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cassian and kay meet for the first time

Rearranged my shelf a bit today and look how pretty it is 💕


OK so I know I’m like the only person on Tumblr still playing Neko Atsume, but today’s update freaks me out a little bit.  There’s one new rare cat, and he’s called Whiteshadow.  His “type” is not the usual like, grey, or calico, or whatever… no, it’s NINJA COSTUME!!!

Also, I saw him as soon as I opened the app a few minutes ago, standing on a fence in the yard, not anywhere I’ve ever seen one of the cats before, just standing there staring, not on any of the spots where the toys and stuff go. 

I thought it was odd and a little spooky; I took a couple pictures of him, looked at them on his page, and went back to the yard.  He was gone just like that, in like three seconds, and instead of fish he left three cans of cat food???  Which since I don’t use that kind of cat food and already had 99 cans of it meant I got nothing, really??

Then I looked closer at his profile page…  Under “goodies”, he doesn’t use any “goodies” like the other cats… no, he just goes on “scouting missions”.  Who is he scouting for?  Is someone about to take over the yard??  Am I becoming paranoid over a simple silly game about cute cats???  (…yes)

This game is just trying to see how far it can go at this point and still keep crazy addicted users like me… 

I need to tell myself at this point: you idiot there are starving children in the world… stop wasting your time playing and worrying about this ridiculous game… but then I think… I can’t neglect the cats!!!  oh my g this is pathetic I need a life and a real hobby…

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town


Three glasses of wine later, Sasuke considered the fact that maybe, in the grand scheme of him and Naruto, he was the idiot.

Blue Flames Shenanigans - Page 1

The beginning of my first comic! It’s a light hearted story that follows the adventures of Felys in her search for some clue regarding her magic in an almost magicless world. We’lll see how that goes <3

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Adventures in Dating

Well really more like Tinder-ing.

Just an update and some thoughts:

• I opened my profile Wednesday around 7pm.

• It had a few pics and one sentence. “No agendas just want to meet new people.” That’s all I put because I’m convinced no one reads it anyway.

• I was very liberal with my right-swiping. I figured it’s a numbers game and if I swiped right on a bunch I’d get a handful of matches. Also right-swiped some that I was iffy on but figured wth.

• Guys without any text whatsoever got automatically left-swiped. No matter how hot they were.

• Other auto left-swipes: holding a dead fish/deer/rabbit/etc, main pic is a kid, main pic is a quote, main pic is a motorcycle, all pics wearing sunglasses, all pics wearing a hat, no pics showing face, any pics naked.

• Within two hours I had 13 matches and 5 open conversations. By this morning I had 32 matches and 19 open conversations.

• Its overwhelming. Fun. But overwhelming.

• I’m not taking any of this as evidence of my attractiveness to men. I saw a quote somewhere to the effect of “a man can flat out hate your guts and still want to have sex with you.” I believe that for the most part.

• I hate that Tinder basically ignores your distance settings. One guy is twice the distance I set. Grrr.

If you are in a relationship and you are happy, then please feel free to laugh your ass off at my shenanigans. I would be.

I’d really rather be with a particular person, making our inside jokes, cuddling, having amazing sex…it just works with him. But he’s not ready and I need to be ok with that.

Ok I need to get ready for my date. Later gators.

20 Things about Leia Organa and Ships

phil said she wanted pilot-Leia headcanons. And by the Great Cosmic Egg I am here to provide. (Honestly I’m pretty sure I think about this way too much. It is high time I share some of my thoughts.)

~1) When she was eight, she begged Captain Antilles to teach her how to fly the Tantive IV. (He found two things out that day: 1) Leia Organa was quite possibly the cutest kid he had ever met; 2) One day Leia Organa would make a fantastic politician.) Though she was still too young to properly learn how to fly the Corvette, Antilles spent the entirety of the voyage taking her around the bridge (carrying her and lifting her up when necessary), teaching her about what each of the controls did, the basics of navigation, and a hundred other things that pilots needed to know in order to fly safely. (He was shocked at how much she actually understood and retained.)

~2) When she was thirteen and traveled to Coruscant with her father, she finally convinced Captain Antilles to properly teach her how to fly the Tantive IV.

~3) After the Alliance makes it off Yavin, and they finally settle down into their new base, Leia goes to find Luke. “I want to learn how to pilot an X-Wing,” she tells him bluntly. “Will you teach me?

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last drawing in probably a long/undetermined time :))

Miku V4 design revealed !

It’s by iXima

This design is very simple; even simpler than V3. Maybe it’s because her V4 is just an update of the V3 thus her design reflect that and don’t call for drastic changes

* you never gained LOVE, but you gained love.

* does that make sense?

guess what i fell into recently

(if you guessed undertale you’re wrong it’s actually h e l l (゚⊿゚))

Racism research is keeping me too busy to write regular posts today, so I thought I’d at least share some interesting finds. I’ve been re-reading “Tal-elmar”, which I definitely didn’t give enough attention to the first time I read it. For those who aren’t familiar: it’s a short, incomplete narrative that’s meant to show Numenorean colonization from the point of view of the indigenous people of Middle Earth. Which on its own would make it an incredibly important source when discussion Numenorean racist ideology. But it gets weirder - while the indigenous people are confirmed POCs (regularly referred to as “swarthy”), the main character is specifically described as “white-skinned”, and at the end of the story is welcomed by the Numenoreans as some sort of long-lost kin, and they “rescue” him from his village. So, yeah, I’ll definitely be talking more about this story. 

But there are a couple really interesting conversations in this story that are definitely going into the pile of “things that make me feel better about Tolkien for reasons that I haven’t figured out how to explain yet.” For example, this conversation between the main character’s grandparents (the woman was basically spoils of war, and actually belonged to a much whiter people from the east):

“Base and unlovely thou namest us. Truly, maybe. Yet true is it also that thy folk are cruel, and lawless, and the friends of demons. Thieves are they. For our lands are ours from of old, which they would wrest from us with their bitter blades. White skins and bright eyes are no warrant for such deeds.”

“Are they not?” said she. “Then neither are thick legs and wide shoulders. Or by what means did ye gain these lands that ye boast of? Are there not, as I hear men say, wild folk in the caves of the mountains, who once roamed here free, ere ye swart folk came hither and hunted them like wolves?”

I just find it so interesting because this short conversation alone acknowledges just how complex the issue of conquest can be (conquerers trying to “steal” the land from previous conquerers.) Plus just the fact that at some point (regardless of context) Tolkien wrote the words “White skins and bright eyes are no warrant for such deeds” is just sort of encouraging? (Not to say that I haven’t still found plenty of racist stuff - this whole research process has been something of an emotional rollercoaster, lol. I keep going back and forth from “oh, come on Tolkien!” to “well that’s a bit more like it.”)


AAaaaand HERE IS MY DEMO REEL! …well it’s more like the first draft of my demo reel, I’ll be updating it again in a couple of months.


Wherever Dex is, he’s wearing a thick woolen jumper, drinking hot chocolate, and looking out the window at the leaves knocked from the trees by the wind. The leaves make him think of Nursey, and he smiles a sad smile, because he misses his friend right bow. He misses all his friends, but especially Nursey.
Dex is drawn out of his thoughts by his phone ringing, and he smiles a real smile when he reads the caller ID.
“Hey Nursey. You don’t miss me, do you?” he answers.
“Nah, just ringing to tell you what plays we’re working on” Nursey says
“Sure Derek” Dex says with a laugh, and on the other end of the line, Nursey laughs too.