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It’s been a theory of mine that the assistant principal has the toughest job in education.

I got that idea a long time ago, when I was a student teacher at a middle school.

It seemed the assistant principal’s job goes something like this:

She’s on duty well before the school day starts with a walkie-talkie on her belt, making sure the buses arrive on time and that the drop-off lane is running smoothly. Then, once the bell rings, she sits in a tiny office, mostly dealing with discipline: playground scuffles, lunchroom infractions and the occasional serious problem, like a knife in the backpack. Bullying. Drugs. A mixture of traffic cop and county judge: calling the parents here, a three-day suspension there, letting others off with a stern warning.

At 3:30 p.m., it’s back outside for the afternoon rush. Once the parking lot clears out, off to the JV soccer game, coordinating and keeping the peace. Then into the night with a meeting of the PTA or the regional basketball tournament.

That’s my theory, anyway. But I may have it all wrong.

The Toughest Job In Education? Maybe Not

Illustration credit: LA Johnson/NPR

Real Madrid as Harry Potter characters

Cristiano Ronaldo as Harry Potter

The living legend that everyone knows, the Chosen One. Some people love him, some hate him to death (mainly Voldemort and culés). Saves the world most of the time, loves his house (club). Unlike real Harry, doesn’t have the scar (he thanks God for it every morning).

James Rodríguez as Ginny Weasley

Desperately in love with Harry (Cris) since Day 1. At the first sight quiet and shy, but actually very skilled in combat and will never step down. Doesn’t need protection, can take care of himself (well, except that one time with the basilisk, you know).

Fábio Coentrao as Ron Weasley

In love with Cris as well (but let’s just call them best friends). Mostly lives in Cris’ shadow but he’ll content himself with less fame and more family happiness. Let’s be honest, every big wizard needs a friend like this.

Isco as Hermione Granger

The brightest wizard of his age, talented, also really badass. Doesn’t really like breaking the rules, but understands that sometimes it’s necessary. Kinda awkward when it comes to relationships other than friendship, but would never leave a person in need behind.

Gareth Bale as Hagrid

The giant that loves Cristiano, James, Fábio… hell, everyone. But he prefers to protect them and watch over them than mingle in their teenage loves.

Marcelo&Pepe as Fred&George

Inseparable, with their own sense of humor that tends to be dangerous. Their friends love them, the professors (referees) not that much.

Asier Illarramendi as Nymphadora Tonks

People sometimes think of him as of the clumsiest person in the world and generally underestimate him, but he truly loves his friends and would die for them. He’s still a big child inside, though.

Karim Benzema as Madame Maxime

You don’t want to mess with him - there is a kind heart underneath the imposing exterior, but still, making a half-giant angry is never a good idea.

Sergio Ramos as Sirius Black

The guy that always gets into problems, though not always it’s his fault. Would die for his friends and mainly for his godson (Cris). True Marauder, no pranks no fun, acts first, thinks later.

Luka Modrić as Neville Longbottom

The one with sad childhood, the one everyone used to make fun of. At the beginning, nobody thought he could be big. But he grew up into a great wizard always ready to help his friends.

Toni Kroos as Luna Lovegood

The kind one, somehow odd but extremely loyal and supportive. Doesn’t belong into the immediate pack of Cristiano’s suitors, but he values his friendship highly.

Raphael Varane as Fleur Delacour

The French beauty that people tend to underestimate, but Beauxbatons (aka French NT) taught him enough to be ready to fight a war. Proud and fierce, but with a good heart.

Lucas Silva as Colin Creevey

Most of the time just observes and is starstruck by Cristiano (and pretty much everyone that comes near him).

Keylor Navas as Remus Lupin

People used to be suspicious towards him, but he eventually won most of their hearts. Very skilled and brave, a bit socially awkward, generally the uncle-figure.

Jesé Rodríguez as Viktor Krum

Was a Quidditch star at a young age, then injuries interrupted his career, but he is still destined to achieve great things.

Daniel Carvajal as Seamus Finnigan

Friendly and loyal, also skillful, though you never know when he makes something explode accidentally.

Álvaro Arbeloa as Peeves

Annoys pretty much everyone, everyone wants him gone, but he refuses to move.

Martin Odegaard as Albus Severus Potter

We don’t know what he will become yet, but Hogwarts surely can make him big.

Nacho Fernández as Lavender Brown

Stands in the background most of the time, but wants the attention and love. Also, very loyal and more brave than anyone thinks.

Casemiro as Dean Thomas

Muggle-born, but learns quickly. Working hard to get his place in the Quidditch team.

Denis Cheryshev as Nigel Wolpert

Starstruck by Cristiano even more than Colin Creevey (Lucas Silva), not regarded very highly but actually is quite skillful.

Florentino as Lord Voldemort

Do you need me to explain this?

Notable former members

Iker Casillas as Cedric Diggory

The embodiment of all Hogwarts’ values, true champion, brave, clever, loving, kind. Killed by Voldemort.

Álvaro Morata as Oliver Wood

Talented Quidditch player that didn’t quite live up to his potential at Hogwarts, but made a decent career elsewhere. He later returned to Hogwarts for the final battle and Voldemort didn’t like it at all.

José Mourinho as Severus Snape

Hated by some, adored by others (mainly the Slytherins of course). Achieved great things but could probably do even better if some people weren’t spoiling it. Killed by Voldemort (what a surprise).

Guti as Gilderoy Lockhart

His looks and quotes sometimes outshone his deeds. The sex symbol of the wizarding world.

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List of my recastings so far

  • me:dad name the members of exo and ill let you watch the tv channel you want.
  • dad:Well I know Kris Luhan and Tao left.
  • me:ok go on
  • dad:And theres Chanyeol, he comes out on TV a lot.
  • me:who's my favorite tho
  • dad:well you always go back and forth between Kyungsoo and D.O. I can't decide! One day you'll say you love Kyungsoo and then the next you'll call D.O cute

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Please continue that crying call drabble. I need it or else I'll die

a continuation of this super short sterek drabble, that takes place after Stiles kills Donovan 

also for  dontbesuchasourwollf, who said “if this doesn’t get a small sequel where Derek calls him back I’ll probably start crying,” and for velociraptervevo

Derek flops down in bed as soon as he gets home. Well maybe ‘flop’ and ‘home’ are strong words. More like, he carefully lays back on the too-hard mattress in his and Braeden’s cheap motel room.

She’s out now, doing a supply run, and Derek figures he might as well take a nap while she’s gone. He pulls out his phone first to make sure everything is sailing smoothly for her, and is met with a lockscreen that reads (1) New Voicemail: Stiles Stilinski.

That’s… odd. Odd, and horribly disconcerting. He and Stiles text fairly often, but phone calls are a rarity, and voicemails? Derek’s pretty sure this is the first one ever. Something in Beacon Hills must be really, really wrong.

So much for his nap.

He sits up, settling himself against the headboard, and hits play.

“Derek? Shit, shit, shit, I need to talk to you.”

Stiles’ voice sounds so shaky. Was he in immediate danger? But then, why call Derek?

“It’s not- don’t, like, freak out or anything,” he continues. He must be crying now, with the hitching of his voice and how wet his breaths sound, and Derek’s stomach twists. “We’re all okay, just- fuck, Derek, I need to talk to you. I don’t know who else to tell. I- I killed someone.”

The split second of relief Derek felt at the words, ‘we’re all okay,’ drains away instantly. Stiles had killed someone? He listens to the rest of the voicemail, feeling a little numb.

Stiles goes on and on, saying the guy was a monster, that he had tried to kill him first, begging Derek to answer the phone.

When it’s done, Derek listens twice more, feeling tortured by the pain in Stiles’ voice.

He checks his call log and sees the call only came in nine minutes ago. That’s good, at least.  

He clicks Stiles’ contact and brings the phone back to his ear. It doesn’t even get to ring one full time before Stiles picks up, and Derek feels terrible, imagining him sitting alone somewhere, panicking and clutching his phone while waiting for him to call.



“Oh, thank fuck,” he breathes. “I- oh god. Did you-” His voice sounds small and nervous suddenly, but in a different way. Almost like he’s afraid Derek’s going to judge him. “Did you listen to the voicemail?”

“Yeah,” Derek says carefully.

He doesn’t really know what to say after that.

I’m sorry you had to do that?

Have you told anyone else?

Are you okay?

He, of all people, knows there’s really not much to say.

Stiles takes over for him, though, like if he doesn’t get it out, he never will.

“I killed him. He was just a kid, my age maybe, maybe a little older. I don’t know. But he- his dad and my dad used to work together. They were partners, and when he was out on the job, he didn’t wait for backup, and he ended up in a wheelchair. That was a long time ago, I think. After that I guess- guess his kid went down a bad path or some shit, he was in and out of the station a lot. My dad had him booked like two weeks ago, and he- he threatened to kill him. Like- like violently, Derek, sadistically. But he- he came after me instead. I was working on my Jeep outside school last night and he grabbed me. He had, um, these mouths? Like, circles full of fangs, kinda, in his neck and palms. He chased me through the library, and was going to kill me, and I- I killed him first. I killed him. I killed him, I-”

“Hey,” Derek interrupts. “Stop it. It was self-defense. In the eyes of the law, you’re allowed to defend yourself.”

“In the eyes of the law,” Stiles laughs, just as hysterical and frenzied as before. It’s a little scary to hear him like that, honestly. “The supernatural is so fucking, fucking far outside the eyes of the law, Derek. I don’t- I don’t fucking care about the law- I don’t- I killed him. He was my age, and his dad was injured, and now he’s dead, and I killed him. Derek, I killed someone. I-”

“Hey. Listen to me.” Derek tries to make his voice firm but understanding. He wishes he were better at talking; he can’t even deal with his own emotions, half the time. “This is not your fault. Okay? He tried to kill you. He ended up dying. That’s his own fault. You didn’t ask him to come after you. He did something stupid, and he died.”

“He didn’t die, Derek. I killed him. He grabbed me around the neck and we crashed through a bookshelf, and I climbed this structure and he chased me, and when I hit the top I- I pulled something out and it fell, and this pipe went right through his chest. And he was just- just looking at me, looking at me and breathing for a few seconds and then he just- he died. Because of me.”

“You didn’t go out of your way to kill him,” Derek tells him steadily. “He was chasing you, and you didn’t have any options. There’s nothing you could have done. You didn’t have a choice.”

“I didn’t have a choice,” Stiles repeats, like that’s the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard. “I didn’t have a choice. No, you’re right, I didn’t have a fucking choice. I keep fucking killing people, and I never! Have! A fucking! Choice!” Derek can hear him pounding his fist into something after every word. “Does that make it okay? I didn’t- there was no fucking choice about Allison, about Aiden. All the random fucking people in the hospital. When do I ever fucking get a choice? But I had to kill him, so now his mom and his fucking paralyzed dad get to bury their son? That’s fair? That makes it better?  No, no, they don’t even- they don’t- they don’t get to bury him. That’s not even- someone stole his fucking body. They don’t even- no closure, no-”

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Man, I am pretty content that I whipped this out today. ANYWAYS, this is for kurovoid who appears to not be having too good of a time feeling well, so with that being said, I went ahead and made a gift/fanart (idk what you want to call this lol D:) for you. I had the biggest difficulty picking a picture omg let me tell you lol- “This one would be good!…..wait…no this one!…Shit. I CAN’T CHOOSE”. I highly hope that this doesn’t seem too strange since I officially started following you a day or so ago even though it’s really been since February this year???? (too afraid on being that one weird person) I just now started to get back into tumblr and just internet in general again so pardon me if this is too odd out of the blue ah ha  n_n’

I hope you enjoy this and I loved drawing this for you! I truly hope you feel better soon~

- Sybil

P.S.: I thought birds and you kinda fit, hope that’s aright!


Photoshop CS3

Take Your Time.....

July 19th 2015


If I hadn’t had a show yesterday I would’ve been in Chicago with my girl. She had caught a cold or something between shows meaning she couldn’t really talk and was feeling slightly miserable- although nobody could tell but those close to her and she sounded fantastic during her show.

I decided, since I had some free days and so did Taylor after this show, to surprise her. I decided to call Andrea and let her know what my plan was since she was going to be there and knew how to sort out security and passes.

“Hello?” She said as she answered her phone.

“Hello Andrea. It’s Adam.” I replied

“Hello Adam! How are you?” She asked in her very motherly way.

“I’m doing pretty well myself. How are you?” I reply.

“Oh you know, good days and not so good days. But there’s a break for a bit now which should be good! Now, what can I do for you? Did you want to speak to Taylor?”

“Actually no….I was wondering if you could get me credentials for the concert tonight without Tay knowing about it? She sounded a little down last night and I wanted to surprise her.” I explained, rubbing my neck as I spoke.

“Wow! Yes of course! I will get you an all access pass and make sure nobody knows except me and Scott. You can stand with us at the B-Stage. Just let me know when you get here and we will sneak you in! How exciting!!” Andrea replied

“Thank you! I will see you later on!” I said before wishing her a good day and hanging up the phone.

As soon as I got the OK to be at the concert I grabbed my bag and threw in enough clothes for a few days since I knew Taylor would prefer to stay at the beach for the next few days instead of coming back to LA….and to be honest so would I.

My flight landed in Chicago at 7.30 and I made my way to the stadium.

*to Andrea: Hi! I am just pulling into the back of the stadium.*
*from Andrea: Scott will be at the doors to meet you! See you soon!*

As soon as I got out of the car I saw Scott on his Segway by the door.

“Hey Adam! Here’s your landyard. We better get through here before you get spotted by anyone who will tell my curious daughter!” Scott says spinning around and moving forward slowly so I could keep up. “ I think this is great! I love surprises! Especially when they are for my kids!”

“Well I thought it might be fun!” I replied, laughing slightly at his enthusiasm.

Andrea then spotted us and came over to give me a hug.

“Adam dear! How was your flight? Not too bad?” She asked

“Very smooth thank you! How’s Taylor?” I asked, concern probably showing on my face.

“She’s feeling a bit better. Actually she just told me it was odd you hadn’t called her yet to wish her good luck…. ”

“Oh yeah….well I guess I should just go do that in person right?” I said grinning at Andrea and Scott in front of me. I usually sent her a message or called her every time she had a show, around the time she would be eating.

“I’ll show you the way!” Andrea said leading me through the maze backstage.

I was weirdly nervous. I was excited but also didn’t know how she’d react….or if she’d want me here with all her fans. It was OK in Dublin but since then things had changed with my interviews and Gaga’s tweet.

“Adam! Why are you doing here??” I heard from my left. I turned and saw Este running towards me at full pelt.

“Hey guys! I’m here to see my girl….but it’s a surprise!” I said to them, hugging each of the sisters.

“Well get your tushy back there then!” Este exclaimed pushing me towards Andrea.

“See you later girls!” I said, laughing as I continued to follow Andrea.

It was slightly odd tonight. I was feeling better, meaning I could talk to people at my meet and greet and properly rehearse with Sam Hunt, who was my special guest tonight, which was great.. But there was something weird going on. I hadn’t seen my mom or dad for at least an hour and Adam hadn’t called it texted yet.
I was just sitting with my band chatting before we got ready to go on in about 15 minutes. I had already eaten, since I eat like 2 hours before I go on.

Suddenly the chattering went quiet and everyone looked behind me then looked at me.

“What?” I said spinning myself around towards the doorway.

There in front of me stood the one person who I had been thinking about almost non stop for the last little while.

“OH MY GOD! ADAM!” I said, completely breaking my semi-vocal rest, as I jumped up and rushed over to him.

Adam opened his arms and wrapped them around me as I clung onto him.

“Hey babe! SURPRISE! How’s everything going?” He asked softly as I nuzzled into his chest.

“Freaking awesome now!” I replied smiling at him as he leant down slightly to kiss me.

I realised that my mum had shooed everyone out of the little orep room so it was just the two of us. I led Adam over to the little sofa and sat him down, then sat myself sideways on his lap.

“How did I not know you were going to be here?” I asked him

“It’s not a surprise if you know in advance now is it.” He replied, smirking.

“But….like….how?” I asked again.

“I called your mum this morning and she sorted out the pass and everything, then I got on a flight and here I am. It’s like I said, not that hard to see each other.” He replied, rubbing his hand up and down my bare leg making me shiver.

“When’s your next show?” I ask, remembering it wasn’t for a bit.

“Not till the end of the week…..so I was thinking we could hang out at the beach house for the week? Instead of going back to LA.” He replied, making my grin widen even further.

There was then a knock at the door and a crew member said it was time to go on.

“You’re the best babe. Like seriously doubt I deserve you!!” I said to him as we got up and left the room so my makeup could be checked.

“It’s the other way around Tay. Seriously. I will see you out there, OK? KNOCK EM DEAD BABE!” Adam said giving me a last peck on the cheek and slightly shouting the last part as he made his way towards the stadium where my parents were waiting for him.

It always gave me extra confidence when he is watching, and my fans love it too….especially if I point/wink/wave/ blow kisses at him….

As soon as Shake It Off was finished I ran backstage and rushed to get a shower. The faster I got ready for Loft 89, the faster I could see Adam, and the faster we could leave.

“Babe! You killed it out there!” I heard Adam say from behind me as I was sorting out my hair.

“Thanks! You looked like you were having fun!” I replied, having watched him sing along, and grinning like a lunatic.

“Yeah I did! How could I not? It’s like one of the most epic shows around!” Adam said as he slung his arm around my shoulder and we walked towarss where the Loft was taking place.

“Um….maybe you shouldn’t come in….” I said, unsure of myself. It was a little difficult because I would LOVE for him to come in but knew it would change the whole dynamic.

“I was going to go hang out with the Haim girls instead.” Adam replied, knowing exactly what I was thinking.“I’ll see you when you’re done. I love you princess.” He said kissing me again and making my legs go weak.

“Love you too, my prince charming!” I replied laughing at myself and going into Loft 89 to meet my fans.

I hate those comments where guys are all like “oh why shawty posting a picture of her ass in a thong but the caption all like Tuesday is my favorite day of the week …I love the letter T ”

Like damn let them!!
Damn probably they felt like empowering their body on a Tuesday
stop getting at the so called “bland caption ” when you know damn well you screen shotted it
Stop degrading the female body
Like shut up

Carry on ..

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Can ya fill me in. I've been busy all day and now Louis and Harry are gay barring and Niall is dead and Liam is probably trapped in a well what is happening.

Here’s the sitch:

- Everyone is in Chicago.

- All the boys were invited to a White Sox game, but only Niall attended.

- Louis played some footie earlier and it is believed H went with. Plus! HL were allegedly spotted ringing in the 5 year at a gay bar called Roscoe’s.

- Liam is MIA so he could be in a well somewhere as you predicted.

Let’s hold a prayer circle for him and for the Larries because we’ve got ourselves a Stylinson date night!

The Power of Three Words

I Love You we all know those words and we all wait for the day that we’ll hear them from well let’s face it someone that we already love. I’ve seen many tv shows that take this powerful moment and then ruin it’s sheer potential by taking the characters we’ve all grown to love and care for and destroy them. That lovely word called “fanservice” that simply won’t die is now being used for a couple that really is anything but. But I’m getting sidetracked the reason for this post was to discuss the power of the Olicity I love you’s. They were simple, pure, no extra words being thrown around in that actual moment. It wasn’t I love you followed by even more words it was just I love you a stated fact not a feeling but A FACT

Oliver’s spent most of season 3 throwing his feelings out there like a bleeding heart. He’s not trying to hide what he feels for her, he’s just trying to do what he thinks is right. So in 3x09 it felt right that he took her own words from 2x22 and used them to tell her the truth. He knew two things just like she did, he would do anything to save Thea and he loved her. That was it on other words were needed; he just turned took a deep breath smiled and released the words flowing naturally from his lips. What made it perfect was how at peace and at ease he was in that moment. Here he is going off to potentially die but what brought him peace was telling the woman he loved the truth. I mean really who’s heart was broken when he fell from that cliff her face his last thought? I mean who was waiting on pins and needles for her own confession?

Felicity’s feelings were really always known but I felt that in 2x14 when Oliver was once again with Sara and Diggle was saying how this must be hard for her that we’d struck gold. Everyone Sara included could see how she felt about him but she never once let those feelings destroy what they shared. She wasn’t jealous, or insecure she was always this strong, confident, intelligent, sassy, cute, disarming, and charming soul. Felicity never once changed who she was just because the person she was in love with was with another, she wanted him to be happy as he does her for all of season 3. What made her moment just so perfect was that she gave him everything. We the viewers had seen this connection but in 3x20 our own thoughts were finally translated in one perfect speech. Unlike Oliver’s simple declaration hers was longer and more detailed because unlike Oliver she’d spent the season trying to be happy and move on. So here he is once again trying to save Thea and willing to sell his soul but this time the person who steps up and tells the truth is the one who was running from it all season long.

Felicity’s moment was set up for her to make a choice, to fully realize that Oliver was the one. No matter how hard she tried Oliver was her one. That’s what made her speech so perfect because it was more than how she felt, it was showing him and telling him how important he’d been and how important he still was. It was about telling Oliver that even though she changed his life he’d done the same for her. The moment was more than those words it was showing him the depth of their meaning, it was proving that her feelings were more than words it was them and their shared history. That’s what for me made this moment a perfect I love you moment.

I Now Pronounce you Mrs. Sterling || Merker

Merissa has spent hours making calls in order to make this work. Parker was still sleeping so she knew she would have to wake him soon enough. Looking at her reflection as she ran the straightener through her hair once more, she let out a long sigh. She had been dreaming of this day for so long, and never did she think it would be with the man she always called her best friend. She knew f Mikey ever found out, he would be pissed about the spot she chose to have the wedding. Granted it would be just the two of them and the person marrying them as well as a witness, but it was still the place he took her on their first date. Not that she really cared. She knew it looked beautiful there at night, and she loved the idea of getting married on the beach. Pulling at her knee length wedding dress, Merissa turned to go back to her room in order to wake up her fiance. “Sweetheart– wake up.” She said softly, not wanting to scare him.


Something has come up

He was going throughout his day peacefully, his vacation had been pretty good thus far. He had hung out with his friends and all around had a blast this summer in hoenn. In fact he was supposed to have a family dinner with his parents soon, things were looking to be a great day. He as called down to dinner and it smelled fantastic. He enthusiastically approached the table, “goodness mom you really gave this one your all! It smells fantastic in here!” Norman piped in as well with the usually affirmative father commentary. Everything seemed to have been perfect… *ring ring. Ring Ring.* His pokenav was ringing.. its wally’s dad.  He excused himself from the room so he could take the call.

It only took a few words to get his hair to stand still. Once he finished talking he simply replied with “Im on my way.”

He quickly went upstairs and grabbed his bag and pokeballs and made a bolt for the store.
“Brendan?” Norman called out “where are you going”

He didnt turn around, he stood in the doorway just a small ways from the table. 
“Im sorry guys.. I need to go. Something.. something came up. Ill be home soon” 
And with that the door shuts. And you can hear the faint sound of a pokemon taking off outside. Norman watches him through the window as he disappears into the distance. Something was wrong.

6 years ago before I officially came out my father left my family. I havent spoken to my father in a long time since that happened. A couple of days ago he called me to warn me about my trans cousin, “ Be careful of your cousin, he’s being a fag, stay away from him.”

And with those comments he brought back the shame I haven’t felt in a long time. Shame that I’ll never be enough for my father. Right then and there I decided no more, do not let him win. “Well Dad, I don’t need to stay away. I’m gay. You know….a fag. And Dominick is trans. She is a woman. I am a man. Two different things but I’m still gay.” And with his shock at me finally speaking up, my pride came back to me.

You Are Your Best

Bucky x Reader

“(F/N), you need to calm down.”

‘Fuck that, I’m already as calm as I can be.’ There you were sprawled on the couch, holding a pillow to your face to keep you from screaming out your frustrations. “This was totally not how I wanted my day to go, Bucky!” 

Today was suppose to be a good day. You had gone into work with a positive mood and enough determination to get you through your shift, but as soon as you stepped in the boss pulled you aside only to criticize your work. After work ended, your parents had called up inviting you to dinner. Conversations had gone well up until dessert time, then everything had gone sour. Apparently you weren’t doing as best as they wanted. Once that meaningless get-together was over, your friend texted you to let you know she’s gonna have to cancel your big weekend plans because her boyfriend wanted to take her out. Of course you said it was okay, but you still were upset considering she was the one begging you to hang out. 

The pillow covering your face was lightly pulled away as Bucky sat in the small couch space your body hadn’t taken over. With a huff, you tried to cover your face by crossing your arms over but Bucky pulled them down. Feeling stubborn, you shut your eyes. Silence ticked on for a bit. Normally, you’d just shut yourself away from people until your felt better but Bucky wasn’t gonna let that happen. He knew he probably wasn’t the best fit when it came to talking about what’s bugging, but he couldn’t just leave you. Leaning in a little forward he pressed his forehead against yours, strands of hair tickling the sides of your face. 

“Listen doll, I understand that this wasn’t the kind of day you were expecting but don’t let them get to you. There’s always another day to do better and the only person you should ever do your best for is yourself, alright?” 

“I just don’t get why my best isn’t that great to others, ya know?”

“Yeah, I know. But you just gotta keep yourself up and strong. You’re not your best when your not happy with your achievements. It shouldn’t matter what your boss thinks, what your parents think or whoever the hell. As long as you’re happy with what you’ve done by the end of the day, that’s all that matters.”

A faint smile formed it’s way on your face as your eyes finally opened. Bucky leaned back and pulled you up with him, wrapping his arms around you tightly. Returning the hug, you lightly squeezed him and muffled out a ‘thank you’ against his shoulder.  

“I’m always here for you, (F/N). And if it makes you feel a bit better, I’m happy with what you’ve done so far” He said, placing a kiss on your forehead. “Now let’s make some plans for the weekend.”

This Is Serenity

Breathe, and feel the air in your lungs. Breathe, and see how far you have come. Even when our worlds collide, just breathe in one more time.


“Oh God, Calum I really like her.” Michael threw his hands on top of his head, pacing the room. Little did he know, you were just around the corner…listening.

“Mate. You might wanna chill with that. You know her boyfriend died just under three months ago.” Calum called from the couch.

“I know!!! God! She’s going to live with me and I get more infatuated with her every day. I was one of the few people she opened up to and I didn’t even know her well like Josh or Alex! I bring that smile on her face. You and Ashton can’t do that.” Michael groaned to hold back the fact that he was close to losing his shit.

You panicked. You couldn’t let Michael fall for you. What if he just decides to throw himself off a cliff like Adrian because he couldn’t handle it? What if he dies on you too? You can’t handle two deaths in three months. You had to push him out now before he got in too deep.

Taking a deep breath, you rounded the corner. “Get out.” You spoke to Michael as you entered the living room. He looked up at you and saw the cold hard expression on your face.

“Y-Y/n? W-what-”

“Get. Out.” You snapped again. Michael’s face fell and it took all your might not soften your expression.

“Y/N-” You turned your head to Calum and just seeing his big puppy eyes made you feel guilty.

“You too Calum. Get out.” Calum shook his head at you before getting up from the couch and leaving, he paused at the doorway behind Michael and grabbed the back of his flannel.

“Let’s go Mike.” He pulled Michael out of your half packed apartment you used to share with Adrian. The look on Michael’s face will be the last thing you saw for a while.


One Month Later

They were on tour. How did you know? Ashton being the angel he was would send weekly baskets of goodies and updates. Even if they were on tour, he would go out of his lengths to send you a update basket.

This weeks basket came from London. Inside it was a giant plush penguin (which didn’t come from Luke considering you and Luke still hate each other. Ashton made sure to note that on the basket.), several bags of Trolli Gummy Worms (your fav), several Lush Bath Bombs, candles, and of course, your update letter. You smiled at all the wonderful things Ashton got you before tearing a hole through the plastic to reach for the letter.


Mike is still a mess without you.

Just that one line alone made your insides churn.

We’re going to be back home briefly next week. Just a heads up, the first place Michael is going to when we come home is your place. We’re only going to be home for three days. So, can you just talk to him? He really fucking misses you.

But….. I totally went to Lush for the first time ever and it was amazing. Oh my God, so many hot people there.

You couldn’t even read the rest of Ashton’s rant. Michael was coming back for you. And you were fucking terrified. Panicking, you grabbed your phone from your pocket and dialed your closest friend number and sat on the couch.


“Jake,” You cried. You wiped your tears with the back of your free hand.

“y/n what’s wrong?” Jake had become your best friend through Adrian. He was vocals for the metal band In Hearts Wake and lives in Byron Bay. You had met Adrian at an In Hearts Wake concert and unfortunately, Jake was the first one to find Adrian’s body. He had come to Byron Bay and went to Killin Falls (where IHW filmed their music video ‘Divine’) and flung himself off the cliff. His death made you and Jake even closer.

“Michael’s coming back.” You sobbed. “I don’t know what to do.” Michael was always a subject that could get you crying.

“Do you want me to fly out to Sydney?”

“No because Josh and Alex are going to be suspicious.” You sniffled.

“Do you want me to fly you out here to Byron?”

“Yes.” You sobbed.

“Okay, so when are you-” A knock at the door stopped you from discussing further plans.

“Jake, hold on.” Your voice wavered. You walked to the front door and opened it, expecting it to be one of the Northlane’s members.

But instead you got Ashton.

“I lied.” He smiled. Your face didn’t waver a bit as you looked at the beaming aussie.

“What?” You wiped your eyes. Ashton saw the tears and his face fell.

“Oh is this a bad time?” He asked nervously. You nodded your head.

“Yeah Ash. It kinda is.” Right as you were getting ready to close the door (more like slam) in his face. You heard a small whisper.

“R-raspberry.” You heard it. And your whole body tensed up, causing you to pull the door open and your eyes widen. Just as quick as you opened it, you slammed it shut and grabbed your phone, darting up the stairs and locking yourself in the packed up bedroom.

Because standing behind Ashton was Michael.

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Well, this is really crazy, but when I was in the third grade, I was bullied. Well, maybe I just think so. Here’s the thing, I was an outsider in grade school. My classmates never let me hang out with them since they have engraved in my mind that I was a nerd. Well, they successfully did that. One day, my classmates were playing catch at the school grounds. I tried to join them, but they pushed me around. Literally. This is no metaphor or something they use in writing. They told me I was a nerd and ugly, that I should never touch them because I might spread the disease of ‘geekiness’. I try to defend myself but then they were just continuing with all sorts of name-calling. Yes, I know. The kids I grew up with. Facepalm. They were just mean, insulting, just plain ugly. Not in their faces but in their hearts. They have ugly hearts. I’m getting real emotional here.

Then my Dad showed up. He was so angry. He was always calm, that was the first time I saw him that mad. He told my classmates to leave me alone, so they did. Then, Dad put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Son, sometimes you need to fight. But when you can’t handle it, just remember, I am always here.” That’s so cheesy. Typical Dad.

My 9 year-old mind back then isn’t working like my 17 year-old mind, so I just said, “Thanks, Dad” and hugged him tight. If my mind works the way it is now, I would have said, “Dad, you really need to write a book about quotations from movie, books or wherever you get those things.”

The next day after the incident, he immediately transferred me into a better school where I was accepted as everyone accepted me for who I am at least that’s what I think so. The love of a father, ‘protective of his only son’.

My mom, on the other hand, is a different story. She is always energetic. She always say funny stuff like how she mimicked some famous celebrity while watching an interview (She definitely hate her), how she thinks the film ‘Scary Movie’ is really scary. Yeah, she is funny. But she is always a nagger. That’s what I hate about her. She always says things like, “It was always me who clean up after your mess, Alex”, “Patrick, your son did not do his chores today”. It was irritating. Damn.


Up on Melancholy Hill
There’s a plastic tree
Are you here with me?
Just looking out on the day of another dream

Well, you can’t get what you want, but you can get me
So let’s set up and see
Cause you are my medicine
When you’re close to me, when you’re close to me

So call in the submarine
Round the world we’ll go
Does anybody know
If we’re looking out on the day of another dream

If you can’t get what you want
Then you come with me

Up on the melancholy hill
Sits a manatee
Just looking out for the day
When you’re close to me, when you’re close to me

When you’re close to me
When you’re close to me

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As kids on Luci and Morg's birthdays Chrom lets them wear the Exalt crown. Robin lets them wear her grandmaster mantle. Chrom and Robin then make Luci and Morg think that they call the shots for that day. The other Shepherds go along with it as well, especially Frederick.

Frederick always does crap for them anyway omg can you imagine him being at the beck and call of Luci and Morgs

–Mod Rose

Up on melancholy hill
There’s a plastic tree
Are you here with me?
Just looking out on the day of another dream

Well, you can’t get what you want but you can get me
So let’s set out to sea, love
‘Cause you are my medicine
When you’re close to me
When you’re close to me

So call in the submarine
'Round the world we’ll go
Does anybody know her?
If we’re looking out on the day of another dream

If you can’t get what you want then you come with me

Up on melancholy hill sits a manatee
Just looking out for the day
When you’re close to me
When you’re close to me

When you’re close to me