well its been a while now u see

bless the stars
bless the stars

MOOD: keith’s little laugh of relief when realizing he can go to shiro’s side

this is all i need to stay alive honestly

i can’t believe it’s sheith day  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (international holiday tbh)

170409 Got7 Mini fan meeting

Mark uses these from Olive Young

And buys the mask by the boxes

Yugyeom said he likes Crayon Shin-Chan and Doraemon the best
YG: i dont watch it anymore but Bambam still watches it hes a baby

Jackson said when he was young when he watched Pokemon he like Golbat the most

JB said he’s happiest when he gets a text from the delivery guy saying that he left a package at the security office

Bambam wants another piercing (Helix area) but he cant cuz of the in-ear
he wants to get one more piercing

Fan told Jackson
You’re my star You’re the best
in Chinese
JS: in Chinese it means star but it also means gorilla

Fan got flustered and Jackson wrote
“To me you’re also my star” in Chinese

Fan told Bambam that Wiz Khalifa is having a concert in Korea
and Bambam said he really wants to go

F: Jackson what perfume do you use?
JS: My body naturally has a good scent ^^

Jackson uses Dolce and Gabbana perfume
Fan: the perfume u used yesterday smells so good
Jackson puts out his neck for the fan to smell

JB said that he likes the smell of natural body scent

JB said that he puts on perfume thats made of wood and that he doesnt know the name cuz he doesnt put on perfume often

Fan: It’s true that ur the model for Pepsi?
JS: yes
Fan: Est or Pepsi? 1 2 3
JS: Cola
Fan: no (asked again)
JS: Cola~

Fan told Jinyoung that he looked handsome with the choker today

Jinyoung said he didn’t want to do it

F: Have you put on lenses before?
JY: I really don’t want to do that
F: what about dying ur hair?
JY: I need to think about that

JB said if you see it analytically he doesn’t have any thoughts on doing a ‘sweet’ concept
cuz of age~

Mark and Bambam both weighs 60kg
Mark weighed himself in the jungle

Yugyeom said he like sweet scent
F: then do you not like sweet concept?
YG: I like salty concept better i cant do cute things on stage

F: Jackson what perfume do you use?
JS: My body naturally has a good scent ^^

F: the flower got discouraged cuz Jinyoung looks prettier
JY to the flower: ur a loser! loser!

Fan prepared flowers for the boys but Jinyoung’s flower wilted a bit

Jackson said when he was young when he watched Pokemon he like Golbat the most

Yugyeom said he likes Crayon Shin-Chan and Doraemon the best
YG: i dont watch it anymore but Bambam still watches it hes a baby

JB: I did get a tattoo here (taps chest) just joking
JY: lets see it (tries to take off JB’s clothes)

Mark saying that he had the ahgabong on all the time in the jungle but when he came back to Korea the battery ran out

BB: Mark hyung it was the fans that was lighting it up for u

YG: Mark’s anger is gettting released lately

Mark did 실화냐? Jackson drew a turtle and wrote Wang’s wife

MK: i have a tattoo right here (chest) i have ahgases right in my heart

YJ: my signature 3 the one that i drew on the ipad with a ruler so it’s straight

BB: Mark hyung you have a tattoo *taps calf*

YG: but for our last stage all 7 of us was there so it was definately different

YG: personally i was a bit sad cuz one person was gone and then when he came another person was gone

BB: we will have international schedules so we might not have time to see kfans for awhile

Bambam saying that he thought this promotion was more fun than Hard Carry

YJ: it felt like ahgases were growing

YJ: i enjoyed this activity because comparing the first and last stage we can see how more people came to see us

Jinyoung saying that he can see how much they grew during this triology

JY: I think that after doing this trilogy we need some time to prepare for the next album we might do solo activities butBut activities with all 7 of us might be in awhile
YG: but i think we will come back this year

MK: I went thru so much hard time in the jungle
JB: i saw Mark shirtless in the shower after he came back and got buff
MK: JB is lying

MK: there is no reason for me to gain weight cuz i wasnt able to eat much in the jungle

Jackson: everyone during this promotion i was sick i wasnt able to take care of my body and mental health  i always told u guys to take care of ur health but i learned that health is the most important during this time

Mark: Jackson don’t be sick

JB really doesn’t want a boyfriend concept again

 Jackson said that, along with ‘dan’ (sweet) and ‘jjan’ (salty) concepts they also have ‘sseun’ (bitter) like SSI hahahaha

Bambam: should we do yaja time (talking informally)
JS: u do that all the time
JB: if u pick that im the one who should talk informally to u

YJ: oh i like this “Lim Jaebum aegyo for 1 min”

JS: some of these arent even questions they are commands “Dance”

Jackson telling the members to pick a post it again
YJ: we pick again?
JS: this is QnA

Jinyoung said he cant remember the choreo for Home Run

They stopped the 2x dance
YJ: do u guys want to kill us?

While watching the periscope im wondering how i was able to periscope the whole LA fanmeet 😳 wonder how much data i used lol

Jinson saying that it was a warmup
JY: since the 2 maknae only looks cute and didnt do well we will all do it together

Yugbam is actually doing well for the blindfold 2x dance

maknae team lost so they are getting blindfolded to dance

JY: do any pose
JS: hyung pose
JY: do u have any new pose u learned from the jungle?
JS: of course chic and sexy

The loser for the game is gonna do 2x dance with blindfold on

JB said that the lyrics for Something Good and Everyday connects

Bambam correcting Yugyeom
YG: i know but he said for me to do the same thing again

GOT7 trolling Yugyeom
YG: why r u guys doing this to me today?
MK: Yugyeom u got it wrong

Yugyeom picked lyrics from skyway

Bambam picked Yeoju Paju busy since morning (Mark’s part)
BB: its my fav song from this album

JB: i picked lyrics from my song Something Good
BB: r u promoting ur song?

Jinyoung making Yugyeom do the brrah
YG: i cant do it

Bambam said his goal for next year is to be 61kg

Bambam said he’s 60kg
JS: r u 60kg with ur shoes on?

JB: there was this kind of lyrics of ours? How is the relationship between Nora and Coco?

F: r u changing ur hair to black cuz u want to?
YJ: no i like it now~
and shook his hair and bragged his hair color 

F: its been awhile I haven’t been able to go to broadcasting shows cuz of work
JY: work right now is important too

JY: when I rested for 1 year after JJP it was hard
F: no if I don’t see GOT7 theres no point
JY: yup remember No Jinyoung No Life

F: Mark did u eat well in the jungle?
MK: i ate well after I came back!

While fan was talking with Bambam he cracked her knuckle
F: oh what ive heard of
BB: oh is alot of ppl talking about this?

Jinyoung said that if u guys make boyfriends then he will make a girlfriend too

One of the fan asked Bambam why he didn’t crack her finger today
BB: cuz many ppl said that it hurts

Is it fansign or children’s day? 😂😂

cr 어구구구님|igot7_MarKP

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Ok so Niall is a legit perfectionist right!? Like it's been proven multiple times this year with his album and music video. So let's say he and a woman just got done having sweaty steamy sex (where he has satisfied her so well) and while she's lying there trying to catch her breath and he climbs back on top of her and says "I can do that better" and they have sex AGAIN!!!! like I can totally see him doing that.. and I'm 100% choking on my water right now! 😏

H O L Y F U C K 


like maybe you want to go to kitchen to get some water and hes just pulling you back to bed because if you still can walk than he didnt fuck you good enough earhaetghaewtjhnwATHJRWrh

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I have a prompt for you! Imagine Pre-Overwatch gone Gabe and Jack finally get some free time or end up at a party, and of course Gabe is grumpy and doesn't want to dance with Jack so Jack goes and dances with other people/guys. Jealous Gabe ensues. The rest is up to you.

sorry this is kinda late,,, my anxiety has been through the roof lately and while writing this was kinda calming, now im too tired to make sure its good ;n; i hope u like it anyway…

“You’re pouting.”

“No I’m not,” Gabe replied, pouting.

Jack raised an eyebrow as the other man avoided eye contact, seemingly thinking that the drink in his hand was more interesting than anything else in the lowly-lit room.

“I see…” Jack sighed heavily through his nose, “Well, enjoy yourself here, I’m going to go actually have fun.”

Gabe snorted as the blond left his side and melted into the pulsing crowd on the dance floor.

Gabriel Reyes never liked parties. He didn’t like the noise, the flashing lights, the tight-fitting clothes, and he didn’t like the fact that he was surrounded by rowdy, drunk strangers.

Whatever, coming here wasn’t even my idea… Stupid perfect Jack Morrison and his stupid puppy dog eyes…

He sulked at his drink, -tastes like crap- and when that was finished, he sulked at the empty cup.

It didn’t help his mood when he realized the crowd seemed strangely thin in his general vicinity.

He clicked his tongue and scrunched up the red plastic cup, letting it fall on the ground -fuck it, worse things are going to end up there anyway- and began to walk towards the doors with the full intention of leaving, when a flash of gold on the dance floor caught his eye.

Jack Morrison, in a black tank and low riding jeans, seemed to be having the time of his life…

With another man.

Gabe’s vision seemed to get blurrier as he watched them put their hands all over each other, his throat tighter with each grin flashed at the other, his pulse faster with every second Jack didn’t try to pull away.

He wouldn’t recall the few steps that brought him over to where they were dancing, he would vaguely recall Jack’s glare as he stepped between them, he would definitely remember the satisfaction of his fist slamming into the other guy’s nose.

He wasn’t even that good-looking.

Jack wasn’t glaring anymore. He seemed stuck, his mouth open as if he were about to say something. His eyes caught Gabriel’s and he closed his mouth.

Specifically, he closed his mouth in a way that involved biting his lip. His eyes dragged across Gabe’s body, appraising, devouring.

Ignoring the shouts of “Fight!”, Gabriel grabbed Jack by the wrist, pulling him forward. Jack caught himself with his hands on Gabe’s chest, and Gabe held him there with arms around his waist.

The people who had been calling for a fight were now wolf whistling as Gabe pushed a hand into that pretty blond hair. He grabbed a handful and pulled, licked a hot swath up the side of Jack’s throat, leaving a viciously dark mark just below his ear, where he was most sensitive.

“You’re mine.”

Trembling, Jack pressed himself against Gabe. His breath came in whining pants.

“Yours. I’m yours.”

guys it’s ok I figured it out, Dean is looking so forlorn while drinking whiskey in 11.06 post missing Dean/Cas convo is because well after them learning that Amara is literally God’s sister, Cas had to come off the bench so that’s why we didn’t see or physically hear from in 11.07, since he’s been gathering lore materials in Gaza. Which I mean unfortunately no cell reception for them.

So Dean is sad and forlorn and drinking whiskey because he’s like “oh no Cas is gonna be gone for awhile now, I can’t ride his dick )))): I just wanted to Netflix and chill some more”