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The Hak and Yona relationship, IMO, is not a relationship filled with mutual understanding and respect where both party supports and gives. It's a one way relationship with one person doing all the supporting and giving while the other takes, demands, and uses. It's obvious which is which. No one's expecting them to be perfect from the start but outside of Yona's feelings for Hak turning romantic, there has been no change or real growth in the relationship they share. What am I missing?

Ngl anon, when I saw this I immediately started typing up this massive reply where I first went through every arc to show where Yona respected, understood and supported Hak and then began explaining how this was all connected, how they’ve both changed together as a result of these occurrences, and how their thinking has changed. I’m… not even kidding, here’s a screenshot of part of the original draft:

But, then I realised a little way through that the fact that I could find evidence in every single arc of development between the two, could point to moments in canon where they specifically say that they mean a lot to each other and want to support each other, and that they are so obviously not the same people they were in the first few chapters, made me come to the conclusion that maybe you are just missing something anon. And I don’t want to mean that in a nasty way - after all, we all read stories and interpret them differently and find different messages. But, if you’ve read 140+ chapters of this manga and can’t see a change in Hak and Yona and their relationship, then there’s nothing I can do. That’s honestly the bottom line for me. And, if my praising of them annoys you so much that you want to message me and point out your opinion every time I comment on them, I think it’s best that you un-follow me. Or, if you already don’t follow me, just ignore my blog. Honestly, it’ll save you a lot of annoyance, save me from constantly having to spend time defending a viewpoint you will probably never agree with, and we can part ways as unlikely friends. As a start to this unlikely friendship, here are three random facts about me:

  1. I hate lime flavouring in candy. It’s icky *pulls face*
  2. I have 15 mobiles/wind chimes hanging in my room because I love chimes and people like to gift them to me.
  3. My dad makes the best unbaked cheesecake. 

Message me three random facts about yourself anon~

Alya: So you’re dating Marinette now.


Felix: Hn. 

Alya: …Ooook. Well, you better take good care of my girl! And you better not be one of those guys that want something about her changed!

Felix: Actually there is something I do want changed. 

*Alya narrowing her eyes*: Oh? 

*Felix recalling every time Marinette has tripped and he had to rush over to catch her or help her up*

Felix: I want her to learn how to walk. Or at least have her pay attention to her surroundings more. 


Alya: Yeah…

Ah… Boy oh boy.

The four CCTS are so interconnected, that when one is taken offline (say, for maintenance), then all the others are as well.

Boy. It sure would be a shame if a certain villain uploaded a hack into a CCTS tower thereby infecting the entire system across the entire world OHWAITSHEALREADYDID

… Well, shit. Today’s RWBY was ridiculous, lads. Frankly, I think it’s the single best episode I’ve seen yet. The intense lore surrounding the Maidens and what Pyrrha is about to do with Amber, an excellently choreographed fight featuring Mercury and Yang… And a gut-punch of an ending. Or rather, a leg-punch of an ending.

I have a lot to think about. And a lot to talk about! Come hang out on the Discord and have a chat, yeah? A link can be found on my blog’s About Me page.

See you with more RWBY tomorrow.

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IMO!! What skam should have done was: season 4 Even (so we can see him still at Nissen/graduate), season 5 Sana, and then season 6 everyone. What I mean by that is kinda like the last ep of s4 but every character gets their own POV episode. It would work bc its Russ then, so just a single main would have their own plot overshadowed by that anyways in a potential s6. And it lets every storyline wrap up completely without infringing on a main (cough sana) or leaving things unfinished.

ah yeah, that wouldve been good as well! though i wouldve still wanted a vilde season rip 

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Let the shit show begin!

Oh god I am so lucky I wasn’t working the front desk in our oldest residence hall today. We have a football camp staying there, and oh boy, are they a bunch of idiots.

From the latest shift report:

Notes: Prepare yourself. -Apparently no one told the kids that they need to swipe to get into the building so they just stand at the door until you press the handicap button. I’m trying to spread the word. -Someone got locked IN the bathroom… yeah I don’t get it either -Someone also asked me to order a pizza for them. That’s a NO.

So a couple of things:

1) Being a college, we have the added security of using a key card to swipe into the buildings themselves as well as the actual rooms. Apparently that’s too hard to figure out, even with a posted sign.

2) The rooms in this particular residence hall are set up with two bedrooms (each room holding 2-3 people) connected by a bathroom. The bathrooms can be locked from inside the bathroom to ensure privacy while taking a shower. I have no clue how they locked themselves in, so I chalk it up to pure stupidity.

3) Don’t they know how to order pizza??? Like c'mon, man.

My boyfriend was unfortunate enough to have to work in this building, and he hated it. Boys came up to him assuming he would be able to understand them if they mumbled; instead of trying to figure out how to swipe in, they would go up to the door and shake the door handle trying to get in until he’d open the door for them using the button behind the desk, and in general, they were just idiots.

TL;DR - Football camp = really stupid boys that can’t tell their head from their ass.

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The last season of Sherlock aired a few days ago (but I already watched the whole show, obviously) so a friend watched it and texted me afterwards. Something like 'it was really good, but Mary died :(' And I was like, well, yeah, about time. My friend is a really really good friend and a genuinely good person but tbh I'm really still a little shocked bc she said she could UNDERSTAND HER? Why she did what she did? And I can only stammer, blanc-faced: she lied, she killed sherlock, she lied,...?!?

you know what i have had this conversation several times with casuals and all i can tell them is that they should feel free to not shoot me in the chest for any reason. they can just. you know. not shoot me. 

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im from new zealand too and we have SUCH UNDERAPPRECIATED MOVIES honestly (Mahana, Once Were Warriors, Black Sheep). also music (lorde did p well but!!! benny tipene is a v good musician)


so, that movie came out when i was 13 (it’s r13) and a bunch of my friends and i went to see it in the cinema and it psychologically scarred me with that final scene WHAT THE FUCK I AM A FARMER GUYS. CAN’T LOOK AT LARGE NUMBERS OF SHEEP IN THE DARK WITHOUT REMEMBERING THAT SCENE TO. THIS. DAY. MORE THAN A DECADE LATER.

(spoiler: i don’t watch horror films Ever because i’m weak as shit but SERIOUSLY. THAT MOVIE)

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Shall We Dance!Belle: How is your life now that Greg is gone and you're with Frank? SWD!Frank: How is Belle's dancing going? Is she continuing to improve?

Belle: My life is so much happier and brighter, now that Greg is history and Frank is here. He is such a gentleman, so considerate. Greg was always pressuring me, browbeating me. But Frank…Frank is gentle and loving and…he’s my best friend. 

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Frank: Belle’s dancing is going well, and yeah, she has improved. But the best part of it is that Belle is happy and she is having fun. She is healing through dance; she beams now. I love to watch her move.

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Hello! I was just wondering if it's okay for me to join the soukoku discord group?

Yeah of course! All you have to do is submit your full resume and type up a 200 page MLA formatted paper about why you love Soukoku, as well as donate 10 cents to mafia!Dazai’s chicken nugget fund.
Once you’ve done that, you’re free to join: https://discord.gg/MM4FEjY

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Yo I just found your blog and it's amazing so thanks for making it. idk I always imagined the ringtone as Runaway Train by Soul Asylum but now that u bring it up I could most definitely imagine Run Boy Run too. ive never heard the other song though i should check it out

Ahhh no thank YOU!!

Yeah, a couple of people have pointed me towards Runaway Train now, but Run Boy Run works so well as well!

And Ghost Towns (by Radical Face) is my No 1 Pain™ song for Neil okay everyone should listen to it


White Day  ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)


Me when Square Enix releases a survey for FFXV’s future content and you can only vote once and all of the options should’ve been in the game since day 1:

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you are not your own

“you’ve taken my light, your darkness will come”

Day 100

Vento Aureo is not confirmed.

Diamond is Unbreakable began airing one year ago on April 1st 2016.

I had no gag planned for today all this time.

The real joke here is day 100 landing here. We made fools of ourselves.


Q: What character do you miss the most out of the ones that died?

A: The impact of if Wells was still around, like how different Jaha would be? It would be insane right? He’d be a different guy […] Having Wells around would have really shifted things quite a lot.