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Name: Merry Christmas, Malfoy.
Pairing: Draco x reader
Summary: the reader is a friend with Hermione, so she knows that the reader has a crush on the Malfoy (she does not understand it, but has to deal with it). She also knows that Malfoy has a crush on the reader. And that the three of you are stuck in Hogwarts. The imagine happens after the War, Hermione and Draco are back to Hogwarts. (a complicated idea, but I felt like doing it).

“Oh, I wish I could go home,” you murmur, as your classmates leave the Hogwarts for the Christmas break. Unfortunately, your family left England for the break to see your relatives in another country, so you had to stay in Hogwarts. Well, you never really wanted to go there, as you don’t like those relatives.

“Well, you are not alone here, are you?” Hermione smiles at you, and you smile back. “And… if it makes you feel any better, Malfoy is staying for the holidays too.”

“M… Ok,” you try not to smile, and Hermione giggles. After the war ended, you became very close friends, as you shared a room. And classes. When she learned that you have a huge crush on Draco Malfoy, she first tried to ‘heal’ you, but later gave up because you seemed to be ‘hopelessly lost’. Before you manage finish thinking about why Hermione would be approving or somehow supporting your crush, she grabs your hand and pulls you to the Great Hall, mumbling something about the dinner.

“Muggleborns stuck in Hogwarts, aren’t you?” asks Draco, sitting down next to you.

“The question is why are you here, Malfoy?” asks Hermione quite calmly. “Don’t you have a family mansion to go to?”

“You’ll be disconcerted, Granger, but I chose to stay here. And I have the right to. My family will be fine without me, and I have other, more important matters to attend to.”

“Please, what matters?” asked a boy from Gryffindor that was sitting next to you because you were the only people left from the whole House. His friends died in the Battle, so he was painfully hostile towards all the Slytherin. “Thinking of the new ways of murdering innocent people?”

“Shut up, John,” Hermione rolled her eyes, and the boy closed his mouth - as the friend of the Great Harry Potter, Hermione was respected by all of the Houses, except for the Slytherin, of course, but no one really dared go against her. Malfoy stayed quiet as well, aggrieved at the way he is seen even after the war ended, and Potter spent half a summer to vindicate Draco and his family.

“Hey… Draco… You ok?” you ask, quickly touching his hand. Malfoy blinks and smiles.

“Yes, yes. I am great.”

“I am sorry about John. He is stupid, that’s all,” he nods, and you return to the food in front of you, listening to the hum of people discussing something. Hermione keeps smiling at you, sometimes humming a weird song about a girl that fell in love with an iceberg. Fortunately, Malfoy wasn’t listening.

“So… what are your plans for the break?” asks Hermione when the silence becomes absolutely repugnant. Draco looks at her, then at you, still quiet, so Hermione has to continue. “I am going to prepare for the exams. Y/N?”

“Oh. I am planning on reading some literature about the use of magical wands by muggles. That’s the assignment. For the Muggle Studies,” Draco grinned. “What?”

“A muggleborn and the Muggle Studies… Why would you?”

“You’ll never know how many differences there are between the way the muggles see themselves and the way the wizards see them… It’s quite funny,” Draco smiles at you, then nods. “What about you?”

“Well, I am working on changing my schedule a little. And looks like I will have to take the Muggle Studies.”

“And why so?” Hermione asks, as you keep looking away, trying to stop smiling.

“Granger, you have no idea how helpful it will be if Lord Malfoy demonstrates his decency and civility by studying the life of the muggles,” Draco answers calmly, yet looking at you from a corner of his eye. “It’s all politics.”

“Only politics?” Granger grins, as if trying to trust him.

“Only,” murmurs Draco, quickly stuffing his mouth with food to avoid Granger’s questions. Hermione keeps looking at you two, then grins and leaves, after saying something about McGonagall and a new assignment. You and Draco stay in silence, slowly chewing on your meals.

“Why did you come back to the school?” you ask finally, trying to break the silence.

“I want to study, Y/N. I was the second top student right after Granger…” you nod and take a glass of juice. “However, you look pretty interested in my position, don’t you?”

“Sorry about that,” you smile. “I am doing my best here.”

“No, no. Not a problem at all!” Draco starts to renounce his words, trying not to smile, but you both end up laughing, as you look at the table, not noticing that Malfoy laughs, looking at you, then suddenly, totally spontaneously tucks a curl behind your ear.

“Uhm…” you both freeze, Draco’s fingers still slightly touching your skin, until he blinks and quickly pulls the hand away. 

“I had to, you know,” he notes quietly, as you start blushing.

“You did?” Draco nods, then rests his hand on the back side of your wrist, slightly stroking the skin.

“Absolutely right… And you are blushing a lot,” he smiles, as you turn away, totally pretending that nothing is happening. “Granger left on purpose, didn’t she?” you nod. “She is not as terrible as I may think she is.”

“Oh, be nice!”

“I am,” Draco raises his eyebrows, surprised that someone could think he is not nice. “Very nice.”

“You really think so? The sarcastic Slytherin prince is nice? When did I miss this moment?”

“Merlin’s beard, Y/N! Stop talking, won’t you?” you frown, about to keep arguing, but Malfoy simply rolls his eyes and pulls you closer with one hand to kiss you slowly, as if not sure if he can. However, the moment you kiss him back, you realize that he won’t really let go of you, way too soft his skin is, and way too gentle the dangerous Malfoy is.

Some Relativity Falls art! This has got to be one of my most favorite GF AU’s out there. I really wanted to draw something for this AU and I finally forced myself to make something. Sort of a fake screen shot, I guess? I actually thought the background was going to be the hardest part (since I suck at them) but it actually came out pretty well and wasn’t all that hard. All in all, I’m pretty proud of myself. :)

You've heard of the mom and the dad friend, now get ready for:
  • The weird uncle friend: good at creating awkward silences. Knows a lot of party tricks. Probably into anime.
  • The grumpy grandpa friend: refuses to leave the house. Hates most things. Secretly cares a lot.
  • The nerd cousin friend: generally sits in the corner and writes fanfiction. Won't shut up about Star Wars.
  • The cool aunt friend: travels a lot and makes everyone jealous. Life of the party. Alcohol.
  • The baby cousin friend: needs a lot of attention and cries a lot. Loved by everyone nonetheless. Cute.
  • The rich great-aunt friend: has lots of money and nobody really knows why. Very generous. Mysterious and well dressed.
  • The distant relative friend: You see them maybe twice a year and it's always awkward.
  • The dead grandma friend: self explanatory

peculiargirls  asked:

Can I have a 1p and a 2p matchup, please? (If it's ok with you to do both) I have 5'2" and I wear glasses. My name's Alice and I'm portuguese, but I think I can speak English relatively well. I'm moody, REALLY stubborn and sometimes kinda lazy, but I'm also VERY insecure, sensible and loyal. I'm a Slytherin, I love reading, listening to music and sometimes just be alone in my room. I get anxious very easily and I'm kind of a crybaby. And I'm totally in for PDA (I just love cuddles and affection)

I ship you with England and 2p! England !!!!!

While both of them are very different, they both seem like they’d fit for you.

Arthur isn’t going to force you into doing things. Sometimes he also just wants to be alone sometimes too, so he respects that you need space. He can also be pretty moody, but if need be, he can control it and keep it in. Also, a slytherin dating a slytherin? I think it’s meant to be. And like, he’s cool with PDA, but like, you gotta be okay with his blush face.

Oliver, on the other hand, is a very big fan of PDA, and would adore cuddling and holding your hand whenever you want. If he could, he’d like to help with your insecurities, and if not, just know that he’s always there. Oliver is actually a hufflepuff, so I’m sure you two could be great partners, if not great buddies~

Loud & Clear

Dean/Cas 500 word grace bond ficlet. between 11x23 and 12x01. 

As soon as Cas gets his bearings after being banished, he realizes his phone has been destroyed. He’d landed, painfully, forcefully, on a long strip of concrete, somewhere in Wyoming, and the blunt force was no match for that hunk of metal and plastic.

Being banished was never a fun feeling, always leaving him a bit unbalanced and confused for a good chunk of time. This time, however, he immediately recalls the situation he’d been in - that he and Sam had been in. 

Dean’s words echoed in his head, “Look out for him, okay?”

Castiel feels an urgency, something outside of himself, pulling him in a vague direction. Sam is in danger and he can feel it - feel him calling out to him, unknowingly.

“Sam.” He says out loud, to no one, “I’ll find you, I promise.”

He then feels something else, digging at him from inside his chest. It holds an urgency as well, but it’s different, more familiar. It’s warm, and Castiel knows he’s felt it many times before but can’t place it.

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Up for Debate

Request: #16 with Wonho from Monsta X, thanks~ 😄

16) You watch your bias’s newest music video for the first time. Your bias gets worried because you aren’t responding.

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Monsta X’s Wonho x Y/N

Type: Fluff

Comments: The video I’m going to be referring to is Monsta X’s new song “All In.” Well…not really super new, but relatively new, so check it out if you haven’t :)

Wonho grabbed my wrist excitedly and started tugging me towards his bedroom. 

“Really Wonho?” I grumbled. “I don’t think my poor body can take another round.”

He winked and bit his lip as he led me from the living room to his bedroom, which he happened to share with three other boys. Sexy time was limited and a blessing on most days when we could fit it in, but today had been too much. We had visited his bedroom on at least four different occasions. 

“Yah,” I snapped as we entered his room and he shut the door behind me. “I told you I can’t. I am a broken woman!” 

Wonho chuckled and shook his head as he reached for his laptop and set it on his desk. He patted the seat of the chair pulled up to it and waited. I drew my eyebrows together and gave him a weary look. There was no telling what he could possibly want to show me. On any given day he could be sharing anything from a kitten video to something dirty he found that he wanted to try.  

I heaved a sigh and slowly began to open his laptop. A video file was pulled up and queued to play. I gasped and drew my hand to my mouth. 

“Hoseok,” I squeaked. I turned to him with large eyes and my smile began to fill my face. “Is this your new song?!”

He nodded, a smile spreading to his own face. I had been hearing Wonho sing their new single into my ear almost every night for the past few months, but this made it infinitely more real. He was ready to show the finished piece to me, what he and his members had worked so hard towards. 

“Well,” Wonho nodded, “aren’t you going to click play?”

I nodded vigorously and turned back to the computer screen. I clicked the play button and sat in silence for a few moments as it played, not daring to make a comment because I might miss a piece of content somewhere. The video was visually stunning. All of the boys looked completely gorgeous, Wonho most of all. I was a bit biased of course, but his new golden locks were really something to view in photo-edited HD. 

I watched, trying to restrain myself from blinking. I felt my mouth begin to go dry as the video began to meet the end of the few minutes. I suddenly became nervous and felt my palms begin to sweat. I had no idea what I just watched. 

“So…?” Wonho drug out. “What did you think? Was it good? How did I look?”

I turned slowly toward him, still not daring to open my mouth or really make eye contact. 

“Y/N?” he asked, worry lacing his normally calm voice. “What’s wrong?” 

I smacked my lips a few times and tilted my head, preparing my voice to speak. 

“What in the hell was up with the flying, glowing, spleen?” I croaked. 

Wonho cut his eyes at me and wrinkled his forehead, thinking for a moment before his face totally went blank. He let out a large laugh, followed by a high pitched round of giggles. 

“Y/N,” he laughed. “Oh my gosh.”

I watched him carefully as he laughed, waiting for a serious answer. 

“It’s a heart, it is a beating heart,” he finally spoke, wiping tears from his eyes. “I don’t know if I should feel insulted or not.”

“I didn’t mean to insult…” I said quietly. “It was just…really confusing. But it was beautiful! And you looked beautiful!”

“Beautiful?” he questioned, tilting his head. 

“Sexy, handsome, whatever,” I said rolling my eyes. 

“But why was Hyungwon’s dad beating him? And why was Shownu’s dad sick? And then he died? And Hyungwon died too - but Minhyuk had like…a crush on him? Were they together?” I blurted out in a long string. 

“No,” Wonho laughed, hiccuping again with a laughter fit. “It’s a clan, it’s closer than a brotherhood.”

“And you worship a flower? And who nominated Jooheon as the witch doctor leader? I mean, I get that he’s super weird, but the rest of you are too, maybe I.M. should’ve been the witch doctor? He does those weird little dances all the time…and then Kihyun had crutches? Hoseok…there was so much going on.”

“So…” Wonho began slowly with a nod. “You think this was a gay group of warlocks, worshiping a flower, killing dads, and traveling to meet a floating spleen?”

“You forgot the part where Kihyun is an invalid…” I said quietly, looking down to my hands. 

“But did you like it?” Wonho smiled hopefully. 

“Oh, I loved it!” I gasped. “It was wonderful! I want to see the next part so it can explain what in the living hell is going on because I know you aren’t going to.”

“You’re very right,” Wonho nodded. “I have no intention of filling you in. You’ll just have to wait with the rest of the world.”

I groaned, throwing my head back. 

“You’re a mean man Shin Hoseok,” I grumbled. 

“You love me,” he whispered, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to him. 

“Up for debate,” I pouted. 

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12.7.2016 | A Bittersweet End to the Semester

At long last, I have a full animatic. Phew!

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peculiargirls  asked:

Can I have a 1p and a 2p matchup, please? (If that's okay with you, of course, and sorry if it's too long) I have straight dark brown hair, blue eyes, 5'2" and I wear glasses. My name's Alice and my first language is portuguese (I'm portuguese), but I think I can speak English relatively well. I'm moody, REALLY stubborn and sometimes kinda lazy, but I'm also VERY insecure, sensible and loyal (what makes me VERY clingy). I get anxious and stressed easily and I'm basically a big crybaby. (1/2)

Your 1p match up is…


☆ He’d view you as a big child that just needs a hug and he’d probably annoy you at first. But he’d quickly fall in love with your personality.

☆ You’re lazy? He’d be up for Netflix and chill. He’d organize a lot of movie nights and you two would know every freaking film. America’d be jealous of you two and you’d be his relationship goals.

☆ Your stubborness would be really adorable to him. Especially if you puff out your cheeks doing it. He’d pinch them in moments like that. However, he’d know when to stop.

☆ Your clinginess would give his ego a huge boost. He’d feel very confident because of that. He’d like having such a person like you that would improve his mood many times more in hard times.

☆ He’d sometimes watch with you sad movies because he’d want to feel important to you. As you’re a crybaby, he’d hug you really tight and would start whispering sweet nothings. He’d love feeling that he can protect you and would like the idea of having you close.

☆ He wouldn’t always keep up with your mood swings and would get pretty confused with it. His face would be precious in those kind of moments. He just wouldn’t know what to do and would agree on anything you’d be up to.

☆ Yes. Yes. Yes. This guy loves PDA. He’d be always having his arm around your waist or holding your hand so that the other nations would know that this cutie pie is his. He would tell everyone how awesome you are and wouldn’t be embarassed of giving you kisses on your cheeks in public.

☆ He’d be listening to music with you if he could. He’d be very glad if you liked rock or something along those lines but wouldn’t mind listening to what you want.

Your 2p match up is…


☆ He’d be in love with your name. It would sound really stunning to him and he’d think they match your blue eyes. He’d buy you a lot of blue things because he’d love the sight of it.

☆ He’d be so glad that you’re loyal as he has some problems with being overprotective. He still wouldn’t really want you near other nations.

☆ In times when you’d feel lazy, he’d want you to sit down and try his new recipes. He’d make a lot cupcakes for you to try and he’d be huge fluffball if you liked them.

☆ He’d buy you a lot of books as you’d remind him of Alice from Wonderland and a huge dreamer. He’d love looking at your face when you’d be reading. It’d always calm him down and make him feel cheerful again.

☆ This guy also loves PDA, so he wouldn’t mind hugging you or holding your hand in public. He’d beg you sometimes to do it. He’d love being as close to you as he would be able to.

☆ He’d love the fact you’re a crybaby. He kinda like sensitive people as he’s usually surrounded by murderers. He’d like the moments when you’d be crying but he wouldn’t be doing it always as he’d prefer your smile.


ffxii week
 ↳day five // favorite quote

Freefall (3)

Part: (Prologue)  ΑΩ  (1)  ΑΩ  (2)

(( Note: The previous parts of Freefall have been edited for wording, however not for content. Additionally, for those unfamiliar Stranded and Freefall take place in a universe on the extreme end of omegaverse, wherein omegas are considered the submissive to the alphas’ dominant, and for that world that is the way things are meant to be. This story toys heavily with the idea of dom/sub relations and learning how to function and be happy within such a system. Not everyone’s cup of tea, so you have been warned. As well, relative dubcon. ))

Somehow it didn’t really hit England until he was in the middle of the produce section of his local grocer’s that he had somehow, unintentionally, invited France to dinner. He made a face when he realized, scowling down at the vegetables that had done nothing at all to affront him while America stood nearby and made fun of the organic fruit section.

France at his dinner table…

The thought was enough to shudder at, really. When was the last time the alpha had dined with him? It had to have been years. Ten or twenty, at least. And even then, this was the first time they would be sitting down together with him as an omega.

At least America would be there, he consoled himself with. Then his fingers hovered over an onion as he realized what he had just thought and cursed himself for it.

Bloody alphas and their cocky attitudes…

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@goblincoffeeshop​ said: “Can you do a headcanon of all the overwatch heroes(or at least the ones you’re comfortable writing about) reacting to going to their s/o’s family reunion? Much love!”


This is a lot to think about (and to write about too), so please excuse me but I’m gonna do just one or two scenarios for each hero. I’m sorry but I still don’t feel 100% well and I can’t think of much :c

> this hyperactive little girl immediately conquered pretty much all of s/o’s family members’ hearts and she fit in so well, and goes along really well especially with s/o’s younger relatives, but still acts very friendly towards the older ones.

> he’s TERRIFIED. he got used to his cyborg form and knows s/o loves him no matter what, but what about their family? Will they accept him as well? He’s very inscure and keeps shaking until he actually meets their family and honeslty what was he so worried about?

> he’s very respectful and kind to everybody and he’s quickly loved by all of s/o’s family membrs.


> oh my god, PERFECT HUSBAND MATERIAL RIGHT HERE. Extremely respectful, extremely calm and overall just a very intelligent person to have a chat with. 10/10 would offer to help cleaning around the house, and he’s also great with the youngest family members: maybe it’s his soothing aura around him or the tattoos, no one’s really sure.

> want my personal opinion? Do NOT bring this fella to a family meeting until you’re 100% sure he will act properly (which h never completely does) or at least that he won’t blow anything nor anyone up.

> he’s honestly great with barbecues though so if by any chance he fucked up his first meeting with s/o’s family, he can always have a second chance with some fine grilled

> literally a walking party, a non-stop talker and a fan of loud music, this boy will gain the family’s hearts with his cheerful attitude. Not to mention that he’s clearly a good guy and s/o’s family can see how much he sincerely cars about them, so accepting him as a part of the family is not that big of a deal.

> dear frog boy would definitely celebrate with some exclusive songs he has been working on just for this occasion.

> if at first gaze McCree came out as a flirty rascal with a passion for pretending to be a cowboy, by the end of the family reunion he showed to actually be a really caring man, with a lot of stories to tell, a lot of western film quotes and a lot of force of will. No doubt he will make a lot of friends between the older relatives, but he will also be quite great with the younger ones, letting them wear his hat and poncho and telling them stories about his missions (exaggerating a lot the details to entertain them, of course; Jesse is just great with children). It’s gonna be hard, when the reunion’s over, to take him back home.

> oh my god somebody help her, she’s shy and scared!

> but once she’s been introduced to the whole family she relaxes a bit, thinking that maybe it’s not as bad as she feared, and starts being the sweet and lovely Mei s/o is used to. Quick enough, the whole family is instantly already in love with this sweet sweet girl, and she will absolutely come back to visit anytime she can.

> INSTANT AMAZING FIRST IMPRESSION. She’s perfect wife material and her manners together with her intelligence and medical knowledge and flawless looks omg instantly gain s/o’s family’s love and they’re all so happy that s/o has such a perfect being in their life. Needless to say, Mercy herself is quite amazed by the family members and is friendly and lovely to everybody, offering her help even when is not needed and refusing to take the “but you’re our guest” crap. Literal angel.

> she’s too nervous, and not in the good way. She’s just so scared that s/o’s family is not gonna like her that she can’t even pretend to believe half the comforting words s/o try to tell them, the scaredy cat. Throughout all the reunion she’ll keep accidentally knock things over out of nervousness but that’s okay, family members would still like her after s/o tells all of them about all the times Pharah has protected them.

> but she’ll keep crying afterwards saying that she did nothing right and that she’s sure everybody hates her now (which is totally not true at all)

> he’s obviously gonna give the wrong first impression, come on. He’s not much of a talker and he tends to look at people in very menacing ways and not even halfway through the reunion a great part of s/o’s family is creeped out.

> but eventually Reaper is willing to show his “softer” side, exchanging a few calm words with whoever wants to try and talk to them and giving s/o some tender attentions, like quick kisses or loving looks or casually caressing them. By the end of the day the family is impressed. Still spooked, but impressed.

> oh my GOD THIS MAN IS SO EAGER TO FINALLY MEET S/O’S FAMILY YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG HE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT. Sure, he knows they will be kind of intimidated by his looks but he knows his ways! He’s a joyful german buff man, he knows how to handle family situations! In fact, he immediately bonds with the older relatives, but the younger ones are pretty interested in him too, and he is literally the life of the party. He smiles and talks and laughs with everyone, it’s amazing. And of course, everyone loves him.

> …don’t. Take this man. To a family reunion. Unless EVERYONE has been warned about him. Everyone needs to be prepared. Forget Reaper, Roadhog is the real spook engine.

> he’s honestly pretty chill about meeting his s/o’s family, he knows how much they wanted it so he’s gonna respect it for sure. But he already knows he won’t give the right impression right away, and he also has no idea how to deal with crowds of more than two to four people, having only really dealt closely with Junkrat and s/o. But hopefully, eventually everything goes fine and, even though everyone is still very confused, no one has anything bas to say about Roadhog: he cares for s/o in his own way and protects them literally from everything, that’s more than enough to accept him.

Soldier 76
> very calm at the idea of a family reunion with s/o’s relatives, he accepts it and starts asking various questions about their family, so that he knows what to do and what not to do in their presence. He’s determined to give the very best, most accurate impression of himself and will not accept a failure in this mission.

> as expected, s/o’s family is a bit confused by the age difference between the two, but that’s not really a problem seeing how much of a gentleman and a good guy this Jack Morrison is. Very diligent and appropriate, he seems to bond fine with pretty much everyone, leaving the family reunion with a satisfied and proud expression on his face. “I love your family, babe. I think I started off great.” (and he did, trust me)

> this girl is the most lovable, chill and overall interesting perfectionist s/o’s family has ever seen and makes a lot around the house to make sure everything looks just perfect and in order, so to please everybody. No one is really disappointed in her, really.

> on her side, Symmetra isn’t left down by those folks either. True, they’re not quite as she expected but impossible is nothing, and she made sure to adjust quickly and perfectly to the situation and managed to make quite a few new acquaintances in among s/o’s family members. She insists to go visit them more, eventually, and how can you say no to her?

> TIME LORD GIRLFRIEND IS UTTERLY EXCITED TO MEET HER LUV’S FAMILY SHE CAN BARELY WAIT TO GET TO THEIR HOUSE. And once she’s there, she excitedly talks non stop. She introduces herself, she tells everyone how she and s/o met, how much she loves them and how much they mean to her, how she can’t live without her and even proceeds to tell them all the cute stuff they both do for each other. That’s a good tactic to gain the family’s love for sure, and she succeeds.

> all of the family is positively impressed by this girl and is very proud of the choice s/o made to make Tracer part of their life. At the end though, she will refuse to leave until she helped around a bit, since she’s already a main part of the family and considers herself kind of a relative and just wants to help.

> she’s kind of… neutral at the idea of meeting her s/o’s family. Family events have never sparked anything in particular in her, and she’d honestlyrather stay at home, by herself, and read a good book or whatever other than take part in a thing like that. But it’s still her s/o asking, after all, and she’d never decline so coldly anything they propose, so why not give it a try? She might as well never come back if things don’t go as planned, after all.

> “… I have to confess, mon amour. Your family was quite… interesting. I think I like them.” (and they’re all kinda confused and spooped by her, but if s/o loves her so much there has to be a reason. She’s accepted.)

> big russian babe is very awkward in these situations and can’t handle stress very well. She’ll be really insecure about everything, fearing that her appereance will compromise her s/o’s family’s judgement about her and she doesn’t give a sign of accepting to go until last minute. She’s big, strong russian woman, da? She has to take her courage and just do it.

> once they’re there, Zarya no more sees the reason of her fear: all the family members are so sweet and friendly to her that she doesn’t even know anymore what exactly made her so insecure. They all admire her for who she is and for how well she treats s/o, and this is all the comfort she needed. No one even cares if she accidentally broke the doorknob because of her large trembling hands, so that’s a plus apparently.

> he honestly isn’t even a bit scared or nervous, he just embraces the situation and adjusts himself to it, declaring that it is not only a valid need for his s/o to have him meet is family, but it is also his great pleasure. He’s sure s/o’s relatives are calm, respectful and smart people who will not make such a big deal out of their relationship, and if they do he’ll just accept their confusion and would be willing to explain. He’s just so, SO pure I can’t even–

> he was partially right: s/o’s family seems a bit confused at first as to why their child is dating an Omnic, but then luckily Zenyatta’s general attitude and kind nature opens everyone’s eyes and makes the whole family accept and love him without a single doubt. Chill Omnic monk has gained a place into the family, it seems, and he claims he’s never felt more joy and serenity I his life. Which is,, obviously, the most important thing out of all the day.

So obviously Voltron takes place in space. Why wouldn’t it. But the paladin’s families are still on earth. There’s this paradox called the Twin Paradox where, let’s say, one twin stays on earth, while another travels in space for however long at a fraction of the speed of light. So the twin on earth ages x amount of years (the earth bound twin is traveling through time, not space because they are stationary and the twin in space is gone for as many years as the earth twin has aged) while the twin traveling through space and time and ages less than that of their twin. So this makes me think; the paladin’s families are going to have aged more than the paladins. Time doesn’t just stop. And I mean time is wonky anyways in space and they could really be gone for a short amount of time. Don’t even get me started on the castle jumping through wormholes.. Anyways, the paladins could come home to very different, older families. And they could look barely any older than the day they left. If you want to understand this better, look up the theory of special relativity and the twin paradox. They’re difficult to explain but they’re very very real and legitimate as far as physics goes.

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WTNV Tarot

KING OF CUPS - Steve Carlsberg

“The Kingdom of Cups includes relationships, feelings, emotions, the heart. The King of Cups is a good and decent man who cares deeply about others. He treasures his family and gives his all for their welfare and happiness. His weakness could be that he is too forgiving or soft-hearted with family members. He will not be soft-hearted or weak if they are threatened, however. Participation in community improvement or charitable organizations is possible. Traditionally, fairness, honesty, integrity, consideration, supportiveness.”

I really love Steve Carlsberg, who really encapsulates the well-meaning yet sometimes misguided relative.  I’ve been really happy with the development he’s gotten as the series progresses, and

hallublin’s performance of Steve gives him such heart and depth.

Everyone else in the entire WTNV fanbase has done a really good job interpreting the lights and shapes in the sky, so I took the arrows and converted them into weird wave-squiggles?

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That awkward moment when
  • Friend/relative: so, what do you wanna do in life?
  • Me: well I'd like to get into musical theatre or acting in general and maybe get a degree and do a survival job to pay rent and other things while I look for auditions
  • Friend/relative: ahahahah that's so funny, as if you could actually do that ahahah
  • Me: Yeah ahahah
  • Me: so funny ahahahahah
  • Me: *slowly falls on the floor and cries*