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Sometimes it’s hard to explain to people how I simultaneously love girls so freaking much but also have internalized lesbophobia that makes it harder for me to view myself in a loving and committed relationships with a woman because of society’s fetishization of lesbians and wlw to the point where being with a girl just feels like I’m part of some kink to get straight men off

I’m just gonna sit in my corner and enjoy Bendy and the Ink Machine for what it is and completely ignore the porn.

Just.  Don’t even bring it in my direction.  Let me have this one thing

There’s one thing about Dracula adaptations that always bugs me: the reincarnated wife plot. Dracula is haunted by tragic death of the love of his life, usually from before he became a vampire. (In Francis Ford Copolla’s fever dream Vlad the Impaler is so sad about his dead wife that he yells at God and stabs a cross and that turns you into a vampire, apparently). Then, he lays eyes on Mina. He immediately knows that she is his dead wife reborn through oceans of time or whatever. Their love is destined and he must have her. 

I’m particularly thinking about Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula (which is a ludicrously inappropriate title; I’ve decided to go with BS Dracula instead). The NBC Dracula series also jumps on the dead wife bandwagon. Dracula Untold too, though as far as I can tell that movie has less than one percent to do with the novel. (I get the feeling these adaptations are playing follow the commercially successful leader). For an interesting change of pace, there’s also the 1973 Dracula starring Jack Palance where Lucy is the reincarnated wife. 

I hate this cliché with every fiber of my being. I don’t want it anywhere near my favorite novel. Honestly, I don’t think I’d want this story anywhere. But, it’s particularly awful in the context of the original novel. Let me just sort of spew my rageful thoughts out here, particularly with BS Dracula in mind.

Firstly, this plot completely takes away Mina’s agency. Dracula is the only one who remembers their connection. He has to tell her that they’re supposed to be soulmates. And, he starts pursuing her before she knows any of this. There’s some hefty entitlement going on here. She was with him before, so she’s going to be with him now, even if she has no memory of it. He lost his lady, he was sad, he spent hundreds of years moping and murdering innocent people, and then he gets a replacement. She takes away his sadness and brings out his better nature (not that he attempts to make any restitution to his victims; apologizing for eating babies just wouldn’t be romantic, I guess).

Mina isn’t presented as having any real choice in the matter. She has to be same woman as she was in her previous life. She has to love him back. Her previous life up to this point doesn’t matter. It’s like that bit from Daria: without knowing it, she’s just been waiting her entire life for him to show up and now her life can really begin. She exists to be in love with him.

Yet, this relationship is supposed to be positive for both of them. Being with Dracula fulfills some need she wasn’t even consciously aware of before. Because, you see, Victorian society is repressing her sexuality and individuality. So, she needs a man to come along and liberate her. Of course, she can’t be really fulfilled with Jonathan. I mean, come on, he’s a kind, naïve, well-mannered, generally nice guy. How boring is that? He needs to be a complicated, ambiguous, dangerous, mysterious, dark and brooding loner who murders people, but he feels bad about it so it’s okay. 

That brings me to the second thing that enrages me about the dead wife cliché: how it stands in comparison to the canonical relationship between Jonathan and Mina.

Dracula and Mina’s love is supposed to be based on destiny. They’re in love because they’re soulmates. They’re in love because they’re in love. It’s a grand romance that was always meant to be. But, it doesn’t feel like it’s based on anything about them as people and how they relate to each other on a practical level. 

Jonathan and Mina’s love is shown in their actions as well as their thoughts towards each other: simple things, not always grand gestures. Jonathan takes recipes home for Mina. She memorizes the train schedule to help him out. They learn shorthand together. They have common interests (“Trains are so cool.” “I know, right?”). They supported each other in their careers. They set up a household together. They deal with day to day issues. I can’t imagine Mina and Dracula working on a budget, doing taxes, discussing schedules with the serving staff, giggling at each others dumb jokes, complaining about the latest changes in the train schedule or just getting ready for bed and chatting over the boring minutiae of the day, like I can with the Harkers.

And even in more extreme situations, their relationship is far more meaningful. Jonathan faces off against vampires and bloodthirsty wolves to see his fiancée again. Mina travels to a strange country on her own and marries Jonathan while he’s in his sick bed. She supports him through is grief and trauma. As I’ve said before, she puts together the group, and is ultimately the one who is responsible for stopping Dracula, because she wants to get to the bottom of what’s wrong with her husband.

Even through the grief of losing his second father and the lingering trauma from his ordeal at Dracula’s hands, Jonathan wants to take care of Mina. To the point that he inadvertently harms her by agreeing to keep her out of the investigation. And he regrets his actions. When Mina says that she’s “unclean,” Jonathan embraces her, reassures her that there’s nothing wrong with her. He tries his best to comfort her as her condition worsens. He will stand by her in life, death, or undeath.

What does Dracula concretely do for her? He feels bad about the countless people he’s murdered. He offers her generic “love.” He fills some need she didn’t know she had, that in the movie comes off primarily as just sexual. She has to be with him. In trope terms, she exists to be his morality pet and replacement goldfish.

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy love at first sight, love that persists across time, reincarnated soulmates. I’m a romantic. But, there needs to be something behind that. I need to know that these people work as friends, as partners. The reincarnated wife plot in BS Dracula and its imitators isn’t romantic. It’s soaring strings, staring into each other’s lives, sex, and vague destiny trying its hardest to tell me that its romantic.

Why would I want to see that when I have Mina and Jonathan’s love story? When I have a personal, real, human love story?

Hell, consider Jack and Lucy’s relationship: a lonely, complicated man with a dark side (and, yeah, a strain of self pity) who is turned down by the woman he loves who is in love with a more traditionally romantic hero. And? He respects her, accepts her choices, supports her even if he’s still hurt by the loss. He doesn’t force the issue, he doesn’t think that she needs his love to make her life complete. He’s a good person. He’s likable despite, maybe because of his faults. We want to see him overcome his demons and live a better life. I don’t want to see Dracula redeemed. I don’t see him as a dark, gothic rebel saving Mina from those stupid, Victorian preps. I don’t want Mina to be reduced to an object for his redemption arc.

He’s a terrifying villain because he’s an abuser, a manipulator, a sadist, who violates people physically, mentally, and emotional to take away their power. Dracula is something fundamentally evil in an unsettlingly real way. There’s nothing sympathetic about Dracula. Rewriting the story to make him an antihero only reflects that the author thinks that Dracula, dark, tortured, dangerous, powerful, is a figure we should identify with, above someone like Jonathan. And popular culture seems to by and large agree that this is the story we want to see. And that doesn’t reflect well on the popular psyche.

The reincarnated wife plot isn’t more interesting than the love story in the book. Jonathan and Mina Harker aren’t boring. They’re a romance we can really aspire to. 


160903 | Chen at his friend’s wedding

chapter 2

Rich || Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

Reader (you) x Jaebum ft Jinyoung

Word Count: 1902

Genre: fluff, suggestive (not really lmaoo) 

note: oh my goodness! thank you for giving this series so much love! i honestly thought this would be a flop because of the boring storyline. have a great day everyone and happy reading! -admin

“I can sleep on the streets, Jinyoung. I really am fine.” I said again, after multiple tries of convincing Jinyoung. I didn’t want to live anywhere else except Jinyoung’s place or mine. This guy, Jaebum, felt a bit uneasy for me. Maybe because I didn’t know him and he was a complete stranger to me.

“(Y/N), Jaebum is a good man. Trust him. He’s the boss’ son so he’s pretty well mannered.” Jinyoung stated as his hand took mine. My cheeks started to rise in color as Jinyoung held my hand. We were in an elevator meaning no one could see us. It was just Jinyoung and I.

“Boss’ son?” I chuckled under my breath. “Let me guess, he’s from a rich family too.”

“Well his father owns the company, babe. Of course.” Jinyoung smiled as his arms slowly tugged my waist. His face tucked in the crook of my neck as my heart started to beat fast.

“Jinyoung-ah.” I breathed out as his hands grabbed my ass, giving it a good squeezed. I slightly gasped under my breath as Jinyoung continued to touch me. Soon enough, our faces were merely inches away from each other, his eyes turning a slight shade darker than before.

“I trust him enough to take care of you, babe. You know I wouldn’t let any man lay a hand on you. It’s just for a few days then, I can have you all for myself.” Jinyoung whispered as his lips grazed against mine.

I leaned in, connecting our lips together as we moved in sync. The warm heat spread through my body as I forgot all the troubles of the world. His hands tugged my hair as I moaned in between the kiss. My hands, tangled in his hair, as we shared a passionate kiss. The elevator soon came to a stop and we both suddenly pulled away from each other.

“Text me before you go to sleep.” Jinyoung whispered in my ear as he kissed my cheek.

“If I make it to bed alive.” I joked as I left Jinyoung in the elevator, walking into a wide parking lot. Sighing to myself, I waited for Jaebum to pull up with his car, just like he told me a few minutes ago. I furiously tried to fan my face since I started to feel hot after the makeout session with Jinyoung. Soon, a black car pulled up with the windows rolled down.

“Get in the car. We don’t have all day.” Jaebum stated inside the car. I gave him a weird look as I entered the car. Without a word, he drove off into the night with the radio playing in the background. A few moments of silence passed as I tried to get rid of the awkward tension by listening to the song played on the radio.

“Flustered?” I heard Jaebum chuckled under his breath, breaking the silence. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep your dirty little secret.”

“Excuse me?” I exclaimed, raising my voice in disbelief. Self-consciously, my hands touched my face as I felt heat rise up again.

“You and Jinyoung. Is this a friends with benefit thing or you’re secretly dating behind the Park family?” Jaebum asked, slightly smirking as he drove rather quickly down the road.

“I’m not answering that.” I replied coldly as I looked outside the window. Jinyoung said that Jaebum was a well mannered guy but, I see someone different. Right now, Jaebum gave me a rude and arrogant vibe. But how on earth did he know about Jinyoung and I? It wasn’t that obvious was it?

“You’ll answer it eventually with your actions.” Jaebum said. I rolled my eyes and kept silent throughout the whole ride. Jaebum was adding on to the problems I had to deal with for the next few days. His rude actions was something I had to get use to. Although, he may be incredibly hot, he was someone that played with girls heart. And I could see it in his eyes.

We arrived at a large gate that covered most the the area. Jaebum had to press a few buttons on the side before the gate opened to reveal a large modern house. I immediately hopped off the car, once we stopped, and entered the house that Jaebum owned. It was breathtaking. It was bigger than Jinyoung’s house and much more prettier. Then I thought to myself, maybe it wasn’t so bad living here.

“Get comfortable. Do whatever you want. Your room is on the second floor to your right.” Jaebum firmly stated before he walked off in the other direction and into a room. I sighed to myself as I tried to soak in the situation. If this was how I’m going to live for the next few days, I better get use to it.

Walking around, I came to the large kitchen that anyone could dream of. What I’ve seen at Jinyoung’s house were people who cooked for him, always occupying the kitchen. Jaebum had no one in his kitchen meaning that he cooked his own meals. Or that his maids went home since it was pretty late at night. Suddenly getting an idea, I started to walk over the kitchen and look around for food.

“What are you doing?” A voice from behind asked, causing me to slightly flinch. I turned around to look at Jaebum leaning against the wall. His shirt was half buttoned and his face was full of exhaustion. He looked incredibly sexy the way he was at the moment but, I didn’t let that distract me. My heart was with Jinyoung and will remain that way.

“You said I can do whatever I want. So, I’m cooking.” I stated as I grabbed two bowls of ramen that I found in the cupboards.

“You’re cooking two bowls of ramen. How are you going to finish it all?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at me. I looked at him and raised the two bowls in my hands, giving him a unimpressed look.

“One for you. One for me.” I huffed out as I continued to search for utilities in the kitchen.

“I don’t eat at around this time, baby girl.” Jaebum smirked as he ran his fingers through his hair, ruffling it a bit making him look even better. I couldn’t tell if my hormones were making me act differently but, Jaebum knew how to make a girl weak to the knees.

“Good,” I beamed at him, ignoring my thoughts, “More for me.”

I heard Jaebum chuckle under his breath as he exited the kitchen. Taking in a deep breath, I started to cook two bowls of ramen, hoping that Jaebum would join me because of the yummy smell. But then I suddenly asked myself why was I doing this. Jaebum was a stranger, who invited me inside my house, and was a complete asshole. And here I am thinking about him joining me for dinner, like it was a date.

Snap out of it, I thought to myself as I started to cook. I can’t let Jaebum mess with my feelings, especially when I was dealing with some problems myself.

I sat down with my phone in hand, while I ate my ramen. I texted Jinyoung for awhile, hoping to get some company since Jaebum shut me out. Also, I started to make a plan to build up my foundation again. Looking at different banks that could loan me money, I heard footsteps enter the kitchen. My eyes slightly looked up to see Jaebum mindless wandering around the area.

“I thought you didn’t eat around this time.” I said, looking down at my phone again.

“Well it smelt good from my office and it made me hungry.” Jaebum replied as he took the pot from the stove and sat down in front of me.

“Good thing I made extras.” I stated, not looking up from my phone. We both ate in silence as I tried to distract myself with my phone. I couldn’t look up at Jaebum since I knew he would make me feel weak. It was weird because I never had that kind of feeling with Jinyoung before. And here, sitting in front of me, was a man who made me feel different emotions. He hasn’t even touched me and I’m already hot for him.

Mentally, I shook away the thoughts that clouded my head and tried to finish my meal. I was almost done with my meal until a hand came in contact with the corner of my mouth. I looked up, in shock, as I watched Jaebum wipe away the food stuck on my face. Suddenly, I felt heat rush to my cheeks as I observed Jaebum.


“You had food on your mouth.” Jaebum smiled as he sat back down on his seat and continued to eat his meal. I looked at him like he was insane but actually, he was kind man. He made me feel acceleration go through my body as his hand came in contact with my face. Was it bad that I wanted more?

“Uh, thanks.” I mumbled out of my mouth as I quickly stood up from my seat. Why was I feeling so hot at the moment? Was it Jaebum’s stare or was it from the ramen? At this point, I couldn’t decipher what I was feeling. Maybe a quick shower could help me sort my thoughts.

I quickly tried to find the bathroom, hoping to get rid of Jaebum from my mind. After a couple minutes of running around, I stripped my clothes and turned on the facquet of the shower. The warm water flowed from my face down to my body. My forehead and hands pressed against the cold, tiled wall as I close my eyes, cherishing the feeling of the warm water hitting my back. I took my time to relax in the warm water as I slowly cleaned my body. And what seemed like an hour, I stepped outside the shower and wrapped a towel around my body.

I took a peek outside the bathroom door, hoping Jaebum wouldn’t be near by. Since I had only a towel wrapped around my naked body, I had to run quickly to my room. Gently closing the bathroom door, I walked slowly down the large hallway. Then making a sharp turn, I came into contact with a large figure.

“What the fuck?” I cursed under my breath as I started to realize I was losing my balance. I gripped my towel, holding it together as I felt arms wrapped around my waist to save me from falling down. I looked at person who saved me and widen my eyes.

Jaebum’s eyes came into contact with mine as he pulled me up so we were inches away from each other. His eyes made their way down to my part lips as my heart started to race. Leaning in, he grabbed my face and forced me to look up at him.

At this moment, I started to feel hot again. My breathing started to become heavier as Jaebum’s lips were so close to mine. This was a new feeling I never had with Jinyoung. I wanted him closer. I wanted him to touch me until I was weak to my knees. I wanted him to kiss me so badly until my lips bruised. And so, without even thinking, I leaned in.

A Mere Mortal, Nothing More

Chapter One: The Nightclub

The rhythmic pounding of the music filtered into the street, the heavy base rattling their chest every time the door opened and another person was permitted to enter. It was an all-ages club that was incredibly popular on Sunday nights – probably because that’s when they hosted their neon parties. The bouncers were specific who they were letting in: stopping anyone who was intoxicated or looked like they were ready to start a fight.

It was hours to wait, but that didn’t mean it was boring; standing outside in the quiet of the night was kind of peaceful. Allison spent most of the wait staring up at the twinkling stars that broke through the wisps of cloud and blinding light pollution of the city.

“They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” Scott asked as they took another step forward in the queue.

“Yeah,” Allison muttered thoughtfully, not taking her eyes off the clear patch in the sky. “You used to be able to see them really clearly where I lived in France. It was wonderful.”

“You really miss France, don’t you?” Scott said, a pang of jealousy and pain in his voice.

Allison shrugged. “It was nice, but I didn’t get to live there long enough to know whether I’d like it or not.”

They finally reached the front of the line. The music was louder now and, as the door swung shut on the last person who entered, Allison caught a glimpse of the strobing fluorescent paint as the teenagers in the club danced to the music.

The bouncer let them pass.

They entered the club, the crowded dancefloors full of dry-ice smoke and painted bodies. Small LED lights strobed in different colours, igniting the beads of sweat that gathered on the flesh of the dancing teens. Everything was a blur of vibrant blues, acid greens, fluorescent pink and shades of orange and gold.

Scott and Allison made their way over to the corner where buckets of paint were set up.

“So, are you going to paint me?” Allison teased as she stripped off her thick leather jacket and revealed the pink crop top that glowed in the black light.

Scott’s eyes flew open wide. He swallowed hard and stammered, “Uh… yeah.”

He picked up one of the brushes and began to paint her skin, the soft hairs of the paintbrush gliding across her luminescent flesh and leaving trails of colour that blossomed into the shapes of vines, flowers and gems. Soon, she looked as if she were wearing a masterpiece of floral necklaces that branched up to caress her cheek.

“Strip,” Allison instructed, taking the brush from Scott.

His eyes grew even wider.

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Give It To Me Straight

How to create a straight relationship

She walks in. He looks at her. She looks at him. She looks away. They don’t speak to each other. Thirty minutes later, they have lunch with twenty other people. He really wants to enjoy his chicken, but he can’t, because he’s looking at her. She doesn’t like chicken. She doesn’t like him looking at her. There’s grease in his beard. And anyway, she’s been in love before, and never ended well, and he’s definitely not her type.

(Her type: boyish, cultured, well-mannered, emotionally unavailable.

This guy: literal war lord dressed in the scalps of his enemies.)

He keeps looking at her, though.

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How to create a gay relationship

Angel saves man from literal Hell, then rebels for him, gives up everything for him, dies for him, confronts Lucifer for him, dies for him again. Insert seven seasons of character development, longing looks, suggestive conversations, other people rolling their eyes and barely managing to control their snarkiness (”He likes you.”, “He was your boyfriend first.”) and resentment (”When Castiel first laid a hand on you in Hell, he was lost.”). Add a dozen weird plot points which only work if true love is in the picture (”What broke the conenction?”) and blatant narrative parallels providing mirrors between their relationship and canon straight relationships on the show. Oh, and since they’re both men, make clear this is not an issue - have Character One flirt with guys, and Character Two say he’s utterly indifferent to sexual orientation. Mix, turn and twist until main characters are incapable of even surviving wihout each other and their deep bond is acknowledged by friends and exploited by enemies.

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Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with you - they are just friends, you do know two men can be just friends, right - why do you have to ruin things for everybody, this is Supernatural, it’s not about love stories - I’m not homophobic, it’s just what it is, Dean is straight, you’re completely obsessed and it’s an insult to the characters and the actors -

How ‘bout We Dance?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 799

Warnings: none

mmmmm fluff. It’s just good ol flufff. I was feeling really sad today and I just needed to let it out. So ofc I wrote this.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Just a second!” You yell from the bathroom. Zipping up this dress is a lot damn harder than you thought. You should’ve invited another friend. After another series of knocks, you get a little impatient. “Hold on, I’m coming!”

You quickly hop into your heels and smooth over your hair. Taking a deep breath, you swing open the door. “Rogers, you couldn’t wait three minutes?” you ask with a hand on your hip.

He throws his head back with laughter and takes you by the arm. “Where’s your friend? Nora, right?”

You smile, trying to hide a sorry look. The truth was Nora didn’t want to go with you when you told her about Steve. You assured her that he was the sweetest, most well-mannered guy. But she wasn’t interested in going dancing with someone whom she might step on.

“She couldn’t make it,” you lied.

Steve sighed, “Well, I guess I should’ve seen it coming.”

You held his arms a little tighter, “No, no. It’s not you, she had to go see a relative in Jersey.”

“Yeah, sure. It’s fine.”

Damn, you felt really bad. Nora was missing out. Steve really was a good catch. Maybe Dottie would’ve been interested.

“What about my date, Rogers? He comin’?” you ask sweetly, trying to change the subject.

“Sure is. He absolutely jumped at the idea of a girl like you,” he smirked.

“What’d you tell him about me?”


Steve told you to wait at the bar while he went to the bathroom. You ordered a drink and sat at the bar by yourself. It was fun to watch all the girls holding their guys: crying, laughing, or both. While you were making up stories about each couple, someone sat down in front on you. He had grey, blue eyes and luscious brown hair. You looked at him with curious eyes, and he wouldn’t stop looking at you.

With the most charming smile you’d ever seen, he started talking to you. “What’s a doll like you doing here alone?”

You weren’t sure if he was a creep you should be cautious of, or a really sweet guy who just wanted to dance. “Waiting,” you said curtly.

He smirked at your response and ordered a drink. He swiveled around in his chair so he was facing the crowd. “Waiting? For a dance partner?”

“Maybe,” you said mysteriously with a shrug. You gave a small glance in his direction. He was looking directly at you with his head slightly tilted to the side. “You know, doll, you’re not like any other girl I’ve met.”

You scoffed, “Is that what you tell all the girl? ‘You’re nothing like the other girls?’” You shake your head at the idea. “Well, you’re gonna have to try a little harder, pal.”

He took a sip of his drink, he didn’t have anything to say. You were partially right. That’s exactly what he told every girl. But this time he meant it.

“Well, you’re the only one who didn’t swoon at my smile and what I said. So yeah, you are different.”

You blushed slightly and took a sip of your own drink, trying to think of a smart response. But before you could, you saw Steve walking towards you. He spotted you and Bucky sitting together.

“Hey Buck!” he yelled, waving his hands.

“Hey pal!” The stranger got up and gave Steve a hug.

“Steve, what took you so long?” you asked getting up. “I was starting to get worried.”

Rogers gave you a small smile, “There was a punk bothering this girl…”

“Of course,” you and Bucky said at the same time. You smirked when you saw that Bucky was smiling at the coincidence.

“(Y/n), James Barnes.” Steve introduced you to the stranger, finally.

You put out your hand for a handshake, “Nice to meet you, James.”

Barnes took your hand and kissed it. Well that was unexpected.

Looking up at you, he smiled, “You can call me Bucky,”

You bit your lips, trying to suppress the smile that was threatening to escape. You were quite taken with Barnes. How could you not be?

“I’m so glad you guys are hitting it off already,” Steve smiled proudly.

You rolled your eyes, “Please, Rogers.”

“Well, who knows, doll?” Bucky said, putting his arms around your shoulder. You tensed up at the sudden contact. Seeing the surprise on your face, Bucky laughs and drags you out on the dance floor. “How ‘bout we dance? You seem a little tense.”

“Fine, but you better not step on my toes, Barnes.” You put your hand on his shoulders as he puts his hands on your waist.

“I promise I won’t, doll.” He winked at you.

You could already tell, your toes getting stepped on would be the least of your problems when it came to this guy.

Stubborn Love

This was a lot of fun! I don’t know why, but writing Nesta just idk gIVE ME LIFE. i freaking love nesta and cassian okay fight me. Thanks nightcourthighlordrhysand for the prompt, you’re the best, babe. Feedback is always really appreciated. Hope you like it!! :)

Nesta Archeron didn’t wake up in her bed that morning.

She knew where she was as soon as she opened her eyes, the clothes thrown all over the floor and the guitar at the corner of the room being clues obvious enough for her to decipher that particular puzzle.

Oh, shit. Not again.

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smolfukunaga  asked:

1. -slides 5$- ok so like imagine this since I'm like all up for Yachi ships and akayachi is in my mind rn like imagine when at the training camp Yachi sees him whenever they eat and she notices him time to time and always thinks about how well mannered but scary this guy is because cmon akaashi is like hella tall compared to Yachi and she just wonders what it would be like if she were to date him ( cus he's so pretty?!) But she thinks about how she would be too clumsy for him and doubts herself

2. -slides in pennies- however in akaashi’s perspective he totally thinks about how neat and cute she is cus like she’s so organized and her cute stars in her hair and and like I headcanon that like whenever she drinks stuff she always holds the cup with her pinky up (don’t judge man) and he just thinks how cute that is cus her tiny lil pinky and stuff. Like he notices this whenever they eat at the training camp cus he always has her eyes on her tbh and he stares at her during breaks and etc

3. -slides in sand dollars- (I’m going broke) and then like there’s this one moment when akaashi stares at Yachi where he’ll have a rival and just kinda tries to think of a plan to like get them away and like chill off but he can’t do he just slightly sulks (maybe like someone in the karasuno team being a rival ;^D) and bokuto notices this and kinda just does what he does and figures out about akaashi’s little crush on Yachi and kinda tries to set them up together by leaving them alone together

4.And like they have little talks here and there whenever they’re alone, but like the 3rd time they start to get a little more comfortable with eachother and then Yachi tends to come and visit akaashi’s team during breaks and akaashi goes to see if Yachi needs any help. and then by like the 5th time bokuto leaves them alone together akaashi finally confesses and Yachi just kinda can’t process and slowly comes back to life and says yes before akaashi gets embarrassed and they trade numbers and ya


Username: Webmaster
Location: Washington, US
Class: Spellcaster
Power: Heavenly Light
Special Techniques:
Heaven’s Pillar - The user targets a grounded area and then brings down a powerful beam of light.
Asteroid Rain - The user summons a series of asteroids that rain down and crushes any opponents within their blast radius.
God Hand - The user’s hands become disconnected and transform into giant palms for wider-range physical attacks.

Webmaster hasn’t changed much in personality compared to his old TTA counterpart, but more so in his role. Originally, after an encounter with Alpha and company towards the end of TTA’s first season, Webmaster and his fellow programmers became close friends with Alpha and company, acting as a wise collection of Councillors to them. They later enlisted a few of the main characters to aide them on important missions, even though it meant putting people in danger…

Webmaster was always meant to be a relatively down-to-Earth guy, well-mannered and calm, but also very passionate. He and his team of programmers from Netking Software worked incredibly hard on making TOME a game that all people from around the world can enjoy. His goal is all about letting creativity run wild for everyone in a way that’s fair but satisfying for all, so that players who creatively clever in tandem with developing their skill are rewarded for their careful thoughts. In this version of the story, I wanted to better illustrate Webmaster to be a figure of great respect to all who play TOME. In TTA we were very quickly introduced to him without ever getting a great sense of who he was. This time around, I made sure he was mentioned early on, in an almost foreboding way, and then finally revealed in a very positive light, yet still with an air of mystery. His interview with Anneva in particular was meant to be a very rare sort of delve into the creator’s mind; something that the players of TOME hadn’t gotten the chance to often hear about until long after the game was released to the public. Also, interesting fact, Webmaster was originally intended to be the “System Voice” that opens up the very first episode, as well as the one who says “BATTLE…ON!”. There was even a small audition held, before I went in a different direction and ultimately had Kyle Hebert take on the character for the two Gemini Tournament episodes.

Of all the sets and productions that he has been a part of over the years, I have never heard anything but positive comments about Jensen. Both fellow actors and crew alike, do nothing but gush about him. He is regularly commented on as being a considerate, inclusive, funny, well-mannered guy with an ability to make people feel at ease. I don’t know about you but that makes me happy to my bones.

I’m proud to say that Jensen Ackles is my idol

Preference #6: Who would they be if they were on Glee? (4/4)

Requested: Yes

Hey!! Can you please do a picture preference of whom 5sos are most like outta the boys from glee? I’m talking ALL the boys who were in the glee club including Sam, Joe, Rory, Ryder, Jake, Mason and Roderick :) if it’s too hard to narrow it down, it’s okay to pick 2 characters for each member :) xx

A/N: I chose these characters because I thought in some point of the tv show, they were similar. But I really don’t know, it was really hard!


Will Schuester: I mean, look at Will. He’s sweet, passionate about music, he is always trying to do his best. And he always wants to bring the good of others. I think Ashton, being the sweetie he is, he’s like him.


Jake Puckerman: I think both of them look like tough guys but deep down, they’re good kids that only want to have a good time.


Ryder Linn: I think they both are like really polite and well-mannered guys. Also, they both seem really nice and I don’t know, I just think they’re alike.


Roderick Meeks: I don’t know, they are both like shy, cute and cuddly. Roderick is the kind of guy who give off sympathy and also he seems to be there when his friends need him. Also, he’s not the type of guy who stand out but when you meet him, you realize he is amazing. And I think Michael is pretty much the same.

He was literally the most polite well mannered guy ever people aren’t kidding when they say he’s lovely also he rested his head on mine I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d die tonight also I cannot shut up about how beautiful he was even the best pictures of him didn’t prepare me I couldn’t stop looking he’s really unbelievable

18 by Anarbor – Michael Clifford song based imagine (5SOS)

A/N: you can listen to this amazing song here !! This is my first imagine ever so i hope y’all like it, please tell me what you think about it (if you want)!


               eighteen, crazy, pulled up in your daddy’s car,
               you want to move in with me, guess we’re off to a heavy start
               should have seen this coming, from a mile away

         She kept thinking about the day she’d finally turn eighteen. She was sick of this. Sick of her parents, sick of her father, sick of the rules. She wanted freedom, she wanted adventures, she wanted to see things to learn. The walls of the school she was captured in every day made it hard to breathe for her, and she kept thinking about turning eighteen.
Michael knew that since he often found her talk about it, late at night, when it was just the two of them. He had dropped out of school when he was 16, and she kept telling him how she would too when she was finally eighteen. He was living on his own, far away from his parents with who he didn’t quite get along anymore, and she envied him with all her being. She saw everything she didn’t have in him and sometimes she would just lay there by his side picturing the life they’d have when she’d finally turn eighteen.
At first, he thought it was just a wishful thinking. Something every young girl who was forced to reach perfection wanted. Just a plain teenage dream. And maybe that’s why he had to pinch himself a couple of times when he saw her in front of his apartment with her daddy’s car the day she turned eighteen. He couldn’t help but think back at the number of times when she would rant to him about how unfair it was that she wasn’t allowed to drive her dad’s car because she swore she knew how to drive. And he realized that deep inside he knew it would happen. He knew that, one way or another, every caterpillar turned into a butterfly.

               so if you wanna piss off your parents, date me to scare them,
               show them you’re all grown up. if long hair and tattoos are what                        attract you,
               baby, then you’re in luck. and I know it’s just a phase, you’re not in                    love with me.
               you wanna piss off your parents baby, and that’s alright with me

          Michael knew it wasn’t love. He knew, deep inside, that she wasn’t capable of love, not yet. She was too young, too naive, just like a newborn. She was discovering things, enjoying her new self, enjoying her freedom. He knew that when she asked him to meet his parents, she wasn’t doing it out of love, she was just doing it to piss them off. She always told him how strict and old fashioned her parents were, they wanted her to be a perfect A-student, honest and kind girl. They wanted her to be a doctor, a lawyer or some kind of things Michael didn’t even know existed. They were wealthy and they expected their only child to go out with someone in the same rank as them, so he just knew that her parents would not be happy when they saw their daughter with someone like Michael. Someone with dark messy hair, bad black ripped clothes and tattoos. And he swore it was stupid, but he did it anyways. He knew this was gonna be over when she was gonna get over her rebellion phase, and that she’d go back to some rich, well-mannered guy, but for now, Michael was okay with being her little experiment.

               you know I’m broke, so you pulled out your daddy’s car
               I drink, I smoke, you ate it up from the very start.
               should’ve seen this coming from a mile away,
               I’ll play your game, I know what you want from me

         Michael’s job allowed him to afford the strict minimum. His work at the little music store down the road paid him just enough to finance his food and his rent. He didn’t have a car, just a skateboard and a yearly bus pass for his longer rides. He was broke, but she wasn’t. She kept pulling out with her daddy’s car. He didn’t know if she used it just for the sake of it or to piss her dad off but Michael wasn’t complaining, he couldn’t deny that he loved the late night drives around town where they’d do nothing but drink and smoke. He still remembers how she asked him for one drag ‘just to try’ she’d say. Michael thought she was the cutest thing ever even when she was trying to impress him. The way her nose would scrunch up when the alcohol ran down her throat and the way she swore she had it even when she was coughing her lungs out after she took a drag out his joint made him laugh. And he would play her game just to see her smile and he’d say – 'i know you got it babe, but take it easy, yeah ?’.
He knew exactly what she wanted from him, and it wasn’t love.
She wanted freedom, she wanted to drive until the sun would rise, she wanted to dance bare foot in the rain and laugh and cry. She wanted craziness, she wanted happiness.
She wanted to feel different things – hate, anger, love, fear.
She wanted to live fast. She wanted to have fun.
She wanted to be in touch with all of her darkest fantasies. She wanted to drive far away.
And Michael couldn’t help but hope that one day, maybe one day, she’d be as in love with him as she is with the idea of being free.

Kimi ni Todoke - Chapter 107 Translation

Translation by tsubakibakibaki on Otakumole. I’m posting this on here for those who can’t access the site. If you would prefer to read on Google drive, I've posted the file here

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