clicked that was Yoosung! “Hey!” You shouted, “Yoosung! Its me MC!” You ran over to him.

He was taken aback, he did not expect you to be so….well beautiful, “H-hey MC” He said awkwardly.

  You were just staring, you couldn’t take it all in you were finally seeing Yoosung in person. You ran up and gave him a hug, “Finally I get to see your face.” You sighed into his chest.

He smiled softly though he was awkward about returning the hug. After a moment of silence, they broke away with nervous laughter, “Hey uh….do you wanna go get some coffee with me?” He squeaked out, making him clear his throat and look away as he cursed himself.

“Sure I’d love to,” You nodded and adjusted the purse hung over your shoulder, “I have nothing else to do today”

The blonde smiled flashing his teeth, “Alright….its a date?” He said nervously.

“Yes Yoosung….it’s a date”You laughed

This Was An Ask...

… But for some reason it broke and the text wouldn’t appear when I answered. The ask was;

‘How would the boys go about waking up their little son or daughter up for training? It would be so cute if you let them have little nicknames and a cute daddy moment with them! Pretty please!’

Let’s see if my answer works here;

Oh, be still my beating heart <3 That’s adorable. A lot of this is personal head canon about what the guys kids would be like, so there we go, but roll with it)

Leo -

Leo would want to get his little one into the habit of waking up as early as he does, given he’s always been a sucker for training. Luckily he’s experienced with getting other people up for this exact thing- Namely Mikey most days and Donnie anytime after he’s been up way to late finishing some experiment. Or maybe watching anime (And Donnie totally watches anime, no one will ever convince me otherwise)

So it comes as second nature to him, venturing into his son’s room to try and stir him from his sleep. He’d be kind enough to leave the lights out as he made his way over to sit on the edge of his bed.

“ Hey, squirt, time to wake up. You’ve got training in half an hour, ” He encouraged him softly, only to be met with tired groans of protest, causing him to chuckle.

“ Ugh, five more minutes dad, ” Kameko grumbled as he buried himself even further into his blankets, causing Leo to sigh.

“ Alright, five more minutes, ” He relented. He didn’t mean to be so easily defeated but he’d do anything for his own son.

Raph -

Raphael however is not quite as… Gentle as a father figure as Leonardo is. He loves his kid just as much, of course, but in typical Raphael style his way of parenting was a lot… Louder.

“ Up and at ‘em, half-pint! ” Raph boomed, door flung open, lights switched on like it was a spotlight. A cushion was thrown his way but bounced harmlessly off of his shoulder. Before his daughter could react further, she’d already had the covers thrown off of her and been hoisted up onto her father’s shoulders.

“ Daaaad, ” Kelly yawned, as she rubbed sleepily at her eyes, already being piggy backed through to the kitchen to get some breakfast before training. “ It’s too early. ”

“ Yeah, you wish it was, ” Raph retorted, dropping her carefully to the tiles of the kitchen floor, like one might handle a China doll. While he might act like a big, tough scary- He was in fact a massive softie. Especially when it came to matters of his family. Especially his daughter, who he adored more than life itself.

“ … Kameko, did you eat all the Cheerios again? ” Kelly complained, looking to her older cousin who was currently halfway through munching said cereal.

“ … No. ”

And suddenly there was milk and half eaten Cheerios everywhere. A spoon went flying. Kelly had vaulted the table and tackled poor Kameko when he was halfway through a mouthful of breakfast.

Raph looked to his side, to see Leo, who could only sigh before the two of them went to go break up their fighting children.

Some things never change.

Donnie -

Don is a pretty fussy sort of helicopter parent… But he isn’t, because he’s read the terrible statistics of what might happen to a child who is coddled too much. He’s read every book on parenting, and is likely trying to discreetly check on his child at ever turn. But only because he loves them!

As such, and because of his terrible sleep pattern as well, Don would probably opt for an extra loud alarm clock to wake -both- of them up. It probably wouldn’t work.

“ Dad, uh, hey dad? ” Tesla asked, shaking his father’s arm slightly. Donnie would peer one eye open to look at his son, scooping him up into his arms to settle him in bed between himself and his mother.

“ What’s the matter, whizz-kid? ” He asked him, speaking quietly as to not wake his sleeping wife.

“ Um it’s just… I think we slept through our alarm again, ” He explains sheepishly.

“ Really? But I just made it louder. What makes you think that, little genius? ” Donnie asked, stretching out slightly.


“ … Grandfather does, ” The kid explained, retreating under the pillows, while Donnie checked the alarm to see- Yep, they’d somehow slept in again.

“ I’ll… I’ll upgrade the speakers again later. Uh, for now let’s… Let’s just hide. ”

(This one is a little sad given how many versions Splinter dies in… Oops, didn’t mean to stir up any feels)

Mikey -

Mikey, even far into his adulthood, is still a child at heart. He understands his kids struggles, he remembered hating waiting for training… Scratch that he still hates waking up for training now… And waking up, in general. So when he does have to wake his precious little one up, he’s more than soft about it.

“ Psst, huggy-buggy, widdle-waddle, my tinker-doodle, ” Mikey whisper-shouted, kneeling beside the bed and resting his elbows on the edge of the mattress.

“ Ugh, dad, that’s so embarrassing, ” Tiara complained sighing, stretching out slightly. “ Do I need to go? ” She asked him, not with her usual air of sleepy defiance as expected from any child who did not want to do something. Rather, genuine sadness.

“ Why? Are you sick? ” He asked, beginning to make a fuss as he ever did when his precious baby was ill.

“ Do I need to go to training if I’m sick? ” She asked him in response, holding her blankets to her chest with a frown.

“ No. ”

“ Then I’m sick, ” She insisted, a few tears dripping from her eyes. Mikey instantly went to scoop her up, pulling her down from the bed to side on his lap, tugging the duvet with her.

“ Hey, little princess, what’s the matter? ” He asked her, rocking her gently.

“ I… Everyone else is better than me, ” This comment left Mikey gobsmacked.

“ What? ”

“ W-Well, my cousins are all… Better. Kameko is really good at getting everyone to work together, Kelly is sooo much better than me and fighting and Tesla is like, super smart, ” Tiara explained. “ … And then there’s me, ” Mikey’s heart sank. Not just because his daughter was feeling so low but because… He’d felt like that growing up too. He’d always felt his brothers were better than him.

“ Well, maybe, pfft~ So? Can they cheer everyone up? Are they sneaky enough to steal the last cookie from the jar without Grandpa noticing? Do they have the high score on pinball? ” He asked her, before proceeding to launch a tickle assault on her, causing her to burst into a fit of giggles.

“ N-No! ” She squealed.

“ Then who does!? ” He asked, pinning her as his fingers found their way to her armpits, causing her to roar even louder in hysterical laughter.

“ Me! I d-do! ” Tiara squealed.

“ That’s it! So you get in there and you show em your stuff, Waddles! ” He encouraged.

“ Daaaaad! ”

(And there you have it. Just as a little explanation as to why I picked the names / nicknames I did.

Leo - So I picked Kameko because it’s Japanese and Leo is a sucker for all that. Plus, it means 'son of the tortoise’ and y'know, haha. Close enough to turtle right? Squirt was something in the same sort of punny, eh, squirt ad in squirtle… The Pokemon?… Just me?

Raph - Kelly means warrior, think that’s pretty self explanatory. I feel he’d also want a short name with a lot of meaning for his kid. And 'half-pint’ I just feel Raph would be one to obsess over, omg look how small his kid is. Short-stack / shorty are also totally viable options.

Donnie - Tesla, as in, the scientist Nikola Tesla. I thought it was cute as well. Whizz-kid and little genius are just part of that. Einstein maybe from time to time. Plus, those are also somewhat compliments? And I feel Don would be one to smother his kid in praise.

Mikey - Mikey would definitely want a 'celeb’ name for his baby. It’d have to be unique and a bit odd, but not so strange the kid would hate it. Something that was cute and nice. So Tiara, since y'know, connotations of royalty and princesses. Plus, I actually have met someone with this name! ^.^ As a middle name know, but still. I figure as with nicknames, Mikey would go overboard. He’d have a million and one embarrassing nicknames on the go at all times, with no reason or rhyme to them. )

Stupid Love

Simon Dominic’s POV

         "Why is this elevator so fuckin slow?!“ I muttered to myself, more like cursing. I was inside the elevator, going to Sunghwa’s apartment. After few seconds leaning lazily on the elevator wall, finally the elevator dinged and opened. I sighed in relief, walking out from elevator then suddenly my eyes caught on something interesting.

         There was young lady with black hair off to her shoulder walked to my direction, she was really pretty, her pointy nose, pale skin and small pouting lips which made her more attractive on my eyes.

         Geez, I couldn’t stop ogling at her but I needed to stop. It was kind of rude and impolite to look at opposite sex with daring eyes, I won’t be caught and accused as pervert. So I looked down, watching my own steps when she passed by me.

         Who is she?
         Her sweet fragrance could be smelled, I was sure it was kind of gum fragrance, so sweet and geez— I needed to check her again. I stopped and turned my head to see her but that damn elevator already closed, bringing her away from my sight.

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A thing someone actually posted on my Facebook wall 😂😂😂 (but it’s true I do win the derby a lot)

Our Hometown’s in the Dark

summary: Dan and Phil find themselves waking up back in time, to the day it all began. (Or, in which 2009 and 2016 Phan switch places.)

genre: fluff

tw: swearing

word count: 2.8k

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Today was nice c:
Visited my old city to see family, washed my clothes there, washed the car, went with my cousins & a cousin’s husband to my favorite Japanese grocer, went with my cousin & aunts to get our nails done (first time in years), ate dinner with the fam, & headed home. Lana came & had a blast, too.

I needed to get this out of my system. 


I love them.

  • James: What’s the matter?!
  • Ted: We wanted to kiss at midnight, but nobody else is going to so y'know…
  • James: All right, I’ll take care of it.
  • Andromeda: Oh no, wait! James!
  • (They try to stop him, not sure of what he’s planning. He ignores them and goes to talk to Sirius.)
  • Sirius: (hopping) 73! 72! 71!
  • James: Padfoot! Padfoot! Padfoot, listen! Who are you kissing at midnight, huh? Marlene or Dorcas?
  • Sirius: What?
  • James: Well you gotta kiss someone, you can’t kiss your cousin.
  • Sirius: Well, who’s gonna kiss my cousin.
  • James: Ted.
  • Sirius: Awww, man! Really?
  • James: Mate-mate, who would you rather have kiss your cousin, Malfoy or Ted?
  • Sirius: That’s a good point.
  • James: Yeah.
  • Sirius: Oh well, since I have that whole history with Marlene, I guess Dorcas.
  • James: Okay, great!
  • Sirius: All right.
  • James: Dorcas! Dorcas! Sirius wants to kiss you at midnight!
  • Dorcas: (rolling her eyes) It’s so obvious, why doesn’t he just ask?
  • James: Mar! Mar! Listen, I’m gonna kiss you at midnight.
  • Marlene: What?!
  • James: Well, everyone’s gotta kiss someone. You can’t kiss Sirius you got the history.
  • Marlene: So?
  • James: So? Who would you rather have kiss you, me or Malfoy?
  • Marlene: Oh, good point.
  • James: Yeah!
  • All: (watching the ball drop) 3! 2! 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • Ted: (To Andromeda) Happy New Year!
  • Andromeda: Happy New Year.
  • Sirius: (To Dorcas) Happy New Year, Dor!
  • Dorcas: You too!
  • Marlene: (To James) Happy New Year, James!
  • James: So did that do anything for ya?
  • Marlene: ...
Two Smoking Guns 15

Summary: AU: First Day of your new Job, first day of class, should be all peaches and cream, except for the fact that your new Boss and your Professor are the most attractive men you’d ever met, and they won’t stop staring at you.

Author: @i4z-0892-imagines

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,013

Warnings: Nada, cursing

A/N: This fic is getting out of control, please someone send help!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 -

Your eyes went wide as your entire body froze. She stood there dark eyed, and confused by the horrified look on your face.

“Right. Ms. De’Ville, I have you in here for 9am, on Friday.You stammered, barely able to form the words correctly. You stood to hand her the card you’d scribbled her conference details on, your fingers shaking as it slipped from your hand. You bent to pick it up at the same time she did, your hands reached for it at the same time, and her eyes snapped up at yours. A gasp caught in your throat as a look of revelation spread across her face. You both stood slowly, her face hard, and unreadable.

“That’s an interesting perfume you have on…” She said coldly.

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Konoha Cousins

Submitted by: glorska
Setting: Post-war (in Naruto), Post-Tenrou island arc (in FT)

"Lucy, what are you doing?”

The dragon slayer found her at her reading desk with a few of small lacrimas and a series of documents.

“A genealogy test,” she responded. “That whole Michelle Lobster thing got me thinking. If I do have any living relatives out there I’d like to know about them.”

“How does it work?” He eyed the kit suspiciously, wondering if it could somehow help him find Igneel.

Lucy turned around in her chair to face him, surprised that the fire mage was interested at all.

“Well, you put a blood sample in one lacrima and a magic sample in another, fill out some forms, and mail it all to this company in the capital,” her enthusiasm waned at the next part, “along with a payment of 50,000 jewels.”

“Lucy, that’s a lot of money for someone who’s always broke,” Happy commented.

The blonde tried to stifle an irritated twitch. “What was that, feline?” she growled. “And anyway, even if I don’t find anything, the closure is a good investment.

"Whatever makes you happy, Luce,” Natsu said, interest fading as fast as at came. “Let’s go fishing, Happy.”

“Wait!” The Heartfilia called after them. “Natsu, you should do one too. I have an extra kit.”

“They won’t be able to find anything,” he automatically responded. How could some company find his family when he couldn’t even remember what his parents looked like? He didn’t even know their names.

“You never know,” Lucy countered. “What have you got to lose?”

“Other than 50,000 jewels?” He drawled, smirking at her.

Oh come on.” She shook the lacrima set in front of him teasingly. “You would have spent it at a buffet anyway. Just do this with me, please. Consider it another adventure.”

“Fine.” He sighed and took the kit from her outstretched hand. She just had to play the adventure card. “Just know that nothing’s gonna come out of this.”

They were at the guild when a courier arrived with the results of their searches a month later.

“What does it say, Lu-chan?” Levy stood on her tip toes to look over her shoulder. All their friends seemed oddly invested in the topic.

“Nothing,” she confirmed after reading through her letter. It was just as she’d thought. The celestial wizard smiled even though she was a bit disappointed.

“Fifty thousand jewels down the drain,” Gray lamented. “Sorry, Lucy.”

“It’s alright,” she assured. “I have all the family I need right here.”

“I know! We should have a reunion!” Happy exclaimed.

“To reunite with what?” Carla crossed her arms sternly. The lot of them would use anything as an excuse to party. “We all see each other almost every day.”


“What does yours say, Natsu?” Erza asked. He’d been staring at the piece of paper in his hands for the better part of five minutes, clutching it until the sides crinkled as though it would disappear.

“Haruno,” he said slowly.

“You found something? That’s amazing!” Lucy grinned proudly. “Aren’t you glad I made you take the test now? Are they nearby?”

He shook his head. “I don’t even know where this is.”

Surprised, Lucy took the paper from him. “Konohagakure, Land of Fire,” she read aloud. “That is far.”

“Ironic. Sounds like your kind of place, slanty eyes,” Gray commented.

“That’s the eastern continent.” Levy remembered it from a few atlases she’d looked at. “A hidden ninja village if I’m not mistaken.”

“So Natsu’s really a ninja?” Happy asked. “But how, when he’s so loud?” Was his best friend truly a freak of nature?

Levy chuckled lightly. “I read a bit about ninjas once. It’s an occupation not a race. And they’re actually not that different from us wizards. They use magic too, but there’s a different word for it in the east.”

“What do they call it there, shrimp?” Gajeel questioned, impressed as always by the scope of her knowledge.

“Won’t you ever stop calling me…never mind,” she sighed. “They call it ninjutsu, and magical power is known as chakra.”

“Are you going to contact them, Natsu?” Lucy asked.

“I don’t know.” He shrugged. “According to that paper they’re pretty distant relatives. They probably wouldn’t even want to talk to me.”

“Nonsense!” Erza slammed Natsu’s head against her armor, making the dragon slayer sees stars. “Why wouldn’t they?”

“You should at least write them a letter,” Lucy suggested.

Natsu didn’t have to consider it for long. “I guess it couldn’t hurt.” They just had to be good people coming from a place called the Land of Fire.

(Two weeks later in Konoha)

Sakura skipped onto the training grounds holding an envelope and looking quite pleased with herself.

“What’s up which you, Sakura-chan?” Naruto asked.

“Oh, nothing. I just got some really interesting news last night.” The kunoichi fully intended to make her teammates guess for a while.

“Is a new ramen shop opening?”

“No, Naruto. Some people have interests outside of ramen.”

“Sucks to be them.” The jinchuriki went back to throwing kunai at his targets. Knowing Sakura, she was just going to go on about some weird medicinal plant. And make them taste it.

“Aren’t you guys gonna ask what it is?”

“Hn,” Sasuke smirked, quite amused with her childish antics. He didn’t understand how anyone could be that excitable this early in the day.

She rolled her eyes at his monosyllabic response. “Sasuke-kun, I have no idea what you mean by that in this context.”

“I believe that the traitor wants to hear your news, Ugly,” Sai piped up. “Although I’m not the best translator, I’d like to know as well.”

“I have a cousin in Fiore!” She exclaimed. “Well, he’s actually my third cousin but it’s still really exciting.”

“Fiore?” Naruto’s cerulean eyes glazed over as he thought. “Fiore…”

“Don’t strain yourself, Dickless.” Sai shot the blond a grin fraught with false courtesy. “That underdeveloped brain of yours may explode.”

Sakura chuckled behind her gloved hands, and even Sasuke had to bite his cheek to keep from laughing.

“It’s in the west,” the Uchiha informed after a moment. “Wizard country.” It was further than even he’d travelled - almost a month away by sea. “It’s strange that you’d have family all the way out there, Sakura.”

“Not really.” The kunoichi shrugged. “I mean, it’s just my parents and I in Konoha. The rest of my family is spread out all over the place.”

“What else did you find out, Sakura-chan?” Naruto asked.

“His name is Natsu and he’s a dragon slayer,” she said, proudly as bough she’d known the boy all her life.

“No way! So that means he’s seen dragons, ‘ttebayo.”

“Hn.” Sasuke gave them all a disbelieving look. He could not comprehend how naive those two could be. “There are no dragons.”

“Maybe there are no dragons here,” she proposed. “I guess I’ll ask about that when I’ll write him back.”

“Tell him to send us a dragon, 'ttebayo.”

“What kind of package would that be, dobe?” Sasuke asked. Even if one did exist, a dragon would probably burn through the packaging and fly away before it arrived.

“Don’t act like you don’t wanna see a dragon, teme!” Naruto shot back. “Let’s get to writing, Sakura-chan.”

The medic-nin  knocked him over the head. “Don’t order me around, Baka!”

(Another two weeks later in Magnolia)

“A letter came for you, Natsu.” Mirajane handed him a festive pink envelope from the pile of bills and complaints that was known as the guild’s mail.

“I think it’s from abroad,” she said, noting the strange postage marks on it.

“That must be your cousins,” Lucy observed.

“What does it say, Natsu?” Happy asked.

The dragon slayer opened the letter more slowly and carefully than was his nature. The stationary smelled faintly of cherry blossoms so he assumed it was a girl.

“Let’s see…her name is Sakura,” he paused to read. “She’s eighteen. She’s a ninja…and a doctor.”

“Wow, she must be really smart,” Levy mused. As much as she loved reading, those long medical texts bored her to tears.

“That settles it,” Gray decided. “There’s no way this girl could be related to Natsu.”

“What was that, droopy eyes?”  

Natsu’s intent to fight faded after he read the next few lines of the letter. They had him laughing controllably. “S-she wants to know how many dragons I’ve slayed…a-and her friend asks if I could send them one.”

Wendy smiled, tickled by the idea. “I don’t think Igneel-san would be able fit in the mailbox. I know Grandeeny definitely wouldn’t, so…”

The written correspondences continued for a number of months between the unlikely cousins, until finally Natsu and his friends received the important letter of all - an invitation to the Leaf.

Notes: My two anime loves have come together as one lol. Okay, I know this is really AU but I tried to make it as plausible as possible. It’s also a headcannon of mine that Kageyama is a member of the Nara clan, but I digress. I am like 95% sure I want to write a sequel, but I’m not sure when. If people are interested I’ll put this at the top of my to do list. 

Thanks for reading guys <3

I’d say the peak of my Pokemon obsession was third grade. More than anything, I wished for Pokemon to be real. I wanted to learn about type matchups in school. I wanted to go around hunting for Pokemon and catch them and become a trainer.

That being said, Pokemon Go is a childhood dream come true for me. But back when I didn’t have a phone and internet connection, I made do with what I had: crayons, glitter pens, colored markers, cardboard, and paper. Oh, and of course, my imagination.

I found this old gem sitting in my closet. It’s back from my third grade days, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

And what was inside?

Hand-drawn, crayon-colored Pokemon cut-outs. I drew and colored most of these–my nanny (who was super good at drawing) and my older cousins were the other contributors. Basically Nanny: Eevee, Marill, Butterfree, Bulbasaur. Cousins: Onix, “Jigglypuff”, Scyther, Arbok, Azurill, the less detailed Chikorita. I’m pretty sure I drew a Mew back then, but it got lost. I’ll get into that in a while, but for now, here are some close-ups of the drawings.

These weren’t done just for the heck of it, mind you. No, third grade Atarah wanted to get as close as she could to being a real Pokemon trainer.

I’d often get my cousins to play with me, and we’d ask an adult (or really, anyone who wasn’t part of the game) to hide the cutouts around the house. They’d tell us when they were done, and we’d go searching for the Pokemon. Finders keepers, basically. And that’s why the precious Mew isn’t in this box anymore–I’m fairly sure it was hidden really well at my cousins’ house and thus we never found it. I think it turned up at some point, but by then, we’d already outgrown this whole thing.

So after we got our Pokemon, we’d go battle. Now, I think we used graphing paper once, and we counted HP by boxes. We had a set HP each, and -3 boxes if the attack is super effective, -2 if it’s normal damage, and -1 if it’s not very effective. I guess we used memory of the video games to think of attacks for the Johto and Hoenn Pokemon. But for the Kanto ones?

We had references, man. And this book was one of my most prized possessions.

And that’s not all! I eventually upgraded the gameplay and added stuff like this

I’m … not quite sure how those worked tho. Either I never figured out a systematic way of using these, or I just forgot.

And that was the origin of Pokemon Go lol jk

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a huge chunk of why Pokemon Go means a lot to me. Childhood never dies <3

In the library.