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Jenelle yelling at Barb about Jace seeing a psychiatrist because she said pediatricians don't study mental illnesses 🤦🏽‍♀️ Well, Jenelle in most cases to see a psychiatrist you a doctors referal before you can even see one. She didn't agree because a child doctor prescribed ADHD meds.

All bullshit. She wanted to try to make Babs out to be negligent with Jace’s healthcare.

Jenelle Evans Snubbed By ‘Teen Mom 2’ Cast After Text Feud With Kailyn Lowry

*Teen Mom 2 Reunion Drama*
Posted 10/24/17

• MTV retweeted a GIF of Kaiser begging for food.
• Kail commented on it, saying this shocking scene wasn’t funny.
• Jenelle apparently lashed out at Kail via text, calling her comments, “bitch ass,” and told her to stay away from her at the reunion.
• Kail did just that, and Chelsea and Leah steered clear from Jenelle as well.
• MTV deleted the tweet from their page.

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I really hope Barbara and Jenelle can have a healthy relationship one day...

Honestly I do too. I think Barbra needs to own the fact that these issues aren’t just Jenelle’s partners but also Jenelle. She can’t have Jenelle to herself either. Jenelle, well she has way further to come along. 

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Honest question: Do you *really* think MTV has fired Farrah because she's a sex worker? I mean, they brought her back AFTER her sex tape so it doesn't make any sense to me. I bet it has something to do with her attitude and whatever she did in the last reunion. She's difficult to work with, that motive alone should be valid. Same happens with Debra and Simon. BUT... if this news it's true, it opens the door for OTHERS to be fired as well. Jenelle, for example...?

The Ashley’s sources said it was because of the sex cam stuff. The reason they let it slide last time apparently was because when Farrah made the sex tape, TM was officially off the air at the time. The source also said it was to do with her attitude.

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Jenelle saying she’s ok if she quits teen mom because she has her husband and her home.. well Jenelle to keep those things you have to pay for them and if your credit is that bad I imagine your house payment is also sky high and your adult baby you married has to get his weekly pay check also...

He’d be the first to flip if the money stopped rolling in.

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I stand corrected some other ladies were saying David doesn’t have any felonies which I thought he had but it still doesn’t change anything. You have to be a real piece of shit to throw your pregnant girlfriend down a flight of stairs and make her go into labor early. Plus we have no idea what else he has done to her. So him hunting makes me worried about the kids and I guess jenelles well being. Cole is not abusive nor does he have a record at least not that we know of that’s as long as David’s

I think, hunting aside, David’s history of violence was always concerning.


Teen mom 2: Barbara Rap Commercial (by marissawoodman)

I’m laughing. HIGH. HIGH. YAH BOTH HIGH.