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hey just wanted to say that you're blogs are probably my fav ask!bts blogs out there???? i love ur style and the way u draw the ot7 on both of them and not to mention ur storylines are really interesting as well. also ur writing is amazing and i enjoy just kinda scrolling down both blogs and reblogging (so sorry if u see my spamming sometimes i see u on my dash and i'm like "oh let's check it out") akaksm

oh thank you so much!!!! i dont mind spamming lol, its very flattering when ppl look through my blog and like stuff heheheh

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yeah! if you wait a couple of weeks or something someone will sub it. i'm hard of hearing so i'm missing the subs as well lol, the echo makes it hard to hear so i'm listening to it on full volume and annoying my sister lol. there'll be subs eventually <3<3<3<3

truuue, like i dont care if i have to wait weeks or months, i just want to understand our darlings ;____; the echo is terrible i agree OTL im wearing earphones and its irritating my ears, and i tried understanding what theyre saying instead of relying on the subs, but: cant hear = loud volume = louder echoes = bleeding ears lmao

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Can you teach me how to gif? plz

I actually made a tut about this before using gimp (free editing program) over here: http://lolfunnykpop.tumblr.com/post/59834484025

But you’re lucky since i just made a photoshop tut for captain earlier so I am going to show you on ps too:

The first step is to download a video (preferably 720p or 1080p)

I used these online downloaders:



 (Download in mp4 format)

Gonna show you an example using http://www.clipconverter.cc/

copy video link

click on mp4 and continue

select the quality (720p downloads better)

(whoah this screen cap it weird) but yeah then download and you’re done

Now to the giffing:

click on file, scroll down to import and click on video frames to layers:

Just like when you are editing a picture just go to the folder with the video and click on it:

this window will open (i dont remember if the igab was hd but oh well lol)

click on selected range only and check ‘Limit to every (2 is the best option but if you want to make your gif smaller go to 4 but it wont be as smooth as the 2 frames) 

 (Depending on which version on ps you have this process will be different)

Play the video till the part you want your gif to start and move the black thing on the left to it (doesnt have to be perfectly there, you can always delete layers) and move the black thing on the right to where you want the gif to stop, then click ok)

A window with the layers will open up

delete any frames you dont want

Now change the image size by going to image—-> image size:

change the width to 500 and click ok

You basically now have a gif, now all you need to to is to change the timing:

all you do is:

select all your frames (click first box then press shift and click on the last frame)

Click on the thingy at the bottom and change the timing (i usually have .10, the slower you want it the higher the timing)

just like saving images click on save for web but instead of png choose gif

best setting for gifs of 500px

Save and YOU’RE DONE!! Once you upload it on tumblr the quality will be a bit blurry (you can do some extra things for that but i should probably let you try this one out first lol)

(the gif I made) You can also add a psd if you want to:

next time i’ll show you how to make the quality stand out and turn that to this:

ps make sure the gif size is under 2mb

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msharoldxo on twitter. Do you know this person or have you seen her twitter? She has been reaching out to celine's friends and apparently they confirmed that celine has a bf named tomas and is not dating niall. Not sure how legit this is since she also claims that she knows deo personally and stuff. She had proofs tho (screenshot) but... Yeah idk :/ just scroll down her twitter it's all there. What do you think? I dont think this has been shared widely through 1d/niall fandom but damn (1)

cont: but damn if more people found out and believed this.. If you dont feel comfortable answering and sharing her twitter username it’s alright i totally get it, just letting you know. Have a great day

Well, well, wellington :)  The Daily Mail said they weren’t dating, so I don’t feel uncomfortable sharing. I mean they might be faking the proof, but honestly I don’t think anyone cares either way.  Celine seems like a nice enough girl so either way it’s all good.

But if she’s just a friend, it’s interesting that Niall would be stunting, even in such a relatively low-key way.  That said, Mellie had a bf too, Niall is allegedly Mr. Steal Yo Girl :)