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Digibear Drabble: Like Us

RivamikaWeek, Day 1: Iridescence - Like the colorful effect of the inside of a seashell
Word Count: 1844 (short; reason for no Read More is because you can’t read at all on my blog grr) 

Like Us
a rivamikaweek fanfic by a rivamika fangirl
“That’s… a shit ton of water.”

“…That’s one way to describe it.”

Mikasa watched in minute fascination as the liquid expanse seemed to stretch towards their feet. All around them, clear water as far as the eye could see clashed with the white sand under their feet. For a moment, she feared that the mass of blue would take her, swallowing her whole and filling her lungs. But it couldn’t—not when they got this far. Not when they finally reached the end. Mikasa hesitated on instinct, one foot inching back in the sand.

A hand grasped her shoulder, stopping her. “Don’t,” Levi ordered just as the water tickled their feet. Swirling around their ankles, the freezing water sent chills to their spines and splashed little droplets onto their bare shins.

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Fever Dreams - A Brutasha Fic

Okay, so, some poor anon prompted me for this eons and eons and eons ago and I have finally completed it! I don’t think it’s perfect but it’s gotten to the stage that I’ll post it at so here we are. 

Title: Fever Dreams 

Summary: Brutasha oneshot based on the prompt: ‘I thought you were dead’ Extended/alternate farmhouse scene, obvious AOU spoilers, probing into what Wanda might have forced Bruce to see that led to the incident with Hulk in Johannesburg that spills out when Natasha confronts him about it afterwards. Mixed perspective between Nat and Bruce. 

Teaser“The code words, the holding back, the lullabies, the precautions, the control he thought he’d had suddenly seemingly laughable. Paper chains and hollow, wooden shields that, when faced with the Hulk, had been ripped and torn and shattered to fragments, along with their blind delusions that he could be safe, that he could be tamed, that he could ever be anything like a hero.”

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