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have it as proof that i’m still alive

Victor didn’t know how he had gotten to his current situation.  

“Grand Central Hotel, please.”

The cab driver clicked his tongue and typed the address into the GPS hooked up on the dash, before glancing over his shoulder.  “Need some help with your bag—er, your friend?”

Victor gave a guilty smile, trying to ignore the cramping in his lower back from the amount of deadweight slung over his shoulder.  The deadweight groaned lowly, one of its hands fisting in the front of Victor’s untucked dress shirt.  

“It’s alright, he’s just had a bit much to drink.”

As he eased Katsuki Yuuri, Japan’s top figure skater (and, evidently, Japan’s top pole dancer), off of his shoulder and into the backseat of the cab, Yuuri flung out a hand to grab his wrist, pulling him headlong into the cab with him.  Victor grunted, maneuvering his knees off the seat and reaching behind himself to close the cab door, all the while trying to ignore the warm champagne bubbles clouding his brain, the warm feeling of Yuuri’s hand around his wrist.  (The warm feeling of Yuuri that had been against his body earlier, as they’d danced.)

Yuuri slung an arm around Victor’s neck, already beginning to murmur sweet indecipherable nothings, and Victor cleared his throat awkwardly, meeting the cab driver’s eyes in the mirror.  The driver raised a single brow, and then, deciding not to make a fuss, shrugged.

“No vomiting.”

Victor nodded, trying to loosen Yuuri’s chokehold.  “Promise.”

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Pocky/Pepero game - Lys

“Argh alright I’m giving up, I’ll do it..”

“You started doing/liking this sport because of that anime you’re watching.”

Yeah, so?

Maybe it wasn’t so common, and people didn’t talk about it before.

Maybe I didn’t like it or actually understood how it worked until I watched it from a different perspective.

Fuck, maybe I didn’t even like it until the characters made me become attached to it.

The thing is, it makes me happy. I enjoy it. Just because cartoons made me interested in it in the first place, it doesn’t make me less of a fan. I’m not an athletic person, and the only thing I actually found interesting was art and animation. And I’m glad that that helped me find out new things I enjoy as well.

So fuck yeah, join that swim club because of Free!. Fuck yeah, buy that volleyball because of Haikyuu!!. Fuck yeah, try ice skating because of Yuri!!! On Ice. Just do it.


kagehina as b-boys (for hq 69min on twitter) | (dance AU)


“And when you fail to solve them, and lay blubbering like an ignorant child on the floor, you will know…that The Riddler... is better than you.”

Drunken Clone Limericks

Over lunch today @fireflyfish and I were imagining Anakin getting drunk with his men out on a campaign somewhere and trading insults and dirty jokes. We imagined the clones have a lot of down time to come up with them and probably have a dirty limerick or two they tell Anakin about, much to his embarrassment and/or amusement, depending on how drunk he is.

“The Maiden From Naboo”

The maiden from Naboo was fair

And let down her lovely brown hair

She was quite a flirt

And held up her skirt

But Skywalker was already there.

“General Skywalker”

General Skywalker likes to fight

General Kenobi every night.

He says, “Oh master,

"Please, please go faster!”

In the end they seem very tight.

“A Clone Named Rex”

There once was a clone named Rex

Who liked to stand tall and flex.

His muscles were large.

He stood like a barge

Girls loved to ride below decks.

“Kenobi and Cody”

Kenobi and Cody went to bed.

“Amazing!”, the stunned general said.

“Sir, when talking size,

Well, it’s no surprise,

That we clones always come out ahead.“


TG:re 72 | Kaneki Ken

the struggle that is acrylic painting

on ikea cardboard because yay recycling


“Telling me to leave without you? That I should just escape by myself? Don’t give me that. Don’t you dare. Is that how much you look down on me? How little you think of me? I’m not so weak that I’ll leave you and choose the path of my own survival. I can protect us, you know. I have enough strength to protect you and me.”

Ho ho no way an update

Alright so I still have the game and idk if any of you guys still play it but I feel like it’s my duty to tell you guys that I just saw that there’s an update! Oh wow they did it after months they added a few goodies and one new cat.. yeah well here are some of the new goodies, pretty cute, right? And the snow and the beautiful Christmas music is back, which is nice :3 I’ll update you if I should get the new cat 🐱

xoxo - stef

You know the phrase “New year. New me.” Yeah well, nothing is going to change for me in 2017.

•Dan and Phil will still own my ass
•I’m still gonna fangirl over everything
•I’m still gonna love supernatural
•I’m still gonna wear black clothes
•I’m still gonna be obsessed with YouTube
•I’m still gonna ship destiel and phan
•I’m still gonna love the walking dead
•I’m still gonna love Marvel

I will always be the same and I will never change..EVER.


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Stiles wakes up on his back.

On cold tile.

In a bathroom.

That isn’t his.

And that he doesn’t recognize.

There’s no way that Derek could’ve—?  That thought makes the angry clown in his head start clanging away on everything within reach and he winces.  He sits up, covered in cold sweat and limbs rubbery and the bathroom isn’t getting any more familiar.

Purple walls?

He’s beginning to feel a little like Grimace’s hostage.  And his mouth tastes oily and strange.  Did he hook up with someone last night?

Oh God.

There had been someone hadn’t there?  Someone human-shaped, and tall.  Or short.  Maybe.  Barney?  No, now he’s just stuck on purple things, or Reuben, no, that’s a sandwich, Lysol, nope, cleaning product, he feels sure he’s circling it though, Din—

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