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[Arthur was one of my childhood favorites, but I stopped watching it by the time I started middle school for some reason. For many years, I forgot about the show, though occasional screenshots of it online and a video of the theme song brought back memories. It wasn't until after a friend mentioned the show and showed me When Carl Met George that I started watching it again. I'm amazed that it's still running!]

[I know that Arthur has diverse characters. I like that characters such as Francine and Binky don’t exactly stick to gender roles, but I’d love for there to be at least one well-written boy who’d openly wear skirts/dresses as everyday wear, not as a joke. Even though I’m not sure how well that’d sit with other viewers.]

haha yeah, arthur’s been going strong for twenty years! and it’s easy to see why, it’s got a lot of good messages :0 

and i think that’d be interesting! like, unfortunately it’s prrrobably not something that’d fly well with some of the uh more conservative audience, but one can dream! it’s certainly something that’d fit in the show - like, having a character in the show who expresses himself with fashion and those fashions include skirts and dresses. 

there was a scene in an episode, The Secret Origin of Supernova, where arthur’s looking for a superhero to dress up as, he comes across Queen Sapphirella and says “i can’t dress up as a girl!”, and buster replies “that’s kind of narrow-minded, don’t you think?”

it’s a small exchange but it’s still a nice one! so maybe having a gnc male character in the future isn’t too far off!!

Jealousy Is A Good Look On You: Yongguk

You were never one to be jealous, well, at least openly complain about being jealous. Usually you would keep it to yourself and move on, maybe cling onto Yongguk a bit more than you usually would but it had never made you feel the way you felt in this very moment. Yongguk was on a variety show with his group and each member got paired up with a girl group member to do challenges and complete missions. Everything was going great although Yongguk and the attractive girl were losing to the other teams. They stopped for a break, giving the stars some time to catch their breath and redo their makeup. As the director yelled cut you stood up, going to go get some much needed attention from you slight jealousy and that’s when a small tinge made you stop dead in your tracks. The petite girl grabbed onto yongguk’s arm and whispered something gently into his ear, giggling like a child. Too close for your comfort. You headed towards the two and when she let go and laid a hand on your boyfriends chest and smiled softly up at him. “I think you need a little hyping up so you can win this thing, sir.” You ‘accidently’ called him. “Can you excuse us for a moment.” Yongguk’s naturally deep voice came out calm as he escorted you and himself away from the touchy female. He brought you guys towards the bathroom where not many people were and pushed you slightly against the wall and leaving a small space in between you two. “It’s a job y/n, you know that. She was just being nice.” He reassured you. You rolled your eyes and brought your hands to his hips and looked over his lips before giving him a small pout. “I don’t like when people touch what’s mine.” You spoke softly, your fingers going up his baggy shirt slightly. “She was being a bit too nice for my liking.” You leaned up and nipped at his exposed collar bones. His hands went to your hips as yours slid up his shirt, resting flat against his abdomen. You trailed kisses up his neck before leaving small love bites on his smooth skin, nipping gently with your teeth. “You’re jealousy practically controls you…” He spoke gently, his voice sending shivers through your body. You couldn’t help but give him a small smirk, the smirk, soon faded because his hands unbuttoned your jeans quite quickly. “We had a conversation about you marking me up, princess.” “It doesn’t mean I follow rules, sir.” You spoke innocently as his fingers traveled down and rubbed perfect circles on your clit, causing you to let out a soft gasp. “People…might see.” You spoke softly, digging your nails into his chest. “You don’t seem all that worried. I know how your filthy little mind works, babygirl…you are just praying for that stupid bitch to walk over here just to see me finger fucking you so she knows who I belong to.” He rasped into your ear as he thrusted two fingers inside of you at what felt like the best pace. You balanced yourself on his chest as you breathed heavily and tried to suppress your moans of pleasure. “You had a lot to say a minute ago, where’s that voice now, kitten?” He teased and you were at a loss for words as you neared your orgasm, his fingers began to slow down and that caused you to grind into them. “Sir please…let me cum.” You squirmed and whined out. He stopped his movements and you huffed in annoyance real quick as he licked his fingers and gave you a cock and teasing smirk “I bet you would’ve let that bitch cum.” You buttoned up your jeans as he chuckled at your frustration. “We can continue this at home if you behave, now go sit down like a good girl while I try to cover your jealous habits.” He referred to the small bruises you had made on his neck, you smirked at your handy work.

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Workin' Gals | Min Yoonji

Crackfic | Requested by Anonnie

Word Count: 2,000+

Pairing: min yoonji x reader

Nonnie said: I’m really stuck on thinking about non cliche yoonji requests 😭but I think I have one. Maybe a office au! Where yoonji straight up just ignores the reader but then when one of the employees hits on her and went too far she steps in and tells reader even though she’s a girl she shouldn’t look so damn vulnerable but then plot twist reader starts cussing her out hehe. (If your not gonna use this thank you for reading it anyways !)) :))

   "Good afternoon. This is a State Farm call representative. This call is subject to being recorded at any time. My name is Min Yoonji, how may I help you today?“

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Anyway, the Cryptid Club.  Founded by Drury Walker and Kirk Langstrom it’s something of a Rent-A-Rogue in lawfulverse.  Pretty much every member of the club is or has been a Tenant, though membership in the club bars you from being a Tenant, members of the Cryptid Club are under the employ of Black Mask and therefore still get the benefits of being a Tenant, except with a wider range of places to live.  As an aside, a Tenant is essentially a rogue that does mercenary work for Penguin in exchange for a free apartment in Penguin’s territory, a semi-regular salary, and access to Penguins stocks of chemicals, tech, and weaponry.  The Cryptid Club works the same way, but you make more, have a wider territory, actually get paid per job on top of your weekly allowance, and higher quality equipment.

Anyway, members are as follows:

  • Drury Walker AKA Killer Moth-Founder, regularly mistaken for Mothman or is called Mothman because apparently “Killer Moth” doesn’t make sense.
  • Kirk Langstrom AKA ManBat-Founder, turns into a large bat-human hybrid.
  • Jonathan Crane AKA The Scarecrow-Can, in situations of high stress, turn into a monster called Scarebeast.
  • Waylon Jones AKA Killer Croc-Literally a giant alligator man that lives in the sewers.
  • Angelo Sanchez AKA Bane-Almost no one has seen him without his mask.
  • Lonnie Machin AKA Anarky-Almost no one has seen him without his mask.
  • Zachariah Bloom AKA Mr. Bloom-Almost no one has seen him without his mask and furthermore, he’s regularly mistaken for Slenderman for some reason.
  • Roman Sionis AKA Black Mask-Almost no one knows Roman Sionis and Black Mask are the same person.
  • Solomon Grundy-People aren’t actually sure he exists.
  • Basil Karlo AKA Clayface-Can shapeshift and also turn into a giant mud monster.
  • Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke-Almost no one has seen his face.
  • Peter Merkel AKA Ragdoll-Often mistaken for Scarecrow.
  • Pamela Isley AKA Poison Ivy-Literally a plant woman
  • Sandra Woosan AKA Lady Shiva-LBRH she’s totally a Cryptid as far as most people are concerned.

As an added note, the Cryptid Club is currently being heavily monitored by both Questions, Vic Sage and Renee Montoya, as well as Huntress, Helena Bertinelli, but this is mostly concerned with their clients.  The Club is aware of the monitoring and really doesn’t care, hell, Crane, Walker, and Shiva all give them information on the regular.

Mafia groups avoid hiring out the Club because of its alignment with Black Mask’s syndicate and Bane’s cartel, and also because members have a shaky loyalty to their clientele, almost all of them will bail from a job if they see no benefit/think fighting with the other side would be a good plan/fun.  Considering that most of the members are also well-known for having personal agendas and at least half openly attack trafficking operations, they’re not often sought after by mafia groups.  Other Rogues, military regimes, dictators, and large organizations tend to be the Club’s most common clientele.  They’ve also been hired out by the government and the League of Assassins, but only as their very last resort.  The League is fully aware of how sporadic their work can be, and the government can’t kill members of the Club without repercussions like they can with the Suicide Squad.

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How do you think Genji would go about wooing someone that he liked? Obviously it would be different than when he was fully human and everything. (I totally see him as being a dork before and after becoming a cyborg and his s/o just finding it so endearing because wow this nerd is mine).

Well, as you said it yourself, he wouldn’t openly hit on someone- at least not intentionally - neither would be fully show his old playboy side but he would try to drop hints.

 I actually imagine him trying to spend as much time with them as possible; probably asking them to go on walks with him, or just to watch a movie together. He’d try to be close to them physically, too. He’d most likely try to use the excuse of teaching them how to correctly use a katana to hug them close to and just hold them close. Of course, being adork Genji is, most of the time he would get embarrassed quite quickly once he’d realise that he subconsciously did what his young playboy self would do. (Cue him slowly backing away with a could cough and an apology in his native tongue, his face burning under the mask.) 

If he felt confident though he’d keep it up for a while, to later on die of embarrassment and be slightly sheepish the next time the two of them talk. 

Apart from that he would definitely use his voice to his advantage. Quiet whispers, chuckles while close close to his interest’s ear - y’know, that stuff. 

You can’t say no to his voice and accent. 

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cadet rhombus the donut pusher. lars keeps asking sadie why she hired peridot. ‘she’s green, sadie. she’s green.’ sadie just openly stares. 'well at least she doesn’t lie to get out of work.’

god. god. god. lars is getting so worked up over these tiny details. so what if she’s GREEN AND POSSIBLY AN ALIEN, she does an efficient job. “sadie she yells at the customers if they annoy her” “lars you yell at the customers literally all the time”

lars passive aggressively showing up to work on time and actually doing stuff to show up Peridot. It’s too late. Peridot has already done evreything. Peridot and Sadie have inside jokes. Like Sadie says something while PEridot is seriously working and PEridot just lightly smiles.