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Joji giving Flint a run for his money and going down Like A Boss  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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MCD: If I could name how much I adore this good good boy, I’d be here forever. Vylad is hands down has the heaviest past yet somehow is the most good out of his brothers, Mister Nice Guy and Calamity Fanon (aka Garroth and Zane). Like the dude was goddamn stabbed to death, most likely by Zane or because of Zane, spent time in the nether tortured because Laurance escaped and he was guilty by association, spent YEARS in isolation with hope that his family was okay… not to mention he’s the product of an affair and no way you can tell me Garte was chill with that. Vylad is good, with a solid morality despite most Shadow Knights skew more to center and other end; he could even make Zenix, of all people, second-guess his choices and took time he didn’t need to with helping Laurance try to find his balance. He is a good guy. I feel like across the board, the fandom hate him– but they also forget him often. To be honest, he’s bit of a comfort character because I love his personality in MCD; he comes across as a no nonsense person but as his friendship with people started to unwind his philosophy that bonds were a burden, he has a dry sense of humor and bottles up a lot of his emotions. 

Mystreet: He hasn’t appeared much in MS/PDH but he’s also a good boy… even if they got rid of 80% of his personality and left him this optimistic boy rather than the ‘idk how to make jokes, here’s a bland joke’ & ‘hello yes please stop that, you’re being an ass’ type personality. People only remember him in mystreet to weirdly ship him with Dante/Vylante, an ugly companion ship to Zanvis and Garrance lmfao. 

Best Trait: How much he has agency for himself, rather than letting himself be tied to the group. True, there’s times he’d just run off and ain’t nobody knows where he is but I like that. He has his own life and happens to come around when he has to.

Worst Trait: His loyalty on his family. Why is he looking for Garte. Also watch out for Garroth– he’d probably sell your soul for a cornchip if it meant he can get a little action with Aphmau, Vylad.

OTPs: Vylance /cry emoji. Actually, Vylance might be the only ship I’ll ever be down for Vylad.

OT3s/OTNs: N/A.

BroTPs: I truly crave for a friendship between Vylad and Katelyn– they have similar humor! Also Vylad and Travis, because I feel like they could get along but Vylad is pretty much the ‘Go for it’ to Travis’s bad ideas, believing it would be a) funny and b) funnier when Laurance freaks out, going like ‘Travis do not.’ What a dick.

Characters I wish they’d interact with more: Liochant. Zianna. Katelyn. Pretty much everybody. 

Characters they should stay away from: Garte, Zane and Gene. Vincent unless he gets to fucking fight the man.

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“What an interesting dancing style, yahahaha!” 

Greedy blue eyes locked onto the exotic dancer, the god’s gaze raking down Violet’s form.Women were entrancingly beautiful even if they did not possess anything else, in the eyes of Enel. He stayed for a few seconds, admiring the show she offered before ripping his gaze away from her and move from the crowd. Gorgeous as she was, he wanted to see what this new island had to offer.

“Living toys, women who runs after men with knifes! Maybe fairy vearth was here all along, yahaha! I haven’t felt this excited in a long time!”

And then it happened. Someone bumped into him- or maybe he did? not that it mattered- 

“Oi, oi oi~ Where’s my apology?” It was still too soon to plunge this island into chaos. He had yet to uncover all of what it had to offer.

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What if Art-kun had a weird thing for Gaming-kun, but Art-kun was to afraid of Gaming-kun to say anything and just watched Gaming-kun from afar?

Weird thing? Like, being intrigued? 

Well, that could be something. If I follow my headcanon, he has a thing for perfection - he’s craving for perfection - but he could have a thing from what’s far away from perfection? Because he wants to make it perfect?
Gaming-kun seems to be the kind of guy who doesn’t give a single fuck about how he’s looking, judging by his haircut (dude? how? does? it? works?) or his facial hair (it’s quite messy. ain’t gonna complain because i love it, but yeah.) or just by (i still hope not) being the trope of the geek/nerdy character. They’re usually characters who don’t care about how they look because 2D is better than 3D anyway so.
SO LET JUST SAY THAT GAMING-KUN IS A GRUMPY GUY WHO DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT HOW HE LOOKS and could totally wear galaxy sweatpants with a tokyo mew mew tank top. Yeah he could.

Art-kun would be intrigued because this guy is far away from perfection but has potential. Art-kun can see it, he can surely look at someone and say “You could be close to perfection if you do this.”. But Gaming-kun always looks so pissed about everything, he has this angry look on his face so often that Art-kun doesn’t want to talk to him, because he’s scared. He doesn’t want to face this guy, knowing that disturbing him would result in long ass sentences full of insults and variation of ‘fuck’. 
But he watches him from afar, thinking of how he could start a conversion. Obviously, going to him and saying something like “Hello, I think you should take better care of yourself because you would be perfect.” won’t work. So he’s trying to figure how he could change him, he wants to change his stupid round glasses, he wants him to shave, he wants him to cut his hair. 

He wants him to be as perfect as he can make him.

But how?

He will find a way. No matter what he has to do, perfection is the only thing allowed to survive, in his perfect world.

flower cloak.

okay but imagine this, james and teddy are in a secret relationship. they’re at the burrow for big family dinner and someone makes the “all potters marry redheads” joke. while everyone is busy laughing teddy morphs his hair to red and james chokes on his water

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Please remember that today Jin is ALSO graduating.  He’s graduating from having to wake up at ass o’clock in the morning to drive a grumpy, half-asleep Kookie to school.