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[Arthur was one of my childhood favorites, but I stopped watching it by the time I started middle school for some reason. For many years, I forgot about the show, though occasional screenshots of it online and a video of the theme song brought back memories. It wasn't until after a friend mentioned the show and showed me When Carl Met George that I started watching it again. I'm amazed that it's still running!]

[I know that Arthur has diverse characters. I like that characters such as Francine and Binky don’t exactly stick to gender roles, but I’d love for there to be at least one well-written boy who’d openly wear skirts/dresses as everyday wear, not as a joke. Even though I’m not sure how well that’d sit with other viewers.]

haha yeah, arthur’s been going strong for twenty years! and it’s easy to see why, it’s got a lot of good messages :0 

and i think that’d be interesting! like, unfortunately it’s prrrobably not something that’d fly well with some of the uh more conservative audience, but one can dream! it’s certainly something that’d fit in the show - like, having a character in the show who expresses himself with fashion and those fashions include skirts and dresses. 

there was a scene in an episode, The Secret Origin of Supernova, where arthur’s looking for a superhero to dress up as, he comes across Queen Sapphirella and says “i can’t dress up as a girl!”, and buster replies “that’s kind of narrow-minded, don’t you think?”

it’s a small exchange but it’s still a nice one! so maybe having a gnc male character in the future isn’t too far off!!

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Humor me here. Imagine Valvatorez's Affection heart resident. Now imagine it acting like your Affection heart resident.

“… I think I’d have been a bit blown away if his Affection were to act like mine. Well, maybe more than a bit but y’know what I mean. Valvatorez seems so reserved at times that to see him - or in this case, a part of him - act so, ah, openly with his emotions… well, it’s rather odd to say the least. Not that it’s a bad thing here, but it’s definitely gonna take some time getting used to.”

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How do you think Genji would go about wooing someone that he liked? Obviously it would be different than when he was fully human and everything. (I totally see him as being a dork before and after becoming a cyborg and his s/o just finding it so endearing because wow this nerd is mine).

Well, as you said it yourself, he wouldn’t openly hit on someone- at least not intentionally - neither would be fully show his old playboy side but he would try to drop hints.

 I actually imagine him trying to spend as much time with them as possible; probably asking them to go on walks with him, or just to watch a movie together. He’d try to be close to them physically, too. He’d most likely try to use the excuse of teaching them how to correctly use a katana to hug them close to and just hold them close. Of course, being adork Genji is, most of the time he would get embarrassed quite quickly once he’d realise that he subconsciously did what his young playboy self would do. (Cue him slowly backing away with a could cough and an apology in his native tongue, his face burning under the mask.) 

If he felt confident though he’d keep it up for a while, to later on die of embarrassment and be slightly sheepish the next time the two of them talk. 

Apart from that he would definitely use his voice to his advantage. Quiet whispers, chuckles while close close to his interest’s ear - y’know, that stuff. 

You can’t say no to his voice and accent. 

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cadet rhombus the donut pusher. lars keeps asking sadie why she hired peridot. ‘she’s green, sadie. she’s green.’ sadie just openly stares. 'well at least she doesn’t lie to get out of work.’

god. god. god. lars is getting so worked up over these tiny details. so what if she’s GREEN AND POSSIBLY AN ALIEN, she does an efficient job. “sadie she yells at the customers if they annoy her” “lars you yell at the customers literally all the time”

lars passive aggressively showing up to work on time and actually doing stuff to show up Peridot. It’s too late. Peridot has already done evreything. Peridot and Sadie have inside jokes. Like Sadie says something while PEridot is seriously working and PEridot just lightly smiles.