well not really an animation

There were a lot of more personal /proximity positive things that happened this weekend that I’m glad for.

A few groups of friends feel a little tighter knit now / I feel a little bit more like I belong, quite a few friends as well as myself have been seeing more success with their stuff or have had a few lucky breaks here and there, my own work is doing very well and my output has really spiked up in terms of animation, and a few (not all of them) things that have been problems (again both for me and people I’m close to) have gotten resolved or are starting to.

It’s just a bunch of little things. I was super depressed Friday night but this weekend has shaped things up for the better.

Here There Be Gerblins this week!! I probably should have put more gerblins in this one, but mushrooms are prettier than gerblins….

[Murder on the Rockport Limited: x]
[Petals to the Metal: x]
[The Crystal Kingdom: x]
[The Eleventh Hour: x]
[The Suffering Game: x]
[Lunar Interlude V: x]

W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  M A D N E S S

Yurio, you’re such a little punk. ilu.


I love you

Movie: Koe no Katachi
Song: Chet Baker- I Fall in Love Too Easily
Editor: ghstzz


Olan Rogers Animated | THE BAD APPLE

[singing though tears] Gotta get back,, back to the past,, Samurai Jack (watchoww)


A small animation thingy that I’ve been working on for a few weeks.

I’m really happy with it, even though it has it’s rough spots, I put as much as I could into it. :D

Based off a moment in a Waylon/Eddie fic from Outlast: Whistleblower.

(I made a scene from it, so you can guess it’s pretty good)