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two rotten apples [m] | pt. 2

credit: x.

❛❛we’re next-door neighbors and have hated each other since middle school but now we’re going to the same university how can we avoid the other person like the plague so there isn’t a crime scene— what do you mean you promised my mom you would keep an eye on me???? you fucking planned this❜❜ AU

COUNT → 17.686

GENRE → smut | eventual angst

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | spanking mention | mild cum play | explicit language | male and female masturbation | penetration | erotica mention | public sex | restraints | dry humping | graphic dirty talk 


The second the timer on the drying machine went off to alert you of your shirt finally being dry enough to wear, the band from its neckline snapped against your shoulders when you slipped it back on. You pulled some of the cotton material to your nose, trying to see if it still even faintly smelled like beer.

Unlike your underwear which just smelled like cum and farts.

The farts courtesy of Jungkook. Well, you didn’t know if he actually farted, but he just naturally smelled like that to you—like old beans and moldy cheese.

You’d spent the past two hours in the laundry room in nothing but a bra and your loose-fitted skirt. It still hadn’t hit you yet—at least not entirely—that you had let your next-door neighbor spank and bone the living shit out of you. That was something you were going to put on your list of stupid-things-you’ve-done-but-did-anyway-for-some-reason. Maybe his mother could relate after giving birth to him. You were pretty sure she found him just as annoying as you.

But then everyone else thought rainbows shined out of his ass.

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daredevil + favourite quote | requested by @emilhe

I wanna know how you found me. - I know who you are because I watch the news. “The successful apprehension of Wilson Fisk.” - I wear a mask. - Well, you can’t mask that ass. I’d know it anywhere. You’ve been working out, by the way. I appreciate that.

Sincerely Three x reader movie night

(Poly Relationship)

I’ve never written a Poly Relationship before so please let me know if its any good (and if I’m doing anything wrong) or if you want to see any more Poly fics!! This is pretty rushed but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

~ ~ ~

- Jared arranges a movie night for the four of you at his house when his parents are away. 

- You all have matching flannel pyjama pants on and its just super cute. You’ve got one of Jared’s graphic tees on and Connor’s hoodie - they think you look adorable. 

- You choose one film each, knowing you won’t be able to watch more than four without failing asleep or getting … distracted. Connor chooses a horror film, The Babadook. Jared wants to choose Shrek but you protest and his second choice (well his fifth after the rest of the Shrek films) is Back To The Future. Evan has a hard time choosing a film as he wants everyone to enjoy it and ends up choosing a Marvel film. You still can’t decide and say you’ll think about it whilst you watch the other films. 

- You all squish into one couch. You’ve got pizza, all your favourite snacks, and so many blankets (because you know how Jared loves to hog them). 

- Connor’s choice is up first. Connor and Jared are making snarky comments throughout and take it in turns to pick out plot holes, whilst you’re cuddled up with Evan. Neither of you are particularly enjoying the film so you encourage him to talk about his new found love of gardening. However you keep interrupting him with little kisses on his nose. 

- After about forty minutes Connor turns the film off, knowing that you and Evan weren’t enjoying it. He kisses you both deeply afterwards, trying to convey his apology. 

- At some point you end up sat on Connor’s lap whilst Evan is snuggling into Jared’s side, his head on his shoulder, as you watch Iron Man. You’re holding Evan’s hand and its just super sweet. 

- Jared leaves at one point to go get drinks and when he returns you’re cuddled between Evan and Connor. “Nerds” he laughs entering the room but he still throws himself on top of the three of you and you groan and complain but let him cuddle up with you all. 

- Connor is definitely the one who gets bored first and starts teasing with neck kisses. 

- By the time your watching Back To The Future, you’re laid on Jared’s soft stomach and he’s trying to explain the film to you despite him forcing you to watch it twice before. 

- Jared totally mouths along to some of the lines, like a true nerd, and sings along badly to The Power of Love. 

- You’re stroking his hair when you look over to see Evan and Connor making out. You whine, crawling over to them until Jared stops you three, scolding you for talking over his favourite part.

- Kisses - just so many kisses. If two of you start kissing, the other two of want to join in. 

- And just so many cuddles as well. 

- You, Evan, and Jared all fall asleep. Connor smiles when he sees you, and tries to wake you up. However, the three of you just sleepily pull him down to snuggle instead.

- Film nights with your boys are just super cute, ok?

Sins of the Father

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Warnings: brief sexual content (fantasy), mild language, maybe a little sacrilege (if you squint)

Word Count: 976

A/N: Hello hello! Normally, I write fics for Supernatural. However, I’m also a huge fan of WWE and love reading the works of that community as well. After reading some brilliant pieces from - and chatting with - the amazing @devitt-club, I got inspired to write a fic featuring one of my current favorites: Finn Balor. Apologies in advance because, this being my first foray into WWE fanfic (and alternate universe at that), this will probably suck. Still, it’s worth the risk. ^_^

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Gold (Gabriel x Reader)

Request(s): Did someone say Gabriel requests?! I would love a gabe mate!one where they are the only ones to see their wings but only when there is like a connection made (emotional love sort of thing) and Gabe helps the reader out after a nightmare and when she wakes up she is under a dome of golden wings and its like that for weeks until she tells gabe how beautiful they are and like a fluff ending? Sorry if its long


Okay…. How about the reader is separated from her family and she keeps having nightmares about them dying in the worst possible ways. Sam and Dean have tried everything to help, but they can’t really, so they’ve giving up. They’re still there for her if she goes to them of course, and Cas has tried as well but nothing he tries works. Gabe staying in the bunker for like a few nights because of idk… And everyone sleeps through her screaming, but he hears her and you know, throw in some fluff..
Word count: 1608
Warnings: Nightmares, graphic descriptions of death.
A/N: Cover art and beta’ed by @pepperwoodatnight

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“Mum!” you screamed. Someone was grabbing you from behind and holding you, stopping you from running to your mother. A vampire had her by her throat, and you saw every detail of her death. Her screams rung in your ears, the smell of guts and blood attacked your nostrils. You screamed for your life when the vampire drained your mother completely, and only then did the vampire let your mum go, and she fell to the ground with a thud.
(Y/N)!” Sam yelled when he shook you. You screamed and shot up from the bed in a second, Sam catching you in his strong arms. “(Y/N), talk to me, what was it this time?” he asked softly.
“V-vampire,” you stuttered and took a deep breath. You let Sam wrap his arms around you and stroke your back until you’d calmed down.

“NO! GET AWAY FROM HIM!” you shouted, but the werewolf didn’t listen, and all you could do was watch as it tore your father to shreds, and then your sister.
“Wake up, come on, sweetie,” Dean urged and shook you lightly. You sat up and looked around, covered in cold sweat. “Hey hey, take a breath, you’re okay…”

You weren’t okay. Never. Almost every day started with a cold shower and a heavy layer of concealer to cover up your dark circles that became more and more prominent for every nightmare. For weeks this had been going on. Sam tried to comfort you and talk about it, Dean tried to get you drunk at night to ease the dreams, and Cas tried working some mojo on you, but nothing ever helped.

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LoH: Trails of Cold Steel PC Guest Blog #3 from Peter “Durante” Thoman - Special Features

The launch of Trails of Cold Steel on PC is here, which means it’s high time for the third and final iteration of this 3-part series of articles. The first part dealt with lifting the performance of the game to a level that I consider acceptable – great, even. The second one explained all the graphical options beyond the console version which were implemented in this port.

In this post I’ll introduce two final, previously unrevealed features which will be included in the release. The first should make everyone who has a lot of games to play and only little time – or wants to re-play Trails of Cold Steel on PC without any tedium – happy, while the second one is only really relevant for a much smaller audience – but I’m sure they will be enthusiastic about it.

Turbo Mode

The first feature is “Turbo Mode”. If this functionality is enabled in the launcher, holding down the R2 button (or other controller equivalent, or whatever you mapped it to in keyboard/mouse controls) will speed up battles, cutscenes and even field progress by a factor of four. This allows you to very quickly complete “unimportant” battles or traverse some of the larger late-game maps. When Turbo mode is active, it’s indicated by an animated on-screen icon:

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7 minutes in heaven or hell RFA edition

I read one of these and it reminded me on one that I took many years ago on quizilla (I feel old)

It was one where you picked a color and well got paired of with someone so

I will recreate this with my best ability - pick a color and the link will take you to the site

The colors have nothing to do with their actual in game colors

The person will wait in a dark room and the person knows its you

And yes their will be hell so be careful

– trigger warnings mentions of : kidnapping and drugs - nothing graphic -

gender neutral

not spoiler free

You pick a color

You open the door and you step inside the door closes behind you its pitch black

You call out in the darkness and you hear ….









Notes : I hope you enjoy this. If you really want I post a list of who is who. Comments are Welcome.

you know what the problem is with saying things like “we shouldn’t assume an idol’s straight but we also shouldn’t assume he’s gay!!” and “we shouldn’t talk about an idol’s sexuality because it’s nosey and not any of our business!!”

  • you’re shutting down queer kids who are looking for representation and understand the isolation of staying in the closet
  • you’re overreacting about a relatively small discussion that is happening on personal blogs that will probably never be seen by any idol, let alone the idol(s) they’re discussing
  • it’s quite literally impossible to completely ignore an idol’s sexuality because idols are expected to be romantic and sexual.  idols are pressured to write songs about love and sex so they can be more marketable. idols are constantly asked about their ideal types and what celebrities they find attractive. idols are asked about past relationships and closeness to other idols. idol’s sexualities are always in the spotlight, regardless of what a few fans speculate on their blogs. queer idols are forced to either blatantly lie, out themselves (which could ruin their career), or carefully word their answers, an option that could arise suspicion. they cannot hide from these questions, expectations, and pressures. they are assumed straight and have to play along to some degree to keep their job. so whether or not you want to talk about an idol’s sexuality, an idol’s sexuality will be talked about,whether the idol likes it or not…and that’s just the reality.
  • if you really think that fans can’t openly discuss an idol’s sexuality on the internet, better strap on your seat belt because with that logic, you also don’t think that shipping, fanfics, and romantic/erotic fanart should exist…straight or queer. what was that?? you want to keep your precious gay ships and raunchy smuts?? so it’s alright to hypersexualize gay men and use the concept of gay men as entertainment because it turns you on…similar to how straight men hypersexualize lesbians and see them as objects of entertainment…but when an actual queer kid suggests an idol’s not straight…you get upset and suddenly this idol is fragile, can see every word that’s spoken in the fandom, and deserves sexual privacy??
  • yes. queer international fans completely understand that two men being touchy in the korean culture does not equal gay. we understand that two men in any culture does not equal gay. of all people we’d fucking understand that. we’re not pushing our fantasies, hopes, and dreams onto these idols. don’t mistake a few fans who get overexcited about two idols hugging as the entire LGBTQA k-pop fandom. we know there’s more to sexuality than who you hug and cuddle, okay?

all in all, let queer fans discuss idol’s sexualities on their personal blogs that no idol’s going to see on a website with an overall safe and accepting atmosphere. we’re not outing these idols. we’re not trying to spread misinformation and we’re definitely not trying to spread speculations until they reach the media. but as a queer, male fan i’m honestly so tired of people reading/writing paragraphs upon paragraphs of male idols fucking each other in the ass because it gets them off, but then make a huge deal out of a few fans talking about an idol possibly not being straight…and you write this graphic smut without any consent from the idol and put it on a public forum knowing very well that if the idol read it they’d feel uncomfortable and possibly violated, yet you attack queer youth who are openly discussing sexuality with the argument that the idol’s going to somehow see or sense the discussion and be hurt. stop using the concept of queer male idols purely for your entertainment and allow queer fans to talk about sexuality on overall irrelevant posts that these idols will never see.

Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection - Localization Blog #1

Excelsior, true believers! Nick here again, penning these gladsome tidings from my grand scriptorium full of musty scrolls and ancient cartridges. Alas, it’s been quite a while since I checked in with all of you – well over a year, in fact, with the release of the first Trails of Cold Steel. With that giant title now roaming free in the wild like the majestic brachiosaurs in Jurassic Park, you may have wondered what I’ve been working on over the course of the last year. It always seems to unintentionally happen that I get assigned to projects I can’t talk about for significant lengths of time, but this stretch has easily been the longest. So many times I’ve wanted to tell you some quirky story or fun little side-note about this game as I worked through its script, but alas, the official XSEED duct tape was covering my mouth – until very recently, that is.

In our yearly lead-up to the gaming extravaganza that is E3, we finally announced my long-in-coming project: the classic Falcom action RPG Zwei 2, making its debut outside of Japan as Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection!

Of course, I’ve also helped out with a variety of other, more time-sensitive projects, leading to Zwei taking a bit longer to bring to you than it would have otherwise, but I think we’ve got something you’ll really enjoy in the making here. And conveniently, the benefit of the slow going is that the release isn’t too far off now. As Zwei II enters its final stretch before release, I wanted to tell you more about the game – which is exactly what I’ll do, over the course of the next couple weeks.

Zwei II has an interesting history: released in 2008, it was the very last game Falcom developed exclusively for PC. Back then, the PC gaming market was far from being the robust, thriving scene we know it as today, especially the Japanese market. Thus, the title seemed almost fated to fly under the radar despite its quality craftsmanship and hours of fun. But now, with the worldwide PC game market booming and digital storefronts ensuring copies can get into the hands of anyone who wants to play, it felt like the right time to fill this conspicuous gap in Falcom’s lineage.

“But…what about the first Zwei?” you may be pondering aloud to your monitor. If you’re wondering whether you’ll be at a disadvantage playing the second game in the series before the first, worry not! I’ve played both (thanks to Tom’s Japanese boxed copies) and can confirm that Zwei II gives you all the info you need to understand the world, its plot, and its characters. There was a 7-year gap between the first and second Zwei games in Japan, and Falcom couldn’t assume players would’ve played the earlier entry, so the structure is something more akin to Trails in the Sky versus Trails of Cold Steel, where the games take place in the same world, but in different locations and with different casts. This makes it easy to jump right in.

To start things off, I wanted to sit down and flesh out the game a little for you, since compared to its siblings in the Ys series, and even Xanadu, it’s far less known by fans. What is the Zwei series? What makes it great? How does it play? Why is it cool?

Let’s start from the ground up: the name of the game. “Zwei” is simply the German word for “two” and, as you’ll soon discover, it’s a very fitting title – the game features not one, but two protagonists. Our leads in Zwei II are Ragna Valentine, a lively treasure hunter and pilot-for-hire, and Alwen du Moonbria, a confident vampire princess looking to avenge herself against an unknown enemy. How these two very different people meet and come to really understand (and maybe even appreciate) each other is the relationship that forms the heart of the game, and I’ve done my best to make that journey of growth and understanding a fun and memorable one. And, as with any good RPG, the journey is not without obstacles to overcome. Fortunately, our hero and heroine are up to the task, with Ragna skilled at mixing it up in melee, and Alwen versed in the ways of magic. You can swap between them at any time, and whoever you’re not controlling runs along behind you, ready to leap into the lead role at the press of a button.

Zwei II’s combat is action-based, not unlike the Ys games or Gurumin, but the two-character setup creates an interesting dynamic in combat. Over the course of the game, Ragna will be able to upgrade his weapon, the half chain-whip/half katar Anchor Gear, into several different forms, and Alwen (who begins the game bereft of most of her magic) will regain her powerful spells. You end up being able to do some interesting things, like using a claw-variant of Ragna’s Anchor Gear to grab an enemy, then throw it into another enemy, knocking both into a corner, then swapping to Alwen and unloading a fiery salvo on them. Or have Alwen cast her whirlwind magic to sweep up a couple enemies and keep them stun-locked, then swap to Ragna to leap into the air and string together a midair combo on them. In many dungeons, I often found myself favoring one or the other to take the lead because of the strategies I came up with to best deal with certain types of enemies, and you’ll likely fall into styles of play that fit the way you prefer to approach the game’s combat as well.

And speaking of approaches to combat, Zwei II has a rather unique leveling system, too. In the game, you don’t earn EXP from quests, or from beating up monsters. You actually earn it by eating food – the same food you use to heal yourself when you’re running low on HP. There’s even a “food exchange” service available at the restaurant in the main village of Artte that lets you trade 10 of any one type of food for one of another type that gives more EXP than the ten individual pieces of food would have if eaten on their own (example: trade 10 cheeses worth 10 EXP each for a single pizza worth 150 EXP). Will you chow down now, or hoard in the hopes of cashing in for savory plates of EXP-rich cuisine? You decide! It probably sounds weird (it certainly did to me when I first learned about it), but in practice, it actually works really well. It frees you up from having to grind in dungeons, or feel like you absolutely MUST kill every enemy on the way to your destination. It also gives you a lot of control over your own challenge level. When I was playing the Japanese version of the game, my loose rule was that I’d never eat food just to level – I’d just use it when I was hurt, to restore HP. I ended up going through most of the game under-leveled because of this, but never TOO under-leveled, because the more under-leveled I was, the more damage I’d take, thus getting infusions of EXP more frequently from using food to heal myself. There’s a strange sort of balance to it, and the game isn’t stingy about giving you food in chests, as drops from enemies, and even from giant slot machines you’ll find in each dungeon, so you can decide whether you want to blow through the game as a force of nature but with less on-demand healing available, or a bit underpowered but with a fully-stocked pantry.

If that talk of slot machines that dispense food or trading wedges of cheese for a pizza sounds a little…weird, that’s by design. More than any Falcom game I can think of, the Zwei series embraces its sense of humor, poking in good-spirited fun at its two main characters, the townspeople, and even many of the foes you face down along the way. It’s got a lively, colorful, and cartoonish art style that has helped the graphics hold up well, too. You probably know from personal experience that stories more focused on being comedic sometimes run the risk of not being able to successfully shift into a more serious mode when the story calls for it, but thankfully, Zwei II doesn’t suffer from this issue. It’s surprisingly adept at conveying a serious atmosphere when the story calls for it, making for some excellent dramatic moments, and even a dab of pathos here and there. But on the whole, Zwei II is a game that feels deeply informed by 90s anime and manga, with all the oddness and charm that comes with that. I can certainly say that being rooted in that style proved fertile ground for my work to help the game achieve its comedic potential (speaking as a weeb from ancient times), and I’m already planning my next blog post to focus on some of the details of the writing and the characters.

One thing I love about Zwei II is that it reaches out and really grabs you from the start. In just the first 20-30 minutes, you get the following ace setup (obviously, skip these next two paragraphs if you want to go in totally blind):

The game begins in the skies, as courier pilot Ragna Valentine is cruising in his cool red biplane, the Tristan, toward the island of Ilvard on a routine delivery mission. Suddenly, he’s ambushed by unknown assailants, and after a dogfight against a pair of dragon-riders in the skies over Ilvard, his plane takes a bad hit and plummets toward the land below. The next thing he knows, he wakes up in a bed in the nearby town of Artte as the town doctor marvels at how he came out of such a crushing impact with barely a scratch. After all, his plane didn’t fare nearly as well. Going out to investigate the crash site, Ragna finds his plane on a hill on the outskirts of town, busted up and snapped in half just as the doctor said. So how did he even survive such a nasty crash?

Well…he almost didn’t. After that crash, as he lay among the wreckage, broken of body and bleeding out, he was rescued from his mortal fate by none other than Princess Alwen du Moonbria. Alwen isn’t your ordinary RPG princess, though: she’s a sharp-tongued shut-in vampire princess. Not too long before the start of the story, Alwen’s castle was invaded by a mysterious foe who ultimately seized the stronghold and gave her the boot, after stripping her of her ancestral magic. Seeing the outsider Ragna as her best bet to help her search for her magic and retake her castle, she takes some of his blood and gives him some of hers, sealing a pact that turns him into her ‘Blood Knight’ – a warrior in thrall to a powerful Trueblood vampire whose physical abilities and regenerative capacity far exceed what humans are capable of. But Ragna, see, is all about freedom and doing things his way, and he hates the idea of working as anyone’s lackey. After realizing the situation he’s in, though, he strikes a deal with Alwen: he’ll help her get her castle back as thanks for saving his life…but instead of being master and servant, they’ll do it as equals.

And so, our story begins.

Cool, right? And that all happens in fairly short order – no longwinded tutorials, no hours of quests before the gears really start to spin. Zwei II has a lot of heart and a lot of dialogue, and to its credit, it seldom feels like it drags. The story starts with a bang and keeps things moving at a good clip.

That’s not to say there isn’t plenty to do, though. The island of Ilvard is dotted with thriving communities and, in the fashion of the Trails or Ys games, they’re populated with fleshed-out NPCs who have their own small story arcs and conflicts to overcome over the course of the game, with dialogue that changes frequently after progressing the main story. Some of the residents are funny, some are petulant, and some are just downright strange, so I hope you enjoy getting to know all of them over the many times you’ll visit the towns. You might even stumble upon unique scenes, a secret hint, or a good ol’ fashioned RPG quest (you know, the kind from back before there were convenient quest logs to keep track of things). And of course, what with Zwei II being focused on Ragna and Alwen as dual protagonists, they’ll often have unique things to say in response to other characters depending on whom you’ve got in the lead.

In the course of working on the game’s script, I observed with no small amount of fascination that in some ways, it almost seems like Zwei II was made more with Westerners in mind than the Japanese market. Ragna himself is an incredibly un-Japanese character, with his bravado, easygoing swagger, and sass, but he’s a character that I know will click instantly with the North American audience in particular. We see Ragnas in our books and films; we all probably know someone like him, or who has elements of his personality. Alwen, too, is a character I think will be well-liked by the West. Not content to lament the loss of her home or sit idly by, she picks herself up and decides to get even and take back everything that was taken from her even though it promises to be an uphill battle. The core of her personality is her self-assured nature – even when confronting a world she’s mainly just read about (in books that were, sadly, out of date on the latest trends and customs). Quick-witted and keen, she matches Ragna tit-for-tat, helping the two play well off each other. Beyond just them, there’s the wild west-flavored bounty hunter Odessa, chain-smoking nun Isabella, the worldly jazz pianist Shester, dependable engineer Miriam, and of course, the irrepressible luchador-masked man of mystery, Gallandeau, among many others. Having a zany cast of characters like this all together in one place feels like the kind of storytelling we enjoy so much in Japanese games. But at the same time, after seeing so many forgettably milquetoast light novel-style characters in the games and anime of recent years, it’s refreshing to come upon a game where the characters have an abundance of personality – where I know they’ll resonate with the audience I’m localizing the game for.

So…there you go. In a nutshell, this and more is what you have to look forward to when Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection finally makes its debut. Like a time capsule laden with the charms of a bygone era of RPGs, I think it’ll prove its worth to you as more than simply a pleasant surprise – I think it has the merit to stand proudly as one of Falcom’s finest.

13 Reasons Why

I feel like I need to make a post about this because all I keep seeing is about how the show is soooo fucked up for showing suicide scenes and for ‘glorifying’ suicide and triggering people.

1) There are two main points to the show: showing the affect people’s unkind actions, especially bullying, can have on a person and showing the affect suicide can have on the people who care about you. 

2) Yes, the whole “its your fault” thing is brutal, but if you rape, torment and bully someone, and that person commits suicide because they cannot handle how YOU have made them feel by doing things you KNOW will hurt them - guess what, it’s at least partly YOUR FAULT.

3) There are literally trigger warnings at the beginning of the potentially triggering episodes. As well as a summary explaining that the show is ABOUT SUICIDE. If you don’t feel like you can personally watch a show about suicide or graphic scenes of rape or suicide (completely understandable) then why put yourself through watching it? The warnings are clear from before you even start watching the show.

4) As someone who has major depression, bpd, and has attempted suicide multiple times, this show did not, in any way, make me think “wow if I commit suicide everyone will love me”. Because it portrays Hannah in such a negative way, and shows the aftermath of her suicide and how much it hurts and affects people - the scene where she is found hit me so hard, to a point where I thought to myself “I could never do that to my parents”. 

5) The amount of people talking about how horrible Hannah is whilst she is alive is SO offensive it’s unreal. I can confirm that dealing with major depression and suicidal thoughts, I have lashed out at people, isolated myself, pushed people away when all I wanted was to pull them closer, all whilst hating myself more than you can imagine. YES I sympathise that how could anyone have helped her if she wouldn’t let them - but you can see that she tries to reach out (to Zach, to Mr Porter, even to Clay) but she is shut down, so she stops trying. Her actions were cries for help - how do you think people who are battling with issues as awful as those are going to act? Do you really think its that easy to call out for help when you are suffering that much? When you already feel like you are a burden to the people you love? 

Of course people are allowed to have their opinions, but the way people are slating both Hannah and the graphic scenes is hurtful and offensive. Suicide is brutal, sick, gross, awful, and everything in between. But it’s real, and people need to be aware of warning signs and what bullying can do to a person.

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I went on anon because I might get hate for saying this but, as a graphic designer, a new logo/ brand identity is a must in business and marketing. Especially the logo, the new one is much more elegant, dignified and cultivated compared to the last one. The geometry of it also makes it more aesthetically pleasing to look at. Less is more as we say in graphic design. It's to make it more memorable as well!

Why will anyone hate on you dear? Your point of view is logical. I studied marketing myself so I know what you are talking about. But even if we know the purpose behind changing the logo and giving the English acronym a different meaning, some ARMYs may still feel sad (I was) because letting go of things is not easy for everyone, even if you understand perfectly the reason (of the farewell) the heart doesn’t always agree. But after 24h I now like the new logo even tho the old one will forever stay in my heart as I will proudly say to new ARMYs “I was there even before the logo changed and I am staying until the end and more”. 

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I’m proud of who I am. No more monsters, I can breathe again. And you said that I was done– well, you were wrong and now the best is yet to come.

‘Cause I can make it on my own and I don’t need you, I found a strength I’ve never known. I’ll bring thunder, I’ll bring rain, oh.

When I’m finished, they won’t even know your name.

bite me  -  jihoon || pt 3

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summary; vampires have evolved…they’re just like you and me…but whether you’re safe from them or not….is a whole other story

genre; vampire!jihoon, angst, horror, action, romance (?)

warnings; blood mentions, graphic depictions etc all that vampire stuff

a/n: thank you to the lovely anon who requested this !!
pt 1 ||  pt 2 || pt 3

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I’m pretty sure Jack Zimmerman uses the little case iphone headphones come in when he’s not wearing them. Ransom and Holster watch him wind them up and laugh, but when they’re shaking out theirs and untangling them, Jack just smirks at them.

(the british library flickr+discworld 1/?)

Susan was sensible. It was, she knew, a major character flaw.