well nahh


Luckly today wasn’t so long
Have some pen doodles
if you need me ill be eating chicken nuggets

Btw you know how ppl are drawing like Poth and InkError as weeaboo anime titty chick’s or whatever

Be looking forward to something similar to that from me ;)))))))))
(Also sub to pyro he has no friends)


pink-cutemallow  asked:

I have a little question.... ; ^ ; Marie's cute brother has always been blind? (Anyways... How about to call him Zephyr? T-this is just a suggestion!!! I thought that this name could fit well to him ;////;)💓

[ nahh, he wasn’t always blind~ There was something that happened to him that caused him to go blind at a kinda young age. ]

[ He and Marie were perfectly fine as kids as they would protect each other from any kind of harm. But considering Zephyr (I shalt use thy name with another name for his nickname ;3c) was prone to getting himself hurt, he couldn’t really live without Marie- But when they had to part ways, Zephyr lost his sight ]
[ I still need to figure out what causes him to go blind but this is part of his backstory ~]

how do people do a perfect winged liner how do you balance the wing on the both side like,,, hO W ??

anonymous asked:

the "i’m a horrible procrastinator on everything but i’ve got you on speaker phone and you’re yelling at me and motivating me to finish my project and somehow i finally finished at 3 am. now we are so sleep deprived that we are starting to say things we wouldn’t say if we weren’t totally out of it" au plz

Thanks for this AU! It’s so perfect for them. Will the night end with a bang, a whimper, or a sex joke?

Parvis threw his pencil down with a clatter.

“Are you done?” Will’s voice sounded scratchier than usual through the speakerphone, probably because he had just spent the past three hours screaming at Parv to finish his homework. “Are you really and truly done?”

“Yes, Will, I’m done.” Parvis leaned back in the desk chair and put his hands over his face.

“You’re positive? You’re not just saying that so I’ll go away?” Will was curled up on his couch in flannel pajamas, pressing the phone to his hot cheek.

“Will, I would never ask you to go away.” The words slipped out of Parvis’s mouth before he could stop them.

Will paused for a long time. His well-rested self  would have laughed it off, knowing how Parvis had a habit of saying shit he didn’t mean. But tonight he didn’t have the foresight. “Oh? Really?”

Parvis grinned, although of course Will couldn’t see it. “Yeah. Thanks for making me do this project- now I’ve actually got a chance of passing the class! You’re a very good motivator.”

Will laughed. “That was what I do to myself every day.”

“Is it really?” Parvis gestured to the empty room, searching for the right words. “I thought working hard was… well, effortless for you.”

“Nahh. Of course not. I’m human, aren’t I?”

“Are you?”

“Last I checked. I’m going to be an absolute mess tomorrow. It’ll be a wonder if I don’t make a fool of myself by falling asleep in all my classes.”

“Oh, Will, I’m sorry. You didn’t have to do this. I don’t care if I fail my classes.”

“Oh, Parv…” Will yawned into the phone. “But I care. It was worth it. Anything…”

“Anything for me?” Parvis giggled. “God, Will, I love you.”

Will paused for even longer this time. Parvis couldn’t tell whether he had fallen asleep or what. In reality, he was frozen, blurry eyes wide. Parv had said it. Was it casual, not really meaning it? “Love you too, Parv.”

“Will, I’ve always loved you…”

“What is this, a sleepover? Hold up with the confessions.” Will laughed, but Parvis could tell it was forced.

“You’re no fun, Will.”

“Sure I’m not. As much as I’d love to spend more time talking to you, Parv, we should really go to bed.”

Parvis nearly fell out of his chair laughing.

“Oh my god, Parv. Seperately. To sleep.”

“Whatever you say, Will.”