well maybe it wasn't the best idea

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Im crying everyone agrees with him saying that 1989 didn't deserve it. They're calling her white mediocrity. Its sickening, cuz 1989, as great as it is, isn't her best album but its her most popular/successful album. Maybe if everyone wasn't bust slut shaming her in 2013 red would've gotten the recognition it deserved. Taylor may not have the best voice but she is talented in so many other aspects it angers me when people say she is a mediocre artist

1989 is absolutely her best album IMO - it’s more musically sound, from a theory standpoint, extremely well composed, was a massive risk, and tbh changed pop music forever by bringing back the idea of creating full pop albums as opposed to hit singles with filler songs between them. Important to distinguish between “her best” and “your favorite.” She’s not medicore and most everyone in the industry knows it; those drags are coming from stan twitter. 

  • Magnus: Wait, so how stupid is this new shadowhunter? Are we talking Jace stupid or-
  • Jace: excuse me?
  • Magnus: Jace, you tugged on a poisonous snake thinking it was a vine on that mission yesterday. And got bit. Badly. It wasn't even green!
  • Jace: listen-
  • Magnus: Then you tried to make a fire using a lighter, oil and an entire tree
  • Jace: It technically worked
  • Magnus: Yeah, by nearly burning down half the forest. Not to mention when you licked a chunk of ice in Antartica and got your tongue stuck
  • Jace: Simon dared me! Besides, how was I supposed to know that'd happen?
  • Magnus: you thought it'd be a good idea to backflip over Alec. You knocked him out.
  • Jace: Well maybe he shouldn't be so tall
  • Magnus: you tried to take on 10 demons by yourself last week
  • Jace: Alright, I'll admit that wasn't my best plan
  • Magnus: And you thought Donald Trump was a demon
  • Jace: It must've crossed your mind at some point
  • Magnus: Well I suppose that one was reasonable

“Is he gonna start lecturing me…? Oh, yep, there he goes.”

tfw ur pirate captain boyfriend thinks he knows all there is to know about anything and everything

i relate to mei on this on a very spiritual level…


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wasn't aware it was a radically terrible thing to do to politely have an opinion that maybe it's not the best idea to drink in front of 8 year olds who look up to you as a role model at a mostly children's dance competition. not my anon message and i disagree with the anon but let's not make if tumblr a toxic place

well it’s an opinion i didn’t ask for and i have the right to say back what i want. didn’t know that it was “radically terrible” for me to do that ! there are tons of parents and teachers drinking all day who are im sure are some of their primary role models and they think it’s okay so why shouldn’t i be allowed to do so as well. i don’t drink in front of the children in my dance school openly but none of them are here yet so i’m free to do whatever i want. honestly, if i were to do what everyone else wanted me to do in this damn irish dance world i would legitimately not be able to breathe the wrong way lmao it’s ridiculous that just because i happen to do well results wise everyone expects me to have to act a certain way. it shouldn’t mean i should be put on this pedestal and held to a higher standard than everyone else just for having some talent it’s insane everyone needs to put their magnification glasses away !!!

He Leaves When You're Pregnant And Then He Finds Out After You Had The Baby: Part 2
  • A/N: Sorry it's late, I'm absolute horrid at being punctual with my posts, haha. Huge apologies about this, as well, I'm bad at writing part 2's. Enjoy. x
  • Harry: Wiping a damp paper towel around your son's high chair, you decided that cleaning was the only thing to keep your mind off of Harry. It's only been a couple hours since you saw him at the market, but it felt like you had never left since your cell phone has been ringing off the hook within the past hour. You sighed to yourself feeling worn out, maybe walking away from the situation wasn't the best idea. Throwing out the paper towel, and pacing over to your phone, the caller ID read Harry's name and for the sake of your own conscious, you decided to shut your phone off completely for the night. Nevertheless, just as you turned on the warm water to wash the dishes, your house phone started to ring. Although, your day has been conflicted between anger and pure exhaustion, you couldn't stop the rush of guilt that lightly washed over as you slowly walked into your dining room, your answering machine taking over your missed call. "Hey, you've reached [Y/N], leave me a message and I'll get back to you." Your voice rang through out the speaker, a low sigh following right after the beep. "[Y/N], I-I'm sorry for calling so much, I just don't know what to do." You heard Harry mutter into your answering machine. "I've called your cell phone, I've left voice mail after voice mail, and I just don't know what to do." He continued, "We need to talk, we can work this out--we need to, [Y/N]." Harry noted, nearly begging, before he sucked in a shaky breath. "Please, I don't know what to say other than I'm sorry, I wish I can take everything back. I wasn't ready for what we had; I was afraid of doing something to fuck up everything like I usually do! You deserved better, anyway." Harry confessed, his breathing rugged and trembling as he cried into your voice mail. "I know I am a shitty person for everything that I've done to you, and now I'm standing in your place, but all I ask is for you to let me see him. If I had known, you know I would never have turned my back on you, I'm sorry." Harry apologized over and over until his voice became a hoarse whisper. "This will be my last voice mail, just try to find it in your heart to give me a ring whenever you can, please." He murmured, sniffling into the phone before hanging up. Your hand cupped over your mouth as your own tears welled up at the brim of your sockets. You turned towards your son who was looking up at you from his play pin, and you quickly wiped at your eyes with your sleeves, leaning over and picking him up from the basket full of toys. He peered up at you, the lush green in his eyes maturing to be soon identical to his father's. Hiding the fact that you and Harry had a child from him was merely a burden to you, yet a punishment to your son. Feeling overwhelmed and conflicted, you figured it would be best to finally face the inevitable rather than running away from it, again. Buckling your son into his car seat and quickly getting into the driver's seat, you started driving to finally find closure. A feeling of familiarity washed over you as you pulled up in front of Harry's house. The memories spent here, good and bad, now only a whisper in the wind. Glancing from his front door and at the steering wheel, you began to feel uneasy and doubtful about coming here in the first place. Your eyes flickered to the rear view mirror to your son in the back seat who stared out the window. Sighing under your breath, you quickly got out the car and got your son from his seat, holding him close to you as you trekked through the layer of snow that littered Harry's front lawn. You knocked your fist harshly against the wooden door, waiting anxiously as your son soon got restless in your arms, his nose beginning to redden from the cold wind. Standing on his front porch, the minutes that passed felt like hours, and you couldn't help but feel embarrassed. "I knew this was a bad idea." You muttered to yourself as you walked carefully down the brick front steps. Just as you reached the last level, you heard the front door swing open. "[Y/N]..you came.." You heard Harry breathlessly say from behind you and you turned to see him standing in the door way with a shocked expression shining through his paled features. "I'm not here for us, I'm here to find a conclusion to this--for our son." You immediately asserted, but you couldn't fight the pang in your heart as his bloodshot eyes examined your face, the usual bright green now dull and full of pain. Harry jogged down the few steps of his porch and tightly wrapped his arms around you and your son, squeezing you both close to him. He pulled away shortly and glanced at his son, his chapped lips pulling into a wide smile. "Please, just give me one hour to speak, that's all I ask." He nearly begged and you nodded your head before following him inside.