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@unavenged-robin tagged me in this post and I couldn’t resist writing something to go with it. It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired enough to just write something fun. Thank’s so much for the tag. 

This is technically part 3 of Little Offenses, but feel free to read it on it’s own. 


Rating: Gen

Words: 2,445

Warnings: There is a cockroach in this fic if you don’t like them feel free to skip

Summary: Tim finds an unwelcome surprise in his room

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Tim waited exactly 45 minutes after Bruce checked in on him, and Alfred confirmed he was indeed in bed and resting his bummed-out ankle before he cracked one eye open. He had given them time to check on him, and for Bruce to do his double-check he liked to perform when he thought Tim might be keen on working late. He’d even given Dick time to slouch in to make sure he was resting comfortably.

He was certain he was in the clear to open his laptop and get started on the cold case he’d just found a lead on (the one that he’d twisted his ankle because of, and the one he’d been expressly forbidden to work on during the evening hours because apparently rest helped stupid ankles heal faster). He reached an arm over to the nightstand to pull his computer off it and frowned as his hand met wood.

He turned and glared at the shape of the stand before deciding either Alfred or Bruce must have moved it as a deterrent. That was fine, he could get up and find it. It wasn’t like he was overly comfortable in his bed, wrapped in his blankets that had just reached optimum snuggling temperature. He could wrap himself in a blanket to ward off the outside chill, find his laptop, and be back under the blankets before they’d cooled back to just a little too chilly.

Then again he could always just drag the entire comforter with him. It was a tempting thought, but then Tim remembered he’d have to either risk freezing as he slept from tangled sheets or bother with putting his whole bed back together and he was too tired and too ready to work for either of those things, so he threw the blankets back and mumbled, “Yolo.” Before reaching over to click his light on.

He’d managed to swing his legs out of his bed before the shadow on the wall made him blink. It was an odd, distorted kind of oblong with wisps that he’d never seen before. All thoughts of laptops and returning to snuggly blankets left his mind as he knuckled his eyes. He was tired after all, and the blob was probably a piece of fluff stuck to one of his eyelashes.

But it wasn’t. That was clear enough the moment his eyes focused back on the splotch. More than that he was pretty sure the shadow just moved. That little wispy appendage hadn’t been as close to the other one the last time he’d looked.

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June Eckstine had a small speaking role - with Dorothy Dandridge no less - in “Carmen Jones” in 1954. At the time, she was best known as the ex-wife of singing legend Billy Eckstine and was doing her best to carve out her own niche in Hollywood. Ms. Eckstine, who appears in the “Wives & Socialites” chapter of my book, Vintage Black Glamour, was featured in the July 15, 1954 issue of JET magazine (an outlet that covered her extensively) in some well-orchestrated press shots with Pearl Bailey and Rita Moreno. It seems like “Carmen Jones” was her only film - but you never know since she went uncredited (just like Max Roach, Alvin Ailey, Carmen de Lavallade and other future stars who appeared in the film.). #vintageblackglamour #vbgbook #JuneEckstine #DorothyDandridge #1950s #hollywoodwives #oldhollywood #blackhollywood