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Do you think dylan's broke ass would gather enough money to buy his valentines date something fancy?

If this is just a run-of-the-mill date, I don’t think Dylan would feel comfortable enough doing the Valentines thing because it implies you’re, well, like a couple?  He wouldn’t want to look conceded assuming too much and giving the cheesy holiday too much attention unless he was sure she liked him as much as he liked her.  So, it would have to be a girlfriend he was dating for some time. Someone he was really into and was comfortable with and he definitely knew the feeling was mutual.  Even then, it probably wouldn’t be anything extravagant or “fancy” from the budding Casanova with his first go of it.  Gotta keep in mind the’s a teenager basically working pretty much a part time pizza job and trying to manage those car insurance payment each month..plus, other ah, misc.expenses.  So, let’s not be too judgy of his “broke ass” ways. ;)  I think he’d tend to err on the side of caution and go with simplicity. He’d give his date small tokens within the range of his very Virgoan well managed (according to mom) but tight budget - like a $10 bouquet of flowers from King Soopers (and, btw, they have some lovely yet reasonably priced flowers there as I bought some there for the Columbine Memorial observation. ;) )  and a small heart shaped box of chocolates along with a not too stuffy-slightly silly greeting card with a punny “Happy V Day. ;)” followed by a brief but genuine  “I love you, Dylan” scrawled on the inside..maybe even some notes peppered in her locker throughout the day with a bit of his poetry or some quirky, inside running joke between them. If the paycheck was a little bit bigger, he might even indulge her for a night out to the movies. So, small, simple but heartfelt in a big way. :) 

i’ve seen a lot of people commenting on how dan talked about cute anime boys and celebrities but hasn’t actually “come out” yet, and while i do agree that it would be cool for him to support the lgbtqa+ community by identifying himself as being a part of it (assuming he is to some degree), i’d like to point out that he’s showing a different sort of support by not saying anything. 

by this point, his youtube channel is fairly mainstream, and he has a lot of people following his videos, actions, and statements, so even for him to imply that he likes boys as well is pretty huge. also, him talking about how he finds guys attractive without actually labeling himself is working towards normalizing those kinds of statements!! 

he shouldn’t have to say “i am bisexual” (or any other label) in order for that to be accepted, and tbh i think more people should just accept what he says as his personal opinions and not pressure him to use any certain labels if he doesn’t feel comfortable, whether he does eventually or if he never chooses to, because people don’t need to “come out” in order for their identities to be valid

Reinhardt Theorycrafting!

This may be far-fetched, but

Reinhardt’s mentor was Balderich von Adler (sometimes also written Alder, even in the Blizz forums it’s not consistent. As it is German, I would think that Adler is the correct form.).

Adler means eagle in German.

Reinhardt himself has lions on his armor, and there’s Lionhardt.

Now, after he reclaimed his master’s armor, one of the new skins is called Greifhardt.

Greif means gryphon in German. A gryphon has a lion’s body with an eagle’s head.

So technically, could Greifhardt just be the merging of Reinhardt with his mentor Balderich, resulting in Reinhardt as the leader of the Crusaders?

Well, he is the only one left (most likely), so that would imply it too. Still I would not think that this is a coincidence.