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Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. 

You stare at the closed door in front of you and take a deep breath for the third time tonight. You’re standing outside your boyfriend’s apartment, like you’ve done a thousand times before. It’s the same chipped and faded paint on the wood you’ve seen that has been etched into your memory, along with the same useless doorbell that never works- But it all feels different, because of what you’ve come here to do.

You are completely, totally, hopelessly in love with Daveed Diggs. He feels the same way about you, you know he does. He’s expressed it breathlessly between kisses, in dorky love letters, and in a song coupled with Lin’s awkward beatboxing in the background. And because the two of you are in love, you want to do what people who are in love do.

In the year that you’ve been dating he has mostly managed to keep his hands off of you. You never went much further than the occasional hasty make out session on the couch, but lately you’d been wanting more. You came to his apartment with the intention of finally, finally taking that next step with him. You are worried about one thing, though, since you are an absolutely clueless virgin. You’ve never done this before, but have always imagined how it would go… your first time being so intimate with another human being. Thinking it through from the last couple of days, you convinced yourself you had nothing to worry about. He’s always been so caring with you, and you’re not a child. You know how this works.

You finally knock on the door, smoothing out your dress and fixing your hair as you wait. You’ve chosen to wear something that you know makes you look irresistible-a short, sleeveless dress, lace tights, and your lucky heels, all in black. It should definitely do the trick.

Soft footsteps come closer, and the door opens to reveal your boyfriend, messy haired and as cute as ever.

“Hey, Y/N,” He beams at you, his brown eyes shining with joy from your surprise of just randomly showing at his door. He’s so cute that you nearly forget to respond.

“Hi, Dave. Mind if I come inside?” You smile back, trying to add an edge to your voice that you hope is anything near sexy.

“Not at all, sugar,” He ushers you inside and kisses your cheek as you brush past him. “What inspired this visit?” He hums against your neck, slipping his arms around your waist.

“Oh, nothing, I just wanted to see you. That’s all,” You reply coyly.

“Well, you’re always welcome here. I can never get enough of you,” He’s still smiling at you, although it’s more of a smirk now. Maybe he knows what you’re up to. Still in an almost-embrace, you drift into the living room and onto the couch.

“Do you want a drink? I could get us some beers,” Daveed asks.

“How about something a little more… sophisticated?” You suggest sinking your vision to his eyes, hoping that you’re still being subtle.

He must have caught on to your plan, because his eyebrows quirk up, like they always do when he’s in a playful mood. “Coming right up, doll,” he says and whisks to the kitchen and returns shortly with two blood-red glasses. When he gives you yours your hands touch and linger. It’s as if every time your skin has come into contact, from the kiss at the door to this quick moment, sparks have flown between the two of you. Even making eye contact with him over the rim of your glass has you feeling hot all over.

It doesn’t take long before both of your glasses are drained and you’re basically in his lap, toying with the buttons at the top of his shirt. You kick off your shoes so you can bring your feet up on the couch. Looking down at you, he pulls you closer to him, as if it were even possible. It’s still chaste and innocent. You’re only playing with each other’s hair, looking into each other’s eyes. His gaze keeps flicking down to your lips, which you had agonized over for some time, delicately painting on the perfect shade of red. Then his lips are on yours, soft at first and then building up to something dangerous and reckless. There’s teeth, there’s tongue, it’s filthy and you love it. Your lipstick is definitely ruined but you couldn’t care less.

He pushes you onto your back, suddenly harsh and commanding. He has total control over you, and you’re just helplessly needy, arching into his touch and chasing those wonderful feelings he’s giving you. There’s that sinful thing he does with his tongue, and the way he keeps grinding his hips where your dress has ridden up… It’s too much and not enough.

“Maybe we should… Mmf… Go to your room?” You ask as he stops his assault on your lips to nibble at your collarbone.

He simply nods, holding your hand on the way there and looking at you like he wants to devour you. He throws you onto the bed, making you squeak in surprise. “I want you, and I’m going to take you… I’ll make you mine, babydoll…” He murmurs and literally tears your tights off your legs. The amount of force he’s using begins to scare you.

Your dress is the next to go. Thankfully, he manages to keep it in one piece. Now you’re fully exposed, except for a thin lace bra which he makes quick work of. He’s straddling you at this point, and you can feel his erection straining in his skinny jeans. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Y/N.” He growls as he takes in the expanse of your bare body. Even though it’s a compliment, it sounds almost predatory.

His clothes come off quickly. You want to take a second to let the fact sink in that you’re skin to skin with the love of your life, but he’s moving so fast you don’t have the time. It’s too frantic. Every touch is fleeting; every brush of your lips is too rushed.

“It’s been such a long time, sweetheart. You’re so gorgeous. I might have to skip the foreplay. I need to feel you, now,” He growls and pounces on you, and starts rutting his cock against your opening. It’s nice- but your eyes widen when you realize exactly how big he is. You were not expecting it to be so thick or so long, and you find yourself wondering how on Earth that is going to fit inside you. “Mmm… You’re going to feel me for days. You’ll be so wrecked when I’m through with you…” He’s pressing harder, sending prickles of pain throughout your body and your heart is racing. You want to back out, but it must be too late now. He’s starts to force it in you and it’s too much too soon- you cry out in pain.

“It’s okay, it will be better soon, it’s just been a while-” he begins to soothe you, his eyes closed and running his hands over your arms.

“No, no, no- I’m a virgin. I’m a virgin, Daveed.” You blurt out.

“You’re what?” He stops immediately, and pulls out to scoop you up in his arms.

“I’ve never had sex. I’m sorry… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” tears practically falling out as you admitted it. “I thought it would be fine, but you were being so rough, and you were bigger than I expected and…” You trail off, pressing your face into his bare shoulder.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry Y/N.” He strokes your hair, kissing your forehead softly. “I’m so, so sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed that you’d done this before. I don’t know what I was thinking. Why didn’t you tell me? I would have made it better for you.”

“I don’t know.” You sigh. “I wanted everything to go smoothly.”

“That worked out really well.” He says sarcastically, trying to pull a joke. He must have noticed your worried expression because he adds, “I’m not mad at you, babe. Don’t worry. Just be honest with me in the future, okay?”

You nod meekly, and then smile at him, which he returns happily. Then he wraps you in another hug. “I didn’t say we had to stop. I only said we should go slower., You whisper, glancing at him and biting your lower lip.

“Will you be okay if I touch you?” he asks cautiously. He seems more afraid than you are, now. You find yourself unable to believe that he cares about you so much.

“Yes,” you breathe out.

He lets his hands run over you, in no rush. This time he worships you; he treats you like a queen. Daveed memorizes every dip and curve, delicately tracing every freckle and scar. It seems like an eternity before he reaches the place you need him to be. His fingers touch your clit hesitantly at first, but he moves faster as you let out whines and gasps of pleasure. “Do you like that, sugar?” he asks, smirking, obviously proud of the reactions he’s retrieving from you.

“Oh God, yes…” you cut yourself off with a moan when a finger enters you. It’s seconds before he finds the spot that has you begging for more and bucking into his hand. Then it’s joined by another, and you wince at the stretch but never stop the stream of noises and incoherent curses leaving your mouth.

“So wet… I think you’re ready, doll,” He retracts his fingers and guides you onto your back. He’s above you, now; knees braced on either side of you. You’re still shaking, but he’s still lending you soothing touches. Every time you look at him you find yourself reassured, somehow. It reminds you that all he wants tonight is to make you feel as special as he thinks you are. “I’ll be careful, I promise,” Daveed motions and kisses your forehead. Then he’s pushing in, as slow as he promised. He watches you carefully, ready to pull out at the first sign that you’re in pain. Your eyes are shut tight as you try to ignore the slight stretch. “Hey, look at me.” He tilts your chin up and you look at him. He’s absolutely bewitching like this, towering over you, beautiful eyes glinting and full of an intoxicating combination of adoration and lust. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” you say. He takes this as his cue to slide in fully, eliciting a pained whimper from you. Immediately he’s planting quick, sloppy kisses to your neck, mumbling apologies and promises about how good it’s going to feel. You’re not sure if you believe him until he starts to move. Somehow he’s managed to reach a place you never knew existed, and each time he rubs against it you’re overcome with such an intense want for him. You moan out loud, shamefully loud, and he grins against your skin. Heat spreads over you, radiating from every point where your body connects with his. He keeps making all these wonderful, lewd noises- groans and breathy “oh fuck”s and unintelligible praise. The unhurried roll of his hips is driving you mad with bliss, to the point where you’re almost delirious.

“You’re so perfect, Y/N,” He groans. You try to respond, but you’re so overwhelmed by aching need and the heavenly drag of his cock in an out of you that you can’t manage more than desperate panting. You’re trembling beneath him, consumed with unfamiliar feelings and a fire that keeps threatening to break loose in your body. Unfathomable ecstasy washes over you when he finds your clit again, rubbing it to the beat of his thrusts. “I want to see you become undone for me,” he purrs.

So you do. It’s everything you thought it would be- heaven, paradise, a high you know you could never get from any drug. Your release triggers his, and you watch his face contort in euphoria.

Still in a haze, you untangle yourselves. He pulls you close to him, your back against his chest. Both of you are sweaty and practically burning up from your previous activities, but you don’t mind at all. “That was… amazing. You’re amazing,” He mumbles into your hair.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” You giggle, exhausted from your adventure.

“I love you so much, you know that, right?” You turn to face him and he props himself up on an elbow.

“Of course I do. I love you, too,” you say, and you mean it. He smiles and pecks you on the lips.

“I am sorry about your underwear though…”

Look. It’s not even a big deal, you’re the one that’s turning this into a whole thing. You’ve never done anything like this before, but that’s okay! There’s a first time for everything, even though the situation right now is a make it or break it kind of deal. But it’s okay! Don’t even worry about it, yo. You’re just going to tell one of your closest friends that you maybe kind of sort of think that you two should be more than friends! You’re confident. As long as you keep telling yourself that you’re confident, that’ll reflect in your words and Harry will instantaneously fall in love with you. Maybe. It’s not a guarantee. It’s worth a shot, though! Better than keeping everything bottled up inside. Plus, maybe this time it’ll be different! Usually, with your other guy friends, you can 100% tell if they only see you as one of the bros. Harry hasn’t sent any bro signals yet so you’re pretty much in the clear! Think about it, Y/N. It’s only a minute of confrontation and then you’re over and done with it. And you think he likes you back, so that helps as well! 

“Okay, I can do this.” You breathed out, blinking at yourself in the bathroom mirror before rubbing your clammy palms on your shirt. “It’s just Harry.” Were you really about to do this? This was a move that definitely wasn’t you. This was a move that a drunk off her ass Y/N would pull. No, no. You were psyching yourself out too much. “Yeah, it’s just Harry!” You decided that the best thing to do right now would be to block all the negative thoughts and hope for the best. 

“Hey, there you are! I was starting to wonder what you were doing upstairs for so long.” Harry hummed, smiling at you and watching as you plopped yourself down in the sofa chair across from him. 

“Ah, I got distracted by a game on my phone. You know how it is.” You waved it off, the little voice in the back of your head rehearsing what you were going to say to Harry. “I wanted to talk to you-” 

“I jus’ wanted t’ tell yeh-” The both of you paused upon the realization that the two of you had something to share with each other, your cheeks already growing bright pink at the slightly awkward situation. “How about you go first?” Did you wanna go first? Maybe you could let Harry go first, and while he spoke to you, you could rethink your decision to tell him the truth. Yeah, that sounded good. 

“No, no! I insist that you go first. If I go first I’ll end up blabbing for twenty minutes.” You snorted, getting comfortable on the chair and hugging a pillow to your chest. 

“Okay, cool. I promise I’ll be quick.” Harry grinned, sitting up a little straighter before leaning forward. “I want you t’ meet a new friend of mine.” Oh, that was it? Phew. 

“Alright, I’m down with that. Who is it?” I really like you and I’ve liked you for a long time, so I just thought that you needed to know that. 

“Oh, she’s great. You’ll love her. I mean, I kinda love her already and I’ve only met her like, twice! She has her own cookbook and everything, and she’s a great baker… Just like me! The other night at my concert we were talking backstage and she has the same taste in clothes as me! Y’know those silky lilac pants you were teasing me about? She liked them! And she was wearin’ this really cool denim jacket with a tiger embroidered on the back… I let her borrow one of my shirts and I’m usin’ tha’ as an excuse t’ see her again.” Harry paused, checking his phone when it buzzed in his hand. 

No, that’s too straight forward. How about something like ‘How about we go grab some dinner sometime? I can take you to that fancy Italian place that opened up downtown last month.’ “Oh, wow. She sounds really cool.” 

“She is really cool! And because you’re my ultimate best friend, I really want you to meet her before things get too serious.” 

Or maybe he wants to stay at home? I can cook something for him. Well, I’ll try my best- Wait, what? 

You snapped yourself out of your little thought bubble before blinking owlishly at Harry. What did he say? You heard something but you were really hoping he didn’t say what you thought he had said. “S-Sorry? Can you, uh, say that again?” You smiled sheepishly, Harry furrowing his brows before huffing playfully. 

“I thought you were listening t’ me this whole time. I was saying that I want you t’ meet Tess next week and approve of her so that I can maybe take it to the next level with her! Because you’re my best friend and all, and your opinion really matters to me. Anyways, she’s hilarious and she jus’ texted me this recipe on…”

At that point, you had tuned out. The smile slowly dropped from your face when it finally hit you that all of this was just in your head. Your chest tightened and you could feel your heart beginning to drum inside you. You could hear the blood roaring in your ears, rushing up to the back of your neck and your cheeks in humiliation. What were you thinking? Of course you were just a friend to Harry. All those late-night phone calls, all those hours you spent traveling with him while he was filming for Dunkirk and while he was writing his album, all those times you’d wake up early just to make breakfast for him even though he never asked for it, all those times just helped you to… Further establish your position in the friend-zone. (You hated that term, but there was no other way to describe it.) Harry was friendly with everyone and you were the one who took it in the wrong way! 

“So, what do yeh think, buddy?” 

“Um, yeah. I’d love to meet… Tess.” You trailed off, feeling as though Harry had just shot a bullet straight through your heart. 

“Cool! I’ll text her. By the way, what did you wanna tell me?” 

“I… I forgot.” You felt completely numb on the inside. 

How could you have been so stupid? 


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Tom Holland Imagine: Interview

Summary: You’re being interviewed and have mentioned in the past that you have a crush on Tom Holland. He surprises you in air and asks you out.

A/N: so this is based on something that actually happened to poor sweet little Bea Miller with Luke Hemmings where Luke surprised her on air when she had mentioned in the past that she had a crush on him😂😂 enjoy!

Warnings: None


“So, we’re on air with Y/N L/N and she just sang a cover of Sam Smith’s "Stay With Me”. So Y/N, what first inspired you to become a singer?“

"Well, I’ve always loved singing and one day there were some painters painting our bathroom and I was singing Cinderella by the Cheetah Girls and one of the painters thought that I was the radio and after that I just became very passionate about singing and wanted to peruse it. I was very lucky to be given such supporting parents that allowed me to follow my dreams.”

“Well, thank you Mrs. And Mr. L/N! I love your music. And I heard recently that you’re quite the marvel fan! Any crushes on the cast?”

“Yes! I love marvel. And I do have my eye on one marvel actor…”

“C'mon, spill, Y/N, who is it!?”

“I’ve already spilled it! I’ve been saying for the past couple months that I’ve had my eye on that new Spider-Man, Tom Holland. He’s VERY cute.”

“Tom Holland!?”

“Yes, he’s sooooo cute! I’ve never really cared for Spider-Man until him. He’s just amazing for the role.”

“He is amazing. What would you do if you ever met him?”

“Uhhh would it be weird if I asked him to marry me? Haha”

“Well let’s ask him. Tom, would you be weirded out if Y/N asked you to marry her?”

I paused before I heard a British accent speak through the phone.

“I would be honored if she asked me to marry her! I’m quite the fan of hers.”

“Well, Tom, I just have one request, wait till you’re older!”

“Haha, well of course!”

I sat there waiting for the interviewer to tell me this was fake.

“Well, Y/N, you have your answer!”

“…That’s a joke, right?”

“No, that’s really Tom Holland!”

“No, that’s a joke! That has to be a joke! Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed!”

“No, it’s really him! Go ahead and ask him any question!”

“No, because then I’m gonna look like an idiot because that’s not really him!”

“Not it’s really Tom! Tom, say something to prove that it’s you!”

I heard a laugh before “Tom” finally spoke again.

“I don’t know what to say, I’ve never really had to prove myself before.”

“Well, how about you just ask Y/N what you wanted to ask her.”

“Yes, of course! Y/N, I was wondering if you would like to be my date to the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere in LA next week.”

“What!? This is a joke! This isn’t Tom! This isn’t happening!”

“Love, it’s really me! I would love for you to accompany me! I have to go now, but have Ryan give you my number before you leave and you can call me and we’ll set everything up! Goodbye, everyone! I can’t wait for you guys to see the film in theaters worldwide on July 7th!”

Then the line went dead.

“That was fake, right?”

“No that was really Tom Holland.”

“OH MY GOD! I hate you! That was so embarrassing!”

“Well, now you have a date with him!”

“I can’t believe that just happened! Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed! Wow, it’s really a good thing that I said he was hot cause like it would’ve been really awkward if I was just like ‘God I hate Tom Holland he’s the worst spider-man ever’ and then he was just like 'uhh… hey…’”

“Hahaha! That would’ve been so funny! Well, for all you people just now tuning in, we’ve just set Tom Holland and Y/N L/N up on a date for next week. Well, Y/N, it’s been a real pleasure to have you with us today! We’ll have to get you back soon so you can tell us all about your date!”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to spill the details to anyone else!”

And with that the interview ended. Before I left, Ryan made sure to give me a piece of paper with Tom’s number written on it.

—Time Skip—

“Alright, Y/N, Tom’s going to meet you at the premiere at the front of the red carpet. He should be there before you so just go meet him there.”

“Okay, Lindsay. Thank you!”

I hung up the phone with my manager before I got inside the black car waiting outside to drive me to the premiere.

I tapped my foot impatiently on the floor of the car as I waited for it to pull up to the premiere. Not only was I FINALLY going to be seeing Spider-Man: Homecoming, but my celebrity crush was my date to the event!

After what felt like hours, the car pulled to a stop. A man in a black suit opened the door and helped me out. I thanked him and then walked to the entrance to the red carpet where Tom was standing, fidgeting nervously with his tie.

His eyes finally landed on me and smile lit up on his face.

“Told you it was me.” He said as he held his hand out to me.

I laughed as I shook his hand.

“Sorry for being really awkward, I was just caught off guard…”

Tom laughed.

“You’re fine. It was actually really cute and flattering. And hey, maybe if everything goes well tonight I really will take you up on your proposal.”

I elbowed Tom in the gut as he laughed at my red face.

“Shut up!”

Tom finally stopped laughing and guided me out onto the red carpet.

Cameras were flashing and people were yelling our names as they noticed our arrival. Tom’s hand laid on my lower back as we smiled and chatted as paparazzi took our picture.

After a few minutes of picture taking, Tom and I walked away to the interview section.

“I’m gonna skip this part and go get a drink. I’ll meet you when you’re done, okay?” I said to him.

Tom smiled down at me.

“Sounds good, love.” He said as he kissed my forehead.

I watched as Tom walked up to where Jacob was standing and began to interrupt their interview.

I smiled and walked into the lobby of the theater.

I grabbed a water bottle off the table and pulled my phone out and began to reply to a few texts when I felt a hand tap my shoulder.

I turned around to face a boy around my age standing there. He was slightly taller than Tom and had bright blue eyes and blonde hair.

“Hello! I’m Harrison, Tom’s best friend!”

“Oh, hello! I’m Y/N.”

“Yeah, I know. Tom hasn’t shut up about this date all week.”


“Yeah! He dragged me to TONS of stores trying to find the best outfit and wouldn’t stop nagging me about whether or not he looked good enough for you.”

I blushed at Harrison’s confession.

“Alright, Haz, that’s enough.” Tom interrupted before Harrison could go on.

I turned to face him and saw that a slight shade of pink on his once pale cheeks.

Harrison laughed before walking away to where Zendaya and Laura stood across the lobby.

“Sorry about him, love. He sometimes doesn’t know when to shut his mouth.”

“It’s fine. He’s seems really sweet.”

“Yeah, as much of a pain in the ass he is, he’s the best friend I could ever ask for.”

I smiled at Tom before he lead me into the theater. Tom greeted some of his friends and cast mates before taking a seat between Harrison and I.

As the movie ended, I noticed how nervous Tom seemed as he look around at everyone’s reactions.

“Tom, the movie was absolutely incredible!” I said to him as I squeezed his hand.

Tom looked over at me with a look of relief.

“Thank you, Y/N. That means a lot.”

“Of course, Tom. I loved every second of it.”

Tom couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face.

“Y/N, do you think maybe we could go out tomorrow? Like, on a real date?”

“I would like nothing more.”

—5 Years Later—

“Y/N! How have you been?!”

“I’ve been outstanding, Ryan!”

“So, I have to know what you wanted to share! Once you called in, I couldn’t wait to get you on air again.”

“Well, Ryan. As you and most of your viewers probably know, Tom and I have been dating for 5 years as of yesterday. And since Tom and I met on your show, I thought it be best if I shared the news on here first. On April 14, 2023, Tom and I will be getting married!” I said as I held my finger up showing the ring Tom had given me last night.

“Oh my god! You and Tom are getting married!?”

I nodded.

“He proposed last night on our anniversary. I called first thing this morning and demanded to be put on air to make the announcement!”

“That’s so amazing, Y/N! I hope I’m invited to the wedding!”

“Well of course! How could we not invite the person who started it all?!”

“Wow, thank you so much for sharing the news with us first! Now I’m sure you have a lot of planning to do so I’m going to let you go. I hope you have the best time planning your wedding!”

“Thank you, Ryan!”

And with that, you were out of the studio and on your way home to your future husband.

Imagine Chris being worried about you.

A/N: Part 2, yay! Not much to say here, just building things up for y'all. 😏 You can read the previous parts here - (Mini Series - Masterlist; Mini Series Spin-off - ‘Unexpected Reader - Masterlist’; ‘Chapter 2 - Little Ways Away: Part 1’) Enjoy. X

“Bet you thought I was going to answer the phone. Well, I’m not because I’m busy so-”

Chris hung up before your voicemail could finish talking, sighing because it was the seventh time he’d gotten your voicemail in three days. He was starting to get worried because he hadn’t spoken with you since Sunday, which was when he’d questioned if you were really okay and you’d lied to his face. The two of you agreed to have a proper conversation after that one, but it was yet to happen. Every time he called, you’d watch it ring and let it go to voicemail then text him back with an excuse as to why you couldn’t answer: “I’m in class.”, “I’m on my way to work.”, “I’m in the library.”, “Dodger and I are going for a walk.”, “Ava and I are on our way to a movie.”, “I have to call my mom.”, “I’m going grocery shopping.” Out of the seven times, you’d only told the truth twice about why you had to miss his call.

Now Chris didn’t know if he was really that unlucky and you were really that busy, or if you were avoiding him so you wouldn’t have to deal. You knew him, as well as he knew you, so you got what he meant when he said “I’ll call you tomorrow and have an actual conversation, okay?” The last thing you needed was a worried boyfriend- something Chris would’ve become if he’d confronted you and you’d broke down crying- so you decided it was better if you avoided him for a while. In your mind, it was a good idea because yes, he’d be worried, but he’d be less worried than if he knew the truth about your struggles. You knew he had enough on his plate with a project as big as Infinity War and that he didn’t need you to be on it too.

In your mind, you were being a thoughtful girlfriend; in Chris’, however, you weren’t. And though Ava knew how things would end if you didn’t reconsider your bad idea, she said nothing because since she spilled the beans to Chris- you’d politely asked her to stay out of your relationship. She agreed, of course, because as your best friend she’d always respect your decision- even if it was “a fucking stupid one.” That comment was unsaid because she knew you didn’t need a fight with her when a fight with Chris was obviously on its way. All of this, everything that was happening right now was the calm before the storm. Eventually Chris would get ahold of you and everything you thought you could avoid would come crashing down onto you.

“Bet you thought I was going to-”

“God dammit, Y/N,” Chris cussed as he slammed his phone onto the table; Sebastian looked up with a raised brow. “Sorry,” Chris muttered, rubbing his forehead. “I just-” he huffed, “I’m trying to get ahold of Y/N and she won’t pick up and I’m kind of freaking out. She’s clearly going through something, but she won’t talk to me about it. And I don’t- What the fuck is going through her mind?” Sebastian pursed his lips at Chris’ obvious frustration. “Does she think this is a good idea- to just avoid my calls like my worries are just going to disappear?”

“I think it’s a good idea to breathe, maybe?” Sebastian suggested and Chris took a slow, deep breath. “Okay, now that you have some oxygen in your lungs,” Sebastian teased then chuckled when Chris shot him a weary look. “Just relax, man. I’m sure everything’s fine and you’re just overreacting.”

“I am not overreacting, she-”

“That sounds like something someone who’s overreacting would say,” Sebastian cut him off with pursed lips and Chris rolled his eyes. “Oh come on, Chris,” Sebastian chuckled. “She’s a university student, what do you expect? Do you remember your university experience? 'Cause I do. Things get busy and chaotic and overwhelming, but it’s nothing that we couldn’t handle. So stop worrying so much, Y/N is a capable girl. If she’s not telling you things, maybe it’s because she can handle it.” Chris huffed and Sebastian sighed, “I know you feel like you have to protect her 'cause she’s younger than you, but maybe you’re being a little overbearing?”

Chris had nothing to say because Sebastian made some pretty solid points. Like you, he had a best friend to knock some sense into him, buff tense situations, and talk him out of some dumb decisions. Perhaps Sebastian was right, perhaps he was being a little overbearing. But he couldn’t help it, you were important to him and he knew you weren’t the kind of person who talked about things unless he pressed. That was one of the differences he’d found between you and your second person protagonist, you were more concern with how he saw you which meant you’d lie to him if you had to. He realized that the two of you really needed to discuss that before it became a bigger problem than it already was, and he knew it would because honesty and communication were two of the most important factors in a successful relationship. Clearly those were the areas the two of you lacked in considering everything that’d happened between the two of you.

“I’m sure she’ll talk to you when she’s ready,” Sebastian consoled. “Until then- I don’t think you should push her. I don’t know her as well as you, but I feel like she’s one of those girls who- y'know, the-more-you-push-the-further-she’ll-run? She seems like the type, and it’s not a bad type- it’s just tricky.” Chris sighed and nodded in agreement. “But she obviously cares about you, so don’t give up on her. After all, you don’t know what her reasons are. Maybe she doesn’t want you to worry and that’s why she’s not telling you anything.”

“I’m not going to give up on her.” Chris wasn’t sure about a lot, but he was sure about that. “She’s a puzzle, that one, but she’s one of those puzzles that when you figure it out and finish it-” he smiled when he thought about you, “it’s going to be beautiful and incredibly satisfying.” Sebastian found himself smiling at Chris’ smile; he was very happy for him friend, that was for sure. “And I know for a fact that she’s not telling me anything because she doesn’t want me to worry, that’s exactly the kind of person she is. But,” he sighed with a small smile, “that’s one of the many reason I love her. What?” Chris chuckled when he heard Sebastian chuckle.

“Nothing,” Sebastian shook his head. “I’m just- Y/N is the first girlfriend you’ve spoken so openly about.” Chris narrowed his eyes, but his smile remained on his lips because his friend was right. “You’ve never talked about any of your other girlfriends before- well, not when the relationship was still so new. But with Y/N? I mean- you keep photos of her in your trailer, you introduce us over FaceTime, you talk about her all the time and it is- This is a new side to you that we all love,” Sebastian admitted and Chris’ smile widened.

“Yeah, well-” Chris’ smile reached his eyes when he thought about the future he was planning to have with you. “She’s different.” Sebastian nodded, because obviously you were. “I know I can spend the rest of my life with her, and I want to. I really, really want to,” he admitted with a soft chuckle and Sebastian smiled. “I um- I just want her to live her life first, before she settles down with me. I don’t want her to miss out on anything, y'know?”

“That’s sweet,” Sebastian nodded. “I like her with you, I think we all do. She’s…” He trailed off, trying to find the right word then settled on what Chris used earlier, “different. But it’s the kind of different you want to welcome into your life.” Chris nodded in agreement. “I don’t know, I think you knocked it out of the park with Y/N. I haven’t met her in real life, but- I’m fairly confident about what I just said.”

“Me too,” Chris nodded with a smile.

“So try and remember what I said earlier, so you don’t do anything dumb to lose her,” Sebastian reminded him and they both chuckled. “'Cause man, Chris, you’d be a world class idiot to lose a girl as amazing as Y/N, who’s obviously perfect for you.”

“Believe me, I know,” Chris chuckled as his mind flitted back to the conversations he’d had with Ava, your mom and dad, your older brother, his mom, Scott, Carly, Shanna- literally his whole family, Kevin, Scarlett, Robert, both Chrises- basically everyone and anyone he’d spoken to about you. He didn’t need more people to tell him what he already knew; you were special and he wasn’t going to let you go. “You’re not the first person to tell me that.”

“Yet I’m sure I won’t be the last.”

“Yeah, me too,” Chris chuckled.

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Part 3



“Scott and Y/N”

Your head snapped up and soon as you heard your teacher say both your names,

“Wait what? I’m with Scott?” You questioned

“Yes Y/N, you are with Scott. That won’t be a problem will it?”

“No, no problem, of course not, pshhh” yeah except the fact that you’ll blush every single time you look at him.

His uneven jaw line, his beautiful eyes, that dorky smile, his body oh god his ab-

“Y/N?” Scott said, waving a hand in front of your face

“Yes Scott?”

“Are you ready to start?”

“Start what?” You asked confused

“The project, are you okay?”

“The project? Oh yes the project of course! I’m fine Scott, really really fine”

“Okay then, lets go!” He cheered as he held the door open for you.


“Alright Y/N all you have to do is walk down the hall, maybe wink at a few guys, or girls whoever you want and I’ll monitor their reactions”

“Reactions?” You looked at Scott for clarification

He gulped, “ You know, like their Body Language, facial expressions, If they flirt with you and stuff”

“Alright okay, im going” you said, then you took a deep breath in

“You haven’t moved yet?”

“I just need a moment” you gasped

Pick up line after pick up line were used on you from most people you spoke to, some were flattering, others not so much.

None of the guys who flirted with you was the one you wanted it to be. Scott. He’s the one.

“I swear to god Scott if I hear one more pick up line I’m going to explode!”

“Well you should probably cover your ears then”

“What? Wh-”

“Roses are red-” Scott started

“Oh god, please stop”

“Violets are blue-”

“Please Scott, no more” you pleaded

“Lava is hot-”

“Scott!” You warned

“And so are you” he finished

You looked at him trying to fight a smile. He may be cheesy but he is sure as hell cute.

“Really Scott?” You laughed

“What? I had to!” He exclaimed

“Why?” You needed to know why he would say something so terribly adorable

“Because I would like to take you out on a date” he said smiling, “what do you say?”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, Okay Scott, I’ll give you a shot!”

TITLE: Quiet Confessions

‘Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.’

[gif is not mine] this is from my ao3!! requests are open. let me know what you think

“What are you doing?” Loki asked her noticing she was on the steps outside of his house in the pouring rain.

She turned and smiled at him, “Waiting for you.”


She shrugged and turned back around, “It’s a pretty day, don’t you think?” She held out her hand, feeling the water wet her hand.

He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up, “It is. But not when you’re about to get sick. Honestly.” He shook his head at her, feeling she was getting colder by the second he rushed her to his house. “What are you thinking? You could get hypothermia.” He grabbed a towel and gave it to her.

He heard her laugh, while fixing her up some tea. “I swear to god you’re insane. One day you’re going to kill yourself while doing something silly.” He plopped the tea bag in her mug and waited for the water to boil. He turned around and saw her watching him. “What?” He touched his face, thinking there was something there. “Do I have something on my face?”

She shook her head, a small cough coming from her mouth. She gave him back his towel and told her to keep a hold of it. “Thank you.” She said as she brought the mug to her lips. He nodded in acknowledgement.

“Now, care to tell me why you’re here?”

She coughed again, harshly and longer this time. He cringed as he saw her struggling to breath, “See you’re already getting sick.” He tried to lighten the mood.

“I was just around the neighbourhood and I wanted to see you.”

“So…you didn’t knock? You just sat there?”

“I knew you’d come out sooner or later.” She smiled.

Loki looked at her peculiarly, she seemed off…somehow. Well, it was her and she did a lot of random things, that’s what he loved about her. Loki sighed her name, “We haven’t spoke in half a year. What are you really doing here?”

Her smile dropped and looked at him, no emotion on her face whatsoever. “Do you still have the envelope I gave you, Loki?”

‘Envelope? Huh?….Oh right, yeah.’ He nodded and moved towards his room, getting it. She stopped him with her hand, “I don’t want you to get it Loki. I was just wondering if you still had it.”

“Of course, I’d still have it, you told me to keep it, to only open it when something big and devastating happened. I still think you’re barmy.” He rolled his eyes as he returned back to his spot. “Why do you ask?”

“Hmm?” She looked at him, she was thinking about the future before. It hurt her head when she thought for a long time. It also hurt her when she was doing things that acquired large energy, such as walking, but she wouldn’t tell him that. “Sorry, I was daydreaming.”

“You do that a lot, you know? One of the weirdest things about you.” She smiled at him while he scowled at her.

She loved him, he hoped he knew. Sure he wasn’t the nicest person on the planet, but what would you get from a God?

“Do you remember what we talked about before?”

“When before?”

“You know, that day at the Rainbow Bridge? When you took me to Asgard and we talked about the future, while laying down and looked at the stars?”

He remembered that day clearly, etched into his mind. He sighed happily as he recalled that day.

Loki took her to Asgard, to meet the rest of his family, well they wanted to meet her. Wanting to see the girl that captured his heart…even though she didn’t know anything about that. That would be kept as a secret for a long time. Loki remembered as they finished their feast and they walked aimlessly down the Rainbow Bridge, stopping around halfway to sit down.

She looked like she belonged there, her personality suited it. He remembered there was a breeze which made her dress sway a bit, and her hair flowing in the night sky. If he had a chance to paint any picture, that would be it. That was one of the most defined moment of his life, he thought. Here was a girl who has stuck by him, through thick and thin and he couldn’t even tell her that he loved her. Three little words.

Loki remembered sitting down and talking about the future and the what ifs. He remembered her telling him that she wants a huge family one day, living somewhere, maybe Asgard or a small Scottish cottage. Somewhere peaceful and quiet. He wanted to be that guy when she told him.

“Judging by your smile, I’m saying you remember?” She interrupted his memories as she gave him a faint sheepish smile.

“Bits and pieces.” He bit out. He saw her smile drop a bit and he felt like A-grade ass. “Can’t help it, I’m getting old.” She laughed out loud for this one, and he couldn’t help but smile as well.

“I remember telling you about my future, I really hope that one day that happens, you know? With the right guy, hopefully soon.” She whispered her confession. She put her mug in the sink and looked at the clock. “I have to go back to the hos- home. I’ll see you later Loki.” She coughed again and gave him a smile.

“I’ll see you later as well, treat your cold.” She waved at him and coughed again. He frowned, she seemed to be having a coughing fit. Thinking nothing of it, he closed the door and sighed.

Loki felt like ripping the nine realms apart. There was something burning inside his chest, he wished he could rip it out and just toss it. He belted out a scream while thrashing his room. There was a light knock on the door. “Brother?”

Loki didn’t bother responding as he flipped his table upside down. “This is not fair! Why? Why brother?  WHY?” He yelled at Thor as he ducked a vase.

“Loki, calm down.”

“Calm down? You want me to calm down? Do you know how preposterous you sound right now?” Thor furrowed his brows as he took steps towards his brother.

“I apologise, but I am very sorry about your loss. Did you know anything?”

Loki shook his head as he dropped down to his knees, “She visited me once, she looked fragile and weak, she also had a coughing fit. I did not think anything of it, I thought it was just the flu. Gods, I’m so foolish!”

Thor felt the room crack under Loki’s magic. “Hush, Loki. She would have not wanted this.”

He placed a comforting hand on Loki’s shoulder, “I am foolish brother, I did not even tell her my true feelings.”

Thor knelt down in front of his weeping brother, “I am sure, she knew Loki. And I am sure that she returned those feelings for you. I recall that she gave you something before?”

Loki’s eyes widened, filled with tears he ransacked his room until he found the letter from her. “Leave Thor, please.” Thor did not need to be told twice. He walked to the door a single glance back at his brother, he shook his head and closed the door.

Loki sat down on the bed, sighing he flipped the enveloped. There it was his name in her tilted handwriting, the letter felt thick and heavy. He carefully opened the enveloped and brought out the letter.  There were several things in there, there was at least five photographs.

He looked at them each, one was him, her and the Avengers, he recalled the man in the iron suit had wanted a group photo, and he insisted annoyingly that Loki be a part of it. Another was him trying to figure out how to cook, the third her and him in the park with Darcy, Jane and Thor. The fourth was just him and her, him being in a Midgardian suit attire. And the last…the last took his breath away. It was a photo of him and her on that night sitting on the Rainbow Bridge. ‘How?’ He thought.

He put the letter and the other photographs by his side and looked at the picture. It seemed magical and staged, but it was not. He could see himself staring at her lovingly from a far and her staring right back at him. ‘Who took this photo?’ It was perfect.

He closed his eyes and put the photo close to his chest. “Oh…oh, my love.” He gently put it beside him and grabbed the letter and began reading it.


Hello you. You’re probably wondering why I gave you a letter right? Or not, since you’re used to well me being me.

I’m writing this letter because, well today I just found out I had cancer. I don’t know if you know anything about it, but incase if you don’t. Well, it’s a Midgardian disease, there’s no known cure for it, I’m pretty sure. I don’t know if they have it in Asgard…

Now, you’re thinking that why wouldn’t I tell you? Well, it’s simple, really. I wanted to be with you. I wanted you to be happy and not have this thing over your head. I wanted you to be YOU while being with me. But then, the treatments and such got into the way of that. I know we haven’t spoken in around 5 months and now I’m just giving you a letter out of the blue, but I needed this. I needed to write you this.

These will be my last words Loki. My last words for you.

You don’t know how much you mean to me. You are my everything, my stars, my moon, my life. Do you remember that day when we sat on the Rainbow Bridge? That was the day I wanted to tell you everything. Everything that I felt for you, wanted from you.

When I told you I wanted to live somewhere quiet and have a big family, I wanted that. With YOU. There was no one else that can make me feel the way you did. When I was around you I felt like I was on fire, I was being re-born. You made me feel like me. You made me feel complete.

I wish I could have that future with you, I goddamn wished I didn’t have this! I wish that we could have Midgardian, half Jotunn babies. Wow, that would have been a sight? Can you imagine dropping them off to preschool? Or when I gave birth to them?

I have never regretted anything.

The only thing I regretted was not telling you in person that I love you.

I goddamn love you so much. More than I thought could be possible.

Those are my last words for you my Loki. Please be happy. Anyway, I won’t be really gone, I’ll be watching over you…gods that sounded weird.

I love you.

Loki carefully folded the letter back, tears in his eyes he grabbed the items and marched towards the Bifrost.

Once he reached it, he hastily wiped his eyes. “Heimdall, I am sure you know why I am here.”

Heimdall nodded, “I am very sorry for your loss. I just wanted to let you know she loved you greatly, and that it was you she was thinking about when she passed.”

Loki felt his heart clench and nodded solemnly to Heimdall who let him go onto the Bifrost. “I’m trusting you know where I want to go?”

He felt the rush of the Bifrost as he was taken to his destination. Loki landed on the ground with a thud and looked up at the landscape before him.

It was a little cottage, on a cliff, over looking the Scottish sea. This was the place that he secretly bought for her. He walked to the door and opened it. He breathed in and smelt the wood. He walked around the small cottage, going outside via the garden.

He looked up at the night stars. “The only thing I regretted was not telling you that I love you. And now it is too late.

“You see this cottage, I bought for you, when you told me you wanted somewhere quiet and peaceful, I bought this for you. You don’t know how much hassle I had to go through buying this for you.” He laughed and the stars twinkled. “I miss you.” He whispered. He felt a gust of wind hitting him.

“I miss you too.” Was what he could faintly hear from the wind. He looked up hopeful and watched the night stars twinkling. He smiled and walked back inside.

This is where he would live, this is where he would stay, until the day she comes back to him, taking him to a better life.

“Flirting 101″

Post-Ultron; Everyone survived the events of AoU and returned to Stark tower afterwards.

“You’re staring…” Natasha leaned over to whisper to Steve. The Avengers were scattered around a room within Stark Tower enjoying the cool evening as the sun set. Wanda and Pietro cuddled up in front of the TV, Stark was drinking and laughing heartily with Thor and Banner behind the bar whilst Nat and Steve sat with two mugs of coffee at the dining table. The pair had a good view of the entire room though Steve was only focused on one person in it.

You sat on the other sofa in front of the television with a bowl of noodles that you were attempting to lift into your mouth using chopsticks. Despite Clint sitting next to you and talking you through how to use the utensils, you were not succeeding in this task. Steve watched on from a distance, mesmerised by how innocent you seemed. Yet he knew better than most that you were not to be trifled with after the incident involving Tony whom you’d stabbed with a fork after he tried flirting with you. It was this reason among many that he was reluctant to make his feelings about you known. Natasha and Tony were the only ones to pick up on the signs.

“Ask her out, dummy.” Nat whispered to him though he made no move to acknowledge that he’d heard her for some time. Instead, his gaze remained focused on you as you tried for the nth time to get the noodles in your mouth. He chuckled as they promptly fell from your grasp and plopped back into the bowl. Eventually he looked back at his mug and replied to Nat.
“And risk fork injuries? No thanks.”
“Really? That’s what you’re afraid of? You know as well as I do that she stabbed him purely because he called her “babe”. Frankly, I think he was lucky to get off with just being stabbed - God knows what I would have done if he’d called me that.”
“Not helping Nat.” He grumbled, running his finger around the rim of the mug. At the sound of cheering and clapping, Steve looked up to see that you had managed to shovel some of the food into your mouth. Clint clapped his hands together with a laugh whilst the twins whistled and cheered. Steve felt the side of his mouth turning up into a proud smirk before looking back down again.
“You poor, lovesick little puppy…” Nat said sarcastically, slapping her hand on his shoulder. He chuckled, grateful for Nat’s attempts to console him, even if they weren’t necessarily working yet.

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A/N I am so, so sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time. Hopefully, this will make up for it. I tried out a new writing style, not sure how I feel about it just yet, but feel free to let me know how you do! I hope you enjoy :)

Summary: Reader is Bobby’s daughter, and gets captured by a group of demons and is tortured for information on the brothers, which doesn’t sit well with them. Especially Dean.

Warnings: Torture-ish, I didn’t get extremely vivid but it’s there 

Dean Winchester

If there was one thing you should never, ever do, it’d be to mess with the Winchesters or anyone they love.

Because one way or another, they’d come for you. But, if there was one person more protective than Sam or Dean, it’d be Bobby Singer’s daughter. She’d taken over the ‘mother’ role, in a sense, over the boys as they’d all grown up. Any time they boys were at their home, she’d made sure they were okay and fed, along with Bobby. She was their shoulder to cry on, one of the only people they felt comfortable crying too.

And along the way, she’d grown feelings for Dean.

So, when they’d taken her captive after she’d gone to the store for a supply run and demanded to know where they were, she endured the torture. She’d been there for god knows how long. Chained up, bloodied and beaten, dehydrated, half naked in only her bra and underwear, and starving, but she wouldn’t give the brothers up.

She knew they’d come for her. And if they weren’t in time she’d know she died protecting them, and she was okay with that.

“You know, if you just tell me where they are I can let you go.” The demon in charge of the whole ordeal spoke, arms crossed as he set his knife down. With the little energy she had left, she chuckled,“No, you won’t. You’d kill me right after I told you. O-or use me as leverage to get them.”

“Is that so?” He smirked. With a small nod,“So, you may as well just kill me now, because I’m not going to tell you where they are.” He walked closer to her, their faces only inches apart,“Yes, you will. Eventually.” Y/N glared, spitting on him, which she really shouldn’t have as he immediately back up and punched her in the face. She let out a groan as her head snapped to the side, blood pouring out of her mouth.

It was just another bruise to add to the others. She had cuts, burns, and bruises all over her body. He got to work once again, torturing her in ways she’d never seen or heard of. Her screams filled the abandoned warehouse as he sliced her skin with a sharp blade.

And all of a sudden, the door to the warehouse slammed open, and in came her saviors.

“Get away from her, you son of a bitch!”

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Imagine shopping for your incoming baby with Chris.

A/N: Helloooo, I’m back with Part 3. Here are the links to the previous parts: (‘Memory Lane - Part 1/Part 2’, ‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist’) Hope you enjoy it. X

You absentmindedly tapped your red Sharpie against the table while you browsed the catalogue from ‘Baby Palace’. It was amazing how many items you’d already checked off considering you were only on the fifth page of the sixty page catalogue, no wonder Chris was in such strong agreement when you told him you were going to wait till he got back to start shopping so he could be a part of the process.

“Your iced tea, m'lady.” Chris slid your drink across the table as he sat down opposite you. You mumbled a word of thanks with your nose still stuck in the catalogue. He took a sip of his coffee then quizzed, “see anything you like?”

You looked up and pouted, “yeah.” You beckoned your head at the latte in his hand and made an audible whining sound. “Your coffee, but with a shot of vanilla syrup in there.” He chuckled in response then pouted along with you. “It’s been so long since I had coffee.”

“You know you’re allowed to have decaf, right?”

“Fuck decaf,” you said which made him laugh. “Decaf is for the weak, and I guess- pregnant but- No, if I’m not allowed to drink proper coffee then I might as well not drink it at all. It’s only a few more months, less if our little one gets excited.” You rested your hand on your bump and whispered, “please get excited.”

“Don’t listen to her,” Chris chuckled. “You stay in there until you’re ready.” You narrowed your eyes at him, pretending to scowl even though you were fighting a smile. “Do you want our son to be fully grown and healthy, or do you want him to be in an incubator because he’s premature?”

“I don’t think all premature babies go into an incubator, Chris,” you retorted with a roll of your eyes.

“Maybe not, but I think ours will if you tell him to come out three months earlier,” he countered with a chuckle. “I know being pregnant has been tough on you but- it’s only another three months, and you’re not alone anymore. Time’s going to fly by and before you know it,” he reached for your hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, “we’ll have a beautiful boy and you’ll be back to your vanilla lattes.”

“You know how we discussed having a girl after this boy?”

“Yeah?” He chuckled because he knew where it was going.

“I think you’re going to have to wait awhile,” you told him, “like a few years.”

“Fine by me,” he pulled your hand to his lips. “I’m with you till the end of the line anyway.”

• • • • • • • •

You and Chris strolled down the aisles of 'Baby Palace’ with your fingers intertwined, browsing the items that could possibly be your son’s in the future. It was a lot harder than you’d both initially thought, not because you didn’t know what to buy- but because you wanted to buy everything. Chris was no help; he was a lot less restrictive when it came to shopping for his child. The only thing the two of you had any confirmation on was the fact that the room had to be Disney themed- considering how big a fan the two of you were of Disney- so there was that guideline to shop with. Currently, the two of you had about fifteen items on your registry; all of which were Disney themed: cot, sheets, curtains, cushions, and decor.

“Do you know what we should do?” Chris asked rhetorically. “We should go to Disney World in Florida and shop for the room.” You laughed at that suggestion. “What?” He chuckled. “That’s where all the magic is, we could find more there.”

“We could find a lot of Disney things there, yes, but none of it will be useful in turning that spare room into a nursery. It’s all just knick knacks and plushies, we can get those here.” You told him and he pouted. “Your son isn’t even born yet and you’re already using him as an excuse to go to Disney World,” you teased and he laughed. “You do know that all our nieces and nephews know that they’re just an excuse for you, right? Miles said, and I quote, 'he just wants to go himself, he only uses us to look like a caring uncle so he can score points with the ladies.’” You said as you tried not to laugh.

“Bullshit,” he laughed and you cracked, laughing. “Miles would never say that. He knows I love Disney World and that I go because I want to, not because they do. But he’d never say 'so he can score points with the ladies’. That’s all you, Y/N.”

“But it’s true, isn’t it?” You smirked. “You told me yourself after our first trip to Disney World together.” He chuckled, lowering his gaze and displaying his long lashes. “I still remember it very clearly, all the lies you told.” You teased, poking his side. “Everyone’s busy and my nephews want to go to Disney World, think you can do me a solid and come along?” You mocked him and he laughed. “Remember?” You giggled.

“All too well.”

• • • • • • • •

“Stay in sight!” Chris called out to Miles and Ethan as they ran ahead, leaving the two of you behind. “I’m really glad you agreed to come along.” He told you, gently swinging your entwined hands. “There is no way I could have handled them on my own, they’re such a handful.”

You raised an eyebrow at Chris’ statement because as far as you could see, Miles and Ethan were perfect little angels. Even running ahead, they kept in sight as their uncle had told them to and kept glancing back to make sure they knew where the two of you were. It was clear now- though you’d figured it out at the airport- that he had lied to you to get you to come along.

“Yeah,” you bit back your smile as you responded sarcastically, “they sure look like it.” Chris chuckled softly then winced when you added in the same sarcastic tone, trying not to laugh. “Thank God I postponed my dateline for this trip, otherwise you would’ve been in the deep end with those two trouble makers.”

“You postponed a dateline for this trip?”

“Yeah,” you nodded, chuckling. “My agent wasn’t too happy about that, but I told him that Captain America needed my help so work had to wait.” Chris winced again; the guilt was starting to pile up. “I hope they don’t take the job away from me because Martin Scorsese wanted to direct the piece and I’ve always wanted to work with him.” You continued to milk the situation because you found Chris’ facials incredibly funny. Truth was- you didn’t have to postpone anything because you’d completed your script earlier than expected.

“Oh my God,” Chris finally cracked. “I am so sorry, Y/N. I lied about Miles and Ethan being a handful, truth is- Scott actually wanted to come but I told him I wanted to take you instead but you said you had stuff to attend to this weekend so I lied to get you to come because I wanted to spend some time with you.” He rambled, not taking a moment to use punctuation or breathe. “We can get you back to the hotel to finish your script, I’ll buy you a laptop if you don’t have one-”

“Stop,” you chuckled as you moved in front of him, squeezing his hand. “I was kidding,” you told him then giggled at his lost expression. “The script’s done, I finished it last week. The stuff I had to attend to was a coffee date with my best friend who- didn’t want anything to do with me if I didn’t go to Disney World with Captain America. I’m here willingly, not missing out on anything important because-” you smiled as you admitted, “everything that’s important to me is here.”

Chris watched you intently, smiling because he had never felt at peace with his life before. It was as though since meeting you, everything the universe had planned for him had fallen into place. You gave him a new perspective on life, on love, on anything and everything you spoke of. You made him excited to get out of bed, gave him butterflies when you smiled, and made him happier than anyone or anything has ever made him. He knew you were something special when he saw you in that coffee shop, he knew after your first date that he could spend the rest of his life with you, but it wasn’t until that very moment that he was a hundred percent sure that he was irretrievably and irrecoverably in-love with you.

“I love you, Y/N,” Chris told you.

“What’s that?” You asked, your smile wider than before.

“I love you,” he said with an adorable smile, shrugging nonchalantly.

“Is that so?” You quizzed and released his hands, taking a step closer to him.

“That is so,” he chuckled. “I love you,” he repeated, placing his hands on your waist.

“For the third time, Christopher Evans,” you teased and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I’ll say it for the fourth time if you’d just tell me how you feel,” he told you and you chuckled. He was adorably chewing on his lower lip, looking more nervous than you’d ever seen him look. “I mean- I can see you smiling but you haven’t said anything…” He trailed off, wincing but still smiling.

“If you think my response will be anything other than 'I love you too’ then you’re insane,” you quipped then pressed your lips against his. He kissed you back, the smile on his face so wide it hurt. “I love you, Chris Evans.”

“And I love you, Y/N Y/L/N,” he smiled.

• • • • • • • •

“I believe that trip was the first time I said 'I love you’,” Chris recalled and you nodded, smiling. You could still remember the feeling of the butterflies when he said those three little words. “And where I bought you your first set of Mouse Ears. Still can’t believe those were your first pair,” he said with a shake of his head.

“I know, I know.” You rolled your eyes, smiling. “That’s ridiculous, Y/N. How can you come to Disney World and not get a pair of Mouse Ears? It’s not even your first time here!” You reenacted his shock word for word, making him laugh so hard you attracted the attention of other patrons. “I don’t even know how that’s my first pair because every time I go, I tell myself I’m going to get a pair but then I get so caught up with everything else- I just forget.”

“Well, aren’t you glad you met me?” He teased.

“Yeah,” you looked up at him and smiled. “Because of you, I finally own a pair of Mouse Ears which is something I’ve always dreamed of owning.” Your tone held a slight amount of sarcasm which made him chuckle. “And…” You began in a more serious tone. “Because of you, I’m having a baby.” You smiled at him and he smiled back. “I never thought I’d ever say those words, but you made me want to. You’ve changed me in ways that I’ll eternally be grateful for,” you told him.

“I could say the same to you,” he responded then kissed the top of your head. “Can I just say this on the record?” He whispered into your hair and you looked up as he pulled back, with the assumption that he was going to add to romance which was quickly crushed with, “our son is going to get a pair of Mouse Ears before he turns twenty-four.”

“Dork,” you laughed.

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Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 3

a/n: hiii here it is, its like a lil bit fluffy, they basically only talk and such so yeah :) hope you like it

characters: joker, reader

warnings: mention of & nudity, lil bit swearing, daddy kink, kisiing, implied smut

*next morning*

I woke up from a cold breeze hitting my back and groaned. Why was it cold? Where was I? What day was it? What’s the time?

I opened my eyes slowly, feeling light shining from a small window. I flinched a little and sat up from my horizontal position, my back was pressed against a silk-like surface. This isn’t my room, was the first thing that came to mind. I then glanced around the bed I was in - there was a pale white back facing me, tattoos covering it. 

Wait a second. Was it…? Oh, God, it’s him. It’s my boss there, the Joker, laying under the covers next to me. Was he… naked? Was I? I took a look under the blanket I was covered in - I was completely naked. Did we…?

And then memories of last night came back to me. Oh, we really did do it again. Was it a mistake? Did somebody see us? Will it happen again? I needed so many answers. I needed to talk to him.

Was he awake? Wait, what day was it? If yesterday was Thursday, then today it was Friday. Ah, thankfully it’s my day off-work. I looked at the digital clock on the night stand - 10:43am. I sighed in relief. I hoped he didn’t have any plans for today, especially in the morning, because I really needed to ask him about.. well, this. I’ll just have to wait until he wakes up, by himself. God knows what would happen if I disturbed his slumber. 

I stood up from the bed and with a blanket wrapped around my naked body, I tiptoed into the bathroom. I sighed once in ‘safety’ and closed the door to the point that only a small crack was open. 

I dropped the blanket and looked at myself in the mirror. I had so many hickeys all over my neck, and some bruises around the hip region. My casual makeup was a little bit smudged and my lips were redder than usual. I didn’t put on lipstick, ever, so I guess it smeared off of him. There were also red lip marks around my collarbones. Jesus Christ, am I sinning.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and took off the makeup that was left. I sighed again and stepped into the shower, pulling the curtain closed. I turned on the shower and there was already hot water running down my body. God, it felt relieving. I closed my eyes at the good feeling and tilted my chin upwards. 

I still felt his touch on my body. It was like… a craving that nothing could wash away, not even water. His touches were rough, powerful, but passionate. They sent the vibe that he liked to be in control, dominant, the one in charge. 

Not really giving thought to it, I started quietly singing to myself.

Are we awake?
Am I too old to be this stoned?
Was it your breasts from the start?
They played a part, for goodness sake
I wasn’t told you’d be this cold
Now it’s my time to depart and I just had a change of heart                                I’ll quote on the road like a twat and wind my way out of the city
Finding a girl who is equally pretty won’t be hard
Oh, I just had a change of heart                                                                         You smashed a glass into pieces
That’s around the time I left
When you were coming across as clever
Then you lit the wrong end of a cigarette
You said I’m full of diseases
Your eyes were full of regret
And then you took a picture of your salad
And put it on the Internet

While singing, I finished showering and turned off the running water. I pulled open the curtain and saw what I wasn’t expecting. There he was, standing in just some sort of sweatpants, facing me, but looking at the floor with something in hand. I couldn’t help but to gasp as he startled me, all of a sudden being there. I grabbed a towel from the hanger and wrapped it around myself. He probably walked in while I was showering. How long had he been there?

J raised his eyes from the floor, along with the rest of his face and looked at me.

“No need to cover, doll. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” He spoke lowly, barely above a whisper. I just stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do. “Come on out, don’t be afraid.” He urged and I stepped out of the shower, following his orders. I didn’t know if he was in a bad mood, but I definitely did not want to make sure he was, so I did as told. He reached out his pale hand to me. “Come to Daddy, doll. I’ve got something for you. Take my hand.” He spoke. With one hand holding my towel, I reached the other and placed it in his and he pulled me closer to him in a second. Our faces just a few inches from each other, he was looking me right in the eyes. Oh, his eyes…

Joker suddenly took me by my sides with a bit force, making me yelp and then put me on the bathroom counter. I was watching him with curiosity as he spread my legs and stood in between them, then looking up at me.

“Let Daddy take care of you, baby girl.” He said. I nodded, waiting for his next action. I could talk to him now, when he’s… calm. Yeah, I’ll do that.

J slowly unwraps my towel from around me and lets it pool at my butt, almost admiring the sight before him. I was completely exposed to him again. 

“Daddy would love to fuck you right now, but he needs to take care of you first.” He says, running his hands up and down my sides and making me shiver slightly at his cold fingers. ”Don’t you love how Daddy’s marked you?” He then took the thing he was holding in his hand and unfolded it. A white, closed button-up shirt. “I’m sure this will suit you.” He said, undoing the buttons. When that was done, J put it behind me and carefully slid my arms into the sleeves of it. Once it was on me, - it felt so big on me -, he did only the bottom ones, leaving my chest partly exposed to him.

“Daddy?” I spoke.

“Yes, baby doll?” He replies, placing his hand on my waist.

“I have a question. Or a few.” I spoke, putting my hands lazily on his shoulders, letting them hang off of his shoulders. 

“Go ahead.”

“What are we?” I asked. “What do we classify as?”

“Well… I don’t think we classify as anything, at least we don’t need to.” He spoke. Oh. 

“But what is this between us, Daddy? You’re supposed to be my boss.”  I stated. “Are you?”

“Must be so.”

“Then what am I to you, Daddy?” I pushed, leaning a bit closer to him.

“What do you want yourself to be to me, angel?” 

“I don’t know, Daddy. I just… don’t want this to be anything un-special, meaningless to each other.”

“Why would you think this could be meaningless to me? Or you?” Anger appeared in his voice. “Everything has a meaning. Including this.”

“And what is this?” I said, feeling tears well up behind my eyes. Joker looked away from me, only a huff escaping his lips. “C'mon, Daddy, don’t you want me closer to you? Always by your side?” I pouted, the tears almost coming out. I leaned very close to his face, looking in his blue eyes. I saw anger in them which made me feel afraid and tears roll down my cheeks.

“Please, don’t cry, baby doll. Daddy doesn’t like to see you upset.” He said, stroking my cheek, which only made more tears fall from my eyes. “Is this what was upsetting you last night?” He asked and I nodded, pursing my lips together, but then letting a sob out. “Don’t cry, doll. Please. Am I upsetting you?” I looked down. It wasn’t his fault I had accidentally caught feelings for him. But it did involve him. “Baby girl, Daddy can make you feel better.” J said, bringing his lips to my neck and sliding his hands further down my body, but I weakly pushed him away. I looked him in the eyes, there was hurt visible. “Don’t you want Daddy to make you feel better?” I shook my head.

“Not in that way.” I said. 

“Then tell me what you want, baby. I’ll do it. Do you wanna go home or stay here or…”

“No, I want you. Here, always, every day, all day.” I confessed. “I want to stay here with you for whatever-how-long. Don’t you want that?”

“Listen, baby girl. Daddy likes you very, very, very much. I enjoy your company and the things you do for me.” He said. “So, if being… with me, mine, whatever, makes you happy, I will do everything to make you pleased. I would do anything for you.”

“Really?” I smiled.

“Yes, my angel.” Joker replied. I wanted to hug him, but knew he wasn’t the 'hug person’, so I kissed him instead. He grunted, but i could feel him smirk. “So what would you want?”

“I… want to live here. With you.” I confessed once again.

“Anything for my princess.” He said and kissed me again. “By the way,” he dragged out the last word, “I love how you sing, angel face.”


Imagine Chris trying to win you back from Jensen Ackles

“Chris, go home you’re drunk,” You called from the balcony as you scanned the streets to make sure no paparazzi were around.

“I’m not finished…you come home with me….everything’s better when you’re there….” Chris slurred as he stumbled to stand up straight.

“That isn’t my home anymore, we talked about this,” you could feel tears in your eyes as you watched the once love of your life plead for you to come back.

“No, I didn’t agree to this… I know you miss me, he’s not goood enough, and the sex…baby I know the sex is better with me,” Chris looked up at you a large grin spread across his face.

“Really? You know this because you had sex with Jensen?” You couldn’t help but laugh at his lame attempt to keep you talking….which was idly working.

“Well I’ve had sex with you….and we’re sooooo good together, there’s no way he’s better, plus he’s not really my type, ” Chris’s blue eyes twinkled at you.

“No, apparently brunette ex girlfriends are, Chris I’m calling Scott, you need to sleep it off, and for the record, Jensen and I are not dating,” you grabbed your phone to text via brother to come get him before he made a bigger fool of himself.

“Nothing happened, I swear to god…please can I just come upstairs,” Chris whined.“maybe show you how much better I am…”

“Chris, I’m not having sex with you, you’re ridiculous, we broke up…and who I sleep with is my business, you lost the right when you went out with Minka,” you snapped at the actor as you typed a quick text to Scott to come get his brother.

“Y/n, I swear on my family nothing happened….I love you, please…"Chris pleaded.

You look down at your phone and Scott had apparently been on his brothers side, "Y/nickname, he might be drunk but he’s telling the truth,”

“Which part? About the cheating or be better in bed then my co star?” You snapped while Chris continued to shoot you the puppy dog face.

“I’m team cap, so let’s just say I agree with all of the above, just let him tell you his side, he misses you…come on I know you miss him Stacey texted me and outed you so don’t play hard to get.” Scott teased her hoping she would give his brother another chance.

“He can sleep in the couch, but that doesn’t mean I buy this whole act,” you signed as you waved chris upstairs hearing him scream “yes” as he ran to the door to get buzzed in.
“One mention of minka and you can pick up what’s left of him in the street, Scott.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Scott laughed.

“Bbbaaabbytt, you sure you don’t want to see who’s better?” Chris called as he stumbled up the stairs.

“Let’s get you some coffee then talk.”

                       - PART II

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 940
summary : continues the story from part I
*gif by christophwood

A few days later Kai arrived in NOLA.  He was going to stay at the Mikaelson’s for the entire summer and he couldn’t be happier about it. The Originals have become , in a way , like a family to him. At first when Klaus had met him a few  years ago , there had been moments when Kai thought maybe he’d lose his head again or maybe his heart. Later on though , the original hybrid had accepted him and they were now if not friends , at least friendly. Hope had been one of his brightest students – until Y/N. He wondered if the Originals would change their mind about him now that he has fallen in love with the littlest member of their family. Kai’s first week had been intense. Y/N’s family was all vampires and that meant they had ears on them 24/7 , yet somehow she still managed to steal a kiss or two. He wasn’t surprised by that , she had had a lot of practice. Ever since he had stepped foot in the compound , he had fought the urge to pull her in his arms. Hiding their relationship was becoming harder by the second and even though he couldn’t hug her , none of her relatives seemed to object when she hugged him and she always tried to find excuses. At the dinner table somehow they’d always end up sitting together , ‘accidentally’ touching while the other reached for something. Under the table things were different. They’d steal a moment or two , holding hands but never for too long so her family doesn’t notice. Then around the middle of the night they’d  meet somewhere private - at the attic or on one of the many balconies and steal a moment using a cloaking spell. All Kai and Y/N wanted was to be with with each other constantly.
Kol Mikaelson , her father , kept eyeing them with suspicion each time he caught them somewhere in the compound together and Kai was starting to think that maybe he knows about the moments he had shared with his daughter. All the Mikaelsons were very protective of Y/N and Hope and Kai couldn’t blame them - both youngest Mikaelsons have shown up on this world , breaking all magical rules.

[the first day of the second week]

Y/N sneaked into the kitchen early in the morning to make herself a smoothie. Lately smoothies had become her favourite way to start the day - though it had nothing to do with the drink itself. Each time before she headed downstairs , she’d write a note squishing the paper in between her hands muttering a spell. Then she’d go downstairs and not 5 minutes later Kai would show up and the blender would create the sound distraction they needed to steal a kiss and talk.
That morning hadn’t been different. Kai had gotten the note and a few minutes later he sneaked into the kitchen wrapping his arms around Y/N from behind. His lips left a soft kiss on her neck and he whispered ‘Good Morning.’ just as her finger pressed the ON button on the blender.
Y/N turned around , glancing around by habit and her hands hooked around his neck pulling him closer to her. Their lips pressed against each other colliding in a deep passionate kiss , tugging at his lower lip at the end of the kiss.
    “Morning.” she smiled at him. “Sleep well ?”
Kai tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. He still couldn’t believe after everything he had been lucky enough to find someone like her. Surely their relationship hadn’t had a traditional start - he had been her teacher , watched her grow up , teaching her everything he knows… Somehow his admiration towards her had turned into affection which ultimately had become feelings. Kai had been seriously freaked out by those at first , realising if Caroline got wind of them, he’d find himself in a Prison World faster than he can flick his wrist.
    “As well as you did.” he said smiling. “Why did you toss and turn so much last night ? Every five seconds your bed would make this creaking sound – ”
    “Arhh … I was thinking about things.” she said shyly , her cheeks flushing a little.
Things ? he wondered. What kind of ‘things’ could get a girl blush ?
    “Ohh things. Well we don’t have to do things just yet or ever until you say you want to do those things.” he said softly. A small smile showed on her face. “What do you want to do today ? We can go by that ice cream place you like , with that weird ice cream –”
    “You mean 'vegan’ ice cream?” she teased. “It’s not weird , its just – different. I like different.”
Kai smiled at her , brushing his nose against hers. Y/N definitely liked different , no doubt about. He loved that about her , he loved every single thing about her - the way she crinkles her nose when she doesn’t like something , how her eyes lit up every time she sees someone she loves , specially around him. How her smile is capable of brightening the darkest moment and how without trying she always takes his breath away. He loved her heart - how big and warm it is , so warm it had warmed up his. Kai took a step away from her , still holding onto her hands taking a good look at the girl who fell in love with him who he’d die to protect. Y/N was still wearing her PJ’s , in her rush to get downstairs so they can have a moment alone and somehow she looked even hotter with her hair messed up and that lingering sleepy look in her eyes.
    “Hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” he said in a hushed voice , not taking his eyes off her. “So hot you are burning up –”
    “Stop –”
    “Even the sun is not that hot.”
    “S-stop–” she said , feeling her cheeks flush.
Kai pressed his lips against hers kissing her gently , lifting her on the kitchen counter. Y/N wound her legs around him , her hands moving up and down his back gripping on his shirt. Their lips barely left each other and something inside her stirred again by the way he was pulling her towards him. Neither of them could get enough of the other and if Kai hadn’t pulled away Y/N probably would’ve never broken the kiss. He smiled widely at her , resting his forehead on hers.
    “I want to show you my favourite place to hang out in the city.” she said feeling out of breath. “Well , one of them but this one I like quite a lot.”
    “Can’t wait. If you like it - then I already know I will too.” he smiled at her , kissing her forehead softly , wrapping his arms around her. For the first time in his life everything was perfect and he had everything he had ever wanted. Someone who loves him and accepts him just the way he is , someone who never judged him — someone who he would die to protect. Kai really hoped this would last because somehow the thought of life without his Y/N just – broke him to pieces.
    “OH and I almost forgot. I checked my grandmother’s grimoars and there is this privacy spell which means we can spend time together — alone in either your or my bedroom. Without anyone overhearing.”
    “Really ? ” he smiled at her , kissing her forehead softly. “Are you sure you can do the spell – ? Right sorry. Why do I even doubt the brightest witch I’ve ever known.”
Y/N started to laugh. “You will help me right ? Someone has to stand outside the door to make sure it’s working. And if we combine it with a cloaking spell - ”
    “ - we can spend time together whenever we want.” he smiled widely. “ Just you — and me. Alone…  it’s fun sneaking around but a break every now and then would be nice.”
    “Yeah , and we can talk about things — or I don’t know um …”
    “You are blushing. Y/N , I told you –.”
    “Yeah but we can talk about them. I am just – curious , you know.”
    “Wait – you haven’t ?”
Y/N opened her mouth to say something and then closed it , her cheeks flushing an even brighter shade of red. Kai was the first person she ever had those kind of feelings for and somehow those thoughts had sneaked up on her. Kai cupped her face , placing a soft kiss on her forehead. Her family had always protected her , sometimes even making her feel like a porcelain doll. It was nice most of the time but sometimes — not so nice.
    “You are even more special than I thought.” he smiled. “We can talk and do whatever you want.”
Footsteps neared the room and he let go off her quickly. Y/N rubbed her nose for a moment , glancing at Kai who vanished into thin air and slipped of the kitchen counter. A few moments later her mother walked in , leaning against the door frame.
    “Another smoothie ?” said her mother.
    “Um yeah.” laughed Y/N awkwardly. “To keep me young. You know — with everyone being a vampire in the family , I just – sometimes feels weird to age.”
Davina started laughing , pulling her daughter in her embrace. Y/N wrapped her hands around her mother tightly , closing her eyes for a moment.  All those super close moments got her heart racing like nothing else. One day Kai might not hear her family approaching and what would happen to him then ?
    “So who is he?” asked Davina.
Y/N pulled away with a startled expression.
    “W-what are you talking about ? He ? He who ?”
    “There is someone , I know that glow. You are in love. Do I know him ?”
    “Is it that obvious?” wondered the young girl.
    “To me it is. I am your mother and – I had the same glow in my eyes when I fell in love with your father.”
Y/N poured the smoothie in two to go cups , handing one of them to her mother. More than anything she wanted to share things with her, but talking about it might end up blowing up her secret. There was no way she’d risk it after everything. Her last year at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted had been the best year of her life , even though technically she and Kai hadn’t been together together. Who knows what her parents and her family would do. Sure they liked Kai but what if suddenly they changed their minds and her uncle Klaus called Caroline and they sent him away again? Y/N was pretty sure she’d die if she loses him or if anything happens to him.
    “Don’t tell dad , please.” she pleaded. “You know how he is - he will freak out completely and –”
    “– you are afraid he’ll scare off your boyfriend ?”
    “No. I am afraid he might hurt him and if something happens to him I — I will never make it through.”
Davina rubbed her daughter’s shoulders , understanding what her daughter meant. Losing someone you love so much can not only hurt you but quite literally break you. A memory of the time Kol had died in her hands rushed in her mind and Davina never wanted her daughter to feel that kind of pain in her life.
    “I promise. It will be our little secret.”

About two hours later Kai was sitting in the living room with Y/N’s aunt Freya. Out of all Mikaelsons he really liked spending time with her. Like her siblings Freya hadn’t aged , but not because she had turned into a vampire. She had used a spell to slow down her aging , making it so she only aged a year every decade. He liked talking with her about ancient spells. Kai hadn’t expected they could be that interesting , specially the spell her mother had used to turn her siblings into vampires.
Y/N showed up at the door , a little out of breath as if she had been running and if Kai had guess - he’d say she had. The littlest Mikaelson was wearing short shorts and a plain top with a small bag over her shoulder and a smile from ear to ear.
    “Hey aunt Freya. Mind if I borrow him ? I wanted to show him the cemetery –”
Kai’s eyes widened. That couldn’t be the place she was talking about right ? He listened carefully hearing the change in her heartbeat and he suppressed a smile. Wherever they were going was probably in the exact opposite direction. Y/N could barely contain herself , while waiting for her aunt to reply. Freya nodded.
    “Have you told him about  your mother being the regent of the Nine Covens and a former Harvest girl ? I’m sure he will like the story how your mother told her entire coven to shove it.” laughed her aunt. “OH and make sure to show him the Claire tomb – you know only you can enter this place now , being the only witch from the bloodline left.”
    “Yeah of course. Come on – Kai.” said Y/N with a mischievous look in her eyes.
Kai smiled widely at her and she grabbed his hand pulling him out of the room under the stunned expression of her aunt Freya. He really liked how Y/N had said his name -  like it was the best thing to ever exist in the world , with no hint of judgement or anything. Just love and affection. They walked down the street and then down another before he wrapped his hand around her waist pulling her towards him. He hoped none of the Mikaelson’s is around to see them.
    “Where are we really going ? I know the cemetery is in the opposite direction.”
    “Trust me.” she said smiling playfully. Y/N pulled him a few streets down and into one of the alleys.
    “Your favourite place to hang out is a random alley in the middle of town ?” asked Kai surprised. “I never would’ve guessed.”
Y/N laughed under her breath shaking her head and took a step towards him and another until his back hit the wall , a playful smile spreading across her face.
    “Not exactly. There is a bar through that door right there.”
    “A - a bar ? Your parents would kill both of us - ”
    “Hey , I am old enough for this one.” she said hooking her hands around his neck. “Trust me , we won’t get in trouble.”
Kai gazed into her eyes and placed his hands on her waist pulling her towards him. It all still felt like a dream to him , like somehow he’d wake up back at the Salvatore’s or even worse - in the Prison World , realising the past years have been a hallucination brought on due his desiccation. Y/N scratched lightly the back of his neck , pulling him down for a kiss.. No matter how many times they kissed it always felt like that first kiss. 

    “Alright guys. That’s it for today.” said Kai , sitting on his desk leaving a book aside. “Tomorrow we talk about nature spells , which are really fun by the way. Even more so since the lesson will be outside in the woods.”
Everyone gathered their things and walked out of the room. Everyone but Y/N. He had noticed the past few days she’d hang around a little longer after classes and for some reason she kept  glancing at him and the door the entire time until all her classmates were gone. Kai wondered what’s up with her. It was even more distracting to him when they were alone together. All those emotions and feelings he had started having for Y/N just felt magnified when they were alone.
    “Everything okay miss Mikaelson?”
    “Yeah – ”
Y/N took a few steps towards the door, walking past him when suddenly she stopped. Before he had had the chance to say something or even blink for that matter she had cupped his face and their lips had met. Her kiss had been cautious at first and the second he had placed his hands on her waist it had intensified, then all off the sudden she had pulled away and walked out of the room without looking at him twice. Kai sat with his eyes wide , watching after her. He wiped his face with his hand , trying to catch his breath.

Kai scooped her up , turning around until her back was against the wall instead of his , pressing his body firmly against hers. Their lips moving in perfect sync as if they had been made for each other. He loved how Y/N responded to him , always pulling him closer and closer to her as if there was anywhere else to go. Her fingers tangled in his hair lightly gripping it while he trailed his way towards her neck leaving kisses all the way there.
    “Well , you two appear to be having fun.” said an unfamiliar male voice making Kai stop suddenly. “Don’t stop on my account.”
He turned towards the unfamiliar face with a confused expression and let Y/N down on the ground noticing a wide smile on her face. Kai wondered who that is and how they knew each other. Whoever it was it appeared she trusted him and was happy to see him meaning they were probably friends. Kai hoped thats all they have ever been. For some reason just the thought of someone else close by who might have feelings for his girl made him feel a kind of anger he hadn’t felt before.
    “Hey Josh. That’s – Kai Parker.”
    “Hi.” said Kai shaking cautiously Josh’s hand.
    “OH so that’s him.” said Josh checking out Kai.” Cool. Don’t worry , I am not going to spill the beans.” said Josh. “What are you doing here ?”
    “You know I like the back entrance better. Ever since my parents decided to have someone watch the front one at all times after that – accident.”
. Josh started laughing and wrapped his arms around Y/N.
    “Come on Trouble.” said Josh and led them inside the bar through the back door. “What can I get you and your smoking hot boyfriend ?”
They walked , hand in hand following Josh into the bar. Y/N sat on one of the stools , resting her elbows on the bar holding her head in her hands as she did. Kai sat next to her , lightly brushing his hand against her back.
    “Club soda for me and -”
    “- make that two.” said Kai , Y/N turning towards him in surprise. “What ? You don’t want your family to find out we’ve been here right ? Plus I am already floating on cloud 9 or higher because of you —.”
Josh glanced between them with a grin on his face. Y/N and Kai couldn’t tear their eyes away from each other and somehow always found a way to snuggle closer to the other. A few minutes later he gave them their drinks and the young couple moved to one of the more secluded tables at the bar , away from prying eyes.  
Y/N pulled her chair towards Kai’s and he put his arm around her , brushing his fingers against her cheek. A simple gesture , feeling more magnified every time he did it making a dozen butterflies flapping their wings in her stomach.
    “That’s your favourite place to hang out ?” he wondered. “I wouldn’t have thought you liked hanging out in bars. I wonder what else I don’t know about you.”
Y/N laughed under her breath. “It’s because of Josh. He is awesome and is practically my only real friend in this town apart from my family.”
    “And you two have never — ”
Y/N stared at him , nearly choking on her drink. Was Kai jealous of her friend ? For a moment she glanced at Josh at the bar and then back at her boyfriend who was looking at her impatiently. Every moment she didn’t answer his question felt like torture to him. Why did he feel that way ? It was driving him nuts. He hoped she’d say 'no’ but also had no idea what he’d do if she says 'yes’.
    “No. Never. He doesn’t like girls that way.” she said , lifting a weight off his chest. Kai sighed and smiled wider than before. “You have nothing to worry about.”

[about 25 minutes later]

    “Oh hey – Davina.” said Josh smiling nervously. “W-what are you doing here ?”
Davina sat on one of the stools smiling at her friend trying to figure out what has him acting so nervous. Josh never acted that way unless he was hiding something.
    “I need your help.”
    “With what ?”
    “There is only one person who might know who Y/N’s boyfriend is and that is you. Her best friend.” said Davina , studying Josh’s face.
Josh’s eyes widened and he leaned in towards Davina with a surprised expression on his face trying to think of a way to signal his friend at the other end of the bar. Y/N and her boyfriend were too busy making out to notice her mother had walked in and was literally sitting a few metres away from them.
    “Y/N has a boyfriend ?” said Josh acting as surprised as he could.
    “You don’t know ?” she wondered. Josh shook his head wiping the bar with the towel in his hand. “That’s weird. She usually tells you everything.”
    “Nope. I guess whoever it is — she doesn’t want any of us near him. Can you blame her though ? Her first grade crush probably still hates her for what her father did.”
Davina thought back a few years back. When her daughter had been about 7 years old there had been this boy in her class she liked. They had spent hours on the playground and then the boy had accidentally pushed her on the ground and Kol had lost it. After that Y/N had spent days not wanting to go to school because of the way her dad had reacted.
    “I – I don’t know.” said Davina rubbing her forehead. “ I just don’t want her to get hurt. From what I got her to tell me it seems that she really loves him. What if he doesn’t love her back the same way? Y/N would be crushed.”
Kai turned towards the bar , hearing Y/N’s name. He placed his hand over her mouth and pointed at the bar where her mother was standing talking to Josh.
'Cloaking spell.’ she mouthed. 'Now.’
A few moments later they got up and headed towards the exit walking right pass her mother and Josh catching some of their conversation. Y/N gripped Kai’s wrist wanting to hear what they’d say and maybe figure out what her mother was doing there.
Should’ve known she wouldn’t let it slide. she thought.
    “Y/N can take care of herself. Trust me. You should’ve seen her when that werewolf tried to bite me and then tried to attack her.” said Josh smiling.
    “Yeah — she is quite extraordinary isn’t she?.” smiled Davina , looking at her hands. “Maybe Kai knows. It might be some of the boys from the school. Y/N had that look in her eyes when we went there to pick her up.“
Kai and Y/N glanced at each other with startled expressions on their faces. Kai had been still in the kitchen when her mother had confronted Y/N asking her about who the boy is but last thing he had expected for that to happen.
Davina turned towards them , starring at the blank space in front of her with a mix of confusion and curiousity in her eyes.
    “D-do you hear a heart beat ?” she asked Josh.

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 29

Summary: Negan offers you a job.

Note: Sort of a filler to set up for bigger things to happen.


“A monster that refused, sometimes, to behave like a monster. When a monster stopped behaving like a monster, did it stop being a monster? Did it become something else?” - Kristin Cash ore


“I’m gonna go back to the infirmary.” You said walking ahead of him.

“What the hell for?” Negan said with a shrug.

“To talk with Arat. Why?” You asked curiously.

Negan blinked, “Suit yourself, darlin’. You’ve got your fuckin’ gun.”

You patted it on your waistband, “I do. Where are you headed?”

“Gonna get Dwight, gotta get that fuckin’ messed cleaned up.” He said in an annoyed tone.

You nodded back and you both headed off in separate directs.
You looked back as you walked off, watching him go.
you knew you still loved him, but you were starting to make yourself accept the nature of your relationship.
You had no choice but to make yourself accept it, because you’d never be able to live if you broke down every single time he did something you didn’t like or listed after a different woman.
You hated it and still hated the other wives and wanted to be the only woman in his life - and maybe someday you could sway him into monogamy, but it wasn’t today. Negan was stubborn, but so were you.
When you got back into the infirmary, Arat was sitting on the edge of the bed, trying to get up.

“Where are you going?” You chucked as you walked in the door.

She looked back and shook her head, “I have to get up, I’m going crazy in here.”

“Well, I’ve got the gun situation covered.” You said lifting yourself shirt to reveal the weapon.

Arat’s face little up, much like a child’s does on Christmas morning when the presents are all waiting under the tree.

“You got it back?” She said, staring at it happily.

“I did. How about some target practice or something? We don’t need you getting rusty on that aiming.” You joked, brushing your hair back.

She rolled her eyes, “Shit. I can outshoot you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Come on, let’s go to the range.” You said as you both walked out of the building.

On the backside of one of the buildings there was a small makeshift firing range that was setup.
It consisted of a bunch of bottles, cans and few dummies that people could shoot at whenever they had free time on their hands, and Negan’s men used it quite a bit to get practice in for shooting walkers or other people in general.

“Jesus it feels good to be in the sunlight.” Arat said as she closed her eyes, holding her head back.

“I know what you mean. After spending your days chained up in a dark ass building, sunlight is really nice to see.” You sniffed as you got out your gun, aiming it at a nearby can in front of you.

You let out a couple shots, hitting the can and quickly trying to aim for other objects, a glass bottle was also successfully killed in your firing.
You stopped and looked over to Arat, handing the gun to her.
She then held out the gun much like you had and started firing, your eyes widened and she hit almost every target she aimed for.
She smiled big after she was done, you could tell how much she truly missed this.

“Okay, you weren’t fucking kidding.” You smirked, glancing to her.

She smiled back and nodded, “Well, I grew up in a family of gun lovers and a military father, so it’s second nature to me.”

She handed the gun back to you and you held it out again, firing at more objects.
You both passed the gun back and forth to eachother until the magazine in it was emptied out.

“So, what happened to Randy?” Arat said cautiously as she looked over to you.

You looked back over to her and smirked, “Nothing good, that’s for sure. Trust me, I made him suffer before Negan took him out.”

You were about to leave the range when a group of men came up, being led by Simon.

“What the hell is with all the gunfire?!” He yelled at you angrily.

“Target practice, Simon.” Arat answered back quickly.

“I know you’re injured and everything, but did you fucking forgot silencers are supposed to be used when practicing?” Simone growled pointing to the gun you were holding.

“I hadn’t thought about it.” She said back to him.

“Well that’s a big fucking help. All that noise has attracted a herd of walkers to the gates. Negan is gonna be on my ass because of you two!” He yelled back.

“Simon, why don’t you fucking tone it down. The walkers can be taken care of.” You cut in, glaring him. He was beginning to get on your nerves now

“Who the fuck are you talking to?” He scoffed, leaning towards you.

You narrowed your eyes, “I’m talking to you.”

“(Y/N) don’t.” Arat hissed back to you.

Simon took a step closer to you, his eyes piercing into yours, “You really think you have any kind of authority around here just because you fuck the boss?”

“I never said I had authority, Simon. But maybe you should go take care of the walkers before they tear this fucking place down.” You grolwed back to him.

He looked back to the men, and nodded, sending them away to take care of the dead ones and he turned back to you.

“Negan will hear about this shit.” He snapped back to you, as he hurried off to catch up with the other men.

“Fuck him.” You growled to yourself as you watched him walk off.

“Jesus. You literally have no fear do you?” Arat said, looking at you nervously.

You tilted your head sideways as you looked her, “Are you really trying to say you’re scared of Simon, Arat?”

“No. But he’s second in charge and I am scared of Negan.” She said back, shaking her head.

You smirked, “I’m not.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty damn clear. But you’re a wife, you do get.. privileges.” She said, putting emphasis on “privileges”.

“I don’t think it’s that I get fucking privileges. I just don’t deal with bullshit.. His bullshit.” You rolled your eyes as you both left the range.

You spent the rest of the day with Arat, you and her were beginning to bond the more you spent time together.
You didn’t see anymore of Negan, but he was off doing his own thing, just like you were.
Plus, Simon had probably told him all about you not using a silencer on your gun, so you already had yourself mentally prepared for the earful you were gonna get later and you weren’t particularly looking forward to that.

As the day ended, you headed over to the cafeteria with Arat for some food.
Once you got in, you wasted no time heading to the front the line, you tried to convince Arat to come with you, but she didn’t want to break a rule line cutting was for Negan and wives only: no exceptions.
You saw the familiar face of Brian who was serving others, but stopped immediately when he spotted you.

“Hey.” You said as you walked up to the counter.

“It’s been a while. How are you?” He said as he handed you a tray of food which consisted of vegetables and some sort of meat.

You smirked and shook your head, “I’m alright. I got stabbed again, so there’s that.”

He nodded slowly, “Yeah, I heard about it. Good to see you up walking around.”

“Jesus, does everyone know?” You asked, throwing an arm up.

“Pretty much. There was a manhunt for you.”

You shrugged, “Perks of being a wife, huh?”

“I wouldn’t know.” He laughed, serving trays of food to the others.

You nodded, “Well, nice to see you.”

“And you.” He said back.

You made your way over to a vacant table and sat down, looking around over everyone. It was never too crowded in the cafeteria, you didn’t see any sign of Negan, but you saw Simon when he walked in the door.
you and he exchanged tense glances to eachother and you rolled your eyes as he passed.
He’d get over it eventually, Simon had a tendency to be hot-headed over stupid things.

You poked around at the food on your plate and took a couple bites out of it.
You were continued eating as you looked up to see Sherry coming over to you.

“Christ..” You huffed quietly to yourself as she came walking over towards you.

“I was wondering if you were staying with Negan tonight?” She asked curiously, raising an eyebrow.

You looked back at her and shrugged, “I guess, Sherry. I really don’t know. Why?” You said forking a piece of carrot into your mouth.

“Well if you aren’t, I was wondering if I could take your spot. I spent time with him the other day. I really want him to let me stay.”

You narrowed an eye at her, “What day?” You said as a surge of anxiousness ran through your body and your heart felt like it was tightening.

“The day you left and disappeared.” She said crossing her arms.

“Well, he doesn’t let anyone else stay the night.” You growled.

You brushed some hair behind her ear, “Yeah, I know, but I wanna try to change that. It’s not fair. What’s so special about you?”

You wanted to be mad and throw a fit, but knew you shouldn’t, because even thought Negan had slept with her, he didn’t know you were missing when he did it. Even if he had did it trying to get back at you, and of course it did. Anger radiating through your body, and it sent a nasty shock through your body that was hard to control.
You took in a breathe and reached down to pull your gun out, setting it on the table.

“Sherry.” You said gripping onto to it.

She backed away a little and gave you a scared look.

“Would you mind fucking off before I shoot you in the face? I don’t wanna do this shit right now.” You said bluntly as you looked up to her, a dark look in your eyes.

She shook her head and began to turn away, “You’re fucking crazy, (Y/N).”

You eyed her as she walked off in a hurried fashion, she kept glancing back at you frequently, scared you were going to shoot her as she walked away.
Arat finally made her way over to the table to sit after a couple of minutes she sat across from you.

“Did you really just pull a gun on her in the cafeteria.” She said in a low tone.

You nodded, “She aggravates the shit out of me, Arat. She fucked Negan.”

“That’s what he does, (Y/N). I told you.” She said back, forking food into her mouth.

“I know, but you know what I told you about the situation.” You bit your lip hard.

“Yeah, but you can’t just shoot her.”

“I only did it so she’d leave me alone.” You huffed back, everyone seemed to be getting under your skin today.

After that, you both sat in silence as you finished your meals.
You stood up once you were done, feeling the stinging in your leg as you did.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said in a bored tone.

Arat nodded back, “See ya.”

You discarded your trash and was heading for the exit when Dwight came out of no where, “(Y/N).”

You turned to him, “Yes, Dwight?”

“Negan wants to see you upstairs.” He said plainly.

You closed your eyes tightly for a moment and opened them back up, “I figured that was coming. He’s in his room?”


“He knows about today?” You asked, biting your lip.

“Yes, he does. And Sherry came by a minute ago and told him you held your gun at her.” Dwight said, with a hint of anger on his face.

Sherry had been Dwight’s wife before they met up with Negan, so you couldn’t blame him for looking at you this way, but it was hard to remember that Dwight had feelings sometimes. He never showed much emotion, not that you needed him to.

“I don’t like her Dwight.” You said slowly.

He looked back to you and noticed you could see the look on his face as he thought about her.
He turned his head from you, looking towards the door.

“Just go upstairs. I wouldn’t keep him waiting.” Dwight said in his usual dull tone again.

You nodded and then continued back up the stairs towards the hallway you were so accustomed to you.
You passed by your room as you got closer to Negan’s door, you let your hand brush up against the wood of the door.
you hadn’t been I to your room for a while, but knew better than to keep Negan waiting on you.
You knocked on his door briefly before opening his door, nervous that he’d be fucking Sherry again.
As you walked in you saw him by himself, he was sitting back on his couch, his feet propped up on the coffee table.

“You’ve been making a fuckin’ day out of it, huh, babydoll?” He smirked meanly as he dropped a booted foot off the table.

You leaned back against the wall and crossed your arms, “Simon is a dick.”

“I don’t fuckin’ care. He said you attracted over twenty dead fucks that they had to take out, and no matter how fuckin’ pretty you are. I’m not gonna deal with that shit, darlin’.” He said, narrowing his eyes to you as he stood up.

You sunk back into the wall a little ways as he approached you, taking his jacket off.
You had been through hell and still Negan approaching you in this manner always intimidated you, no matter what.

“Also, Sherry came up her earlier saying you tried to fuckin’ shoot.” He said, standing over you.

“She exaggerates. She let it slip to me that you fucked her the day I disappeared.” You growled.

He licked his lips, “I did. I fucked her. Is that why you tried to fuckin’ shoot her, baby? Is that fuckin’ jealousy coming out?”

You looked up to him, feeling the smart ass in you come out, “I didn’t try. If I was gonna shoot her, you’d know it.”

Negan gritted his teeth and placed his hands on either side of you, “I think it’s been too long since you’ve felt my belt, babydoll.”

You then felt real fear, it’s not that you didn’t like getting spanked by him, you really did. But you knew with your current injuries how bad that shit would hurt you if he did that.

“Please, don’t.” You said back quickly.

He smirked and placed a hand on your chin, “Now that’s what I fuckin’ like. See how easy I can be when you just fuckin’ submit to me like a good girl?”

You nodded back, your face still in his firm grip.
He pulled your face towards his slowly and gave you a hard kiss, you kissed him back deeply.
He let his tongue creep into your mouth a few times before pulling back.

“Good girl. Try to fuckin’ behave, or I’ll have to punish you.” He whispered into your ear.

You felt the chills run up your spine as his deep voice echoed throughout your body. You bite at your lip slowly, nodding your head, he always managed to turn you into putty in his hands when he did this.
He walked back over to the couch and took a seat again, propping his feet back up.
You raised an eyebrow slightly and started to walk towards him.

“I don’t think this is all you called me up here for.” You said, looking back to him.

He smiled and nodded, “Well you’re a fuckin’ smart one, darlin’.”

You glanced upward, not wanting to roll your eyes, “What did you really want?”

He cleared his throat, “Look you’ve been here fuckin’ long enough now that you can take on some more goddamn responsibility.”

“Okay?” You said confused.

“I wanna offer you a bigger fuckin’ role here, darlin’. I mean, you don’t take any shit and you kill easily which is a fuckin’ assest and a great turn on for me.” He licked his lips as he spoke in a serious tone.

You smirked, “What do you want me to do?”

“Don’t know yet.” He smiled “But there’s always shit to be done around here. I just figured I’d offer you something better to fuckin’ do besides getting on my bad side.” He licked his lip.

You nodded back, “Sure. I’ll take it.”

“Good. One more thing.” He said as he looked back to you in a serious manner.


“You’ve gotta fuckin’ cool it with that little attitude you show to me in front of everyone.”

You cut your eyes to the side, “What? Scared they’ll see a wife back talking you?”

He pointed towards you, “See, it’s that shit. That little attitude right there, that shit talking. Now it’s no secret that going after you was risky to everyone and something I wouldn’t normally do, but I don’t regret it. You’re fuckin’ mine and I wanted you back here.”

“Then what’s the problem?” You shrugged.

“The problem, darlin’ is that I can’t have my men looking at me like I’m fuckin’ more concerned about you than the shit going the fuck on around here.” He spoke firmly.

“So, all this is because you feel compromised?”

“Look, just fuckin’ have some respect. I’m only gonna say that once.” His narrowed his dark eyes in your direction.

You sighed and gave a nod, “Yes, sir.” You said with a cheeky smile.

The rest of that night was mostly a quiet one.
You and Negan were both tired, so once you laid down is was pretty much lights out for the both of you.
You were happy that he was finally gonna give you a bigger part around here.

When you got up the next morning, you made your way down to the yard by Negan’s side.
he told everyone what they’d be doing for that day and where to go once things started to get moving at the sanctuary, he turned back to you, Lucille on his shoulder.

“You get a chance to prove your fuckin’ self today, darlin’.” He smirked, looking over to you.

“How’s that?” You asked.

“I’m going out with some of the men. So, I’m gonna leave you in fuckin’ charge of the place.” He said bluntly.

“Are you fucking kidding?” You said, widening your eyes.

“No. But you’re gonna have help.” He said back.


Negan took Lucille off his shoulder and pointed behind you, you turned around to see that he was pointing at Simon who was standing in the doorway to the weapons storage, where you and Negan had spent some time.
You let out a breathe and groaned.

“Son of a bitch.” You said quietly to yourself.


Ever wondered how strong Asuramaru is?

We all know that he’s special even among Black Demon Series, since he had a vital role on the story. However, little do we know about him, at least for now. Based on the scarce clues, we could at least calculate how much powerful he actually is.


Asuramaru, originally known as Asura Tepes, is the brother of Krul Tepes, which is the Third Progenitor and the vampire queen of Japan. Not much revealed yet about Asura, so we could figure out that he’s really an important character that can’t be spoiled yet anytime soon.

Since Black Demon Series is all different than the usual, and EVEN to made a normal Cursed Gear required a high-ranking vampire, then we could conclude that Black Demon Series must be a really high ranking vampire, mostly a progenitor.

Asura itself, according to my theory, should be at least as powerful as Krul (if not even more), so he could be a Third Progenitor as well. This supported by the fact that Mahiru need him so bad, that she abduct him and experiment on him to complete the development of Cursed Gear. If he had such capability, then his potential must be huge.

This is not exaggerated because he must be named Asura for a reason. Asura is also a mythological figure of Hinduism/Buddhism that commonly used in modern media as a powerful, destructive deity. In mythology, Asura suppose to be a demigod/god that is opposed by the gods, and thus can be called as a demon. Asuras also known as an anti-god or fallen god in other sources, and this somehow fit with the overall theme of the story.

After becoming a Cursed Gear, he lost most of his power due to the curse and restrainment, not to mentioned that he couldn’t drink blood for years. However, being a demon, he also gain a powerful demonic power, that is enough to kill a vampire easily.

From the battle between Asuramaru and Yuu (Manga chapter 20), we can see a glimpse on how powerful he is. Yuu is trained against vampires, and Asuramaru knock him in one try, without giving him a chance to even react. 

He suppose to lost ALMOST all of his vampiric power, is still restrained slightly by the curse, and not to mentioned that he’s unarmed, unlike Kiseki-o that need to use the replica of his sword to defeat Kimizuki. So far, no vampire noble could show such immense strength, unless those in level of Ferid or higher.

If he already that strong despite him losing most of his original power, weakened by curse, and unarmed, imagine his full potential is. Even Crowley need to use his sword to do all his attack. Despite how powerful Crowley is, Krul still could defeat he and Ferid (unless when Ferid do the sneak attack from behind) easily, without a weapon as well. I think that both Asura and Krul should be seriously overpowered if they show their true power + using a 1st class vampiric noble weapon that could absorb their blood.

There also one more clue… When he revived Yuu after he overdose, Asuramaru said that he could use his full power for only 3 minute. On the first minute, Yuu could travel between huge gap of buildings in seconds.  If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what to called it.

Also during that time, he could survive 1 vs 1 fight with Crowley unharmed, even thought he get defeated anyway. Knowing that Crowley could defeat Guren, Shinya, and everyone effortlessly, then Yuu must get so much power boost to be able to close their power gap.

This is though did not reflect the TRUE full power of Asuramaru, since he’s not the one who do the attack. Kureto also said that while Black Demon Series weapons is really powerful, Yuu didn’t even manage to unleash the actual power of the his sword because he didn’t trained properly yet. So what been shown in those moments (when Asuramaru said he will lend him his full power for few minutes) is just a glimpse on Asuramaru’s full power, since Yuu couldn’t wield it properly.

If he can do it properly, he might even able to defeat Crowley alone. Well, maybe. I had high hope on that since the next manga chapter involve Crowley fighting against the squad.

Yuu and Mika will mostly not be able to defeat Crowley, especially if Ferid decide to help. The previous chapter also highlight the development of Yuu entering his demon form, and the current chapter mentioned that even as he awake, the demonic possession is progressing. There is a chance that he could show the true power of Asuramaru now.

Anyway, the group also going to rescue Krul. Later, so more development about Asuramaru is imminent, and slowly but sure, his true identity will be revealed to us. Who know if he actually hold a crucial key to the story, but never revealed yet until the plot twist come?

Anyway I hope Asuramaru had the power to physically materialize to the world and kicked the ass of Crowley and Ferid. They harmed his siblings, so it’s only natural if he had something against them. It would be really nice if he finally decide to help Yuu directly and save the group from them. :3

In my head, if Asuramaru materialize then head to head with Crowley and Ferid, then they would get rekt for sure. Seriously, Asura fucking Tepes with demonic power.

Sorry for the long post. Here some potato (inside the curry) for reading my post to the end. XD

A/N This is kind of short, but I felt like if i dragged it on it wouldn’t be as good. Hope you enjoy!

Y/D/N: Your Dog’s Name

Summary: Reader is Barry’s new girlfriend and invites the team/family over for a BBQ, only for them to be shocked that you have three large dogs.

Warnings: I don’t think anything lol

Barry Allen

Barry didn’t take you as a dog person, especially not one who would have three larger dogs as a part of your family.

He didn’t mind, of course, but when he and the team were invited to your BBQ they were shocked to see your three pets. When he walked into your house, even his super speed wasn’t quick enough to stop the Doberman from pouncing on him. Barry made a noise of surprise as he thought he was going to be attacked, preparing himself for any biting that would come his way.

Only he never received any. Instead, he was attacked by your dogs large, slobbery tongue. You groaned, attempting to pull your dog off,“Y/D/N, get down!” Cisco knelt down to pet your pit bull, who oddly enough looked as if she was smiling, while Joe and Iris couldn’t contain their laughter.

Your Dalmatian came walking toward the group with a toy in her mouth, and you grinned at your friends and boyfriend,“Well, the food is almost ready if you guys want to come out back.” They all nodded and followed you out to your backyard, dogs in tow.

“You know, I really didn’t take you as a dog person.” Barry spoke, walking up behind you as you pulled the last of the hot dogs off of the grill, kissing you on the cheek. You smiled up at him,“Why’s that?” Barry shrugged, taking the plate and walking it over to the table you had set up,“I don’t know, actually. For some reason you’ve just always seemed like a cat person, maybe it’s because you can be sassy like them.”

You laughed,“Hey! Dogs can be sassy, too! Just wait till you get to know mine, they’re hilarious.” He just grinned back at you, watching you hand out paper plates and cups to everyone around the table.

As everyone began to pile food onto their plates and fill their cups up with lemonade, Barry couldn’t contain his smile. He watched in happiness as you talked and laughed with the people he held so close to his heart, and he laughed along as your pit bull snuck up and grabbed your hotdog out of your hand, making you throw your hands up in annoyance but give the other dogs hotdogs too (because it wasn’t fair that only he got one).

Barry wrapped an arm around your waist, feeling your Dalmatian stick her head in between the two of you, causing you to wink at Barry,“Sorry, babe, you’re gonna have to share me with them.”

He had no complaints, having a feeling he’d become quite fond of the dogs you called your family.

**Author’s note: this is my first one shot EVER so please be kind and if you enjoy it feel free to follow :-)**

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday of the year. The pumpkin carving, the decorating, and the excuse to eat junk food for an entire night all bring back great memories of my childhood. Even the Halloween movie specials they play on TV get me excited. One movie in particular, though, exceeds the others as my all-time favorite movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas. Reason being because the two love interests, Jack and Sally. I can relate to Sally’s song about longing for her love to notice her. In the end, when Jack and Sally unite, it gives me hope for my current situation with Dan. We were great friends, but it always seemed like he was too preoccupied with other things to realize what I felt for him.

Regardless, I still loved hanging out with him, which is why we had a Friday movie night watching The Nightmare Before Christmas to get into the festive mood.

“Y/N?” Dan said, trying to get my attention.

“What,” I said hastily, completely invested in the Christmastown scene. “I had an idea for Halloween…” Dan continued slowly. “Mhm, okay, what is it?” I turned to look back at him for only a second before returning my glance to the TV screen.

“Well,” he started, “I thought that- since you love this film so much- maybe we could, I don’t know, go as Jack and Sally to Zoe’s Halloween party?”

I turned around, fully averting my attention to him. Did I just hear him right? Did he really want to go as Jack and Sally with me? “What?” I said in confused astonishment. “Never mind, it was a dumb idea. “ He dismissed, shaking his head and looking down at his lap. “No, no! I do want to go!” I said eagerly. “Really? I really want to, but only if you do.” He wanted to confirm. “Of course I want to go with you.” I reassured him. A smile spread across his face, and he chuckled a little bit before saying, “Alright then. Let’s go as Jack and Sally.” For the first time, I was unable to focus on the movie; I was just too damn jittery with excitement.

The following week, after purchasing our costumes, it was finally Halloween. I put on my makeup and stitches, braided random strands of red yarn into my hair, and slid into my Sally dress.

Driving over to Dan’s house was the longest drive of my life. I had so many emotions running through my chest and stomach. Nervousness, excitement, bewilderment, and most of all, hope. Hoping that I looked good. Hoping that he’d notice me like Jack noticed Sally. Hoping that tonight would be like a magical night in Halloween Town.

I hopped up the stairs to the door of his flat and knocked. A few seconds later, I heard the fumbling of locks being unturned, and then the door opened to Dan, donned in his Jack Skellington attire. He looked undeniably handsome.

“Oh, my god, you look amazing!” I said, feeling butterflies in my stomach. “No,” he marveled, seemingly stunned, “YOU look amazing.” We both stood there staring at each other’s costumes. I waited a couple of seconds before jokingly murmuring, “Well, are you going to invite me in?” Dan laughed. “Right, sorry.”

As we walked into the lounge room, I noticed he didn’t have any of his skeleton makeup on his face. “Did I interrupt you getting ready? I can wait while you do your face makeup. I said apologetically. “Actually, since I’m shit at doing makeup, I was hoping you could do it for me.” He shyly responded. “Oh, sure, let’s go ahead and start that so we won’t be late.” I suggested.

We went to the bathroom, and Dan pulled a palette of face paint out of the drawer. The space was kind of tight, so I had Dan sit on the toilet to refrain from taking up too much room around the sink. I picked up a sponge applicator and dipped it into the white paint. I stepped closer to him, and reached up to move his fringe out of the way. When I pushed his hair back, he stared into my eyes. If I had the courage to stare back, I don’t think I’d be able to control what I’d do once I lost myself in his eyes. To steer clear of losing my composure, I tried to focus on applying his makeup.

As I was carefully painting his face, his gaze didn’t leave me. It was almost as if he was TRYING to make me uncomfortable.

Once I finished with the white, I picked up a smaller applicator and dipped it in black. “Okay,” I said, “I’m going to do your eyes now. I need you to keep them closed.” He obliged. I put my hand under his chin, and tilted his head up. It took all of my will power to not lean down to kiss him. I wish I had re-evaluated the option to do his makeup; if I had known how close we would be to each other’s faces, I would’ve refused.

After completing the eyes, I quickly etched the skull teeth going from the corners of his mouth to the middle of his cheeks. Finally, I put down the tool, and stepped back to admire my work. Jesus Christ. Seeing Dan like this was almost too much to handle. “You’re finished?” He asked. “Yeah, come take a look in the mirror.” He stood up and walked towards the mirror. Once he saw himself, he let out a laugh, and stared at himself in disbelief. “This is awesome,” he mumbled, “Let’s go ahead and leave for the party.”

Walking into the party, he grabbed my hand and directed us through the crowd. I was caught off guard in the best way possible. When we stopped, I looked forward to see Zoe in a cat costume and Louise in a witch’s hat.

“Dan! (Y/N)! You guys look so adorable!” Zoe said while embracing us in a greeting hug. “I didn’t know you two started dating!” Louise exclaimed, unaware of the true situation. I froze in embarrassment. Dan and I just side-eyed each other to see who would speak first. Dan broke the silence, stating, “We’re not dating, we just came as friends.”

My smile faltered for a split second. Although I knew it to be true, it was still painful to hear it out loud. I let go of his hand. “I’m going to get a drink. Do you guys want anything?” I asked, only glancing at Louise and Zoe. “We’re fine,” they responded. I nodded and walked towards the bar. I needed some alcohol pronto.

For the rest of the night, I tried to distance myself from Dan as best I could. I couldn’t let the truth of the matter get to me tonight. I didn’t want to spoil my favorite holiday for myself. As more and more party guests came in, I found it hard to get some space on the dance floor, so I went outside to catch a breath of fresh air. To my surprise, Dan was outside as well. I guessed I couldn’t run from my feelings for much longer.

“Hey,” I said as I walked up to him. “Oh, hey,” he said back, looking up at the starry sky. We stood by each other in silence for a few minutes until he spoke again. “(Y/N), why have you been avoiding me this entire night?”

My stomach dropped. I really didn’t expect him to notice my absence. “What do you mean?” I said dubiously. “You know exactly what I mean.” He said bluntly. I knew at that point he wasn’t messing around. I had been caught. “The honest truth?” I proposed. “The honest truth.” He affirmed.

I took a deep breath. “Well,” I began, “the reason that I’ve been running from you is because of what you said earlier. Okay, I get it that we’re not actually a couple, and I’m totally fine with that, except… I’m not. I’ve liked you for a really long time now and I hate that you haven’t noticed me after all this time.” After admitting my feelings, I felt a weight lift off of my chest, but it was soon replaced with a feeling of anticipation for what Dan might say next. But, instead of saying anything at all, he just laughed.

“What the hell.” I barked, infuriated that my confession was a joke to him. I started to stomp away, but he caught my arm and twirled me around to face him. Our faces were only a few inches away from each other. My breath hitched.

“I’m not laughing at you,” Dan insisted, still smiling, “I just find it funny that you haven’t noticed me either.”

I searched his eyes for a tell-tale sign of lying, but I didn’t find anything. It left me with a deep wonderment for him and the position we were in. “So you’re telling me you’ve felt the same way this entire time?” I inquired. “God, yes. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you when you came over before the party. Couldn’t you tell?” I giggled while covering my face with my hands. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening, it was so surreal. I felt Dan’s hands hold mine and pull them away from my cheeks. He then returned his hands to my face, cradling me.

I looked up into his eyes. His beautiful, enchanting eyes. I now was able to lose control without fear of getting rejected. “Hey, (Y/N)?” He whispered. “Yeah…” I whispered back, trying to stay in the moment. “For it is plain as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.” He quoted the final lines of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It made my heart turn to mush. “We’re simply meant to be,” I quoted back, before kissing him gently.

                  - Part V

Kai Parker x Reader x The Mikaelsons
word count 
: 3 101
* not my gif

“I love your new place! It’s so light and open ..” said Y/N twirling as she walked around Kai’s new apartment. “WOW , is that a king size bed ?!”
Y/N turned towards Kai with a smile on her face. Kai couldn’t help but smile back at her as she grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the bed with her.  She had had a long night , trying to figure out things. Klaus believed she could and she trusted him more than anyone. By the time the sun had come up in the morning she had come to realise that she does have some feelings for Kai too. Except she didn’t know if those were ‘more than friends’ feelings or just the connection they shared.
“Grow up. You are like a little kid.” laughed Kai. “Jumping around and laughing as if it’s Christmas morning.”
Y/N punched him playfully in the shoulder , their eyes meeting for a second and there it was - the butterflies in her stomach the second she gazed into his smoky blue eyes. How it was possible that both Kai and Kol could make her feel the same way ?
“Something wrong with that ?”
“No , not at all.” he smiled. “I love that about you. Hey do you want to go get some lunch later ? Or .. are you busy with Kol ?”
“Nope. I’m free as a bird.” she said , crossing her hands and holding her thumbs together moving her fingers in the air as if they were wings. Kai laughed , getting up from the bed and pulling her up after him.
“Fantastic ! Have you had breakfast yet ?” he asked with a hopeful expression on his face. “I can make waffles or pancakes -”
“Pancakes and bacon?” grinned Y/N and Kai laughed taking her hand and heading into the kitchen. They made breakfast together - Kai flipping the chocolate chip pancakes in the air and Y/N catching them directly in the plate. Afterwards she made the bacon just like how Kai liked it - golden brown and crispy.
“Where is the - ” she started to say just as he grabbed the maple syrup from the kitchen counter. Y/N couldn’t help but smile seeing Kai drizzle the maple syrup just how she liked it - mixed with the pancakes and the bacon. “You know me so well.”  she laughed making Kai laugh too.
Kai loved her laugh , her smile. Everything. Most of all he loved their alone time.  That was when he was happiest. He listened to her talk about how Hope kept insisting they go on walks early in the morning , ending them with a quick stop at the ice cream place near the compound. Y/N’s phone rang interrupting her. Kai could see the caller ID from across the table - Kol and a picture of Y/N and Kol together hugging. She clicked ignore and continued talking to Kai as if nothing had happened. Then her phone rang again.
“Why aren’t you answering your boyfriend’s calls ?” asked Kai curious , cutting his pancakes and taking a bite. “Might be important.”
Y/N took a sip from her coffee , smiling nervously before she spoke. The night before , Kol had tried to talk to her but she had ignored him telling him to only look for her when he is ready to apologise and actually mean it this time. It hadn’t been the only reason she avoided his calls. She didn’t know what to say to him , specially since she had figured out there was some truth in his words.
“Kol doesn’t like you , doesn’t want me to spend time with you and I don’t agree with what he says.” said Y/N , taking another bite of her pancakes.
“He said that ? That he doesn’t want you to see me?” he asked , unable to shake the hint of hurt in Y/N’s voice out of his mind.
“I know you don’t like him much either and that’s why you moved out -”
“That’s not why.” he lied , reaching across the table to wipe away some melted chocolate from her lips. How was he supposed to tell her that Kol had tried to compell him to leave earlier the same day Kai had left? Y/N had told him what Originals can do - compell other vampires , so he had started taking vervain. A little amounts every day just to prevent things like this from happening but after it had happened , he hadn’t had another choice but to go along with it. Kai had already been looking for a place of his own even before that , because it was getting harder for him to watch Y/N in Kol’s arms. “I’ve always wanted to build a life on my own. I didn’t get to have that back when I was a human and then afterwards… Klaus is awesome and his family is really nice and welcoming …well , most of them , but I knew I couldn’t stay there forever.”
Y/N gazed into his eyes and knew he was hiding something but pressing on the subject wouldn’t do her any good. It might backfire and she could lose him completely. Instead an idea formed in her head. Maybe she can get Kol to like Kai if they only got some time to spend together. There had to be something they have in common other than her.
“If I ask you to do something for me , will you do it ?”
“You know there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for you.” said Kai softly and Y/N felt a peck of guilt again. Last thing she wanted was to break his heart.
“Can you teach me your cupcake recipe ?” she asked suddenly changing her mind.
Kai grinned at her question. “Of course. Just say when and I’ll tell you my super secret recipe.”


Y/N spent the rest of the day at Elijah’s library , going through book after book. Being a vampire had its perks - she could read faster than before and she finished Wuthering Heights and started reading Mobby Dick. Her time with Kai had been perfect , though he seemed to tense every time Kol’s name came up. There had to be a way to get them to get along because she couldn’t exist without either of them anymore. Somehow both Kai and Kol had gotten under her skin and even if she tried hard , there was no way to shake them. When she got back to her room there had been flowers on her night stand and a note from Kol. 

“The beauty of those flowers is nothing compared to you. - Kol”

Later that night she walked by Kol’s room , stopping at the door her hand hanging in the air about to knock when the door had opened. He looked surprised to see her there , a wide smile spread across his face. Y/N’s gaze dropped to the ground noticing he was wearing only his boxers. Her thoughts drifted to places seeing his bare chest and his chocolate eyes gleam in the dim light.
Kol ran his fingers through his hair.
“Hello darling. Wh-what are you doing here ?” he asked with a hopeful expression. Kol hoped she might want to spend the night with him talking and cuddling together on his bed. Ever since he had compelled Kai to move out , the thought had kept him awake at night , waiting for her to show up.
“I just … I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the flowers.” she smiled nervously. “They are really beautiful. Who told you I like white roses best ? Was it your brother?”
“No. It was Hope actually.” he said taking her hand in his. “Y/N , I know what I said the other night hurt you and it was never my intention to do so. I love you and I’d never do anything to hurt you in any way and I hate myself for what I said.” said Kol. “I got jealous because you seem to want to be around him more than you want to be around me.”
Y/N sighed. “I am his best friend , the closest to family he’s got. Kai needs me and I can’t just … ditch him and start ignoring him completely just to be with you all the time.”
Kol brushed his palm against her cheek and smiled at her. Y/N was loyal in a way his family hadn’t been to him , it was one of the reasons he had fallen in love with her in the first place.
“Do you really mean it or are you just saying that because you miss me ?” she teased him. Kol laughed.
“I mean it , love.”
“So if I suggest you , me and Kai go on a dinner together - what will you say?” she asked hopefully.
“I’d say 'yes’ because I see how much it means to you.”  
Y/N kissed him briefly on the lips and a smile spread across her face. “Great. I’ll call him and set things up… but first …” she trailed off leaning in towards him to kiss him deeply. Kol pulled her into his arms and Y/N’s mind started spinning having him this close , half naked barely an inch away from her.
“I missed you.”
“I missed you too love.” said Kol. “Do you want to come in or … ?”
She smiled at him , feeling his hands slightly sliding under her shirt , his fingertips grazing her back sending jolts of electricity in her bloodstream. Her fingers tangled in his hair and she pulled him into another kiss. Kol’s hands found their way to her ass , scooping her up in his arms and he kicked the door closed. He carried her to the bed , gently letting her down on the mattress without breaking the kiss. Kol was drowning her with his kiss , his lips lighting up a fire everywhere they touched her skin. Kol’s body was pressed so firmly against hers , she could feel him getting hard against her. Y/N moaned into the kiss , rolling on top of him feeling his hands on her waist. He wanted her and she wanted him.
“W-wait.” she said rolling onto the bed next to him. “I .. We can’t … your family is in the h-house.”
Kol laughed under his breath. “It’s alright love. I don’t want to take things too fast.” he rested his hand on her lower stomach , lightly sliding under her shirt touching her bare skin.
Y/N’s breath got hitched in her throat wishing he’d move his hand a little further down. Instead Kol pulled her into his arms and not long after that fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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 BAD TEMPER III + masterlist + [part one and two]

 A/N: I’m contemplating whether or not to have all the chapters keep the same gif header or to change it like I’ve been…whatever, all I know is I’ll be putting this up on AO3 once I get the chance! The more you guys want of this, the more I’m willing to write it, who knows if it’ll be the next miniseries I write…any who, thanks for enjoying the lil storyline! [gif not mine] 

Word Count: 5.6K+

Warning: profanity and mentions of blood.

For the past couple of days you heard nothing but Kylo’s voice in your head, more than your own, it was like he took over your own thoughts. At first, you were a bit irritated that you even let him in in the first place–you wanted your mind to yourself, a place of freedom when you were upset or disappointed, hell, even happy–so you’d kick Kylo out. Of course, you’d feel the annoying tugging sensation that was Kylo begging for reentrance each and everytime so you allowed him in for a reason you didn’t bother to uncover. I’m such a sucker.

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Whoever marries this man is gonna be so fortunate. Not only is he good looking but he is so caring and passionate towards everything he does, he is always taking care of those around him. Even though he is big and well known he is humble and is just a really nice person. He truly deserves the best and i hope that he gets happyness and that the person that he marries treasures him and truly loves him because he deserves it! Its gonna be hard because many ‘fans’ wont like it but i hope that that person is strong and stays with him ‘till the end. Happy birthday Jay!!!

PONY! Again, for those of you unaware of my OTP, go check out Winter’s Flame by @imagine-that-marvel, who coincidentally, also asked for this story (@vastudent3). I combined it with the Lost Boys song that was put forward by @agentpiku, which you’ll want to play when Wanda begins to chew her lip. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]:  KK hi you beautiful human being you- I has a request if you find the time. Wanda X reader (she’s my bae next to you) where you are told by Nick Fury to go help teach at Xavier’s School for the Gifted (to recruit for SHIELD ) and you bring Wanda with you to help with the mutants bc she has abilities. Tanks bb 

I was wondering if you would ever be okay with writing something that’s maybe inspired by “Lost Boys” by Ruth B??

“Lost Boys”

“You alright?” Wanda asked, adjusting the folds of your shirt collar.
“That’s what I should be asking you.”
“But I am not the one who is nervous.”
“I’m not-” You opened your mouth to continue protesting, until you realised who you were talking to.

“You wouldn’t have asked me to come if you weren’t.” She smiled, brushing dust off of your shoulders, before pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Don’t be afraid. You’ll be fine.”

And just like that she was pushing you into one of Charles Xavier’s classrooms.

Your presence had been requested as a mutant member of the Avengers. You were an inspiration to many, and had the ability to show them what their powers could achieve. Knowing the good that such guidance would’ve done you when your powers first came to light, you swiftly agreed, only to regret it later when your nerves got the better of you.

When you made contact with people, you were able to experience their memories as your own. By touching Steve, you felt the bite of the ice as you crashed into it; by touching Natasha, you felt your calf muscles stretch during an arabesque.

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