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it’s a real shame that Amy Santiago is deathly allergic to dogs because

  • well they are dogs and she’s missing out
  • but also imagine an AU where Amy works at an animal shelter and Jake is the guy that visits regularly to play with the cats and the dogs and go on walks with them and just volunteer
  • he has never adopted any of the animals bc his girlfriend is, like, weirdly against pets
  • there is one very beautiful, too big for his own good, shy dog that is scared of most people
  • he is not scared of Jake bc he’s sweet and gentle and patient with the dog
  • they are BEST FRIENDS
  • so anyway he’s crushed he can’t adopt the doggo and Amy is crushed that such a great guy wastes his time on a girl who doesn’t like pets like what the heck
  • One Day Jake waltzes into the shelter with the biggest smile, even bigger than usual, and Amy’s like
  • What
  • are they makind Die Hard 6? are you engaged now? what is happening
  • but he says NOPE
  • I’m adopting Butler today (that’s the dogs name. his fur is colored in such a way that he just looks like he’s in a tux. he has a fur bowtie. thank you)
  • also I broke up with Beatrice
  • do you maybe wanna grab a coffee sometime and go to the park with Butler and me?
  • and Amy doesn’t knw what’s happening because that is so much information so she first does the things she knows and understands, she fills out forms for adoption, takes Butler to their resident vet, walks Jake through all the important info even tho he knows, he spends so much time there he might as well be a full time employee
  • and Jake is sure this means Rejection so when Amy finishes everything with
  • “and here is…my number” on a little post-it with a dog paw printed on it
  • he asks
  • “to call if something happens to Butler?”
  • “yeah that and the, uh, coffee thing”
  • Jake leaves the shelter with an even bigger smile and a big happy dog to match

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How would the UT/UF main 6 react to an s/o who comes from a universe where undertale is a game and they love the game, and the s/o is coming clean on their knowledge about it, explaining that they knew them before they met. (I'm trying to throw in a unique ask, is this one good?)

very good! (also only doing ut) - m.m.


huh. Well, that’s a little weird. Guess you two were just bone to be together, then. He doesn’t really react to it all that much, just winks & shrugs it off.


So, that can only mean–you’re a fan of his?? Wowie!! He never thought he’d get to meet a Real Life fan!!! & to think, if only he’d known sooner!! He probably wouldn’t have been able to do anything, being a video-game character, but still!!!


That’s freaky. It makes her really uncomfortable–maybe you should just change the subject. This is something that’ll start keeping her up at night if she thinks about it too much.


Ohmygod. Ohmygod, so you know everything about her. Every one of her embarrassing moments, all of her darkest secrets–but this kind of makes her like her own personal Mew Mew, right? That’s…kind of neat!! Really weird, but, also…cool. Ish.


She has no idea what you’re talking about. Once you show her the game, though, it’s very obvious that it makes her kind of uncomfortable. She immediately drags you away to go do something else, & just keeps changing the subject when you try to bring it up.


Oh!! At first, he thinks that sounds fun. Like a fan-made game, featuring him. After he actually sees it, though, he’s…very quiet, kind of reserved. He doesn’t like it much, & thinks you should play other games for a while.

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The little bag that Jin had in the post with his sugar gliders is for bonding and it's really important to have so I'm glad he did his research and has one

well of course, jin knows what he’s doing !! he’s the best dad :’) my heart gets all warm inside when i see him with them /cries/ 

laura dreyfuss, i know you’ll probably never see this, but i just want to say one thing. i’m so proud of you for speaking out, for doing something so difficult. your voice, your passion and message and strength, means so much to me, and to so many other people as well. and you have encouraged me to regain my own voice. simply, thank you. sending all the love and so much more your way.

My Thoughts On SanPu

Well, with all the recent talks about Pudding and SanPu I could not resist on writing my person opinion on the matter. I don’t know how good it is but I really just wanted to get somethings off my chest.

If you ship SanPu and are sensitive on the matter then I suggest you skip this post. This post is not intended for SanPu fans and I do not ship that pairing. The last thing I want to do is start a shipping war and annoy SanPu fans. Shipping is suppose to be fun anyways. Right?

Please note that I am a SaNami shipper too and that this post (were I tried my best on being as neutral as possible) might end up being biased. Please also note I am just one SaNami shipper and this post is in no way a reflexion on anyone else’s opinion but my own. Of course you are free to ship whatever you want and I would not have it any other way.

Now then, now that that is out of the way,lets begin…

Let me start of by saying I do not think SanPu will happen. I do not think Sanji will promise to come back for her and I certainly do not think he will get married this arc. I am not worried by the recent chapters the fanbase has labeled as “SanPu” and am not bothered one bit over it.I am writing this post just to say what I think is going on in the story and give my ideas on what I think Puddings future might be. 

Now, the most recent chapters of OP have developed a new-ish ship to the OP fanbase with Pudding becoming a funny Tsundere for Sanji.

This action being a big change for Pudding and comes as a result of Sanjis compliment to her third eye(something no one had ever done).

Of course this is all great if you ship the two but I just cant help but feel like a HUGE section of the story is being forgotten or ignored when discussing SanPu. That is of course Pudding being evil

.After 844 and Sanjis rejection of Luffy and Nami and seeing the enraged army he starts to worry over his friends.

 He is depressed when he meets up with Pudding and when Pudding tells him they need to talk he decides to open himself up and says to Pudding how he is treated by his family. He is amazed at how kind she is. He notices her tears( something he is particularly weak to) and decides to give into the marriage.

Later of course we find out Sanji only agreed to the marriage to save Luffy and his friend.

but lets not forget just how much he tried to force himself into dedicating himself to Pudding.

He tells himself he doesn’t want to hurt her and so he pushes himself into “love cook” mode. He doesn’t love her yet he has no choice and wants to be happy in his life (now that he will have to be with his evil family and leave his friends behind). He is making the best out of a bad situation and even tries to make her a bento in hopes she feels better. Of course he ends up making one for his crew (the people he really cares about) but he is still trying his best. Unfortunately for him, this happens…

The last ray of hope Sanji had is taken away. Sanji is then mocked, humiliated, insulted and made to cry. 

We find out Pudding also shot Reiju and mocked Sanjis swollen face. She showed no sympathy whatsoever for Sanji’s past(even when she went through a similar thing) and made fun of him for it.

Like I said before, Sanji was not in love with Pudding. Sanji might get heart eyes for every pretty girl he sees but that does not mean he is in love. He got heart eyed over seeing Puddings picture the first time 

yet he kept on saying he wont marry her repeatedly afterwords.

Yet, in 850-851 he was reminded just how little hope he had. The Vinsmokes would be killed and he had no were to go.

Thankfully Luffy was there for him and gave him back hope (by knocking some sense back into him). Luffy gets Sanji to admit he wants to return to the sunny and gets him to say he wants to save his family because even though they are the worst, Sanji doesn’t have it in himself to let his family die (highlighting once again Sanji’s kindness).

It is extremely important to note that It was only after Luffy’s talked with Sanji that the rain stopped falling and he was reunited with his real family (at least a part of them). 

It was also then that Sanji somewhat made up with Nami.^^

That rain stopping is important because it symbolizes Sanjis suffering is now over and makes it clear that it will be his time to shine. While it rained Sanji suffered Puddings cruelty and found out about his hopeless situation.The moment the rain stopped falling for Sanji was the moment things turned around for him. It was after this point Sanji made Pudding cry using his kindness (which was similar to him crying). Karma hit Pudding then.

It was also after that moment were Judge, the person responsible for Sanji suffering as a kid and in WCI, also began to cry (also like Sanji) and show just how pathetic he really is.

His “superior” kids didn’t help him and didn’t even care about being killed.His plan of making the perfect soldiers was a failure and it was only the one he saw as a “failure” who ended up saving him.

 It was only after the rain where Sanji showed just how amazing, kind and useful he could be.

You see, I don’t think Puddings crush on Sanji as Oda developing anything he intends on making canon. I think Pudding is suffering from the same thing Judge suffered and might still suffer. Karma.

Pudding might be helping Sanji right now and might have turned into the sweet and cute girl she pretended to be but that does not take away from her earlier actions.

Lets not forget that after Sanji saved the Vinsmokes they also helped him out and saved his friends. 

That is just an example of Sanji’s kindness gaining him friends and turning enemies into allies.Something that’s not exactly new. It happened with Gin,Duval,Marine G5, and recently with Violet.

Regardless, Sanji still doesn’t consider himself a Vinsmokes and has his revenge here.

Judge’s face is the face of someone with regrets. It was the”failure” the”good for nothing” that saved them after all.

This is exactly what I think is happening with Pudding. I don’t think her tragic backstory is there to excuse her behavior. I knew she was not as evil as she acted since her flashback of Lola but, yet again. that was the chapter she said this to Luffy and Nami.

She wasn’t always good. It was Sanjis kindness that turned her into a kind girl. Her flashback doesn’t change anything. If judge ends up having a tragic backstory ( like I believe he will) then that will also not excuse his actions and Sanji wont suddenly decide on becoming a Vinsmoke if that happens. It could be as sad and as close to Sanjis past as possible but that wont change anything.

Honestly, I can see Oda giving Judge the same eyebrows Sanji has and a backstory similar to him as well. That doesn’t matter. Sanji’s true father will always be Zeff and Pudding wont end up with him either.

What will Pudings role be from now on?

Well, she is a member of the three eyed tribe so she might show up and help the SH’s once her third eye awakens (I still think Gin will show up) but until then I see her finding a fiance. Sanji might not be as tough with Pudding as he was to Judge (since he is a  gentlemen) but I really think he will reject her at the end(maybe for dorobo neko Nami ^^) .

I think their last interaction in this arc will be like what Pudding said when she first met Sanji’s crew and Sanji will say something like this.(Sanji of course is just being a gentlemen and turning her down gently).

Something Pudding and everyone else took as a rejection.She went on to say

 Pudding was acting when she said all of this but I can definitely see her having a similar reaction now that she has become a kind girl.

In fact, there is something else I would like like to add, after Pudding expresses her disappointment in not marrying Sanji she has this to say

She talks about her future fiance in a very suspicious way. I believe this is foreshadowing since I see her leaving WCI after this arc. 

Of course I could be wrong and Oda might decide on SanPu. It is really up to him. Still, I do not see that being the case. I feel like this is enough tho (lol). I don’t think I need to touch on Pudding joining the crew or Sanji getting married this arc but I might leave that for another day. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this.^^

No one requested this, but I REALLY wanted to write this.

Beverly never really got to visit Derry, the town that seemed to be slipping from her mind. So when her aunt suggested cleaning out the apartment that she once shared with her father, Bev was all for coming back.

Once she got into the town, the memories flooded back her mind. A kiss from Bill, but the thing that hit her like a freight train, was Ben’s face being the first thing she saw after dealing with Pennywise. A face that strangely brought her an immense amount of calming protection.

As she walked out of the apartment, she saw the group of boys riding their bikes, she ran down the metal steps, yelling out each boys name. Bill slammed on his brakes, nearly causing Stan to run right into the back of him.

Beverly ran down the steps, the smile glued to her face as she saw the group of friends that she never realized she desperately missed. With a nod from her aunt, Beverly got onto the back of Bill’s bike, happy to be able to have one more day with them.

As they pulled up to the barrens, Beverly looked around. It seemed like an old movie playing in her mind as she watched the others walking around, asking her how she was and what she had been doing. Giving vague answers as she looked out to vast land in front of her, Beverly never realized how much she missed this.

Hours had passed and it seemed that the day was coming to an end, she knew that her aunt was going to get worried and that Ben’s mom had him come home at certain time. So an offer from Ben to walk her back to the apartment wasn’t given a second thought as she agreed happily.

Walking along the road, Beverly listened to Ben happily go on about the books he had been reading and yet let out a sigh when they reached the apartment that her aunt seemed to be near the end of packing. She looked towards the male, letting a sad smile form on her lips.

“Well, this is my stop.” She teased, hoping to make a smile form on Ben’s lips but she knew that he was thinking about the possibly of them never seeing each other again. Looking towards Ben, she took a couple steps towards him.

“I’m going to miss you.” She whispered, closing the gap between them. Her eyes closed as she pressed her lips against his. A feeling she never felt before flooded her body. Tingles went through every nerve of her body as she pulled away, a hand placed softly on his cheek.

“Catch you later, Ben from Soc.” Beverly said in a quiet tone before taking off up the stairs, butterflies still fluttering madly in her stomach.


The Conspirator (2010)                                                                               

For those wondering at all why I haven’t uploaded, I’ve noticed in my searches that other people have been using my GIF uploads and taking credit for them. Listen, I make these, one I have OCD and when I get a list I want to checkmark all I can, second I wanted people as well as myself to have options to pick from for their fics or other stuff where they would need a GIF. There’s a reason I don’t put a watermark there, so people know that they’re free to use them. But don’t take them then outright lie and say you birthed them. Against better judgement I decided to post these anyways because a lot of people on here respect that and I think they like seeing them so…


Okay so I just had a revelation on @bamimilyt6’s post (http://bamimilyt6.tumblr.com/post/166432969140/guys-if-dark-was-created-out-of-celine-and)


If the ADWM Mark really is a PREVIOUS VERSION of the WKM Mark (I saw a theory about it but forgot who posted it I’m sorry but it was all about how the WKM Mark’s film career went to sh*t like in the “YES” ending of ADWM)

Then, during ADWM… Darkiplier wouldn’t have existed yet.

How does he show up, then?

Well, everyone knows Dark can manipulate time. He kept us in a f*cking time loop during “EXIT”, remember?

That means

That Darkiplier HAS, in fact, been waiting to see us again, for possibly a long time (because who knows how long it might have taken him to learn how)

And that Darkiplier was not threatening us,

but, in fact,




And if that doesn’t REALLY f*ck you up, I’m not sure what will

Sort of inspired by this post

Developing one’s magical abilities can often be a rather dramatic event. Most commonly, this involved an explosive burst of power, producing fire or some other similarly destructive force. On rare occasions, however, instead of all that drama, a mage’s eyes could change color. Dorian couldn’t help but dwell on this as we watched the Inquisitor, distracted by just how brightly his eyes shone.

If Dorian hadn’t known better, he might have guessed that Elden had been one of these individuals. He wasn’t a mage, however, which only left Dorian wondering how his eyes could be so green, so strongly calling to mind spring days in a lush forest as if it were a spell cast on anyone who looked too closely. Of course, there was also the sickly green of the Anchor to consider and the disturbing possibility that it could be poisoning Elden, leaching in and altering the color of his eyes. Dorian was almost afraid to ask if that could be the case, and if there had been any other changes since the Conclave.

He knew the Anchor still caused Elden pain on occasion and it left Dorian feeling frustratingly helpless, unable to do anything for him except massage away any subsequent cramps which felt so insufficient.  Dorian couldn’t help but reach out, brushing the hair from Elden’s face in a tender gesture, wishing there was something more he could do to ease even a fraction of the burden his responsibilities placed on him. Elden’s eyes, which had been so focused on one of the many missives he was reading through, flicked up to Dorian’s, crinkling at the corner as he smiled so fondly at him.

“Take a break, amatus,” Dorian urged, closing the distance between them on the couch and wrapping his arm around his shoulders. “You’ve been ignoring me for much too long.”

Of course that wasn’t true, Elden had never once caused him to feel ignored. That, and Dorian could feel content in his presence alone, even if they didn’t speak for hours. This was easier, though. He didn’t have to admit how concerned he was, baring so much of himself that it terrified him.

“Whatever you want,” Elden replied, still smiling as he set the letters aside and turned his full attention to him.

Despite his usually anxious nature, Elden never appeared concerned by these comments and accusations. It made Dorian suspect that his intentions were completely obvious which was both frustrating as well as a relief to be completely honest. As Elden’s fingers ghosted over his cheek, Dorian found it didn’t particularly matter after all, so long as he kept smiling like that.

Now that that intense gaze was upon him, Dorian found himself lost his eyes once again and he realized that their color wasn’t truly what mattered. Even if they had been caused by something supernatural and malicious, even if they dimmed or changed, the way Elden looked at him, the deep emotion there, the joy and the happiness and so much life, everything that made Elden who he was, would still be there. That was what truly mattered. And that, at least, was something Dorian could help with, ensuring Elden’s smile always remained just as bright no matter the hardships.

The number of insufferable “well I’m a good guy!”-type responses from men to every #MeToo post and related post I’m seeing on Facebook is making me lose whatever remaining shreds of hope I had in half of the human race

Like one of my colleagues posted a really good thing about how you don’t need to be a Harvey Weinstein sexually harassing women, men who view all women as potential girlfriends (not just fucktoys) and do the Nice Guy ™ thing are also part of the problem. And how upset she is at all the (what she thought were) valuable male friendships and professional relationships she lost because the men turned tail when they realized she was never going to date them.

The responses from men are all either: “well just so you know I love our platonic relationship!” or even worse, “please consider this is an understandable if immature response to rejection, and carefully consider that, you need to do more emotional labor for the shithead men in your lives”


Well, my head hurts and I feel bad about venting to all of you but…thank you all. I mean I’m kind of sans emotions now but I’m grateful about you all being so understanding. I can’t believe I have to go to work in 2 and a half hour though…


But one again, thank you all.

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Do you still practise polyamory? Are there aspects of polyam that you love and/or dislike?

I am only poly when the other person desires it. otherwise its not a make or break kind of thing for me.

in the past I owned multiple subs at one time, two of them in person sister subs who I would regularly put together to hang out with. it was always a great success. 

the person assisting me with tutorials has mentioned getting her girlfriend involved as well. 

more for me its about teaching and enhancing someones life in a way that didnt exist before they walked in. it could be one person.. it could be three. it wouldnt matter, everyone would get the same treatment and experience. 

its not easy though when people get envious and jealous. So finding the right chemistry is of course key… poly is not for everyone.



TG: hello im back with more bloodbent kidswap edition

TG: okay so remember this post
TG: im back with more and its the alpha kids this time WHOS READY TO RUMBLE
TG: again theres more under the cut so if you want to read my ramblings then go ahead and click that link right there

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Every time I look at my new art I think "wow I did a pretty good job" and then once it's posted I feel like "wtf it looks awful... I hadnt noticed that one mistake.. My style is so childish, no one's gonna like this." Have you ever felt like that ? If so any advice ?

Hi anon!

I have definitely felt like this in the past, and certainly in present day as well. This is a common thread with artists. You are your own worst critic, and often times posting it and coming back to it a little later makes you realize all the mistakes you’ve made in a piece.

I’ve found that putting art up online sometimes acts as a final “flip the canvas horizontal” move. Seeing the art in a different background/perspective allows your eye to see it fresh, just like you would if you had flipped the picture. Sometimes I get this same effect looking at it on my phone. Recently, I’ve been uploading to drafts and checking different screens to make sure that a piece of art still looks ok in the end. Another thing I suggest (and that I’m VERY bad about) is waiting at least a day or two before posting a finished piece. Give it time to rest so you can look at it with new eyes, and give yourself the opportunity to fix mistakes that you spy.

However, don’t use this as an excuse to continue going back and reworking a picture over and over - perfectionism and reworking constantly can sap the life from a piece, and you’ll never have the opportunity to grow past it if you keep working on the same thing. Art isn’t perfect, and artists aren’t perfect. Making mistakes is fine, and you’ll never learn unless you’re actually messing up and identifying what you can try differently next time.

As for beating yourself up about your art (“My style is so childish, no one’s gonna like this”), this is common, too. I promise you’re not alone. Some of the best artists I know struggle with this mindset, that their style isn’t good enough, that no one will like it (and sometimes that happens - a piece you’ve worked on for a long time will get very little success, whereas a small doodle will have mass appeal and blow up). I’ve had plenty of times where I’m working on a piece and thinking that it’s garbage and no one will like it, that my anatomy or linework or gestures or colors aren’t up to par. When I feel like this about art, I’ll set it aside for a bit, or rework it until I come to a place where I’m at the least ambivalent about it. Even if I’m not 100% happy with the results (and trust me I never am) at least know I made something, tried some new technique, or had some cathartic fun drawing stuff that I enjoy.

I say draw how you want. Draw in a way that makes you happy, study those whose art you look up to, look into new ideas and techniques and tutorials, and keep drawing. If art isn’t your job, don’t make it that. Have fun with it, and try not to worry so much about the reception.

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ive recently got into voltron and I immediately loved sheith. (well, klance + shance too but) and i was expecting some hate but when i finally got some i was shook. it hurt. i cried. i felt like i was the one that was wrong. but reading your posts made me feel confident. so thank you!!

omg,, u have no idea how much this means to me. 

getting hate is hard. its honestly one of the worst things in the world because it makes you doubt yourself and turns all of your thoughts inside out because what if. i struggle with this all the time. you are not alone, here. and i - as well as many others, im sure - will always be here to tell you that you are not what the antis say you are. 

but really, im just so glad that my posts make a small difference. really, thats my goal - to make others feel better about something that really isnt terrible at all. so im really glad that they helped you out  🐝 🌻 ☀️

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While I'm all for people shunning the stinky lil betraying rat, Peter was essentially a part of the Marauders and not just a tag along friend whom they pitied. They included him, trusted him, and he was a dear friend (most probably acted like one too). And that's what made him betrayal all the more devastating. He didn't deserve to be a Marauder but sadly he was one of them 💔

I know and 100% understand that. He was a valuable part of the group when they were still friends. I think with people like Regulus, their actions were redeemed, and so I can find the likeable traits in their characters to write for. But with Peter, he just transformed into such a monster that I don’t feel comfortable writing for him romantically, as well as the fact that he’s ugly AF and as @fortisfiliae mentioned on my post, you just can’t get that image of his scraggly, rat-like body from the movie’s representation and it’s not really a great image to think of when trying to write romance/smut headcanons HAHAHA

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I love all your sans povs they are the best and really in character by golly keep up the good work and I can't wait till your next one comes out, I'm also really excited about tpi as well ofc lol

thank you! i’m thinking about posting a sans pov really soon! it’s gonna be kind of a doozy so i’m waiting for a good time to drop it haha

deleted the post cause i didn’t wanna stir some drama. i talked to the author and others about it and its okay to love the memes, it doesn’t make you a bully since the author loves them and all. but just don’t pretend to be a fan please. don’t try and get owen into all of this as well. trashing ones writing can actually take a toll on an author and its a really shitty feeling.

I need to do actual replies but my mental health is in the shitter so I’m just gonna do these two and retire to the bed with the laptop to binge read all of @treason-and-plot‘s story I’ve missed. Maybe one day soon I’ll be functioning well enough to feel like going in game again…

simblu replied to your post “OMG I’m sooo sorry those pics were meant for my sideblog NOT my simblr…”

And apparently I missed whatever it was…

ktarsims replied to your post “OMG I’m sooo sorry those pics were meant for my sideblog NOT my simblr…”


@ktarsims  well I think you found it on your own :)

@simblu don’t worry, the only thing you missed was me being an idiot and accidentally posting pictures from rl on my sims blog. If you want to see what you missed, it’s all over @blackbonesnravens where I dump rl photos, my art and whatever random thoughts I have in my head that I don’t feel like clogging my simblr with. Sometimes I need to put it into words, even if I know no one is listening.

The “me too” campaign all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. has been sobering and it’s also a testament to how much our society fails sexual abuse survivors. So many women in my Facebook feed (and several men as well) made “me too” statuses, some sharing really intimate details about what happened to them, and the weight of all those posts proved a bit too much for me. I admire the strength and endurance of my friends, but just the heaviness of these stories when collectively put together is agonizing. For that reason I’m taking another lengthy vacation from Facebook. I need to keep myself in good spirits to complete work for my job, school, and this internship. Godspeed to all of the brave people out there who are speaking out though - I love each and every one of you.