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Posting some more tiny Shinji drawings from last week.

If I ever have a pet hamster again Im gonna name it Shinji


Good evening!💕 Do you know how it feels like when your professor asked you to summarise/write the important points of something for next week, and then he completely forgot about it and he didn’t even talked about the topic? It huuurts. My hand hurts and my mildliners are screaming (what) 😂 well, at least I can show you guys my notes so there you go! :“”) hope everyone’s having a lovely day🌸✨

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Agoriel week day 2: “Childhood”.

I love this one especially because of Asgore’s reaction to everything. :3


I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale recently and I think I fell in love, thanks again for showing me this shit @silversatori! xD

I got curious if there was any fanart of him and checked out the tumblr tags (in hindsight maybe not the best idea, I might have spoilered myself a little lol) but I wanted to draw Cecil as well at least once and since for all I know he has little to no taste in fashion (like me) I crammed up some imo shitty looking clothes and threw them together in this doodle
And yes, that is a friggin Jat (jeans+hat)

My overall design for him as it is now isn’t really mine though, I just kind of threw together all kinds of designs I saw and liked and crammed it all up into this out of both lazyness and tiredness :’D

I know I’m hanging behind on things, but I hope that you’ll (after a too long period of not posting any art lmao) like it~



My Perfect Psycho

Warning!- Killer! Au, Blood, Death, Dirty talk, Knife play

Genre- Smut

Group- Monsta X

Member- Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

Admin- Aussi

Shin Hoseok was undoubtedly beautiful. His body was tall and lithe, covered in smooth muscles that you could sometimes see over his shirt. His straight teeth were covered by perfectly plump lips. His ears dipped out slightly, slimming his already angular face. His jawline was naturally sharp, adding to his beautiful profile. His eyebrows were full but not overwhelming in any way. And god his eyes. They were formed half moons when he laughed or smiled, melting anyone who could see. When he didn’t smile they pointed up slightly, giving him a cat-like eye- not that I was looking at him, of course.

Hoseok was charming. With the help of one sweet smile anyone would comply to whatever he wanted- male or female. In no way was he pushy about it, he was kind and bashful when he asked favors.

Hoseok was powerful. With a slight tilt to his lips and a seductive look in his eyes he could make the most respectable person fall to their knees, begging. He didn’t even have to speak.

Hoseok was smart. Since he was young Hoseok had always been considered a genius. His IQ and problem solving skills earned him spots in articles and any job he desired. This fame didn’t make him slack however, if anything it only made him work harder.

You could say he was the perfect man, everything anyone could ever want. So why would a man who could have anything he desired at his fingertips in an instant be a killer? Perhaps it’s because a life was the only thing that he couldn’t have with total ease. Perhaps he enjoyed seeing someone look at him with something other than admiration. Maybe playing cat and mouse with the police gave him a sick satisfaction. Because he was too smart and needed a challenge- a game that allowed no room for mistake. Maybe his parents were abusive- or too nice. Maybe it was as simple as a dysfunction in the orbitofrontal cortex.

He was a co worker of mine but we had never spoken out of a respectful ‘hello’ while passing each other. I knew of him of course, it was hard not to when everyone in the office cooed over how untouchable and attractive he was. He was a very friendly person, talking to anyone who started a conversation. He never showed romantic interest in anyone in the office however, no matter who threw themselves at him. This only spurred everyone’s interest, hoping they could be the one to date the Shin Hoseok.

You can imagine my surprise when our resident untouchable was on a date with a girl, whispering closely into her ear as she flushed a bright red. I was intrigued at the thought of our ‘ethereal Adonis’ who hadn’t shown attraction to the world’s most attractive and rich people being on a date with a seemingly ordinary person. These thoughts were disrupted when I looked into his coal eyes.

It wasn’t admiration in his eyes or love. They were calm, cold, and collected. He was scrutinizing her every move, observing her like a lab rat. She didn’t seem to notice past his facade, however, far too busy fawning over his looks.

I turned away from the couple, stopping by a food stand and ordering a few things to eat at home. Work was hard and I was far to exhausted to cook and too hungry to skip dinner. I handed the woman my money and thanked her before walking in the direction of home. After walking for a few minutes I spotted Hoseok with his arm slung around his dates waist.

They walked for a while through the winding roads of my neighborhood, the girl giggling loudly. Hoseok paused by a street light and turned her to face him. She smiled brightly as he slowly leaned in to kiss her. Voyeuristic as it may seem, I couldn’t look away.

So there I stood, watching silently as she closed her eyes and victorious smile crept onto Hoseoks lips. He leaned in so their noses brushed together. Instead of his mouth, his hand covered her lips. The girl brows furrowed slightly in confusion as she began to open her eyes.

The way the knife tore into the soft tissue of her skin was as fast as lightning and smoother than I would care to admit. I gasped but quickly closed my mouth and hid behind a corner, hot tears welling in my eyes. I peeked back, my heart repeatedly slamming into my chest.

Her eyes and mouth were open wide as she attempted to scream. Hoseoks hands latched on tighter, muffling the noise. He quickly slashed at her jugular as she looked at him pleadingly.Her eyes slowly drained of light as she slumped to the ground, dead.

I couldn’t help but let out a loud sob, making Hoseok to jerk around. I dropped my food and bolted, hearing the sounds of his feet padding after me. I took the shortcuts to my house, running faster than I ever had before.

I unlocked my door, hands shaking badly as I darted inside. I closed the door quickly but quietly and locked it behind me. My hands reached for my phone, dialing 911 but hesitating.

Who would believe that Shin Hoseok was a killer? He would charm his way out of a police investigation or come up with an alibi. He was a genius. Tonight was a mistake on his part. He hadn’t looked around and the both of us were facing the consequences.

I threw my phone across the room, tears streaming down my face as I hiccuped. The scene played in my head like a record, blood splattering onto the ground. I darted to the bathroom, barely making it to the toilet in time for my stomach to spill it’s contents inside the porcelain. I collapsed against the floor, weeping.

I put my hand over my mouth- much like Hoseok did to the girl- and screamed in anguish.

I walked into work, utterly exhausted from my lack of sleep and terrified at the idea of being recognized by the beautiful killer.

I walked briskly through the halls, trying to hurry to my desk where I was safe- well safer at least. A hand grasped my wrist and I jumped, freezing in place. A minute in the office and I was already caught.

I turned around to see Hoseok smiling curiously at me, “Why are you walking so fast?” He questioned, furrowing his brows playfully. Last night flashed behind my eyelids, causing me to flinch.

“I- I have a l-lot of work to do today and I drank lots of coffee so i’m jittery,” I lied, slowly pulling out of his grip. He nodded before smiling blindingly.

“Well have a good day!” I did my best to smile back at him. I muttered back that he should too and scurried away nervously. I was sitting in my cubicle, attempting to calm myself when my boss walked by.

“Are you okay?” He asked, resting a sweaty hand on my shoulder.

“I’m fine.” I gave him a pinched smile in return but he didn’t seem to notice. He gave me a pat on the back.

“I would hate for you to feel sick.” He added, looking sympathetic. I nodded quickly, hoping he could leave so I could bury myself in work. He sauntered to his office and I sighed in relief, slamming my forehead down on the wood of my desk.

I was sitting on the couch, attempting to engross myself in a good book when a knock sounded at the door. I stood up set my book aside before walking to the door and opening it, expecting a friend, instead peering into the dark eyes of Shin Hoseok. My eyes widened with shock but I composed myself, “Hoseok, what are you doing here?” I asked, faking a smile.

“You left your bag at the office and I thought you would need it. I thought I would bring it to you.” He explained kindly.

“Thank you.” I replied, taking my bag back. I moved to close the door but he wedged his foot in so I couldn’t.

“It’s rude not to even offer me coffee after coming all the way over here.” He said, frowning. I hesitantly opened the door and he pushed his way inside. I remained by the door for a minute before closing it reluctantly.

Hoseok was sitting on the couch when I turned around, waiting patiently for his coffee. I forced another smile before walking into the kitchen and beginning to make the coffee. It’s times like this I wish I had cyanide handy to slip into his drink. I knew for a fact that I couldn’t overpower the man or outsmart him. My only option was to feign innocence and hope would leave.

I poured the coffee into a mug and walked back into the living room. Hoseok looked up from his phone and placed it back in his pocket, “Thank you.” he said gratefully. I moved to set down the drink but my shaky hands caused it to spill slightly, the hot liquid stinging my hands.

Hoseok gasped, “Are you okay?” he took my hand in his own and observed it for burn marks. My heart fluttered slightly but I played it off as being nervous. It’s only to be expected while a devilishly handsome serial killer is touching you. I slowly pulled my hand out of his, cradling it slightly.

“It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt that much.” I assured him, sitting down in a chair. Hoseok frowned, taking a sip of his coffee. I licked my lips, hurriedly thinking of an excuse. His eyes followed my tongue, lingering on my lips for a second

“You seem very nervous. Am I scary?” He asked, tilting his head to the side.

“I haven’t had a guy alone with me in my house before. It’s nerve racking.” Hoseok took another sip of coffee. He stood up and circled the chair I was sitting in, pretty fingers trailing across the sides.

“I know that you know.” He whispered into my ear, plush lips brushing against the lobe. I bolted up from the chair and ran to the door but before I could reach it Hoseok slammed me into a wall, pinning my hands above my head, “That was rude.” he chided.

Fearful tears welled in my eyes, “I won’t tell anyone, I swear I won’t!” I promised. The man tsked in disapproval, his lips trailing over my neck and his breath tickling my ear. My breath stuttered at the close proximity.

“I know, Babygirl.” He said, kissing my neck. I held in the urge to moan, closing my eyes and soaking in the pleasure, “It wasn’t even hard to find out it was you. You brought the same bag you wore last night to work this morning and you were acting very suspicious. I decided to search your address and when I did I realized that you lived in the same area I was in last night.”

“I said I won’t tell anyone so just go.” I panted, heat pooling in my stomach. This was wrong- this was so fucking wrong. He licked a stripe on the underside of my my jaw and sucked on the skin just below my ear.

“You like this don’t you, Babygirl? Does being powerless like this turn you on?” Hoseok asked, nipping at my ear.

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Destiny Week Day 1: Ghosts

i want to see my little boy (here he comes).sai

I like the idea that ghosts are private things. They’re part of your soul? spirit? light? I mean they’re with your 24/7, live in your metaphysical backpack and bring you back to life on a regular basis so I imagine guardians are fairly protective of them. If a someone trusts you enough to let them touch their ghost, that’s a pretty big dang deal. 

Huge thanks to @destinyweek for these prompts!

Hi! Kyla

Music Shop

Prompt: Imagine Gerard taking you to a local record shop in New Jersey

I tried to make this an entire one shot but I got lazy because I woke up at 5am and spent two straight hours thinking about Dan and Phil

Genre: Just pure fluff to be honest

“Y/N… I know that this new school is difficult for you,” My mom paused, a pitiful look in her eyes, “but just remember that you can always talk to me, right?”

I nodded, a fake smile plastered on my face, “Sure, mom.”

My mom stood up, a look of resounding success on her face, like she had won the argument. “Good talk. Also, Donna wanted me to tell you that she would love it if you and her son could talk to each other more.”

Stifling a laugh, I played along. “Why’s that?”

She hummed, “I suppose they think that Mikey could use more friends. I think the same about you but…” Mom trailed on absently.

“Well then. I think we got that squared away. But honestly consider it, okay? I think you and the Way boy could be good friends,” she said happily, closing the door behind her with a resolved click.

To my mother’s dismay, Mikey wasn’t the Way brother that I was more interested in. I let out a sigh of relief, turning towards the wardrobe. “She’s gone. You can come out now.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Gerard pushed open the doors, a mischievous grin on his lips. “Close one, huh?”

I scoffed, “It wouldn’t have to be close if you could be quiet.”

“Whatever… So how’s your famed school integration coming along? Got your schedule yet?” Gerard asked, sitting next to me on the bed and pulling his leg up to his chest.

“No. I’ll get it tomorrow though,” I muttered with an air of bitterness laced around the edges.

The dark haired teen offered me a sympathetic smile, “Listen, I remember you said you missed your music shop back in L.A, right?” I nodded, “Well It’s not exactly around the block but Michelle’s place is pretty close by and she’s got all the latest shit. I might be able to get you an album or two for free if you can convince me.” He said with a cheeky grin.

I gasped, gleeful realization sweeping over me. I threw my arms around Gerard’s shoulders, giggling excitedly like a goddamn schoolgirl.

“Hey, Michelle! You here?” Gerard called out inside the empty shop. Soon a woman with frizzy dark hair, dark skin, and brown eyes emerged from the room behind the desk.

The store was small, containing a main room  that only featured a few rows of albums and records, a restroom with a sign that missed a few letters, and a back room where Michelle appeared from.

She smirked, resting her hand against the counter. “Well if it isn’t my least favorite customer. Who’d you drag along this time?”

“Nobody, actually. Y/N wanted to come.” He said with his hands in his pockets, eyes wandering over the album covers.

Michelle raised an eyebrow, “Damn. You found a girl who has a taste like yours?” Gerard nodded. “Well you found yourself a keeper, Way. So keep her.” Michelle said before disappearing behind the counter, shouting something along the lines of “opening the new shipment”

“So… How many others?” I asked tentatively, stepping closer to the rack of CD’s.

“Not as many as you think, I’ll give you that. The most recent one was about a month or two ago. She had to move to fucking Canada and knew that those long distance relationships never work,” Gerard spoke like it didn’t really matter as he flipped through the records in the other part of the store.

“Gotcha…” I was severely bothered by his ease for some reason, despite not knowing Gerard for long. It wasn’t like we were dating or anything like that. I had only moved in a week ago.

All thoughts of confusing jealousy evaporated as my eyes fell on a certain picture. Buried underneath another stack of Ramones cds laid an art cover that I instantly recognized just by the corner of the plastic.

“No way, you’ve got Siamese Dream?” I beamed, clutching the album. Gerard looked shocked, walking over to me with a dorky grin spreading on his lips, “You like Smashing Pumpkins?” I nodded eagerly, tucking the CD under my arm to fish around for money in my back pocket when Gerard pulled my hand back.

“I said I’d pay for it, right?” He chuckled, waving a few dollars in his hand.

“No, you said you’d pay for it if I convinced you. And what have I done to do that?”

Gerard hummed, “Y/N, you like Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, you’ve already impressed me.”

Jesus that was a drabble wasn’t it

Can someone just fucking kill me already my writers block is STILL HERE

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The Perfect Husband ( Jung Kook / OC)

Genre : Romance/ Drama/Violence

Rating : 19+ ( all the eleven year olds reading this, honestly stop :’( i don’t want your corruption on my conscience ) 

WARNING : This is literally every fanfic ever written. LMAO. Honestly, it’s so cliche, you’ll probabaly cringe through it. But I wanted to indulge my own love for TSundere , violent Jung kook )

WArnings : Abusive relationship. ( the hero IS VIOLENT WITH THE oc   but domestic violence is a serious issue so if an abusive hero triggers you, STAY AWAY. ) 

Pairing : Jung Kook/ OC 

Chapter 1

“Blue. I like Blue.”

Mrs. Jeon stared at me , condescending judgment written all over her perfect face and I shifted nervously.

Just a minute ago she had asked me what I thought about possible color schemes for my wedding to her son.

I’d answered the question honestly but apparently, honesty wasn’t always the right answer. My mother , next to me in her brand new ruby red dress which had cost a whopping 5000 dollars, elbowed me sharply in the ribs. I had no idea what to do or say anymore. After a day of shopping with my prospective mother-in-law, the richest woman in the country and my mother, the most pretentious woman in the country, I’d lost all hold on reality and myself. I wanted to peel off the green georgette dress I was stuffed into , slip on my favorite worn t-shirt and shorts and just curl into a corner and sob.

“That’s… interesting.” Her eye twitched .“ I was thinking something more classy.” Mrs. Jeon wrinkled her nose.

“How about champagne?” My mother simpered and I blinked. Were we talking about drinks now? When had the subject changed?

“Well, champagne colored fabric would stain very easily…. I suppose I’ll have to discuss this with Kookie… ” She sighed in long suffering and I grimaced. Good luck holding a decent conversation with that prick, I thought miserably, wanting to sink into the ground and never rise.

“You could ask him, Reumie…  You both share classes don’t you?” My mother waggled her eyebrows and I floundered. If I went within five feet of Jeon Jung Kook, THE Jeon Jung Kook I’d be torn to bits, if not by the monster itself, than at least by the legion of fangirls who followed him like bitches in heat. I mean, okay the guy was good looking but the ridiculous extent to which they worshipped him was enough to make me blanche.

Which made the very prospect of me marrying him, something like a death sentence. I was going to die, there really was no question about it? Who cared if I wore blue or champagne on my wedding day? I’d be buried in black anyway.

“Do that then. And call me tomorrow. Without fail.” Mrs. Jeon said firmly and I groaned. I’d never spoken to Jung Kook before. Not even once. He hung out in a completely different crowd in our college, the elite crowd. I mean, the more elite crowd seeing as my entire college was filled with rich kids. I wasn’t an exception. My father had recently patented a bunch of stuff that had earned us a lot of money in a short time. So i was, what the kids in my college called, new money. And apparently, Jeon Inc., had taken notice of my father’s suddenly booming business and where willing to invest , provided I married their son. It was simple really.

Mr. Jeon wanted my father’s company to pass on to Jeon inc., after my father and since i was the only daughter, if I married Jeon, a merger would be inevitable. I didn’t want to marry him but I didn’t really know how to stop the dominoes crashing down around me. I’d protested verbally and my father had threatened to disown me. And while the thought of going out of my home, making it big as an artist, all by myself was very cool-sounding, I didn’t really dislike my parents. I liked them, loved them even on somedays and i would never put them, and myself through that kind of emotional stress.

My parents had never been cruel. They treated me well, loved me in all ways and while my mom could be a bit over the top in her need to fit in with high class society wives with more money than sense, she was still a nice lady. Shallow but nice.

When we reached home after bidding Mrs. Jeon goodbye , I found my father sitting in his study. He smiled vacantly when he saw me.

“Reumie… How was your day?” He said blankly, returning to flip through his files. I bit my lips and went over to him.

“Father, can i still stay here at home, after I marry Jeon Jung kook.” I said in a rush.

My father startled and frowned.

“Why on earth would you do that?” He shook his head , annoyed.

“Father, my college… i mean the people in my college , if they knew I was living with Jung Kook…” I begged.

“This isn’t a private marriage , Reumie. It’s a public affair. People are going to know… I’ve already bought a condo for both of you close to your college. In fact, here’s the key, you should go check it out with Jung kook when you meet up with him. ” He hesitated and stared at me. “ Jung Kook is a bit introverted. You have to be the one to reach out to him, alright? Don’t be your usual rude self and act nice. Have you met him for coffee?”

I stared in mute rebellion. I’d never spoken a single word to Jung Kook.

“I’.. I will.” I said finally defeated.

“Your mother was telling me you were supposed to discuss the decoration color scheme with him as well. Go see the condo, get coffee, discuss about your wedding and go meet your mother in law tomorrow. Don’t mess things up for me, understand?”

Apparently, no one was on my side. I couldn’t put it off anymore. I would have to go talk to Jeon Jung Kook.


“Talk to him? Really? He’ll bite your head off.” My best friend Soyou grimaced glancing over at Jeon Jung Kook who had an arm wrapped around his latest flame. She was so tall she nearly went past Jung kook himself who was freakishly tall as it was. She was also unnaturally beautiful, i thought with a grimace. I couldn’t quite understand the obsession with the perfect features that plagued all my classmates. Apparently, looking normal was a crime. They spent millions on their face tweaking every perceived flaw till all of them pretty much looked the same.

“I don’t really have a choice.” I said softly, glancing down at the keys to the condominium in my hand.

“Well you could at least wear something nice…” Soyou grimaced glaring at my choice of outfit. I spluttered in indignation. I was wearing a black men’s shirt and skinny jeans. What could possibly be wrong with that?!

“Are you serious?” I rolled my eyes.

“Everyone knows Jungkook hates girl who wear shirts.”

Why on earth would someone hate shirts??

“Honestly, I’m supposed to dress for him, now?” I said wrinkling my nose in distaste.

“If you’re going to marry him, then yes.” Soyou pointed out.

I frowned deeper.

“you’re useless. Anyway, it’s not like i can actually go buy a dress just to talk to him. My dad will kill me if i don’t talk to him today.” I swallowed a bit and casually glanced at Jung Kook who was standing a good fifteen feet away surrounded by his gang of friends. 

His gaze shifted right then to me and I flinched.

Jeon Jung Kook was beautiful. Well, in the way a man could be beautiful. He was tall, a good foot taller than me and he was lean and perfectly proportioned. Ebony black hair that was always perfectly styled , a face that was absolutely flawlessly proportionate and pearly white teeth. He fairly radiated beauty. It was almost unpleasantly blinding.

I looked away quickly and Soyou gave me a slight smile.

"Still, I’d say you should be careful. He’s not exactly known for being nice.” She grimaced. I supposed she was right. JungKook and his gang of surly seniors weren’t the sort you’d want to mess with.

I hung back after class, my feet aching from how long I’d been standing here, waiting for my fiance to come out of the men’s room. He’d disappeared into it a good thirty minutes earlier and I was starting to feel a little worried.

  Did he slip and fall and crack his head on the porcelain sink?

I should be so lucky.

Groaning, but with time running out, I finally gave up and slowly made my way to the carved door of the restroom. I opened it partially and peered in for any signs of life.


I yelped and tripped over my own two feet, the slightly slippery surface making me slide and hit my waist against the granite counter on the side. I stared in surprise when Jung Kook appeared in front, leering in a way that was anything but friendly.

“I was waiting for you… ”  He glanced at my hair and then my clothes and then without warning reached out and gripped my chin in a bruising grip that drew a whimper out of me. I clawed at his wrist, trying to make him let go but he  didn’t feel a thing. He was hurting me and I was too stunned to process why.

I flinched when he twisted my jaw to the side, seeming to examine my face from all angles.

“Button nose, thin lips, mousy brown hair and boring black eyes. If you’re father’s such a hotshot, shouldn’t he be at least fixing your face before foisting you off on me?” He drawled . I shoved hard at his shoulders and he let go, looking surprised.

“You… ” i couldn’t form words. My jaw was throbbing so bad and the pain was surreal. No one had hurt me physically before.

“Me..” He mocked, “ I’m not into ugly women. So go tell your parents you don’t want to marry me.” He growled. I just stared at him.

“You rude bastard…” His eyes flared at the insult but I was too enraged to care, “ You think I want to marry you… I..”

He snarled and pushed me up against the wall, so hard my bones jarred inside me. I was so winded, i couldn’t draw my next breath in.

“You think I’m Prince charming, sweetheart? You think I give a flying fuck about what you want? Newsflash, I don’t give a shit what happens to you or your father … But if you want to live, you’ll stay the hell away from me…”

His hand slipped down and to my complete horror, he squeezed my breast so hard that my knees knocked together. His thumb pressed into the tip with painful force and my entire body twisted in violent protest.

“I’m not gentle, in bed or out of it… thin little thing like you…You’ll break within an hour…. You don’t want that do you??” He said , voice deep and angry and I felt my throat go dry. Good god, was this the same guy who walked around in perfectly pressed shirts and clean cut slacks and ties? Who acted like he was a model student, all perfect diction and grades and polite respect for elders. The so called heir to the biggest conglomerate in Asia.

“Get away from me…” I choked out, trying to wriggle out of his grip but his entire body was pinning me to the wall, his hips anchoring me in place like a millstone.

“I heard you’re a virgin…” He grinned and I froze.

“Shut up…” I said not in any mood to listen to what he was about to say.

“Are you sure you want my cock inside you for your first time, babe? It’ll hurt …I won’t be kind you know…. ” He bit down on my neck and nausea rose up inside my throat like a snake rearing it’s head. I wanted to vomit all over his face. I wish I did.

“You disgusting son of a bitch…” I ground out pummeling his shoulders, stunned by how physically sturdy he was. My blows had absolutely zero impact on his body.

“I don’t care if you do marry me… It’s not like I’ll have to be faithful to you or anything anyway, but you…you’d better be careful. I can be a little hard…” He ground his hips into my stomach and i felt my eyes widen when his erection pressed into me. “ to get along with. ”

Finally he drew away and I sank to the floor , my knees giving out and my jaw throbbing. I was going to have a bruise there, I knew.

“Still want to marry me , princess?” He sneered.

“Go to hell…” I managed to get out. He frowned , reaching out and gripping my wrist hard. 

“Thought so. Now run along like a good girl and tell your parents you want to call off the wedding.”

He squatted down and before i could crawl away, his fingers sank into the hair at the back of my head and he yanked me up sharply, making my scalp burn . I whimpered , when he glared down at me, face inches from mine. I tried to dig my nails into his wrist but it was pointless. 

“If you end up being my wife, I don’t know what I’ll do to you…” He hissed and I stared because his eyes…they weren’t dark like they looked but an odd color of navy grey. He let go of my hair and I crawled away till my back hit the wall. I’d never been so terrified in my life.

“If you don’t stay away from me, I’ll fuck you up. Don’t say i didn’t warn you!!”

With that he stalked out slamming the door shut behind him.


“I won’t marry him!! They can drag me kicking and screaming to the altar but I won’t!!"I sobbed while Soyou hugged me close as I rocked back and forth on the small cot in her bedroom. She tried to soothe me but my mind was stuck on a state of catatonic shock. The bruise on my chin was an ugly shade of purple and my waist hurt from where he’d gripped me so hard. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than being stuck with him permanently. He was a monster.

"Babe, you know it’s not that easy…?Maybe you should talk to him…”

“Talk?!” I said shrilly. “ He said he’d rape me!! ” I shrieked.

“Jesus, calm down…” Soyou hissed and I fought to get my breath back.

“I need your help. ” I said desperately and Soyou looked stricken.


“there’s a bus to Busan at 7.30PM tonight. I have relatives there. My grandparents, they’ll …i mean I could stay with them, in case my parents kick me out when they find out. But I’ve only got 25000 Won I need some more to get the ticket… You’ve got to help me…”

“You’re running away ? Because of Jeon Jung Kook…That’s ridiculous…” Soyou shook her head in disbelief and I groaned in defeat.

“Why won’t anyone believe me? He’s not the kind of guy he makes himself out to be…i don’t… I can’t marry him, Soyou he’ll kill me.” She was supposed to be my best friend. She usually believed, implicitly, anything i told her. But even she wouldn’t accept that Jeon Jung Kook had hurt me.

“You’re not even listening to yourself. He’s just a rich guy from college. Not some sort of a gangster like you’re making him out to be. Rape is a crime for heaven’s sake. He’s not going to do something criminal. He has a reputation to hold. In fact did it strike you that maybe he’s just trying to get to you? You do know that the chick he’s hanging out with is the daughter of one of your father’s business rivals?” She said bluntly.

I froze.


“Jiah Lin. That’s her name. Her father’s been trying to get Jeon Inc., to invest for years now. It’s entirely possible that he just wants his girlfriend’s father to have a better chance. Maybe if you refuse he’ll marry her and her father will get what’s rightfully your father’s…” Soyou said calmly.

I felt unaccountably foolish.

“You really think, that’s it? He was just trying to scare me?” My throbbing chin said otherwise.

“He’s shady enough to do that… ” She shrugged and i fell back against the bed, thoroughly confused. What was wrong with my life? One part of me absolutely boiled in anger at the way he had treated me. The other more rational part accepted that he was stronger, richer and he had the upper hand. Both parts agreed wholeheartedly that i should stay the hell away from him. But Soyou was right. My father had worked way too hard to reach the position he was in now. He needed and deserved that investment. This deal was important to him, something he had really earned with years of hard work.

“So, I should marry him…?” I said confused. It was still a distasteful thought. Even if the whole violent thing was an act, there was no denying that Jung kook was a horrible guy to get along with.

“you should definitely talk to him. Tell him you know his game. Maybe he’ll own up.  Admit it. Then you can decide what to do.”


I almost screamed when I saw Jung kook the next day, leaning against my locker looking like he’d stepped out of some expensive business magazine. I hesitated, debating the pros and cons of walking up to him right now. Finally, I sighed and made my way over , gripping the book in my hand. I would honest to god, whack him with it if he touched me, I told myself.

“Hi…bitch.” He said with a sneer and i went stiff. I hated people who used profanities like that.

“Bastard.” I shot back and he grinned.

“So feisty. I’d love to break you in properly. In fact, I was thinking, even if we didn’t get married, you could definitely use some schooling on how to treat your betters.” He drawled.

“My betters? Don’t see any, right now…” I shrugged and his eyes narrowed a fraction.

“What’s your deal? Do you like getting hit? Why’re you baiting me?” He snapped .

I glared.

“I know what you’re doing… My father deserves the investment and i won’t let you scare me away.” I said furiously .

He looked confused for a second and I faltered.

“What the fuck are you on about?” He said looking confused and the look of confusion on his face was too real to be feigned. I felt foreboding rise inside me.

“You want to marry that girlfriend of yours… So you’re trying to make me break up with you. Well , I won’t… I’m not scared of you…”

He hesitated.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about but that last bit is really interesting.. You’re not  afraid of me?” He raised an eyebrow and pushed away from the locker. I blinked when he rolled his shoulders and flexed his arms, stretching lightly till his shirt rod up his hips, flashing a sliver of pale white skin.

“You really should be sweetheart. I won’t be crossing any lines with you because as far as I’m concerned, there are no lines. Anything goes…. Does that really not scare you??”

He was coming closer and closer and I took a step back.

Run, every instinct inside me screamed.

“I… I’m leaving…” I stuttered out, turning tail and dashing away.

I barely made it a few steps when his arm came around my waist, lifting me clear off the ground as he dragged me back. I started screaming just a second too late. His palm pressed into my mouth, the metal rings around his fingers digging into the flesh of my lips and jaw as he dragged me around the lockers to the abandoned classrooms on the other side. My eyes went wide and my heart nearly gave out.

I tried to bite down on his hand and kicked out wildly but he was so much taller, so much stronger and the grip on my waist was so tight that my stomach felt like it was being ripped apart.

“Look at you… You’re absolutely fearless aren’t you? It’s so bloody infuriating  , seeing you running that pretty little mouth back at me even when I’m twisting and bending you as I wish… It’s like you want me to hurt you… is that it babe? Do you get off on me tossing you around?? Does it turn you on, me manhandling you like this??  ” He panted and the tears stung , part from anger, part fear and partly from pure agony.

Why the hell was this guy so strong? I kicked out harder but my legs barely hit the floor . He shouldered the door of the classroom open with enough force to send the peeled plywood door rocking against the opposite wall. The brute strength in his movements only terrified me more.

Damn you Soyou!!

He tossed me to the floor roughly and I crawled away on all fours, choking on air as I tried to swallow.

“Get away from me…” I could feel my knees burning with stinging pain. . I glanced down. The floor had apparently been covered by shattered glass shards. Cursing my luck I tried to scramble to my feet only to loose my footing and land hard on my bottom. He looked amused as he stalked over to me.

“Since you’re already on your knees, why not show me how good you are with that mouth? Surely, that tongue should be good at something other than riling me up ?? Oppa, could use some loving right now, jagi….” He raised an eyebrow and began removing his belt. 

Bile rose inside me in a rush and I whimpered, moving to get away again and he grabbed me tighter, pushing me up against the wall again before yanking both my wrists together and tying them with his belt . He was tying me up. He was actually tying me up!!

I screamed so loud that my head began to ache and Jung kook swore.

“Shut the fuck up or i’m going to stuff my tie in your mouth!” He gritted out and the violent imagery made me freeze. He knelt over me, straddling my waist and I started shaking as he reached for the first button of my shirt. 

The door to the clasroom slammed open, hitting the wall and startling both of us. 

“Jeon Jung Kook, what the hell are you doing, you idiot??!!”

The loud voice made him pause and I peered over his broad shoulders. I caught sight of an unfamiliar guy with blonde hair, a look of bored distaste on his face.

“Oh, hi Yoongi hyung. Just having a little fun with my little wife.” He called out cheerfully and I stared at him in disbelief. His fingers were still half way unbuttoning my shirt. 

He wasn’t just dangerous, he was a psychopath.

Thankfully , this Yoongi had some sense.

When he took one look at me , pinned to the wall with my arms twisted unnaturally ,he swore angrily and dragged Jung kook off me. No mean feat that. The other was so much more slender and shorter.

But Jung Kook moved away with a grunt and Yoongi stared at me in curiosity.

“Why the hell would you come here with this son of a bitch? He’s not known for treating women right…  ” He shook his head in disbelief and I bristled while the obviously older guy loosened the knot around my wrists.

“He dragged me here…” I glared and Jung Kook shrugged.

“She’s my wife hyung. The gift wrapped present my parents got me for christmas.I told her to go break up the engagement if she wants to live but apparently she has no self preservation at all. She actually came back looking for me. It’s like she can’t get enough….  ” He leered. I yanked my hand away and pushed Min Yoongi away when he reached for me. He held both his hands up .

“Easy…I’m not trying to hurt you….  What on earth are you doing here by yourself, kid? Get out..” He said with a shake of his head.

I really didn’t need to be told twice.

“I’ll be coming for dinner tonight. Your parents better tell me they want the engagement broken or I’m coming after you…” Jung Kook snarled the moment I reached the door.

It took me a good hour to calm myself down.


“Mother, you don’t understand…” I pleaded but my mother gave my long hair a yank, trying to get me to stay still while she plaited the strands into some sort of a side plait. It looked ridiculous on me, or so I felt. I wasn’t thin and the dress she’d squeezed me caused me to spill out of all the wrong places.

“If he wants to call off the engagement then fine, i won’t blame you for it. But we’re doing no such thing.” My mother said firmly after listening to my account of what happened with growing disbelief. Apparently a ‘nice guy’ like Jeon Jung kook would never treat women like that and I should ’ stop making filthy lies ’ just to get out of the marriage.

“But he hurt me…” I wanted to scream the place down but apparently nothing would convince my parents.

When the doorbell rang my soul actually left me for a second.

Hands clenched into fists , I gritted my teeth and stepped into the huge hallway , noting absently that my mom had the house cleaned to a sparkle. When I looked at Jeon Jung kook I momentarily stumbled.

He looked flawless.

Tall, strapping, dressed in perfectly tailored suit with the jacket left open, his shirt a deep purple silky and soft even by sight. His hair was styled to perfection and his long, long lashes made it look like he’s lined his eyes with kohl. Twin piercing glittered on his ears and his lips curved in a breathtaking smile, directed at my mother. When he turned to me his eyes narrowed and then widened.

“Jagi…” He purred and i went perfectly still.

What the-

He stepped right up to me and pulled me into a hug and I froze in surprise, the warmth of his body permeating through my dress and setting me on fire. There was no strength behind his hug, just a warm pressure , overflowing with affection and if i didn’t know for a fact that he’d dragged me by my hair less than four hours ago , I may have melted into the embrace.

He pulled back and to my complete horror, his palms went to my face, thumb lightly tracing the fading bruise on my chin.The one he’d put there when I’d first met him.

“Oh, what’s this…did you hit yourself somewhere??  you should be careful , aegiya….” He shook his head before bending low and actually dropping a kiss on the corner of my mouth. My tongue refused to come unglued from the roof of my mouth. I thought i’d never speak again, my voice completely shocked out of me.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I hissed under my breath.

“Being the perfect husband…” HE said, voice husky as he lightly flicked my lower lip.

I bit my lip so hard i almost drew blood.

Dinner was torture.

I was sitting next to him and about half way through, his hand dropped to my knee underneath the table. I couldn’t chew the food in my mouth, fear and apprehension building up so fast inside me that I was sure my heart was going to give out. It was clear that he wanted me to mess up. Do something that he could later use against me. He was actually succeeding because i was this close to chucking the glass of wine on his face. But i didn’t. I would be the bad guy then and he would likely deny everything and my parents would murder me.

So I clenched my fists and tried to endure.

And then he lightly yanked my dress, till the fabric kept going up and up , past my thigh while I futilely tried to yank the fabric back down, without tearing it.

“Reumie…. what are you doing?” My mother hissed from across the table and I sighed in defeat, taking my hands off my legs. Never put your hands below the table had been my mother’s most strict rule and she looked like she was going to explode.

For a few minutes, Jung kook didn’t do anything, just let his fingers lie curved around my thighs. I could feel my skin burning up at the unfamiliar touch of male fingers. Just when I started to discreetly pull my leg away, his grip tightened, in a way that made pain shoot right up my muscles. I realized suddenly that he was way too strong for me to fight physically. And if he had a shred of decency he wouldn’t use brute strength against a girl, but clearly, decency and Jeon Jung Kook did not belong in the same language.

“Don’t move.” He said firmly and I gave him a desperate look.

“Don’t do this…” I begged , pride long gone. I just wanted him to leave me alone.

But his fingers slipped up my dress, thumb tracing circles on my inner thigh and then without any warning his fingers caught the hem of my panties and tugged it down.

I stood up so fast, I knocked the glass of wine in front of me , the red liquid, staining the snow white table cloth and the peach colored fabric of my dress in one long splash. I stumbled away quickly.

“Excuse me… ” I choked out and my mother looked beyond stunned. i didn’t wait for her to scream at me, instead turned around and fled right out of the dining hall, up two flights of stairs before stopping in front of my room.

What the hell had i got myself into? And how do I make it stop??

I’d barely managed to close the door behind me  and step in when a polished boot came through the little space, stopping me.

Jung Kook pushed his way into my room and i yelped.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing….” I shouted but his palm came down on my mouth, pressing hard and pushing me back till I tripped over the carpet and fell into the bed. HE chased right after, crawling over till he was straddling my hips, glaring at me angrily.

“Didn’t you tell your parents you want the wedding called off…??” He snarled and I pushed his palm away from my mouth.

“If you want it called off , why on earth are you acting like you like me … You’re a psycho..” I panted while he rolled his hips against mine, the movement oddly jarring.He had insane control on his body, able to move specific parts of his hips and legs in any way he wanted. It was frightening.

“It looks like you don’t mind being married to me… Are you some kind of a masochist?” He drawled, trying to still my thrashing body with firm fingers at my waist.

“They aren’t listening…Get off me you monster!! ”

He flattened himself on my body and I started suffocating. He was too heavy and my bones were getting crushed, my lungs screaming in agony as they struggled to draw in air against the weight on my chest. I gasped and he mercifully lifted his upper body off my chest , hips and legs still pinning me down while i gulped down some much needed oxygen.

“Your hair is so fucking long….Get it cut…” He snapped reaching out and giving my plait a yank.  

I glared in disbelief.

“It’s my hair… You do not get a say in how long it can be…” I spat out angrily and he stiffened.

“ You’re going to be my wife. Your hair makes you look like a country bumpkin… Get it cut short and styled properly. ” He said , finally lifting himself away from me. I crawled to my knees and glared at him. My hair was my favorite part of my body. I loved it. I enjoyed keeping it long no matter how often my mom asked me to have it cut. it was my one true act of rebellion against a society that called me  too smart, too boyish and too stubborn.

I’d be damned if i let him take it away from me.

“If you think I’ll jump through hoops, just because you ask me to… you’re out of your mind. I’m not one of your brain dead whores…” I snapped.

He went scarily still.

“What did you say to me?”

I willed myself not to balk at the look on his face.

“You heard me…”

“You think… You have a choice? You think i won’t make  you jump through hoops, if that’s what I want….??” He whispered , glaring daggers into me as he took a menacing step towards me. And then before I even knew what he was doing He reached for something in his boot and yanked it off.

I saw a brief flash of metal before his fingers gripped my waist length plait and yanked it so sharply that I lost my footing and slid right off the bed. A second later the pressure eased and he stepped away, holding about a foot length of my hair.

It took me two seconds to realize that he’d actually chopped my hair off. I let out a shriek of disbelief, grabbing my head, stunned to see that my hair barely fell past my ears now. My entire body began shaking in rage and disbelief.

“You son of a bitch…” I whispered, unable to move.

Angry tears spilled over my eyes while he stepped closer, threading fingers through my messy hair , yanking it a little gently.

“Don’t cry…. I hate women who cry…” He said softly, and then he pushed my chin up. “ If we are getting married. And something tells me we are…I’d rather you don’t fight me so much. Everytime you talk back to me , I want to bend and break you…” He whispered.

I stayed perfectly still, not trusting my own voice. What he’d done had crossed all possible lines . I would never forgive him. Never.

“Get your hair styled. And don’t ever tell me I can’t do something. ”

The door slammed shut behind him.

Author’s Note : As you can guess, i need psychiatric help. Welp. Sorry for your brains. I really am. Let me know what you thought. Okbye.