well look at miss fancy pants

plus one
[ sasusaku au ]

“You’re not serious,” Sasuke stated in a flat voice, his eyes watching the customers file out of the the doors ahead of them. Sakura didn’t answer, and when he finally pulled his eyes from the doors, he found her with the broom in hand and a mischievous look in her eyes. “You’re serious,” he spoke in a deadpan tone.

“Damn straight I am.”

While Sakura finished sweeping up the small amounts of popcorn around the main lobby, Sasuke began running the damp rag and spritzing the glass with Windex, wiping the greasy hand stains and popcorn oil from the front counter.

“I didn’t even invite you? We don’t even talk–” Sakura’s eyes flashed to his, showing him a fierce look and causing him to backtrack. “We only talk while at work.”

“You can’t attend a wedding by yourself,” she stated matter-of-fact.

“I’ve attended plenty by myself.”

“You’re only eighteen, hardly.”

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