well not really my cousin

my child: why is my cousins name autumn 

me: well your aunt just really liked that season

my child: what about me

me: enough questions Finn Using The Force In The Last Jedi (2017) dir. Rian Johnson 

okay so like, I have about 4,000 questions about Nicky and Andrew’s relationship (no really I have so. many. questions.) and they drive me crazy on a day to day basis but lately I can’t stop thinking about One Thing. And that thing is this: 

Nicky was the first male adult Andrew could trust. 

It is super easy to forget that Nicky is (at least?) 3 years older than the twins. Or something like that. Anyway the point stands that he was legally an adult when he came back from Germany to take care of them. And a good chunk of my questions are about that but mostly I get lost in the idea of how SAFE Nicky must have been for them? 

Like okay. He flies back on the day of the funeral and by some miracle Andrew doesn’t put up a fuss about it. (maybe he saw him as a better option then Luther idk) and Nicky buys a house. And he gets a full time job. and he puts the boys in school. And life just…… goes on??????

Like we all know Nicky. We know he’s bright and loud and happy and has a lot of heart. He said he tried to get the boys to talk to each other all the time. And I’m positive that when he realized he wasn’t going to get anywhere like that he just… kept talking. So please imagine our dear sweet Nicky talking about work, talking about whatever trash tv he’s watching, talking about Erik. 

Imagine Nicky making dinner and listening to music and humming. Him picking up the twins from school and asking how their day went, how practice was. Imagine Nicky suggesting they do things together, or complaining about laundry and dishes. Making a chore chart. 

Please think about Nicky talking openly and without shame about his favorite celebrity crush (who was popular back then??? Orlando Bloom??) and only ever getting silence or the occasional annoyed quip from Aaron. Him talking about Erik, about missing him or even him talking on the phone to him, laughing over skype. 

I want you to think about Andrew being around all that. Having his own room and for once getting restful sleep. Think about Aaron too, who always felt so alone and who was so angry with Andrew at that time but here was cousin Nicky. Loud, obnoxious cousin Nicky who wouldn’t stop checking in and wouldn’t stop trying to get him and his brother to get along. 

Think about the fact that Nicky got them jobs in the kitchens of Eden’s so they can earn some cash (and maybe so that he wouldn’t have to leave them alone at home so late without him) and how that job led to meeting Roland which lead to Andrew really getting to try and figure himself out in a slower pace. 

Just. Nicky gets such a hard time in the books and he isn’t perfect but he never stopped trying or hoping that his little family would work things out. That they would be okay. And maybe that’s why Aaron his so close to him. And maybe that’s why he has a spot in Andrew’s group while being the only one without a deal. 

And maybe he did help in some way. Maybe he was the first step. Maybe he was the first exhale after such a long held breathe. Maybe he was the locked door. The quite place. The safe spot. 

He didn’t get to put the pieces back together, but he kept them all in the same place and safe until someone came along to fix it. 

Writers Creed Interviews: @bumbleblossoms

It has been so much fun getting to know the wonderful Miriam( @bumbleblossoms) Please do take a moment to read this interview and find out about her writing experiences, what happens when an 11-year old ends up on the wrong plane, a glimpse of how a first grade novel looks like, and more! Thank you for sharing with us glimpses of your life!

Writers Creed: So tell us about you username and how would you like us to call you?

Miriam: My username was partially just an in the moment decision where it popped into my head and I loved it. The other part of it was that I wanted to express the way I feel about writing, and often times, things feel so accidental, like I’m just bumbling along with no idea what I’m doing. The rest of my poetry is passion and love combined with that bumbling, and I felt that flowers really showed it. But once again, it was nearly accidental where it popped into my head and I loved it. You can call me Miriam, I don’t mind going by that or by my username.

WC: Aha that’s a good enough reason for a username. Alright Miriam sounds good :)

So tell us how you got into writing. What made you start?

M: My mother is a writer, she loves poetry and novel writing, and I grew up listening to her stories every night. When I was in first grade, I decided I wanted to write a novel just like my mom. Obviously, because I was in first grade, it was an amusingly awful novel. I still have my old journals saved and go back to look at it every now and then. Somehow, I managed to spell the word ‘beautiful’ about 20 different ways and never stuck to the same one. The book was based off the Jewish story of Purim with many creative embellishments. After that, I kept on trying to write novels and ended up writing 3 during middle school and 1 during high school. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I started writing poetry, and the thing that had always held me back in the past was that because of my experience with writing novels, I tried to structure the poems too much and never let myself free with my thoughts and imagination. During this past year, I fell in love with poetry as a form of freedom. I’ve used it as a sanctuary to express myself and work through struggles, and I’m really glad I started.

WC: Aw, like mother like daughter. Sweet. Wow what a great story, I mean I think we would all love to see a fun glimpse of your first grade writing 😂

M: Ah well, I may actually be able to follow up with that. I’ll see if I can dig up some fantastic quotes

WC: Now that would be amazing! :) Now that you have discovered poetry, could you pick between the two if I asked you which you like more?

M: Honestly I could not pick because it’s all what stage of my life I am in and what I need at the moment. Novel writing was kind of my ultimate goal in life for a long time, but I think at the moment I am at my peak of growth and emotional flexibility, and I have really needed something that had this flexibility and freedom. I do expect to shift in and out of which one I like more over the years.

WC: Do you have anything published? Would you like to?

M: [I] have never published anything, and although I would love to be published, I also know that I might not be ready yet. I am comfortable letting myself grow and learn and improve until I am in a better place to publish my work.

WC: That is a great idea. We should always be striving to improve ourselves.

M: Here is a wonderful glimpse into the first chapter of my first grade novel:

“My name is Ester. I live in pershaw. in the palace the Queen Vashti is having A party so is the king. the king desides to show his ghests bateful vashi. he tels his servants to go tell vashti to come and dance but when they ascked her she refewsd. the king banashed her but after that he became lonly. he desied to throw a sleep away for all the girls of persha. When i got the letter I began to cry. I know I was the most buteful of all the girls and he woud pick me for Queen but I had to go. my uncle put my best gown on and butiful slipers for the wack.”

The spelling is 100% accurate, as one might be able to guess.

Oh wait, I have to include my favorite line

“Finnilly we reached the palace. It looked like it was just silver and gold no really thats all.”

Really can’t be complete without that one.

WC: That was just amazing. My cheeks hurt from smiling. Adorable

M:Thank you, thank you. I am glad I could share it. My first grade self is quite proud right now

WC: And we are too (of both)😁. What would you say inspires you to write? What do you usually write about?

M: Often I just get filled with this feeling that I have something to write about, even if I’m not sure what it is. When I don’t have an idea, but I know I want to write, I go to my best friend and ask him for a writing prompt. He has always loved to read my poetry so I love getting prompts from him because he gets to see his words turn into art. Sometimes though, I am just struck with a word or idea, and I start writing and the poem just takes me somewhere. I write about many different things, I think two of the most common themes I have noticed are the most negatives aspects of my experiences such as abuse, and the things which I am most in awe of. I adore writing about my friends, even if the poem just begins with the thought of them and somehow ends up having nothing to do with them, which is quite common for me. I often feel like the poem writes itself because I allow the process to simply take me somewhere and it can be very unexpected.

WC: That is great. It is so amazing to be able to have someone so close to you that can encourage you and support you. Those are the kind of people you want to keep in your life. And that is a great balance. Seems like you are taking both the good and the bad from your life and turning it into art which people can just resonate with. “the poem writes itself”- that is amazing. I feel like many writers can agree with this.

This may be something you’ve answered already, but why do you like writing? What makes you come back to it?

M: I’ve always filled my life with art, I was a visual arts major in high school and studied ballet for 10 years. I think that art in and of itself is as close to magic as we can get, and I want my life filled with it. Writing specifically has always been my favorite art form though. For me personally, I find writing to come most naturally to me, and my heart really fills words well. Words by themselves are tossed around so carelessly, as so to use them to create art is a powerful and beautiful feeling. I also find the writing gives me a big feeling of accomplishment, and it’s really rewarding to be able to look back on my own work and smile at my accomplishments. 

WC: Earth without art is eh. Cheesy I know haha. But that is so true, art is quite magical. That is wonderful! It is always great to see how we have changed and how much we grew as humans and writers

M: I definitely agree

WC: So did anything interesting, odd, bizarre, happen because you write?

M: This isn’t really odd, but I think the most interesting advantage of being a writer is that I can pull right out of my head all the plot lines I have planned for novels, and tell them to young children as stories. Its wildly fun to entertain children by telling them an adventure that keeps them captivated, and it always makes me so happy to see them hanging off of every word and begging for another story at the end. It’s possibly most rewarding than even writing the stories themselves, children are the best audiences.

WC: Aw, that is so sweet and special. Must be a great experience. Where do you get to do that?

M: I’m a nanny so I take care of kids as my job I guess. But I also have 4 younger siblings, and spend a lot of time with my younger cousins as well. It’s really nice to spend time with them especially now that I’m an adult in their eyes (although I care to disagree) because they really look up to me. It’s a nice feeling.

WC: Aw haha that is great. And if you can take care of kids, you are an adult even if you weren’t legally in my opinion 😁

So for our final question, can you tell us a fun fact about you? Anything :)

M: I think the most random thing about me is that I was on Fox news once because when I was 11, I was flying as an unaccompanied minor, and the flight crew accidentally put me on the wrong plane. Instead of going to Ohio, I went to New Jersey, but I had no idea because I read comic books for the whole flight when they announced our destination repeatedly. I waited in the airport for about 3 hours before a staff member asked me if I knew I was in New Jersey, and I responded that I had no idea I was not in Ohio.

WC: Oh wow haha that sounds like quite the story that would make it on the news. I hope you got to your destination!

M: I did eventually. Took a few extra hours and was worth the adventure

WC:  Haha sounds like a great adventure! Well that is all, I am really happy you took the time to answer my questions.

M: I loved answering them, thank you!

Stupid Love

Simon Dominic’s POV

         "Why is this elevator so fuckin slow?!“ I muttered to myself, more like cursing. I was inside the elevator, going to Sunghwa’s apartment. After few seconds leaning lazily on the elevator wall, finally the elevator dinged and opened. I sighed in relief, walking out from elevator then suddenly my eyes caught on something interesting.

         There was young lady with black hair off to her shoulder walked to my direction, she was really pretty, her pointy nose, pale skin and small pouting lips which made her more attractive on my eyes.

         Geez, I couldn’t stop ogling at her but I needed to stop. It was kind of rude and impolite to look at opposite sex with daring eyes, I won’t be caught and accused as pervert. So I looked down, watching my own steps when she passed by me.

         Who is she?
         Her sweet fragrance could be smelled, I was sure it was kind of gum fragrance, so sweet and geez— I needed to check her again. I stopped and turned my head to see her but that damn elevator already closed, bringing her away from my sight.

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24.8.17 ✨ physics

congrats to everyone on their gcse results day!! nearly all the y11s ik did really well, esp my cousin who got into the top 5% of students who got 9s and A*s in difficult subjects (and now thanks to him the bar is set high for me 😭😤) !! and if you didn’t do as good as you expected then you tried your best at least and unis look at a-levels over gcses anyways (if you plan on going to uni)

Our Hometown’s in the Dark

summary: Dan and Phil find themselves waking up back in time, to the day it all began. (Or, in which 2009 and 2016 Phan switch places.)

genre: fluff

tw: swearing

word count: 2.8k

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Babysitting Nymphadora Part 3

Nymphadora: Uncle Sirius why do I call you Uncle if you’re not really my uncle and you’re my cousin?

Sirius:…Well-erm-because…it’s complicated Nymphie

Nymphadora: I’m not surprised. You and Mummy’s family seems very complicated.

Sirius: That’s one word for it.

Moments. Chapter 19: Trying

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

(I’ve decided to put the prompts in the end from now on so it’s not like a spoiler or anything)

Chapter 19: Trying

“Alek, Ingrid this is my wife Sana” Yousef introduced her to his colleagues

One of the teachers from Yousef’s kindergarten was leaving the city so they had thrown him a surprise party. After lots of tries Yousef had convinced Sana to go with him. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to go, it’s that she rather spend her time doing other things, such as trying to have a baby.

They had been trying for almost a month now but still they hadn’t had luck. Sana was starting to get a little worried but she wouldn’t tell Yousef, she didn’t want to seem paranoid.

Now they were at the kindergarten standing in front of two of Yousef’s colleagues after being in the party for about an hour.

“It’s really nice to meet you Sana” Alek said

Yes, Yousef is always talking about you” Ingrid added

“Is he?” Sana asked raising an eyebrow at her husband

“Not always…” Yousef defended himself but the truth was that Sana was pretty much all he talked about

“Sure” Alex said rolling his eyes.

“So you’re a doctor, right?” Ingrid asked Sana

“Yes, I am, well I’m doing my residency”

“That’s really nice, you know I have a cousin that’s actually studying medicine and…” Ingrid said as she started telling a story about one of her relatives

Sana tried to politely pay attention for awhile but soon stopped listening. Only Ingrid and Alek were talking now while Yousef and Sana just nodded. Sana leaned closer to Yousef as he took a sip from his glass.

“You know, we could be making a baby right now” she whispered in his ear low enough for no one but Yousef to hear

Yousef choked on his drink and started to cough making Sana smirk at his reaction.

“Yousef, are you okay there?” Alek asked

He just nodded as he looked at Sana and blushed when he saw her devilishly smile.

“Aw babe, when are you going to learn how to drink without choking?” Sana teased him placing a hand on his arm.

He squinted at her as he began to breath evenly again. She was trying to hold the laugh but he knew her way too well and he shook his head slightly. So much for a nice night out.


“Sana, are you alright there?” Yousef asked as he stood outside the bathroom door

He had woken up an empty bed that morning only to hear some weird sounds coming from the bathroom.

“I’m fine” Sana said from inside as she flushed the toilet.

She washed her hands and brushed her teeth and got out of the bathroom.

“Hey, what’s up?” Yousef asked placing his hands on her arms

“I was feeling a little sick, but I’m fine now” she said in husky voice

She looked up at him when he didn’t say anything and found him smiling widely at her

“Does my sickness make you happy or…?”

“No, no, of course not” he said taking her hands on his and kissing her knuckles. “But…I mean…is morning and you’re feeling sick…morning…sickness”

“Oh…” Sana says as realization comes to her “Do you think I’m…?”

“I don’t know, do you think you’re…?”

“I don’t know” Sana said looking at the floor anxiously

“Hey” Yousef took a step closer to Sana and placed his hand gently on her cheek to make her look at him “There’s only one way to find out”

He smiled tenderly at her. She tried to return the smile but she was too nervous to do so.

“I can’t now…I’m late for work” She said taking a step back and marching to their bedroom to get ready


Later that night, he tried to talk about it again but Sana didn’t seem like she wanted to think about that. Instead she told him she was really tired and went to sleep.


The following morning he once again woke up to an empty bed. This time no sounds were coming from the bathroom but from the kitchen so he relaxed. He looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table and realized that it was a little bit late. He had to get ready quickly or he would be late for work.

He put his jeans on and looked around the bedroom for his shirt but it was nowhere to be found. He sighed and went to the kitchen to ask Sana if she had seen it. His question was answered as soon as he entered the room.

Leaning against the counter, a cup of coffee in her hands, her hair tight up in a messy bun and with the shirt he was looking for on, was Sana. He literally felt how his chest was filled with happiness. That was all he had ever wanted, being able to wake up to that, to the woman of his life.

“Good morning” he said approaching her

“Good morning” she said back “You’re going to be late”

She offered him a cup of coffee and he thanked her with a kiss on her cheek.

“Well I would be ready if someone hadn’t stolen my shirt” he said with a smirk

“So now it’s my fault that you a) leave all your things around and b) don’t know how an alarm clock works” she said maybe way too bitterly.

“Wow…Sana I was just joking” he said frowning “You know I love it when you wear my clothes”

She pressed her lips together and looked away from him.

“Hey…are you okay?” he asked her as he stood in front of her

She just nodded but didn’t say anything


I’m fine” she said forcing a smile not too convincing “You’re going to be late”

He looked at her for a few seconds hoping that she would tell him what really was going on but he knew that pressuring her he wasn’t going to make her talk so he drank the rest of his coffee and placed the cup on the counter.

“Okay, I’m going to find another shirt and I’m leaving” he said turning around

“Wait” she said “Aren’t you going to clean that up?”

He looked at her and saw her pointing at the cup he had used.

“Uh, I don’t really have the time you said it yourself, I’m going to be late”

“So what? You go to work and I stay here to clean after you?” she said crossing her arms on her chest

“Sana, it’s just a cup”

“It’s just a cup? Well it’s important for me, okay? Because it’s not just a cup , it’s a sign that you think I should clean after you.”

“What are you talking about Sana? I cook every day and I always clean after”

“Oh so now you’re calling me out for not cooking? I’m sorry you have to feed me”

“Where is this coming from?!” he asked exasperated

“It’s coming from you being a child Yousef, when are you going to grow up? You still behave like a kid and I’m not your mother, okay? I’m no one’s mother…You know maybe…” she started as she opened a drawer and took something from inside “Maybe it’s for the best that I’m not pregnant because I couldn’t live with two babies in this house”

With that she threw what she was holding on the table and left the room almost running. Yousef stood there for a few seconds trying to make sense of whatever had just happened. He looked at what she had thrown at the table and picked it up. It took him a moment to realize what it was and more specifically, what it meant.


He found her sitting on the bed, her head on her hands, his shoulders shaking from crying. She looked up at him as soon as she heard his steps. His heart almost broke when he saw her red eyes, the tears rolling down her face

“I’m sorry” she said between sobs “I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean any of it I just…”

Instead of saying anything he just walked over to her and placed his hands on her elbows to make her stand up. He then embraced her into a tight hug. She buried her face on his neck and allowed herself to cry even more.

“You’re going to be late” she said after awhile pulling away from him to look at him

“I don’t care” he whispered as he wiped away the tears from her face

Still holding her he walked over to the bed and made her sit, him sitting right next to her. He held her hands and draw circles on her palm with his thumbs.

“Want to talk about it?” he asked

“I just…I thought…I really thought I was…pregnant. I had all the symptoms…or at least I thought so. But I took the test yesterday” she said pointing at the stick Yousef had left on the bed “And well…I’m not”


“And I’m really sorry Yousef, please forgive me” she interrupted her “I treated you so badly, I didn’t mean what I said, I was angry and sad and I took it on you and…”

“Hey, hey, forget about that, okay? I don’t have to forgive you for anything. It’s fine. I get it. It’s forgotten, alright?” he said looking into her eyes “Besides…we hadn’t had our first proper fight as a married couple yet”

He winked at her and smiled trying to make her laugh. She didn’t but at least her lips curved into a shy smile, it was enough for him.

“But Sana…you should’ve told me, you didn’t have to go through this alone”

“I didn’t want to disappoint you…I know how much you want to have kids”

“I want what you want. Nothing less, nothing more. And you could never, ever disappoint me”

“I really want to be pregnant, I want to have a kid, our kid”

“And you will, we will…Sana we’ve only been trying for a month, these things take time. But I promise you, it’ll come, okay?”

She nodded her head slightly

“I don’t hear you” he said smiling

“Okay” she smiled back

“We’ll have a baby” he said

“We’ll have a baby” she repeated

“We’ll have 12 kids” he said smirking

“We’ll have one kid and we’ll see about the rest” she said rolling her eyes

“Fair enough” he chuckled

He cupped her face with his hands and kissed her lips softly

“I love you” he whispered pressing his forehead against hers

“I love you too”



“ Sana and Yousef are trying to have a babx and one day Sana feels pretty sick and has morning sickness and all and everyone kind of starts to think she’s pregnant but then she buys a pregnancy test and finds out she’s not and is sad but Yousef comforts her”

“ I would just want to suggest that you write about Yousef and Sana’s first real fight of the marriage. Now that Sana is going to be pregnant, she might get overly irritated at Yousef and a fight might spark. It’s up to you how you’d want to resolve it, something with Yousef’s dorkiness would be nice! Thanks in advance, if you write it! All of your stuff is amazing! “

“ Maybe they have their first fight as a married couple about something silly like chores (okay it’s not silly it can drive you mad when someone doesn’t take out the trash as they’re supposed to and stuff like that) so basically they fight and realise that living together is hard, but they love each other so they will make it work.”

“ Okay I would love to read something written by you about this Married!Yousana prompt I’ve had in my mind for so long… they are in a public place (like a party or a dinner) when Sana says something in Yousef’s ear that’s really inappropriate for the situation they’re in and Yousef gets all embarrassed… it could be anything really, I just would love to see their married relationship and Sana picking on Yousef and Yousef being all flustered and embarrassed. I hope you like it! “

“ Yousana prompt for you: “Sana wearing Yousef’s clothes”. Let me know!”

“ Hi! Could you write something about Dating!Yousana or Married!Yousana with Sana saying something really inappropriate for the situation they’re in that moment in Yousef’s ear and Yousef reaction to it? Thanks in advance “

“ Married Yousana prompt: they are at a party with all of Yousef’s colleagues and even some parents… at the least appropriate time Sana whispers something in Yousef’s ear that makes him all embarrassed and flustered (it can be anything). I can’t wait to see it written cause you are the best!”

Thank you all so much for the prompts!! I really hope you don’t mind that I’ve joined all these prompts in one fic but if seemed to me like it’d fit

I hope you’ve liked this chapter and thank you for reading!♥

This Was An Ask...

… But for some reason it broke and the text wouldn’t appear when I answered. The ask was;

‘How would the boys go about waking up their little son or daughter up for training? It would be so cute if you let them have little nicknames and a cute daddy moment with them! Pretty please!’

Let’s see if my answer works here;

Oh, be still my beating heart <3 That’s adorable. A lot of this is personal head canon about what the guys kids would be like, so there we go, but roll with it)

Leo -

Leo would want to get his little one into the habit of waking up as early as he does, given he’s always been a sucker for training. Luckily he’s experienced with getting other people up for this exact thing- Namely Mikey most days and Donnie anytime after he’s been up way to late finishing some experiment. Or maybe watching anime (And Donnie totally watches anime, no one will ever convince me otherwise)

So it comes as second nature to him, venturing into his son’s room to try and stir him from his sleep. He’d be kind enough to leave the lights out as he made his way over to sit on the edge of his bed.

“ Hey, squirt, time to wake up. You’ve got training in half an hour, ” He encouraged him softly, only to be met with tired groans of protest, causing him to chuckle.

“ Ugh, five more minutes dad, ” Kameko grumbled as he buried himself even further into his blankets, causing Leo to sigh.

“ Alright, five more minutes, ” He relented. He didn’t mean to be so easily defeated but he’d do anything for his own son.

Raph -

Raphael however is not quite as… Gentle as a father figure as Leonardo is. He loves his kid just as much, of course, but in typical Raphael style his way of parenting was a lot… Louder.

“ Up and at ‘em, half-pint! ” Raph boomed, door flung open, lights switched on like it was a spotlight. A cushion was thrown his way but bounced harmlessly off of his shoulder. Before his daughter could react further, she’d already had the covers thrown off of her and been hoisted up onto her father’s shoulders.

“ Daaaad, ” Kelly yawned, as she rubbed sleepily at her eyes, already being piggy backed through to the kitchen to get some breakfast before training. “ It’s too early. ”

“ Yeah, you wish it was, ” Raph retorted, dropping her carefully to the tiles of the kitchen floor, like one might handle a China doll. While he might act like a big, tough scary- He was in fact a massive softie. Especially when it came to matters of his family. Especially his daughter, who he adored more than life itself.

“ … Kameko, did you eat all the Cheerios again? ” Kelly complained, looking to her older cousin who was currently halfway through munching said cereal.

“ … No. ”

And suddenly there was milk and half eaten Cheerios everywhere. A spoon went flying. Kelly had vaulted the table and tackled poor Kameko when he was halfway through a mouthful of breakfast.

Raph looked to his side, to see Leo, who could only sigh before the two of them went to go break up their fighting children.

Some things never change.

Donnie -

Don is a pretty fussy sort of helicopter parent… But he isn’t, because he’s read the terrible statistics of what might happen to a child who is coddled too much. He’s read every book on parenting, and is likely trying to discreetly check on his child at ever turn. But only because he loves them!

As such, and because of his terrible sleep pattern as well, Don would probably opt for an extra loud alarm clock to wake -both- of them up. It probably wouldn’t work.

“ Dad, uh, hey dad? ” Tesla asked, shaking his father’s arm slightly. Donnie would peer one eye open to look at his son, scooping him up into his arms to settle him in bed between himself and his mother.

“ What’s the matter, whizz-kid? ” He asked him, speaking quietly as to not wake his sleeping wife.

“ Um it’s just… I think we slept through our alarm again, ” He explains sheepishly.

“ Really? But I just made it louder. What makes you think that, little genius? ” Donnie asked, stretching out slightly.


“ … Grandfather does, ” The kid explained, retreating under the pillows, while Donnie checked the alarm to see- Yep, they’d somehow slept in again.

“ I’ll… I’ll upgrade the speakers again later. Uh, for now let’s… Let’s just hide. ”

(This one is a little sad given how many versions Splinter dies in… Oops, didn’t mean to stir up any feels)

Mikey -

Mikey, even far into his adulthood, is still a child at heart. He understands his kids struggles, he remembered hating waiting for training… Scratch that he still hates waking up for training now… And waking up, in general. So when he does have to wake his precious little one up, he’s more than soft about it.

“ Psst, huggy-buggy, widdle-waddle, my tinker-doodle, ” Mikey whisper-shouted, kneeling beside the bed and resting his elbows on the edge of the mattress.

“ Ugh, dad, that’s so embarrassing, ” Tiara complained sighing, stretching out slightly. “ Do I need to go? ” She asked him, not with her usual air of sleepy defiance as expected from any child who did not want to do something. Rather, genuine sadness.

“ Why? Are you sick? ” He asked, beginning to make a fuss as he ever did when his precious baby was ill.

“ Do I need to go to training if I’m sick? ” She asked him in response, holding her blankets to her chest with a frown.

“ No. ”

“ Then I’m sick, ” She insisted, a few tears dripping from her eyes. Mikey instantly went to scoop her up, pulling her down from the bed to side on his lap, tugging the duvet with her.

“ Hey, little princess, what’s the matter? ” He asked her, rocking her gently.

“ I… Everyone else is better than me, ” This comment left Mikey gobsmacked.

“ What? ”

“ W-Well, my cousins are all… Better. Kameko is really good at getting everyone to work together, Kelly is sooo much better than me and fighting and Tesla is like, super smart, ” Tiara explained. “ … And then there’s me, ” Mikey’s heart sank. Not just because his daughter was feeling so low but because… He’d felt like that growing up too. He’d always felt his brothers were better than him.

“ Well, maybe, pfft~ So? Can they cheer everyone up? Are they sneaky enough to steal the last cookie from the jar without Grandpa noticing? Do they have the high score on pinball? ” He asked her, before proceeding to launch a tickle assault on her, causing her to burst into a fit of giggles.

“ N-No! ” She squealed.

“ Then who does!? ” He asked, pinning her as his fingers found their way to her armpits, causing her to roar even louder in hysterical laughter.

“ Me! I d-do! ” Tiara squealed.

“ That’s it! So you get in there and you show em your stuff, Waddles! ” He encouraged.

“ Daaaaad! ”

(And there you have it. Just as a little explanation as to why I picked the names / nicknames I did.

Leo - So I picked Kameko because it’s Japanese and Leo is a sucker for all that. Plus, it means 'son of the tortoise’ and y'know, haha. Close enough to turtle right? Squirt was something in the same sort of punny, eh, squirt ad in squirtle… The Pokemon?… Just me?

Raph - Kelly means warrior, think that’s pretty self explanatory. I feel he’d also want a short name with a lot of meaning for his kid. And 'half-pint’ I just feel Raph would be one to obsess over, omg look how small his kid is. Short-stack / shorty are also totally viable options.

Donnie - Tesla, as in, the scientist Nikola Tesla. I thought it was cute as well. Whizz-kid and little genius are just part of that. Einstein maybe from time to time. Plus, those are also somewhat compliments? And I feel Don would be one to smother his kid in praise.

Mikey - Mikey would definitely want a 'celeb’ name for his baby. It’d have to be unique and a bit odd, but not so strange the kid would hate it. Something that was cute and nice. So Tiara, since y'know, connotations of royalty and princesses. Plus, I actually have met someone with this name! ^.^ As a middle name know, but still. I figure as with nicknames, Mikey would go overboard. He’d have a million and one embarrassing nicknames on the go at all times, with no reason or rhyme to them. )

Last night I was over at my Nonna and Nonno’s house and I told my Nonna about this weird dream I had where a song was altered. I didn’t know the name of the song so I sung a bit of it. After I was done, she told me that my voice was excellent and that I can hold a note really well. Two of my cousins have been singing their entire life and their voices are beautiful. I wasn’t even trying to make it sound good.

But goddamn did Nonna’s compliment hit me. It gave me confidence. I’m actually wondering now if I have the talent to sing.

Don’t hold back compliments. Tell people your true thoughts if you like their work.

Unwanted Brother-In-Laws [Reader x Kyungsoo]

Rating: K+

Warning: None  

Word Count: 598

Wishes Note: each different case is a different “You” Baekhyun, Sehun, and Chanyeol are not dating the same girl.  Not from the Exodus City series, but from the Mafia Reaction Series.  

Kyungsoo passed in his office before heading to his cousin’s room to speak to you.  He needed to understand how this happened, how did end up with Baekhyun?  He just couldn’t understand.  Kyungsoo stood in front of your door, before opening it.

“___, I really would like to talk-”  He paused as he saw Baekhyun quickly pull away but not before he saw them kissing.  

“Boss.”   Baekhyun said, standing at attention.  His cousin looked shyly, before a deep red over come your cheeks.

“Do you not knock?”  You put out, her cheeks ablaze.  Kyungsoo glared at Baekhyun, until he quickly bowed.  

“I’ll go.  I will see you later?”  He asked to you, you smiled before Kyungsoo couched.  

“Maybe much later.”  You leaned up kissing his cheek, before he left.  On his way, he kept his head turned up, away from the glaring eyes of Kyungsoo.   

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I needed to get this out of my system. 


I love them.