well mice but

Hunk: Hey, quick question? 

Lance: Shoot.

Hunk: Are we even sure that the mice are mice?

Lance: Well… I mean… when we got here they looked like mice so I guess we all just kind of assumed that they were mice? Which, when you think about it, is honestly kind of weird. ‘Cause the mice are 10,000 year old aliens dude… which kind of implies that mice are universal?? Like, Altea had them, and Earth has them. What are the odds of that? We’re a gazillion miles from home, but we still have mice. What could that mean? … Dude. Are the mice actually mice?


Hunk: Gonna be honest with you, I meant for this conversation to go a completely different way, but what you’re saying is really cool and now I’m interested in discussing this as a group.

Lance: Aw, thanks buddy! But what were you gonna say?

Hunk: I was gonna say that, are we sure the mice are actually mice? Because it feels like every time we tell them something, they……… rat us out!


Lance: You’re awful.

On Keith’s Birthday


Keith: Ugh, it’s four in the morning. What do you want



Keith: uh…

Keith: A monday?


Lance: Try again

Keith: ?

Keith: Okay, uh… International talk show host day?

Lance: Keith

Lance: Wtf. no. 

Lance: Why do you even know that.

Lance: Think about the date

Keith: … October 23rd? What about it?

Lance: Oh my god. Just *shoves a gift in his face*

Keith: What are you-Oh. That was today?


Lance: Why are you like this

Lovely Langst Day 1- Corrupted Lance

~ I decided to try to write really short things like I had for a while since I want to participate in this but I’m also working on another project for you all ;) ~

I kinda changed the prompt a little so it’s a kinda corrupted Lance but he isn’t and the team doesn’t trust him and bad things happen ~

“Please, just leave.”

Lance broke.

He couldn’t stay anymore.

He said it all.

Keith reached out towards the younger, “Lance, please, you don’t know what you’re doi-”

“Keith,” Lance stepped away, “Not now.” Lance bit his lip. 

Pidge stood shaken at Lance’s outburst. Their heart thumped against their chest at a speed one would get from running a mile.

Shiro, accompanied by Hunk, led Allura away. Her trembling figure a sight no one was prepared to see. 

“What do you mean you should have taken their off-”

“Don’t,” Lance warned the red paladin.

“-er and that you would have bee-”


“-n treated like you actually belonged?”

Enough,” Lance’s voice broke through, leaving Keith stunned for a moment.

Lance made his way across the bridge to the left entrance, hitting Keith with his shoulder on the way.



You’re not trustworthy, Lance.

“Lance, what are you doing?”

You’re slacking.

“Think about what you’re doing!”

We don’t need someone as useless as you.

“Please, Lance!”

Shut up!

“Come on, Lance,” a purple hand stretched towards him.

You have no idea how many times I’ve heard you complain about me.

“We’ll take good care of you.”

You think that I don’t know any of that?

“You’ll be loved,” a promise encased in a rich voice wraps around the blue paladin.

How many times I’ve thought about leaving?

“You belong here, with us,” a hand was placed on his shoulder.

How many times I’ve almost gone into a pod and left everything here?

“Lance, we need you,” the voice encased him.

I left my own family!

“We’ll be your family,” the galra spoke softly in his ear. Lance kept his eyes to the ground.

My friends.

White hair brushed against his neck, “We’ll treat you like you should be treated.”

My life.

“A being-”

To serve in a war I had never heard of

“Who gave their freedom”

to serve with people who don’t care for me?

“To gain freedom for others”

Who hates me?

“We’ll love you as you should be loved,” a feminine voice called from across the room.”

I should have taken his offer

“Lance, please. We do love you!”

Maybe then I would actually be useful-


-and would belong.


Taken who’s offer?

“What’s your choice?”


“I’m sorry,” Lance starts, his voice clear, “I won’t leave my friends. My family.”

“Oh thank god,” Hunk praises from his spot in the room. His Bayard, which was pointed at him a moment ago fell to the floor. He started to walk towards the Cuban.

“So I’m leaving,” Lance looked up into the eyes of each paladin.

 “I’m leaving Voltron.”

Music Headcanons

(Because I need a break from nanowrimo, and also because I started thinking about this a few days ago.)


  • likes listening to: musicals, he freaking adores musicals, he will sing along to all of them and be embarrassing, do the dances, make funny voices, reenact the entire thing; matt had to put up with so much back at the garrison, that man has Suffered
  • fun fact: knows all the words to Hamilton and was so appalled that keith hadn’t heard of it that he proceeded to sit the punk down and did the entire musical from top to bottom (keith was impressed, intimidated, and really had to pee by the end of that lengthy performance)
  • embarrassing fact: was the one who introduced keith to MCR; he refuses to let lance know because he’ll never hear the end of it, and almost dies of embarrassment when allura finds out (”calm down, allura doesn’t even know what MCR is –” “it’s the principle”)


  • likes listening to: whatever fits his current mood; he’s not very picky about genre but he has to be feelin’ it, so if he’s sad it’s gotta be sad music, if he’s feeling like punching shit it’s gotta be loud, if he’s pining he’s going to listen to so many cheesy lovesongs (shiro stages an intervention because he can only listen to this shit for so long through the castle walls, dammit keith)
  • fun fact: his first time in a mosh pit he got elbowed in the face hard enough to get a black eye and he thought it was awesome
  • embarrassing fact: was trying to be romantic by playing a love song… and unintentionally rickrolled lance (”i can’t believe the person i like?? doesn’t know what rickrolling is????” “wait you like me?!” “UH”)


  • likes listening to: music that has a lot of layers to it, since she enjoys picking through all the sounds and separating them in her head; she actually enjoys ‘classical music’ (”ugh why did that term even stick around, the classical period wasn’t that long” “pidge don’t be pedantic”) a lot, and she has a soft spot for bach’s preludes and fugues 
  • fun fact: knows how to play the piano and was quite good at it, but she had more fun with science so she pursued that instead of music
  • embarrassing fact: started listening to classical music so young that she couldn’t pronounce the composer names, e.g. beethoven rhymed with ‘teeth oven’, chopin was ‘choppin’, mozart sounded like the beginning of ‘mozzarella’


  • likes listening to: literally anything that sounds vaguely catchy, though he tends to enjoy songs with interesting riffs or hooks or rhythms; when he has to focus or sleep, he’ll listen to instrumentals so he doesn’t get distracted thinking about all the words
  • fun fact: has a surprisingly nice singing voice but he’s shy about it, so he always sings in really exaggerated impressions to avoid having people poke fun at his actual voice
  • embarrassing fact: he can’t remember the words to songs for shit, so he just starts yelling what he thinks the words are, and a lot of the time he’s wrong (”you turn the liGHTS off then you – tuuurn them BACK OOooon – shining like it’s a liiIIGHT” “oh my god lance stop” [x])


  • likes listening to: relaxing music that he can just leave as background noise while working, or anything quiet and mellow since it helps to calm his anxiety; listens to slightly more upbeat stuff while cooking or working out because it gets him hyped
  • fun fact: remembers lyrics really well, which is a blessing since it makes him a favourite with lance’s younger siblings because he can sing every disney song to them (he had to ban ‘let it go’ though)
  • embarrassing fact:  remembers lyrics really well, which is a curse because lance plays his music really loudly and hunk knows all of the songs from high school musical, lance why did you do this to me 


  • likes listening to: appreciates all kinds of music because alteans are extremely openminded with the arts, what with all the travelling and diplomacy with different alien societies, and she’s a princess to boot so she’s been exposed to all kinds of cultures; she has a soft spot for dances, since it reminds her of dancing with her father in ballrooms
  • fun fact: on one of the crew’s diplomatic missions, she saved shiro from being stabbed by whacking his would-be-attacker across the room with a ‘space trombone’; the sight was so epic that it apparently inspired somebody present to compose a romantic opera in her honour
  • embarrassing fact: allura is horribly tonedeaf and can’t carry a tune for her life; she tried learning how to play some traditional altean instruments when she was a child and it was a disaster


  • likes listening to: has a really broad music taste because he’s used to hearing all sorts of stuff as an altean royal advisor; really enjoys listening to folk music or music that is very culturally significant to its people, since he likes to learn about different aliens’ histories and cultures
  • fun fact: he once stopped an assassination attempt on an ambassador at a banquet by starting a ‘space rap battle’ to defend a diplomat’s honour and somehow it became a binding peace treaty between two warring planets, nobody is really sure how that happened
  • embarrassing fact: lance keeps tricking coran into thinking ridiculous songs are of great cultural significance to humans (”lance stop pranking him” “look it’s not my fault he now thinks the he-man song is an inspiring story about the human struggle? i can’t ruin his dreams now?”)

bonus headcanon: the space mice secretly start their own tiny band because they know a lot of altean music after being mind-linked with allura; they hold a concert for the whole crew on an important altean holiday, it makes allura and coran super happy

So the first set of these is technically not complete yet because Coran, but, headcanons I have developed in the process of writing these:

   1. When Shiro was a cadet at the Garrison there was a very memorable incident involving a stomach bug, dubious amounts of caffeine and passing out in front of the entire class. He was filmed. It went viral. It’s long since died down but a certain part of Shiro lives in fear of the idea that someday the team is going to find out about that one time he became a meme.

As a bonus: Lance is actually familiar with the “must be finals week” meme (it goes around local sources on rare occasions, usually, well, around finals week) but doesn’t know that guy is Shiro. 

  2. Lance is, by a long margin, the best swimmer on the team. Guy’s terrifying. You’d think mister daunting physical specimen Shiro would give him a run for his money- and even down an arm and dragging a heavy prosthetic he does pretty good- but Lance has five years of holding down a summer job as a lifeguard, he could swim across a lake and back in a day for kicks.

If asked he’ll totally insist that he took the job to spend time around cute girls in swimsuits but if you don’t think every second of that CPR and first aid training has stuck with him or that he doesn’t take that dead serious, you’re wrong.

(On a related topic, he wanted to be a professional mermaid when he was a kid. Every costume-related thing ever in his childhood, he would dress as a mermaid. without fail.)

  3. Keith actually does have a noticeable drawl but only on very certain words and phrases and it comes and goes. It’s virtually never there and attempts to point it out don’t work because Keith is oblivious he’s actually doing anything.

(”If y’all’d’ve listened to me in the first place-” “‘y’all’d’ve?’” “I said if you had listened to me in the first place”)

  4. Pidge is actually pretty nice when it comes to video games, she’ll cut you some slack if you’re having a hard time even though she’ll also joke about it. Matt Holt, though. In this single area of his life Matt Holt takes no prisoners. He’ll talk about it like it’s all in good fun and there is nothing competitive here as he selects Rainbow Road for the third time. 

  5. If you’re Hunk’s friend, he fully intends to avenge you if anything happens. Sometimes, he will mention this. Most of the team takes this as a joke. Lance knows better.

  6. Nobody is really surprised by the revelation that Allura is shredded and Altean clothing tends to be very modest. They are, however, generally surprised by the revelation that Coran is shredded.

  7. Allura can sing. I don’t mean this as cute rom-com “oh, wow, you have a pretty voice” I mean, if you’ve ever seen that vine with “I don’t trust this they’re probably sirens”- that’s Allura. First time someone hears it, it’s Lance, he doesn’t see her, and he’s concerned the Castle is haunted again. It doesn’t help that certain rooms have absolutely great acoustics and Allura is very aware of this.

Sometimes the mice try to sing accompaniment which doesn’t tend to go that well, not because the mice are bad, but because it’s too cute for Allura to deal with. Years of choral training did not prepare her for tiny precious babies with chirpy little voices. 


okay but… what if keith, head over heels for lance, vents to the mice, about lance’s stupid
blue eyes and his stupid soft brown hair, and so, kind of like the allura/pidge scene, allura talks to the mice about her problems and the mice tell her more secrets about the paladins, and spill keith’s infatuation. of course, allura is surprised but doesnt tell anyone because she knows how to respect their privacy! yet she tries to put keith and lance together in more team work, to get them together more and more. she has lance and keith go together to defend on side of the castle, or to explore one part of the galra base. idk man, just a thought.

Started my experiment today!

How Do Bodies Decompose in Jello?

For this experiment I purchased 6 frozen mice from the store (feeder mice), as well as two packets of normal jello, and one of sugar free jello.

The jello was prepared as per instructions, but one of the normal jellos was turned into a jello shot by adding a half cup of vodka and half cup of cold water (in addition to the cup of hot water used to make the jello as per instructions). The jello was allowed to cool to room temperature before adding in the mice, and the mice were thawed before being placed in the jello. For my “control group” I have one mouse in water (maceration), and one in the open air. For fun I also have one soaking in Shock Top ale…just ‘cause we had a spare mouse and have had this ale sitting around for a while with no one wanting to drink it, lol.

The mice and jello/water/ale were all put into glass mason jars with the lids being replaced by cheese cloth (to discourage flies but still allow gas exchange to happen). These jars were then kept in the fridge overnight, and today (Oct 28th) were placed outside in a glass aquarium. The aquarium has a mesh lid that has more cheese cloth taped over the top (because, again, I really don’t feel like attracting flies, but do want air exchange). The entire setup is on my east-facing back porch where it will have exposure to outside temperatures, but not rain or wind. This experiment is taking place in northern Nevada (Reno area), so high desert with very low humidity. We currently have been having warm, sunny weather, though it may start snowing/have freezing temperatures once November hits.

I will be taking pictures daily most likely in the afternoons around 5 (after work) and try to document the progress in writing daily. When I feel enough time has passed to allow for decomposition (most likely judging by the maceration and open-air mice) I will call the experiment “complete” and take the mice out of the jars to inspect. Once the entire thing is finished I will upload a video on my YouTube channel and share the link here. I expect this experiment to last at least until January, maybe longer if the temperatures are consistently freezing this year.

I’m really excited to see what will happen! I might post weekly updates here, or bi-weekly. Let me know if you guys wanna see!

Okay, so this might be silly, but here’s what Mouse!Steve looked like when Bucky got him out of the cage in Probably Not What They Meant by a Game of Cat and Mouse.

In case anyone is having a bad day:

When I was in high school, I was in theatre and we were putting on a Disney play, which was strictly for smaller children.

Well, I was miced up, sang my song, and walked off stage. As soon as I walked off stage, one of the crew runs up to me and states that one of the main dancers just got sick, which I respond with: “Well fuck me three ways with ice skates.”

Turns out my mic was still on unmuted, and all those children and their parents heard me.


“Pha can I hunt too?” Jungkook looks up from where he is laying the newly cut firewood to where his pup is standing. His son has a curious pout as he waits for Jungkook to answer him. Jungkook smiles softly as he pats his pup, JiHi, on the head.

“When you’re a little older JiHi.” Jungkook says staring at the younger Alpha. JiHi frowns in disappointment making Jungkook coo at the 5 year old. “I’m sure Ga needs help at the scroll cabin, he has been complaining about mice.”

“I dont want hunt mice!” JiHi growls “I want to hunt deer like Pha!” Jungkook watches as JiHi puffs out his chest like any Alpha would trying to prove how tough they are. However if just makes the pup look even more adorable. Jungkook crouchs down to his pup, softly petting the boys hair.

“Park JiHi, you know how much Ga loves his scrolls right? How much the pack treasures the scroll cabin?” Jungkook starts making his pup stare at him. JiHi nods after a moment making Jungkook smile, “well, those mice are mean and mess up the scrolls. Which in turn makes the Omegas, espically Ga, very sad.”

“Ga can’t be sad!” JiHi gasps, eyes growing in worry at the thought of Jimin looking sad. His Ga should be happy! No animal will ever change that! Jungkook feels a swell of pride looking at his pup, seeing the Alpha protectiveness in the smaller wolf when mentioning Jimin.

“Pha needs to hunt for dinner so I can’t go. You can go in Phas place ok? Hunt as much mice as you can and I’m sure Ga will be happy to make them into a snack.” Jungkook stands up as his pup looks up at him, “go help Ga, ok?”

“Ok Pha!” JiHi barks before turning around to run off towards the scroll cabin where Jimin is. Jungkook chuckles watching the pup go, catching mice will be good practice for him. JiHi stops before turning around back to where Jungkook is. Jungkook raises his brow as his pup runs back up to him. “Bop bop!” JiHi says pointing his his nose. Jungkook heart swells as he leans down to rub their noses together, smelling the scent of honey and rain from his pup.

“Bop bop little one.” Jungkook says before pulling away. JiHi smiles before taking off again, ready to help his Ga. Jungkook smiles watching him go, thinking how his mate gave him another treasure in the world. The image of Jimin smiling down at their pup who caught a mice makes Jungkook’s heart skip as he shifts into his wolf to join the hunting party.