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iwishonlyfordeath  asked:

Hello! Since your amazing book,WTWF is almost over I really need something new to read and enjoy your stories immensely! Can you possibly give the names or links of some other KilluGon stories you've written? I'd love to read them!

Oh, yeah, of course! Thank you so much for your interest! 

Here’s my ao3 account, that has longer/better edited stories. And here’s my ‘dc writes’ tag on tumblr that has everything from my ao3 account as well as any requests I’ve completed on here.

(….I haven’t written any requests in a while though because I’m swamped with school stuff right now ^^; I’m really really really sorry to those who sent me requests that I’ve never gotten around the answering, I feel horrible about it trust me fjdkfdjka;kljd;kljfd)