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aanimegeek replied to your post: Well, I’d like to play some UC4 MP today. Kinda…

I know we’re not mutals but if you ever want someone to play with im usually always available. Id love the chance to play with you sometime but i’d completely understand if you don’t want to.

I’m not gonna say I’m completely against the idea of having you join us, especially since it might just be myself and Blu for a bit now it seems. I am anxious at the thought (having severe social anxiety is probably the worst thing to ever throw upon someone;;) and while we don’t talk much, you’ve always seemed like a pretty chill person the few times we have conversed. So I’ll definitely keep you in mind! Still debating on whether I’ll get on today or not, so if not today, then possibly another time.

They’re Okay

A/N: Sigh, well here I am again with another drabble. After I’m done with Feudal World, I plan on working on a “Kaede having to deal with the InuKag family” project. I don’t know if I can capture her well enough but I’m going to try.

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The kids were tormented by the pregnancy, and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to watch since losing my eye and sister in the same week.

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CRAIG: It’s too early for this.
CLYDE: It’s not early enough!
CLYDE: We are doing finals, we’re just way more relaxed about it.
CLYDE: All my classes are super easy this semester, I’m not even worried!
CLYDE: What about you, Craig?
CRAIG: I hate you and I want to go back to sleep.
CLYDE: No, about finals!
CRAIG: I hate finals and I want to go back to sleep.
CLYDE: Alright, well. Close enough.

  • Melkor (showing off the newly delved Angband): And look, Mairon, it even has central heating!
  • Mairon: My lord, that's lava...
  • Melkor: Well, technically, it's magma, since we're still underground, but close enough, I suppose.
  • Mairon: ...

Spending my 16 months cut free (well technically its the 1st of June but close enough) watching my all time favorite childhood movies. Like you guys don’t understand I’m crying bc I didn’t think our vhs player worked but I tried it just because and … It worked! I’m starting w lady and the tramp 1, and going all the way through to Balto 3! I am over joyed!