well my mom is

Also, as long as I am discussing abortion today, I’d like to discuss the asinine argument of “I’m pro-life because my mom thought about getting an abortion!”

Hello there. My mom considered aborting me as well. And far from this being a hurtful thing in any way, it’s something my mom was open with me about as well as her own pro-choice views, and I respect her for it and for explaining it to me.

Growing up in the south, I was constantly inundated with people who were in favor of forced birth. When I asked my mom about it, she calmly explained that sometimes, women become pregnant but having a baby isn’t a good choice at the moment. She talked about women in school, women struggling with money, and then she said, “it’s a decision that can be difficult, and it was a decision I had to make with you.” She explained that there were tests that had initially showed I wouldn’t live very long, and that before they did the second round, they had decided that her carrying me to term with my odds was not viable. Ultimately, it turned out that I would be healthy.

I have never ONCE felt traumatized or unwanted because of this. My mom put me in her shoes, a young mother with two kids expecting a third and struggling with isolation, talking about how she always wanted to be fair and there for all of her kids.

So when people say “I’m pro-life because my mom almost aborted me!” I assume that either their mom didn’t have the right resources and took it out on their kid, or that nobody framed it kindly.

Or, and I think this is often the case, they want to demonized that their mother had the right to choose. If my mom had needed to do what was best for her and her kids, and abort me, I think and I will always think that would have been a responsible decision and the decision of a good mother.

My mom’s decisions had no bearing on the morality of abortion, because her body belonged to her, not me. Using your mother’s choice not to abort against other women is disrespectful to your mother.

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(how was ur day anon) hey i'm back!! how has your day/sleep been? i hope its been well and good vibes!!!! my mom found out about my cutting last week and has been trying to get me a therapist, which i'm not against, but her and her bf are guilt tripping me for cutting. she also threatened to hospitalize me if i do it again because everyone thinks its a "cry for help" like ?????? what?????????? anyways! hope everyones doin well and has been well since i've been gone

EW i’m glad ur getting help but like??? the way they’re treating u is fucked up they need to go sit down and just. stay seated. and not get up. but yea yea hope all’s going well with you too!!

im reading all these posts on modern nazism and fascists and bigotry and its really starting to REALLY put things into perspective.

there are still nazis alive and well. and, by the look of it, they arent going away. it’s upsetting, disturbing even, to be targeted by such a well known group of people.

my mom tried to tell me the other day that i should still have faith in my country, but i cant, knowing that our commander in chief was openly endorsed by the KKK and alt-right movements. im afraid for the future of the LGBT+ community with mike pence now the vice president. i cant have faith. im too scared to have faith.

but i know i need to keep going with my head held high, knowing that soon enough, trump’s presidency will be over. i will continue to fight for my own and everyone else’s rights. our nation originated with the ideals of freedom and to escape oppression, and that’s what we should continue to fight for


Right as I was arriving at work, I got a phonecall from my dad– he and my mom had gone to the Boston Women’s March! For the rest of my shift, mom kept sending me these amazing photos. A couple of my coworkers had gone as well, confirming what Mom and Dad said– there were SO many people, it was virtually impossible to even physically make the march! I’m fucking blown away, and also so proud that my parents were able to make it up there.

Dad compared it to the Vietnam protest marches.

I really wish I could have been there.

I got my shirt today so as soon as I get all my stuff in the mail my cosplay will be done!! Well I still need to get my mom to replace the buttons on the shirt with black ones and also add some to my pants so I can wear the suspenders. But so close!!


Kaner came up to me and said, ‘you had two tonight?’ And I said yeah, and he goes, ‘all right, I’m gonna get it to you’, and he did.” - Ryan Hartman, 1st career hat trick 


Disney Alphabet Gif Meme  • M A A Y A N 
  ↳ a song: A whole new world

                 "A whole new world A new fantastic point of view No one to tell us no
                                                                   or where to go Or say we’re only dreaming“

my mother opens the sunroof on a roadtrip at midnight and i don’t bother pretending that the stars are small enough for me to count. instead, i talk about how the closest star is 4.24 light years away and how the next closest star is 4.37 light years away and how what we see now happened years ago.

i talk about how small we are. how we’re spinning at an alarming rate but we are so incredibly minuscule compared to our planet that it’s okay. one of my brothers doesn’t care and the other is tipsy, so i’m pretty sure i’m trying to get through to myself more than anyone else.

i just forget that we aren’t important sometimes, i guess. i have the audacity to think i’ll matter in 4.24 or 4.37 light years when i’m too quiet, too human to matter now. i could die or sleep forever or never get out of bed again and all of the stars are still exploding, you know? earth is still spinning and the sun is still burning. i’m not really sure if this makes me want to thrive, or if i want to explode myself now

—  there are 7 billion, 47 million people on the planet and i have the audacity to think i matter (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)


watching snl with my mom
  • Mom: *points to Kristen Wiig* is she a lesbian too?
  • Me: *muttering* i wish...
  • Mom: what?
  • Me: oh uh, heh heh, nope, just kate, kate's the lesbian. absolutely. the only one. just what i want. *starts sweating*

jonghyun shares his thoughts on compatibility in shinee’s interview for their cover issue of anan magazine. (issue no.2307, released january 18th.)
translation by: pyhforshinee

“i have a lot of sympathy. i think it’s probably because i was raised by my mom and sister. i try to match well with my sister and, if there’s someone who thinks: "i want our relationship to become better” i will definitely get along with them. that’s why there is no such concept as a personality i do or don’t match with.

jonghyun answered when we asked: "what type of personality do you like?” “something like [hearts match well = compatibility], for example, someone you enjoy talking to and match pace with. i enjoy discussing life and ways of thought, like personal things or global issues. whether or not it’s a friend or significant other, anyone who can talk about these deep things can have a long last relationship with me. when i encounter a girl who is especially convicted with her beliefs i think: ”oh! oh! we’ll match well!“. i think you can’t say your personalities match well just because your opinions are the same. in dating, isn’t it more fun when you have differences? you can realize, [”ah, so you can think that way too.“]

interviewer: so, can you judge compatibility by things like personality or hobbies?
"that doesn’t matter. i have many old friends whose personalities’ completely opposite mine. i like gaming and movies at home, but many friends are outdoorsy. it comes down to if you can converse.” 

interviewer: even if you say that, if you don’t feel drawn in, dating won’t happen~.
“that’s the difference between friends and significant others, whether you feel fated. of course it’s amazing if you can talk easily with someone who you’re fated with, but even if i can’t and yet feel drawn in, i think: ”since it’s fate i guess i can’t help it“. i really believe in fate.”

jonghyun says you can’t change fate but you can change compatibility. “i think the probability of two people living different lives for decades, and the instant they meet feeling fated is not very high. maybe the feeling of hearts matching can grow as you spend more time together. for example, when i first met our members i didn’t think our hearts matched but, after living together, sharing experiences, good and bitter, now all our personalities match. honestly: some of our personalities might not match even now, but you can’t sense it at all. so, your personality gaps can become covered with shared experiences.”

interviewer: so, you would date someone with a personality that doesn’t match yours?
"of course, because there’s no such thing as someone whose personality doesn’t match mine. (laughs) i don’t know how others feel but, for me, i don’t care.”

The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!