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I made a “quickie” version of January’s writing prompts for the account on Instagram and wanted to post it here as well. Obviously this isn’t all of the prompt information (specifics, word counts, and such) but you can look up the hashtag to get all of that. Here is a quick list in case you needed something to cross off the prompts you’ve finished and see which ones you still need to do. You still have until the 28th of February to get your prompts in. Good luck to everyone! I believe in you!



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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 1661

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, the usual…

Anon Requested

A/N: I’ve been listening to a lot of Twenty Pilots lately… Don’t know why that was important but… Anyway, I hope y'all like this one! I will really try to post a lot more. Love you guys!


To be blunt, having a twin sucked ass. Well, with your experience it did. At least you were the older one, which had to count for something. Ok so there was a two minute difference between the two of you, but you used the leverage when you could. 

 Reggie was always a little asshole, even when the both of you were kids. He always stole your toys out of your hands claiming they were his. And he was the perfect golden boy in your parents eyes. His arrogance only sky rocketed with their parental encouragements. 

He was always very popular in school. Had the coolest friends, was part of all the sports teams, and when he came of age, dated the prettiest girls. You on the other hand were always different. 

You preferred reading and staying indoors rather than playing with everyone else. Of course your parents still forced you to try out for sports, (you soon enough became partial towards softball.) 

 Your stupid brother and his rather loud reputation never meant well for you. Everyone knew he had twin, but never bothered to really get to know you, always assuming you were like your brother. 

Nonetheless, writing was your specialty. You always had a way with words. You knew from an early age you wanted to major in some sort of English profession, whether it be teaching it or writing it. In fact, that’s how you ended up meeting your current boyfriend Jughead Jones. 

At first he was skeptical of you, but once the both of you clicked, it was one of the best things to happen to both of you. Thinking back on the whole start of it all always brought a smile to your face. 

“Ok girls, I’ll see you guys next practice.” You had hollered over to your teammates before swinging your backpack over your shoulder as they all shouted their own farewells. You left the school grounds and decided to go to Pop’s. One, because their food was amazing and two, you were hoping you could get some work done in the usually peaceful setting. 

 You made the effort to walk over there even though your sore limbs protested greatly. Once you got in to the beloved Diner, you went up to the counter and ordered your usual before going to find a seat. 

 As you walked through the small building, your eyes locked with stormy blue ones for a few short seconds. And in that short amount of time you were intrigued. He watched you with a weary stance, as if he were mapping out your every move before you executed it. 

You’d seen him before. Jughead Jones, he was in your English class. But you never talked, just silently drifted off into the lesson given that day. With a split second thought you decided to approach him as you waited for your food. 

“Hi.” You said hesitantly, immediately beating yourself up on the inside for making a fool out of your self for coming over. Hi? Really, that’s all you could come up with? You reprimanded as you stayed silent and watched him. 

 Of course all that had happened in a moments thought and he actually replied quickly. “Hi.” He said with an unsure look. You looked around and noticed he had a laptop out that he was typing in, taking up your interest you decided to try and make conversation out of it. “What are you doing?” You asked as you nodded over at his device. 

He looked to see what you were referring with a quickly glance and replied with a short worded answer. “Writing.” You grinned, you had a passion for the subject. Deciding to trust your gut, you sit yourself in front of him and smile brightly. “What are you writing about?” You asked. He still looked unsure of you, although, these types of looks weren’t unusual when you met new people. Mostly because Reggie and his erratic behavior met them first. 

 "Why do you want to know?“ He asked with an eyebrow raised. “Oh, I love writing. I hope to have a career to do with the subject one day.” You answered as you messed with your fingers over the table. 

 "Hm.“ He said in thought. "What?” You asked. He shrugged. “I don’t know, I guess I just figured that the twin sister of the oh so famous Reggie Mantle would be more.. well, Reggie-like.” “Well, I play softball if that’s what you mean. But otherwise I’ve always been the more soft spoken one I guess. My brother is just a real pain in my ass all the time.” You huffed as you crossed your arms. 

 "Interesting.“ He looked at you for a few seconds, considering whether he could trust you. He smiled when he saw the genuine curiosity in your eyes. "Well if you must know, I’m writing a novel.” “That’s awesome! About what?” You asked. “Riverdale.” “Well that was descriptive.” You retorted as he cracked a grin. 

 Your food finally came out at that time, your fries looked exceptionally delicious. “Wanna share?” To which he grinned. 

 That encounter alone sparked on many more encounters after that. After meeting up 5 more times after that first one, he asked you out. You obviously hid it from your brother, neither of you could even imagine the torment that would come. 

 The both of you had been together for a little over 6 months now. A whole summer had passed and the two of you were still going strong. When sophomore year started, softball started again too. 

 He always went to your games and was the cute supportive boyfriend. Whenever you made a home run he was always right there for you. And it wasn’t like your brother ever went to your games so you never had to worry. 

When you had started dating Jughead, his three other friends adopted you in their group and they were all for your secret relationship, never bringing it up when Reggie was around. Archie came close a couple times to spilling the beans but Betty and Veronica usually kept him in check. 

 It was a particularly sunny day when another softball game had taken place. It was the final game of the season, which meant your parents were obligated to come too. However, this meant they were forcing Reggie to be “supportive” of his sister. Of course Jughead had come to watch. 

You were the best pitcher on the team so that was the position assigned on the field for you. Before you ran out with your teammates, you gave Jughead a quick kiss, promising to see him afterwards. You didn’t realize your brother had come to your game until your eyes had met when you made it to the pitchers mound. 

He smirked but applauded with everyone else, cheering you on. The first batter on the other team made it to the plate and hit the bat against the ground a couple of times before getting into position. You smirked and readied your arm before pitching. 

 The game lasted a couple of hours, your team winning by a home run (that you had made). Your entire team was hollering as was the crowd. Your parents told you they were proud of you and that’s when you noticed Reggie was missing. 

 "Hey, where Reg?“ You asked your parents. Your mom wasn’t paying attention to you as she typed away on her phone. "He went to talk to someone I think.” Your dad said before leading his wife away to the car. 

 You shrugged before going to find your boyfriend. When you found him, you realized he wasn’t alone, Reggie was with him. “Oh god.” You muttered under your breath as you approached them. 

“Oh, hey sis. Good job on your game.” He said before continuing his malicious staring at Jughead. “Reggie, what are you doing?” You asked. He turned to you again. “Just finding my answers from this little freak here.” He turned back to Jughead who only looked at him with a pissed stare. 

 "So, are you gonna answer my question? It was you who killed Blossom huh?“ "I didn’t.” Jug spat. “What’s it to you anyway Reggie? Just leave him alone.” You said as your eyes met Jughead’s a couple times. “Because my coach has been non-stop breathing down my neck thinking it was me! I figured I can try to catch the person who did it so he’d leave me alone. And I bet it was him.” Reggie stayed as he looked at Jughead.

 "Reggie stop. Leave Jughead alone, he didn’t do anything.“ You said as you tried to shove Reggie away from him. "Oh, so you’re friends and with the little freak. Wouldn’t put it past you, you’ve always been weird. You know, I wonder if it was you that killed him.” He said. Your jaw dropped. 

“What the hell Reggie. Are you really accusing me of murder!? Murder Reggie, that’s insane. And besides, you know I was at an early softball practice on July 4th. And Jughead and I met up right after to hang out so why don’t you take your stupid accusations somewhere else.” You snapped at your brother. 

 "Why are you protecting him? This little geek is just a stupid nobody that nobody likes.“ He growled. "I like him! Reggie, he’s sweet, and funny, and caring… and all the things you aren’t!” He stopped and stared at you analyzing my your words carefully. 

 "Wait… are you two… oh no way.“ His eyes widened as he looked back and forth between the two of you. "Back off Reggie.” You spat as he his shoulders slumped and he walked off giving you one last glare before disappearing around the corner. 

 You grinned as you looked over to Jughead who was in shock. “Well, so much for not telling him.” He commented with a sly smirk before wrapping you in his arms and congratulating you on your win.


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Timeless Fandom GTKY

Glittering land mermaids of the Timeless fandom, 

In order to get to know each other better and to fill some time in the barren hellscape that is a Timeless hiatus (because it will be renewed- LOOKING AT YOU NBC), a couple of us thought it would be fun for the fandom to do a Get To Know You. This is for all shippers as well as the shipless, regardless of who you love because there is room for everyone who loves this show!

Include the following answers to these questions (the best ones brought to you by @ohmyohpioneer and @wedlakeserenities) as well as a picture if you are comfortable!

1) First name

2) Something interesting about you

3) Favorite aspect of the show

4) Which Timeless character are you and why?

5) Time period/Famous person you would like to travel back to and render speechless in Lucy Preston fashion.

Start posting from Sunday 12 EST through Monday 8 EST when our Timeless Rewatch begins (see @bethylark for details). Tag your post with timeless gtky so we can track the tag and be more properly introduced to this fabulous bunch of people with stellar taste in TV shows.

(please share to spread the word so we can include as many people as possible!)

So I found out one thing about Sai and Shikamaru

They haven’t really interacted in Shippuden Era

But when in Shikamaru Hiden Shikamaru came to save him

We see these The Last,

(OK there are much more moments of them in The Last I won’t list them all)
Konoha Hiden,

and Sasuke Shinden moments

And don’t forget about ending (Shippuden Era in Post-War ending)

Sai who’s usually shown next to Sakura in series slowly shifts to Team 10 side (Ino, Ino it’s your influence as well)xD
I’m not good in writing of headcanons but I’ve grown to love them together as BROTP
And I love the fact that their sons are best friends.

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I don't understand the point of the number and nudes thing? Why not just ask for nudes and then enjoy them in pvt if you aren't going to post them for your followers to see? Why flood our dashboard with nonsense? For all we know you are just posting comments and nobody is sending you anything.

Oh, fuck off.

It’s fucking fun, it promotes body positivity, and most of all - its my fucking blog so I can post whatever the fuck I want and if you don’t like the way your dash looks, unfollow me. 

As for whether or not the submissions are real, well that sounds like a personal problem of you projecting your ugliness onto me and acting like just because no one wants to show you their dick that the same must be true for me. 

Go take a nap and maybe try being less of a fun-sucking leech when you wake up. 

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

You guys have absolutely blown me away.

This morning I woke up all bouncy because a year ago today I first started posting ‘He Knows He Needs to Stop’. I chirped “It’s my writer-versary!” to Mr. Downing and he sighed and said, “I was going to wait until tonight to share this with you but I just can’t.” Then he led me to the living room and put the laptop in my hands. Waiting was a 26-page document full of well-wishes, poetry, art, graphics, and a one-shot to celebrate my first year of writing.

I cannot begin to describe how overwhelmed I’m feeling. That you guys did this for me … well, I was stunned speechless then burst into tears. I have never felt so loved and accepted in my entire life and I will treasure this gift and your friendships for the rest of my life.

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Thank you so much (in order you appeared in the doc): Juulna, @thedarkside-and-thelight, @isharan, @reylorobyn2011, @shwtlee4reylo, @kyloshipsreylo, @reyofdawnworld, @i-am-thesenate, @reylosanctuary, @shadowlass, @applesith, @aliaoftheknife2015, @grlie-girl, @charlottecagain, @myjackiejackie01, @juliaaurelia-blog, @pissbabysithlord, @the-dark-becomes-you, @clockwork-cameo, @mweerden

I don’t want to share your creations because I don’t want anyone to think I’m the creator, but I do hope you’ll post them as they were all simply stunning.

I will write a post to the whole Reylo fam later, but I just really needed to say thank you to you all for this overwhelmingly wonderful gift. 

hey guys!!

I felt like I needed to write a proper intro to my studyblr! This year I wanted a change. I want to be more productive with my time and succeed as much as I can in school. After a few months of intense studyblr stalking, I finally made an account for my own!!

I will mostly be using this for study inspiration for myself as well as posting my own notes! I also really want to meet some new friends from all around the world and share your love for all things study related!

Here are a few facts about me:

name: katherine [everyone calls me katie]

age: 16

year/grade: 11

country/city: sydney, australia

subjects studying: physics, maths extention, english, geography, modern history, visual arts

dream career: forensic scientist, journalist

Here are some of my favourite studyblrs and the ones who inspired me to make this account:

@studyign @studyquill @emmastudies @snjstudies @hardworkign @focusign @jhonstudies @studywithinspo @busystudyign

@fuckstudy @studentcandy

I really hope you guys enjoy my account and feel free to message me any time! Xx

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Mind sharing why you think Daddy James is a sociopath? That's one Ive not heard before and I want to know more ☺

@cameronaugust and I both felt like something was off with Daddy James but we couldn’t put a finger on it until Cam came across this Reddit post. (Though I’m not sure whether we should portray him as sociopath or psychopath, I’ll need to do some reading on that.) I’m not a fan of turning plot holes/game mechanics into personality disorders but for Mac’s story it’s better than treating him the way the game does: like an angelic karma demigod with absolutely no faults.
For now I can’t really say how well we will communicate this through our future comics - if at all, since we only have one planned with him. It’s just a “by the way” fact.


Jsuki; DENGEKI Girl’s Style January 2017 Issue

Featuring my favourite trashy otome game of 2016 on the cover, Nil Admirari no Tenbin! I’m still really looking forward to more details of the new sequel game that’s slated for this year (as well as the Anime), so no one burst that bubble for me. In this issue of DGS, they basially teased visuals of more of the characters that will be appearing in the new game, which is also posted on the game’s official Twitter. I’m so looking forward to everyone’s routes, I’m not even kidding. Seems like it’s going to be much fun and drama.

Of course, there’s also (inserts drum roll here) my all-time favourite DIABOLIK LOVERS! Contains 5th anniversary and LE news. LOST EDEN has been released as of 16th Feb 2017 (and my copy is still on the way to me, but any day now). I’m so excited to play; Although the story is just dragged to god-knows-where nowadays, but I’m all good yknow.

Plus more news about other series, like PRINCE OF STRIDE, Magic Kyun! etc. Once in a while you just need an issue of DGS to keep you updated with all of the amazing otome games out there.

somewhat important update

(( hey kids! so I haven’t been posting very much lately and I’m sorry about that. stress has gotten in the way along with the fact that there are two quarter-sized holes in the screen of my tablet (I use an iPad 2 for all my digital art). I’d love to update the blog more but I’m scared that I’ll crack it further (it already doesn’t work too well). would traditionally drawn responses be something you’d like to see? they won’t be as pretty as the ones I can do with the tablet but they’ll be much more frequent and consistent. thanks

somebody wanted me to name all the shows I watch so here they are. starred ones indicate stuff I actually post about semi-regularly:

-sherlock (well so much as anyone “watches” sherlock)*
-it’s always sunny*
-star trek tos*
-jeeves and wooster*
-a bit of fry and laurie*
-the l word (please don’t watch the l word)*
-mad men
-the fall
-bob’s burgers
-seinfeld (like, occasionally)
-the simpsons (also occasionally)
-yuri on ice*
-jessica jones
-arrested development
-house of cards*
-king of the hill

I think that’s it? it’s all that springs to mind anyway. I also watch rachel maddow and other news when I can, but I don’t have an actual tv so mostly I consume older shows and things available on netflix. tbh if you’re asking this you’re probably wondering about being pope leonard, which is a fake show I helped make up, or house, which is an evil show I do not watch.


I promised I’d do this at the start of the year, but it’s February already…oh well. Here it is, a compilation of most of my manga colorings from 2016! I was planning to do one for each month but I realized sometimes I’d do several per month, whilst I didn’t do any for 3 months. These are all raw/unedited, so they look slightly different from the final posts that they’ve appeared on.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

+ all colorings

※ Please do not repost/redistribute.

Post Replies and Little Ramblings #4

Post Replies

Post Replies and Little Ramblings #3: @unrepentant-thinner Interesting! I’ve never heard of doing boiled eggs in the oven. I’ll have to try that one out as well. Thank you for the heads up! @dragonfli17 That’s more or less what I’ve doing with the tofu. I’ve been putting it between two hand towels, then between two plates, and putting a textbook on top. Works perfectly! Then, I marinate it overnight and cook it on high heat. Lots of acidic ingredients and herbs seem to really spruce it up. I really like the mild nutty flavor of it, though.

Video post, “it’s never all or nothing”: I have the sweetest followers, that’s all I have to say. Thank you for being lovely!

Chocolate Avocado Mousse: @one-forty-five It really is hands down the most useful kitchen tool I’ve ever bought. It does the work of my blender but so, so much more too. You definitely have to put that as a Christmas or birthday wish!

My story, and my first progress pictures! Ack!: @zerocarb Thank you for checking out my post and leaving such a lovely comment! 💕

Leg Press Challenge: @guac-addict 💕 💖 @dragonfli17 🔩 😎 🔩 @one-forty-five D’aww. Thank you! 💝 @fatmaninalittlesuit Thank you so much for the follow! This promotion was wonderful as well. You’re an awesome part of this community and thank you for hosting this!

Selfie Friday 2-24-17: @guac-addict Aww, thank you! This kind of dress is jaw dropping on everyone, so you definitely need to snatch one up! @one-forty-five Thank you! I picked it up for an art show and it was the first dress I picked up. I knew it had to be mine. @2bgr8r Thank you! 😆 @wrenberries Thank you! 💞 @nosaltadded  😍 @musclesforeveryone Thank you! Lipstick is my brave face. I feel like such a badass when I wear it. You can definitely wear it if you’d like to, trust me! 

Friday Rundown 2-24-17: @wrenberries Thank you! Yes, sleep is definitely the main thing holding me back at this moment. I think if it persists for much longer I’ll go to the doctor. I try to resist prescription sleep aids because they’re really addictive, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  I’m hoping the season change whips me back into shape or something. @2bgr8r Thank you. A bit of a rough start, but I think I’m going to stick the landing!

Sorry for the emoji explosion. I have an emoji problem, and your emojis give me life. 

Little ramblings

  • Would anyone hate me if I occasionally shared my music compositions? Maybe on these little rambles posts? Or, on a side blog to dump my creations and off topic stuff? I don’t want to toot my horn too much but it’s really hard to make something and not be all “LOOK! LOOK AT IT!”
  • Just one time I’d like to walk into the kitchen and not see all the crumbs and mustard splatters my boyfriend left on the counter. Or, that he’d put all the food back in the fridge! You know, he’s pretty clean otherwise, but damn dude. Just one time. No, “Oh, what on Good Gaia’s Gracious Earth happened in here?!”
  • You know what’s amazing? Cracking a ton of vertebrae, especially in your neck.

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I clicked one second in on that garfiled video you posted and i decided i did not need that in my life and i stopped the video. Well now youtube won't stop recommending me there videos. Also my whole recommendation side bar on the right side when i watch a youtube video is all garfiled related videos. I can't stop this and because i'm signed into youtube on my phone a its also on my phone. Some how it connected to my facebook and there recommending me pages and to buy garfiled crap off amazon.

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Can you link the Draco/Ginny/Harry thing please? I'm trying to figure out what every one is talking about! :) thank you!

Here you go :)


Once I finish The Wrong Strain and Sublimation I’ll start cleaning it up and posting it to FFN. I know the next scene but, like in all things, ideas outpace time, and, worse, once I hit 2500-3000 words in any given day it doesn’t matter how much time I have, my brain needs a reset.

there are very few times these sorts of posts will be made. but this time, i feel like it’s completely necessary. if you have been asked in the past to not join this rp, whether it be for personal issues with the admin, forcing ships, bubble rping, or a combination of them all, joining the group under false pretenses is not only disrespectful to the admins, but the members as well and will not be tolerated.

in reference to this psa, made by one of the original admins of the scandals team, please unfollow:

demi lovato.

members, if this person continues to harass you after this has been posted, please block them. they have been asked not to join in the rp in the past, but it was an honest mistake on my part. i apologize severely to the members who have already been negatively affected by this person.

A “Wolf” in “Dog” Clothing

I’ve been watching a former tinhatter play the hypocrite on Sam’s IG. Her handle on twitter is mommydog67. She used to be a super-shipper mole who followed Purv for a while and then finally came clean that she was a resident of Shipperville. She has allegedly stopped shipping but she apparently can’t stop harassing anyone whom she thinks might be Purv.

I have no idea who liveluvlaugh2 (LLL2) is. As most of you know I had a bit of a difference of opinion with LLL2 myself a while back although we worked that out. But given what old mommydog67 has done in the past and who some of her tinhatter friends still are, her going after LLL2 on Sam’s IG seems a tad hypocritcal.

Hey mommydog67!  Those same pictures were on all the major blogs in Shipperville and at least one was on NST blogs as well (although we posted it after it came out on the shipper blogs). None of this is great. All of our hands are dirty. So why are you picking on one person? If you are going to call her out you had better call all of us out too including many of your friends. Therefore, unless LLL2 is harassing Sam or MM directly (like some tinhatter trolls are doing) why don’t you leave her alone?

sketches vs finals

Some days art is frustrating. And there’s something to be said for the idea that “no one knows how it was meant to look in your head”. And there’s something to be said for putting your best foot forward and not pointing out the mistakes in your own work. And there’s something to be said for the fact that you’re a bad judge of your own work anyway. But I posted one version of this piece on twitter and another on tumblr, so I’m gonna ignore those ideas and talk about dissatisfaction with my own art.

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And now the tide-pooling! 

I was so worried I was going to fall in the water, but luckily I got used to walking on the rocks pretty fast. And good thing I did, because these guys were every where in the water! These are Californian Sea Hares and they were just so darn cute and squishy! These were all fairly young, if not babies, and I didn’t even realize they were Sea Hares at first because the only other one I’ve seen before was a lot bigger (I think it was a little over a foot, but these babies can get over 2 feet long! I also got a video of one moving that I’ll post later as well. These guys may look like they stand out a lot in the pictures, but when you lose sight of them they can be really hard to spot out again (I looked away from the first guy for a minute and he was gone the next! Surprisingly fast little babies).

As for other stuff there wasn’t too much. There was an octopus but I wasn’t able to see it very well or get a picture because it was hiding in a little cave in between some rocks (I mean, if I was in its situation I probably would too), there were some adult Sea Hares but I wasn’t able to get close enough for a good look because they were in deeper water, and there were lots of little sea snails but obviously they were all hidden and staying put in their shell homes. I also found some sea glass which was really cool!

I wish I could’ve seen some Sea Stars, but if you guys haven’t heard there’s some crazy virus going on with them right now where they’re rotting, can’t grow their limbs back, and dying :(. They’re population at least around California has dropped like crazy and you can hardly find them anywhere anymore. 

Anyway, that’s all the pictures I got for now but stay tuned for some videos!