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So me and @reyindee were rping about NAJ! Siren x Idle. Apparently in the AU, the seme and the uke switch places. So one the the scene was Siren waiting for Idle outside of the hospital and well. He was wearing this.

And they had an assignment where they had to take care of an egg for 2 weeks. And yes Siren keeps the egg in one of his chest pockets.


NAJ by @blogthegreatrouge
Siren, Art by Me

You know, we have had intra-community discussions on here about denominations in Judaism and how they are generally something found within Ashkenazi communities, but I’m not sure we have really addressed the American-centrism of these discussions.

For example, Reform Judaism in Britain is not the same as Reform Judaism in the United States (it’s more on par with the what is Conservative Judaism here in the States), and its founding was actually spearheaded by Britain’s Sephardic community (it’s probably one of the few instances of Sephardic Jews taking the lead in establishing denominations, because they were a much older, well-established community in Britain than the new Ashkenazi refugees pouring in from Easter Europe, and the idea was to create a non-denominational “British” brand of Judaism that didn’t force divisions between the minhagim). 

There is also the Masorti movement, which is also generally recognized as being on par with Conservative Judaism outside of the US (In Britain, their own Reform Movement generally preceded the worldwide Masorti movement, but I believe that Masorti has also existed in the UK since the mid-80s as its own separate thing, though I could be wrong about that).  

I believe there are also movements for what is known as Liberal and/or Progressive Judaism in Germany and the Netherlands (not to be confused with Liberal Judaism in Britain, which is yet another movement that may be more on par with Reform Judaism in the U.S. though I am not entirely sure about that. 

Meanwhile, Reconstructionist and Secular Humanist Judaism don’t really have much traction outside the US.

Anyway, I am hardly on expert on this topic, but I just thought we should address that the terminology we use isn’t always universal, and that what one person labels something might have a different meaning than you expect. 

Modern Magical Creature Problems

I was bored.  What can I say.  A bit longer than I expected, but these were fun to come up with.


  • One word: windshields.  I mean, come on!  We’re only six inches tall!  Seriously, if we don’t see the car coming- splat.  It’s a really messy way to go, believe me.
  • Birds.  Just… aargh.  Great feathery nuisances, all of them.  They may not look all that threatening to you big huge humans, but when you’re just about the right size for an afternoon snack… well, hey.  We’re fiercer than we look for a reason.
  • Mosquito nets.  This one’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s actually a big problem.  Ever flown into one?  I swear, having to untangle your wings from that stuff is insanely annoying.
  • No, I don’t know the Tooth Fairy.  Stop asking.  She retired ages ago, anyways.
  • Disney had not portrayed our race remotely accurately.  For one, what’s all this nonsense about only being confined to a single job?  That’s just ridiculous!


  • Hoarding.  It normally starts just before puberty, and the urges to take stuff and guard it viciously only increase as we develop into juveniles.  No, I’m not kidding!  And sometimes, we hoard the weirdest things, too.  I mean, I remember when I was younger and I hoarded socks.  Socks.  And it’s really hard to control as well.  Problem is, society doesn’t look very well upon kleptomaniacs these days… hey, we can’t help it!
  • Our firebreath.  Like the hoarding, it doesn’t come until around puberty.  Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to control when it first starts happening, and while we may be fireproof, not everyone else is.  Led to a lot of singed eyebrows and scorched desks when I was in school.
  • Meanwhile, on that note, just because we breathe fire does not mean that we will help you make s'mores.  If you keep bugging us like that, something’s gonna get roasted and it definitely won’t be the marshmallows.
  • Sharing airspace.  I have a couple friends who like to freak out commercial airline jets by doing flybys, but that can lead to a lot of tension between airlines and the dragon community when they accuse us of interfering with their flight path…
  • Sharing in general, to tell the truth.  Most of us have, let’s say… possessiveness issues.
  • Rainy days usually do not end well for us.  Ever.
  • Funnily enough, we tend to get a lot of job offers as security or bodyguards.  Wow, judging on stereotypes, much?
  • Stop eyeing the UK dragon community every time one of the royal family so much as steps foot outside the palace.  We don’t kidnap royalty anymore, okay?  That was literally centuries ago!  Besides, too much hassle.  MI6 would be on us in minutes.


  • Sometimes, we have an insatiable urge to graze.  Grass, hay, the occasional orchard or garden…
  • Do you have any idea how many times people have come up to us and asked, “How come you aren’t do more to help the environment?  How come you don’t all get together and purify the water of this planet?  You could solve half our global problems!”  Yeah, well, it’s not that easy.  We have limited power, y’know.  We aren’t just infinite, pure-water-producing machines.  Besides which, there aren’t that many of us left anymore, because guess what?  Pollution’s been killing off our habitats!  There’s only so much we can do!
  • Someone tried to buy shaving off my horn once.  That… that just gross.  Ew.  It was as if someone had come up to a human and asked to buy their fingernail clippings or something.  Just… gross.  Ugh.
  • Someone recommended a book series to me once, but then partway through they stopped and said, “Wait, sorry, forget about it.  I just remembered that the villain kills some unicorns in the first book.  Never mind.”  And I just looked at them and said, “So?  Humans read books about humans killing other humans all the time.  This isn’t that different.”  And the person was all like, *awkward pause* “…Right…”
  • No, I do not sparkle, dance on rainbows, or exude those things in any way.  Whatever gave you that idea?


  • It really, really hurts to bite your lip when you have fangs.  Seriously, ow.
  • Most types of Italian foods are off-limits, because there’s too much risk of garlic.  Shame, too.  It all looks so good…
  • Even if we were religious, we wouldn’t be able to go to church or other holy places.
  • We have to be invited if we want to go into dwellings not our own, which is annoying when visiting friends.  No such thing as throwing surprise birthday parties for us…
  • A nocturnal lifestyle isn’t always fun.  Makes it difficult to maintain human friendships.
  • One of the most frustrating things to do is argue with a historian.  When they’re wrong, they usually want more proof than, “I know because I was there!
  • The only way we can ever see a sunrise is with lots and lots of sunscreen.
  • That awkward moment when some clueless human realizes that I don’t have a heartbeat and freaks out/calls an ambulance.  
  • Sometimes on Halloween, people come up to me and ask, “That’s such a good costume!  Where did you get it?” and then they slowly back away when I tell them it’s not a costume; these fangs are real.
  • Stop with the mosquito jokes.  Please, just stop.


  • Yes, we have pack dynamics.  No, they are not completely rigid and they don’t control every bit of our lifestyle.  Stop perverting everything, please.
  • Once, someone got me a bouquet of flowers for when I performed as a soloist in a concert.  Problem was, they just grabbed whatever off the shelf and didn’t realize that those pretty purple ones they thought I would like were actually wolfsbane…
  • Silver jewelry?  Ah ha ha ha, no.  Bad idea.  Bad idea.  We try to avoid jewelry shops in general, actually.
  • Quit it with the dog puns.  Seriously.
  • Why does everyone assume we hate vampires?  If we hadn’t learned how to get along centuries ago, our races would’ve wiped each other out.  Given that we’re still here…
  • Ha, ha.  The collar and leash were a hilarious gag gift.  

Went to Cardi B’s concert. I had an amazing time despite the jamaican bitch who kept elbowing me. It was tense because cardi was saying things like “pull up on a bitch” and i kept imagining me running down on this yardie next to me. Cardi was like “no one fight in here, fight after outside please” and i kept thinking “damn shouldve secured my wig”. I mean besides all of that, the concert was dope af. Im so in love with life and music atm..i think being stuck in a cultish church took me away from music but now im back listening to my favourites! Also got introduced to the UK music scene for real (we werent well acquainted before) and I think im in love? Forreal theres so many talented niggers out there and the grind is so real. I’m really proud of the UK we know how to represent.

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How does one eat jaffa cakes incorrectly?

Well… I mean, my jaffa cake eating preferences are a bit personal 😉

The *correct* way to eat one is to deconstruct one; you nibble the chocolate off, then eat the orange jelly, then the cake!

My wife flies in the face of sanity and eats them in two bites! There was an advert here (I don’t know if it ever aired outside of the UK) where a teacher demonstrates to her class what a lunar eclipse looks like by eating jaffa cakes. *Full moon! Takes bite. Half moon! Puts whole thing in mouth. Total eclipse!* It makes her laugh everytime!

Something that’s really started annoying me lately is that Americans, mainly US citizens, seem to think that white people can’t be prejudice against other white people. That Europe apparently has no racism because it’s full of white people and I just ? One, black people, Asian people, latinx and people of colour in general exist EVERYWHERE, including Europe, but xenophobia anyone? For example, in the UK, we have a lot of xenophobia towards Polish and Eastern Europeans, especially Romanians and Ukrainians (which is absolutely absurd for a “kingdom” that was built on a long history of colonialism and slavery, but I digress) anyways, Poles and Eastern Europeans literally get called vermin. They are insulted for their accents. They are branded as “chavs” which happens to be a stereotype for the poor in the UK (we suffer from very severe classim here as well.) Yet when I tell people outside the UK (or Europe) about this, especially Americans, one of two things happens. 1) They have no idea what actually goes on in the UK or 2) They call me a liar and say that white people can’t be prejudice against other white people even when some white people are actually attacking and even killing other white people over their accents, and the fact they don’t “belong” in the country/countries. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t apply one country’s politics to every country’s politics. People have different relationships to immigration and race depending on what country you’re in. Don’t invalidate another person’s experience just because it doesn’t fit your rhetoric. 

a quick guide through psychopathy and sociopathy.

psychopathy and sociopathy are both severe forms of the antisocial personality disorder also known as ASPD

the symptoms of both of these disorders are complex and it’s very easy to confuse them with each other. personally, i hadn’t been able to tell them apart until i wrote an essay on psychopathy and spent hours of my time on research. so, whenever i see someone use the word ’psychopath’ for someone that actually shows the characteristics and symptoms of a sociopath, i can’t help but cringe.
which is why i decided to write down what i found out.

what a psychopath and a sociopath have in common:

- no respect for laws and social norms
- disregarding of the rights and emotions of the people around them
- an exaggerated sense of self, overconfidence, narcissism
- a tendency for manipulative and violent behavior
- a lack of sympathy and empathy ( some may say they lack emotions in general, although it has been reported that both psychopaths and sociopaths were seen showing anger, signs of loneliness and, in their very own form, love )

what the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath is:

- psychopaths are able to UNDERSTAND the emotions of the people around them, analyze them and are able to imitate them ( often to get what they want )
- sociopaths do NOT understand the emotions of those around them, have trouble understanding the consequences that follow and usually can’t imitate them in a very believable manner
- psychopaths are often established in society, they can often be found in high positions such as CEO, etc. most people around them will probably not know that they are in fact a psychopath
- sociopaths have trouble fitting in, finding friends ( they often do not even feel the need to do so ) and are often outsiders 

now, another important thing:

not every psychopath/sociopath is going to run around and kill people. there has been a study implying that out of 100 children, one could potentially be a psychopath ( the study was referring to the UK, not worldwide ). if that was the case, and EVERY psychopath/sociopath was to commit at least one murder - well, there’d be a lot more dead people.

what’s important to understand is that yes, they are more likely to commit crimes due to their disregard of law and order, narcissism and lack of empathy but not all will.

what turns someone into a psychopath/sociopath?

to this day experts still don’t quite know what turns someone into a psychopath/sociopath, although there are a few factors which could potentially lead to psychopathy/sociopathy.

environmental factors ( as a child ):

- abandonment
- lack of affection
- violence
- addictive behavior
  ( of those around them )
- abuse
- impulsive behavior
  ( of those around them )

these kind of experiences have a direct impact
on the functionality of a child’s brain.

genetic/biological factors:

- changes in the cerebral cortex, the amygdala and the hippocampus
( = affecting the learning capability, the understanding of social norms, fear conditioning and affect regulations )
- a higher dopamine and serotonin level
( = associated with severe aggressive impulses )

this has been a guide by me and if you have any questions left feel free to message me anytime.

From @FAR9E on Twitter …Amazing reception for @TabooFX in Cannes - well done boys 😊 #Tomhardy #Taboo #BBC #Cannes #HardySonAndBaker

Also some great news (via C21Media) for those of us outside the US and UK ~ Taboo has been sold into France, Australia and the Middle East! 🤘🏻👌🏻👏🏻👍🏻

Taboo premieres early 2017 on @fxnetworks and on a date TBA on @bbcone
Distributor: @SonarEntertainment
Producers: Scott Free London; Hardy Son & Baker
Length: 8 x 60 minutes

So excited for this series. I love everything about it !

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Shuuma plz Shuuma is shuu x yuuma r18 fanfic Make it hot yuuma seme shuu uke

I MEANT it to be a Smut, but of well, this is kinda a shitty fanfiction. Sorry, really late and really tired… so many fic requests… *dies of exhaustion and gay pairings*


It was one of the hottest days in July. No one dared go outside and surrender to the heat, except Yuma, who braved through it for the sake of his garden. Yuma was accustom to the intense rays and blistering heat, but he still had to break a bit more in this temperature to cool down in the shade.

After pulling seemingly every weed from the tomatoes, he decided to set off the sprinklers and have himself a nice break. Wiping his forehead, he switched on the switch and headed to the farthest part of the garden where a nice and grand apple tree spreaded its branches like an umbrella. However, his usual rest spot was occupied today.

Propped up against the thick trunk laid Shu Sakamaki, asleep. Yuma frowned, approaching the unsuspecting vampire. Shu was surprisingly not wearing a jacket or sweater as he usually did, even in the summer. No, today he was wearing black shorts that fell a bit past his knees, a grey v-neck, and his signature neck chocker, helping hold his ipod while he listened deafly to the music playing in his earbuds.

“Oi!” Yuma shouted, not even phasing the vampire, though he did achieve at waking him from his slumber. Emotionlessly, Shu opened his blue eyes, looking at the taller vampire with a bored expression. Lazily and gutturally, he sighed out, “What?”

Yuma continued, “Get the hell out!”


“Because this is where I take my breaks, Neet, now fuckin’ move!” Yuma hissed, watching as Shu closed his eyes in return.

“No, it’s comfy here.”

Yuma was pissed. Shu coming here to HIS private place, acting all high and mighty and dominant. He’d show him. He’d put him in his place alright. Yuma knelt down next to Shu, grabbing his collar and jerking the lanky male closer to him. His blue eyes observed Yuma in shock, in a testing way as well.

The tall brute didn’t waste time forcing his fangs into the pale neck of the Sakamaki. Shu’s eyes widened softly, a utter echoing in his throat in surprise. He twitched as the bigger vampire started drinking his blood, trying to push away or do something, but soon all his actions stopped. He allowed Yuma to suck his blood.

“Heh, so submissive..” Yuma chuckled, pulling away from Shu’s bloody neck. Shu frowned and touched his neck with a wince, “The more I struggled, the deeper you went..”

“Sure, that’s why you stopped, you damn Neet-” Yuma’s chilled comment turned into a grunt as Shu pushed him down, hissing, “I’m not weak.”

“Heh, you wanna bet?” Yuma laughed, forcing Shu down, rolling on top of him, hovering inches above the vampire who winced at the feeling of being… well, dominated. Without waiting for a snappy response, Yuma muttered out a small comment of how Shu looked… rather alluring struggling slightly below him. It didn’t help his knee kept bumping him. Yuma smirked widely and decided an activity that would be fun to do over break.

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American here. While I don't know everything about the Brexit issue, I do think it's probably best you try to respect the decision instead of complaining about it. Older people do have wisdom gained from age, and I'm sure they had some good reasons

“Good reasons”

Know what old people have? Money.

Know what old people do? Vote.

Know what old people do with their vote? Vote for parties and policies that allow them to keep as much of their money as possible.

Sure, the baby boomer generation may have had their struggles with going to a shop or factory and asking for a job and getting it almost immediately and having a trade or learning on the job skills while getting a lump sum pension when they retire as well as many other benefits.

Sure, they might have had the hassle of going to the bank of building society and getting a mortgage for a property that was where they wanted to live and was within their realms of affordability, even on one household income.

Sure, they might have endured the pains of going to university for free and gained more knowledge than what was afforded to their parents.

Sure, they might have had the NHS and been able to have every part of any dental and medical treatment paid for as well as even having their travel costs reimbursed.

Compare this with this generation, the millenials.

Tell me, how many times has a millenial had to complete application after application for a job before even getting to the interview stage, let alone get the job. And how many of those jobs are for zero hours contracts which don’t guarantee them a stable income?

Tell me, how many millenials are going to be renting and spending a sizeable chunk of their salary on household bills? How many of them have already given up their dreams of ever owning a property of their own, even relying on joint income?

Tell me, how many of them are now saddled with five-figure student loan debt that will be repaid from the moment when (or if) they get a job that even meets the minimum threshold for repayment? And if they don’t meet that income, well too bad, interest is now going to be paid on it.

Tell me, how do you think millenials feel about the fact that their NHS is being slowly but surely privatised away?

Respect the decision?

You think they should just shut up because older generations told them that they know best?

64% of 18-24 year olds voted, 65% of 25-39 voted, and 66% for 40-54 voted. 75% of 55-64 year olds voted and 90% of people aged 65 and over voted.

More than 70% of young voters voted to remain in the EU.

I want them to get angry. I want them to get organised. I want them to get politicised. Because this is their future that they should be fighting for. Join a political party. Read up on politics and current affairs, but for fuck’s sake make sure you choose it from a credible source. If you’re going to get your political commentary from a topless woman on page three of a national newspaper, you’re going to have a bad time. (Seriously it’s 2016, why does this blatant display of sexism even still exist?)

Above all else, I want them to actually fucking vote and realise that their vote matters.

I don’t want them to sign a petition either because even though over four million people signed a petition calling for a re-run of the referendum, the government shrugged its shoulders said “the people have spoken”.

Let me tell you something else about that.When the junior doctors rejected the new contract, 39% voted against it with 29% for it, with 32% abstaining. Jeremy Hunt said “only around a third of serving junior doctors actively voted against the government” and imposed the new contract anyway.

EU referendum: 37% of the eligible voting population voted to leave, 35% voted to remain, with 28% not voting. And yet, the government says “the will of the people has been expressed.”

39% against new contract: oh, too bad.

37% against EU: Well, we better leave.

Respect the decision? The very people that were for leaving the EU don’t even have a fucking plan! Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom, Nigel Farage… all leave campaigners…. none of whom are going to take responsibility for this farcical situation. Hell, even Theresa May was quietly for remain and now she’s the one expected to get the UK a better deal?Do you honestly think the UK, once it enacts article 50 to leave the EU is then going to go to the EU and say “now that we’ve shat on your table and stepped outside, do you think you can give us a fair deal on trade? Yes, we want all of the good things coming to us, be we want all of this, none of this, oh and we don’t want to pay any membership fee either.”

Do you think the EU are going to say “absolutment, we shall give you the very best deal. You are so great, Britain”? Ahaha, not a fucking chance. We’ll get none of the good stuff that EU did for this country. And for that, we should be furious.

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Simon and Keiren in the Eurovision!!!

Simon would be playing some moody grunge guitar track for Ireland. He’s the favourite to win, obviously, because he’s got this HUGE group of dedicated followers that are in love with everything he says like he’s got some sort of spell over them. (Even though he can’t sing all that well, truth be told, but he’s got the Irish good looks and some ugly jumpers which have become his trademark and are catching on with the hipsters.) 

What the world doesn’t know is that Simon is hired by a label called The Prophet, and is basically being treated very poorly and made to work long horrible hours, to hide his sexuality, is being underpaid, and is having his past as a heroin addict dangled over him like the sword of Damocles every time he steps even mildly out of line. He’s basically signed his soul over to the label. And The Prophet label is VERY concerned about the growing fanbase of this year’s UK entry, alternative Kieren Walker with the eyelashes and the skinny legs and his I’m-a-rebel-but-I’ve-also-got-manners allure. They might just need Simon to do something about that…

Kieren is an alternative singer who used to be a punk and he is quite frankly appalled at the pretentious Mr Monroe and also the way he is blatantly playing to the fans for votes, something which Kieren would never do because he believes the music should speak for itself. (Kieren has a massive stick up his arse basically and is actually probably more pretentious than Simon, only he doesn’t realise it.) 

Kieren is rather embarrassed to be in Eurovision but he needs the money and the exposure. His art career was going nowhere and his best mate and sort-of-unnoffcial manager and gig-getter Rick disappeared off to the army a few years back without a word. He’s now missing, presumed dead. After an episode of depression, Kieren’s parents, Sue and Steve, signed him up for Eurovision and much to his dismay (and Jem’s pure horror) everything snowballed, people actually liked him, and he was chosen as representative of the UK.

Thing is, Kieren’s not very good at asserting himself or saying no so suddenly he’s in some other European country (let’s say France) and he’s hating every second and hiding from the cameras and interviews and generally overexcitable atmosphere in big baggy hoodies. He doesn’t understand half of what people are saying to him, but he smiles and nods, all the while wishing himself somewhere nice and quiet and peaceful, a paintbrush in hand, his best pal Rick back by his side.

The only benefit Kieren can see in this situation is getting to go to some art hot spots, his ticket to France being paid for him as well as his hotel room, but it turns out he can’t even leave the stadium because of sound checks, and people fussing over him, and the annoying hoard of Irish fans with their cameras and their pens for autograph signings swamping the corridor outside his dressing room because he’s been put next door to Simon Monroe, Eurovision’s resident heartthrob. 

Due to Simon’s make up artist getting the flu, in an act of friendship between Ireland and the UK, Kieren and Simon are assigned the same make up artist and costumer, a colourful young woman called Amy Dyer, who is, to Kieren’s dismay, one of Simon’s many fans, but to his delight, also a laugh and helps him sneak out to see a few Monet paintings between sound checks and rehearsals. 

Simon and Kieren grow ever closer, but The Prophet is determined to destroy their label’s biggest competition. Will they succeed? And will Simon ever be free of his mean old label? 

(Can someone write this or am I going to have to do it? I need this in my life. I really do. I am seeing Sue and Steve with embarrassing signs with Kieren’s face on. I am seeing Jem dying of embarrassment. I am seeing Gary, that homophobic dick of a sound guy making life difficult and making enemies of Kieren and Simon. It has to be done. Come on. You know it does.) 

The boy held the small, squishy green water-balloon in the palm of his hand, taking a step back from the pain-splattered wall so he was at least four feet away. There was paint covering the thin fabric of his grey tank top, as well as on his sweats and face. It was quiet around him, save for the music flooding into his ears through his headphones. He let it jump once, twice in the palm of his hands before swinging his arm and letting it smack against the wall with a SPLASH!!!, orange paint spreading all across the wall and spraying on the ground and himself as well. He reached for another and then another, throwing each quicker and from further away, not noticing someone come by until he accidentally threw it on them instead, bright purple paint covering their front entirely. “Oh, fuck me,” He exclaimed in surprise, pulling out one of his earbuds. “I am so sorry.” Then, unhelpfully, “I think fuschia might be your colour, if that’s any comfort at all.”

Start of something good PART 2

A/N: a few of you asked, so you are getting it…. it’s not great but whatever.



“Hi mum.” I said as I heard the sound indicating the phone had been picked up.

“Hello baby brother.” My sister said. I could hear the smirk in her voice.

“Oh, it’s you.” I said, keeping my voice flat and hearing her laugh on the other end.

“Wow, you’d think you didn’t like me or something…. Or you are embarrassed that mum invited me over just to hear all about some new lady in your life.” She started laughing and I didn’t reply, “Wait a second, I’m just putting the phone on speaker so mum can listen too.”

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i feel sad and tired when people (mainly americans and brits, in my experience) complain about their countries’ language education system from the point of view of “we should start younger so then we can get fluent quicker”

like the age at which you start has totally nothing to do with it for us

it’s a deeply flawed and undervalued system viewed as being difficult and pointless and people becoming AWARE of that almost turns it into a self fulfilling prophecy, like they can just use the language educational system as a perfect excuse for any and all shortcomings in their language learning skills

i got into a kinda disagreement with a couple of people from my course last year when the UK was trying to go on about reintroducing language education in primary school - they were of the opinion that “the younger you start the better you’ll be” and honestly that’s so simplistic and naive. We already don’t have enough language teachers to properly cope with the, what, three to five compulsory years of language lessons in secondary school? And not just the quantity of teachers but also the quality - from what I’ve seen, many of them are underqualified and are trying to teach languages they don’t properly speak themselves (at a very low level so they ‘get away’ with it) - if kids start learning earlier and get to secondary school already with some language knowledge down, in many places they’ll find the standard of the teaching can’t keep up as they progress through the school system

but again it all falls down to attitude and just tacking on a few extra years won’t fix that. you have to WANT language learning, even with a ton of classes it won’t just happen automatically. Here in France they have somewhere in the vicinity of seven compulsory years of English classes (+ a second language for a few years too), which is better than the UK and pretty reasonable, yet the general standard of English isn’t really great. Those who do speak it well are the ones who have wanted to and who have gone out and learnt more and more themselves outside of class.

Anglophone privilege and arrogance and air of superiority and ardent monolingualism is a pretty important issue and people reducing it to “if we started learning languages in school a couple of years earlier it’d be fine” makes me pretty uncomfortable tbh because it just misses and distracts from the point