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It’s Women’s History Month!

Can you name 5 women artists? The National Museum of Women in the Arts is leading a campaign to call attention to the inequity women artists face today, as well as in the past.

Here are some our favorite women artists from the Getty Museum and Getty Research Institute special collections.

  1. Luisa Roldán (called “La Roldana”) - She was a court sculptor and the first woman sculptor recorded in Spain! She married another sculptor, and they worked together to become Luisa’s father’s primary source of income. 
  2. Julia Margaret Cameron - She started her career in photography at age 48 and went on to photograph intellectuals and leaders in Victorian England. She’s well known for her dreamlike photographs of her family, and was drawn to inspiration from literature. 
  3. Giovanna Garzoni - She was one of the first women still life painters. Her work was so well loved that, according to one writer, she could sell her work “for whatever price she wished.” Among her many patrons was the famous Medici family.
  4. Rosa Bonheur - She was a realist painter and sculptor most known for her beautiful and lifelike paintings of animals. Her work was exhibited in the 1848 Paris salon, and today she is considered to have been the most famous female painter of the 19th century. Page through one of her sketchbooks here.
  5. Maria Sybilla Meriaen - She was both a naturalist and scientific illustrator. She published her first book at age 28! Her compositions are dynamic and full of life, not surprising as she was one of the first naturalists to observe insects directly. 

Who is your favorite woman artist? #5WomenArtists

George Balanchine, Suzanne Farrell, Patricia McBride, Violet Verdy, & Mimi Paul (c.1964). Photograph by Edward Pfizenmaier.

Pfizenmaier (born in 1926) is well known for his photographs depicting New York City scenes, fashion, and celebrities. Here, George Balanchine, co-founder and balletmaster of the New York City Ballet, is surrounded by four eminent ballerinas from his School of Ballet. They were in the original cast of Jewels.

Baby Daddy - Gdragon

idk i was bored an di thought what would happen if i was pregnant of gd baby lol hope you like it, i am planing of making a series out of ths so be patient and wait for part 2 :3


It wasn’t supposed to happen, you should have been more careful, you should have not drank that much.

But in your defense it was only one night, one night where you allowed yourself to let lose, to enjoy life forget about the past and the future and enjoy the present.

But you might have enjoyed it a little bit too much, because there you were sitting in the floor of your bathroom staring at the white stick in your hands with the pink positive sign.

You shook your head and you refuse to accept the fact that you were pregnant, but even if you did not want to, it was the truth after not ten but twenty pregnancy test you were 110% pregnant, what scared you the most was that you knew exactly who the father was.

The morning after that party you woke up in a stranger’s bed but as soon as you saw your side you noticed a male back with a tattoo that you have seen a lot of times, you panicked got dressed as fast as you could and escaped from his apartment.

Through the week that followed you tried your best to ignore him and avoid him at all costs on the halls of YG Entertainment.

You were a pretty well known photographer and makeup artist, you have been working in yg since you had memory of it and from the start everyone liked you, you were funny smart and nice to everyone, and they loved your work, but there was someone that did not like you at all and it turned out that, that person was the father of your child.

Kwon ji yong.

You hated him, everything about him, how beautiful and talented he is and how he thinks he has the world in his hands just because he is g dragon, you hated this person more than your ex boyfriend and that was an understatement.

You also hated the fact that your drunk ass had sex with him.

You hated yourself for letting that happen, but then again you were really drunk so there wasn’t much you could do.

You made your way into the building everyone saying hello to you as you walked by, as soon as you arrived to the studio where you knew jiyong was going to be you knocked.

You waited while you practice your speech over and over in your head, he could have many reactions, he could laugh be mad or be actually nice about it, ha! You doubt that.

Because you hated jiyong he hated you too, he saw you as the only girl who he couldn’t really attract, you were the only girl who wouldn’t fall to their knees for him, and he hated that, you made him feel insecure and for that reason he decided to just hate you and blame you, saying that you must have a serious issue.

So the hatred was pretty much mutual.

You were repeating the speech again in your head when he sung the door open, as soon as he saw you he rolled his eyes “what do you want?” you just brushed it all off and sighted “I just need to talk to you” you said as calm as possible, “ok then talk” he said as he leaned on the door, you looked around you and you saw there were some people staring.

“in private, this is really important” he sighted and pushed himself away from the door letting you go into the studio, you sat down at the couch and he leaned against the console “ok now talk”

“The other night at youngbae’s party we were both drunk and we ended up sleeping together” he nodded “yeah so? Please tell me you are not expecting me to take you out because if you haven’t noticed that is not my style at all princess, I am sorry that you fell in love with me but that is not really my fault” you scoffed, this was the man that helped you create the human being that was growing inside you.

“I am going to ignore what you just said and I am going to be straight forward, I am pregnant and it’s your child” after you blurted those words out you looked up to see him staring at you like you were the mother of E.T. after a long minute of silence he chuckled “okay you got me there nice joke, now can you leave I am producing an entire album if you haven’t noticed”

You looked at him like he was the stupidest child you have ever seen “I am not lying jiyong I am really pregnant and its your child wether you like it or not”

“okay okay how much do you want?” he asked and you looked at him trying to figure out if he was being serious or he was just playing with you but he looked pretty serious “I do not need your money, I just told you because I thought you deserved to know, I can raise this child on my own and I definitely don’t need you, it would be nice for you to be there for the baby but I won’t force you to anything” you said as you stood up, you were about to leave when he grabbed your arm.

“I want a dna test, if that child is mine I will do anything to secure his or her safety but if its not my child then I don’t want to see you near me ever again, understood?” he said as he looked at you you could feel his eyes poking holes through your head, and if looks could kill you would be ten feet underground.


blue night radio (first broadcast) ♡ 140204
translation: bluenight0524

(first opening message) jonghyun: blue night, i am jonghyun. one day people asked a really well known photographer: “to take good pictures, what should i do first?” at this question, the photographer opened his mouth with no hesitation: “if you want to take good pictures then you say by taking the lens’ cover off first, right?” first of all: open the lens’ cover. i think those are certainly words i need right now. blue night: dj, shinee’s jonghyun. in those words that can’t be easily imagine i keep having only one thought: will i do well? what if i make mistakes? what can i do to do well? i kept only thinking of the outcome like that, only worrying about the outcome and, since i only focused on the result, i couldn’t come up with answers. that’s why, from now on, i will only think about this: just try it for now, also face it and we’ll see. the 3rd of february, between today and tomorrow, this is blue night. 


(first closing message) jonghyun: today i became blue night’s dj. it was a day with trembling and breathlessness. i don’t know how time went by. however, i will make one promise to you, everyone: if it’s possible i’d like to stay on this chair for a long time. while crying and laughing i’d like to treasure your stories and your daily life together, forever. piling up every day into becoming a life time …, i will make a precious time with blue night’s family. for me now, every day on this chair, just like an ordinary office worker, i should come and leave on the appointed time, right? that’s why the ending song i prepared for today is shinchirrem’s “the way back home from work”. well …, ah, i’m shaking. when this song ends i’ll be going back home from work, right? until now it has been blue night. i am jonghyun.

Photo montage by the well-known photographer ‘anonymous’, PH2/c, used in the squadron’s Christmas card, 17 February 1942. It features some of VJ-7’s enterprising photographers working to get the best possible camera angles from positions aboard a Grumman J2F “Duck.”

Spring Day pt. 4

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5

Jimin x Reader ft. Taehyung

Series Genre: Angst/Fluff

Series Summary: You knew that married life with an idol would be challenging. You just didn’t know that it would be this challenging.

Word Count: 2763

A/N: I really wanted to upload this as soon as I finished it which means lots and lots of errors ahead! I will go through and edit it later.

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A hurried kiss found its way upon your forehead as you saw Jimin out the door, “Be careful, Jiminie!” 

“I will, and you be careful on your flight.” You were the apprentice of a well known photographer and later that evening, you were to leave to go to Japan on a business trip for a couple days, “And don’t forget to tell Jong Soo I said hi.”

“Of course. I’ll leave dinner for you on the table, make sure to heat it up okay?”

“I’m not 5, Y/N-ah.” He gave you another kiss, this time booping your nose.

“You’re not, but you are to me. Now go, you’re gonna miss the bus.” Jimin scrambled to find the time on his watch to check the time. You were right. He was going to miss the bus.

“Oh, shit…see you next week yeobo!” For one last time, he planted a quick peck on you lips and ran out the door. 

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anonymous asked:

how did you and your sister get into photography? i wanna get into it and eventually freelance in my spare time when i get enough experience but don't how to begin and 2) have you both done wedding photography and if not is that something you'd be interested in doing? also do you think it's better to be self taught or is it okay to take a photography class at my local community college? like i feel like almost everyone is self taught and idk if taking a class is a waste


We have always been into anything art related. Our parents bought us small digital cameras for our birthday when we were in 5th or 6th grade I believe. We were always taking photos of nature, vacations, and various events. When we got to high school (right around the time dslr cameras were becoming available to everyday consumers not just professionals) my dad bought one for himself. At first our dad wouldn’t let us use it without him there but eventually when we got the hang of using it and he let us take it places without him there. Natasha started taking photos of school events and posting them on Facebook. I started doing the same but a little bit after her. Eventually she bought her own entry level dslr and I bought my dads old dslr when he upgraded his. By sophomore year we were both posting lots of photos on Facebook. We also started asking our friends if we could photograph them. We would style our friends and have mini photoshoots. This was all just for fun for us. We have always been into editorial makeup/photography and styling our own shoots was our way of getting into that. Then during the summer after sophomore year a student asked Natasha to take his senior pictures which she ended up doing did. And later more and more people asked both of us to take their senior pictures. We had no idea how to price anything or what to include in packages initially. After 2-3 years we both were honing in our photography style and were getting better at pricing and guaranteeing a certain level of quality to our clients. When we got to college we would go home and take senior pictures during the summers. In college we took peoples headshots. So it was overtime that we started our photography businesses. We didn’t start photography with the intention of making a business out of it/going into it professionally. We still ask our friends to photograph them and have mini photo shoots that we style. Its important to us to constantly create personal work as well as client work. During all of this we both tried our hand at surreal/photo manipulation photography but it wasn’t for us. By the end of high school and throughout college we also shot a few wedding but both didn’t like photographing weddings. By the time we finished college both of us realized that our favorite genre of photography is portraits. So now we mainly shoot headshots, portraits, and senior pictures professionally and create editorial shoots for our personal work. 

Even though we both went to art school neither of us has taken a photography class. The photo department at U of M mainly focused on documentary photography which we were not interested in. Plus the photo professors were known to be sexist and/or racist. We are about 95% percent self taught. One of our digital media professors did help us learn some stuff in photoshop but that’s about it. When either Natasha or I start a hobby we go into it full force lol. So right when we got into photography we followed a TON of photographers online and were constantly trying to figure out how they edited there photos so we could improve our editing. Over the course of 8 years we have really developed our photography styles and editing skills. Early on we would sometimes try and copy other photographers which helped us figure out what we liked and disliked for our own photography. I don’t encourage people to copy other artists especially if they are going to sell their work. But it can be helpful when figuring out your own style but it’s important to make sure you are not ripping someone off and give credit where credit is due. When I would use another artists idea I always explained in the description who the artist was and linked to their work. A photographer I know was notorious for copying another well known photographer but her audience thought she was super original because they didn’t know about the well known photographer. Plus you will never be as good as the original photographer/artist and will end up constantly comparing yourself which is no fun lol.

Even though both of us are self taught I don’t think taking photography classes is a bad idea if you think it will help you learn. One of my favorite illustrators, Sam Spratt, took many illustration classes when he was at SCAD but that doesn’t mean he is any better or worse than other illustrators that are completely self-taught. I always wanted to take commercial/fashion lighting classes but they were never offered at my university. I also would love to take some photography workshops but they the ones I want to take (Lara Jade’s in particular) are too expensive for me. Also as an artist I’ve generally been self-taught. I had a few great drawing teachers and professors in high school (I took a college drawing class in high school) who helped me a lot. But when it comes down to being an artist you really have to push yourself to make stuff outside of class. This was a challenge for a lot of my classmates once we graduated. A lot of them didn’t know how to create work outside of class. (I’m simplifying a lot here bc i could go on and on about how much i disliked or liked u of m’s art school lol) My whole life I’ve been making stuff outside of class so creating a photography business wasn’t super difficult for me. 

This brings me to the business/freelance part. Turning something you are passionate about into a business can be great and horrible. A lot of my friends don’t freelance because the business side of it destroys their interest in the art. Some of my clients are very particular and they don’t always like the photos I take. But this is something I have to get past. Also over time you start to get better clients because they come to you knowing what they will get. Early on people would hire me because they knew I took photos not because they liked my style of photography (I hope that makes sense). Now people know what they are getting and it’s less likely that a client will be unsatisfied with their photos. As a freelancer keep in mind that it’s a lot of emails and advertising yourself. Yes it’s great that I can make money off of something I love doing but I have to keep in mind that it’s still a business. When I first started out clients would ask for lower prices and I would lower them because I didn’t want to lose a client and I didn’t know if I was too expensive or not. This was fine at first but now I don’t budge on my prices because now I know my worth and it’s not fair to my other clients to change prices. Also photography gear can get expensive and when you freelance/do photography professionally there is a point when you’ll probably to invest in professional gear. Part of this is to put you among other photographers in the industry but the physical quality of your photos will also improve. This way you can better guarantee what a client will get. Ex. my dad’s old dslr that I used had a cropped sensor so if the lighting wasn’t the best i couldn’t edit the photos as much in photoshop as I can with a full frame camera. Basically I just want to make it clear that once you start freelancing it’s a business so just like other business you have to know when and where to invest and how much. 

I’m sure you were not expecting this long of answer but I hope it helped! 

Sinister ǀ 01

A/N: Here is chapter one of Sinister! Thank you everyone who has shown interest in the series. 

Warnings: None yet, violence in future chapters.


Preview // Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6 / Chapter 7

You sat next to Doyoung in art history, chatting about last week’s lecture over Richard Avedon* and his philosophy about artwork. It was a fairly normal Monday, despite some of the unusual commotion you’d heard this morning. Before class started, Mina ran up to you in what appeared to be hysterics.

“Y/N!” She exclaimed, gripping your hand. “There’s a new dance student! He’s starting today and he’s-“ she cut herself off, noticing Doyoung’s proximity. She leaned near your ear and whispered “He’s stunning, Y/N. I’ve never seen anyone like him before.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle at her excitement. “You said the same thing when Winwin came, Mina. I think you might be exaggerating a bit.” You shot her a look, warning her to drop the subject as class would soon start.

The girl huffed at your dismissive behavior. “You haven’t even seen him yet” She whined. “And it’s your job to great him, since everyone knows you practically run every dance related group in the school.”

You softened a bit, accepting that you may have been rude to her. “You’re right, and I will.” You glanced up at the clock. “After the art history lecture.” Mina shook her head, but dropped the subject. You resumed your conversation with Doyoung about different photographers you looked up to and discussed who you would be choosing for your upcoming report.

Shortly into your discussion with Doyoung, the professor entered the classroom, catching your attention. “Y/N, I know you hate to miss class, but you’ve been requested by the dean. I can have lecture notes sent to you, but I’m afraid this is out of my hands.”

You tilted your head in confusion. Why had the dean requested you? Sure, you, along with your close friend Ten, were responsible for greeting new dance students, but this still felt absurd to you. No one was so important that it couldn’t wait until the end of the lecture. Deciding not to put up a fight you grabbed your bag and stood up. “Of course Dr. Janna. I’ll get the notes from Doyoung later.” You made your way out of the lecture hall and down to the dean’s office a few buildings away. You couldn’t shake the odd feeling that came over you the closer you got to the office.

As you approached the door, the feeling looming in the air could only be described as dread. The emptiness of the building made you sure it wasn’t just in your head either. The feeling in the building was repelling people from entering. It made you nervous to say the least. Steeling yourself, you pulled open the door to reveal the dean sitting across his desk from some ethereal looking boy. The dean looked up at you when you stepped inside, smiling broadly as he motioned for you to take a seat. “Y/N, please come in. Let me introduce you to our new student, Mister Lee Taeyong.” He gestured to the boy who was in the seat beside you, staring intently at you.

The boy’s – or rather, Taeyong’s – appearance was off putting. He was an odd mix of being unearthly beautiful and utterly terrifying. His eyes felt cold as they bore into you, despite the smile that graced his face. His synthetically white hair was styled up on his head, appearing even brighter under the harshness of the office lights, yet somehow managed to look soft. Everything about him seemed to contradict itself, including the feelings you had while looking at him. Part of you wanted to run back out of the door, but another part of you wanted to stay beside him.

Choking down your fears, you put on your best smile and stuck your hand out to greet him. “It’s nice to meet you, Taeyong.”

His eyes softened as they took you in, reaching out to grasp your hand and shake it. “Likewise.” His voice was deep and melodious and his smile seemed to reach his eyes now, dissipating much of the unease you had felt. “I’m excited to be here, please take care of me.”

Just like that, in the span of seconds, the tension in the room disappeared. You made small talk with Taeyong and the dean about his schedule, as well as your role in the school. Within a few minutes you could hear passersbys in the hall, letting you know that the building was once again inhabited by people other than the two in the room with you. You soon parted with the dean, offering to show Taeyong to his class as he had it with you, your ballroom dance class which you also had with Johnny and Jaehyun. You knew the instructor would likely be in the room already, so you headed out despite having about 20 minutes until it started. On your walk to the studio you learned quite a bit about the boy beside you, most notably that his family was a longtime friend of the dean, and it had been his intention to attend here from the beginning, but due to a series of health problems it was delayed. Other than dancing, he evidently raps and promised to show you when he had the chance. The longer the two of you spent talking, the more he seemed to relax, the harsh gaze you’d first been met with now seeming like nothing but a memory.

Reaching the door you peaked inside “Let’s see if Marc is here yet…” You spotted the instructor standing by the audio system, scrolling through some music. “There he is, I’ll introduce you to him.” You lightly pulled on his hand, missing the light rose colored blush that graced his cheeks at the sudden contact. “Marc! I have someone here you should meet.”

The instructor turned to face you and Taeyong, smiling widely as you approached. “Ah, of course, my star.” He looked over to the boy beside you. “I’m guessing you must be Taeyong? Our new student?” He smiled affectionately, grabbing his roster from the table. “How are you with partner dancing, my boy?”

Taeyong gripped your hand tightly, to the point it was slightly uncomfortable. You chalked it up to him being nervous around new people as he had a similar stance when you had first met. You heard his breath catch beside you, causing you to look at him. Before you could open your mouth to question him however, he pulled a smile. “I am. It’s a pleasure to meet you. As for partner dancing, I’m assuming you primarily mean ballroom? I’m certain I’m not the best, but I’ve been told I’m quite good.” His voice seemed a bit more strained than earlier, his discomfort being quite obvious.

Marc smiled, noting Taeyong’s place in the roster. “Well Mr. Lee, we’ll be assigning partners for the upcoming projects today. Given your situation, I’m guessing you’d be most comfortable working with Y/N?” His head tilted slightly as he waited for a response, casting his eyes down to your tightly clasped hand.

Noticing his gaze, Taeyong quickly released your hand, rubbing the back of his neck as he chuckled awkwardly. “If she wouldn’t mind, I’d really like that.”

Your instructor turned to look at you, making you quick to respond. “Of course. Besides, Ten isn’t in this class so I wouldn’t have an excuse anyway.”

Marc nodded and jotted down a few notes. “Students should be coming in soon, so be sure to get acquainted with some of them. I’m sure Miss Y/L/N wouldn’t mind introducing you to a few of her friends?” He looked at you expectantly, forcing you to nod along with his suggestion. You motioned for Taeyong to follow you over to some of the benches along the side.

Setting your things down, you glanced around the room, noting that not many students were in the studio yet. You pulled out your phone and saw a text from Ten, asking if you could practice after classes at 4. You sent back a short agreement and refocused on the boy beside you. “This is my last class of the day, and I’m meeting my dance partner at 4, but I can show you around until then.”

Taeyong’s face lit up at the mention of being shown around. “I’d really like that, I don’t know the campus well yet.”

The two of you made small talk as you waited for students to come into the room. You found yourself questioning how frightened you had been of this man when you first met him, as if somehow, instinctively, something about him made you want to run. You decided that if you ever got close enough to him, you’d ask about it, but for now you would let it go.

As life would have it however, you would start getting those answers sooner than you expected.

*Richard Avedon was a well known fashion and portrait photographer who was credited with helping to define style and beauty standards in America.

“The Valley of the Shadow of Death” by Roger Fenton, one of the earliest well-known photographs of war, was taken in Sevastopol, Russia, in 1855 during the Crimean War. Later research has led some scholars to question the authenticity of the photo. Some think that Fenton deliberately placed the cannonballs in the road; another version of the photo has been found without the cannonballs. 

Headlines pt.II

part 1

length: 2069

genre: a mix; rapper jimin au

a/n: so I have an idea for where I want the story and like relationship between the reader and Jimin to go…not sure if it will like be an actual relationship or just a friendship, but that’s why there starts to be a slight change in Jimin, just an fyi

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Regret pt. 2

Request: “I loved your last kihyun fic!! could you write a second part?? Sorry for asking and for my English!!” - anon

Ship: Kihyun x [y/n]

Genre: angst-y

Word Count: 3,223

Hey guys! Here’s the second part for ‘Regret’! ^^ I hope you guys enjoy reading this and I want to thank anon for requesting :) I apologize for not being able to post this last night because I wasn’t feeling well. I also apologize in advance if there are misspelled words and wrong grammar. 

Anyways, if you haven’t read the first part click here! :) And if you want to read other scenarios/imagines, click here! :)

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Everything went smoothly when you’ve started living in Japan. Being entitled as “The Most Requested Photographer”, phone calls from different companies rang here and there, your schedule fully packed with photo shoots. 

This has been one of your dreams in life, being a well-known photographer. Ever since the incident happened, you breaking up with Kihyun, you’ve been able to work and develop your talents in taking photographs until you’ve become someone who everyone wants.

It was a cold and snowy morning, the rays of sunlight shined right at your eyes, making it flutter open. That day was not filled with photo shoots as it was your week-off after working for straight hours in the past weeks. You decided to enjoy and appreciate the softness of your bed as you grabbed your phone from your night stand and surfed through your twitter.

It’s been two years since you’ve heard or watched anything about monsta x as you could even barely check your facebook due to the jobs pilling up every single minute. Getting up from bed, the sound of a phone ringing echoed throughout the walls of your room. It wasn’t surprising for you as you’ve been constantly received calls throughout the day from your clients.

It was your secretary who was calling you. “Ms. [y/sn]?” her voice had a tint of worry in it as she already knew how you would literally react when someone decides to ruin your week off. “What is it?” you asked, getting off your bed and went out of your room. {[y/sn] - your surname}

Walking towards the kitchen, you secretary spoke up, “Starship wants to meet you.” stopping from your tracks, your eyebrows furrowed and asked, “Starship? The company from South Korea?” your secretary quickly replied to your question with a ‘yes’.

“What time?” you remembered what your senior officer said, and decided to just meet them. “They’ll be here by ten o'clock.” It was still early as you looked up to see what time it is. “Okay, I’ll be there at nine.” The call was ended right away and you felt your blood boil when you realized that it was the company where Kihyun was working. “Great, just great." 

That was the last thing you wished to ruin your wonderful day. Preparing yourself some tea and toast, you decided to wash up and change into your usual work clothes. Whenever you were going to meet a big company, you always wear a white chiffon blouse paired with skinny slacks and black stilettos. You never wear that many make up since you only use mascara, lipstick and a little bit of bb cream. Satisfied with how you looked, you tied your wavy hair into a ponytail. 

Grabbing your bag, you proceeded to the kitchen and transferred your tea to your tumbler and grabbed the nicely cooked toast. As soon as you stepped out of the house, you locked the house and got inside your car. Yes, you can drive and your car is a black 2017 Audi R8 Coupe. Starting the engine, you pressed your foot on the gas and drove off. 

Your company was just 15 minutes away from your house. Glancing at the time, it was already 9:45 which made you curse. The thought of being late really irked you since you’ve been really punctual to all meetings that you’ve had. 

When you were already near your company, you saw a van pull up at the main door. Cocking your head to the side, you knew that your clients have already arrived. You decided to speed up a bit and hurriedly park your car at the front valet parking area. Rushing out of the car with your bag on your shoulders, you locked your car and brisked walked towards the building. 

"Good morning, Ms. [y/sn].” they greeted you as soon as they saw you. You gave them a smile and walked pass your clients and you already knew who they were. “Isn’t that [y/n]?” you heard one of them speak up. Feeling the stares, you decided to step up your pace. Your secretary was waiting for you at the counter with a folder on her hand. 

You handed her your bag and received the folder. “Here are the photos that you’ve taken last week and your meeting will be held at room 124.” She led you towards the elevator while you looked at the photos, “Who printed the photos?” you asked, looking up to her when you were both inside the elevator.
She was about to close the elevator door, one of the employees popped out from no where with your clients behind him. 

“Wait.” He softly muttered with his hand placed on the side of the elevator door, making it open widely. You scooted over towards your secretary when the clients got in with their president.

You could feel all the emotions coming back to you when you saw him walk towards you and stand beside you in the elevator. Taking a deep breath, you told your secretary to close the elevator door. He still uses the same perfume, you thought as you felt yourself stiffen when his breath glazed over your shoulder.

When the elevator stopped at your floor, you hurriedly excused yourself and trudge towards the room. Your hands went cold, the scene where you saw him make out with another woman came back to you and you tried to fight back the tears. 

Multiple footsteps can be heard throughout the hallway, and you knew they were walking behind you with your secretary trailing behind you, trying to catch up with your pace. Meeting a couple of colleagues in the way, you flashed them a smile and gave them a slight bow. Finally, you arrived right in front of the conference room and pushed it open. You sat on your usual spot, which was at the very front of the table.

The clients, along with their Company President, followed and took their seats. Your secretary placed your bag beside you and went out to get the proposal. “Welcome to our company. The name’s, [y/n], and I’m the head photographer here in this very company for two straight years.” breaking the ice, you faced them with the most convincing smile that you have. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. [y/n]. I’m the President of Starship and these boys, who are with us today, is Monsta X.” without any further instructions, the boys instinctively stood up and did their usual greeting. 

“It’s nice meeting you, guys. So, can you please tell me why you wanted to meet me this morning… during my week off?” you said, but your voice trailed off at the end, making them not hear it. “Oh, we would like to ask if you could take the honors in taking their photos for their comeback?" 

The President seemed to be really desperate to have the best photographers in the world to work with them.

Gesturing your secretary to bring you your schedule, you looked up to the President and said, "I reckon that you guys have to start with the preparations for their comeback right away, am I right?” your secretary handed you your schedule and you looked at it.

“Yes.” he timidly replied, making you look at your secretary then back at him. “Fei, please inform our president that I would like to request an extension for my week off as I’ll be working this week. By the way, when should we start the photo shoot and what is the concept of their comeback?” You were known for being a genius at creating such creative such in just one sitting. 

“Oh, is it alright if we start tomorrow? Here’s the plan for their upcoming comeback.” he slid a folder on the table which you accepted right away. Flipping the folder open, you already knew what to do. 

The upcoming comeback was something that could seriously attract the viewer’s eyes and you knew Kihyun would do well in this.

Kihyun, on the other hand, was eyeballing you out with his arms crossed in his chest. He realized that you’ve changed but a part of you was still the same. In his mind, he knew that he needs you to be his once more. The Kihyun you knew before was already different from now, he learned his lesson and has been repenting for all the bad things that he’s done. 

Unconsciously, the two of your eyes met and you felt an electricity going through your veins. No, [y/n], you’ve moved on, you’ve moved on! you thought as you broke the eye contact with him and proceeded with negotiating with the president. Kihyun was still staring at you, his heart ached when he saw how deeply affected you were that night.

“You okay?” Jooheon softly muttered, nudging Kihyun on the arms. Kihyun snapped out from his thoughts and transferred his gaze at Jooheon. “Y-yeah.” Everyone knew that he’s not okay ever since he saw you walk down the lobby with a new look and a new drive on you.

Jooheon and the rest looked at each other and let out a sigh. “Alright, we’ll see each other by tomorrow morning. I’ll go ahead and talk with the president of this company. Why don’t you get to know Monsta X, hmm? Well then, please excuse me.” The President left right away without hearing you out.

You were left with the people who betrayed and destroyed you. The air was tense as you gestured your secretary to leave, leaving you with them. It was time for you to deal with them once and for all. You would regret this for the rest of your life if you miss this chance to clear things up with them.

“It’s been a while, [y/n]…” Shownu’s voice was softly spoken but it was loud enough for everyone to hear. You could feel all of the emotions coming back, making you shakily breath. Squeezing your eyes shut, you took a deep breath and spoke up.

“Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve seen all of you.. and as I can recall, the last time we saw each other was when you guys decided to break your trust..” Kihyun’s eyes were glossy, tears were starting to form in the corner of his eyes. This made you wonder why he’s getting teary-eyed when he knew it’s his fault.
“[y/n], I’m so sorry…. I was a jerk back then… I took you for granted that… that I’ve realized how empty my life would be without you in it." 

Kihyun stood up from his seat, walking towards you as his eyes were now flooded with tears. You were already dead inside but it still ached when you remembered what he did.

"Please, [y/n], please forgive me..” This time he was now kneeling in front of you with his hand holding yours. No, this time you were already wise enough to know what to do. You shook your hand off of his and muttered.

“I forgive you but this doesn’t mean anything. I’m accepting your apology but the memory of what happened that night wouldn’t be easily forgotten.” you were fighting back the tears as you nibbled on your bottom lip. 

“[y/n]… I don’t know if I could live without you… please take me back. I beg you. I promise that the incident that happened that night will never happen ever again..” Despite the fact that you shook of his hand, it still found its way to yours. 

“Is a simple sorry enough for me to take you back, huh? Am I that easy for you Kihyun? Do you know why I fucking left my own country? I reckon that you know.” this time, you didn’t fight back the tears. The tears started falling one by one, slowly sliding down your cheeks.

“Kihyun, you don’t know how messed up I was after that incident. Do you even know how much it hurts to know that the people that you used to love and cherish betray you that easily? No, you don’t.” pushing his hand away, you stood up and grabbed your bag. 

You wiped your cheeks with the back of your hand and decided to end things formally. “It was nice s-seeing you again. Have a nice day-” Kihyun wrapped his arms around you, making you squirm from his hold.

“Let go of me!” You cried out as you tried pushing him away but he was much more stronger than you. “No! [y/n], please… I’ve changed. I know that I was wrong back then but I’ve learned from it!” Kihyun tried his best to explain without his voice breaking every time he spoke up.

Successfully pushing him away, your hand met his cheeks. “Kihyun, I’m not the fool that you’ve tricked before. If you did it once, I know you can do it again.” Kihyun stood there with his head hanged down, tears sliding down his cheeks. “If you don’t have anything to say, then I shall take my leave–”

“[y/n], we are deeply sorry for what we did.” This time it was Wonho, who spoke up for the rest. Minhyuk was sobbing in his seat, Jooheon couldn’t even look at you in the eye, Hyungwon just stayed quiet along with I.M and Shownu.  

“It’s alright, I finally decided that it’s also time for me to forgive you guys. Anyways, I should go.” Without any interruptions, you stormed out of the room and went straight to the nearest bathroom. Looking at the mirror, your eyes were already puffy.

You decided to wash up and retouch your make-up so that no one would suspect anything. On the other hand, Kihyun was surrounded by the boys, who were hugging him. “I took her for granted…” Kihyun muttered as his voice was shaky. 

Wonho wrapped an arm around him and pulled him tightly towards him, caressing his back, making Kihyun let all of his emotions out. He was angry and sad at the same time. Angry because of what he did back then, hurting you so much. Sad because he can never have you back in his arms.

The week slowly passed by, you were already at the venue for the photoshoot. You arrived earlier than the rest as you were busy with all the set-up. Little did you know that the boys have also arrived without any make up on. Whenever you were setting up the venue, you would always wear your glasses and some casual clothes that was comfortable for you. 

“Waahh, you’re so cool, [y/n].” a familiar voice beamed at your back, making you jolt up and turn around. It was Minhyuk. You softened at the sight when he suddenly realized what he did and quietly whimpered. 

“Do you think so?” You flashed him a faint smile, which was something that he always yearned to see. “Y-yeah.” He stammered as he rubbed his nape. Feeling that Kihyun’s gaze was on him, he excused himself and left. As soon as he left, you continued on setting up the whole set.

Patting your hands, you were satisfied with what you did. It was a sunny day, the weather was great and it was really calming. You made your way towards the tent where the boys were getting dressed and having their make up done, you tucked the pile of papers under your arm and pushed the tent open.
The boys’ voices were the first thing that greeted you, they were happily making jokes on each other which was really refreshing to see. 

Going to each member, you explained the idea on how each picture will be taken and maybe make poses that would give off the same vibe and the boys happily obliged. 

When it was finally Kihyun’s turn, it was a bit awkward for the both of you but you shrugged it off and decided to act professional. As soon as you started to explain how you would want him to act for the concept, he couldn’t rip his gaze at you. The way your lips tug upwards into a sincere smile, the way your eyes twinkled when you talk about something related to your job. His heart ached but it skipped a beat. 

“So, are you okay with it?” the way your eyes looked up to him made him want to pull you into a tight hug but he controlled himself. “Y-yeah, absolutely.” He stuttered, making you chuckle. Patting him on the shoulder, you stood up and walked away from him. You called out the very first person to be your very first model for the day, you gestured them to go along with you and went out.

Throughout the whole photo shoot, you had a big smile plastered on your face. You forgot about what happened as it felt like spending time with them just like before. But your smile was more radiating, which Kihyun noticed right away. 

It wasn’t like the smile you showed them before, but it was the smile that you’ve created as you overcome all of your problems by yourself. Kihyun let out a small sigh as he watched you have fun taking photos of the members. 

Oh how he missed your smile, your laugh and everything about you. Your body gracefully moved as you did different poses to take the best photos. I.M and the others gathered around the monitor to look at the photos that you took.

“Woah, that’s a cool shot. You’re amazing, [y/n]!” Hyungwon beamed, totally proud of how far you’ve come to accomplish all of your dreams. A genuine smile can be seen from your face, your eyes twinkled brightly.

Kihyun decided to keep his distance from you as he finally organized all of his thoughts and feeling. You decided to take a five minute break and everyone went buzzing around the buffet of snacks. 

When you were busy looking at the outcomes, you were surprised when someone wrapped their arm around your waist. You thought that it was Kihyun but to your surprise, it was your suitor, Jackson Wang.

“Jackson, you came!” your eyes lit up and threw your arms around his neck, engulfing him into a hug. He let out a fruity laugh and tightly hugged you back. Little did you know that someone was looking at the two of you lovingly smile at each other.

I used to hug her like that…. Looked at her like that…. and even whispered in her ears like that… Kihyun thought as he watched every actions that the two of you were making. His heart ached and he even thought on the possible things that would’ve happened if the two of you didn’t break up.

A tear slid down his eye, a sigh escaping his mouth. It was painful to watch someone you love in the arms of another. His heart broke into a million pieces and this made him think, Was this the same feeling that [y/n] felt when she saw me in the arms of another?

He shook his head and went somewhere isolated, where he can’t see you flirt with each other. Looking back for the last time, he saw how you looked at Jackson… and it was the same look that you had when you looked at Kihyun before.

Oh, how I wish I could turn back time and fix everything.”

Monument in Cemetery, Mt. Williamson, 1943, photo by Ansel Adams

Thousands of Japanese Americans were taken from their homes, rounded up by the US government in 1942 and relocated to internment camps where they remained until the end of World War II in 1945. The photo above was taken at the Manzanar internment camp (the Manzanar War Relocation Center) at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas in California’s Owens Valley. Ansel Adams, already a well-known and successful photographer, went to the camps in 1943 to document what he felt was a great injustice.

The Other Woman (Jensen Ackles AU)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Jensen x Danneel 

Summary: You were a good girl. But how did you end up as the other woman?

Word Count:  2106

A/N: I don’t mean any harm on Danneel. I love that woman to bits. I am unsure of how this one would go but why not give it a try, I told myself. 


You didn’t want this. You didn’t wish for this.

Your father have always told you you were a pretty one. He would always tell you that one day you would be wed to a man who would love you truly, just like him and his wife. You looked up to the love they harbored for each other. Their love was perfect, you always thought. You loved their tale. Every night when you were younger, you would always ask him to tell you the story of how the both of them fell in love and you would laugh and giggle in excitement. Love sounded divine and you couldn’t wait to find your story.

Your sister, Charlie, thought otherwise. While you are the epitome of sweetness, joy and innocence, your sister, all she wanted to do was pick fight with boys. You had nothing against that. Often you would be cheering her on and she would triumphantly smirk at you. You’re a good girl, so sweet so cute, she told you. The way your eyes lit up at the sound of a romantic tale, seems like your childish actions would never end and your smile would never cease. Charlie swore she would “beat the shit out of” any man who dared break your heart.

One day Charlie just up and ran away from home to pursue her dream of being a well-known photographer. You were sad to see her go but she reminded you that she’d always be there for you.

And that she did.

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