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I got really excited about old man Corvo today

“Be mine, and mine only.”

I read that some of you like Jumin’s abs? So please enjoy~

Part 3 is coming soon^^ Is it gonna be the sinful route or the lovey dovey route? We’ll see how Mr. Han settles it = v = /

You can check the previous parts here:

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Sending the loves to dearest @crystalchock-blog good luck on your exam!! Have this Jumin to boost you up before the exam starts LOL

Moving on to my other project, about the keychain for MM Halloween series, I’ll post it here when all the set is done^^ It’ll be available on a local event here, but I’m going to open an International Pre-Order too^^

If you have anything you want to ask to me or want to talk about anything, well about mm mainly lol but anything is fine for me really, do not hesitate to send it through my askbox or say hi through the chats :D For you you you who’ve been chatting with me recently, thank you for brightening up my days <3 

Good night!

@kakairu-fest has started posting! (Feb. 2017) So I had to draw some KakaIru.  

Here’s the AO3 page so you can see what’s posted so far!

I’m a participant, so I’m going to be trying to comment on as many of the stories as I read. The better the comment culture in a fest, the more likely people are to come back next year. :P

ALSO, I will draw (or write?) you some KakaIru if 

  • you are the first person to guess which story is mine :P or
  • you comment on five fics posted by the end of the fest 

No one ever takes me up on these offers, but that doesn’t stop me from making them. XD

big boy ready to crush caesar


Ok listen I kno inktober day 28 is over but just pretend it isnt that way I can still post this shit, anyway I bet u never imagined u’d be seeing anymore fuckign undertale from me, well u imagined wrong! Mainly cause the 12 year olds on DA were gettin real annoying with the soriel hate and I felt like pissin em off

don’t let the bad days take over the rest of your days.

don’t let it brew in your heart,
don’t let it chew your insides out,
don’t let it suffocate you until the demons rejoice in living in your throat to relish on your pain.


instead… breathe.

inhale, exhale… inhale, exhale.

it’s a painful process, maybe slow, but you’re getting there.

so just keep going (i believe in you).

Local secret agent wonders why they had to get caught up in this dysfunctional family’s road trip

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Hello! is there some theories you really can't agree with in tg fandom?

Hey Anon :) And… um, not really recently, at least not from what I’ve seen of the theories these days?
So unless there is someone in the fandom who believes Furuta is the ultimate big bad and that the Clowns are his loyal pawns, I should be okay with everything xD

…Though there is this theory about Touka being abducted soon (as a reason for why she is not joining the others for this arc) and it just doesn’t sit well with me, mainly because Touka never was a damsel in distress kind of character (not even when Kaneki rescued her from Ayato) so… I just can’t see it (personal opinion there, I could be totally wrong).

Don’t get me wrong, hurting one of Kaneki’s friends would be an excellent way to take it out on Kaneki and to make him suffer, I’m not denying this, but I just feel that Ishida apparently leaving Touka out of all the fighting is not because she’s supposed to suffer and end up as broken as him. 

On the contrary…

…I believe Ishida leaving her out of all the fighting is because Kaneki will need to be emotionally supported by someone who’s able to keep a clear head on their shoulders despite all the violence and the crazy world outside of :Re (the coffee shop), and I think that person is more and more made out to be Touka…

which is why she’s sitting this one out and staying at :Re.

This might not make a lot of sense to people who believe she didn’t mature at all ever since TG (dat infamous punch scene.discourse) but in fact, she grew up steadily ever since the very first arc of TG, and I can see her becoming some kind of brake to Kaneki’s unstable emotional self when the situation goes crazy, probably very soon. 

The punch scene was just an introduction to all of this, because obviously Ishida isn’t going to make things easy for Kaneki and, now that she punched him, he is a bit wary of her doing it again, which is why opening up to her will be hard and that’s why Touka is the one who will need to make the first step.

The second thing is (as Anon below is pointing it out) that the OEK role is creating a gap between him and his old friends, becoming wider the more Kaneki gets into it, to the point that now even Nishiki refers to him as a king…

and one might think it’s just funny, but that means Kaneki is slowly being isolated from his old friends because everyone is taking seriously the idea that he’s supposed to be that one dude who changes the world, and that’s why he needs at least one person to stay as his equal now that he’s the OEK (so again, by sitting this one out, Touka is made not to be like everyone else, which is precisely what Kaneki needs).

As Anon below says so well, Kaneki doesn’t need people to put him on a pedestal and to just do as he says, he needs comfort and people helping him on a personal level, and for now the only one who seems to be heading in this direction is Touka and yes, despite the punch scene (because it’s 100% a plot move leading to bigger developments). 

Um, wow, sorry for this huge thing xD I hope it makes sense, I just can’t see Touka becoming yet another way to make Kaneki suffer, especially because she has her own important characterization and because, even if Ishida can still think of ways to break Kaneki, at the end someone needs to be able to reach out to him and for now…

  • Hide is God knows where and I’m… not trusting him so much because he’s made out to be so fishy (even if I think his friendship with Kaneki is 100% genuine)
  • Amon has his own issues to take care of.
  • Akira is currently playing Sleeping Beauty and personally I think she’s more supposed to help Amon than to save her son
  • which leaves Touka.

I am sorry for rambling but I hope that it somehow answers your question. Thanks for passing by Anon!

omg Anon your insight…! 100% on point from my point of view, thanks a lot for sharing!! :D

My answer above is completely related to what you’re saying, so I hope you’ll read it because I agree with you, creating a gap between Kaneki and his friends with the OEK role is totally a bad idea and not something he needs, even if that’s precisely what Ishida is doing right now (with almost everyone starting to refer to him as a king).

Also, it’s easy to see that gap you mentioned when one compares the current arc with his life back in the CCG, when he could at least pretend he had some sort of family he belonged in with Arima, Akira and the Qs…

and he certainly looked a lot happier back then, even if the people he’s with now all are good friends who don’t want to hurt him in any way.

So that speaks volumes of what he actually needs and that’s definitely not to be the one everyone relies on and trusts with changing the world…

… because, considering all his issues with his childhood and his mom, what Kaneki inwardly longs for is probably nothing more than to belong within some sort of family, so that he’ll be able to feel the love and affection he’s been craving for ever since being a kid (that’s one of TG’s main themes anyway and not just for Kaneki’s character). 

So, all of Kaneki’s friends looking at him and seeing a king (which is something he’s responsible for as well, since he’s making it out to be that serious) are making him to be more and more isolated and unhappy, and that’s why someone needs to realize this ASAP, otherwise he will break down.

It’s nothing new that he needs help, but in my opinion that’s starting to be a little urgent right now. :/

Aaah, this subject is endlessly fascinating but I better shut up now xD
Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts Anon! Please have a nice day :))


2016 Conclusion! 

It was quite the year! I knew from the beginning that it would be a rough reading year, hence why I only set my goal on Goodreads to 40. I passed that and am very pleased! I honestly hope I can read just as much, if not more, this year but life and school are both going to be very hectic so we shall see!! 

I loved majority of these books, so many amazing reads this year! Stay tuned on my youtube for a Wrap Up and Fave of 2016 video (or two)! It was a really rough year for me in terms of blogging as well, mainly cos I wasn’t reading as much but in this year I hope to create more content online but also not fail school. Thanks for sticking around, y’all!!! I love you so much. 

Anyway, talk to me! How was your year in terms of reading? Have you read any of these wonderful books? What was your favorites that you read this year? Any you’re looking forward to this year?

I know my headcanon for Keith is pansexual but consider,
Demisexual/demiromantic Keith.

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Really? I always pronounced it loom nay trix. Oh well

Like, I say my URL like loo-me-nay-trix. Mainly because I go by Lumi and that’s all I can hear when I see my URL. It’s really interesting to see how you guys have been pronouncing it tho omg

I. You love him from across the room, you love him from the other end of the yard. You love him for how he looks and what might be beneath and he doesnt know, you dont think he ever will know and you dont want him to know.

II. He loves you from the locker across from yours. He loves you on the day his friends dared him to ask you out. You loved him from his awkward stance in front of you, as he fumbled with his fingers and asked you and assured you it was a dare. And you loved him when he begged you to say yes, and he loved you more when you did.

III. You love him on the first date, at a small pizza place next to school. You love him when he generously tips the waiter and when he demands to pay for your meal. He loves you as your cheeks flush when he hands over three dollars and fifty cents for your plain cheese slice.

IV. You love him as he holds up his diploma, the sign he’s done at this school. He loves you as you brandish yours. But you know after this day, you may never see him again. He loves you more, he loves you more as he realizes that maybe you can see eachother again. But you love him for hoping in what can never happen.

V. He loves you as he holds you closer, as you both cry because you love him and you’ll never see eachother again. You love him when he wraps his arms around you and holds you closer closer closer, his warmth overbearing but comfortably and lovingly so. You cry and soon the front of his shirt is soaked and stained from your tears and dripping mascara. And you love him, painfully so, when you notice he does not ask you to stop.

VI. You loved him for years and years at university, loving the ghost of a memory of his body against yours, as you sobbed your love into the collar of his shirt. You love him while you work at your new firm, when you realized he probably moved on and found someone else. You convince yourself it was only a high school fling, and he’ll never think of you again.

VII. He loves you when he sees you, typing away at your computer in the office, doing whatever it is you do while he leans against the doorframe, waiting for someone. He is sad when you look at him but don’t show anything on your face. You love him when you see him, love boiling inside you and the pull to go and kiss him is too strong (he’s probably found someone else, anyway), but you keep your face blank save for a small welcoming smile and you stand up to grab more coffee.

VIII. You love him when he grabs your arm midstride as you pass, whispers ‘Do you remember me?’ You nod frantically, your eyes fill with tears. He loves you when you throw your arms around him, hold him like you never will again. The love that boiled in you is now let out pure and unstoppable, in a stream of tears and kisses and wild grins in the entrance to the office. People are staring but you dont care you dont care you love him.

IX. You love him when he says ‘I do’, and he loves you when the justice of the peace lets you kiss. You love him as his lips come down on yours, full of all the years lost. He loves you when you fight with the man at the law office because you will not change your surname. You love him as your first child stares in awe at her baby brother. 

X. He loves you as you grasp his hand, as hard as you can in your   failing strength. He loves you as you whisper, ‘I love you,’. He loves     you as the light fades from your eyes, stolen by sickness. He loves you as he cries in your wake, as your children come to help him ease into life without you. He loves you as your children move out and into the world. He loves you with the flowers on your gravestone, he loves you with tears at night until he too is taken from this world.

—  Ten ways to love | vika.

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Morpheus: Do you daydream often? Of what?

Yeah I do, I zone out a lot.
I think about how my life could go if things happen/didn’t happen.

For example - what would happen if I met @lumosleah in person.

Or what would have happened if my mum hadn’t been injured a while ago,

My main daydream is imagining what my little sister would be like if she wasn’t disabled like would she still have her cheeky sense of humour? would we get on as well as we do? Would she let me hug her? And mainly would she be happier?

I also love daydreaming about fandoms and nerdy stuff 💕

Thanks for the ask.💛