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HZD spoilers like whoa below


I honestly don’t think i’ve ever felt as much rage towards a fictional character as I do towards Ted Faro which I take as a sign of bomb ass writing.

Because like, it wasn’t enough for this dude to cause the literal end of the world and what was probably the largest (and certainly the most devastating) extinction event ever. Literally stripped the atmosphere and killed every living thing. 

But that wasn’t enough because Ted Faro is mansplaining and the male ego taken to maximum levels

because this man caused the end of the world and still thought he knew better than the people working on Gaia/Apollo. he took away human history because he thought it wasn’t enough that they had been building fail safes into gaia/apollo. it wasn’t enough that the alphas were working on preventing exactly what Faro was worried about. No he had to go and literally delete every recording of human history and then murder all the alphas because of course he was right and they were going about things wrong

where’s my DLC where I can go back in time and punch him in the face

Supergirl rant incoming

I try to keep my blog cheerful but sometimes this show does something so dumb I have to let out some steam. It hurts me to see Kara’s character diminished to fit this hellplot and nightmare karahell relationship. Kara has been trying so hard to tell everyone why they aren’t a good fit and why the things Mon-Ehh has done have hurt her and keep hurting her and the all the people around her are just pushing them together or not taking the things she says seriously and the show makes fun of some of the stuff which just leave me thinking did the show really just do that.

Karahell getting together (and now back together) has been one of the most baffling things about a show that has aliens, all kinds of superpowers and multiverse in it. What on Earth are the writers thinking when writing this stuff or whoever that decides this stuff… like stop and think for a moment what you’re doing to your main character. I also hate that they’ve made Alex a vessel for pushing them together, I hate it so much… Everybody acts ouf character. The “love” story is so bad that I almost want to say it’s one of the worst and most immature “love” stories I’ve ever seen. At this point I just want to see a single Kara if it means we’ll get back some of the magic the first season had or at least concentrate on the plot for a minute and not rush through everything.

I don’t understand why they would make Mon-ehh so unlikable and there really hasn’t been any real character growth there, eg. it would have been interesting to see how he deals with the loss of his entire culture, planet and people but they haven’t shown it affecting him in any real way. It’s painful to watch the Mon-Ehh centered episodes and the series doesn’t need any other hero’s journey than the one Kara is on… or if they insist to have another, they could have done it with someone else, preferably a woman because this is a show about a woman superhero and the arrowverse already has multiple male centered shows.

Rant over.

I”m going to get a cintiq tomorrow!! Well, order it anyway since its only available online, which, pretty much is what i’ve been saving my money for this entire time. Hopefully by tomorrow night I’ll have it ordered. I really need to get more commissions coming in it’d be a huge help since the cintiq will take most of my savings. I’m just really excited. 💖

The battle that won my heart. Thank you Team Chrom and Team Ephraim for that amazing Round 2!!

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can I just say that I love you like seriously

you can say that

you know what I love like seriously? These porcelain seals I’ve been looking at on ebay 





this last one scares me and I feel almost unnerving levels of affinity for her

You’re an angel dressed in armor
You’re the fair in every fight
You’re my life and my safe harbor
Where the sun sets every night (x)

can we please let them slow dance in their pyjamas or something?
lil’ thingy for @sarawh, love u buddy

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Happy New Year folks! 

Eh, close enough…

Happy Easter!


“That’s the true form of Chuuya’s gift. Chuuya’s corrupted form allows him to manipulate nearby gravitons. The graviton bomb is a densely-packed black hole, swallowing everything in it’s path. But he has no control over his ability, so his rage continues until he consumes all his energy and dies.”

I started thinking that a place called Seasoning City would have lots of great places to get the best snacks after school ^^ ///


TAEHYUNG DAY!! 😆💕💜💙💗💚💘💓