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Landscape practice

Where the hell can you get tutorials for sunsets and sunrises????

I did search up a ref tho and tried to recreate it minus a few things, eh, I tried :/

Kinda like how it came out tho <3


B.A.P is back with their first 2017 album (ROSE) and, as usual - but now more than ever since we’re going to have all the members together again to promote this comeback - the group needs to receive all the love and support  that we [BABYz] know they deserve, for all the talent, effort and worry that the members have in showing us a great artistic performance every new release.

Lately the group seems to be going through a hard time, where their perception of themselves (as people and as a group itself) is being shaken, giving way to a negative energy be spread between them and, as a result, between the fanbase too. With that in mind, this project rises to prevent this comeback of being received with hopelessness, to allow more interaction among the fans and to strengthen the relationship between B.A.P and us. This is a gesture made and developed by BABYz to be put in practice inside and outside of our fandom.

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Thank you for so many laughs and fun times and drawing two of my requests (esp the Eliza and Ham one). I loved the sing a longs, and there was so much energy. To the Italian girl who was so spontaneous, keep being like that.
To juuria who put this all together, thank you so much. You’re so genuinely kind and sweet and relatable. Your art is so well drawn, a style that is so unique and I love it with a passion. Keep rocking on! @juuria

To everyone who made it that much fun, I loved it but since I don’t know your tumblrs, I’ll just put it here. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH. This was a blast, sharing stories and a passion.

“Oh darling!” Loki burst out ecstatically, wrapping his arms around you and spinning you in a circle, stopping with you in a dancer’s pose. “It’s so wonderful to see you again, I hate when we’re apart for so long.”

“It was only a few days.” You laughed, staring up into his sparkling eyes as he smiled down at you. Your own smile returned easily as you straightened yourself up to meet him in a gentle kiss.

“Yes, well the metal man was so kind to relate me to a dog as he mocked my pain over missing you. You are the only light in this dark and dull place.”

“We need to get you a hobby.” You raised an eyebrow playfully.

Loki chuckled, “I have a hobby, you, reading, you.” He repeated and grinned mischievously.

You shoved his chest lightheartedly, failing to make him budge, “You’re just silly. Maybe we should try and get you a job, maybe at a coffee shop or something, I could see you making coffees for people.”’

Loki rolled his eyes, “Yes, acting pleasantly to mortals, it would go marvelously.”

“Just pretend they’re me.”

“Each and everyone would disappoint time and time again, never living up to you.”

Sighing, you shook your head, “You really do perk up each time I’m home.”

Loki leaned into you, nuzzling his face into your throat and inhaling, peppering soft kisses on the exposed skin. “I meant what I said.”

“Alright lover, care to make up for time apart?”

“I thought you’d never suggest it.”

anonymous asked:

This is a really stupid question but do you maybe know a bts video that can cheer someone up? Not like one of those try not to laugh ones but one that makes life a little easier on a bad day?

Ah, not a stupid question at all! I hope I can answer this well. I’ll try my very best. I’ll first mention that everyone perceives things differently, so even though I may think this is what you’re looking for, you/others may not agree~

Honestly, Namjoon’s VLives always get me. I know you’re not looking for super crazy funny ones, which is why I recommend his. In full, his lives aren’t necessarily serious from beginning to end (he’s fun and funny for parts of his), but the way he speaks is very comforting and he really does sound like a friend (sometimes even a mentor). He often gets into tangents about life and youth and talks about his realizations, beliefs or advice. I think and hope one would find some comfort in these videos, as I often do~

Not sure if you wanted music (video) suggestions, but I thought of some anyways:

Young Forever - Honestly, it’s one of my favorite songs. The music video might be a good one to watch on one of those days that you just want to pass. Sometimes these kinds of things make me more sad when I think too hard about it, but I also think it could be weirdly comforting too. They’re running through the maze, seemingly lost, which I find that to be what we do in life a lot. We’re always running and oftentimes we don’t know what we’re running toward. However they make it out of the maze and run free at the end of the video and I find that can be really visually comforting on one of /those/ days~

Butterfly - In itself, I find this to be a beautiful song. No music video, though watching their live performance is really lovely. The lyrics are also really touching and depending on how you perceive it it can be a bit relatable  as well. It’s kind of sad sounding? But it’s one of those songs I turn to when I have a heavy heart.

Run - I’m not sure why I chose Run, but I think it might be comforting. The MV is really wonderful, bringing to life some really interesting parts of youth and life itself. It’s also more lively and upbeat than Butterfly and Young Forever, which might be a nice change~

Save Me - I love this song. The MV is a nice one because you don’t really have to think about anything since it’s just dancing. I listen to this song when I have bad days or am just in a certain mood. Hard to explain, but I recommend it.

This may not be what you’re looking for, but I tried my best and hope that at least one or some of these will help~ If anyone has any suggestions, please leave them below. Much love. <3
- Kristi


you saw him take in a breath the second you saw him. you could only imagine how he was feeling. well, you could kind of relate, after all you had to sit back and watch him go into an arena you weren’t sure he would come out of alive.

“Roan-” you began but he held up a hand.

“dont. i need to say something.” he stated, “in a few minutes im going into that arena. i dont know if i’ll ever come back out. but i cant go in there without knowing something first.” he got down on a knee, “Y/N, will you marry me?”

Okay but Team Voltron Meeting Team RWBY

Pidge and Ruby being absolute geeks about each other’s weapon/bayard.

Shiro and Yang comparing their prosthetic arms (it’s close because both are so fluid to use).

Lance getting really homesick and asking Ruby if Remnant ever receives rain (he starts begging Shiro to take them to Remnant).

Hunk experimenting in the kitchen with Team RWBY (mainly Ruby) giving him an array of strange ideas.

Keith and Blake being relatable over being the only non-human (well kind of non-human for Keith) in their team.

Team RWBY finding out that the bayards can change into different weapons with sufficient training and being more excited than the paladins.

Lance and Yang being punny, bisexual dorks.

Keith and Blake sighing over their punny, bisexual dorks.

Shiro giving Ruby inspiring pep talks to Ruby about being a good leader (lol we all know he’s dead inside).

Lance hitting on Weiss, who just glares at him and drags Ruby next to her.

Pidge and Blake having deep conversations about conflicts on their home planets.

Team Voltron discovering Team RWBY’s semblances and auras and just having all the curiosity.

Hunk showing team RWBY the mechanisms of the lions (excitement levels: through the roof).

Lance, Hunk and Pidge sharing their experiences with team RWBY about their time in the Galaxy Garrison (Keith listening sulkily).

Team Voltron and Team RWBY sparring together in the training simulator - they’re getting to level 100 faster than you can say ‘Quiznak’.

Team RWBY trying out the paladin trust test (like the invisible labyrinth and the drone attack etc.) and absolutely bossing them.


            Alex Høgh Andersen’s Birthday Countdown

Hello babes, we here at AlexHøghSource are doing a countdown in honor of Alex’s 23rd birthday. Countdown begins on Monday, May 15th, and will continue on through the week until Saturday, May 20th. The days will be as follows:

May 15th – Favorite Non-Vikings Media

May 16th – Favorite Vikings Scene

May 17th – Favorite Photoshoot

May 18th – Favorite Partner-In-Crime (co-star, friend, sister, etc.)

May 19th – Favorite Instagram Posts

May 20th – Birthday Posts

We’ll be using the tag #ahscountdown to keep track of your edits, as well as a new tag that we will be tracking along with our usual source tag: #alexhoghedit. This new tag will help us, as well as any other Alex blogs out there, find the edits easily. Alex has several variations to his name and that makes it a bit difficult for finding edits to reblog. This new tag will help us find the edits right away, as well as filter out any other kind of post related to him. So remember, edits only for that tag, no imagines or regular posts from his social media or casual drooling about him 😉

We look forward to celebrating his birthday with you!

Like a very good person once say to me here ( they weren’t a Darren fan, sometimes they were very critical but they loved to observe the cc Fandom and pointing some things) being observant it’s most of the times the key for everything. Emotionally I would like to kick some ass, because being a Darren fan for years means now I’m able to understand with the kind of tics he shows the emotion behind what he says. And what I see the most, almost well covered, it’s anger. It was the same of the Wendy Williams show of 2014, the one that says: geez we are still talking about this stuff? Not the protection of the lgbtqa+ rights but where I allegedly put my penis at the end of the day if I want to f*** someone. And we are talking about March and the computer games promo so beard related stuff . I remember very well the kind of interviews made by Wentworth Miller…the tone and the shit said were the same. I’m a “ straigh dude”. mmh well it was the sentence that made me angry because of what I saw on his face but made me totally laugh because of the words chosen at the same time. Dear Michael and Ricky: shame on you because it’s not a dude, he’s a man of 30yo not a frat boy and it is starting to being creepy the way you wanna still present him to the audience. He’s a valid artist who deserves to live his life as the person he is. There’ s nothing that can’t erase NYC pride of 2015 you jerks! Not a Darren with tics and uneasy. Trying to validate an heterosexuality that doesn’t exist you are making him look like a jerk towards his community the same that he always supported without all this shit. Good is that there isn’t maybe a person in Broadway and Los Angeles who doesn’t know that Darren is all but an het. So as usual you have accomplished nothing but make him uncomfortable for the 4848474 times in his life and make us angry that I know that means more talking and activities from us and so more attention, I studied some pr too. But it’s unacceptable keep on playing with Darren’s life after all this years. I hope you gave him something in return , I swear to God.

Love or Hate (Part 12 of 13)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s shot at a better life is stolen from her, she continues to see the person responsible all over town. After a series of unfortunate events, will she learn that there’s a fine line between love and hate?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,884

Warnings: language, angst, confrontation, lust, implied sexy times, pure cheese

A/N: I was gonna wait to post this but idc anymore, it’s giving me anxiety to have it sitting here staring at me. :) This is the last chapter before the epilogue. I hope you have all enjoyed this very long, tension-filled ride. I know it drove me just as crazy as Bucky and reader drove each other. I hope everyone finds someone who cares as much as LoH Bucky. Thanks for reading!

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

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Diverse books you need to read

I feel like we’re all tired of the cookie cutter straight white romance novels that are so common (especially within YA) and I want to highlight some amazing diverse reads. Not only because these books are phenomenal and deserve so much love, but because if we don’t support the authors who make the effort to write these characters then it only makes it harder for them to continue to do so and for other writers to do the same in the future. So please take a moment to check these books out and read them if they seem like your thing because it really goes a long way to continuing the trend of amazing diverse books. 

(All books listed will have links to their goodreads page)

The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley by Shaun David Hutchinson // A touching story that deals with mental health, physical disability and sexuality. It’s partly told in the form of a graphic novel with only adds to the books depth, I highly recommend picking it up so you can get to know the amazing characters.

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman // The main character is a black bisexual girl (YES THE WORD BISEXUAL IS ACTUALLY USED!! How fucked up is it that I get excited about that??) who is a study machine but is secretly a dorky fangirl who makes fan art for a cool podcast that she is obsessed with. Apart from the writing/story/characters being genuinely flawless, there is sexual and ethnic diversity across the board. Would recommend to anyone who is a fan of Welcome To The Night Vale or anyone who is confused a lot. 

George by Alex Gino // One of the only books that I know of that focuses on a transgender child. George’s gender identity obviously plays a big part in the book but alongside that it’s filled with heartwarming and super sweet moments that really make the book what it is. It’s written by a transgender author and therefore really gives an honest account of what it can be like growing up and knowing you’re transgender. 

The Last Beginning by Lauren James (Sequel to The Next Together) // Features a Lesbian protagonist who seems really cool (her name is Clove like c’mon). This book isn’t out yet but I do know a few things about it, first of all, no dead gay girls and lot’s of time travel. But since it’s not out for a little while I’ll tell you a bit about The Next Together. The most amazing love story I have ever read and left me kind of hollow. Features conspiracy theories, hackers, crossdressing and that’s what she said jokes in the 1700′s. Oh and theres gay grandmas.

The Fallen Children by David Owen // Ever since David announced the book on his youtube channel I’ve been dying to read it, theres lots of racial diversity as well as dark/kind of scary themes but still manages to sound super relatable. This one doesn’t have a goodreads page yet so I’ve linked David’s video which explains it better than a blurb could. 

More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera // This is probably the most well known on the list but I still think more people need to read it. Adam writes about class, self hatred and sexuality in a way that isn’t often explored in YA, the characters feel real and although there is a slight sic-fi twist/hint to the book it feels like it could all happen in the real world and that’s why the book stayed with me.

I know this is only a handful of great diverse reads but I’d really love it if people would add to this post so more and more people can discover and fall in love with these books. Actually, I’m asking, if you have any diverse books you think need more attention, please add to this post. The more love we show for these books the more likely it is you’ll see more books like them.

Here are some Black Wing Project headcanons that no-one asked for. They mostly revolve around the potential powers of the Projects. It’s basically my wishlist. I’m sure the reality will be much better…and much stranger. 

  • Project Herodias has the ability to make other people do her will by simply commanding them to do something. This is based on the idea that in the bible Herodias was Herod’s wife who played a key role in persuading him to have John the Baptist beheaded. 
    She is kept in a SILENT ZONE within the compound and staff MUST wear ear-plugs when interacting with her. Any request she makes must be in writing, through the hatch in her door. 
  • Project Cerberus is able to see multiple events/locations at once (only those occurring the present, however.) In Greek mythology, Cerberus was the multiple-headed dog that guarded the gates of Hell. 
  • Project Lamia is a young woman who is able to devour the life-energy of any living being she comes into contact with (based on the idea that Lamia was a demon who ate children.) Short contact leaves the victim drained. Prolonged contact with her can be fatal. 
    Whilst in the BW compound she is kept under strict guard with minimal face-to-face human interaction. When she is in contact with staff or other projects she must wear specially designed gloves and is also bound up in a straight jacket to prevent her causing harm to those around her.
  • Project Succubus is able to enter the dreams of others through a trance-like state and manipulate the events occurring. (I know some people think they might be the female equivalent of the Rowdy 3 but considering that both Dirk and Bart are causality psychics and their codenames are entirely unrelated I reasoned this didn’t have to be true.) 
  • Project Wraith’s power is a form of astral projection, making them able to explore and interact (to a limited extent) with the physical world whilst being in a non-physical form (they are invisible to the naked eye.) 
    BW is able to control him in this state through a constant physical threat to his body, which is extremely vulnerable while he is projecting. I think the relation between the name and power is quite self-explanatory here, but I also like how it kind of also relates to the symbol as well. 

I also strongly feel that this incarnation of BW is going to be a whole lot darker than the previous one. Don’t get me wrong, tearing young children away from their families and locking them away and treating them like freaks is not a good thing. However, I feel that this BW are going to be on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL as far as torture-experiments and exploiting the Projects goes. I mean my idea is that they want to weaponize these people, and if they can’t do that then they will destroy them. 

My thoughts (5) - The sorceresses and their stones

The idea for this post was given to me by @daisyofgalaxy10 and it’s about the sorceresses and their favorite stones and what do they mean.
Yennefer has her obsidian star, Triss has an lapis lazuli necklace and Philippa has agate jewels.
So I took some geology lessons. I don’t want to get you bored so I’ll try to keep it simple.

This is what I found about Obsidian on Wikipedia:
“Obsidian is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimal crystal growth. It is hard and brittle; it therefore fractures with very sharp edges, which were used in the past in cutting and piercing tools.”
As I thought, Sapkowski didn’t choose obsidian to be Yennefer’s stone by chance, I think the similarities are quite obvious:
1) Yennefer has a volcanic personality, obsidian is a volcanic material
2) “Obsidian is hard and brittle; it therefore fractures with very sharp edges”. Yennefer is very difficult but she melts if someone (meaning mostly Geralt or Ciri, of course) knows how to handle her, yet she still has her “sharp edges”.
3) Yennefer wears black and white, obsidian is usually dark colored, mostly black.

Lapis lazuli
Triss wears a lapis lazuli necklace. Wikipedia didn’t say many things about it. Still it says that “has been prized since antiquity for its intense color”. From ancient Egypt to Middle ages it was one of the favorite jewelry for royal courts. We can relate this to Triss, in the books and in the games too she was always close to a royal court or another, she’s used with that kind of life ans she likes it.

Ok, so Philippa’s stone is the agate. It’s a volcanic rock, pretty common, nothing very special about it.

So that’s it with Wikipedia, I moved on. I knew there are some meanings and symbols given to the stones but I never believed in such things. After some research on such sites I only kept the ideas which I found on most of them:

The obsidian is a very protective stone, and is excellent for removing negativity. It is also excellent protection against psychic attacks.
I immediately thought about the times Yennefer used protective shields. If I’m not mistaken there are 2 times in the books and 1 time in the Witcher 3 game. So again the rock fits Yen perfectly.

Almost everywhere says that Lapis Lazuli is a stone of royalty. Again, royalty.
It is said about Lapis Lazuli that it symbolize true friendship and the harmony of these kind of relations. Well, Triss is a friend for Geralt, she’s always there when he needs help. Even though maybe she wanted more than this, I think Triss is the perfect example of what “friendzone” means. 

(Later edit: Thank you, @pommeverte3 for a much better idea:  Regarding Triss and friendship though, I always had the feeling while reading the books that her storyline was more about her relationship with Yen than her relationship with Geralt. Here you can find her analysis about Triss and Yen friendship: http://pommeverte3.tumblr.com/post/151557328137/the-yennefertriss-friendship-in-the-witcher-book )

Agate is a stone of strength. It was used by the Ancients on the breastplates of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in battle. Energetically, it is considered to give strength in both battle and physically. What stone can be more perfect for Philippa than one who symbolises strength? I think it fits her perfectly.

As a conclusion, I am amazed about how much attention Andrzej Sapkowski had for all these small details. I bet there are so many more in the books which I didn’t think of yet. I hope I didn’t bore you too much, I tried to do it as short as possible.

if you have any ideas about symbols in the Witcher world, please give me a message. Have a nice Sunday! :)

Allura Ship Week Day 3 - Memories

I’m having a spot of bother figuring out what to do for Day 2, so I’m skipping right ahead to Day 3 and waiting a bit for inspiration to strike. Hey, it doesn’t matter what order they’re in, does it?

Once again, for @braincoins‘s birthday!

Ever since they rediscovered it, she’s been spending much of her time in the library. The books, a hoard of traditional knowledge preserved impeccably for ten thousand years by the environmental stabilisers, are a precious memory of the importance her father placed on their heritage, and of him. She can no longer ask his memories for advice, but perhaps there is advice to be had here, hidden between the shelves, nestled among the pages.

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