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We are like the blood in our veins. We must flow without stopping.
Keep the oxygen moving and your mind working.

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The end after END

This is a really late birthday present for @fleet-of-fandom-ships @lonestorm and @wordsofawitheringwriter​ I wrote all this last night at midnight and it has no editing or anything so sorry for all the mistakes that are bound to be in there. Anyway, without further ad, the end after END. (beware angst)

Lucy browsed through the little market. She mentally checked off items that she needed as she put them in her her bag. One item after another, she did this every saturday, refilling the things she went through in a week. She nodded to the shop keeper, they both knew each other well enough. He even gave her a discount, every single time. Lucy wasn’t sure if it was because of her situation or if it was because of her still very present good looks.

Either way she was happy for the discount. She moved on to the next stand, than the next, and then to the final one. Once she had everything paid for and packed away in her bag she started walking home.

Down the street, across the canal she stopped. The building that stood before her was much more worn than when she first came to Magnolia. There were cracks in the paint, chips in the door, broken roof tiles, but it still stood. But this was not Lucy’s destination.

She patted the door frame, which she swore that it was only used by her and her landlady. None of her friends used it.

She continued on to her destination.

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Oikawa: Blow out your birthday candles son!

Bokuto: But don’t forget to make a wish first bro! 

Kuroo: [thinks for a moment before blowing out the candles]

Oikawa, Bokuto: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  asijesijdk

Ushijima: Congratulations Kuroo. 


Daichi: …. Why am I suddenly naked?


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I know I’m late, I know! But I still wanted to do this so happy birthday Mica! Hope you had a wonderful day, you beautiful human<3 @pass-the-pencil

Fic: Blind Werewolf McWolf

Blind Werewolf McWolf @AO3

[ 9013 words] [Remus/Sirius] [Hurt&Comfort/Blind!Remus Magical AU] [POV: Sirius]

Summary: The one where universe hates Remus, but it’s okay, because he has Sirius and other Marauders. Or: The one where Sirius never learns to be tactful and is just a big puppy who wants to help Remus. Or: Scenes from the first year to all the way to the sixth year.


“Don’t worry about me, I can see right through him and his lies,” said Remus to the girl between his snickers, and Sirius fought back a smile.

Author’s Notes: Thank you @real-live-lycanthrope for betaing this - I went and changed multiple scenes after you read through it, but I hope I didn’t manage to make a mess of it. Also, this is kind of a gift for @scamanderbeasts - read the notes in AO3 where I try to explain it better xP Anyway, it wouldn’t have ever happened without your prompts because I wouldn’t have thought of it otherwise - hopefully you don’t hate it!