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Lelouch from CG was an anti-hero, an antagonist and a villain all in one. As I’ve said in the previous reblog post, he was incredibly charismatic, intriguing and compelling. He showed varied emotions, from anger to regret to guilt to happiness. He had motivation and conviction to see his plan through but he also understood and regretted. He had connections with the characters around him, from his sister to Suzaku to his family and friends. You can see how well he was written and developed throughout the show. You rooted for him but you also hate him because he’s still a villain but one that you can sympathized and feel for and understand his motives. That is how a well written and developed character is. 

Charioce from SNB: VS on the other hand is a very poor, watered down version. He’s supposed to be the antagonist and villain of the entire series but you don’t get to see much of it all. His motivations and convictions were muddy, unclear and vague. He was not given any backstory of his past and his childhood. You don’t see him interact with much of anyone else in this instance to actually get a feel of him. They wrapped him up in mystery, gave him a very forced romantic love story with the female lead. Someone who is essentially just a blank cardboard villain with very little to go on save for the romance and those barely there expressions don’t cut for me. It does not work that way and it’s more likely to break the show or turn people off the character. Sure, he’s mysterious and complex but no background, no history can only keep someone interested for so long. 

The writers should have done better with him but they screwed this one up badly by thinking that the romance will be the redeeming point. It isn’t. If they had gave him a backstory little by little throughout the show, fleshed his character out, then maybe I could have find him interesting and might even understood him. Instead I get this so-called tyrant king with the vaguest expressions ever involved in some romance and that’s it. Little wonder his character felt so flat to me. 

If they wanted him to be like Lelouch, they’d failed on this part.

Cat Cafe

Written (super belatedly) for Tsukkikage Week/Day 7!

Rating: Cats

Words: 1.9k

Kageyama Tobio had a problem. One that had been bothering him for the past 19 years of his existence but lately had gotten worse, to the point where he didn’t know what to with himself anymore.

There must be something wrong with him; maybe he had been a cow murderer in a past life and now he was being rightly punished for it.

That was honestly the only logical explanation Kageyama could come up with as to why animals could never seem to like him.

It even got serious enough that his boyfriend, who’d normally just laugh when a dog started furiously barking as Kageyama tried to pet it, had taken pity on him.

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Warning 1: There are spoilers.

Warning 2: I am lovingly snarky asshole. I’d say I’m sorry except like….I’m not

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Jonghyun randomly starts giggling around 1:56 and I think that was the best part of the concert.

My other Jonghyun-biased fancams (I didn’t plan on taking any videos or pics, but somehow I did. So with limited memory space some are incomplete, but i’m sure you could find other parts elsewhere):