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I think that Matt said in an interview one time that Malec was going to end season 2A in the honeymoon stage, so hopefully what ever they fight about in 2x09, it will be resolved by the end of 2x10. I mean, Matt and Harry have both been pretty honest about Malec this season. Also, I hope that all of this fandom discourse can be resolved in the space of time between 2x10 and 2x11 because remember, this is still the same lovely cast we were introduced to back in the spring of 2015 who made us laugh during interviews, comic con, and all the on set antics. You know as well as I do that even though some of you are mad at some of the cast right now, you don’t want to see the cast leave, and you don’t want the show to end. I’m sure Emeraude didn’t mean to offend anyone, and Matt and Harry have no control over how the episodes are written or edited. We’ve gone on such a big journey with this cast. I’m sorry that this post was kind of long and sappy, but this is how I feel about this, and this fandom discourse needs to stop.


so I was tagged by @teereckt and @vclgin and @adam-levineyard to post six selfies so here we go

they’re from oldest to newest and on top of it all the oldest was taken in september and the newest was taken just before new year’s I think because honestly I didn’t take many selfies during the summer (although I do have one bathroom selfie where I’m covered in fake blood because of work oops)

but hey friends thanks for tagging me and now I’m gonna tag @junkheart and @sassassino and @shuurima and @elontheloose but if someone else wants to do this you can just blame it on me (8

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to ask you for prayers for me and my friend @uncertainconfidence! We both have grad school interviews coming up (mine is tomorrow!) and any prayers that you can spare for us would be appreciated!!!!!!!!

Talking about the Anthony Kiedis' mustache aka "The Shaker Duster".
  • Talking about the Anthony Kiedis' mustache aka "The Shaker Duster".
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers.

CS: “Well, you know what? We just do an interview earlier and there unbeknownst to us there’s a website about something that [laugh] save mustache ‘cause he looks like a mexican pornstar.”

: “And Josh said his feelings, Josh expressing that he doesn’t think he could live without the mustache. So, you know…”

AK: It’s kind of the… It’s sort of the… [laugh] It holds the secrets to our success. It’s call the… [laugh hard and he falls from the chair] It’s call “THE SHARKER DUSTER!”.

Arm Candy ~ Cheronica

Word Count: 3,500

Summary: Cheryl and Veronica strike a deal that leads to a little more than what they had expected.

Warnings: Just a lot of fluff

A/N: My first fanfiction on Tumblr!! I was going to post this on AO3, but apparently you have to wait 5 years (10 days) in order to register a new account. Anyways, I hope you like it. ~~~ Peaches ~~~

“There’s no way in hell we’re doing that again, Betty.”

“Well why not?”

“You know perfectly well why,” Veronica says, looking back at Betty, who shrugs and giggles a little, pressing her books toward her chest a bit more.

Veronica continues, “You should go with Archie. Besides, I’d much rather go alone; I’ve never liked being… well…”

“–arm candy?” Kevin cuts in, fighting through the crowd to walk next to Veronica as she looks at him in delight.

“Exactly,” she beams, glancing first at Betty and then at Kevin, “You’ll go with Archie, and you’ll go with Joaquin, and I’ll be free as a bird,” putting her hands on her shoulders and cocking her head to the side, a small smirk on her face and eyelashes batting.

“Of course, you’ll need a new dress and shoes. I’m thinking… Chanel with some pearls? It’s a real classic; should suit you perfectly…” Kevin continues to ramble as Veronica begins to wonder how she’ll even find the money to buy a dress, let alone a Chanel one.

As the three of them continue striding down the halls of Riverdale High, Veronica notices Cheryl Blossom observing her every step, red lips pressing together and hair twirled around her fingers.

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You are a really amazing human being and I'm sorry you're having to deal with all this negative nonsense. I'd like to see those anons try writing and running a blog as much and as well as you do. They don't know how hard you work and it's easy to be critical when they are not contributing anything to the fandom. Anyways, you are appreciated and loved. Thanks for all you do!

Thank you for your kind words I love you too!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕 so so much

  • Ethan: Lighten up, yeah? It's just like being back at youth club, minus robbing from the tuck shop and smashing the pool table up.
  • Aaron: Never really liked the youth club.
  • Ethan: Come on, you have to meet my crew. - Jase. This is my new pad-mate.
  • Aaron: Aaron.
  • Jase: How long have we got the pleasure?
  • Aaron: A year, but I'm appealing.
  • Jase: Of course you are. We're all innocent in here, aren't we?
  • Aaron: I never said that.
  • Jase: You talking back? That's a very bad idea. You wanna learn some manners.
  • Aaron: You don't need to give me this hard-man routine, mate. I'm a Dingle, I'll do it in my sleep.
  • Jase: Do you know Cain?
  • Aaron: Pretty well, yeah, he's my uncle.
  • Jase: Well, I'll have to tell my old man. They go way back.

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why does freddie look kinda overweight in 1986? like during the magic tour. do you know?

Hi! Well, it could be a little middle-age spread - he was 40 in 1986 - but I like to think that he was just happy with his image and content to put on a bit of padding :) He doesn’t look overweight exactly, just more squidgeable 

Look at that! Glorious! <3

A Giant Rant on Self-Diagnosed Autistics

Dear retarded teen,

Please stop taking the things from my mental disorder that are considered “cute/quirky” to make yourself look special or important.

I’m mainly referring to stimming and special interests. Let’s start with special interests, shall we?

You can’t have tons of special interests. “But I do” you cry. Well, do you know why Autistic people have special interests? Sometimes minor changes such as moving between two activities, can be distressing so Autistic people stick to one or two subjects. Keeping that in mind, why would an Autistic person have more that one special interest? Is it maybe because it sounds more “important” than hobbies? Hmmm.

Now, onto stimming. This is the one that pisses me off the most.

Stimming is not cute, stimming is not fun. Stop turning stimming into a trend.

I keep seeing posts of people stimming. Most of you are so clearly thinking that’s it’s cute and quirky. It isn’t, it’s abnormal and something done to cope.

It calms us actual Autistics so we can calm down and focus on what we need to. Stop romanticizing it, thanks.

if anything the media tells kids to love their parents and family no matter what shit they do! like they are exempt from any sort of disdain or hate even if they are the Worst.

Hell take Pokemon SuMo!!!!! Lusamine is a TERRIBLE mother but at the end she’s redeemed and Lillie is like “oh well i love her anyway shes my mom :^)” do you know how damaging that is?

I still struggle with a massive guilt complex because im always told to love my shitty family just Because. No, if someone treats you like garbage then you are allowed to hate them no matter what.

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hi hello yes i just wanted to drop in and say thANK GODS IM NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO DISLIKES CALEO???? also those anons have no right to judge you for your opinions!! people can like whatever they want and i know you have the freedom to do so as well, i hope those anons wont be bugging you any further

You’re very kind, thank you so much!!

I don’t think anybody else will be encouraged to tell me something because I turn off the Anons, or at least if they’re going to question me, they can show me their face.


i made a human Krystalia

shes still canonly mobian rn ive been trying to make a design for years though in case i ever come out of the sonic fandom (which actually might happen idk yet) but yeah here you go
this design isnt exactly complete detail wise but its basic rn. thought i would share haha

I know I’m the one who ended things this time. I know that I’m a fucked up person. But my god I miss you so much, and I don’t think I can even talk to you. I’m scared to reach out because I don’t think you’ll listen to what I have to say. I know you’re not doing well right now, I know that you’re not yourself. But god I just want to help you. I just want you to know that you’re not alone. That even though I said I couldn’t do this anymore I still care and honestly I probably always will. Right now I’d give anything to take back the last couple of weeks because I don’t think I made the right decision anymore. I miss you.
—  But I’ll never tell you // k.s

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all characters from pkmn + mario fanfics, do YOU ship any people you know???

“Well, I don’t know how many of us actually do this, uh, ‘shipping’ that we’ve heard of, but Greninja gets excited for gay couples a lot.”

“I saw Nidoking and Rhydon get together, and that was so cute! And then I wanted to cheer for Alakazam and Machamp, but Carracosta stopped me, which was fine because they were having a moment. But they’re together now, and it’s adorable!”

“What the hell is ‘shipping’ anyway?”

“A term for when you actively support a couple. I think Daisy knows about it.”

“Shipping is awesome!! Have you seen Luigi with Yoshi? They’re oddly cute together! But I don’t know about Mario and Bowser, because that’s kind of a ship I’d go against.”

“I don’t like this ‘shipping’ thing anymore. I have a real Airship, and that’s all that matters to me!”

Hmm. I wonder how each of the characters would have this broken down.

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