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why do you like aaron gross

okay w o w this is such a loaded question I’m going to ignore the use of the word gross here unless you literally want to fight me. The short answer to that question is that I started loving Aaron the most when I realized literally no one else did, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Let’s take a little journey together:

  • Aaron Minyard is the most underappreciated character in the whole of the TFC fandom
    • literally Jean, Jeremy, and Bee get more love than him and all of them just have the briefest scattering of scenes like???
    • the only person ya’ll talk about less is Seth, and he literally died after one book, whereas Aaron is a major player in all three
  • I feel like in general the fandom despises Aaron because Neil despises Aaron, which is natural and all because the book is in Neil’s POV so we’re literally trained to think the way he thinks, but I can’t stand that mentality tbh
  • Also, typically I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t dive in enough to understand that Aaron and Andrew are a lot more similar than everyone seems to think
    • you hear over and over again how Andrew would burn the world for Aaron, that Aaron’s well being is far more important than anyone else’s
    • but how often do we consider the fact that Aaron would burn the world for Andrew, too?
  • We spend a lot of time devoting ourselves to Neil, Andrew, and Kevin (and even Jean, for crying out loud) because they have these uniquely horrible pasts that they have to overcome through the series
    • Okay. Cool. Awesome. I love me so damn character development and redemption and revenge as much as the next reader
    • But are we forgetting Aaron’s past? Aaron’s present even? And how much all that has happened to Aaron and to Andrew has literally ruined Aaron’s life and how hard he’s had to work to come to terms with it?
  • let’s take a trip back in time, to a young Aaron living alone with Tilda

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Something That Needs To Be Said

Spirits are living entities of another plane. They are not possessions. They are not pets. They are not commodities. They are not trophies. They are not collectors items. They are not laborers (or, let’s face it, slaves) who are with you to do your bidding. They are family. They are friends. They are protectors. They are mentors. They are (should it be consensual between the spirit and human companion) partners, or mates as the term is frequently used. They are helpers. They are nurturers. They are a responsibility. They are a commitment.

With that being said, the spirit/entity always reserves the right to change their mind about working with a human at any time if they don’t feel the human is the ideal fit for them- not just within this adoption center, but we would also hope within other adoption centers and companion shops. As spirit shop owners/spirit adoption center owners it is our responsibility not only to help the human aspect of the companionships we forge but the spirit/entities aspect of those companionships as well. We can say for certain within this adoption center (though, again, we hope within other adoption centers and companion shops as well) the spirits’ safety and well being always come first, which leaves the spirit the right to come back to us as well as us spirit keepers the right to deny a potential adopter the right to let said potential adopter take in a spirit for the well being of that spirit.

It doesn’t reflect on you as a person if you are denied a service. It simply means the spirit wasn’t the right fit for you and vice versa. Just because some spirit adoption services are free doesn’t mean that the ones doing the spirit adoptions are going to compromise their values to move their spirits along or that they’ll abandon the spirits they adopt out.

Yes, here at Refuge of Light a spirit will always come back to us and be readopted by another companion if the spirit decides it isn’t working with their current companion and that they want to try again.

Eye catching
  • Newt: What's the first feature you notice when you look at Minho?
  • Y/N: Narcissism
  • Minho: He meant physical feature she-bean.
  • Thomas: Eye- I mean Hair!
  • Minho: ...Right, and Newt?
  • Thomas: Accent.
  • Minho: Physical appearance!!
  • Y/N: Arms.
  • Minho: uh-huh, I wonder why?
  • Newt: What about Gally?
  • Thomas & Y/N: Nose.
  • Minho: What about Y/N?
  • Thomas: Boobs.
  • Y/N: ......
  • Minho: .. Well i can't deny that, don't give us that look! We're a huge group of guys here! Right Newt?
  • Newt: ......I was going to say eyes.
  • Thomas *rolls eyes*: Sure you were.

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Im reading all the feedback & reviews on blackjack you're receiving and I really am interested in what is the hype but I don't want to read a JK smut cos I dont want to see him in that way 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 WHAT TO DO!?!?!?!? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

read it. 

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Sentinel Wars (1/?)

So a few weeks ago I had an idea about combining Star Wars with The Sentinel, and some folks seemed to like that thought.  So….  I wrote some of it!  Shoutout to @likealeafonthewind for helping with some behind-the-scenes world-building on this.  @norcumi, I went in a completely different direction than the plot bunny you put up for adoption.  Sorry not sorry?

And now, I give you the first part of… “Sentinel Wars!”  (Because what is a creative title, I cannot.)


When the war starts, Rex is in the unenviable position of not really fitting into any of the ideal duty placements for a clone soldier of the GAR.  He’s a fully-manifested Sentinel, along with about 40% of his brothers, but he is neither able to operate fully on his own, like the command-track Sentinels do, nor synced with a partner to wake him up on the occasions when he does get lost in his senses, like the ground troopers and the specialized Sentinel teams.

It’s usually not too difficult for any of his nearby brothers to snap him out of his head, if he gets lost in a sound or a scent, but it would be easier if he’d found someone to sync with.  Still, he’s careful with himself, as much as he can be.  Zoning out too often or too deeply gets you culled, but Rex is stubborn.  He’s not getting culled, and he’ll defy his own karking instincts to make sure of it.  But that still leaves him with all his senses primed and no permanent partner to watch his back.

(mobile users, there’s a cut here!)

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I'm addicted to your blog, can you write about tsuna , mukuro and hibari's reaction when they had vongola torture their s/o for info because they thought s/o is a spy that is giving another famiglia infos about vongola , but turns out the spy was someone else


admin adelheid


“Jyuudaime,” Tsuna remained where he was, standing in front of Giotto’s portrait as he held the engagement ring he had wanted to give you tonight on your fifth anniversary in his fingers. “They’re ready. Your orders?”

He had to do it. He had no other choice.

One of his men had his sixteen year old daughter raped and blinded; she’ll never be the same again.

One had even had his parents dismembered and their pieces hung in their family home. No one has heard him speak since.

Another of his men had now lost his mind alongside his dead wife who had been pregnant with their child. Shot in the head after being tortured into losing the baby. He didn’t even know she was pregnant.

All three of them now surrounded him. Eyeing him expectantly, their eyes begging him to give them their justice.

All because you had leaked Vongola’s secrets to an enemy. An enemy whose days were now about to end.

Tsuna turned away from the portrait and sat down on the chair facing his three victimized subordinates and the rest of the high ranking members of the Vongola’s inner council. All his Guardians were there too.

Gokudera looked angrier than usual. Yamamoto kept throwing him concerned glances. Mukuro had his arms crossed and glaring at him while although Hibari seemed cool his eyes flashed in irritation. Ryohei was restless, he could barely stand still. Lambo was surprisingly awake, tiny flashes of lightning running back and forth from his eyes and his hair in his angry frustration and Chrome could barely hide the fact that she wanted to cry behind her mask of neutrality.

Even the individual portraits of Giotto’s Guardians seem to be eyeing the assembly with disapproval.

None of his Guardians wanted this but the Famiglia was everything. The Famiglia wanted blood. The Famiglia came first.

And Tsuna was the one they expected to deliver. “Do it.”

He barely heard his right hand man give the quiet affirmative through his earpiece.

And then the screaming started.

Tsuna resolved to remain stoic the entire time. It was a testament to Reborn’s training that his face didn’t even twitch when he heard you scream his name. He was well aware what kind of torture you were going through right now, it had been a part of his training, after all. He had undergone some of them himself from the few times he had fucked up and ended up weakened enough to be taken prisoner back when he was still a wet behind the ears fool.

The hot pokers. The knives through the hand. The flaying… He had seen it all.

The members of the Vongola’s inner council were all indifferent, as indifferent looking as their Boss himself. But the man that had gone insane laughed a few times quite maniacally as he demanded more blood from you, more screaming even as tears dribbled down his chin. The man whose parents had been murdered flinched and twitched in his seat a few times while the man whose daughter was raped stared at the carpet; the skin around his mouth and the knuckles on his fists white.

Tsuna’s face remained unruffled and solemn. Like an undisturbed surface of a pool as your pained cries and begging and denials echoed throughout the sealed chamber that was the Vongola’s portrait room.

Suddenly there was a commotion out in the halls.

Tsuna didn’t move even though everyone else was turned towards the doors and the noise beyond it. It was as though he were in another world where no one could ever touch him.

Suddenly the doors were flung open. A half burned man came in with a handgun wrestled from one of the shocked guards outside. The smell of his burnt flesh and the gasoline used to accelerate it pungent in the closed space. It made several of the occupant’s gag but this man remained unbothered. His now deformed eyes furiously turned with murderous intent on the man whose parents had been dismembered.


And then there was pandemonium and everything went to hell.

Gokudera screaming into his earpiece to stop your torture, Ryohei running out of the room to where you are, Chrome calling for other Sun users and medics to attend to this burned man and the remaining Guardians, fire and ice blazing in their eyes stalking towards the accused man who was now backing away from them all in terror. He knew he was not going to die easily.

The Vongola’s inner circle members all started muttering nervously, their indifferent facades breaking into a string of unintelligible mumbles as they all shot their Decimo fearful looks.

But Tsuna merely rose from his seat, regal as a king; calm as spring rain. He walked out of the room without even glancing back at the people left in it. Everyone he met along the winding corridor towards his room bowed their heads to him but he did not even acknowledge their existence. As soon as he reached the bedroom that still held your clothes, your scent and the remainder of your essence, he locked the door behind him.

And then he fell on his knees, curled up on the floor sobbing into the hands that still cradled your engagement ring.


“Mukuro-sama, please―”


“I’m begging you, please! Just give me a little more time! I know she’s innocent; give me a chance to prove it!”

He turned back to Chrome with an incredulous expression on his face before he sneered. “Are you out of your mind, Nagi?! Even after we’ve seen the evidence?! Her entire squad gave her away!”

“They’re lying! Please! Hibari-san is investigating this himself. Just a little while longer!”

Mukuro laughed sadistically and patted his former protégé fondly on the head despite her desperate countenance. “My cute Chrome, have you forgotten that I am a master of lies? I think I would be more than be able to tell if she’s lying to me or not.”

Frustrated, Chrome grabbed onto Mukuro’s shirt and looked into his eyes angrily. “You’re blinded! You care about her! That’s why you’re so ready to think the worst of her! You’ve always been like this! The more you care about people the more you push them away!”

Enough.” He replied through gritted teeth as their eyes met in a battle of wills. “It’s too late, I have already surrendered her to the interrogators yesterday they should be done with her by now if they know what they’re doing. What is done is done. I don’t need anyone’s sympathy. Not from God, not from anyone and especially not from you.”

Mukuro left Chrome in the corridor, ignoring her calls as he stormed into the room where they held you down. It wasn’t just Chrome, though. In the past few days when your loyalty had started to come into question the Guardians had been torn about the entire discovery of your duplicity. This was not the first fight he had with his female counterpart about the matter. And although no one else said anything Mukuro had noticed them all walk on eggshells around him.

Ridiculous. Did they really think he was so attached that his judgment would be impaired by his feelings for you? Mukuro was used to be the liar not the one being lied to. And you having managed such an atrocity was a professional blow to him. He ignored the part of his soul that was burning in agony at the thought of you in pain.

He entered the basement that doubled as a dungeon. The dark, metallic scented stains on the wall a litany to the long history of suffering this place has borne witness to. He was allowed in the room you were being kept in without anyone batting an eyelash.

“Mukuro-sama! Forgive us. We didn’t know you were coming!”

Mukuro ignored the man and looked down at you, your body torn and battered and barely even breathing. But when you heard his voice you did your best to look up and meet his eyes. Mukuro was treated to your swollen face and your broken teeth. His mind almost exploded from the fury even as he fought the sting that suddenly filmed his eyes.

How dare you look up at him with such confusion in your gaze? How dare you look so beautiful despite all this blood? How dare you still wear his ring? How dare his heart clench at the sight of you?

“What has she told you?”

“Nothing, sir,” one of the people in charge of your ‘questioning’ replied, uneasy at the sparking emotions in the male Mist Guardian’s eyes. Everybody knew enough to know not to cross Rokudo Mukuro when he was like this. Most people knew not to approach him at all. “She denied everything. She’s… very well trained.”

“Leave us.”

He didn’t even bother to look as one by one the Vongola’s interrogators left the room. Mukuro couldn’t help but snort at the incompetency of these fools. He had offered to interrogate her himself but Tsunayoshi refused, telling him he was too close to the matter. Mukuro thought it was ridiculous. Tsunayoshi was just being kind. But he never had any kindness to spare for the people who betray him.

“I don’t really care about the crimes you’re accused of,” he began, his voice smooth and hard like a sharp, tempered knife. “I don’t care how many people you’ve killed or how many rules you’ve broken.”

You tried to open your mouth but they must have damaged your throat. All that made it out of your mouth was a high pitched string of sound.

Mukuro’s eyes were pitiless as he kept on meeting your eyes. “But you made me believe you loved me and because of that I gave you all of me. You made me live my own delusions all this time. I was actually foolish enough to think we could have a family. I believed you, damn it! For that, I will never forgive you.”

You tried to move your broken arms, reaching for his shoes as though wanting to beg and make him listen. Tears mixing with the blood on your face as though comforting him in his hour of pain. As though still trying to make him believe your lies. It was more than Mukuro could bear. All he wanted to do was pick you up and keep you safe. He wanted to hold you close and run away with you.

How could he still be so in love with you?

“Make her talk. Do everything you can to make her tell you who else has betrayed us to the enemy!” he ordered to the startled men who had been waiting outside.

Blindly he fled from the room, casting an illusion on himself to make himself invisible. He didn’t care if he bumped into anyone else along the way leaving people confused and frightened left and right. Rushing he went straight into the closest men’s room he could find and lost all strength in front of the mirror as he leaned on a sink. As soon as he saw his reflection he began to laugh through his sobs.

It seems Tsunayoshi was right all along. Since when did the little Decimo know him better than he knew himself?

Suddenly the men’s room opened and in came three men Mukuro had recognized all too well. They were members of your squad. They made it passed him straight to the urinals without acknowledging his presence reminding Mukuro that he was still invisible.

“I heard Mukuro gave her up yesterday.”

“Serves her right,” one of them, your second-in-command answered as they did their business. “She almost found out we were the ones selling all that info away.”

“Shhh! Are you out of your mind?! What if someone heard?!”

“Yeah, yeah. Still, I would have loved to see her face one more time just to see what expression she’d make if she found out the info we keep selling are the ones we keep on overhearing her talk about with Mukuro over the phone. Talk about a pair of total idiots.”

Mukuro was in too much of a shock to move. Even after they left his legs had turned into too much jelly to follow them. His will had weakened so much he let go of the illusion around himself.

He remembered your face just now. All the blood, all the tears, all the broken bones. He remembered the sound you made while he spoke to you so coldly. Worst of all he remembered the words that he had spat at your head and the fact that he had ordered people to deal you more pain.

His insides turned into water as he threw up in the lavatory sink.


“Are you sure you want to be here for this, Hibari?”

Kyoya said nothing. He didn’t move, he didn’t speak and no one in the room could even tell if he was even breathing. He merely stared right back at you as you sat clamped on that chair with the wires connected to the switch which would be the source of your suffering.

The room he and Tsuna were in and the room where you were being kept was divided by a glass wall and afforded you a chance to see each other. It was like a gruesome parody of a play’s front row seat.

You stared right back at him. He could see the fine trembling of your hands you were trying so desperately to hide even through the glass. He could see the faint traces of fear in your gaze. He could almost taste the guilt in your breath. He had always known you like the back of his hand…

Or at least that was what he thought.

Until the evidence he had gathered himself about the security leak in the Vongola led him to you.

All the deaths, all the money and territory that the Guardians were now sent out to regain were lost under his watch. Because he couldn’t keep himself from loving a traitor…

His clenched hands twitched at the memory and his mind desperately called for calm. Anger and betrayal swelled in his chest until it threatened to choke him. His pride lay tattered on the ground and you were the one who stepped on it and made it bleed. His eyes flashed violently and it even grew colder as your gaze broke under the indifferent violence of his gaze and your eyes settled on his feet. A further sign of your guilt.

“Hibari?” Tsuna called again.

The Don had not met his Cloud’s eyes since he entered the room. Hibari had known the brunette long enough to understand that he would rather have kept you as bait to lure out all the other rats and be patient but Kyoya had been too wounded, too hurt, too disgusted by the idea that he had been sleeping with the enemy. It was not in his nature to lie. He was not the damn Pineapple-head. And you were not just another woman he was keeping around just to sleep with. He had wanted to marry you, damn it. He had harbored you and your younger brother under his own roof and taken you away from poverty. He had never thought for even a second that you would betray him. He had given his entire self into your keeping and you gifted him with your false loyalty. You had the temerity to pretend that you loved him. Even now, as you sat there facing the judging eyes of his Family you still had the gall to wear his ring.

And the sight of it felt like claws digging into his heart.

“Why is that thing still wearing that?” he asked coldly, fury thick in the hoarse growl replacing his usually smooth monotone. His voice ruined by breaking his own rule of not overly imbibing any alcoholic beverage to the point of losing his self-control.

“It was the only thing she refused to take off, Kyo-san,” Kusakabe answered quietly, bowing behind his Boss. “She said we would have to cut her finger off before she surrendered it.”

Kyoya sneered even as his eyes stung at the memory of your promise the night he gave you that ring.

That you would never take it off until the day you died.

Only the truly brave would have noted out loud how the Cloud Guardian’s lips trembled or how his eyes shone brighter with the sheen of unshed tears. He hated this. He was no longer in control.

He can’t do this anymore.

“Begin.” Kyoya commanded harshly.

Tsuna nodded slowly at his side and reluctantly flicked his fingers towards the interrogators with the casual ease of a man who was used to dispensing immense power.

One of them obediently nodded and flipped the seemingly innocent looking switch.

And then your screaming started.

Your torturers were professionals, of course. They knew just when to stop the electrical current flowing through your body just before you lost consciousness. Each time they stopped they cajoled you. They threatened you. They verbally defecated you.

And all the while Kyoya stood beside Tsuna looking as outwardly calm as his Boss as he watched drool pour out of your mouth. As your eyes rolled towards the back of your head and your body tear itself up in agony. He kept a neutral face even as each scream tore at him like a storm of knives.

Through your pain he was reminded by a distant memory. A promise he made to you when he was still trying to convince you to be his.

That he would never allow you to be hurt by anything. Not even by his own hand.

His sense of honor screamed in agony with you.

He could hear the accusations and the demands from your torturers.

It lasted for hours.

But you said nothing. Admitted nothing. Denied nothing.

All you did was scream.

And seeing you in agony was more than Kyoya could take.

As your electrocution was stopped so as to give your torturers another opportunity to pepper you again with questions, the door to the room was suddenly opened and both Kyoya and Tsuna looked at the new arrival with studied expressions of disinterest.

Until the man threw a familiar young man at Kyoya’s feet.

“Dino,” Tsuna frowned at his older brother figure and the half dead young man on the floor. “What is this?”

“You were looking for a traitor right?” Dino replied, his grim eyes taking on your battered form still clamped by wires on the other side of the glass. Drool dripping from your mouth and eyes already on the edge of madness. “I thought there was something fishy about the way her brother was going around chumming with a group of boys his age who were notorious for committing petty crimes last time I came to visit. I had him followed for a few days now. Looks like his buddies were using him to steal information from you, Kyoya. He didn’t even know what he was doing. Apparently when he found out his sister was taken away for being the spy he put two and two together and he confronted them himself to get them to turn themselves in and save his sister. When I got to him he was already beaten up bloody.”

“Does this mean she knew? The reason she’s not talking is because she was protecting her brother?” Tsuna frowned at Dino’s nod and his eyes gleamed in the dim room. “You sure, Dino?”

Dino nodded grimly and pursed his lips in regret as he looked back at the shell of the person Kyoya loved so very much. “I’m sorry. I’m too late.”

A cold numbness spread through Kyoya’s entire body. It rushed and froze his blood from the tips of his fingers to the back of his head as a violent mix of fury, hate, fear, guilt and madness threatened to consume his soul.

He barely registered Tsuna ordering you and your younger brother be attended by a medical team immediately, the Cloud Guardian couldn’t even make himself look at your battered self. He was afraid. For the first time in a long time he feared looking back and face what may just be his biggest regret.

Both Tsuna and Dino could only resign themselves when they saw the crazed look in the eyes of the Cerberus of Namimori.

“Who?” the Cloud-user snarled coldly, practically frothing at the mouth.

Dino told him the Famiglia’s name and Kyoya strode out, Kusakabe already handing him his tonfas with a bowed head and violently gleaming eyes.

“Kyoya,” Tsuna had to ask. He needed to know where he was going to send people to clean after his Cloud Guardian later, after all. “What are you planning to do?”

The maniacal grin on Hibari Kyoya’s face would haunt the nightmares of many after that day as he gave his Don an answer.

“To war.”

Amends (part four) finale

Carter Baizen x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, angst, mentions of past alcohol and drug abuse, swearing, abduction.

A/N: last part! It gets a bit real and kinda sappy. Hope you enjoy it! x

This is what you get for coming back to the upper east side. This is the shit you get in to for coming back to this cesspool of goddamn degenerates.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’m so sorry..”

“Carter.. please don’t”

“Shit.. fuck, no, I’m so sorry. Please, forgive me”

“Stop it, Carter..”

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Drake Walker x MC - A Playlist

#ChoicesCreates Round 24

Prompt: “
Movement of the Stars”
@hollyashton and @alwaysanotheroc​. A lot of the songs in this playlist use motifs of stars and light, so I was really, really happy to see that this was the prompt! As always, thanks to our wonderful hosts.

Background Info:His pain, his loneliness, is laid stark against the inky backdrop.”
 The second playlist for TRR I’ve been working on for the past few months, aka how I’ve been getting my feels out every week.  

Click on each song title for the link. I highly recommend listening while looking at the visuals, lyrics, and analysis.

If you’re interested, you can find Maxwell x MC here and Zig x MC here.

1) “Halfway Gone” Lifehouse
An exhilarating alt-rock anthem to rocky memories and bold decisions.

I’m hanging on but growing cold
While my mind is leaving
You got one foot out the door
And choking on the other
Always think there’s something more
It’s just around the corner
Talk, talk is cheap
Give me a word you can keep
Cause I’m halfway gone and I’m on my way

Stepping into the bar that night, Drake is no less cynical than he was back in Cordonia. When he sees the way that the Prince looks at us—the waitress with the pretty eyes and penchant for quips—he’s reminded that this is not the place for him to dare dream of a future. Not in New York, and not anywhere else.

So back at the palace, he wastes no time telling us the truth: that this is not a land of fairytales. To us, he’s brusque, colder than the night air.

Inside, he’s suffocating. His rebellion against this institution of lies and gilded smiles allows him to stay safe, in a world where his walls keep all hopes out.

Just the way he wants it.

2) “God Put a Smile Upon Your Face” Coldplay
A guitar riff-driven, alt-rock song that twists and turns with the observations of a jaded mind.

Where do we go, nobody knows?
I’ve gotta say I’m on my way down
Now, when you work it out I’m worse than you
Yeah, when you work it out I wanted to
Now, when you work out where to draw the line
Your guess is as good as mine

Granted, we’re much tougher than we seem—among other things. He reminds himself that his watchful gaze on us is only because his best friend has fallen head over heels for us, of course.

But when he slips back into the tent with drinks in hand, he’s taken aback by our beaming smile, directed just at him. Questions begin swirling through his mind, all centered on this strange churning in his stomach, as the three of them laugh together.

After years of letting rolled eyes and offhand insults fester, camaraderie sure is a strange pill to swallow.

3) “Amsterdam” Imagine Dragons
An introspective indie-rock tune for the nights we spend reminiscing and gravitate toward truth.

I’m sorry, mother… I’m sorry, I let you down
Well, these days I’m fine - No these days I tend to lie
Kinda thought it was a mystery and then I thought I wasn’t meant to be
You set yourself fantastically, “Congratulations you are all alone.”
Your time will come if you wait for it, if you wait for it
It’s hard, believe me… I’ve tried
But I keep coming up short
No I won’t wait much longer ‘cause these walls they’re crashing down

That night, we stroll along the sidewalk, surrounded by the soft glow of street signs and the echo of conversation. More bold than we’ve felt in months, we tease him shamelessly, until he’s tossing his head back and laughing heartily. 

When the palace comes back into view, the bitter twinge in his chest creeps back in; yet at our bright smile by his side, it soon dissipates.

As the night wind whips through our hair, Drake ponders what we might see the next time we look at him, a man veiled by a stony barrier that has begun to crumble, and what magic that future moments may reveal. 

4. “Holes” The Paper Kites
An atmospheric, indie-folk ballad that rings with aching vulnerability.

Never did I find all the answers I’ve untied
But then you always pushed the light in your way
And your voice was trembling
At the thought of “you couldn’t win”
But it’s the only race I’m in, running strong
Till you did, I faded out of sight
All my days and nights
You never leave my mind
Holes let in the light

With his gaze lost in the twinkling constellations above, all of his past comes rushing out. His pain, his loneliness, is laid stark against the inky backdrop. Somehow, he feels strangely whole.

When his shoulder presses firmly against ours, all we can think of is how alive this night feels. How we yearn to let this moment fade into infinity. With only the swaying trees to bear witness, we want nothing more to press against this wavering space between us.

As we walk through the snow, hand in hand, he knows now that somewhere along the way, we set off a spark in him—a glow that leaves him craving more.

5. “little light” Lewis Watson
An uplifting folk-rock ode to seeing the world renewed through bright eyes.

Staring at the clouds, looking for a silver lining
I was caught in a cocoon but now you got me feeling butterflies
Dreaming in the lows, I never thought I’d see this high
And all the plans that I’ve been chasing are always fading
But ever since I found you
A little light is breaking through
I was longing for the rain, you were the flood that made me overflow
A stranger to my skin, but now I’m braver in my bones
You see I’m shooting for the moon, you’re painting me in indigo

It’s as if he’s floating on air, yet still anchored to the earth—with the purpose, and the beauty, that our presence brims with. As the weeks unfold, he basks in the afterglow of all our times together.

There’s no denying it any longer: he feels deeply for us. It takes all his willpower to hold himself back from sweeping us into his arms on the dance floor, to remind himself to look away after smiling for too long.

He prays that these golden moments will stay, for just a little longer.

6. “Stall Out” Mutemath
A trancelike, alt rock track that brims with the apprehension of a moment, or a future, that could shatter all at once.

Racing on a faultline
Bracing for a landslide
Conscious of every move getting harder
Has the race gone underwater?

I keep stalling out; I just can’t keep up
There’s alarming doubt; am I good enough?
But you keep coming around to convince me
It’s still far from over

All we hear is the wind whistling through the open window, as we stare at him in disbelief. In pain.

After falling through the cracks of his walls, we’ve burned slow trails around his heart. One step closer and this distance may very well disintegrate into the passion that we crave every night. 

We have gone too far.

And so, he pushes us away. As he trudges out the room, his hands forced behind his back to prevent himself from reaching for us, for one last touch, he bitterly thinks of the dreams he’s learned to deny himself of. 

Neither of us sleep well that night.

7. “Illuminate” The Kite String Tangle, Dustin Tebbutt
A stirring, electro-indie number to surrendering to desire and letting the light in.

As the words fade away, I still believe what your eyes say
I still see you illuminate, as I drop my guard.
Time slows for the last breath
While everything is shattering
We won’t make it keeping to our own
No, it’s not easy
Through the long shadow, you can’t see the road
Can you just let us grow?

Alone in the study, we summon the bravery that we’ve learned over the past weeks. The courage that we’ve found in loving him.

When we place a gentle hand on his arm and lift our face to meet his, we have no request. Simply a question. Is he willing to open himself up once again to risk, to possibility? To finally let himself breathe, free?

Desire swirls through his eyes like whiskey. As he presses his mouth against us, hard and lets his hands roam unrestrained, fiery, we have our answer. 

He understands now; all along, we needed him just as much as he needed us.

8. “WALLS” Kings of Leon
A moving, soft rock ballad to one man’s heartbreak and bare confessions.

I can get there on my own
You can leave me here alone
I’m just trying to do what’s right
I could never point you out
Waste of space in a faceless crowd
Oh, a man ain’t a man unless he has desire
The western girl with eastern eyes
Took a wrong turn and found surprise awaits
Now there’s nothing in the way

When the walls come down

As Drake watches us twirl about in the ballroom, attracting adoring smiles wherever we flit, there is an undeniable heaviness in his chest. When it becomes too much to bear, he escapes to the cool night air, and attempts to catch his breath. Soon, we follow.

In the minutes that we spend lost in each other’s eyes, he can’t help but move closer to our warmth. As he presses his lips to us and pours all his sorrow into simply feeling this one, glowing moment, he silently begs it, and us, to stay.

But moments, as precious as they are to him, as much as he wishes to deny it, are fleeting. And so with one last desperate gaze, we slip back into the castle, our hearts aching with the thought of stolen touches and endings we didn’t dream of. 

He sits at the bar until his hands turn cold. Until it’s finally time.

“Holes” is my favorite, favorite song out of this entire playlist. It just screams Drake x MC and that legendary stargazing diamond scene to me. I also wanted to take a moment to say that seeing all your lovely faces on my dash made my day. You all are beautiful, and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Now, it’s time for me to hit the books…again…😢


Part three

“Gorgeous.” Rebekah compliments you, not able to take her eyes off of you. “Don’t you think so Nik?”
Klaus studies your appearance and gives you an flirtatious smile. “Just like you said, sister, gorgeous.” Klaus walks past you whispering in your ear. “Probably even more gorgeous without the dress.”
Immediately your cheeks turn red and you hurry back into the dressing room to hide your red face. You were not giving him the satisfaction of letting him know his words did something to you, even if they were meant or not. It’s been a week now that you’ve stayed with the Michaelson’s. Not as a prisoner, although there was always a sibling by your side, but they said it was for your protection. Your mother didn’t mind you staying with your friends for a while as long as she got to meet them. And that’s why Elijah came up with the idea to host a family dinner at their house for your family to meet your so called friends. You could have been with worse people, you have to admit. But still they are all completely insane. Rebekah who is like a total girl can be a cold hearted bitch the next and kill people without feeling sorry. Elijah is different. He seems like a gentlemen and dainty in his way of killing, if he even did so. He was the peacekeeper of the family. Kol you didn’t got to see so much, but he seemed the most unstable of all. And then Klaus. He seems to think he is some kinda god, which he kinda looks like, but still. You are glad that they are on your side, because you really didn’t wanted to see what that other side would look like.
“You know I can hear everything right.” You overhear Rebekah say to Klaus as you take the dress off.
“I have no shame.” Klaus replies.
You scoff. “I’ve noticed.” You mumble forgetting that they can both hear you with their vampire hearing.  You hear Rebekah laugh. Without a warning she enters your dressing room. Quickly you cover up your half naked body.
“Relax sister.” Rebekah looks at the other dresses hanging on the wall. “Nothing I haven’t seen in the centuries of being a vampire.” She adds with a flirty smile.
You take the green dress she hands you and pull it over your head. “Why am I the one shopping for clothes anyway? It’s my family.”
“Because I like shopping and I already have so much clothes and… you kinda need the makeover.” Rebekah zips the vintage looking dress up and studies you. “Even better than the other one.”
You turn around and look at your reflection. “Whoah. It’s.. Stunning.”
“Care to share the joy, love?” You totally forgot Klaus was still out there. You stick out your head. “No.” You say sticking out your tongue and ducking back in. “Let’s take it.” Rebekah smiles happily.

“Here let me take your coat.” Elijah takes your mothers coat and hangs it in the closet. Your mother gives you an approving look. Your little sister blushes as he calls her a lovely lady. You smile. Your family means a lot to you and it feels great to see them feeling so good. Except for your brother. He looks at Elijah with a skeptic glance. “Your dress is so pretty!” Your sister exclaims excited.
Before you can say anything you hear Klaus’s voice behind you. “It’s your sister that makes the dress pretty.” You turn around to give him a ‘cut it out’ look. He kneels in front of your sister and looks into her eyes. “And you, love, look even more lovelier than your sister. But that is our secret.”
“I’m sorry for the behavior of my brothers.” Rebekah comes down the stairs dressed in a long deep blue evening gown. My family was extremely underdressed compared to the vampire family.
You watch your brothers face change. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad evening for him after all.
“Now that everyone is here, I suppose we head to the dining room.” Elijah announces. Chatting with one another they follow Elijah. “Where is Kol?” You ask Klaus.
“My brother won’t be joining us tonight, love. He has some other business to attend to.” Klaus answers keeping his voice low. By now you know that business with the mikaelsons couldn’t mean much good, but you decide not to worry about anything else that dinner tonight.

The evening went quite well besides from some inappropriate remarks from Klaus. Rebekah and Elijah did a very good job of seeming normal young adults. “I’m glad you finally introduced us to your new friends.” Your mother lingers on the patio while the rest of your family walks to the car. You close the door behind you and lean against it. “Me too, mom.”
“It’s good to see you so happy.” She continues. You open up your arms and hug your mother. “I’m glad you’re okay with me staying with them. I know a lot of mothers wouldn’t allow that.” You let her go and kiss her cheek.
“So, what about this handsome man, Klaus.” Your mother gives you an teasing smile. “Something going on between you two?”
You sigh, but can’t help but laugh. “There is nothing going on between us.” You deny.
“Well he is very handsome.” She pushes. “And he was eyeing you the whole evening in a way no one who’s just friends does. Besides a mother know when her little girl has feelings for a guy.”
“Mom!” You exclaim a bit embarrassed. “Okay, yes he is very handsome and yes I’m definitely attracted to him, I mean which straight girl or gay guy wouldn’t be? But it’s more complicated than that.” Your mom knew that with that said the case was closed. She didn’t mean to pry and knew that if you really wanted to tell her, you would. With another quick hug she left.
You shut the door behind you taking a deep breath. You had succeeded in making your parents believe that everything was normal in the household you were staying in and a lot of pressure fell of your shoulders.
“Klaus.” You yell. The evening had finished and you wanted to make sure that Klaus hadn’t planned another training session for you. He had been helping you train your powers, but things sometimes got heated because you were both stubborn and things weren’t really going fast.
“Yes, love.” With a smirk on his face he leans in the doorway.
“You’ve been eavesdropping!” You exclaim angrily.
“It isn’t really eavesdropping if you’re inside minding your own business.” Klaus says still amused.
“For normal people it isn’t, but for vampires who can hear perfectly, it still is.” You push past him into the living room and let yourself fall down on the couch.
“You’ve got to forgive me, love. But I couldn’t help myself. I really wanted to know what your mother thinks of her future son in law.” Klaus takes a sip from his bourbon.
“You are not her future son in law, buddy. You don’t even come close to it.” You sneer at him.
“Who can resist a man who’s very handsome, who you’re definitely attracted to.”
“Hold your horses, Casanova.” You say trying to find the right lying position. “You may have heard me say that to my mother, but what I didn’t tell her is what makes the so called attraction complicated.”
Klaus sits down in a chair not letting the smirk leave his face even though he was getting less amused. “Amuse me, love.”
“I didn’t want her to worry about the fact that behind your handsome features there is literally and animal. And that you’re personality isn’t the same as your looks. You’re an arrogant  vampire with anger issues, who thinks he’s a king and everyone is just going to listen to him.” There you’ve finally said it. It is so much easier to say the things you like about people than what you dislike.
“I am a king.” Is the only thing Klaus replies with.
“No, you’re not, Klaus. You’re just a vampire, with wolf genes, that makes you different, not royalty.”
“That what makes me different gives me the power to make people listen to me.” Klaus smirk has disappeared and his voice sounds dark.
“That’s only because you threaten or torture them!” You exclaim.
“You know what, Y/N? If you dislike me this much, leave.” Klaus sits back in his chair, his face matching his voice.
“Don’t be such a drama queen, Klaus!” You sit up straight, showing him how annoyed you look. “All I’m saying is that you’re not that perfect, and who is anyways? Yes, my mother is enamored by you, but hell if she only knew you throw tantrums like a four year old, except you kill someone or hurt people who care about you when you do.”  
Klaus doesn’t look at you and just angrily stares at the fireplace. You give him a while to say something, but when he doesn’t you get up to go to your bedroom. “You’re just proving my point.”

Why Am I Like This | Part 5 | JUGHEAD JONES X READER

Description: Jughead runs out of the homecoming dance after hearing some news he doesn’t expect. The reader follows him out which leads to a shocking confession being made about the girl he loves. After three days of no contact, the reader confronts Jughead in the hallway and events transpire - wink wink- 

Word Count: 1969

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

I was there for you in your darkest times

I was there for you in your darkest times

Jughead could see (Y/N)’s piercing (Y/E/C) eyes looking at him from the across the gym. He gave her a thumbs and a smile which lead to her giving him a wink. He laughed and watched as she became immersed in her performance, moving around the stage and dancing along with the crowd.

“She’s really good,” Jughead said to Betty.

She nodded her head in agreement. “Yea she is. Her and Archie have really good chemistry as well, I mean look at them. They never actually got to rehearse the performance part, just the music, and the move as a unit. I’m impressed.”

Jughead let her words sink in, an uncomfortable feeling developing in the pit of his stomach. He hadn’t noticed it before but (Y/N) and Archie did have great chemistry together. He thought back all the times they bantered back and forth without a moment’s hesitation.

“I’m thirsty, let’s go get a drink,” Betty said while grabbing Jughead’s arm. She dragged him towards the back of the gym where the drink station was, and Veronica Lodge.

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I kind of like him

I kinda felt like writing so I wrote something. 

Based off of the idea that, since coming to Birmingham, Michael isn’t used to being snubbed by a girl.

One Friday night, after a particularly stressful week, Michael decided that he wasn’t in the mood to go to the Garrison. After seeing them everyday all day, Michael didn’t feel like drinking with Arthur, John, or Tommy. “Let’s go to one of them posh places on the other side of town! I hear a jazz club just opened that’s supposed to be proper class! That’s where everybody goes to dance, it’ll be a fun change of pace!” Isaiah suggested. “I don’t dance.” Michael flatly responded. “Fine then. I’ll dance and you can sulk. Grab your coat, it’s fuckin’ freezing outside.” Isaiah didn’t even give Michael the chance to object, so with that the two headed away from Small Heath and towards the more affluent side of town.

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It’s Bi Visibility Day! Here are some famous bi people with quotes about their bisexuality :)

Alan Cumming: “I don’t understand this but I never felt any shame about my sexuality and the idea that I found boys attractive as well as girls.”

Lady Gaga: “I’m boy-crazy, and girl-crazy too. it really depends on where I am. I love men, I love women and I love sex.”

Freddie Mercury: “I play on the bisexual thing because it’s something else, it’s fun… the last thing I want to do is to give people an idea of exactly who I am. I want people to work out their own interpretation of me and my image.”

David Bowie: “It’s true — I am a bisexual. But I can’t deny that I’ve used that fact very well. I suppose it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Anna Paquin: “For me, it’s not really an issue because I’m someone who believes being bisexual is actually a thing. It’s not made up. It’s not a lack of decision. It’s not being greedy or numerous other ignorant things I’ve heard at this point.”

Kurt Cobain: “I’m definitely gay in spirit, and I probably could be bisexual… If I wouldn’t have found Courtney, I probably would have carried on with a bisexual lifestyle.”

Drew Barrymore: “I regard myself as bisexual. If you’re with a woman, it is like if you’re exploring your own body, only through someone else.”

Angelina Jolie: “I like everything. Boyish girls, girlish boys, the heavy and the skinny. Which is a problem when I’m walking down the street.”

Skin: “Yes I happen to be female and black and bisexual and these are things that are part of me, but they don’t tell the whole picture, it’s too limiting to put people in boxes like that.”

Amy Winehouse: “There is something about being with a woman that is very satisfying. I don’t care what people think about me being bi – I do what feels good.”

anonymous asked:

Could you write teacher!peeta student!katniss please? Love u

I’ve got every reason in the world to hate Peeta Mellark.

For his relentlessly positive attitude, and for his handwriting that’s so much better than mine. For his innocent, blue-eyed smile. For those soft, golden curls that remind me of a less Ramen-Noodley version of 1998 Justin Timberlake. For his naïve faith in humanity, for his belief that all students have potential  – has he met Glimmer? The girl’s a walking piece of driftwood – and for his jawline that could probably crack Captain America’s shield in two.

Also, for the fact that he’s my professor, and despite how repulsive student-teacher relationships are, I still can’t catch my breath around him.

But mostly, for the fact that, despite every single reason I have for detesting the sheer sound of his name, I don’t. Not in the slightest.

As someone who’s always wanted to slap the hormones out of every other teenage girl who swoons over their young, handsome teachers, it kills me that I’ve sunk to their level.

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If you haven’t heard/read about Trumps Muslim Ban, please do so right away. Not only is this banning 130,000,000 people hailing from 7 major muslim countries (including my country Sudan) from entering the US as well as possibly even denying LEGAL US citizens with green cards access back into their OWN country, but also criminalizes muslims and normalizes the stereotypes so commonly attached to islam. #notmypresident #neverfuckingwillbe

sentence prompts ➝ faking it
  • ❝This is our song!❞
  • ❝You scare me; I like it.❞
  • ❝Still hate you too, boo.❞
  • ❝Not another fucking protest.❞
  • ❝We’re faking it. Big time.❞
  • ❝We are soulmates.❞
  • ❝It was like kissing my sister.❞
  • ❝What the fuck do you want?❞
  • ❝ I thought the two of you were done. Why didn’t you tell me?❞
  • ❝He’s all you ever talk about. You’re like a horny parrot.❞
  • ❝Since when are you so open-minded?❞
  • ❝How are we gonna explain to people you went blind last night?❞
  • ❝You need to eat. You’re always bitchy when you’re hungry.❞
  • ❝You get way too much pleasure torturing her.❞
  • ❝I like the words coming out of your mouth.❞
  • ❝They’re just nipples! Everybody has them.❞
  • ❝Will you just shut the fuck up? I’m trying to empathize.❞
  • ❝This isn’t gonna come out of my hair until I shower.❞
  • ❝If only he were a vampire, he’d be perfect.❞
  • ❝It’s not like I know how to stop being irresistable.❞
  • ❝There’s a spark between us; you can’t deny it!❞
  • ❝Well I saw the two of you dancing; you sure looked like a couple.❞
  • ❝What a perfect night. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this happy.❞
  • ❝Oh, God no. No, the incinerator is for special occasions only.❞
  • ❝That must be why it felt wrong! I have too much integrity!❞
  • ❝We hate high school during the day. I doubt we’d like it better at night after it’s been drinking.❞
  • ❝What? Did you raid the drama club costume department?❞
  • ❝This really isn’t a good time for constructive criticism.❞
  • ❝Did you snort some meth this morning?❞
  • ❝Oh, if you’re worried about my feelings there’s nothing to worry about. That’s ancient history.❞
  • ❝Thank God she didn’t barge in five minutes ago when we were 69ing.❞
  • ❝Who does that? Trashy women on reality TV, that’s who.❞
  • ❝I asked for butch, not Matthew McConaughey from Magic Mike.❞
  • ❝I’m already faking one relationship. If I’m going to have a real one, I want her to like me for me.❞
  • ❝What can I say, I’m confused. I don’t know what I want.❞
  • ❝You know what, I just realized my parents are getting a divorce and I no longer believe in love. Please excuse me.❞
  • ❝I was worried you were gonna ask me to crawl back there and join you for a threesome.❞
  • ❝First, my smile is genuine. Second, my diction is appropriate for the occasion, and third, I’m the one who dumped that piece of shit.❞
Ice See You

Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: Leonard Snart x Reader

Words: 760

“Wait…so you’re Mick Rory’s daughter?” Cisco asked 

You rolled your eyes, “I did just say that, didn’t I? Trust me, I hate it as much as you do. But ya know. Can’t choose your family.”

“Why didn’t you tell us earlier?” Barry asked.

You scoffed, “You would’ve automatically thought I was like him. Don’t even deny it, Bar.” Barry shrugged.

“Well you’ve proven to us that you’re not. You’re very powerful with your ability to control all four elements. You could’ve hurt us any time you wanted.”

“Oh yeah! I didn’t give you a name yet!” Cisco exclaimed.

“Oh jeez.” You muttered.

“Hear me out, Y/N!” Cisco jumped up from his seat. He paced around you. You sat in a chair with your arms crossed waiting for Cisco’s famous name. He snapped his fingers, “Avatar!”

“You’re kidding me.” Barry said.

“Avatar? Really, Cisco?” You asked.

“Ya know! Like Avatar the Last Airbender! The Avatar can control all four elements!”

You chuckle at Cisco’s excitement, “Well, I have no other choice, do I?”

Cisco plops himself in the chair next to yourself looking very satisfied, “Nope. No choice. It’s settled, Avatar.”

“Guys! We got a problem!” Caitlin said from the computers. Everyone made their way to the screens.

“What do we got?” Cisco asked.

“Captain Cold and Heatwave. Robbing a jewelry store on fifth street. They’re-” When Caitlin turned to face Barry and Y/N, they were both gone.

“Y/N! What do you think you’re doing?” You hear Dr. Wells on your comm as you manipulated the air so you can fly.

“Helping out, Barry. That’s what superheros do right? Help out each other”

“Yes, but-”

“Doctor Wells, please. I need to do this.”

When you and Barry arrived, you two faced the two crooks. You crossed your arms and narrowed your eyes.

Daughter.” Rory sneered.

Father.” You gritted through your teeth.

“Didn’t know your daughter was a sight for sore eyes, Mick.” Snart remarked. He winked at you. You rolled your eyes. Rory pushed Snart back a bit and stepped forward.

“Listen, daughter dearest, I don’t mind to sound insensitive..but back off.” He pointed his heat gun at you.

“With all due respect, father dearest, there’s no way in Hell I’m backing off." 

Snart pushed Mick to the side, "Alright, sweetheart.” Snart shot his cold gun at you and you immediately stopped the ice and turned it into a ball of water. You then threw your hands out and the water threw Rory and Snart back. They landed on their backs moaning in pain.

Barry nodded in approval, “Nice work, Y/N.” He then ran somewhere and came back holding rope. He threw you one, “You tie up Snart and I’ll tie up Rory.”

You nodded and did what Barry told. You smirked as you turned Snart over and began tying him up, “Ooouu, sweetheart. Just gonna get right to it then? Not even gonna buy me a drink?”

“Shut up, Snart.” You finished tying his hands and stood him up. You pushed him to Barry, See ya later, Flash.“

You arrived home later that night. You closed the door and sighed with satisfaction. This was the first time you went out and used your powers. You used them to capture your own father! That is a definite victory.

You hear someone clear their throat and you immediately turn. You go into a fighting position. You see Leonard Snart sitting there in your favorite chair.
"Why am I not surprised you managed to escape?” Snart shrugged and stood up.

“I guess that means you have to continue chasing me, sweetheart.” He walked up to you until you two were nearly chest to chest, “And I do love a good chase.”

You pushed past him, “So does that mean my father’s here too?" 

"Nope, just you and me. Mick doesn’t even know I’m here.”

“Why are you here, Snart?”

“Come on, Y/N. I know you felt that connection between us.”

You scoffed, “Hop off it, Elsa. If you’re here to kill me, just do it. I don’t have time to play your little games.”

“Please, if I wanted to kill you, I would’ve done it already.”

“Truth is: you interest me. Your attitude and your powers. So I was hoping we could get to know each other. No one has to know. Not your father, not the Flash, not your little team. No one except you and me.”

“I have a bad feeling about this…”

“So is that a ‘yes’?”

“It’s a 'we’ll see how it goes’”

Snart smirked, “Perfect.”