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they say, a writer should keep her feet planted on the floor. the soles of her shoes should not leave the linoleum tile. she must hold onto something to keep herself grounded, grip onto the bathroom counter hard enough to see her knuckles turn white. or else she will float away, she’ll float right up into the clouds. before you know it she’ll be living in her daydreams, so far into her head she won’t be able to hear a word that you say to her no matter how loud you scream, no matter how many times you snap your fingers in front of her face, no matter how many times you tell her to stop being so delusional. she’ll marry these delusions, wear a dress whiter than the wisps of clouds she uses as a throne, and you won’t be invited to the wedding. no, they say, a writer needs to look into her own eyes at least once a day. she needs to see herself standing in the mirror, it will help her feel real, it will help her stay grounded.
a writer tends to focus too much on the little things, they say. to a writer, the tiniest things are the larger-than-life things, she will craft entire worlds out of empty mailboxes and gravel driveways, she will get lost in the cornmazes of her own metaphors. remind her that dreams don’t always come true. like she hasn’t heard it a million times before, like the weekly lesson in her creative writing class wasn’t always how you can’t just scribble “writer” on your tax forms, like they don’t always want to know what she’ll do if she isn’t good enough, how will she support herself writing stanzas with strict rhyme schemes. remind her that sestinas won’t satiate her hunger and that sonnets won’t pay the bills, remind her that every novel can’t be number one, that not every writer will succeed.
writers, they say, need a reminder sometime. make sure her feet stay planted on the floor. make sure she stays grounded.
—  things they say about a writer.

theabsentmindedwanderofundertale  asked:

Hopefully this hasnt been asked before (I've been reading asks for awhile so I'm pretty sure) Do you have ALL color and representations lined up? Like do you also have ones for more obscure colors like brown planned out as well or just cannon colors +pink?

Just canon colors actually. Pink is the result of the soul being used as a spell

A little watercolour Hermione in the Gryffindor girls’ dorm. I know some people just don’t click, but it must’ve been pretty lonely for Hermowninny.

We’ll dance on top of cars

Now, as he stays there on the edge of her bed, her back pressed slightly against his chest and sitting between his parted legs, Stiles starts slowly combing her curls making them wavy as he knows she loves them and thinks that all he ever wanted in his life after all, is being able to see them getting silver by his side.

“Mm, you’re good at this.” Lydia’s moan brings him back to her.

“Among many other things.”

or the smutty pre-prom drabble no one has hopefully written yet

romance, smut - 2.7k words - Explicit   [AO3]

A/N: Special thanks to Susana ( @you-make-me-wander ) for her amazing beta work, you know you can always count on me babe <3

and thank you Sanya ( @killianjonec ) for reading this for first and always supporting me with my writing, i love you sis

Title is from “Wings” by Birdy

part 3 of the Bedzone series 

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY @riverdalecorefour! I really hope you’ll like this

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You look upon the world around you and you think you know it well. I have smelled it as a wolf, listened as a cat, prowled shadows that you never dreamed existed.


Gangsta // EP01 - Favorite part

Lance Week: Friends

“What’re you guys doing?”

From the floor of the common area, the other four paladins of Voltron looked up from where they were arranging blankets and pillows. Hunk looked back and forth between the others, waiting for someone to explain, while Pidge carefully stacked pillows on top of each other.  Shrugging, Lance jumped onto the couch while Shiro stated, “We’re making a pillow fort.”

Pressing a hand to his chest, Lance whined, “And you didn’t invite me!  I’m wounded!”

“I’m sure you’ll survive,” Keith said dryly, rolling an extra blanket in a ball before throwing it at Lance.

Letting the blanket fall on his head, Lance leaned forward and nodded to the corner of the fort Hunk was assembling and suggested, “Why don’t you use the lion slippers to support the corners?”

Hunk nodded, a grin on his face as he started to carefully test the idea, while Shiro motioned with his hand for Lance to join them.  Crawling over, Lance threw his blanket over Keith’s head, earning a grumble from the other boy.  The five stayed like that for a while, only leaving to return with more pillows and blankets to strengthen their fort.  It became obvious that the five of them weren’t going to fit, and it was Shiro who made the executive decision of starting a pillow fight.

Halfway through the fight, Lance had teamed up with Keith and was beating Shiro with pillows, while Hunk had lifted Pidge on his shoulders. The green paladin grinned wickedly and screamed, “Charge!” and started throwing pillows at the other three while Hunk provided ammunition.

Pidge and Hunk had just been about to demolish the alliance Keith and Lance had made, when Allura rushed into the room, oven mitts on her hands and a baking pan of purple looking stuff in her grip.  Holding the pan away from herself, the princess explained worriedly, “Hunk, the timer you set went off, but you weren’t there and I didn’t know what to do so I took them out!”

Hunk yelped, dropping Pidge on a pile of pillows and rushed to look at the purple pan in Allura’s hands, earning Lance’s curiosity.  Exchanging a glance with Shiro and Keith, Lance wandered towards Allura and rested his chin on Hunk’s shoulder before asking, “What is that?  It smells kinda like actual food.”

“It is!” Hunk exclaimed, giving Allura a reassuring nod, “I got the mix at the last stop, they’re space brownies!”

Pidge sat up from the mess of pillows while asking, “You didn’t tell us?  Why not? Did you get space peanut butter too?”

Sniffing the baked goods, Lance looked at Shiro and confirmed, “They’re space brownies.  Well, more like purplies, since they aren’t actually brown.”

Hunk beamed at his friend and told Allura to put the pan down somewhere and get a knife, ignoring Lance hovering next to him. Temporarily standing next to Hunk, Lance turned and flopped onto the pillow mountain next to Pidge who poked his shoulder as if prodding to see if he was still alive.  Rolling over, Lance grinned and felt a pillow hit his face and heard a snicker from Keith.

Sitting up, Lance smirked and started to arm himself with the remains of the pillow mountain, only to have Allura offer a piece of purple space brownie to him.  Taking the experimental sweet, Lance shrugged before biting into it, recognizing the taste as a regular brownie.  Groaning in appreciation, Lance saw Keith tentatively poking his snack, causing a laugh to bubble up in his chest and make purple brownie crumbs spray across the room.

Sounds of disgust and laughter filled the room, while Lance covered his mouth and choked on his laughter at his friends’ reactions.


Here’s some pics of the Barbie 1999 Blue cottage before I gut it and customize it to look better. I’m a little sad the gate is missing but otherwise it’s structurally sound.

I was like… 7 when this set came out in Australia (so probably 2000-2001?) and I always thought it was a green house style playset where you had tea parties and hosted garden shows. But inside it has a bunch of fold out beds, a faux fireplace and a super compact kitchen.

Unfortunately 2 of the three fold out beds are completely gone, the Fridge door is busted and the 90s art stickers aren’t to my taste.

So I removed the middle spinny section and what is left is pretty much a cute green house style building. I ripped off the faux fireplace cuz I could probably use it in other settings especially if I paint it to look detailed, and I’ll grab some of the fixtures in the kitchen cuz otherwise I’m not gonna use that broken thing.

I’m probably going to paint the weatherboards out, the faux doors in the middle and the tiled section white with spray paint, then paint the fold out floor a brown to look more like wood, as well as hand paint the sculpted details on the outside.

I can’t believe no one has thought of being a female JD like you people need to get on my level seriously

Marlene just posted this on instagram. If you look at the (real life) rocking chair behind the doll house you can see that there’s someone sitting in it!! You can also see they have long brown hair,well it looks more like a bit longer than shoulder length. I was thinking Mona or Aria!! Wtf!!

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What do you think would happen if the cop that shot Mike Brown was black?

Well, more than likely, Michael would still be alive.

But can we not focus on bogus hypothetical scenarios and instead focus on what’s actually happening?