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A deleted song from Lord of the Rings

This song, Use Well the Days, was written for the ROTK end credits. You won’t find it anywhere in the soundtrack- It was cut after Into the West took its place. (this recording may not be the “final draft” of the song, either.) Just like Into the West, it was composed by Howard Shore and sung by Annie Lennox, with lyrics by Fran Walsh.

Use Well the Days is about Frodo bidding his final farewell to Sam…. thanking him, blessing him, and hoping the rest of his life in Middle Earth will be happy and peaceful. 

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crash course on arctic monkeys? pls

The Band

Alex Turner

  • singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • deceptively tiny - a beAN in fact
  • many different hair eras - pick your favourite and defend it with your life
  • a lyrical genius but unable to string a normal sentence together in everyday conversation (that rock ‘n’ roll, eh?)
  • used to go out with Alexa Chung, they were beautiful and looked like a renaissance painting when they kissed and everyone cried when they broke up
  • dances like a drunk uncle at a family barbeque but no one will stop him? someone please save him from his own hubris

Matt Helders

  • drummer, aka the agile beast, aka matthew j helders iii
  • strong and friendly
  • a beautiful and funny man
  • is engaged to the girl (Breana) in the suck it and see video, a fact thay makes me die of of laughter everytime i think about it. recently announced that soon they shall be parents
  • Kayne once said he was almost as good as Phil Collins, Matt probably cried when he heard

Jamie Cook

  • guitarist
  • he has the strongest accent of them all it’s glorious
  • “”jameh””
  • hates twinnings tea
  • married to the wonderful katie, also soon to be a father
  • the babies first word will probably be “eh”

Nick O’ Malley

  • bassist
  • an unproblematic cinnamon roll?
  • Yellamo Salohcin
  • Has a beautiful baby boy named Hearst, the first tru Dad of the band
  • only joined after the first album was out for four months, replacing andy nicholson, learned the entire repetoire in two days

they’ve all been friends since they were tiny so there’s never any drama or fights or anything, it’s all good vibes and happy times? a good bunch of people

The Albums

Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

  • sort of a concept album except not really, deals with themes of growing up and going out in the north of england
  • “oh well they might wear classic reeboks/or knackered converse/or tracky bottoms tucked in socks”
  • a massive massive success, fastest selling album in british chart history etc etc
  • makes u all nostalgic for the good times u never experienced u kno

Favourite Worst Nightmare

  • sounds harder and louder sort of
  • a lot of ppls fave album? i can see why its very very good
  • went straight to mumber 1, won awards etc etc
  • srsly its so good


  • my favourite album
  • some o’ that ‘umbug music, that full moon music eh?
  • lyrically out of this world, above and beyond anything else ive ever heard
  • produced by josh homme, divided fans over their new sound
  • dance little liar?? secret door?? pretty visitors?? crying lightning?? what a good glorious album??
  • the best hair era imho
  • atmospheric and dreamy like alexs voice is so? but still really exciting, lots of good sing-along songs too. but dark and broody u kno

Suck It And See


  • the album that got me into the arctic monkeys
  • made them the global sucess they are today, but also like. divided fans once more bc suddenly am were popular and that always shakes things up
  • [[quiff and leather intensifies]]
  • i still unironically love it i listen to it like once a week
  • the last song is actually a john cooper clarke poem al reworked
  • alas al has now lost the quiff and is now growing some sort of gel monstrosity on his scalp, also he refuses to shave, maybe his new girlfriend taylor can help

Other Projects

Miles Kane + The Last Shadow Puppets

  • on the FWN tour the monkeys were supported by a band called The Rascals, fronted by one Mr. Miles Kane, a beautiful and talented turtle from liverpool
  • Miles and Alex immediatley fell in love became best friends and started writing songs together
  • in 2008, in between FWN and Humbug, they released an album called The Age Of The Understatement under the name of The Last Shadow Puppets
  • wikipedia describes it as ‘baroque’ and i really cant fault that
  • its big and loud and glourious and beautiful and it sounds like a western or a thriller or some other massive vista spanning soundtrack
  • its honestly the best thing either of them have ever done
  • Al and Mi keep doing things that make us think there’ll be another one, in the last few weeks the rumour mill has been especially busy
  • Also you should definitley listen to Miles’ own albums, Colour of the Trap and Don’t Forget Who You Are, as Miles is beautiful and stylish and one of my favourite people and an astoundingly talented musician and both Noel and Paul Weller guest star on his albums
  • oh yeah and alex bought him and miles matching turtlenecks for christmas
  • a handy and useful masterpost of Alex and Miles interactions
  • Alex and Miles are also. Uh. Look one time NME gave them the “Pete‘n’Carl” award.
  • i mean look at this

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Submarine Soundtrack

  • Richard Ayoade is an old friend of the band and asked Al to do the soundtrack to his film, Submarine, so Alex did and its beautiful
  • it sounds like stars and dreams and midnight and fireworks
  • i cry almost every single time i listen to it

More Fun Arctic Monkeys Facts

  • the NME is obsessed with them they had an entire issue dedicated to AM when it came out
  • oh yeah the band also has like a secret “”alter ego”” called The Death Ramps which is like? a fake biker gang that alex made up so they could release stuff pseudonymously. also miles kane is a member and alex made them all matching death ramps rings and he and miles never take theirs off
  • this is a very useful masterpost and has more accurate info
  • and this cover compilation is also very nice indeed
  • jamie cook used to work as a tiler even when he was still in the band
  • matt is also a dj he’s very very cool like that
  • matt’s tour diaries are essential viewing
  • oh yeah and alex’s short story A Choice of Three which is really good
  • al contibuted to the Mini Mansions song Vertigo and it’s awful but his verse is weirdly mesmerising. but the rest of it is really bad, als part is from 1:29 to 2:15 so u can ignore the rest
  • honestly one of the coolest and my most favourite bands please enjoy your journey

I’m only a man with a candle to guide me,
I’m taking a stand to escape what’s inside me.
A monster, a monster,
I’ve turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger.

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hi hi i'm a new baby gay and I'm also a new bts stan and like I'm curious about hyyh (did I get that abbreviation right?) and Blood Sweat And Tears, like how are they gay? also people say the lie choreography is really gay as well and I need answers if you have them? i'm a baby gay with a thirst for knowledge help pls

alright well for hyyh everyone says its gay cuz……..it was really gay. like go watch the inu and run videos thats pretty self explanatory. and like every thing else was too like photoshoots, the yoongi/jk storyline, like. gay. and youre gonna also wanna look up lyrics to songs too. cuz also gay. for bst like. watch the video and read the lyrics enough said. and for jimin’s lie choreo also gay. tho u should go watch a fancam of it too like. most of these iconic gay things are so iconic bc the gayness is very self explanatory

The interview for The Fader Magazine really broke my heart, once i read it i could not only understand but also feel what After Laughter is, I understand when some fans say they didn’t dig the new album because of how it sounds different from the oldest ones, but this is because its not the same band, it is a new Paramore as well, and dude honestly the album could not be more Paramore if u know what I mean… Only the ones who are really interested in understanding their point of view and everything they went through are capable to love this album with their full hearts, specially when u can relate to the lyrics. They did an amazing job and anyone who reads and understands this interview knows why.

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But omg imagine how Umi actually got Nico and Maki to sing Zurui yo Magnetic today she was probs like "you guys fight all the time but you obviously care for each other so here's a song that fits you" and both Nico and Maki were probs like "NO"

Zurui yo Magnetic today more like the most blatant ship song in all of love live yo

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chris talk to me abt humbug

I don’t know what to say about humbug really, idk. its just such a great album, its actually my favorite album from the band. its so amazing, how they got that sort of indie or whatever garage rock sound from the first albums and then they chance so much into this kinda dark, stoner, slower and sexy sound. i wonder how many bands can do that. tis incredible. they were getting so much hype with their first albums but they take thier chances and they get away from the comfortable zone, and try to experiment and get better and do something else and not be another boring indie band. it samazing. i love the whole album its jsut 10 songs, but they fit so good, from the sexy ones liek my properller, potion approaching or dangeros animas, to the romanctic ones liek fire and the thud and cornerstone to the misterious ones like dance little liar or the jewellers hands. its perfect. the opener my propeller god, its an amazin way to opent he album like with a totally different style from the last two albums still soo catchy and badass, its like atotally “look here we are, i bet u didn’t expect this u little shit” and its soo perfect, and then it close the album with the monumental outro of the jewellers hands and it leaves u with a feeling like u can’t believe what u heard. the whole album damn. alex voice in THIS ALBUM its like the breaking point from his voice, since this one his voice gets soo good, and i love the album bc you can totally sense how important nick started to be here, well he was important in fwn too but u get me. his bass breaks so many asses here shit. and the whole album its pretty weird, shit, i love it. AND DONT MAKE ME TALK ABOUT THE LYRICS, one of the best al works are here, so misterious and twisted words. they’re pieces of art. jfc. and well the era was so amazing, with their long hairs and beards, they get away from that teenager english boys style and it freaks out so much, i love them. always changing, playing their own game, not the one the fans or th epress wants, shit. and the live perfomance was soo tight and everything was really well planned. that was the first time they played with a fifth member, u don’t understnad how important josh ashton was for the band. it was amazing. and the acoustic man, the acoustic. they progressed so much with that since 2009. and let me tell you this era was one fo the peeks of alex carreer when it comes to compose songs, he had so many, they said they had like 25 songs from the sessions we only get to hear 18 tho ugh. but still. god bless humbug and good bless josh homme. THIS WAS THE ALBUM AND THE ERA THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING. the monkeys wouldn’t be what they are right now if it wasn’t for this. im as proud of this album as the guys from the band are. 

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I was thinking about something and you seem like a chill person so I want your opinion: why do you think BTS is so popular. I love BTS so much but I was just thinking about this, sorry if you don't answer it's okay!

OOOH !! That’s  a great question !!! I actually already talked about this with a friend. So I’ll tell my opinion :^DD

 I won’t say « it’s because they do good music/ write great lyrics » because it’s obvious. I mean if their music wasn’t good they wouldn’t be popular. And I also think that the HYYH era is for something but yknow i won’t talk about this. But I think why anon asked this is because a lot of groups also work hard and do good music but still struggle to have a good fanbase.

 Ok so I think it’s thanks to * tadadadaddada * the bangtan bombs.

 When you listened to their music for the first time, what did  you do just after that ? You watched a bangtan bomb. Everyone did that like its one of the first thing people do. Bangtan bombs are great because its short and you can easily know them, that’s why I think the bangtan bombs are for something, tbh  it’s just genius. Like I said it’s really easy to know the members after watching some BB, you learn their names in maybe 1 day or something and you can know more about them in a few days. With other groups it’s more complicated. You need to search on google, there’s not a lot of interviews or just videos about them soi t takes some time to actually know them. So for some groups you just listen to the album and then you stop searching about them and that’s it. But with the BB it’s really easy, and we all want to know them better and we can do that in 1,2 days. Since we know them quickly, we want to learn more and more and bam welcome in bangtan hell.  They become our friends or our brothers, we become attached to them, we enjoy to see their daily life, like we are a part of it. And more and more groups understood that, I can think about seventeen or ikon who did shows even before they debuted, I was a 17 and ikon fan even before their debut and I’m not the only one. So with their talent, the HYYh era and the bb they did a great combo.

 Plus I think this is why there’s more and more rude « armys ». Because some of us like bts not really for their talent but for them. When someone talks shit about BTS it’s like they insulted a family member. I think that’s also why a lot of « armys » hate some members. Because they dislike their personalities that’s all. And like I said some of them like BTS only for their looks/personalities. So they really don’t care if Jin has an amazing vocal or if Namjoon is just a genius at writing lyrics, they just dislike them. That’s pretty sad but well we can’t do shit about this.

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literally tr*ye has the most meaningful songs. ppl sometimes get bothered by "lovey dovey" songs, bc they never rlly look into the lyrics. like i was scrolling down my dash and saw u explaining his songs to people, and the more people put their input on it, the more you realize how much passion and consideration was put into the song.. but then people just diss it because it's "love". idk, i just needed to rant on that topic and u seem like a perfect person to rant to lol. okAy bYE THX 4 UR TIME

I really respect Troye as a lyricist, honestly I think it’s his greatest talent. His songs hold so much deeper meaning, as well as clever word play or metaphors, and an elegance in the way the lines are delivered. The more you listen to his music, the more you find lines that make stop and think “damn that was smooth”

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Okay I can't stop thinking bout this: you know how alex plays guitar well the strings have probably formed callouses on his fingers so imagine it's super late and u and Al are watching a cheesy Netflix movie and are cuddling super close and he's tracing his rough fingers up and down ur legs and ur heAds on his shoulder and he's just whispering future song lyrics not really paying attention to the movie and you look up to find him staring at you as he's humming-but yeah sigh he's taking over me

me falling to my death because i can’t with what you;re sAYING x