well jenelle

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Barb should of filed charges against Jenelle when she kidnapped Jace. Then she'd never even have to go through this court case. I just hope they make Jenelle AND David (since he lives there) pass drug tests. Anyone know how long weed can stay in your system? She was obviously high a few days ago.

Babs didn’t want to file because she only wanted David arrested for the kidnap. When police told her she would have to charge Jenelle as well she dropped it.

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Around Kaiser's arm, I see some spots that are a little bit purple, sand isn't purple... I don't think it's sand, that seems like someone taking is arm with force and pressure (I'm the anon that told you that I hope I'm wrong) but this is my theory...

Well, Jenelle just said that he got bruises from falling down stairs so they’re definitely bruises.


Teen mom 2: Barbara Rap Commercial (by marissawoodman)

I’m laughing. HIGH. HIGH. YAH BOTH HIGH.