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Swan Queen (B4)

I haven’t drawn these two in forever! I missed drawing Regina’s hair SO MUCH. This is for @magicsophicorn from the expression/couples memes I reblogged on my personal account. 

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i really let fanart dominate the second half but i hope to find an equal balance in 2017~ hopefully y’all will support my original creations as well, in the coming year! Happy New Year, everyone!! (: Stay safe, and HAVE FUUUNN!!

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Mr. Don't Look So Scared (Requested)

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Request: @trafalgarlauHello Hello 😄 may I request #2. “I wished you leave already!” “Fine!” with Peter maximoff x reader please? (Peter pushing the reader away, if it’s not too much to ask of course) Love your blog!! 💛💛 (From this prompt list)
Word Count: 1195 Words
Warning: angst, general sadness, swearing. 
A/N: Ahh yes another song based imagine, because I love them and will never stop. Enjoy the pain. (Based off Sour Candy by Carly Rae Jepsen)
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                Most people worry when their partner is coming home late they’re cheating, but not you. You had to worry if Peter was going to get himself killed looking for the infamous Erik Lensherr. It was only a few years back when Peter had discovered the identity of his true father, and this obsession with finding Erik had started. Peter spent years hating himself, trying to find a reasonable answer to why Erik would leave, what did I do, what did I do, what did I do?! Peter thought that every problem in his family was because he made Erik leave. The idea damaged Peter, and scared him when he met you. Someone who didn’t think it was Peter’s fault, and someone who showed Peter love. But your love could never end years of self-hate, or the fact Peter had met Erik.

“I met him, I talk to him, helped him and I-I didn’t know!” Peter snapped at you, pacing his room. This had been a common argument lately.

“Peter I know, but you can’t change it.” You spoke, trying to calm your erratic boyfriend.

“Do you think he knew then?” Peter asked, but it was more for himself.

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bones rewatch1x05: a boy in a bush
“Maybe I was lying. To catch the bad guy. I learned that trick from you. The end justifies the means.


Prince Harry September 2016 Photo Challenge
↳ [18/30] Favorite photo(s) of Harry during his 2016 trip to Toronto


No mage I know has ever dared to fall in love