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The other day I accidentally set off a rogues way by suggesting that The Flash has the best rogues gallery.  I got a few notes agreeing with me and more than a couple messages telling me I was flat out wrong; as well as some anonymous call-outs letting me know I am an idiot (my fav was the anon who stated I was clearly a comic book ‘neofight’).  hey, those are neofighting words, pal!

In the spirit of the democratic process, we’ll pit it up to a vote.

Above are the various enemies of the heroes who are most often viewed as possessing the coolest collections of cads… including:

  • Batman
  • The Fantastic Four
  • The Flash
  • The X-Men
  • Superman
  • The Avengers
  • The Justice League
  • Daredevil
  • Shazam
  • and Spider-Man

 So… who do you feel has the best of the best when it comes to villains?  Let me know what you think and, if I get enough replies, I’ll tabulate and report the results.  ?

Still Backing the BBC!

The Save our BBC campaign group are doing another awareness day in support of our beloved BBC, this time to coincide with Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

In case you haven’t found them yourself yet, the group are on twitter at @saveourbbc_cic and tomorrow their hashtag is #luvaBBC as well as the usual #saveourBBC

The intention is to emphasise the great love and affection in which the BBC is held by its audience.  So let’s all make like Annie and show the BBC some overly enthusiastic love this Valentines <3

Please share and join in!

IT’S VALENTINES DAY !! I have zero shit to do ( loudly ignores paperwork for a few more hours ) and therefore i am tossing this ; it’s a small ‘holiday inbox call’ similar to the others i have – tried , but this time it should be easier because I have time for it !!

                 …well , two-shot in your inbox with some valentine shit !!

( mutuals are prioritized but non-mutuals are also welcome )

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Could you please explain the bee story?

Alright, so my bank didnt used to have the ATM that can deposit checks like it does now, so you had to go into the teller.
Well one day the bank was totally closed, because it was filled with bees

Apparently there was a hive up in the roof and something collapsed and the calling opened up, letting in all the bees.

So went I went you could look in the windows and there were just hundreds of bees climbing up the sides of all the windows

You wouldn’t let me touch it
yet you offered all the time;
knocking days off my life
blowing smoke in my eyes.
And I didn’t mind,
I didn’t give a fuck,
You told me I was different,
I pushed my luck.
You screwed a hole in my head,
Pushed a nail through my eyes
Because I read you too well,
Thumbed through your brown lies.
And you were fucking disgusting,
my standards let slip;
I should have backed off sooner
Cut my losses - called it quits.
But there was something about
the taste of ash on your tongue;
You told me you were a liar,
I told you you were wrong.
And now you’re miles away
but I’m not really gone,
Because I’m still in your head
And I’m still in that song.
And this isn’t over
Don’t tell me I’m wrong.
I’ve never lied to you once;
It’s with me you belong.
So try all you want
But I’ll still be haunting your head,
Wrapped in your white sheets,
Asleep in your bed.
And that’s where I’ll stay
Until you go ahead and admit,
That you’re a puzzle piece,
and I’m your best fit.


         “Well it’s almost that time of year again, Valentine’s day, or as Felix likes to call it ‘singles appreciation day’. I think I’m just gonna spend the holiday relaxing in my room, and having my shotgun poised and ready for any love-struck freaks that would dare come to my door.”        

Top 5 Romantic Shipping in DC Television

Welcome back to another romance filled Top 5 Fridays! Last week we covered Bromances, and while everyone loves them, sometimes we want a little romance in our lives, especially during the Valentine’s Day season. For fans, we find ourselves pairing off characters that could one day become a couple for our favorite comics and TV shows. We call this shipping, and we’ll be covering that today. Now while people do pair off characters in comics as well, I will be only covering television as I really don’t ship much in comics. However its not just the DC television shows, I’ll be spanning to any show that was on the air. As per usual, this is my list so I apologize if you don’t see a couple you like. ENOUGH TALK! Let’s sail these ships…Read more »

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Relationship w/Bokuto: "Hey Bokuto-kun~ Happy Valentine's Day! I wanted to tell you that I appreciate you for always spending time with me despite being busy with Volleyball. It means a lot! Well talk to you later~ I- umm.... I love you, Koutaro."

[Bokuto] *screechy* Baaaaaaaabe! *muffled groaning can be heard in the background* Happy Valentine’s day! Why wouldn’t I want to spend time with you? I mean, you’re pretty much my favorite person. I just feel bad that I’m always playing volleyball and I can’t see you more. But let’s do something fun tonight, yeah? After all it is Valentine’s day. *laughs* Oh. *pauses* Iloveyoutoo call me back!


Want to cheat off my exam? Sure, take a look.

Years ago in my high school AP economics class I was assigned to sit in the corner of the room where I was flanked by a handful of very popular, very lazy kids. After every exam the teacher would announce (much to my chagrin) my “high score” to the class.

After a particularly challenging exam where I only scored 93%, the teacher announced that the guy to my right (let’s call him Matt) had ALSO scored 93%, his friend behind him 90%, and the friend behind HIM 90%! Needless to say I vacillated between self-doubt and suspicion for a few days before I finally “congratulated” one of the 90%‘ers on his score. With an impish grin he admitted that his friend Matt had been cheating off me for months and “thanked” me for helping “so many people do so well” in the class. The petty revenge gears started turning in my head for what seemed like ages before I replied “no problem, I’m just glad to help!”

At the next exam I put my my paper in very clear view of Matt. He had been told that I was now willing to “help” him and his friends. I circled all wrong answers while making a special mark for the correct ones. Just before the time was up, I quickly changed my answers back when nobody was looking, turned in my exam, and smugly walked back to my seat.

What I didn’t know at the time was that the cheating conspiracy didn’t just involve the kids sitting next to me, but that my answers were written down and forwarded to the next 4 periods, all of which took an identical test.

One week later a record 22 people failed the exam. Matt empathetically remarked “Oh man, did you fail too!?” I flipped over my sheet: 100%.

Nobody ever cheated off me in that class again.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit

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So the 27th is really long, so sending it in parts. So let me start off with I am a Larrie, and have been for five years. I recently became a sous chief at this very very private supper club in downtown LA. We are know for being very quite and super discreet. Additionally we are farm to table organic. So I just JUST got off work, the best day of my life (i’ll explain below) and checked twitter and saw the baby pic. My friend, a Larrie as well, called and was really upset so I want +++

++I want to tell this to everyone because this JUST FUCKING HAPPENED and made my night. So yesterday we got a call about a party of 2 for 8 PPM (LA time) for the night of the 27th. Around 8:15 the party showed up(their waitress is my friend) and it was Harry and Louis. According to her, they were wearing black skinines, louis was in red vans and a navy shirt w/jumper, and harry had a white button down w/his hair up in a bun and glasses that he never used. They were sat in the way back corner ++

++ and talked alot but almost whispering. She said it was super cute to see, because their legs were intertwined a bit under the table and Harry, until the food came, was leaning across the table with his hand on Louis. She said they talked a lot, and seemed very intense, like looking into each others eyes a lot. I can tell you, since I helped make it, that Harry got a salmon dish with herbed orzo and Louis got a apricot pork tenderloin dish with saffron risotto. +++

++According to my friend, they shared their food a lot, like letting the other taste this or that. Louis really liked the orzo apparently. And when Harry tried the risotto Louis almost knocked their water’s over. That caused them both to laugh really loudly. For dessert they got jasmine creme brûlée with lavender infused whip cream. This probably is really boring, but they were just a normal couple and were in their own little world. And they seemed really happy together, always touching ++

++somehow, whether legs or hands. When they finished the meal they came back to the kitchen and thanked us… I shook their freaking hands! They were very sweet and Harry really liked the lavender whip cream. He said he was tempted to use it as lotion haha. That made Louis fond so hard! Anyways they left thru the kitchen. And I 100% believe that that baby pic was taken by Harry and that if this doesn’t bother them it shouldn’t bother us.

  • Mr. Darcy:What endearments am I allowed?
  • Elizabeth Bennet:Well let me think..."Lizzy" for every day, "My Pearl" for Sundays, and..."Goddess Divine"... but only on very special occasions.
  • Mr. Darcy:And... what should I call you when I am cross? Mrs. Darcy...?
  • Elizabeth Bennet:No! No. You may only call me "Mrs. Darcy"... when you are completely, and perfectly, and incandescently happy.
  • Mr. Darcy:Then how are you this evening... Mrs. Darcy?
Revelation (Prince!CasxReader)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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        It’d been three days since Castiel and yourself had arrived in Moscow. People paraded in the streets through the day and most of the night, drinking and celebrating the occasion. Many balls and feasts had already taken place. It’d been a joyous experience, and the home that Castiel’s family owned was lovely and extravagant, like a smaller version of the large castle you’d been calling home.

   You let out a content sigh, letting your body sink lower into the large stone tub. The water steamed, making the air thick with fog. It felt so relaxing after such a long day of dancing and celebrating. As one of the guests of honor you were expected to be up from dusk till dawn, as well as deep into the night. Cas was still out, talking with one of the grand dukes who had come to celebrate as well. 

   You’re in such a blissed out state, the scent of the rose petals that float in the hot bath filling your nostrils, that you dont notice the door opening. You jolt in surprise as the water shifts.

  “Hope you dont mind if i join you?”

Blue eyes take you in, their gaze soft and warm. Castiel lets out a sigh of  relaxation as he eases into the tub. You instantly shift to sit between his legs, your back firmly pressing to his chest. Cas wraps his arms around your waist, holding you against him.  He buries his head into your neck, taking a deep breath. You can feel the light stubble that peppers his jaw.

“Today was something, was it not?”

There’s a hint of a laugh in his voice. You tilt your head to the side, allowing him to nuzzle closer.

“It was… The people of Moscow seem to adore you, Castiel.”

This makes him chuckle.

“Yes, Moscow has been one of my favorite places since I was young…. My brother and I-”

Your brows furrow; his body stiffening.

“You have a brother?”

Castiels fingers dig in against your hips, making you wince and flinch. He sences this and takes a deep breath. When Cas talks his voice his broken.

“I had one. He died when we were young. He loved it here… We often came here during the winter, it was the only time he got out of the castle…”

When you turn to him Castiel instantly forces you to face forward. You don’t see it, but you can feel his tears drop against the cool skin of your shoulders, which are exposed above the bath water.  There’s a tight feeling in your chest.

“Castiel I-”

His head shakes.

“Do not- Do not look at me…”

Teeth worry the bottom of your lip.

“Not while i-i’m like this.”

You go to turn again, but this time he doesn’t stop you. The princes eyes are red, tears spilling over his cheekbones.


You situate yourself so that your body is facing his own, chests pressing against each other.

“Castiel… It’s okay…It’s okay..”

He shakes his head, burying his face into your cleavage. The sob that wracks his body startles you.

“He should be here with us, celebrating.. if it wasn’t for me I- He-”

With a firm tug you force him to look up into your eyes, which are intense and full of love.

“Don’t blame whatever happened on yourself, Castiel. I may not know the exact details…and i never met your brother… but Castiel, he’s watching over us right now… and You have to be someone that he can be proud of…He’s here.. Maybe not in person….but he’s here…”

his red-rimmed eyes look up into yours, plump lips parted slightly.

 “You wouldn’t know a damn thing.”

The coldness in his tone shocks you. For days he’d been loving and sweet, the ideal gentleman.

 Castiel pushes you off of him, standing up from the bath, which has now become lukewarm. He steps out, grabbing one of the robes set beside the stone surface. With wide eyes you watch as he leaves, slamming the door behind him.

It’s enough to send you into a fit of tears, the anger pumping in your veins. He was right. You didn’t know a damn thing. But god damnit, you were trying. At least you cared enough to try. Maybe it was the anger, or the sheer shock of his sudden personality switch.

You push yourself from the tub, taking long, hard strides towards the door. Castiel turns to you as you rip it open, His blue eyes wide. You must look like a crazy person; naked and soaking wet, stomping toward him.

“You’re a bloody jerk!”

The sound your hand makes as it collides with his cheek is deafening. The look on his face reads pure shock, your palm burning.

“I may not know what happened, Castiel Novak, but i sure as hell know that I want to be there for you when you’re upset. Which is what any good wife would do. So dont be an arsehole because i care!”

Your words seem to snap him from his reverie. In an instant you’re pushed onto the bed.

  “Did you just strike me?”

Whatever confidence you’d felt was now gone, replaced with an ice-cold fear, which flooded your veins.

“I-I- Castiel I apologize i Just-”

“No.. Dont…You’re right.”

What. Did he just say….did he just say you were right?

“I shouldn’t have been upset at you for trying to comfort me. Thank you, Lady (Y/n)”

He’s crawled ontop of you, resting on his forearms as his nose brushes against your own. The closeness causes butterflies to erupt within your chest.

“Y-you are welcome…?”

Suddenly you felt bad for slapping him. Castiel pulls you against him, lips pressing against your own in a soft kiss. He relaxes against the mattress, pulling you close to his chest. Neither of you are dressed, but neither of you care. Body heat alone will keep the two of you warm enough throughout the night.

               Sam Winchester scowls, his hazel eyes taking in the form of a certain redhead walking along side of a certain foreigner. This damn Prince Ali, or whatever his name was, had been attached to her hip for three days. He’d barely had any time with her himself. He’d been surprised at the jealousy that’d ripped through him, but now he was accustomed to it. Sam hadn’t been aware of his feelings for her, not at first. Even now it was strange, because he had feelings for the future Tsarina as well. 

      Jessica laughs, the sound ringing throughout the garden. If Sam wasn’t on duty right now, making his rounds, he’d have gone down there and stolen her away. The night she’d kissed him seemed like forever ago. Her lips had been so soft, like rose petals… The younger Winchester blushes at the memory. He’d rushed straight to his room, imaging just what those lovely lips of hers could do to a guy like him. That’d been the first time in a long time he had touched himself, and damn if it hadn’t felt incredible.

Now there she was. Spending her time with him. Ali wrapped his arm around her shoulder, which she was quick to shy away from. Can’t he see she isn’t into him? Everything about her posture screams discomfort. However the damn guy keeps on, and Sam has to bite back his rage as he watches him kiss her cheek. For a moment he contemplates going down there and beating him senseless, that is, until he remembers just who he is and what his place is.

“Why the long face, Sammy?”

Dean strolls up behind his brother, placing a hand on his shoulder. The Winchester is pulled from his innermost thoughts.

“That Arabian prince wont leave Jessica alone. Look at him. It’s obvious she doesnt even-”

The green-eyed knight laughs, its hearty and warm.

“Sounds like someone is jealous. Tell me, Do you fancy the Lady in Waiting?”

Sam can feel the blush that creeps up his neck and onto his cheeks, the room suddenly becoming ten degrees hotter.

“I-I- So what!? “

This earns another loud laugh from his brother.

“I thought you had a thing for Castiels woman?”

The youngest brother turns his head, jaw set.

“I dont know. Just- Seeing Jessica with him really pisses me off Dean. Like, i want to rip his face…”

Dean arches his brows, looking down through the window at the two of them.

“Maybe you should talk to her, Little brother. Let her know what’s on your mind?”

The eldest brother watches as Sam chews at his lower lip, a nervous habit he’d had since childhood.

“I cant so much as get a moment alone with her that lug head is always-”

“Baby brother. If you see something you want, something that you think should belong to you, it’s best to buy it before another bidder does, Yes?”

“Dont compair her to-”

“Shut up Sam. Go get her!”

 Jessica is relieved when Ali finally leaves her.  It wasn’t that she didn’t like him, he was nice; the prince was just too infatuated with her. Jess wanted nothing more than a friendship, and it seemed that no matter how hard she hinted, he just didn’t get it.

She turns, the airy skirt of her blue dress billowing out as she passes through an archway and into the castle.

“Lady Jessica.”

Instantly her mind relaxes. Ser Winchester always had that effect on her.

Then she remembers.

The last time they’d seen each other she’d foolishly let her feelings overcome her.


He takes her arm, pulling her into a small alcove off to the side.

“What were you doing with that arabian prince?”

Was Ser Samuel Winchester jealous of Ali? A laugh bubbled up from her throat but she swallowed it down.

“He just wished to talk is all-”

Hazel eyes roll, arms crossing.

“Yeah, sure looked like it”

The amount of sass dripping from his tone would have erked anyone else, however Jessica couldn’t help but be delighted at his jealousy.

“Well, there was talk of a proposal of marriage-”

She’s teasing of course, but his reaction says it all. Sam’s nostrils flair, and its obvious he’s trying to keep his calm demeanor. His fists clench.

“Was there?”

There’s a dangerous glint in his eye.


Her reply is barely a breath, and at first she doesn’t know if  he’s heard her.

That is, until Sam’s lips come crashing down on her own, hot and heavy. It’s a sensation that sends tingles up and down her body, throughout every nerve. It’s angry and hot and possessive, 

but it’s a kiss. 

It’s something.

“And if I say you must refuse?”

He murmurs against Jessicas lips, his hands tangled in her red hair.

“W-Why would you-”

She gasps, body falling forward against his as Sam presses a leg between her thighs.

“Mine, You’re mine,”

Jessica’s head lulls to the side, exposing her pale neck to him. The Winchester is quick to attack, his teeth and tongue sucking at the tender flesh.

“He can not…. He will not have you.”

The sheer intensity of Sams growl is enough to make her knees weak. Jessica knows what he’s doing, marking her so that all can see, and she allows it; body arching against his own. Sam is so large that he completely blocks her smaller body from view. The redhead gasps his name, nails clawing at his strong arms. He pulls away, wiping his mouth, cheeks flushed. Hazel eyes meet her blue ones, wide with shock.

“Fuck Jess- I -”

She’s on him in a second, her lips finding his own. Sam wraps his arms around her, his long fingers bunching up the skirts of her dress.

He takes her right then and there, their bodies barely shielded by a giant, marble pillar. Jessica cries out his name, whimpering deliciously in his ear. Sam can’t stop. He won’t stop. She’s so tight and warm around him, her insides sucking him deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her head presses against his shoulder, legs wrapped around his waist as he holds her up with pure body strength. Jess claws at his back, pleasure ripping through very nerve. She’s never felt anything so hot nor pleasurable before. Sam cums within her, growling as he does so. It’s so primal and possessive and sinful, the sound is enough to bring Jessica to her own end.

 The Winchester pulls out, quick to situate himself. They look at each other, blushing wildly.

“Come to my chambers tonight?”

Sam nods at her, his hand gripping her own warmly. He’s still hot, and he wants more, but he has to get back to his post before they discover him missing.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can, Lady Jessica.”

    Dean looks down at the small parchment upon his desk, the pink seal sticking out like a sore thumb. He rakes his fingers through his hair, taking a deep breath.


What was he gonna do? There was no way Tesla would ever forgive him for this. It didn’t matter if he tried to explain it. He knew she would be angry. His green eyes scan over the letter, his stomach churning.

My Dearest Dean,

          I simply can not wait to see you at Castiel’s wedding! Hope to spend some time together and get to know you. Your mother has told me so much, and I am so excited to be able to come to court and meet you Ser Winchester. Please send my regards to the Tsar and Tsarina for inviting me. I shall be sending you love and prayers!

             -Your future Wife,


Take Me Home | Closed

The rest of the day went by quickly than she expected. More reports from her other audit team members were thrown to her, leaving her desk with a pile of papers. Her last agenda for the day was to present to her audit team members and the higher-ups the evidence gathered for the day. She told her members about the employees not fit for their positions, and how putting them in their right department would bring a huge increase in the company’s profit. However, she decided that this crucial piece of info should stay between the team for a long while. “Let’s call it a day, shall we?” She suggested, her voice having the same authoritarian tone she uses so well.

She checked her watch and realized that she worked an hour later than usual tonight. “Fuck.” She hissed as she grabbed her things, then put on her coat. Making sure everything’s in place, and her car keys are inside the pocket of her coat, she jogged her way to Nelle’s office. “Hey,” she greeted, as she was given the permission to enter. “Sorry. I had a lot to discuss with the team.” She planted a soft kiss on Nelle’s forehead before extending a hand. “Shall we?”

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Could you write fluff when reader is a pureblood slytherin? :)

Title: The Essay
Warnings: fluff
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 858
Y/N - your name
Y/H/C - your hair color

Hey guys!!! I just wanted to thank you so so so much for the insane support I’ve been recieving! I love each and every one of you to pieces and I hope you love this imagine as much as I loved writing it. I hope you all have an amazing day😘

“Draco!!!“ You called in a panicky from the slytherin common room up to the boys dormitories. You needed him to help you with some potions homework since he was snapped favorite and in the top 5 of the class where as you were..well let’s just say not top 5. He came running down panic in his eyes as they scanned the room for you. He soon made eye contact and came racing over his blonde hair bouncing slightly, “Y/N, what’s wrong you sounded like you were in trouble?!” He said his breath shaky from running, “no.” You said bluntly, “I just knew it would get you down he faster than saying I needed help with potions” his face shifted to a look that said ‘really you’re kidding me right’ you just smiled that smile you knew he could never resist and kissed his cheek quickly. “Now I need help with this essay cause lord knows I have no clue what I’m writing” he let out a sigh as you sat down him plopping next to you. “So what would I need to brew a polyjuice potion?” You asked curiously getting ready to start frantically writing as he spoke. “Well there are two parts. In the first part you’ll need: Fluxweed, Knotgrass, Lacewing Flies, and leeches. For part two you will need: horn of Bicorn, Lacewing Flies, Boomslang Skin and a hair off the person you are wanting to turn into” you tried to remember everything he just said as you write asking him to repeat a few things, you went on like this, you asking questions, him answering them, you frantically writing. Until finally you had finished your essay and you just wanted to collapse onto the table. “Are you ok babe?” Draco asked but it sounded muffled due to your head laying on the table “mhm” you slowly answered. You felt Draco pull the parchment from under you and clean up your stuff. “Mm thanks m” you murmered sleep already starting to take over your mind. “Come on sleepy” Draco said as he lifted you off the chair and into his arms bridal style. You cuddled up to his chest never wanting to let go. He softly layed you down on one of the big green sofas and kissed your forehead leaving you to be taken by sleep.
The next morning you woke up with your y/h/c hair looking like a birds nest. You stood up slowly and made your way up the stairs and to your dorm to fix yourself so you wouldn’t petrify people when they saw you. As soon as you were ready you picked up your essay and books and made your way to the common room where Draco was waiting to walk to potions with you. You room your free hand and interlocked with his looking into his dark grey eyes. You quickly pecked his lips then you two began walking. “How’d you sleep” he asked you glancing your way, “pretty good but it would’ve been better with you next to me” you commented back mischief playing in your smile. He chuckled and kissed your cheek his own cheeks turning a soft pink. As you walked in Snape snatched the essay from your hands and took it up to his desk to grade along with the others. Snape wasn’t necessarily fond of you, sure you came from a pure blood family, were in slytherin and dating Draco but you constantly made sarcastic and snarky remarks back at him which he wasn’t used to considering most students were scared of him. But you always got everyone to laugh which is all you cared about, you may be a slytherin but you liked seeing people happy and you knew no matter how much Draco tried to hide it so did he. Potions went on for what seemed like forever first we got a lecture on some potion you don’t remember the name of (your sarcasm and jokes sneaking in here and there), then he had you do a quiet reading out of a book so he could grade, (you had to read about 50 pages and you got though maybe 2 before day dreaming completely took over). At the very end of class Snape passed back your essays giving you one if his ‘my smile is creepy but you did well so I’ll try’ smiles which throughly creeped you out. You looked at the grade stamped on the front reading O the highest grade possible. Your heart jumped with joy and you looked back at Draco a big smile plastered across your face. You ran out of class your essay in hand Draco already in the hallway. “LOOK LOOK LOOOOOOOOK!” You practically screamed in his face. He looked at the essay then picked you up spinning you around in the middle of the Corridor your robes slightly lifting up as he set you down. As soon as you were back on the ground he kissed you more sweetly then you can ever remember being kissed by anyone. “10 points taken from slytherin!” You heard McGonagall yell down the hall way.

Text Messages From Midorima♡

♡Morning ♡

You have two new messages from Shintaro (Aka Shin-chan<3):

“Good morning, ______. I hope you slept well last night.”

“According to Osha-san, today your lucky item is a heart pillow. I’ll bring one over to you later today.”


You have two new messages from Shintaro (Aka Shin-chan<3):    

“Hey, I heard you have an upcoming exam so would you like to study together for it tonight?”

“Please ignore those last two voicemails. Takao took my phone and called you…”


You have one new message from Shintaro (Aka Shin-chan):

“Good night _____. Good luck with that exam soon, I’ll let you borrow my lucky pencil the day of if you would like. Get some rest now. I love you.”   

Ok but think about it

•All the domestic arguments saru and misaki probably have, like saruhiko gets undressed and just leaves his clothes on the floor even though there’s a hamper right there, and misaki has this habit of always leaving cabinet doors open which is okay until saru hits his head on one which spirals into “well maybe if you weren’t so tall,” and “well maybe if you weren’t a midget you’d close them”
•during the honeymoon phase, saruhiko has a sharp increase of call-ins from work and he starts actually taking his vacation days, and Munakata knows saru’s not REALLY sick, he just wants to lounge with yata all day but hey man look at what they went through let him live
•misaki being dragged along to S4 events as saru’s +1, though he’s less hostile he’s honestly not a fan of S4’s environment but he goes anyway because that means saru has to go to Homra’s events too.
•speaking of, saruhiko spending more and more time with Homra. At first it starts with him picking yata up for the walk home and then it evolves to him sticking around for a drink, and he slowly but surely comes to realize that these people also appreciate him and value his companionship and holy crap lots of people care about him
•misaki complaining about cooking all the meals since saru can’t cook to save a life, and saru just makes a snide comment and boops his head to get him to shut up.
•suppose they’ve, for the most part, dropped video games since the fight. Moving back in together sparks some nostalgia when they find their old games and soon enough they’re both avid gamers; they like to cuddle and play co-op after work.

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drabble #35 robbie kay please omg

  “I`m very busy right now and your distracting me.”

   “Robbie.” I moaned, flopping down on the couch beside my boyfriend. For the past 8 hours he`s been going over the script for his new show, despite the fact he had the lines memorized for days. So to say I bored would be an understatement.  All I wanted was for him to stop going over everything when he knows he could do it in his sleep.

  “Baby girl not now.” He mumbled, barely bothering to look from his script.

  “But I`m bored.” I whined, letting my head fall onto his shoulder.

  “Well maybe you should go call Victoria have her hang out with you for the day.” He muttered, moving his shoulder so my head fell to his back.

  “Fine I`ll call Victoria.” I huffed, rolling my eyes in annoyance. I turned and moved to the back of the other end of the couch, pulling my phone out of my pocket and dialing my best friends number.

  “Hey girly.” She sang, answering the phone after the first ring.

  “Robbie is ignoring me again.” I sang into the phone. Chuckling when Robbie finally turned to glare at me.

  “Wanna come hang?” Victoria asked, her voice coming out in a chuckle.

  “No I was thinking of sitting back for a while. So how are you and Niall?”

  “Ahhh annoying Robbie I see.” She giggled.  “And Niall and I are wonderful. Though to be honest, I`m itching for them to go back on tour. I love Niall, I really do, but he`s going to stir crazy.”

  “Well if I can pull Robbie away from his damn script for a few hours, maybe all of us can go out on a double date. That way you can get Niall out of the house and I can pull my boyfriend from his damn script.”

  “Oh that sounds good, maybe we can go on a road trip or something? Really get out men out of the house.”

  “Ohh a road trip sounds great.” I squealed, earning a groan from Robbie. “We can all go to Orlando or something.”

  “You know. I`m very busy right now and your distracting me.” He chuckled, smiling at me for the first time since I sat down.

  “We’re thinking of a road trip, wanna come?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at him. “You do have two months left before you have to go film.”

  “Fine. We`ll go on a damn road trip.” Robbie chuckled, standing up and walking out of the living room. “I`ll leave you to go plan this thing out, I`ll be upstairs in the mean time.”

  “Well Robbie is in, may have to hide his script from him, but he is in.” I giggled.

 “Good, Ni`s in too. In fact he`s currently throwing everything into suitcases.” She giggled.

  “So we’re leaving soon than later?”

  “Yeah, much sooner, than later.”

Out For The Day

Quinn walked around her place, trying to get ready. She glanced a few times to Tina as she let her get ready as well. By the time Quinn was ready, she was already getting calls about work. She kept deflecting them as she wanted to just focus on Tina. Silently, she went to the front room and glanced to the girl. “Are you ready?” She asked softly as she leaned against the back of the couch.