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Can you write a post explaining German cases please?

If they could be explained in one post, i’m sure we’d all have less problems lmao but i’ll try! 

1. What cases are there? 

German has four cases: Nominativ, Genitiv, Dativ und Akkusativ. (for any Latin nerds: Same as in Latin minus Ablative and Vocative.) 

2. Why are they necessary? 

Well, for once, you’ll need them if you want native speakers to understand what you’re saying. But let’s go a little deeper and compare German to English: 

In English, the meaning depends on the sentence structure. “The man bit the dog” and “The dog bit the man” have very different meanings even though both sentences use the same words - that’s because of the typical SVO-order. In English, the subject generally comes first, then some kind of verb, then the object (there are more difficult cases of course, but let’s not go into that rn). English has very little morphology, meaning that nouns/pronouns/determiners don’t inflect (a lot) depending on the case they’re in. 

In German, you can switch stuff around until you’re dizzy. “Der Hund biss den Mann” and “Den Mann biss der Hund” both mean the same, because “den” indicates that “Mann” is in the Akkusativ, thus he’s the one being bitten, no matter where you put him in the sentence. The case morphology allows a freer sentence order without leading to possible misunderstandings. 

3. So how do I know which case I need? 

This is the moment where it gets more complicated. You can associate the following questions with each case: 

  • Nominativ = Wer oder was? (Who?. The subject of a sentence is always in the nominative case.)
  • Genitiv = Wessen? (Whose?. Typically describes possession or comes as a rule after certain prepositions like “wegen” or verbs like “gedenken”.)

Okay, we can deal with that. Now on to the more difficult stuff: 

  • Dativ = Wem? 
  • Akkusativ = Wen oder was? 

To understand this, some knowledge of grammar is definitely an advantage. Consider the following sentences: 

  • I have a book. = Ich habe ein Buch. 
  • This is all well and nice. Subject (NOM), Verb, Object (AKK). 
  • In English, you would call “a book” a direct object because the verb “to have” is transitive, meaning it carries one object. “I have.” isn’t generally a full sentence and is expected to be followed by an object.

So apparently all our problems are solved with the Akkusativ/direct object. What now? 

  • I give you a book. = Ich gebe dir ein Buch. 
  • This is the critical moment. Subject (NOM), Verb, Object (DAT), Object (AKK). 
  • Suddenly we have two objects because the verb “to give” makes us expect information about what we’re giving (direct object, AKK) and to whom we’re giving it (indirect object, DAT). 
  • Such verbs are called ditransitive, meaning they can carry two objects. Just saying “I give.” leaves us wondering what you’re talking about because we’re missing key information. 
  • English, as explained above, solves this with sentence order by making the indirect object come first or by indicating it with “to” (“I give a book to you”). German solves it with inflection, putting the indirect object in a different case. 
  • That’s why things like “Ein Buch gebe ich dir” and “Dir gebe ich ein Buch” are both possible in German.
  • There are also intransitive verbs which carry either no object at all or just a dative object (“Ich antworte ihm”). 

4. How do I know which verbs carry which object(s)? 

This list will save you.  At some point (once you’ve gotten to a certain level in German), you’ll have a gut feeling about which object(s) to use just from experience. Give it some time! 

5. What about determiners and pronouns? 

I actually think this is less work because it’s one table of endings each, and once you’ve got that down you should be fine. 

side note: As a native speaker and language nerd who loves grammar, it’s hard for me to judge if this was helpful or just confusing as hell. I hope I still answered your question to some extent! If you need more help or have problems with a specific sentence, let me know and i’ll try my best! :) 

List of 60 qualifiers/intensifiers in German.

A while ago… a longgg while ago… I had a list of these and I thought I’d try and make the list more expansive. Qualifiers/Intensifiers are adverbs used to indicate the degree of something (e.g. very, quite, pretty, extremely).

Here are 60 of them. This list is by no means exhaustive (when I had to grab some examples from Duden online, it shows you the section for synonyms and there are easily 150+) but I mean it’ll stand you in good stead.

1. absolut (downright/utterly/absolutely)
Ex: Du hast absolut keine Ahnung.
Tr: You have utterly no idea.

2. ausgesprochen (downright/markedly)
Ex: Eine ausgesprochen malerische Landschaft.
Tr: A downright picturesque landscape.

3. außergewöhnlich (exceptionally/abnormally)
Ex: zu außergewöhnlich hohen Preisen.
Tr: At exceptionally high prices.

4. außerordentlich (exceedingly/remarkably)
Ex: Das Essen war außerordentlich lecker.
Tr: The food was remarkably delicious.

5. äußerst (most/extremely/utterly)
Ex: Die Lage ist äußerst angespannt.
Tr: This situation is most tense.

6. bedeutend (significantly)
Ex: Die Donau ist bedeutend länger als der Rhein.
Tr: The Donau is significantly longer than the Rhein.
Note: This is mainly used with the comparative.

7. beileibe [nicht] (by no means/in no way)
Ex: Meine Freundin ist beleibe kein Supermodel.
Tr: My girlfriend is by no means a supermodel.

8. beinahe (almost/nearly)
Ex: Er wäre beinahe mit dem Auto zusammengestoßen.
Tr: He nearly collided with the car.

9. bei weitem (by far)
Ex: Er ist bei weitem der Beste in der Klasse
Tr: He is by far the best in the class.
Note: This is mainly used with the comparative or superlative.

10. bemerkenswert (strikingly/remarkably)
Ex: eine bemerkenswert schöne Kollektion.
Tr: A strikingly beautiful collection.

11. besonders (especially/particularly)
Ex: Das hast du aber besonders gut gemacht!
Tr: But there you did particularly well!

12. beträchtlich (considerably)
Ex: Die Zugspitze ist beträchtlich höher als die anderen Gipfel in den
bayrischen Alpen.
Tr: The Zugspite is considerably higher than the other summits in the Bavarian Alps.
Note: This is mainly used with the comparative.

13. denkbar (possible)
Ex: Sie hat den denkbar schlechtesten Eindruck gemacht.
Tr: She has made the worst possible impression.
Note: This is mainly used with the superlative.

14. durchaus (absolutely/definitely)
Ex: Ich bin durchaus nicht dieser Meinung.
Tr: I am definitely not of that opinion.

15. echt (really/truely)
Ex: Das ist echt beschissen.
Tr: That’s really shitty/That really sucks.
Note: echt is colloquial.

16. ein bisschen (a bit)
Ex: Ich bin ein bisschen sauer.
Tr: I’m a bit angry.

17. einigermaßen (to an extent)
Ex: Er hat sich wieder einigermaßen erholt.
Tr: He rested again, to an extent.
Note: colloquially this can mean ‘very’.

18. enorm (enormously/tremendously)
Ex: Die Preise sind enorm gestiegen.
Tr: The prices went up tremendously.
Note: enorm is a bit colloquial.

19. entschieden (decidedly)
Ex: Er hat entschieden schlechter gespielt als vor einem Jahr.
Tr: He played decidedly worse than a year ago.
Note: This is mainly used with the comparative.

20. entsetzlich (horrendously/appallingly/terribly)
Ex: Es war entsetzlich kalt.
Tr: It was horrendously cold.
Note: According to Duden, this when used as an intensifier is also colloquial.

21. etwas (some[what]/a bit of… it’s hard to define on its own)
Ex: Nehmen Sie etwas Salz und streuen Sie es über den Fleck.
Tr: Take a bit of salt and scatter it over the stain.

22. extrem (extremely/particularly)
Ex: Das ist ein extrem starker Kaffee.
Tr: That’s an extremely strong coffee.
Note: extrem is a bit colloquial.

23. fast (almost/nearly/virtually)
Ex: Der Bau ist fast fertig!
Tr: The construction is almost done!

24. ganz (completely/quite)
Ex: Sie ist ganz verrückt nach Schokolade.
Tr: She’s completely crazy for chocolate.

25. ganz und gar (utterly/completely… it’s.. more 'completely’ than ganz)
Ex: Ihren Vorschlag können Sie ganz und gar vergessen.
Tr: You can completely forget about your proposal.

26. genug (enough)
Ex: Der Schrank ist groß genug.
Tr: The cupboard is big enough.

27. geradezu (virtually/almost/really)
Ex: Das ist ja geradezu fantastisch!
Tr: That’s really fantastic!

28. gottserbärmlich (dreadfully/god-awfully)
Ex: Es war gottserbärmlich kalt.
Tr: It was dreadfully cold.
Note: I am given to believe this is also  colloquial.

29. höchst (most/extremely)
Ex: Ich war höchst überrascht, dass die Wahl so augegangen ist.
Tr: I was most surprised that the vote ended like that.

30. irre (mind-blowingly/insanely)
Ex: Das ist jetzt irre wichtig für mich!
Tr: That’s insanely important for me at the moment!
Note: irre is colloquial in this sense.

31. irrsinnig (insanely)
Ex: Sie freute sich irrsinnig.
Tr: She was insanely happy.
Note: irrsinnig is colloquial in this sense.

32. kaum (hardly)
Ex: Er kann kaum lesen!
Tr: He can hardly read!

33. komplett (completely)
Ex: Du spinnst komplett!
Tr: You’re completely mad!

34. lange/längst (not nearly)
Ex: Dieses Buch ist [noch] lange/längst nicht so gut wie sein Letztes.
Tr: This book is not nearly as good as his last book.
Note: If you use lange, it’s normally preceeded by noch.

35. mäßig (relatively/reasonably)
Ex: Ein mäßig großer Raum.
Tr: A relatively big room.

36. nahezu (virtually)
Ex: Eine nahezu optimale Lösung des Problems.
Tr: A virtually optimal solution to the problem.

37. recht (really)
Ex: Er arbeitet recht gut!
Tr: He works really well!

38. relativ (relatively)
Ex: Zehn Euro beim Einkaufen sind relativ wenig.
Tr: 10 Euros for shopping is relatively little.

39. sehr (very)
Ex: Ich kaufte ein sehr altes Haus.
Tr: I bought a very old house.

40. total (totally/absolutely)
Ex: Nach dem achtstündigen Marsch war ich total erschöpft.
Tr: After the 8-hour long march I was totally exhausted.

41. überaus (extremely/exceedingly)
Ex: Meine Frau ist überaus erfolgreich.
Tr: My wifeis extremely successful.

42. unermesslich (immeasurably)
Ex: Das ist unermesslich traurig.
Tr: That’s immeasurably distressing.

43. ungeheuer (enormously/tremendously)
Ex: Adriana Altaras ist  ungeheuer witzig.
Tr: Adriana Altaras ist tremendously funny.

44. ungemein (extraordinarily)
Ex: Ich freue mich ungemein, dass du da bist.
Tr: I’m extraordinarly happy that you’re here.

45. ungewöhnlich (abnormally/exceptionally)
Ex: Sie ist ungewöhnlich vielseitig.
Tr: She’s exceptionally versatile.

46. unglaublich (unbelievably)
Ex: Der Urlaub war unglaublich schnell vorbei.
Tr: The holiday flew by unbelievably quickly.

47. unheimlich (uncannily/incredibly)
Ex: Etwas ist unheimlich groß.
Tr: Something is incredibly big.
Note: When used in this way, unheimlich is colloquial.

48. verdammt (depends on the context, e.g. 'bloody’)
Ex: Heike ist verdammt glücklich über ihren Freund.
Tr: Heike is bloody happy about her friend.
Note: verdammt is colloquial and I know that 'bloody’ sounds very British.

49. verhältnismäßig (comparatively/relatively)
Ex: Eine verhältnismäßig hohe Besucherzahl.
Tr: A comparatively high number of visitors.

50. viel (much)
Ex: Diese Schule ist viel größer als meine.
Tr: This school is much bigger than mine.
Note: This is mainly used with the comparative.

51. vollauf (fully/completely)
Ex: Ich war vollauf damit beschäftigt.
Tr: I was fully occupied with it.

52. völlig (fully/completely)
Ex: Ich bin mit dir völlig einverstanden.
Tr: I agree with you completely.

53. vollkommen (fully/completely)
Ex: Ich bin auch vollkommen deiner Meinung.
Tr: I am also entirely in agreement with you.

54. weit (far)
Ex: Der Wagen ist weit schneller, als ich dachte.
Tr: The car is far quicker than I thought
Note: This is normally used with the comparative.

55. weitaus (by far)
Ex: Isabella ist weitaus reifer, als man ihrem Alter nach schließen dürfte.
Tr: Isabella is by far more mature than one may expect of her age.
Note: This is normally used with the comparative or superlative.

56. wenig (little)
Ex: Dieser Schriftsteller ist wenig bekannt.
Tr: This author is little known.

57. wesentlich (substantially)
Ex: Er hat heute wesentlich besser gespielt.
Tr: He played substantially better today.
Note: This is normally used with the comparative.

58. ziemlich (quite)
Ex: Der Regen ist ziemlich stark.
Tr: The rain is quite heavy.

59. zu (too)
Ex: Wein ist mir zu ungesund.
Tr: Wine is too unhealthy for me.

60. zutiefst (deeply)
Ex: Ich bin dir zutiefst dankbar für deine Freundlichkeit.
Tr: I am deeply grateful to you for your kindness.

All examples taken from Duden, Wiktionary or Linguee. The translations in some places are rough approximations (it’s not super-easy to give 1-1 translations for them all as in English we might say extraordinarily in one context, but exceptionally in another).


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Hi. Sorry my English really bad. I see your thread on twitter about poc. Can me (white girl) say 'SH has much POC' so i not have to say 'sh have one chinese man, one half mexico half lebanese woman, etc.' Or is it mean to say? Please educate me!!! Thank in advance.

Okay, I’m going to clarify the proper use of the term people/person of color (POC).

Where does POC come from?
It’s important to note that the term of color came from people-first language so it would not be quite right to say POC women or POC actors. It’s not the worst if you do this but it’s still awkward in the “ATM machine” sense. You should instead say women of color or actors of color.

When can you use the term POC?
POC is a great term to quickly encompass all non-white people, especially when referring to instances where they appear as a group like your example with a diverse cast containing many different races and ethnicities. Using it in that case is 100% fine. 

When should you not use POC?
When referring to individuals or to media that speaks directly to a specific race, it’s important not to throw it under the umbrella of POC. Magnus is an Asian* bisexual; Moonlight is about a gay black man. These characters and stories speak specifically to certain groups, so designating it as overall “POC” media erases the individual race/ethnicity for whom the characters/stories speak to.

*Truthfully, even “Asian” is a bit of a large umbrella because Asians are a huge diverse group within themselves. Issues that affect East Asians do not always overlap with those that affect South East Asians do not always overlap with those that affect South Asians. For example, my sister, a SE Asian who is very light, does not have same difficulties moving through airport security as her husband does, who is South Asian.

Why is it not okay?
This erasure is significant because for several reasons:

1. It leads people to assume that POC can be interchangeable. And when people feel that one “POC” can stand in to represent “diversity” for all POC, it results in them thinking they’ve done enough to cast one or two brown people and call it a day. So when I talk about how I don’t have a lot of rep, I get given a long list of non-white characters as if to say, “You have these, why are you still complaining? Isn’t it enough?”

First of all, even with the entire list of POC it isn’t enough to make up for the number of white characters that have dominated media for decades and second of all, once you reduce that already small list to their individual races/ethnicities, there’s even less.

2. It results in people not understanding the specific stereotypes that apply to certain races/ethnicities. For example, Magnus is especially susceptible to desexualization and feminization as an Asian man so things that are okay to talk about with him (i.e. being very…large) would not be okay to do with a character who is a black man, as black men are frequently hypersexualized.

Why do POC sometimes use the term POC instead of their race then?
These questions spawned after Harry did, in fact, use the term person of color and I want to clarify that a person of color using that particular term to stand in solidarity with other people of color is completely different than white people using it to lump us all together. For those of us who aren’t white, I think it was clear to us what he was doing – underlining the importance of any LGBT+ POC being recognized over white LGBT+ – which is a nuance I guess gets lost when you are outside the community.

So yes, some of us under specific circumstances will choose to use the identifier POC rather than our specific race for purposes of solidarity. However, as I said in that thread, white people cannot stand in solidarity with us. They can only stand beside us as allies. So it carries completely different connotations when used by them. It only serves to throw all POC under the same umbrella.

Anyway, I hope this helps clear things up; I realize it can be complex and especially on social media platforms where people like to type shorthand, it’s easy to just throw it in wherever. And frankly, some of us are guilty of this, too. But basically, just remember that while diversity of all kinds is important to all people of color, each race/ethnicity has unique issues to overcome and unique experiences they identify with. So the continued use of POC as an umbrella perpetuates the idea that one “POC rep” is enough for all of us and meant to be shared among us, which is a concept that really needs to end if we are to further push diversity in media.

On The Methods of Energy Healing

I have yet to find a post on energy healing that focuses on the process beyond pinpointing and clearing blockages. I feel like there’s more to healing that could be talked about, though there’s definitely a good chance that I’ve just not found the posts that go into detail about this. Nevertheless, here’s my take on approaches for energy healing, specifically for injuries in the physical or astral. (I don’t mention the use of crystals and herbs and such because I don’t use them and therefore don’t feel like I should try to cover something I’m not familiar with.)

There are three major approaches I think of when trying to heal injuries and their pros and cons:

Increasing Healing Speed

The first is boosting someone’s natural healing process. I see this method done most often when people are doing healing, so I think this is kind of the go-to method for most healers. The way I would go about this is to envision the injury healing in progression, consciously seeing the stages of healing while pouring energy into it. 


  • Because we’ve all sustained some sort of injury before and know what the process of healing is like, envisioning this method is easier
  • It’s a solid method-not much could go wrong as long as you intend to heal. At worst, nothing will happen


  • This can be pretty draining, especially if it’s a significant injury. Let’s say that it takes 10 points of energy for an injury to naturally heal over the course of 10 days. Regardless of time, the same amount of energy is required to heal that injury. Essentially what you would be doing is condensing the energy spending by using maybe 4-5 points of energy over the course of the healing session and then allowing the injury to heal itself in less than 10 days, instead of 1 point every day for 10 days.
  • It might also take a toll on the person you’re healing. This would happen if you intend for the injury to heal faster but you don’t provide the energy to do so. I’ve only seen this happen with beginner healers or those who don’t have much energy to spare. It’s not a terrible thing, but definitely not something that you want to happen without warning.

Erasing the Injury

The second method is erasing the injury, or erasing the effects of the injury. This would be done by maybe visualizing an eraser rubbing an injury away leaving no traces. You would be dispersing the energy of injury in the area until it is minimized. Not gonna lie, this one’s kind of a weird one but it works well for some people. I personally only do this for minor injuries and particularly if the pain needs to be dealt with immediately.


  • It works really well on minor injuries, and is relatively fast (maybe because I don’t like to use this method on bigger things though)
  • You see more immediate effects, to a point. Meaning the pain may lessen faster but the injury won’t suddenly be gone or anything like that.


  • I would say that this one is harder to visualize, because it’s not the same as envisioning the progression of natural healing. Envisioning something that would not occur in reality, like an injury being erased, can be a little difficult.
  • In my opinion this shouldn’t be done on significant injuries, or at least it shouldn’t be the only healing done. This is because most significant injuries should heal at a moderate rate so that it doesn’t take a toll on the body and so that the body can learn from the injury itself. Many times when a significant injury happens, the person needs to learn from it and erasing might interfere with that.

Softening the Impact

This method goes to the root of the problem and requires sending energy back in time to when the injury was inflicted. Usually I only need to use this for very deep wounds. This one’s a little tricky to explain, but for those who are already experienced in energy work it will probably work just by intuitively finding the origin of the injury and then going from there. What would help is to try to feel the timeline of a person’s healthfulness and then to try to look for the initial point where the energy signature of the injury occurred. For those not as experienced in energy work, you might need to ask a person about how the injury came to be, and then to guide energy to that point in time. Once you locate the root of the wound, what you would do is lessen the impact of the injury by cushioning the affected area with energy. So let’s say a kid fell off his bike and bruised his knee, you would send energy back to right before he fell and wrap your energy around it in a cushion form. You could also send energy to right after he fell if you want to do a first aid type initial healing. There’s more that can be explained about this method but this is the gist of it. 


  • It’s really good for deep wounds as mentioned before. For wounds that leave scars, this is the method I would use to treat them.
  • It’s thorough. Getting to the root of problems is almost always the most thorough way, and I say “almost” just to give people the benefit of the doubt.


  • It can be intrusive. Any situation where a deep wound is inflicted is one that that a person likely would not want to share. There is a possibility that you will accidentally read into what happened even if you try not to. There’s also the possibility of the injured person reliving the moment as you’re healing. Be very careful of respecting people’s space and privacy when using this method. I tell people how I will go about healing them regardless, but always, always ask for a person’s permission before using this method, and make sure they 100% understand what you will be doing and what could happen.
  • This method requires a lot of detailed work, and can be difficult. I do not recommend this to newer energy workers, because it takes some time getting used to energy before being able to pinpoint times that healing needed to occur. This is not a challenge for new energy workers!!! Don’t read this and think that you should try to be “the exception” or whatever. Don’t try to make your healing sessions a source of triumph. The best energy workers are those who are responsible. The best healers do what is the safest and most comfortable for those they’re working with. By knowing what you should and shouldn’t do and what your pace should be, you’re being a good energy worker already.

Anyways this post is getting much longer than I anticipated. For those that might read this, please note that these are my experiences only and that they don’t pertain to every healer. These are also not the only methods of healing, just some of them. As I progress and if people bring up stuff I’ll probably come back to edit or add to this post. One of my companions is a healer as well, so if she shows different things that she does I may tack that on as well.

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Draw the Schuyler sisters as cats

Ideally you can tell who’s who

Angelica is an Abyssinian, Eliza is a Ragdoll, and Peggy is an American Shorthair

Some Relativity Falls art! This has got to be one of my most favorite GF AU’s out there. I really wanted to draw something for this AU and I finally forced myself to make something. Sort of a fake screen shot, I guess? I actually thought the background was going to be the hardest part (since I suck at them) but it actually came out pretty well and wasn’t all that hard. All in all, I’m pretty proud of myself. :)

Here it is, 4.6k words of angst! And I’m dead tired! This was so difficult to write because, well, the request was very unspecific and I had a clear goal in mind and ended up going too far! But it’s okay, I think! I hope! Anyway, this is Shinsou angst for a good friend and all of you lovely readers~

Saturday night is date night, since it’s the only day you and Shinsou don’t work.

Being a pro hero is hard, but it’s a job you know Shinsou worked very hard to get. You didn’t want to be a hero, but you supported his dreams completely and got a job that would allow you to stay up to date with the things he does. You work as an editor and second designer in one of the more famous hero magazines, and it’s a lot of work to read and criticise article after article, and make changes to the magazine’s design to match the flow of the stories. It leaves you with very little time to spend away from a keyboard, so you’re often working from home.

Shinsou, on the other hand, is barely home. Sometimes it is lonely, but you’re comforted immediately after you change into one of his baggy jumpers or the much larger sweatpants he wore to bed the night before. Even after washing them, his clothes always smell distinctly like him – although of course, cleaner.

Your friends from high school sometimes express how rare it is for two people with such hectic occupations to still be together. They’d tease and giggle about how cute it is that Shinsou and yourself are still like a new couple, when the reality is that you started dating 4 years ago.

Even before you started dating, you and Shinsou were casual, comfortable friends. It was really just a last minute mutual decision to start introducing yourselves as a couple to people who asked. You’d spent so much time together in the general education class during your first year that it was considered, as Monoma from Class B had called it, “a cold day in hell” whenever you were not seen together.

In recent days, you’re not see together unless you’re both sleeping (Shinsou is usually only sleeping for two hours at most before he’s up again, moving around the room as quietly as he can as he get’s ready for another day at 4 in the morning), or it’s a Saturday.

This time, it’s Saturday, and you’d both come to the agreement that date night wouldn’t be anything too big or special this week. A movie, some real food (“I can’t believe all you’re eating is delivery food and cup ramen every day.”, “Well I can’t believe you’re not eating anything at all on most days. What? Don’t give me that look; you think I don’t see your cheek bones almost protruding out of your skin?”), and lots of cuddles. Shinsou was not going to let you get up to pee without holding onto any part of you within reach for as long as he could.

Unfortunately, it was more like you’d have to cling onto him until you physically couldn’t anymore, and that was when he was standing at the front door dressed head to toe in his hero gear.

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March 2017 in Numbers

How oh how is it April tomorrow? I still have a very clear moment in my memory from when I was a kid, and my mom saying “in the year 2000,″ and I was all like “no way, that’s the future!” And now here we are, well into the future

March flew by, as has 2017 so far. Here are some of the highlights for me from March 2017. 

16  ⇨ The number of times I worked out this month

Which, considering there were 31 days in March, means I worked out 51% of the days.  Truthfully it feels like way more than that (any day I go to CrossFit and/or a run is still a big, big, BIG deal, ha), but I’m still happy with this number (especially when I hardly worked our a mere few months ago).  I’m also really trying to focus on balance; by this I mean not go to the gym six or seven times a week, but rather something normal and consistent. For example I missed CrossFit last night to hangout with colleagues in town from Toronto, and as I type this I feel sick (cold) so I’m skipping it… balance! 

5 ⇨ The kilometers I ran this month (okay, so I went on one run, but it was a great run through downtown Detroit). 

I definitely had a holy crap I’m running through Detroit!!!!! moment on my run. It’s absolutely amazing the wonderful twists and turns life throws; WHO WOULD HAVE GUESS I’D EVER RUN THROUGH DETROIT?!

Here some bright n’ fun wall graffiti murals I saw on my run. 

6   ⇨The number of white roses I received. 

They’re pretty, eh? Along with this theme, and to throw another number into this post; 8. Eight is the number of dates I had with 1 guy.  I don’t really know what I’m doing or why, but it’s new and fun and for lack of a better way of saying it, a very adult “relationship.” (In quotes because hey oh, it’s not that serious yet.)  

I get dressed up in high heels and red lipstick, and we eat at beautiful restaurants, and walk around the Detroit Institute of Art. He brings me roses(!) and candy and cooks for me. He opens doors and kisses my forehead and holds my hand. It’s all very movie-ish right now; including me taking to my blog to write about it.  He’s a Doctor, which is interesting to hear about; both his everyday and the American health care system. 

I’m currently feeling very Sex and the City like though; dating at 32 and enjoying the city a lot! 

68 ⇨ The percent of income I saved 

68% is a bit misleading; I received a bonus this month for my rotation in Detroit, so my income is inflated this month. And to be transparent I get a lot of perks living in Detroit (car is paid for, allowance, etc.) so I advise to not compare your budget numbers to the ones below!  

Remember when I did that do-not-buy-things challenge for myself for the first month of January 2015? well I still think it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself; it completely broke my habit of buying clutter and things, and triggered my savings; I’d still highly recommend it.  

0 ⇨ the number of books I finished

Ughhhh. This was a bad reading month. I finished a book last month, and don’t have a new one; suggestions are welcome! 

5 ⇨ the number of Big Little Lies I watched (it’s, so, so good)

Have you watched it yet? Get, on, it.  It’s a short series (5 episodes total) with Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon and oh.my. it’s binge TV heaven. 

2.4 ⇨ the number of pounds I lost

Boooohiss as 2.4 pounds seems very little for a month of eating really relatively well and working out. 

That being said, my clothes are fitting SO MUCH BETTER. So much so, let me add a self indulgent outfit collage below. I really need to start looking at the camera and/or not parting my hair to one side, but let’s ignore those two factors for a hot second, because I am feeling pret-ty good in my own skin lately.  My bum is looking great (for me) if I do say so myself (s.q.u.a.t.s.), and I took a nap in my jeans the other day. I repeat. I TOOK A NAP IN MY JEANS (#youknowyourelosingweightwhen).

3  ⇨ the age Lily turned in March

On March 14th, my beautiful niece, Lily, turned THREE! Obviously I headed back to Toronto to help her celebrate her ladybug themed birthday!  The night before my sister and I put together ladybug loot bags, and prepared everything for her big day.  She played with her friends, blew out her candles, opened presents, and celebrated the milestone with a consistent smile on her face. 

That evening her dad asked her, “Lily, what was your favourite part of today?” and she replied, “Seeing Olivia and Adele and Mason and Audrey and Auntie and Grandpa…” and the list went on! It was so cute. 

1,800 ⇨ the calories I aim to hit each month 

I hit over 55 days on My Fitness Pal counting calories. True, March wasn’t the most perfect month; I’d often start recording breakfast and lunch and then forget / not bother at dinner time, but still, I tried and didn’t drop off. As I type this I hope to stay consistent in the month of April. 

4 ⇨ the number of times I went to the Detroit Institute of Art

I’m not sure why I enjoy the D.I.A. so much or why I put so much effort into heading to their exhibits; but I absolutely love it! I live very close too, so sometimes I walk there and then stroll around for an hour or two, or sit in their cafe and listen to the harp man play.  It’s all very adulty of me, or at least I feel that, and a nudge to embrace the art in Toronto when I’m back, as I hardly ever went to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) downtown, or Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) when I lived really close to them too! 

8 ⇨ The number of new restaurants I went to this month

Okay, I actually have no idea how many new spots I went to in March, but I’ve been exploring the restaurants in Detroit, and have been so impressed.  Here’s the link to my Detroit Google Map (I’ve been to the red restaurants, and still want to go to the brown ones!)

213 ⇨ The days till Courtney’s wedding!

On the day of Lily’s birthday party I was triple booked! In the morning I zoomed to the west end of the city to meet the Bride-to-be Courtney, and her other beautiful bridesmaid to choose dresses!  

Here’s mine:

And with that, that’s a happy summary of my life in Detroit.  I started this post on April 30, and today it’s April 5, which shows how BUSY life has been! 

I’m slowly making friends and settling in and really enjoying the Detroit life. I’m still waiting to hear from work whether my stay here will continue on throughout the summer or not, but I’m really hoping it does; especially as I have so many Northern Michigan to-dos! We shall see :) 

You've heard of the mom and the dad friend, now get ready for:
  • The weird uncle friend: good at creating awkward silences. Knows a lot of party tricks. Probably into anime.
  • The grumpy grandpa friend: refuses to leave the house. Hates most things. Secretly cares a lot.
  • The nerd cousin friend: generally sits in the corner and writes fanfiction. Won't shut up about Star Wars.
  • The cool aunt friend: travels a lot and makes everyone jealous. Life of the party. Alcohol.
  • The baby cousin friend: needs a lot of attention and cries a lot. Loved by everyone nonetheless. Cute.
  • The rich great-aunt friend: has lots of money and nobody really knows why. Very generous. Mysterious and well dressed.
  • The distant relative friend: You see them maybe twice a year and it's always awkward.
  • The dead grandma friend: self explanatory

Name: Merry Christmas, Malfoy.
Pairing: Draco x reader
Summary: the reader is a friend with Hermione, so she knows that the reader has a crush on the Malfoy (she does not understand it, but has to deal with it). She also knows that Malfoy has a crush on the reader. And that the three of you are stuck in Hogwarts. The imagine happens after the War, Hermione and Draco are back to Hogwarts. (a complicated idea, but I felt like doing it).

“Oh, I wish I could go home,” you murmur, as your classmates leave the Hogwarts for the Christmas break. Unfortunately, your family left England for the break to see your relatives in another country, so you had to stay in Hogwarts. Well, you never really wanted to go there, as you don’t like those relatives.

“Well, you are not alone here, are you?” Hermione smiles at you, and you smile back. “And… if it makes you feel any better, Malfoy is staying for the holidays too.”

“M… Ok,” you try not to smile, and Hermione giggles. After the war ended, you became very close friends, as you shared a room. And classes. When she learned that you have a huge crush on Draco Malfoy, she first tried to ‘heal’ you, but later gave up because you seemed to be ‘hopelessly lost’. Before you manage finish thinking about why Hermione would be approving or somehow supporting your crush, she grabs your hand and pulls you to the Great Hall, mumbling something about the dinner.

“Muggleborns stuck in Hogwarts, aren’t you?” asks Draco, sitting down next to you.

“The question is why are you here, Malfoy?” asks Hermione quite calmly. “Don’t you have a family mansion to go to?”

“You’ll be disconcerted, Granger, but I chose to stay here. And I have the right to. My family will be fine without me, and I have other, more important matters to attend to.”

“Please, what matters?” asked a boy from Gryffindor that was sitting next to you because you were the only people left from the whole House. His friends died in the Battle, so he was painfully hostile towards all the Slytherin. “Thinking of the new ways of murdering innocent people?”

“Shut up, John,” Hermione rolled her eyes, and the boy closed his mouth - as the friend of the Great Harry Potter, Hermione was respected by all of the Houses, except for the Slytherin, of course, but no one really dared go against her. Malfoy stayed quiet as well, aggrieved at the way he is seen even after the war ended, and Potter spent half a summer to vindicate Draco and his family.

“Hey… Draco… You ok?” you ask, quickly touching his hand. Malfoy blinks and smiles.

“Yes, yes. I am great.”

“I am sorry about John. He is stupid, that’s all,” he nods, and you return to the food in front of you, listening to the hum of people discussing something. Hermione keeps smiling at you, sometimes humming a weird song about a girl that fell in love with an iceberg. Fortunately, Malfoy wasn’t listening.

“So… what are your plans for the break?” asks Hermione when the silence becomes absolutely repugnant. Draco looks at her, then at you, still quiet, so Hermione has to continue. “I am going to prepare for the exams. Y/N?”

“Oh. I am planning on reading some literature about the use of magical wands by muggles. That’s the assignment. For the Muggle Studies,” Draco grinned. “What?”

“A muggleborn and the Muggle Studies… Why would you?”

“You’ll never know how many differences there are between the way the muggles see themselves and the way the wizards see them… It’s quite funny,” Draco smiles at you, then nods. “What about you?”

“Well, I am working on changing my schedule a little. And looks like I will have to take the Muggle Studies.”

“And why so?” Hermione asks, as you keep looking away, trying to stop smiling.

“Granger, you have no idea how helpful it will be if Lord Malfoy demonstrates his decency and civility by studying the life of the muggles,” Draco answers calmly, yet looking at you from a corner of his eye. “It’s all politics.”

“Only politics?” Granger grins, as if trying to trust him.

“Only,” murmurs Draco, quickly stuffing his mouth with food to avoid Granger’s questions. Hermione keeps looking at you two, then grins and leaves, after saying something about McGonagall and a new assignment. You and Draco stay in silence, slowly chewing on your meals.

“Why did you come back to the school?” you ask finally, trying to break the silence.

“I want to study, Y/N. I was the second top student right after Granger…” you nod and take a glass of juice. “However, you look pretty interested in my position, don’t you?”

“Sorry about that,” you smile. “I am doing my best here.”

“No, no. Not a problem at all!” Draco starts to renounce his words, trying not to smile, but you both end up laughing, as you look at the table, not noticing that Malfoy laughs, looking at you, then suddenly, totally spontaneously tucks a curl behind your ear.

“Uhm…” you both freeze, Draco’s fingers still slightly touching your skin, until he blinks and quickly pulls the hand away. 

“I had to, you know,” he notes quietly, as you start blushing.

“You did?” Draco nods, then rests his hand on the back side of your wrist, slightly stroking the skin.

“Absolutely right… And you are blushing a lot,” he smiles, as you turn away, totally pretending that nothing is happening. “Granger left on purpose, didn’t she?” you nod. “She is not as terrible as I may think she is.”

“Oh, be nice!”

“I am,” Draco raises his eyebrows, surprised that someone could think he is not nice. “Very nice.”

“You really think so? The sarcastic Slytherin prince is nice? When did I miss this moment?”

“Merlin’s beard, Y/N! Stop talking, won’t you?” you frown, about to keep arguing, but Malfoy simply rolls his eyes and pulls you closer with one hand to kiss you slowly, as if not sure if he can. However, the moment you kiss him back, you realize that he won’t really let go of you, way too soft his skin is, and way too gentle the dangerous Malfoy is.

why my top 11 is my top 11


- first of all, he’s not all about visuals
- really talented even though mnet doesnt want to show his talent
- you can see that he dances really well and sings relatively well ( reevaluation got him in B class which is still pretty good) + his voice when he raps is dEEp;
-gugugaga, jeojang, winkboy

-sex god
-super cute off stage but charismatic on stage;
-attitude during reevaluation where he accepted the fact that rappers have to sing really made me like him that much more;
-also got resorted to class A which clearly shows his talent in singing and dancing + he’s originally a rapper so he can do singing, dancing and rapping AMAZING;

-this boy got so much hate because of his “greedy and boastful” attitude but pulled through it with a strong attitude and bright smile
-sososos admirable for his attitude and talent when he’s only 16 (intl age )
-can rap,sing,dance,compose, write lyrics BASICALLY EVERYTHING;
-was center for a fucking reason STOP HATING ON THE POOR BOY

-boy rose to 6th place from 70+ for a reason;
-so charismatic on stage his stage presence is really no joke my eyes just follow all his movements
-snaggletooth is so charming i die everytime
-secretly a beagle and all the trainees love him because of his hyper personality
-dances well OBVIOUSLY, his deep voice when he raps gets me shook everytime plus he sings fairly well i mean he WAS in A class even after reevaluation

- trainee for 5 years and his skills reflect that ;
-sings well dances well so stable during live;
-visuals for days fuck korean beauty standards he’s amazing
-seems to be well liked by the other trainees and his determination is so endearing i love

6.ONG sungwoo
-variety god what is produce 101 without ong;
-slate legend
-triple threat with dance, vocals and visuals
-what is there to not love about ong
-“even his name is perfect” -park sungwoo
-moodmaker and puts everyone in a good mood which is always a plus point
-everyone loves ong

-vocal god
-who says he isnt idol material because he’s been in all the iconic teams (justice league, downpour and never)
- main vocal material, can even rap well ( refer to never team’s trip to cube and his recording)
-laughter is iconic and pLEASING TO THE EARS whoever says otherwise FIGHT ME

-may not be talented but can achieve anything with effort
-slipped into the A-class life from D as a result of his hard work even after the trainer told him he had no talent
-personality seems so endearing and soft, actual cinnamon roll PLEASE
-eats raw egg yolk and makes omelettes instead when told to make meringue
-(also JINSEOB/WOOSEOB/HYUNGJIN idk but he’s cute with woojin)

-vocals are great, can dance fairly well according to donghyun
-is well liked by trainees because of his 빙구 (dumb??) personality HAHA
-too talented to let go KNETS PLEASE
-also super cute with jaehwan LMAO recall what’s in the box video please

-if you look past his memesung™ personality, is actually super talented and hardworking
-can sing so well please refer to downpour peformance
-soso encouraging and nice to all the trainees ( they call him eomma or ahjumma LMAO)
-moodmaker and always takes responsibility for his dongsaengs I JUST LOVE JISUNG SO MUCH

-boy is so hardworking and always does his best
-personality is so endearing and doesnt take his anger out on others just makes people laugh
-his endearing actions when he kept getting moved to other teams is what made him rank 3rd and also what pushed him up my bias list ;-;
-vocals are on POINT and dances so well and don’t underestimate my boy’s visuals also

,,,, OKAY THATS ALL !! literally took so long to write this tbh but i realllyyyyy hope this is the lineup even though i know the possibility is close to zero because my lineup doesnt include jonghyun or baejin or minhyun or guanlin ;-;;;;;;



“I have to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

“I- need to tell you…. I love you.”

“Come again?”

“I said… I love you?”

“Well, that doesn’t sound very logical now does it?”


“Love isn’t really a relative emotion now is it?”

“Logic, why-?”

“If that’s all can you please go? I’m trying to get my work-”



“Is that all you have to say? You can’t even turn me down nicely?”

“I think the word you want is ‘kindly’.”

“I can’t believe…. I should’ve known, I’m sorry.”

“…. Its for the best, Love.”

I need to talk about Kid a bit

Yes movie 19 inspired me but like, I’m constantly trying to rationalize why he’s just so damn popular. I mean, what makes me so excited to see him appear, to defy reality and interact with the cast?

I’ve mused on it for a while and came up with a few personal, meta reasons why he’s a recipe for success.

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So obviously Voltron takes place in space. Why wouldn’t it. But the paladin’s families are still on earth. There’s this paradox called the Twin Paradox where, let’s say, one twin stays on earth, while another travels in space for however long at a fraction of the speed of light. So the twin on earth ages x amount of years (the earth bound twin is traveling through time, not space because they are stationary and the twin in space is gone for as many years as the earth twin has aged) while the twin traveling through space and time and ages less than that of their twin. So this makes me think; the paladin’s families are going to have aged more than the paladins. Time doesn’t just stop. And I mean time is wonky anyways in space and they could really be gone for a short amount of time. Don’t even get me started on the castle jumping through wormholes.. Anyways, the paladins could come home to very different, older families. And they could look barely any older than the day they left. If you want to understand this better, look up the theory of special relativity and the twin paradox. They’re difficult to explain but they’re very very real and legitimate as far as physics goes.

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alternative dreamcast: naomi scott as rose tyler

i recently started thinking a lot about alternative dreamcasts, how a different ethnicity would affect a character’s history, and of course my mind went to rose tyler. i tried thinking about who i could see her, and through originally i was drawn to girls with fuller lips and cheeks, naomi scott caught my attention.

naomi is a gorgeous biracial actress (gurajati indian/white) who recently starred in the power rangers movie. i really liked the thought of a biracial rose tyler, whose indian dad died when she was really young, separating her from her culture. rose in the first episode clearly is not really connecting with the world around her, there are several shots of her looking bored and unhappy. i am not saying all biracial people are like that, but that being biracial heightens the feeling of not fitting in.

naomi is also young. i think that is something i really wanted to bring attention, because rose was nineteen when she entered the tardis. an older fancast (i looked at arden cho for a long while) might not have shown that really well. her youth, relative innocence and cheekiness are so important to her character. 

one thing that i think would have allowed her to transition into the parallel world a little better, would be contact with the other pete (pehal) who would introduce her to her culture, it would be a bonding experience,  and later on when tony comes around, rose gets to share it with him too.

I really love the way that you color your picture, the mottled looking painting seems to fit really well with your style. Keeping your lines relatively thin like you do also brings the attention to that style of painting. The white line I might have thought was too glaring considering the rest of the image but I actually think it works well here.

With the color palette, I would honestly look into adding other colors into your shadows. When you shade with only grey or black, it makes the image appear somewhat muddy. i also feel like you should have more variety in value to give the image more pop! Some really dark areas and shading would work super nice.

Here’s a quick photoshop to try to show what I’m talking about. Of course it would look much better better with your blotchy paintbrush though!

↠plain black coffee?

genre: barista! au; fluff/romance; humor

word count: 2.5k 

authors note: well i wasn’t expecting this to be this long but here you go 

  • college can be tiring
  • and morning are not fun
  • and sometimes you regret not living on campus
  • because when you have a 9am lecture you really wish you’d chosen to live much closer where you don’t have to wake up as early
  • or alternatively you didn’t have to take 9am lectures
  • but when you were joining you found a nice apartment with two bedrooms going surprisingly cheap
  • and you kinda wanted to live off campus because you feel it’ll give you more independence
  • so you and bestfriend! Joshua decided to move in to this apartment
  • which you later realise is going so cheap because of the dodgy heating, on and off hot water and the crappy internet connection
  • but it’s kind of fun because you and Joshua have been friends since you were tiny and it always seemed like a great idea to live together
  • but anyway these 9am lectures are the bane of your existence
  • and every day Joshua would offer you coffee before you leave
  • because apparently this goddamn perfect child does not have a problem waking up early

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Up for Debate

Request: #16 with Wonho from Monsta X, thanks~ 😄

16) You watch your bias’s newest music video for the first time. Your bias gets worried because you aren’t responding.

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Monsta X’s Wonho x Y/N

Type: Fluff

Comments: The video I’m going to be referring to is Monsta X’s new song “All In.” Well…not really super new, but relatively new, so check it out if you haven’t :)

Wonho grabbed my wrist excitedly and started tugging me towards his bedroom. 

“Really Wonho?” I grumbled. “I don’t think my poor body can take another round.”

He winked and bit his lip as he led me from the living room to his bedroom, which he happened to share with three other boys. Sexy time was limited and a blessing on most days when we could fit it in, but today had been too much. We had visited his bedroom on at least four different occasions. 

“Yah,” I snapped as we entered his room and he shut the door behind me. “I told you I can’t. I am a broken woman!” 

Wonho chuckled and shook his head as he reached for his laptop and set it on his desk. He patted the seat of the chair pulled up to it and waited. I drew my eyebrows together and gave him a weary look. There was no telling what he could possibly want to show me. On any given day he could be sharing anything from a kitten video to something dirty he found that he wanted to try.  

I heaved a sigh and slowly began to open his laptop. A video file was pulled up and queued to play. I gasped and drew my hand to my mouth. 

“Hoseok,” I squeaked. I turned to him with large eyes and my smile began to fill my face. “Is this your new song?!”

He nodded, a smile spreading to his own face. I had been hearing Wonho sing their new single into my ear almost every night for the past few months, but this made it infinitely more real. He was ready to show the finished piece to me, what he and his members had worked so hard towards. 

“Well,” Wonho nodded, “aren’t you going to click play?”

I nodded vigorously and turned back to the computer screen. I clicked the play button and sat in silence for a few moments as it played, not daring to make a comment because I might miss a piece of content somewhere. The video was visually stunning. All of the boys looked completely gorgeous, Wonho most of all. I was a bit biased of course, but his new golden locks were really something to view in photo-edited HD. 

I watched, trying to restrain myself from blinking. I felt my mouth begin to go dry as the video began to meet the end of the few minutes. I suddenly became nervous and felt my palms begin to sweat. I had no idea what I just watched. 

“So…?” Wonho drug out. “What did you think? Was it good? How did I look?”

I turned slowly toward him, still not daring to open my mouth or really make eye contact. 

“Y/N?” he asked, worry lacing his normally calm voice. “What’s wrong?” 

I smacked my lips a few times and tilted my head, preparing my voice to speak. 

“What in the hell was up with the flying, glowing, spleen?” I croaked. 

Wonho cut his eyes at me and wrinkled his forehead, thinking for a moment before his face totally went blank. He let out a large laugh, followed by a high pitched round of giggles. 

“Y/N,” he laughed. “Oh my gosh.”

I watched him carefully as he laughed, waiting for a serious answer. 

“It’s a heart, it is a beating heart,” he finally spoke, wiping tears from his eyes. “I don’t know if I should feel insulted or not.”

“I didn’t mean to insult…” I said quietly. “It was just…really confusing. But it was beautiful! And you looked beautiful!”

“Beautiful?” he questioned, tilting his head. 

“Sexy, handsome, whatever,” I said rolling my eyes. 

“But why was Hyungwon’s dad beating him? And why was Shownu’s dad sick? And then he died? And Hyungwon died too - but Minhyuk had like…a crush on him? Were they together?” I blurted out in a long string. 

“No,” Wonho laughed, hiccuping again with a laughter fit. “It’s a clan, it’s closer than a brotherhood.”

“And you worship a flower? And who nominated Jooheon as the witch doctor leader? I mean, I get that he’s super weird, but the rest of you are too, maybe I.M. should’ve been the witch doctor? He does those weird little dances all the time…and then Kihyun had crutches? Hoseok…there was so much going on.”

“So…” Wonho began slowly with a nod. “You think this was a gay group of warlocks, worshiping a flower, killing dads, and traveling to meet a floating spleen?”

“You forgot the part where Kihyun is an invalid…” I said quietly, looking down to my hands. 

“But did you like it?” Wonho smiled hopefully. 

“Oh, I loved it!” I gasped. “It was wonderful! I want to see the next part so it can explain what in the living hell is going on because I know you aren’t going to.”

“You’re very right,” Wonho nodded. “I have no intention of filling you in. You’ll just have to wait with the rest of the world.”

I groaned, throwing my head back. 

“You’re a mean man Shin Hoseok,” I grumbled. 

“You love me,” he whispered, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to him. 

“Up for debate,” I pouted. 

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Request: Pokémon Cinnabar Volcano Burger

Today I am answering the request @blackjackgabbiani put in for a Cinnabar Volcano Burger from Pokémon Soul Silver! More important than its obvious spiciness, I also wanted to replicate lava flow on the burger as well as add in an…unexpected ingredient! To do that, I took chili and nacho-consistency melted cheese and layered them on top of each other. (To keep the burger do-able, I did use a premade chili, but if you have a recipe that you think would go well on burgers, use it!)


  • 1 lb. Ground Beef
  • 4 Hamburger Buns
  • 1 - 2 cups Chili of choice, or to taste
  • ¼ - ½ cup Milk
  • ½ - ¾ cup Cheese, cubed
  • White Onion, sliced as needed
  • 1 large Jalapeño, diced
  • 2 cloves Garlic, minced
  • 1 - 2 tbsp. total of the following combination (adjust individual amounts to taste): Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Chili Powder, Cayenne….and just a tiny pinch of Cinnamon!
  • Mayonnaise or Butter, to toast the hamburger buns

Prep Time: 10 - 15 min.  |  Total Cook Time: ~10 - 15 min.

Makes: 4 - 5 burgers


Step 1.) Prep the ingredients: mince the garlic, de-seed and dice the jalapeño, and slice the white onion and set aside. Cube the cheese to be melted.

Step 2.) If you will be using a grill to cook the hamburgers, begin prepping it now. Combine the ground beef, diced jalapeño, garlic, and spices together. Separate the burger meat into 4 parts (5 if you want leaner burgers) and form those parts into a patty about 1/2″ thick and slightly wider than the buns you will be using. 

Step 3.) Begin heating up the chili and the cheese+milk combo each in their own saucepans. For the melted cheese, the amounts listed should work, but feel free to play with the ratio a bit to get it nice and drizzly. Keep both saucepans covered once the cheese completely melts to keep them warm and set them aside.

Step 4.) Grill the burger for 4 - 5 minutes on one side and then flip and cook 3 - 4 minutes on the other side. It is also a very good idea to use a meat thermometer to make sure the interior of the burger has reached 160°F (for food safety reasons.) 

Step 5.) Quickly toast the buns with butter or mayo (seriously, if you want an even toasting mayonnaise is the way to go!) and then construct your burger as so: bun, burger, layer on the chili, drizzle on the cheese, top with onions and the top bun! Enjoy your lava-y goodness!


I’m usually kind of “eh” when it comes to chili, but not only was this fun to make for the visual appeal, it turned out really delicious as well! I used a relatively mild chili, so even with the jalapeño and all the spices in the burger, the chili and cheese balance it out really well. Yes, it was messy and I definitely used a fork and knife to eat it, but I enjoyed it all the same!