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Rewriting Destiny

Some things you must live with.

Some things you must die for.

Other times life is just unfair.

And you are taken away from what you love most.

Or you must die to be forgiven.

Kreacher: Master, look out!

Kreacher: What are these things, master?

Kreacher: But master-

Regulus feels the clasp of cold hands grab at him.

But let this be a lesson.

Arthur: Are you alright, dear?

Molly: The dreams.

Arthur: I know, honey. I know. You stay in bed today. I’ll go whip up your favorite breakfast.

And with those words, Molly was left with her thoughts.

There is no rewriting destiny.

  • Me: I love seeing M/F friendships in the media! It's so refreshing, especially since it doesn't get much exposure outside of positive brother and sister relationships. I'm glad when men and women who are best friends get positive representation without turning it into romance!
  • Also Me: *ships anything with chemistry that compels me, including M/F pairings that work well platonically*

I dunno but listen to this song (x)  & tumbls kills the quality pls click

I’ve seen a lot about sexuality being fluid lately and I just want to put it out there that you shouldn’t expect someone’s orientation to change. like it’s good to realize that sexuality is complicated and sometime’s people will change labels but you need to respect what their identity is now.
if someone come’s out as a lesbian that’s what they are, it doesn’t matter if years from now they realize that that’s not the right label, what matters is that they identify as a lesbian now, and you need to respect that.

more underrated Iconic™ six of crows/crooked kingdom moments
  • nina’s singing
  • “on a dare, i once ate a literal trough full of waffles doused in apple syrup and almost went back for seconds.” - jesper
  • every time someone makes fun of kaz’s haircut RIP
  • creepy little genius
  • #NEVR4GET jesper mentally kicking himself for not paying attention when kaz was naked
  • kaz literally,,,, stopped in the middle of a job to give a dog a belly rub. this is still so funny to me
  • confimed curmudgeon matthias thinking nina looks glorious in her dumpy fjerdan sweater clothes
  • matthias’ middle name is benedik…… why have we forgotten this
  • inej “slowly wiped the blood of kings on her trousers” LEGENDARY
  • kaz stripping shirtless and washing himself in front of inej. inej blushing and wANTING TO MURDER HIM
  • secret tree handshake
  • every time kaz calls nina ‘dear’ or ‘love’
  • inej definitely has a Thing for kaz’s eyes. there are so many mentions of his eyes/eye color in her chapters                          
  • jes being in awe of wylan for getting away with lying to kaz. turns out kaz knew all along. #brekkered
  • nina trying to get kaz to join the group hug
  • “you heard right. stronger than wylan.”
  • wylan wanting to shove jesper off the wagon when he says “he has terrible taste in women”                         
  • that time matthias considered shooting kaz but then kaz stepped on a rifle, flipped it into his hands, and aimed it at matthias in the span of 1 second
  • the immortal “is my tie straight?”
  • you podge

kingdom hearts appreciation week
↳day three// disney vs original worlds

This week’s episode in a nutshell 


Look, Kimmy, I know you took a test or whatever, but you don’t have to be a crossing guard. You could be a unicorn, if you want.