well not openly at least

ottercha0s replied to your post “I’m just. I keep staring at Aerin’s drawings. That’s so good. This is…”

cadet rhombus the donut pusher. lars keeps asking sadie why she hired peridot. ‘she’s green, sadie. she’s green.’ sadie just openly stares. 'well at least she doesn’t lie to get out of work.’

god. god. god. lars is getting so worked up over these tiny details. so what if she’s GREEN AND POSSIBLY AN ALIEN, she does an efficient job. “sadie she yells at the customers if they annoy her” “lars you yell at the customers literally all the time”

lars passive aggressively showing up to work on time and actually doing stuff to show up Peridot. It’s too late. Peridot has already done evreything. Peridot and Sadie have inside jokes. Like Sadie says something while PEridot is seriously working and PEridot just lightly smiles.