well more like the young ones 2.0

My Top 11 (again)

after i’ve gotten to know the trainees and because after the third elimination my heart has shattered and I can only hope to painfully piece together the people whom I hope will debut

(kind of in an order but at this point how picky can we be)

1. Park Jihoon // 박지훈 // ‘99 // poppin dancer // level headed and calm // decent rapper // visuals // jEOjang and neon shoelaces

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2. Kang Daniel //강다니엘 // ‘96 // excellent dancing and rapping // able to take care of his dongsaengs // cute laugh // charismatic // not over harry pote yet

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3. Ong Seongwoo // 옹성우 // ‘95 // dancing mAniac // meme // strong vocals especially for someone who specialises in dance // unique voice // clap the SLATE

4. Kim Jaehwan // 김재환 // ‘96 // knetz do you want your main vocal?? // selfie king // individual trainee like hOw //  mature yet funny // how can he not debut tbh

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5. Park Woojin // 박우진 // ‘99 // dude this dancing MACHINE // suWEg and unique rapping // off stage charisma tbh // on stage charisma tbh // that serious member that judges the rest but then joins in on the stupidity

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6. Kim Jonghyun // 김종현 // ‘95 // national universal leader // patient and caring // looks like a pure bean // but then he raps // a true gentleman // rapping so good im sh00k // ur not balding jonghyun dont worry

7. Ha Sungwoon // 하성운 // ‘94 // a strong vocal this group needs // give him some justice this guy is so talented // a strong dancer too // well rounded overall

8. Kim Samuel // 김사무엘 // ’02 //  perfect expressions // english speaker (for intl fans) // an amazing young dancer // a voice that catches attention // stage charisma on point // oH My GOD

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9. Bae Jinyoung // 배진영 // ‘00 // cute and dorky // unique yet strong voice // hard working // reverse charms on stage // VISUALS MAN // stable vocals // the deep in winkdeep

10. Hwang Minhyun // 황민현 // ‘95 // talented vocalists // calm and quiet // yet a beast on stage // centre for never i ded // seems to be knowledgable on where talent lies and can help the other members // truly CEO hwang

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11. Ahn Hyeongseop // 안형섭 // ‘99 // one of the best stage expressions imo // not given enough credit for his dancing skills // charismatic // would do well on variety shows // fan service galor // roses4u

Honorable Mentions (aka the gems knetz missed that im salty af were eliminated):

Takada Kenta

can i just emphasize how devastated i am that he’s out

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Hong Eunki

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Yeo Hwanwoong

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Kim Donghyun

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Kim Yongguk

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Noh Taehyun

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Lee Woojin

he’s tbh too young but i would have liked to heard more of his angelic voice

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There are things that people experience in a lifetime. There is trauma, pain, love, passion, sadness, and happiness. These things they are what shape us into who we are supposed to be, what we are meant to make of ourselves. They say there are 3 people that you will love in your life, 1 being your young fascination spiraling based off of what you think love is from the movies, 2 being the love that is just what you need but ends in a way that seems almost poetic, and 3 being the one that you never even expected but it feels so right and fits so well. More than likely only 1 of these will prevail in the end, it’s easy to pick which one. Of course it isn’t option 1 that ended in handcuffs and police cars, and you don’t really think it could be option 2 because that ended in a puddle of tears and brokenness because parental approval is very important and that was lacking. So obviously it’s option 3, the one that feels right and it clicks and it doesn’t always feel like younger you thought love should feel like but it also seems appalling to even fathom your world without this love. This love being the one who didn’t watch very many love stories and spent time reading comics instead of reading about girls. This love is the one who wants to stay in instead of going out which lets be honest that isn’t always a disadvantage. This love is the love that makes you wonder what the hell youre doing because you thought it was supposed to be something out of a fairytale or at least a show that ended with the perfect family picture. But it’s okay, this love is pure, this love should last.
—  we can only pray, right?

monster el should have been connor kent/aka superboy and here’s a few reasons why 

1.) connor kent is a clone of superman so kara would have seen him as a brother, and would’ve been able to help him, like a mentor. we don’t see many women mentoring men. 

2.) one word SUPERMARTIAN!!! they were so great in young justice. we need more couples that are generally great and love and support each other 

3.) speaking of young justice: they are bringing it back. what better way to get people to watch it, than have a version of supermartian on tv? they will get excited and watch the show and it will do well. 

4.) kara being a mentor for connor would have been better and a better storyline than her being guilt tripped into liking a douche 

5.) we could see more of tyler as superman and see how he’d react to a clone. 

6.) kara could have found a new part of herself. which is what the writers seem to want her to do when she broke it off with james. 

7.) james could have taken connor under his wing, because he is so close with clark he could have seen him as a little brother/friend. 

8.) connor is a clone, and was cloned for the soul purpose to take over superman’s place, but with kara’s messages of hope and basically “you choose your own destney” he would learn to let go of this and become his own person

9.) lena lurthor and connor would have to meet and since connor’s human donor for his DNA is lex, it would be cool to see lena take him in, and treat him as a brother/nephew since she hasn’t always felt like taht in her family 

10.) connor is a 1000000000% more interesting and a better character than monster el. 

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heyyy! can i request a mtl who would be more sexually active ?

Omg first request!! <3

This is based on my opinion :)


4-5 times per week

  • Kino: This boy is just so rude and sexual. I mean, have you seen how he moves? How he looks at the camera when he does it? Although he may look sometimes innocent, Hyunggu is definitely not. I think he’s a passionate lover who loves to make you feel good.
  • Shinwon: We all know how confident he’s with his looks, and his sexy dance moves, like Kino. He’s a flirt and very needy lmao. Expect to have sex with him pretty often.
  • Hongseok: He’s not innocent, and I feel like he’s the type of boy who has sex a lot but he rather has quick sex than romantic/traditional sex. However, sometimes you’d get romantic. I picture him having sex anywhere, basically. He only needs to be with you.

3-4 times per week

  • Wooseok: Definitely here. Maybe a surprise since he’s the maknae, but lemme tell you, his hormones are out of control lmao. He’s needy, naughty and loves doing it. Have you seen his lock screen? It’s a quote by Rocky (a rapper): “Pussy makes me smile, I love the different colours of pussies and I don’t care if the pussy is shaved or not.” Yup, totally in this place.

2-3 times per week (normal)

  • Yuto: Yuto is simple. Your sexual activity would be normal for young couples. Though I think he’s like Hongseok, more of a quicker.
  • Hui: Another normal guy, but unlike Yuto and Hongseok, having sex with him would last way longer, so it would normally happen at night, in a chilly atmosphere.
  • Yeo one: Changgu is a normal boy, I think he’s a little needy but controls himself well but sometimes he can’t hold it and you two make each other love. Romantic puppy, very vanilla, sex not very often but incredibly passionate, loving and caring.

1-2 times per week

  • E’Dawn: Hyojong’s priority is not sex, he prefers doing other things with you. He’s not needy at all, but he’s always in the mood. I feel like you guys would have sex if you proposed it or you started it. It’s not like he isn’t confident enough around you, he’s just “respectful”. Idek how to explain it but this boy respects you a lot and controls himself pretty well. Oh, and expect lazy sex.

Less than once per week

  • Jinho: This smol bean is mature enough to understand and believe that sex is an overrated thing in a relationship. He enjoys it, for sure, but as Hyojong, it’s not his priority. You two wouldn’t make it often, but each time you’d do it, it’d be different and very romantic.
  • Yanan: I don’t think I need to justify why I put there Yanan lmao. He’s just a pure, fluffy human being who I’m 100% sure he hasn’t kissed a girl yet (judging by how he holds people when passing papers with his mouth or when he plays peppero game, I’m sure he hasn’t had a kiss/makeout session yet). He’d be kinda awkward at first, but it’d get better and more comfortable as the time passes and you’d have sex much more often- but as I say, “little by little”, meaning this process would be slow. 


I hope you liked it, anon!! Also, excuse my English, it isn’t my first language.


Happy #FicRecDays! I’ve been excited for this for awhile, and now the time has finally arrived! For those of you who don’t know, Fic Rec Days is a period where people are encouraged to do anything at all to promote/recommend fanfic. It doesn’t matter what fandom, what characters, what ships, or if the fic is finished, abandoned, or still a wip. From February 10 to February 12, readers are recommending their favorite fanfics in whatever forms they want - lists, fan art, reviews, gifs, etc.!

Now, let’s begin, shall we?

The fic I’ve chosen to recommend is @owlswing‘s “Rise of Wizardry” series. It’s a “Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons/Big Four” fanfic with three complete installments, a fourth one in progress, and even more to come. The series is a friendship centric Hogwarts(!) AU, with each book following one year for the four students and giving them their own individual arcs.

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Joe Sugg Imagine - Marry me or what?

@twistedlywrites requested: Hello I love your recent jack imagine and would love to request a joe sugg imagine!!! Anyways May I request an imagine where the reader and joe have been dating for a few years, and basically the reader beats joe proposing. So the reader casually proposes to Joe one day?


You wrapped the warm scarf around your cold neck even tighter than it already was. Despite of having been living in London for nearly 10 years, the utter cold wasn’t something you planned on getting used to. Joe laced your gloved fingers together, and headed for the park.

“I just don’t get why we need to take a walk precisely today” you told your boyfriend of 6 years, whose nose was now red from the coldness. Sometimes he was so random it drove you insane.

“Think about this” he started “This cold wave will be in London for three more days. Do you really want to stay at home until next week?”

He had a point, yet you didn’t see why you needed to freeze to death outside when you could be all cozy and warm under your blankets, cuddling “Fine, Sugg” you gave in “Whatever” If you had learnt something about Joe during your relationship as friends and as a couple, was that he was stubborn as fuck. You didn’t have any problems with it most of the time, but now you were ridiculously cold and you just wanted to go home.

On your way to the park, you passed by a jewelry store, and you rolled your eyes before Joe had the chance to make any comments. For the past year, he had been teasing you about getting married. The first few months, you lived skittishly, thinking that at any time Joe would get down on one knee and pop the pretty question.

However, as months passed and you had gotten no such question from your boyfriend, you stopped caring. It wasn’t like you didn’t want to marry him, fuck, of course you did. It was just that you didn’t want to give him the pleasure of having his teasing affecting you anymore. So you ignored him.

Seeing you rolling your eyes, Joe busted out laughing “I don’t know what’s so funny” you tried to say in a serious voice, but you couldn’t help but let a small smile escape your lips when he laughed “I’m actually gonna say no when you ask” you joked.

He laughed again “Well, then I’m not asking”

Just when you thought it couldn’t get colder, you arrived to the lake side of the park. You shivered as a response to the ridiculous weather of London, making Joe wrap his arms around you.

“Are we heading down to Brighton tomorrow?” You asked him, just to check. Now that Alfie and Zoe had a lovely daughter, who wanted to see her Auntie and Uncle all the time, your trips to Brighton had become more frequent than your trips to the supermarket.

“Yup” he said “Speaking of Brighton, we really need to buy the little princess something for Christmas. It’s only like, two weeks away” Your inside got warm when Joe spoke about his niece like that. He rarely called her by her real name, instead he used nicknames like ‘princess’ or 'munchkin’ that were too cute for you to handle.

When Joe found out he was going to be an Uncle, he basically died of enthusiasm. He was scared she wouldn’t like him, and even though everyone kept reassuring him that it wasn’t going to be the case, he didn’t calm down completely until he held her in his arms for the first time and the small child held one of his fingers with her little hand and sucked on it. Now, with the little girl being 2 years old, it was more than obvious that she adored her Uncle.

“Sure” you said “We’ll do it when we get back”.

Suddenly, a young couple with a big dog on a leash caught your sight, and apparently Joe’s as well. As you were admiring their dog (you couldn’t help it, let them sue you), you felt Joe’s breath on your ear “You know what I think?” He asked in such a deep, raspy voice it made you shiver again. You nodded “That they’re married” he said, and immediately laughed again. Only, this time, you didn’t laugh.

You turned your head to look at him, who was still with the biggest grin on his face “You know what, Joe?” Your voice changed into one he had never heard before. His smile vanished quicker than it had appeared “You’ve been making these jokes for the past year and I’m honestly so tired already. Do you think it’s funny to play with something like that? Specially when you know that it’s always been my dream to get married because I bloody told you like, a hundred times?!” You almost yelled, his eyes looking sorry.

“I’m sorry, Y/N” he quickly said “I didn’t know it affected you so much. Forgive me, love” he was going to pull you into a hug, but you pushed him away. The look on his face broke you to pieces.

“No, I’m tired of this game, Joe” you spoke, not sure of what was going to happen next. You shivered again, out of nervousness. You didn’t know what you were thinking, or what was about to happen. You had always thought things through, but this time, you were tired of waiting for life to happen by itself.

You looked directly at his blue eyes, “I’m so tired, Joe” your sight moved down to the ground, and you counted to ten. Were you really going to do it? Was this what all men felt? Joe remained quiet, but not quite calm.

“Joseph Graham Sugg, I can’t believe I let you drive me crazy for all this time” you said, and let out a deep sigh before speaking again “Will you bloody marry me, or what?” You almost screamed, throwing your arms in the air in exhaustion.

Joe looked blank for a few seconds, then reacted. He laughed and immediately pulled you in into a hug, lifting you up the ground. You held onto his neck, not feeling cold anymore “I can’t believe you freaking proposed to me” he said, his smile not leaving his face for a second.

You smiled, looking directly at his eyes “So? What do you say?”

He pecked your lips and put you down so you were touching the ground again “I say yes” he said, and his hand went to the pocket of his jacket “But only…”

Your breathing stopped. He was holding out a small black leather box, and as he opened it to reveal a beautiful ring with an small diamond in the center, a tear scape your eye “If you say yes as well”

You threw yourself at him again, kissing him all over “You fucking prick!” You yelled at him, only to make him laugh “Of course I will marry you!”

You held the small box on your gloved hands as if it were a treasure. It was your treasure anyway. Joe leaned in and kissed you in the lips, more passionately this time “I can’t believe you beat me at proposing” he whispered, earning a cheeky grin from you.

“I always beat you, Sugg” you closed the distance between your lips again, tasting the feeling of a new chapter in your life.


-__-__ BlackWatch McCree__-__- Young McCree__-__–__
  { Bless this cheerful young dork lol } 
  [ Young McCree looks like Billy the Kid, 2 badass revolvers and armor yes yes yes !! ]
   Before this version I want to kill myself cuz I did finish this not long time ago and then my selfconcious decided to deleted it…. oh god the previous version is more beautiful yet I deleted it !!! AAAAA ….. well I redrew him and sorry for the shitty quality, cuz I’m really sleepy “”””””OTL

Headcanons: Nishimiya Shouko

I’ve done Ishida’s, so let’s go to her.

1. Shouko used to have long hair that hides her face since forever. In negotiation to attending a normal school, she had her hair cut. But ever since middle school, she kept growing her hair long as a reminder that she could shy away from the world. As she got older, she realized that there wa no more need to hide, but she kept her hair long for Ishida or his mother to style.

2. She likes drawing and calligraphy in comparison with Yuzu’s photography. When she was young, she conveyed her conversations in drawings. She has a massive stationery collection.

3. Had she not attended their middle school, she would have probably succeeded in committing suicide, whichever one of the incidents shown. This is because in the movie’s timeline, she met Ishida, who caused the changes in her worldview.

4. Shouko’s closeness with her Grandmother is in cooking. She can cook pretty damn well. After Grandmother’s death, she left cookies in the fridge for nights Yuzu suddenly wakes up, or even teaches her sister some of her dishes.

5. In order to compensate for missing her hearing, her other senses (mainly sight, touch and smell, in that order) are strong. She’s capable of catching miniscule body details and mannerisms (see the choir incident when in middle school, she caught the way everyone drew their breaths as they were about to sing; in high school, she noted that Ishida’s body language was remorseful and the subtle movements of sign languages). She’s able to tell if someone is lying, sort of like Nunnaly from Code Geass, especially if she’s in contact with another person. Despite not having any alarms, she can easily know if food is cooking well, or about to burn.

6. Shouko has only met her father once. The man loved her, yes, but unsurprisingly felt it was too much of a hassle to have a disabled child. This hurt her, because this was basically the first time someone did not want her for her limits. This is the start of her depression, since for all that she was a child then, it impacted how her perception of the world, and made herself think she was broken or defective.

7. Shouko loves her family dearly. But as she sees her mother’s bills, her grandmother struggle to study sign language and Yuzu being teased for having a deaf sister, she imagines lives for them where she doe not exist. She does try enough. However as the events of the movie happen, she eventually learns to try harder both as inspired from Ishida and in compensation to everyone who helped her. As she work harder, she eventually realizes that she’s woking hard for her own sake also, since her existence was one she built also for herself. She eventually stops thinking how everything could be bettet without her.

8. Of all the characters from high school, Shouko is most comfortable with Ishida, then Sahara. She’s exceptionally wary of Ueno and Shimada for their actions towards her and Ishida. Also, just as Kawai cannot understand why they should feel remorse for their actions, Shouko cannot understand what is the beauty in hurting others, since she’s lived on inputs and in living despite the limits on her person. She’s at odds with Kawai because the latter lacks empathy.

9. As an empathic person, she could eventually help other deafs fit in society in her future. She could show that despite our limits, we can rise above those, especially with the help other people gives us. She’s been particularly thankful of Ishida, Yuzu and in some way, Ueno, for letting her know and understand this.

10. Since Ishida confuses her ‘suki’ with 'tsuki’, she eventually confesses via love notes. Ishida keeps these notes. She eventually attends a speech class in secret and improves her vocalizations. This shocks everyone, especially Ishida when she manages to fluently communicate with them. However, she prefers to sign, knowing that it was one she was most comfortable with.

11. She’s somewhat knowledgeable with a camera, with a genius of a sister in photography. However, she’s more fascinated in videography- and is fond of silent movies when she was younger. This leads her to understand that yes, we could make others understand without words. This also led her to start studying sign language when she was younger. In some futures, she will have been a great deaf director on silent movies or animations.

12. Sometimes, she bakes the bread she feeds to the carps. Yuzu complains that this is a waste. When Ishida tries one, he agrees with Yuzu.

13. Shouko learns more hairstyles from Ishida. In the story, she only knows basics in styling her hair (straight and ponytail). She’s particularly jealous and impressed Ishida knows a girly skill.

14. Trigger warning: The first time she committed suicide, she tried to drown herself. She was luckily found by her mother. This led to them moving from their current apartment to one without any nearby pools.

15. Had Shouko Nishimiya not lost her hearing, she would have been a popular kind girl at school, getting along with everyone and fitting seamlessly in middle school. But when she dreamt of those things as she got older, she realized it was futile and it was alright she lost her hearing, because she eventually learned and succeeded in making things better for people with disabilities.

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I'm not a expert but from the comics I've read I've always saw Tim as the most distrusting of the Robins (or it was a trait focused on more as his time went on). He admits he lies to Batman and is seen doing so to his other teammates (in the New Titans pre 52). I think he took awhile to warm up to his teammates in Young Justice. Actually, besides a few expections doesn't he take a long time to warm up to anyone? He's also the only bat protege I know of that has made contingency plans on every-

2 hero in the community besides Dick (as seen in Red Robin). Tim values people and his loved ones more then anything and he’s well liked. But I agree I’ve also seem him being very cold and aloof in a lot of ways too. He becomes a lot like Bruce in that way (just better with friends). I liked Tim but I don’t remember seeing him ever regarded in the same light as one of the pillars/hearts of the hero community as Dick has been. He just likes his own circle.

Tim as the most distrusting did get more emphasis later on, but it was apparent in the 90s, particularly in regard to his treatment of Steph and Helena. 

For most of Young Justice’s run Tim maintained his secret identity so there was definitely a barrier between him and the team initially, although obviously that’s not entirely Tim’s fault since it’s hardly likely Batman would approve of him giving out his ID. Tim does get close to his friends, and he’s able to work professionally with others, but I’ve also never seen anything that suggests he has even half as much of Dick’s reputation in the wider community. 

Book review — Stranger Than Fanfiction

After loving Chris Colfer’s Land of Stories series, I picked up his latest book without a second thought. What a fool I was.

You know how “don’t write a self-insert” is such a common writing advice that it has people arguing against it, and not unreasonably so, on the grounds that any character one writes has an element of oneself, and desperately trying to avoid that only results in trite, flat characters because you have no real experience to ground them in?

Yeah, well this book reminds you why it’s a common advice in the first place. Oh, but don’t worry, it also does so much more wrong! It’s like a massive clusterfuck of “why do you waste my time so?” Really, this could have had its own snark. You’ve been warned.

Also, I’ll be spoiling stuff, because a huge amount of what makes the book infuriating rather than mediocre is in its ending. Beware.

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out of these books, which would y'all most recommend???? i have to pick a book for AP literature summer work lmao.. ignore the ones that are crossed out! my top picks rn are as follows:

The Invisible Man
Gulliver’s Travels
Cry, The Beloved Country
Jane Eyre
The H andmaid’s Tale
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

i trust u folks’ judgement immensely dgsgfhdb, if it helps i like stories with well-written cool characters a lot, like i care more abt the characters than the plot id say, just a little. i liked the joy luck club and the kite runner (both were books we had 2 read in class for the record) bc of the characters!!!!

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I think that there's a misunderstanding among young, well-meaning tumblr users (like your anon) hopping on this recent train that being informed about people with ASPD means you go through life constantly avoiding or attacking them. This is not the case. If you use Martha Stout's numbers, there are more people with ASPD globally than there are Indonesian citizens. Avoiding them is not feasible and attacking them is inhumane. (1/2)

Continued: As an adult, you will almost certainly know one, interact with one, work with one. You will treat them with basic human decency, as you would anyone else. But you will never, ever trust them. Being informed lets you know where the boundaries are. It teaches you to not take it personally when they treat you like an object and pay closer attention for signs of exploitation and manipulation. It tells you how to deal with people with ASPD in a way that allows you to keep yourself safe

Very well spoken, the prevalence of ASPD is far more common than the general population realizes and my goal is to provide tools for people to recognize these individuals and protect themselves. Treating someone with the basic respect and dignity you would give to any human being doesn’t mean you can’t be aware and protect yourself from potential exploitation.

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Best fifteen character (humans, dragons) from HTTYD (movies, series, books) for you. And why?

My list will definitely differ from the next HTTYD fan, and I imagine that there’ll be some names present/absent that most others wouldn’t choose. This is more of a person list of my favorites and why I gravitate toward them as versus something more objective about why they could be considered “best.” There will be a lot of names absent that someone would probably want to put in a more attempted “objective” list. 

Note that, when I discuss the book characters, I do get into book spoilers!

Honorable mentions: Valhallarama, Gustav Larson, Toothless (movies), Snotface Snotlout, Big-Boobied Bertha, and Norbert the Nutjob.

15. Ruffnut Thorston

I always wish Ruffnut could be given a bit more spotlight. Sometimes she lingers a bit more in the background than the other characters in the Dragon Academy, yet she is someone with such an interesting personality! 

It’s not common for female characters in media to act in any manner like Ruffnut. Females are less commonly the comic relief character. Women also don’t tend to have a lot of those dorky, quirky, ridiculous penchants such as you see in Ruffnut. A crazy, thrill-seeking pyromaniac who intentionally slicks her hair with fish oil and names her Zippleback head “Barf”? Sign me up!

One thing that is always so cool about Ruffnut is that she’s far more than meets the eye. She might initially seem like someone who is a little slow in thought and spends all her energy making explosions, but that’s not the case. Ruffnut, like her brother, is quite intelligent, but she prioritizes enjoyment in life’s everyday events over rigorous discipline. But Ruffnut is also very different than her brother, and I love to see that personality shine through. I love her sense of caution and calculation, her bold abrasiveness, her typical desire to stay out of the way of conflict but go-getting personality when she chooses to get involved. There’s so much, down to the pauses before she talks, to the fact that she knows how to pickpocket guards and completely outmaneuver everyone around her!

Ruffnut’s great, and she’s really quite individual. I have a strong affinity for both the twins because I don’t see personalities like this so much. And man do their personalities shine.

14. Viggo Grimborn

It’s very possible that my rating of Viggo will raise or lower depending upon the release of RTTE S3. Thus far, I haven’t seen too much of him, after all! Nevertheless, the small amount of Viggo I have seen thus far enormously excites me.

Viggo is unique as a villain, at least as he’s been introduced. His opening speech marks him as a gray personality, not someone bent on evil, revenge, or antagonism against Hiccup and his gang. It’s just that Hiccup and his party happen to be in Viggo’s way, and he will do what he must, strategically, in order to ensure his own success. Viggo will not be dark and cruel unnecessarily, killing people without reason; he scoffs at the thought and calls such actions “animalistic.” Viggo has a strong-set moral code, one that honestly makes a lot of sense, and yet he’s pitted against Hiccup and the other dragon riders. It’ll prove interesting to see what he plans to do as their interactions continue.

Then there’s the entire fact that Viggo is a scholar, a strategist, one who works first and foremost with his mind. He completely outmaneuvers Hiccup in “Maces and Talons,” and I love seeing that. There is an incredible amount of potential in Viggo, and if he lives up to that, he’ll be bumped even higher on this list.

13. Heather

I do like me my Heather, and I’ve already gone on many extensive rants for why I like her. I like the fact that Heather brings so many new things to the table. She’s a bit more morally gray than the other dragon riders her age, a bit more intense and edgy, and also emotionally conflicted and a bit unstable. The HTTYD world (both books and movies) often divides characters into stark good/bad distinctions, so seeing a deviation from that perks my interest straightaway. Heather is something new in all the aspects I’ve mentioned. I could talk about her forever.

12. Hroar

I imagine this is a name that most people don’t know. Hroar is from the comic books - in fact, only appearing in one installment. For me, it’s such a shame that he only appears once because he has so much potential. So much potential.

Drago and Hiccup are set up to be foils of one another, and that is really cool. It works well in HTTYD 2 and I look forward to seeing that brought out more in HTTYD 3. However, I feel like the character Hroar does an even better job balancing Hiccup. At least from what I’ve seen of him and Drago so far, he’s been much more interesting to me.

Hroar is a young man who is legitimately likable, containing a natural charm and charisma that attracts the Hairy Hooligans when he first arrives on Berk. Hroar is actually a pleasant personality that would be fun to spend a day with! He’s quite intelligent and strong, too. However, Hroar also happens to be an Outcast, an Outcast who has the ability to agitate dragons. Whereas Hiccup can soothe and befriend dragons, Hroar is able to excite and antagonize dragons. It’s a unique ability, and it allows him to control dragons just as effectively as Hiccup can - just through opposite methods and results.

Hiccup and Hroar neutralize one another’s abilities, in essence. I just get so excited thinking about what could have been. It could have been a great, ongoing tension between the two, each trying to gain the upper hand. And all the time… Hroar is unique… as a genuinely likable antagonist. He’s not a bad personality, unlike so many enemies of Hiccup’s who are meant to be obviously socially repulsive (Drago, Dagur, Mildew, Alvin…).

11. Hookfang

Of all the friendly dragons in the DreamWorks franchise, Hookfang is my favorite. From his design to his dorky personality, he’s quite the hoot on screen. It’s not just that Hookfang is Snotlout’s riders (and Snotlout’s one of my faves)… Hookfang is a dragon with a genuinely likable, tangible, expressive, and amusing personality.

He can be lazy and inobservant. He can try to do his best and burn everything up instead. He can be intentionally obstinate. Somehow, despite the fact Hookfang can’t talk, I would almost pin him as sarcastic.

10. Furious

I have to vote Furious as the most intimidating antagonist of the entire HTTYD world. He’s a mountain-sized dragon who literally obliterates over half the Barbaric Archipelago into flame. Furious, because of his anger against humans, raises up an entire rebellion of dragons. His draconic armies raze the land, slaughtering countless Vikings, and destroying Berk into a blackened crisp. He makes Hiccup go on the run and in hiding, all the time chanting the most chilling poem ever… the Red Rage.

Furious is a dragon with a just cause for anger, too. He’s a villain with a very understandable and relatable psychological state. His backstory with Hiccup the Second is downright heartbreaking; he lost his human brother and so many dragons that night. It should have been a peaceful protest… and yet Furious watched the individuals around him get slaughtered. He was chained by Vikings for a hundred years and watched many other of his draconic peoples endure harsh conditions under Viking leadership… of course Furious’ anger is understandable! He’s wanting to free dragons of over a hundred years of oppression, mistreatment, and slaughter!

The fact that Furious’ beliefs are grounded in that makes him understandable. He’s not a bad guy with a poor excuse. He’s a justifiably angry dragon who has a strong position in the war.

Making Furious relatable also leads up to some of the amazing events that happen in book twelve. Furious isn’t some bad dragon, even if he does have… frightful… thirst for blood. His deep emotionality in the final book is something I will never forget. This. is. an. amazing. dragon. character.

9. Stoick the Vast

The relationship between Stoick and Hiccup is integral in both book and film. Especially, in the first movie, the entire story is that of father and son. The conflict centers around Stoick and Hiccup having their differences, being unable to relate to one another, and coming into conflict because of their different perspectives. 

Yet while Stoick could easily have been dismissed as an unlikable character, an antagonistic force to Hiccup’s ingenious ideas, Stoick remains incredible. He is the proud chief of Berk for a reason. Stoick is willing to sacrifice his life to buy his people more time to escape during the failed Battle of the Red Death. Stoick saves his son from death countless times… even taking a fatal, point-blank shot to the chest in the second movie.

Stoick is multifaceted, and every facet of his is wonderful. Stoick can be both tenacious and tender, stubborn and openminded, wise and foolhardy, courageous and sensitive, stern and loving. None of these are contradictions. To build a character like this is to build a real human. I love Stoick, especially the Stoick we see in the movie trilogy. 

8. Camicazi

Cami’s neck-to-neck with my #7. Regardless of my exact numerical order, she deserves to be on this list! 

Camicazi is incredible in so many ways. While she is quite the courageous, go-getting warrior character, she doesn’t have that staleness that so many action hero women do in modern day media. She isn’t the cold woman who warms up and falls in love with the protagonist (UGH HOW MANY TIMES HAS THAT BEEN DONE IN MOVIES AND BOOKS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!). Camicazi, rather, is such an endearing, amusing, and inspiring personality with a lot of three-dimensionality and even more originality.

I love, first of all, that she’s so spunky. I love how that spunkiness sometimes lands her into being ridiculous - all those fake costumes and terrible escape plans? I love that it makes her cocky, and makes her so willingly bold to enter ridiculously dangerous scenarios. I love the fact that she is so upbeat, cheerful, and good-natured, all the while capable of spewing out the craziest string of insults you can imagine. 

I love that she’s short, has tangled hair, and is never described as good looking. I love that her relationship with Hiccup is healthy, but that they make mistakes and have to learn how to navigate and mend their relationship accordingly. I love that their friendship is purely platonic throughout the entire series, meaning that the main story focuses on the power of friendship and families - relationships that are too often looked over and not emphasized for the incredible things they are.

Camicazi is wonderful. There should be more dashing, comical, brave, inspiring, ridiculous, amusing, three-dimensional characters like her.

7. Valka Haddock

Valhallarama completely kicks butt in so many ways, and I could scream about her, too, but Valka Haddock is my queen. This is ironic considering I entered the theatre opening night of HTTYD 2 expecting to hate her. I didn’t want to like her. She was an obnoxious cliche, a character who suddenly came back from the dead, a character who threatened to destroy the wonderful father-son dynamics that I saw in the first film. I was very skeptical of the idea of bringing Hiccup’s mother into the second movie… but upon seeing HTTYD 2… I am so, so, so glad they did.

I get a thrill thinking of both the original villain!Valka plan and the canonical, final-version vigilante dragon lady we see in the film. Valka is incredible. She is a wonderful tangle of conceivable strengths and weaknesses. In some ways, Valka is incredibly fragile, having tried to convince herself it was “okay” to leave her family for twenty years, all the while bowing under the guilt. She’s timid around the Haddocks, and you can see the hurt inside her all these decades later. And yet Valka can also be incredibly strong… and proves herself to be… as a dragon vigilante, as a warrior, as a comforter and support, as a wife, as a mother.

I love the fact we could get into a character so deeply like Valka. 

6. Fishlegs No-Name (books)

Fishlegs is one of those characters that is described frequently as lacking good traits - he is shy, he is physically weak, he has allergies galore. However, despite this, Fishlegs is one of the most lovable, relatable, endearing, and most inspiring personality out there in the series. Fishlegs shows that you don’t have to be “the most talented” or “the most good looking” or “the most strong” or “the best at anything” to be an amazing, jaw-dropping, lovable person and incredible friend.

Fishlegs’ placement in the books is critical. He is the balance to Camicazi’s wildness, and his presence in the story makes for powerful tales of best friendship with Hiccup. Every time he speaks to moan about their bad adventures, or sarcastically makes some “I told you so,” he’s perfect. 

By the end of the series, Fishlegs’ journey and character development is just as critical as Hiccup’s. Fishlegs has just as many big, jaw-dropping, heroic moments as Hiccup in book twelve. They are, in fact, some of my all-time favorite moments of the entire series. Fishlegs’ search for his family results in disappointment, but he rises to become the greatest he ever has been.

This kid deserves SO MUCH love for what he brings to the stories.

5. Toothless (books)

I prefer book!Toothless over movie!Toothless, ironic because I haaaaated Toothless for the first three or so books. He was not what I wanted at all - where was that amazing, beautiful, enormous black, cat-like best friend I saw in the movie? A sniveling, stuttering, selfish, rude dragon was hardly what I had in mind.

However, while Toothless’ obnoxiousness was what made me hate him at first, those same character traits made me fall in love with him, too. His relationship with Hiccup is something that is, of course, critical to the book series, but it’s also a COMPLETE hoot to read. I wouldn’t mind reading an entire book of Hiccup and Toothless just… bickering. The book doesn’t have to have a plot, it doesn’t even have to have much narrative. Simply the two of them interacting with each other is something I could adore forever.

4. Tuffnut Thorston

What. a. ridiculous. NUT.

I don’t even know what to say about Tuffnut. He’s just such a hoot! He babbles ridiculously and hilariously, he takes over the show so easily just by being himself, he’s dramatic and over-the-top and oh-so-enjoyable to watch.

3. Snotlout Jorgenson

Though Snotface Snotlout has a great place in the HTTYD books, he is very different from his movie counterpart. You can tell they have the same origin, but man do they have different stories, and who they are pans out in very different manners. I personally adore the DreamWorks Snotlout. I’ve already talked about why he’s a favorite here, so I won’t waste more space.

2. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Second

Hiccup the Second is only told about in a few flashbacks. His main story takes place over less than twenty pages in book eight. However, Hiccup’s story makes a huge impact. HUGE.

Even though Hiccup’s entire life is skimmed over in a single story by the witch, he is so full of life. I was enraptured to learn about this Hiccup, who grew up with Furious as his brother, who was brought up by Grimbeard the Ghastly but remained remarkably wild and feral-like, who was so rebellious and obnoxious during his tenure as Prince of the Barbaric Archipelago. When I turned the page and read Hiccup’s death, I screamed.

The fact that I could fall in love with a character in so few pages says a lot to the amazingness of his character.

1. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third (books/movies)

HTTYD could not happen without Hiccup. While sometimes the protagonists are the least interesting characters of a story, Hiccup is the central inspiration of the story. He is what brings everything to life, makes the stories so enchanting, makes the stories so emotionally engrossing. Hiccup is the hero who steps forward with a jaw-dropping sense of morals and courage, and goes forward to incredible lengths in order to spread peace, forgiveness, and love. The character in the books especially is someone I can deeply admire and be inspired by.

Hiccup is incredibly relatable to many individuals. For teenagers, his struggles with fitting in are very relatable. For young adults trying to find their mark in the world, Hiccup’s story brings a sense of relatability in HTTYD 2. Whatever stage Hiccup’s life is in, he can touch the heart of some audience member.

Beyond that, Hiccup is an incredibly real character. Everything down to his sarcastic voice and characteristic gestures in the movies makes him feel like a real human being.

We couldn’t have HTTYD without Hiccup.

And I couldn’t have this list without placing him at the top.

fashionistabree  asked:

2 and 14 with lex?

There we are ! A little short maybe, but it’s been a while since I thought about writting about when Lex’s father was alive, and that was the best opportunity I had. Thanks! 

2: “Let’s escape this together and get married at Rio!”

14: “I am not scared!… I’m more like…. Terrified.”

 Being normal and the girlfriend of Lex Luthor wasn’t easy, not when his father was the CEO of one of the biggest company of the city, and his son promised to a great future when you were… well, that didn’t matter right now… You were young, and totally in love with your Lex – so sweet, so handsome and yet so insecure because of his father. It was heart-breaking to see him struggle to make his own way when Luthor had apparently already decided for the whole life of his son.

 Dating a low girl with no fortune, no genius nor any use for him wasn’t in that plan. Until now, he never really cared about your existence, for he thought you weren’t a threat, and Lex was relieved of that. Because he knew for sure that if his father ever heard about his project, he would hurt you, get rid of you, and he was scared by that.

 Scared by that man that should protect him and yet could only hurt him. If you were one of those heroine on TV, you would face his father, and tell him to stop using his son like some tool, but you couldn’t. Not when you saw Lex’s face when his father was brought in the conversation. So you decided to be here for him, until he found the strength to stand against his father and break free.

That was until his father finally realized what his son was dating. Lex didn’t wanted you to go, but he couldn’t say it, and disobey for the consequences would be painful. Standing in the corridor to the Luthor’s office, you took his hand and smiled with a confidence you didn’t knew you could fake.

“Don’t be scared, everything will be fine.”

“I’m not scared!” Lex replied immediately, before seeing that you clearly didn’t believed him. “I’m more like… terrified.” He then mumbled, looking away.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you!” You said jokingly.

 He smiled to you, and hold tighter you hand for the more you approach the office, the more he felt the pressure of his father’s look. He could hurt you or worst, and Lex knew he wouldn’t be able to protect you. That was killing him, he didn’t have any power against his father, the thought of facing him itself was scarring him to death, and yet here you were, smiling and joking as if unaware of the danger.

 He wanted you to keep smiling. Could he protect that smile?

“When this will be done, lets escape this together and get married at Rio!” You whispered at his ear as you hugged him tightly.

 You kissed him on the cheek, and suddenly, the solution to his problem appeared. Lex realized that as long as his eyes would be on you, he would found the strength to fight his fears and his demon.

“Right, the carnival is about to begin there isn’t it?” He replied lightly before kissing you tenderly. “I love you, Y/N Y/L/N. I love you more than I fear him.”

“I love you too. And I really think that you should dye your hair in blue for our wedding!”


“ Really is that all ya got ? Ain’t had enough from ya’ll… “
       ___ Blackwatch McCree

   {{ // McCree back in Blackwatch he’s a fearsome soldier. Operation complete with no target left. Combat way always adapted on situation that he face. Common weapon is 2 6-shots revolver, high accurancy with no miss on one target. Promote to: Side commander // }– {//Report end// Commander Reyes//}  
  [ He looks like Billy the Kid but more deadlier, later become Clint Westwood pffftttt , and I just dying that what the heck I’m doing in this drawing ;;;;____;;;;;] ]  

 Ah well 2/3 of the process I streamed online but then my streaming time was unconvenience for a lot of people so I did this timelapse video of my drawing from start to finish
 I hope you guys enjoy it m and sorry for the quality because the vid is from the livestream

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