well maybe i love you too

Lost love

Trigger warning, mentions of past suicide attempts and mental health issues

“YOU LOST HIM?” Pansy was fuming and despite having killed the dark lord himself Harry was scared by the sight. “Are you seriously telling me that after all the trouble you went through in order to get him at this stupid end of year party you forgot to pay attention to him?”

“In his defence no one knew Fred and George were going to pay a surprise visit.” Ron cut in, hoping to distract Pansy from her yelling a bit. If she got any louder Hermione would hear them, and if that happened she would find out that they had lost a very drunk and still very mentally unstable Draco Malfoy at the party.

“I don’t give a rats arse if the bloody queen of England started twerking on the table, you promised me you’d keep him safe!” As Pansy yelled at them she was putting on her cloak and gathering all kinds of bottles from a nearby cabinet in her eighth year dorm.

“What are those for?” Neville inquired nervously, pointing at the bottles. Harry felt a wave of affection for the man for trying to deflect Pansy’s anger a bit, but that soon perished and got replaced by the horrible guilt that had started nagging him the moment he noticed Draco had gone missing.

“For when we find Draco and he tried something stupid, like cutting his own wrists or jumping into the bloody lake because he’s already done that twice you utter fucktwat.” Pansy elbowed past Harry so hard that he fell to the floor, at least three of his ribs bruised.

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DJ v Band

“Alex finding Maggie at the precinct (because she had no urgent need to actually really go there)…maybe apologizing for participating in a fight in the middle of the DEO and those two nerds kissing each other’s faces” prompt from @ahhveee

It’s not about a DJ. It’s not about a band.

Hell, it’s not even about the wedding.

Not really.

It’s about you didn’t tell me why you didn’t want to do the tasting did you not trust me enough do I not show you how much I love you enough do I not take care of you well enough and it’s about I feel weak and selfish because your entire family has disowned you and I’m whining that my father can’t come and it’s about how did we get engaged without talking about any of this and it’s about are we ready and it’s about if I ask you to compromise about this maybe you won’t want to marry me anymore and it’s about I love you too much to mess this up but of course I’ll mess this up because that’s what I do to everything I touch.

But they’re both terrified.

So neither of them say the things they need to say.

They say, instead, the things that hurt. 

They say, instead, the things that make them shout in the middle of the damn DEO, because fighting is easier than I’m scared but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to marry you and I was happy for like five minutes and the universe is just smacking me down from being happy, because it’s whatever is easier than I miss my family every minute of every day and my father used to be my best friend but I don’t want to tell you because you have enough problems with your own parents.

Winn flinches away from the shouting, and Vasquez shoots a text to Lucy so she can shoot a text to Alex to tell her to kiss and make up with her girl, already.

J’onn tries science and he tries levity, but the grief coming from both women is not about music or dancing, and he knows it.

Everyone in the room knows it. 

Except, maybe, the two women shouting in the center of it.

It takes Alex all morning to seethe. To think. To realize.

It takes Maggie shorter than that, because her tendency to beat herself up is, sometimes, even stronger than Alex’s.

But Maggie doesn’t reach out.

Because Maggie figures it’s better to explode than fizzle, anyway.

Like everything else in her life.

Like everyone else she’s ever loved.

“She loves you,” Kara tells Alex as Alex works in her lab and Kara leans in the doorway with her arms folded across her chest. “She loves you so much, Alex. Don’t throw that away.”

“I’m not throwing it away,” Alex tosses her hands up and almost crashes her hand into the monitor displaying all the brain wave data they’ve collected.

“Alex,” Kara half-sighs, half-scoffs, and it’s Alex’s turn to cross her arms.

“You have more important things to worry about right now,” Alex tries to dismiss, but even at her worst, Kara knows Alex better than that.

“Is this really about a DJ versus live music? Because I can sing for you both even if there’s a DJ, Alex, I’m sure it’ll be – “

“No, it’s about her not listening to me, to what I want!”

Kara furrows her brow and Alex tosses up her hands again.

“She always listens to me and to what I want,” she admits dully, tonelessly, and Kara nods.

“Right. So what is it really about?”

Images of Maggie crying about her father; of Alex breaking over her own; of Maggie coming completely unraveled, naked underneath her; of Maggie’s arms, Maggie’s lips on her face, when her lungs were learning how to breathe again, when her body was still soaked with the water that had been about to kill her.

Life is too short.

Alex sighs and nods and doesn’t speak, but Kara smiles, because she doesn’t have to. 

And, sure enough, at first opportunity, Alex steals away to the precinct. 

“Sawyer,” she leans on her desk, trying to look cool, to sound casual.

Maggie barely looks up from the case files she’s trying to find patterns in.

“Don’t you have a citywide crisis on your hands, Danvers?” she asks with no emotion in her voice. 

No emotion, that is, other than raw pain, of the distant variety. Of the bracing-for-disaster variety.

“Maggie,” Alex tries again, her voice less affected this time, her voice softer this time.

Because one of them has to be vulnerable first, and it might as well be her.

Maggie looks up, and her eyes are guarded. But they’re also hopeful.

“Can we talk?” Alex asks, and Maggie sighs.

“Interrogation room,” she leads the way, and Alex bites back a sex joke. Not the time.

“So the first thing is that I love you, and I want to be your wife,” Alex starts the moment Maggie closes the door behind them, and Maggie folds her arms across her chest protectively.

“If the shoe fits?” she repeats Alex’s earlier words, and Alex flinches.

“I’m sorry,” she tells her, and she takes a step forward.

Maggie takes a step back.

“Maggie, please.”

“What, Alex? Please have a band? Sure, it’s whatever, Alex – “

“Stop saying that – “

“But that’s not what this is about, is it? It’s about you didn’t think before you asked me to marry you, Alex. You… you’re just like your sister, Danvers, and… hey, no, wait, hear me out – and I love that about you. I love that you are so damn smart but listen to your heart first. I love it, Alex. I love everything about you, I just… I’m…” She unfolds her arms and she lets Alex step forward, and she leans into her embrace.

“What if we’re doing this too fast? My family, they said… they said I could never be happy like… like this.”

“Like… lesbian?”

Maggie laughs weakly and Alex kisses her nose tentatively. Maggie smiles, so Alex does it again.

“Yes, nerd, like lesbian. And since we got engaged – “ They both pause, and they smile more, because neither of them have been able to reference their engagement without smiling from ear to ear, and neither of them particularly want to – “we just… we’re fighting all the time, because we didn’t… we didn’t think. We’d just barely survived a war, Alex, and we – “

“Maggie, exactly. We survived a war. Together. I think we can get through wedding planning, don’t you?”

Maggie chuckles and sighs at the same time, leaning up to kiss Alex’s cheeks, her chin, her lips.

They linger in their kiss, soft and not moving, lips just gently pressed together until they both smile into each other’s mouth.

“We’re gonna need to figure out a better way to have arguments. And a better place. I’m sorry, Alex. That’s your job, your whole life, I never should have – “

“I never should have, either, Maggie.”

A silence. A kiss to Maggie’s forehead. A kiss to Alex’s neck.

A hug, long and close and full-bodied.

Another kiss, parted lips, wet eyes.

“Can we just stop for a minute and… and do this whole thing the right way? We’re engaged, Danvers. And I never want to be engaged again. Only once. To you. And I want it to be good. I want it to be great. I want us to be great. So can we just…”

“Yes,” Alex agrees, because god, god, god, this woman.

“I love you, okay?”

Alex grins broadly, and Maggie rolls her eyes affectionately before the words even come out of Alex’s mouth, because it’s all she’s been saying, lately.

“You too,” she beams. “Forever.”

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Uhm, I'm feeling a bit down lately and your fics really cheer me up, I wanted to thank you for writing them so nicely, really, your characterization is wonderful. And also, I was wondering if you could write, whenever you have time, some random Qui/Obi. It doesn't matter which kind of Qui/Obi (maybe not too angsty but that's it), whatever you like writing the most. Thanks again, have a lovely day!

Fingertips slowly skating the line of his spine, tracing dips and curves with obvious tenderness.

Letting out a deep sigh, Qui-Gon opened his eyes slowly before tilting his head to the side on his arms to peer over his shoulder. “What are you doing?” He questioned softly, smiling at the redhead sitting beside him.

Smiling back warmly, Obi-Wan rested his hand on the middle of the others back. “Well I was teasing your back, couldn’t resist it when you were just there warm and happy in the sun.” He laughed.

Rumbling, Qui-Gon stretched a bit before he sat up and leaned against Obi-Wan’s side. “So you decided that instead of sitting inside and waiting for the transport you would bother your master who was enjoying some sun?” He snorted.

Obi-Wan laughed. “You’re going to get sunburned if you’re shirtless out here.” He wrapped his arm around the other.

Chuckling, Qui-Gon wrapped his arm around the other in return. “You’re the one that burns. I do not.” He sniffed.

“Are you calling me delicate?” Obi-Wan prodded him in the side, smirking smugly when it got the older man to snort out a laugh from being tickled.

“Your skin is fare and white my dear Obi-Wan and you be careful or I will have to take action now.” Qui-Gon threatened, raising his brows at the other man.

The two stared at each other for a long, intent moment.

And then Obi-Wan prodded him again with his index finger in the side near by Qui-Gon’s ribs.

Swiftly the master retaliated at that, giving a little bellow as he shoved Obi-Wan to the ground and set his hands to the others side, legs thrown over Obi-Wan’s thighs to pin him down with his bulk while seizing his wrist with one hand. “Scoundrel!” Qui-Gon set his hands to the most sensitive of his padawan’s body, his stomach.

Giving a squeal, Obi-Wan threw his head back into the grass and writhed, laughing as he tried to escape. “Master! Mercy!” He cried out between his laughs and squeals.

“No mercy for scoundrels!” Qui-Gon laughed and dug his fingers in.

“LENIENCY!” Obi-Wan squealed, tears of delight rolling down his face as Qui-Gon finally stopped when the redhead was breathless.

“Heh… never challenge an old master Obi-Wan, I swear I taught you better then this.” Qui-Gon chuckled before leaning down, gently brushing his lips over the now flushed pale pink cheek. “Truce?” He hummed.

“Truce.” Obi-Wan agreed, looking quite content pinned beneath the other man, Qui-Gon’s hair falling like a curtain around them.

Carefully, he shifted until he was laying properly on his back and stretched his legs out as he peered up at him. “Does leniency grant any perks?” He teased.

“Oh I don’t know if scoundrels get any perks?” Qui-Gon rumbled before leaning down a bit more, arse firmly planted on Obi-Wan’s thighs and hand going loose on the others wrist.

“Please?” Obi-Wan begged softly.

Now what kind of man would Qui-Gon be if he resisted that little plea?

With a quiet chuckle, Qui-Gon slid his free hand beneath Obi-Wan’s head, cupping it as he claimed soft pouty lips in a slow kiss.

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Hello! I hope your day is going well if its not its okay! There is always a tomorrow :D all I what I wanted to say is that Ireally love and appreciate you💙and don't let anyone let u down<3 and remember that you're wonderful :)

This is the sweetest, most awesome message I could receive and it makes me cry. Thank you so much, darling! You are a bright star in this community and I’m so glad to be mutuals with you!!! 💚💚 My day IS going well and hopefully my night continues on that same path. I hope yours is too!! I hope you get to eat something delicious today, and maybe listen to some great music, or read something really inspiring!

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Ok Imma just come of anon. That itachu was so adorably fluffy💖💖🐼💖🐼💖 I absolutely loved it! Hm.... Can I request a similar scenario with Itachu but this time a cozy winter evening? Maybe after coming home from a day out in the snow

“It’s so cold!” Feli shoves open the door to the house. He stomps in a circle like dance three feet into the doorway instead of doing anything productive to try and get warm. He shiver and shakes and complains in small whines to himself the whole time. Yao is not far behind, taking the time to stomp his feet outside the house to get snow off his shoes. He closes the door behind him and sighs.

“You’re getting snow all over the floor!” He chides Feli, working his jacket off his shoulders and hanging it in the closet near him. Feli pouts and stops moving his feet, the bits of dirty snow surrounding him but thankfully not making much a puddle. Yao sighs again and helps the other with their jacket and scarf, struggling as Feli wants to stay warm yet get out of the jacket that’s soaked.

“Go get changed,” Yao levels him in a stare and Feli is quick to dive into the bedroom and shed the rest of his wet clothing. Yao finds a towel and wipes up the melting snow, letting the towel sop it up as he takes off his own shoes. They sit by Feli’s right by the door. He moves the towel under them to keep them from making a mess.

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I have a question, since you have seen Harry quite a few times. I was at the Phoenix concert and it just felt off or different from all of the other tour stops, but that’s only based off livestreams or videos of other cities. Do you think it was him not feeling well? Curious if you got that vibe too? I definitely enjoyed his show, and he’s an amazing singer, but the stage presence seemed different. Maybe he hates Phoenix because it’s too hot? (Kidding) Would love to know your opinion. Thanks!

Hi! I actually didn’t think he was off in the bantery sections. Mind you, I think there are some cities that he had more to say, like NYC for example (or Chicago).

@afirethatcannotdie turned to me at the beginning of ESNY and was like, he’s not feeling well. And she wasn’t wrong. You could hear his voice straining (if you listen to him like 95% of your day like we do, not if you’re a normal human 😝). That being said, I still think he put on a great show. Also, HE DANCED WITH A BOY. 

I think he was pretty close to what he was in Boston. I think he wasn’t feeling well and probably ended up a little more perfunctory than we’d been used to lately. But if he’d done The Chain I’m not sure I would have thought much was wrong. That was the bigger red flag. And knowing how much Harry (and the rest of the band) loves doing that song, he was probably hurting pretty bad. (Just my guess).


Pre-ruffle, mid-ruffle, and post-ruffle Tenth Doctor Hair

David Tennant from the podcast commentary for Tooth and Claw (from the hair-messing-up scene above):

“I love the way Euros [Lyn, director] uses all these shots here to show the ideas all colliding at once

…and I love messing with my hair in moments like this, because it gives Steve, who does my make-up, a nightmare in continuity terms.

I like to keep him on his toes.”

David Tennant Appreciation Week 2016 (theme: smile - because it makes me)


What was your favorite Bughead scene to film so far?

Probably the “I love you” scene in the Season 1 finale. It was just so beautifully written and so honest, and when he takes his hat off, it’s just like, “Aww.” It’s just a very earnest moment between the two of them. They didn’t really have to think about it. Well, Jughead maybe had to think about it. Like, “Do I love her? Am I in love?” Because he’s never experienced something like that before, and maybe he’s not necessarily used to being around a woman that he loves because his mom’s not really in the picture… So for him it was a much bigger deal, but for Betty it was immediately like, “I love you too” — it wasn’t even a second thought. She knew deep down that she loved him, she didn’t even have to process it or think about it. As soon as she said the words, it was out there and it was true. It was just a really sweet moment.

Were you prepared for all the Bughead shipping?

No, and I’ve never been so invested in a show where I’ve been a part of a ship or I’ve shipped two characters. I’ve never really been involved like that in a fandom, so it was very interesting to be on the receiving end of it. But it’s definitely special to see — it just means that people genuinely care about these characters. It’s kind of amazing to know that I can play this character that so many people genuinely care about, that’s how I take it.

Photos by Taylor Miller. Read the rest of Lili Reinhart’s interview here.

Made my own #inktober prompt list inspired by nature, feel free to use! Reblogging/sharing it would be great too (not a must tho). The tag #reltober is so i can see your work and maybe feature it later, reblogging here and doing daily features in my instagram stories too! (Using the tag is up to you too!) This went really well last year, i loved seeing everyones work and hopefully since im not as busy as last year i’ll be able to do more as well.


  • Of course it hurts, it’s a spanking. How else would it work?
  • The only reason we die, is because we accept death as an inevitability.
  • If I knew what I was so anxious about, I wouldn’t be so anxious. ❞
  • I am the excuse you give when you cannot follow the rules.
  • You are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in the world!
  • I’m about as intimidating as a butterfly.
  • You and what army could possibly rescue her from my clutches?
  • You look better in my clothes than I do. ❞ 
  • We’re searching for things we should be running from.
  • When it’s cold, I’d like to die.
  • The world is full of unrequited love.
  • Maybe love and pain are synonyms.
  • I would rather be strong at heart than strong at mind.
  • We are all just dead air.
  • Now you got us whammied with the curse of squirmy death..
  • If it doesn’t sweat, jiggle, or pant, it’s not alive.
  • I love glitter, I’m not a quitter.
  • I have never met anyone who didn’t like gargoyles.
  • People who always arrive early aren’t worth waiting for.
  • Look up, always. Look back, never.
  • In order to do the unthinkable, do not think about it.
  • Funny how you’re dead, people starting listening.
  • I can’t save you unless you save me, too..
  • Well, if there’s anything worse than a whore it’s a bore.
  • Nothing says work efficiency like panic mode.
  • Everything’s just fucking Disney with you.
  • I think you’re maybe reaching for something that doesn’t exist.
  • I’m so scared of commitment that I even hate stickers!
  • Kindness, motherfucker, kindness.
  • I haven’t even caught your name or your number.
  • Oh, the dilemmas of a teenage psychic. ❞
  • Party at in my mind, you’re place sucks.
  • You want to kiss me, don’t you?
  • You could have had anything else in the world, and you asked for me.
  • Bloodthirsty little beasts. Never trust a duck.
  • I’m beginning to think I should make that the title of my autobiography.
  • Another thing I don’t want on my tombstone.
  • I’m going to try not to make an ass of myself.
  • You’re on fire. You do know that don’t you?
  • If you answered no, please exit the building.
  • You’re still mad, I can feel it through the phone. ❞
  • If I had a dollar for every time you said that, I would be rich.
  • Murder is all around me, striking everyone except me.
  • Give me one good reason why I should believe you. ❞
  • Since when does that mean you have to kiss my ass? ❞
  • I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a fully loaded weapon next to you round the clock.
  • I think it’s time you flipped this little scenario in your head.
  • The road to Hell is paid with good intentions.
  • Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.
  • I will look for powdered donuts in the wilderness.
  • Love is not selective, just as the light of the sun is not selective.
  • I don’t know how to tell you what I feel.
  • I think the word for how you usually are is ‘reckless’.
  • Gratitude builds a bridge to abundance.
  • Scars are just another kind of memory.

Draco Malfoy,

you were just a boy

I made these all gifs so please do not steal my gifs! I spent quite a lot of time making these as it was my first time.

(gonna make more of these, maybe aesthetics as well?)

BTS 4th army zip magazine unit interview: J-Hope + Jimin

Q1: what was your impression of each other?
J-Hope: It was me who went to pick Jimin up when he first came to Seoul from Busan.
Jimin: my first impression of hobi-hyung was really good. He is like the next-door brother who will listen to my problems and worries.

Q2: about your strengths and weaknesses.
J-Hope: Jimin looks like he knows everything and very well-mannered but then when he is upset about something, he will really down and kinda depressed.
Jimin: Hobi-hyung…he’s got a lot of good points, first off…I really like his bright personality he always lift and keep our group’s spirits up. and hobi-hyung’s weakness? he gets tired easily. *laughs*
J-Hope: oh…this is something that I can agree with, I get tired easily and when I am tired, I don’t talk much.

Q3: there are this saying among ARMYs that Jimin takes good care of J-Hope and thus earning him the nickname “Jimin-mom”.
J-Hope: really? maybe it’s because we share the same room and we talk to each other a lot.
Jimin: maybe it’s because we know each other well?

Q4: looks like J-Hope really love to pat Jimin’s head.
J-Hope: ME? doing this to Jimin?
Jimin: I guess Hobi-hyung likes to see me get mad *laughs*
J-Hope: yes right, I like to see Jimin gets angry that’s why I like to play with him *laughs*

Q5: since the both of you share the same room, how do you divide the house chores like who cleans the room or vacuum the floor.
J-Hope: I did! because I like to keep our room clean.
Jimin: I tried to help too but…I don’t really know what I should do *laughs* a6:nd Hobi-hyung nags a lot when I didn’t keep the room clean like he always asks me “Jimin-ah, did you throw all the rubbish away?”

Q6: how much will you rate each other for being roommates.
J-Hope: I will Jimin a 95! 5 points deducted for not organizing his stuffs well *laughs*
Jimin: of course I will give Hobi-hyun a perfect 100! Hyung is the best roommate one can ever have.

Q7: what will you name your room?
J-Hope: Hope Room!
Jimin: I like this name too *laughs*

Q8: last but not least, “J-Hope / Jimin to me is…”?
J-Hope: Jimin my cute little puppy  ( ˘ ³˘)♥
Jimin: Hobi-hyung is a very reliable hyung, you can depend on him like you don’t have to worry about other things.
J-Hope: our Jiminnie iis so cute I just wanna squish his face ahhhhh!

TRANS: jimint1013

jk: i’m going to sleep

jm: okay, goodnight

jk: too bad that my bed is so uncomfortable


jk: if only i could sleep somewhere else


jk: maybe next to someone who loves to cudd-

jm: do you, perhaps want to sleep on my bed?

jk: well if you’re asking me to, then sure

the things i kept inside poisoned us and i want to apologize but every time i try you ask me why i keep saying these things and the closer i get to opening up the more terrified i am i want to love you honestly but i don’t know i can.

via @inkskinned

i am trying but i can’t get the venom out. its in too deep. like me. like us,

 sometimes i am my my fathers rage, laced with disapproval and that thundering voice. sometimes i am my mothers silent helplessness, ‘i am beyond help’ i tell myself; so i won’t even try. I am sorry that the people i despised have let themselves seep into my soul, that i can’t help becoming  my worst fears. Maybe one quiet afternoon i’ll try. Try to love you better, try to learn how to love. Maybe one day i’ll tell myself that when i tell you what happened, you won’t believe that it was my fault. Maybe one day you’ll understand why i apologize so much, why my heart falls a little when i catch myself pursing my lips or frowning in that way i know too well. I want to love you, i do, but i don’t know how.

Via @wordsonmymindcoffeeinmyhand
Hot Chocolate

warnings: possible second hand embarrassment 

words: 1,201

pairing: peter parker x reader

request: ok ok how about an au where the reader works at a restaurant or something and peter comes in there a lot JUST TO SEE HER

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A special day

“I can’t believe you went for the chocolate cake.”

“Why? It’s so good!”

Draco shakes his head as he smiles at Harry fondly.

“We just had a three course meal. I honestly don’t understand how your stomach isn’t bursting. Mine is about to.”

Harry grins at him, the fork still in his mouth. He pulls it out deliberately slow and gives it an extra lick. His eyes sparkle in the candlelight and Draco can’t help but think how lucky he is and that Harry has never looked more handsome.

“Do I have any chocolate on my face?” Harry asks, wiping his chin inelegantly with his napkin. Draco snorts. Sometimes Harry just has impeccable timing.

“Oh Merlin, come here,” Draco mutters, still unable to wipe that smile off his face. He leans over the table and brushes Harry’s jaw with his fingertips. Harry lets out a little sigh when Draco presses their lips together. He briefly sucks on Harry’s bottom lip and feels him shake with laughter as he releases it.

“All chocolate gone?” Harry chuckles.

“All gone,” Draco grins. He leans back in his seat and watches Harry as he gulps down his wine.

“Sometimes I wonder,” Draco mutters in mock distaste.

“What, why you love me?” Harry immediately says, smacking his lips. Draco hides his face behind his hands and starts laughing; the way only Harry can make him. He asked himself that question a lot in the past, why he fell in love with The Boy Who Lived of all people. But the answer is simple.

Because he’s Harry.

“Come on, you have to try it.”

Draco lowers his hands and meets Harry’s gaze.

“The cake,” Harry says excitedly.

When he lifts his fork and holds it out to Draco, Draco’s eyes fall on the ring on Harry’s finger. His lips curl upwards and he finally leans forward and opens his mouth wide. The cake is indeed delicious. It’s velvety and melts pleasantly on his tongue.

As Harry takes another bite, Draco rests his chin on his hand and just gazes at his husband. When they agreed to go to this restaurant tonight, neither of them mentioned what day it is. They didn’t need to. They both know. And yet, neither of them says it out loud. They didn’t toast and they didn’t exchange gifts. They are each other’s gift. As corny as that sounds, Draco thinks and momentarily scrunches his nose.

“You’ll get wrinkles if you keep doing that,” Harry remarks.

“And you’ll get a divorce if you keep talking with your mouth full.”

Harry chokes on the cake in his mouth, obviously trying no to burst out laughing.

“Wait until tomorrow at least,” he snickers. Draco’s answering smile is wide and warm.

He appreciates the way they both acknowledge this day, without really talking about it. They didn’t plan it. They don’t seem to need any words to know that this is perfect as it is.

Maybe Harry would have made a big thing out of it if he didn’t know Draco so well. But he does. And Draco knows Harry doesn’t want a big, over the top gesture either. Maybe as a joke. But this is far too important and precious to make fun of. Maybe in twenty years. But not today. Today, Draco just wants to enjoy this moment. Their first anniversary of many to come.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @fleetofshippyships!!! 💖💖💖 You are awesome and I love you and I’m sorry for the mentioning of tongues! 😂 (It’s just one tongue, though, so I hope it isn’t that bad 😂)

You’re too cute // SHAWN MENDES

Request: Can you do an imagine where your family is having a party (like ur moms bday or something) and Shawn comes and is being super cute and comfortable with everyone like ur family and friends??? A lotta fluff plz! 

Author’s note: HI this is me taking a break from the Percy Jackson AU and for once actually writing up some requests. 

Warning: There is so much fluff in this you could possibly die

“You can carry the cake Shawn.” I grab the container holding the precious chocolate cake and pass it into his hands. He tries to take it but I hold on tighter, meeting his eyes. “Don’t you dare drop this. Its my Mum’s birthday cake, okay?” I raise an eyebrow.

He rolls his eyes. “Y/n, sweetie. You know that before was an accident. I didn’t purposely mean to drop you’re birthday cake.” Shawn grins at me sheepishly.

“I know but I just want you to take extra precaution this time.” I say sternly, releasing my hold. He pulls it closer to his chest, protecting it with his arms.

“I will protect it with my life.” He winks, moving forward to press a kiss to my forehead gently.

“Yeah yeah, get inside.” I laugh, slamming the boot of the car. I trail behind Shawn as we make our way to the front door of my parent’s house for my Mother’s 50th birthday party.

“Be on your best behavior baby,” I tease, leaning up on my tiptoes to ruffle his hair- the hair that he spent a good hour perfecting.

“Y/n!” Shawn gasps, twisting to see me as I press the doorbell.

“I spent an hour on this hairstyle. You knew how I felt about it so why would you do something like this?” he huffs, lifting one hand to fix the strands.

“Honestly Shawn, you look just as handsome no matter what your hair looks like.” I grin, Shawn unamused with my response.

“Honestly Y/n, I think I should just leave you to fend for yourself whil- Hi Mrs Y/L/N,” Shawn is cut off by the door opening and he quickly composes himself to look excited to see my family.

“Hi Mum, happy birthday!” I peer over Shawn’s shoulder to meet my mother’s warm hazel eyes who peer at the both of us curiously. “Don’t worry about Shawn, Mum. He’s just having a hair crisis at the moment.”

“Hey,” Shawn protests, elbowing me in the side of my stomach and I scowl at him while he smirks back proudly.

“You’ve haven’t changed at all, either of you.” Mum laughs, holding the door open for us to come inside. I give her a hug once the door is shut, taking the cake out of Shawn’s hands while he greets her himself.

I leave the two alone, walking towards the kitchen and placing the dessert on the counter. Their voices float down the hallway and I can’t help but listen in.

“You’ve gotten taller, Shawn?” My Mum asks, and I hear Shawn laugh in response.

“Maybe, since I’m a growing boy I’ll need a good feed today Mrs Y/L/N.” Shawn comments. I roll my eyes at the joke while my Mum laps it up, her chuckles filling the silence. 

“Don’t worry we’ll put some meat on you’re bones.” She pauses, her voice lowering. “Now tell me, how’s my daughter going since she moved in with you.”

“She’s amazing, we make dinner every night together- or at least when I’m home in time which most nights I am. We have our own little schedules worked out and life with her.. it just works, you know?” I can hear the smile in his voice.

“Ever since she got that job in the city she’s been so happy and I love it, I love living with her.” My mum aw’s at Shawn.

“So should I be expecting any wedding bells any time soon?” I faintly catch her giggles.

“Maybe. I can’t say I haven’t been thinking about it.” Shawn replies, my cheeks heating up.

“Okay, Shawn, come say hi to Dad.” I break off their little chat, appearing in the hallway.

“Happy Birthday again, Mrs Y/L/N.” Shawn calls over his shoulder as I drag him out to the back deck where the rest of my family is.

A chorus of greetings meet us as Shawn and I step through the door. I smile warmly at all my Mum’s friends, Shawn’s arm slipping around my waist. 

“Y/n!” A voice calls and I turn to see my Dad walking towards me with a giant grin on his face.

“Dad!” I beam, letting go of Shawn to hug my Father.

“How you doing kiddo?” He asks, kissing the top of my head.

“I’m good, great actually.” I laugh, turning back to Shawn to see him already looking at me with a fond expression on his face.

“Dad you remember Shawn right? You’re son in law?” I ask innocently, watching my Dad splutter and Shawn blush beet red.

“She’s joking, sir, we’re not engaged yet.” Shawn excuses himself, and he looks like he wants to be anywhere else right now. You could say Shawn was scared of my Dad.

“Yet?” My Dad’s voice raises, eyebrows raising along with it.

“Change that to never.” Shawn rushes to say, and you could almost see a bead of sweat on his forehead.

“What? Shawn! I thought you said we were going to get married before the baby came.” I tease, watching Shawn pale, my Dad letting out a loud bellow of laughter.

“I’m just kidding Shawn,” Dad chuckles, slapping his shoulder. “Y/n’s joking as well, the little terror.” 

I grin at them both. “Like father like daughter, as they say.”

“Nice seeing you Shawn, and my little terror, but the barbecue is calling me,” Shawn nods faintly, Dad walking off. I smile, leaning my head against Shawn’s shoulder.

“You’re too cute.” I giggle, kissing his shoulder blade. It was a nice day, the sun shining and a light breeze that ruffled my hair, my sundress flaring.

“That was mean.” Shawn pouts, his eyes filled with humor. 

“You loved it.” I scoff. He turns to face me, his hands resting above my hips.

“Maybe.” He kisses me briefly before starting to pull away.

“Where are you going?” Its my turn to pout as I tug him back to me.

“We’re in front of your family, isn’t it weird?” He blushes faintly and I laugh.

“You’re so lame.” I grin, holding his chin as I step on the tips of my toes to press my mouth to his.

“You’re lamer.” Shawn whispers against my lips and I bite my lip to stop my laughter.

“The fact that you just said that sentence is proof enough that you are the one whose more lame.” I snicker, kissing him again.

“When you kiss me I always forget my comeback.” Shawn frowns, leaning his forehead against mine.

I kiss him again. “I’m just that good.”

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Imagine being in a secret relationship with Jensen, who is older than you, and your father, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, walking in on the two of you doing it.

“Jens” you planned to say in a warning way but it only came out as a moan when the older man sucked on your neck “Jensen please.” you whined a little and you felt him grin as he bit down on your neck, making you throw your head back to actually give him more access.

“I’m right onto it, sweetheart.” he said with a small growl when you shifted, the fact that your legs were wrapped around his waist and your hips pressed flush to his already, didn’t help at all.

“N-no” it certainly was as weak as it could be with his arms and lips all over you “I don’t mean that Winchester.” you said with a small groan and he sighed heavily.

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best of me | (m)

pairing— park jimin x reader | feat. jung hoseok
genre/warnings— angst, implied smut, mature content, unrequited love, cheating, friends to lovers, mixed povs
words— 7,554

:: summary— Jimin has been in love with you, his best friend, since as long as he can remember. Struggling with his feelings he makes a terrible mistake, but maybe there’s a silver lining…? Maybe he can make you see what’s right in front of you…

note inspired by treat you better // serendipity // lean on me

:: prequel drabble here.

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