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Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

Hello there all! :D I’m back at home from school (finally! ha ha ha!) and I’m back with a vengeance with another fic for, you guessed it, Gravity Falls! This was a spur-of-the-moment fic that was originally supposed to be a drabble … which it is now, decidedly, not. Ha ha ha - what’s self control? XD

This is a gift for the lovely @garrulousgibberish, as well as for @eregyrn-falls and @impishnature. Thank you guys so much for gushing about music and childhood memories and Christmas with me XD Y’all are the greatest!

I’m also going to tag the lovely @llyrica, @somer-joure, and @crossroadsdimension because you guys are awesome and were, at some point or another, wondering what I have been working on XD 

May you all have a blessed holiday season and safe travels wherever you may go! Stay lovely, my dears.

-Nana Graye

Summary: The Pines family and friends get snowed in at the local diner. Luckily, they have the perfect solution for staying occupied while waiting out the storm: music, and lots of it.

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can i love the author who drawing this cute girl? or is it a one sided love??? Vi-San

my, thank you anon! But then, I cannot tell you it’s one-sided or not because you are an, well, anon xDD

eh but, love you guys too v3v so i guess it’s not one-sided.

why I get the feel you are the same as this anon from my main blog? xD

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I love so much little Fushimi and the three homra's daddies. <3 I'd like to think that maybe in this au Fushimi could be not so scared by Mikoto. Or just the idea of Mikoto with a child Fushimi makes me happy. x'D

I’m thinking that maybe Fushimi is still a little intimidated by Mikoto but it’s not as bad at least at first, since they adopt him pre-Red King and so Mikoto doesn’t have that extra level of simmering power just below the surface. I imagine Fushimi mostly not really being sure how to deal with Mikoto because Mikoto’s hard for him to get a read on, like Totsuka is the cool fun dad who always wants to play with Fushimi and Kusanagi is the responsible Team Mom who makes sure Fushimi eats properly and finished his homework and then there’s Mikoto who just lazes around all day and doesn’t even talk to Fushimi much except in short sentences. And Fushimi being a nervous kid wonders sometimes if Mikoto doesn’t want him there, like I could see him misreading Mikoto’s general aura of chill as being coldness similar to how Kisa treats him and so Fushimi just assumes that Mikoto doesn’t think of Fushimi as anything more than a bother. But then every now and again Mikoto shows that he does care, like Fushimi’s doing homework and Mikoto happens to be the only one around. Fushimi’s starting to get a bit of a fever but no one’s noticed because Totsuka’s been out playing around with random hobbies and Kusanagi’s trying to figure out why his accounting has a major unexplained shortage. Fushimi doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to be a bother (since he’s still not entirely convinced that it’s okay for him to stay here with his three new daddies) so he just tries to endure it. Then suddenly he feels Mikoto’s hand on his shoulder. Fushimi looks up at him all wide-eyed, Mikoto regards him calmly for a moment and then just sweeps Fushimi up into his arms and starts taking him upstairs. Fushimi’s struggling like wait what are you doing and Mikoto tells him not to overdo it, sick kids need rest right. He sets Fushimi in the bed and puts a hand on his forehead and tells him to sleep. Then maybe Fushimi wakes up a couple hours later panting from a nightmare and Mikoto’s right there calming him down and telling him not to worry and Fushimi finds that he doesn’t have any nightmares when he knows Mikoto’s there, because Mikoto’s strong enough to beat back all of those monsters in his head.


I’m underneath your skin
The devil within
You’ll never know what hit you

And here we are again in this hell XD literally I guess… 

When I decided to make these prompts I thought I was going to draw just some simple stuff, very quick… well, shit. My hand slipped :D a lot. Very much. 


Thank you for the prompt  ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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SquadSecretValentine here!! xD First of all I need to say, YOU ARE SO PRETTY AAA,, let's start off with something simple!! Got any favorite hobbies? Favorite music artists or songs? And a random question- nonfictional or fictional stories/books? ^^

AW! You’re so sweet!!! QUQ My favorite hobby (well I guess this didn’t a hobby cause I do it professionally BUT I LOVE IT JUST THE SAME) is musical theater! I love it so much & I’m so lucky that God gave me this gift & I hope to use it for Him to shine his light the best I can, you feel? :P
And my favorite music artist/band …. I really like pop music but I don’t think I have a favorite artist, if I did it would probably be Taylor Swift.
I’m a huge fan of Hamilton, Fiddler on the Roof & Beauty and the Beast!
And my favorite fictional story is Harry Potter. It’s my first time ever getting into them and I love them so much! #HufflepuffPride

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Did you die when you realized we were paired in both Christmas challenges? What are the CHANCES? I thought you should hear this though, because it's so funny to me. When you sent the (awesome) Sam carrying Dean over the threshold, I looked at the mister and said, "I dunno. I guess she might have read the wedding fic. I love it so much, it's perfect!" Hahaha. I have smiled and lauged and squealed so much. Thank you for being wonderful, darling. Merry-merry! <333333

I DID! If you read the fic you’d find that I POINTED THIS OUT AS WELL! and yes that WAS inspired by the beautiful gift I got from you. I loved it so much I couldn’t help it XD

you’re the wonderful one, thank you. Merry everything to you ♡♡♡♡♡

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*sends own URL as requested* >.> should I be scared?


You should be Don’t worry I’ll be gentle ;)

[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following:

my opinion on:

character in general: *sweats* I have never watched Vampire Diaries, but the guy’s pretty, so I’d be curious.
how they play them: Again idk the character too well, but from what I’ve read in his bio, he seems spot on :3

the mun: *pets the smol* Yes. We had a buddy introduce us and from there we yell at each other through IM XD Also their cat is a chatterbox that loves chatting with me so I feel honored uwu

do I:

follow them: Yis
rp with them: Yis
want to rp with them: Of course~
ship their character with mine: hmmm idk yet, but I guess we’ll see <u<

what is my:

overall opinion: Yes, a lovely mun. Our thread hasn’t gotten far (cuz I’m a slow piece of shit DX ), but omg I love talking with them ooc. They’re very sweet and I like seeing them on my dash X3

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

30 Days of Things You Freaking Love (about the Silmarillion)- Day 30

30. Something else you love that no question covered (or give a second answer to one of the questions) 

I started this post planning on going into something *completely* different. There were lots of things I could have talked about here actually, now that I think about it, but, well…

Nearly as soon as i sat down to actually start writing this, guess who muscled their way in? Who took up residence at the forefront of my mind and now refuses to leave or allow me to write about anything else but him. In what was a manner that really only suits his stubborn, unsubtle, rather abrasive-at-times personality, I suppose it’s only fitting.

Alright then.

Let’s talk about Caranthir.

I have kind of a special place in my heart for this guy. In my experience, atleast, he’s…kind of one of the more overlooked Fëanorians (as overlooked as a  Fëanorian can get anyway xD)? I mean, not even fandom-wise. Canon-wise. I mean on the one hand you have Maglor and Maedhros, the tragic, almost Shakespearean anti-villains of the story, driven forward by their oath and hating it. You have Celegorm and Curufin, playing the roles of Villains in the tale of Beren and Lúthien. You even have Amrod and Amras who die, the first victims of the Doom of Mandos. And then you have Caranthir.  Caranthir who is by himself. Caranthir who’s always tied up with Celegorm and Curufin because he’s kind of surly and has a name that begins with “C.” His major contributions to the story are arguing with Angrod and his interactions with Haleth. And those are important, they are so important, don’t misunderstand me! It’s just that I don’t feel that his part isn’t as…emphasized as much in the text I suppose?

He isn’t given an obvious skill or talent like his brothers are. Maedhros is the diplomat and swordsman, Maglor is the minstrel, Celegorm hunted with Oromë and the twins were the greatest hunters in Middle Earth, Curufin is a craftsman and a linguist just like his father. And Caranthir…Caranthir is the dark. Caranthir is the haughtiest and most ill tempered son of Fëanor. Caranthir is good at antagonizing others. Caranthir is good at getting into arguments.

But…that’s not it at all. I mean, yeah he’s damn good at getting into an argument if he wants to. But he really does have his talents, they’re just subtler. Again, not as emphasized in the book, just as Caranthir himself isn’t. We’re told that because of his haughty nature, for instance, he hated the dwarves, insulting them for their appearance, and in turn the dwarves didn’t like hi so much either. Both of them ended up trading with one another, however, and allying themselves against Morgoth, because they realized that he was their true enemy. Both groups, Caranthir’s folk and the dwarves ended up profiting greatly from this arrangement, by the way.  You see, what Caranthir is really good at? For all that you may say about his stubborn nature, Caranthir is really good at adapting. He takes new information and applies it. You see that again with Haleth and her people, at first he thought little of them, not harming them so sending them Thargelion, but never truely interacting with the Haladin either. And then he find them, after chasing down the orcs that had been forcing the Haladin behind a siege. He sees how long these people have held out, He sees Haleth and how she’s led them. And he respects that. He reassess his opinion of them, and he offers them more legitimate and safer holdings farther north in Thargelion. And when Haleth refuses, he accepts that, because again, he  has come to respect these people.

I didn’t really think much about Caranthir myself all that much at first. I didn’t really notice him until I’d read the Silmarillion a few times, around the same time when I really started taking notice of Haleth’s story, and I myself was once guilty of grouping him in with Celegorm and Curufin as “The Three C’s.” I didn’t start liking him as much as I do now until I started writing for him on a roleplay forum I was on at the time. And well, his character just started really growing in my mind.

Here he was, this son of  Fëanor struggling in not only his father’s shadow, but also those of his brothers. The one who was good, but wasn’t as good as… constantly wanting to make his father proud, constantly frustrated. He hated work in the forge, loud and hot, the acrid scent of heated iron strong on the air. It wasn’t his place. He preferred to be lost behind a book, working out some problem or another. He liked math, he loved puzzles. He threw knives to work out his anger. He was…difficult to get along with. When he wasn’t edgy and snappish he was sarcastic. But…he had a soft spot, there was a streak of nobility there that he would never own up to even under the worst tortures of Angband. But he was loyal and courageous and he cared about his family and those close to him. He was the sort who would constantly be snarking at you, but if anyone dare harm you he would be one of the first ones backing you up, and he would always have your back.

And, well…yeah, how could I not grow to love that?

yelp i have done it again and this time whit bluebell why i love them >_<
and it have been kinda fun the last one and want to try out of things and that the end result

i hope you it like :3

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Announcement :D!!

Hello my lovely little cookies!! I hope you are doing well! (and if not I send you lots and lots of hugs and tea.)


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But in the spirit of this I have decided to share a part of me…

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