well no shit ron

I can still draw my fave nerds as like y’know, buds, right? Intergalactic collaborators? Jane wouldn’t mind that, would she?! :B

I do still wonder how how Peri is gonna react when she realises that not only did someone steal some tech of hers, they also don’t know what the fuck they’re doing with it! Would she get mad? Or attempt to educate (like she does with Steven!)?!

So many questions! She didn’t save the Earth for this…

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Reaction

Maggie’s close call.

Eugene saying “help” to Daryl.

Jess saving Rick and the others.

“My pregnant wife”

Realizing that’s why Glenn told her to stay at the beginning.

“Well shit.”

“Your dad’s a killer.” “So was yours.”

Ron almost getting, not only Carl, but everybody else killed.

“Your dad was an asshole.”

Glenn seeing Maggie surrounded.

Poor Deanne.

Sam trying to talk to his mom.

Me at the end.